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City-building game(s)

Found 30 results

  1. Kampong Gelam

    From the album aciaKa's City

  2. Tiny insignificant village

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    A tiny insignificant village next to a tiny insignificant highway.
  3. Asoura - A Japanese village on the sea

    REPLIES : Koriyama I sincerely appreciated your reactions and comments about my last entry. I wanted to thank you all before the replies. @MissVanleider Thank you, I am happy to see that you liked my work ! @MushyMushy I have also spent a lot of time on G.Earth to have this result. It is nice to see it was efficient, thank you ! @raynev1 Haha it is strange ! Living in France I have no problem. This was a song named Yoru no Odoriko, made by the Japanese band Sakanaction (one of my favorites, you should try to listen what they do) @kschmidt Yeah, I noticed that Japanese cities have a very large variety of buildings. They are absoutely not uniform. That is what I tried to recreate. Anyway, thank you ! @feyss "Banality" is maybe not the appropriated word. I just wanted to underline the fact that this city looks like any other one in Japan. I appreciated your remark, thanks ! @_Michael That was one of my goals, capturing the atmosphere. Thank you ! @jmsepe Like I told you in private, this beautiful tower has been created by APTX. Here is the link if anyone else is interested. @korver Thank you very much korver ! @Takingyouthere Yeah I saw that all the main Japanese CJs that I followed a few years ago had closed. That is a pity. I hope to see them opening again soon ! @Ln X Thank you for your comment, it is very nice ! ASOURA - A Japanese village on the sea My holidays end very soon, and then, I will have to pass my exams. I will be quite busy. That is why I decided to post this entry now, only a week after my last one. Asoura is a Japanese village located in the fictional prefecture of Koriyama. Compared to the biggest city of the region, just a few people live here, quietly. It is rare to see strangers aventuring in the area. There is nothing to see, except maybe the authenticity of the Japanese rurality. The inhabitants of this village are mainly fishermen. Indeed, Asoura is located between the Pacific Ocean and a bay which has the same name. To protect the city against the dangers of the sea, a big wall has been built along the beach. In 1994, a famous Japanese photographer flew above the city and took these photos. Asourans discovered for the first time the shape of their village. Today, they are exposed in the city hall. Click and listen ! (Shiki no Uta - Nujabes & Minmi) I hope that you enjoyed this entry ~ Do not hesitate to like and/or to comment !
  4. The Circus, the Whale, the Prince

    From the album Night Scenes (S3-12-E)

    There're a few small Details you can not see on the preview. Please view a bigger version of the picture here: https://flic.kr/p/McEz1o This challenge submission is a tribute to the hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr. His movie "Werckmeister Harmonies", which I watched nearly a year ago still excites me today. I never watched a movie this impressive before. On the other hand I can't say that I really grasp the story of this movie. But that's maybe not a bad thing. I'm looking forward to deal even more with the Werckmeister Harmonies in the future. - wikipedia Here are some short impressions from this true masterwork: ---------------- This is my submission to the "Night Scenes"-Challenge. Everything is SC4 except the smoke, the fog and the tail of the whale.
  5. Frampton

    From the album Hall of Fame

    3rd Place entry from Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W) Weekly 25 Rep 11 Bonus Points 31 TOTAL Points Challenge Results Data | Leaderboard Rankings A small rural village in the middle of a spread of farms.

    © 2016 Sepen77

  6. Frampton

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    A small rural village in the middle of a spread of farms.
  7. Schönblick an der Löwenbucht

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    Welcome to the Village of Schönblick, located at the Löwenbucht, in the Feldviertel region of Maxiland.
  8. E04 - Building a dam

    Here's the next episode - the dams available in game just arent big enough, so we scale up
  9. Entry 8: More Growth

    Entry 8: More Growth So today we have a report on the general growth of the city and its surrounds, including the first satellite settlement and the issues with the oilfields where we'll be starting as since last time they got even worse. Caused mainly by the halt in production of raw materials as the wells dried up meaning that everything had to be imported for use by the refineries we had this rather large issue. 1. This, coupled with the rising costs of running the refineries now there were no resources available locally led to a slow decline in the number of refineries trying to hold on. Below is the original oil field that is little more than a few stubborn refineries and some empty dirt plots, with nature already trying to reclaim the land. 2. Meanwhile at the end of the oil fields in a small cove we saw the settlement of our first village outside Antario itself in the form of the fishing village of Skjar. 3. As you can see this village has mainly grown up around the small cove and its fishing trade. This also gives Antario its first source of food that isn't imported as, up until now it has been entirely reliant on food imports. Sure the small fishing fleet isn't going to feed everyone but at least its a start. The actual village is also a lot different in looks than the city itself with only the main street through it and the rest of small houses springing up along dirt tracks wherever there is space for them. Despite the whole low income of the area, it does support some lovely views out over the bay above the fishing harbour. 4. Moving back into the city now, as there's not that much else to show you in the small village of Skjar we stop by at the suburbs where they have grown a little bit more since last time and have also had a large highschool finished in the centre of it. 5. We also have some larger parks popping up throughout the suburbs in an attempt to break up the large swathes of houses that dominate the growing suburbs. 6. Finally we head into the actual city where growth has continued in the financial sector as more highrises have popped up due to continued interest in the city. You can see it here behind the recently named Prosperity park, a hopeful sign for the cities future. 7. We also have had some investment put into the expanding city, behind the financial district in the form of this Stadium for general sporting events. Its not exactly all that popular as we haven't completed any developments around the stadium yet to bring people in, but hopefully it'll help with future investment and growth. 8. Finally as usual, we have an overview of the city as it currently stands at 41,963. You can see the new village in the far west past the oil fields.. 9. And as usual we have the list of things we want to do with the city. Not that a lot has changed since last time. -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Oil fields expansions. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? (OOC: Again apologies for how long its been since the last update, the little one is a bit demanding with time and well, as interested as he is in C:SL, his attention span is shorter than mine. Anyway I hope you like the entry and it makes up for the amount of time its taken for me to actually get it done. I've also changed the theme to go back to the original grass as you can see in the overview and image 6. The road has also changed to a more speckled look though I do need to change the sewage colour after looking at the overview. Anyway, I do hope for the next entry to not take so long so will hopefully see you some time this week rather than next month. Cheers James)
  10. Farms - overview and Mumsyville

    Residents: >4100 Commercial: >2200 Industry: >6500 Funds: >480000 Farms has seen a drastic change since the very first initial city report. Residents have been reduced by 900 people, commercial has dropped by 800, agricultural industry has dropped by 500 and funds are roughly §20000-30000 lower than before. This is due to major shuffling of zones. The numbers are expected to rise to match what was, if not more, once the transformation of the county is... well, not complete but more... integrated. Overview In the pipeline Develop Rural Forest further - paused Remove roundabouts and make ”diamond intersections” - 3/6 replaced Adjust residential and rail to make room for intersections - adjusted a H of a lot more than planned! Replace power lines - paused Improve nature around Mumsyville Mumsyville In year 43 a new small village called Mumsyville was founded in the grand county of Farms. It's one of those sleepy villages where life pass on in its own speed. The locals vary in age but the most prominent demographic is families, with around 2.3 children per household. Mumsyville almost mimics Farmville in layout. The main difference is the rail road traverse the village core, and the commercial area is twice the size of Farmville's - if not three times bigger. It has a small elementary school with few attending students and a large fire station. Currently crime is extremely low, which makes law enforcement redundant. The plan for Mumsyville is to expand agriculture a tad bit and expand residential areas. Recreational life also need to be addressed. The only local enjoyment for now is shopping at Mum's Pineapple Flower Stand next to the elementary school. As for tourism, the only place to stay the night is a motel not too far from the main highway. There's plenty of fields though so anyone with camping equipment may set up camp without much hassle from any landowners. No one has been spotted so far though. Mumsyville centre An abandoned paddock next to a newly founded corn field. Mr Tim may rent the field to campers. Who knows. As for the woman who was reported missing some time ago. A police officer from two towns over was conducting a health and environment check at a doughnut shop in Mumsyville and thought he spotted what could be the missing woman. She was last seen at an auto shop across the street trading her car for an older model and started acting agitated when she noticed the police car. If this really is the missing woman remains to be seen. A private investigator has been assigned the case by the woman's relatives. Sam's auto shop.
  11. • Update #3 || Progress / Handa port & Atayami • ############################################################################## • Hello guys, I hope everything is going perfect for all of you. Today I want to share with you some pictures to show you my progress in the region. I'm working in the surroundings areas of the Saitama international airport and the Handa Port. Most of the time I'm working creating new low residential areas and farms but also I've started to work in the Handa port and its power plant. As you can expect, these progress are taking me a lot of time but I'm happy with the result so far • • This area is very populated and highways, national roads and rail ines are everywhere • • Itayama and villages are surrounded by rice fields. Rice is one of the largest industries in the region • • The center of Itayami, where you can find the market, city hall and several kind of shops... • • Moriyama is less populated than Itayami, most of its surface are rice fields. Those villages are fantastic places to live far away of the noise and chaos of the city but perfectly connected by train, roads and highways with the rest of the Saitama Prefecture • • Green cranes in the entrance of Handa port. This is the oldest Saitama's container terminal, not able to work with large and modern ships • ##################### ~ R - E - P - L - I - E - S ~ ############################################################################## lucasfg3 Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it. sucram17 Do you want to see more ? Let see what I can do... anyway I have to create the other airport. Belfastsocrates Really? I can't wait to see something from your airport my friend. raynev1 Yep, just do it. Try to make your own airport. Thanks for your comment. feyss Thanks my friend ! Those are BIG words, thanks !! lolo69ol01 The control tower is from the STEX, try to search "Bangkok control tower", the white building is a personal model created by a good friend. takemethere ############################################################################## Greetings / Saludos / Groeten # Jonathan.
  12. Limbourg - Charançon (2)

    Hello everybody, Here are some other pictures from the small village of Charançon 15. Limbourg - Charançon (2) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hope you liked it
  13. One thing that I don't like (from SC4 to C:S) is starting completely from scratch, placing roads and zoning onto empty plains. I would love to start from a village or a town. Are there any maps for C:S that provide something similar? We can also discuss this idea. My reasons for this need: Realism: creating cities from scratch is an exception, not the norm. Cities evolve with time. I don't care about simulating other epochs, I just want to start from an existing city. Fun / challenge: it's more fun and challenging to start from an existing town because it forces yourself to keep its existing elements (one should role-play to avoid - or at least limiting - bulldozing. Towns could have an existing story which comes with the map. Little towns could be based on agriculture, and you may change this during the course of the game, with generations passing, ecc. This of course is for those who care more about gameplay than city design.
  14. Limbourg - Charançon (1)

    Hello everybody, Today, I bring you some pictures of Charançon, another village of the municipality of Limbourg. This little town is typical of Upper Arinsia, with its little houses overlooking the valley. 14. Limbourg - Charançon (1) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. More to come! Hope you enjoyed it
  15. New beginnings

    Behold, the region of rockfield! Currently a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Juraland's main city Harrowfield. Cities 2015-07-04 21-50-07-60.bmp A small supporting village of around 300 people is present in the area to support the small tourist industry that is present. From a plane above, it appears to be a small object on a vast landscape. However regional elections are around the corner, and one of the presedential candidates, Luke Johnson, has huge plans for this area. It a main shipping network and he is looking to exploit the economic benefits from this situation. In addition, numerous ore and oil deposits are scattered throughout the region. Perhaps, there are better times ahead for this area?
  16. Limbourg - Aywiers

    Ln X, Jorge_carrillo, Neto Dari, TowerDude, _A, Sexysark:P, Benedict, tonyr, TekindusT, jmsepe, feeroz123, spursule14, Gugu3, vinlabsc3k > Thank you all for your nice comments. Hi everybody, After a while, it is finally the time for a new update 10. LIMBOURG - AYWIERS 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Hope you enjoyed it
  17. Another quick entry^^

    (I'm not good with GIMP, I know:D) This village was founded in the next area to a lake, which has the same strange properties like the other lakes and ponds. In fact, this town needs no additonal heating systems, the lake holds the city even in winter by ~20 degrees. This is a huge economic saving, so there's some industry in this village too. There are rumors, scientists found a strange, yellow-glowing substance in the lake, but no one has proven this... Some more impressions: The whole area around the village will be settled too, it was already cleared completely. Now, a have a nice evening, folks! Replies Schulmanator: Thank you Schul...manator?! Oh my god, a compliment from one of the old masters! Thank you, Sir! <kneels down> Tonraq: Thank you....hehe, "quicky":D Huston: Thank you! And another compliment from a great SC4'er:D feeroz123: Thank ya, buddy:D The street curves are really easy, you just have to create a diagonal street and then simply click in the corner, works with roads too...if that was the thing you meant^^ Schriefer: Thank you, Schriefer:D
  18. The Beginning of Amnefest

    Amnefest, the banished village in far south Asia. Almost 20 years,this village was trying to survive from nature. More details in the next part
  19. Small Town #1

    So finally the update with the small town today, let's just begin. I don't really know why the custum §§R houses don't grow as much as I want.... (No MMP's but Arden seasonal tree controller) So I tried to build a town, I'm sorry there weren't much mmp's today. Have a nice evening! Replies: Huston: Thanks But I think the sidewalk is way too big, it should be more tight > Fox: Wow, that's a huge compliment I actually save often but I'm mostly too tired to restart and rebuild the small amount of "crash damage". It's just too annoying, that's why the update was delayed.
  20. Hello everyone! I decided after reading several CJs get into the adventure. First, I want to apologize for my bad english : I'm French Canadian but I do the best as I can. About my city, it will be natural growth, so you will follow the steps from the foundation to the big metropolis. The city is called "Queen" and it's located on the map of Atlanta, made by drunkapple. Here's a picture of the region: It look like a big flat map with a small river that separates the two sides. But by loading some of the cities I could observe the appalling numbers of hills that dot the region. I hope that my slope mod will survive. After flattened the ground as best as I could (It was horrible to draw the railway) I established the village. It currently has about 30 inhabitants. Many industries were built and most newcomers will go to work there. There's also un motel and somes shops at the main intersection. Here's a little picture for you : Well, that's all for today! I hope you enjoy even though it was short. the next update will be a little longer, I'll probably post it tomorrow.
  21. Sprawl Moves Outward

    SPRAWL MOVES OUTWARD Taking a break from the game-changing LRT system, we're moving to one of the more rural areas of the region, part of the Town of Flynn. This small village had not seen a lot of change up until recently, that is until HDHIP resulted in a massive resulted in a highway running nearby. At first sprawl was concentrated along the highway ROW, but it is now moving in directly next to town. Today we capture a quick glimpse of what the area was like, and what some of the changes coming its way are... 26.1 | Many years ago, the rural area wasn't home to much. A few wind turbines, surprisingly large buildings in its downtown core, houses and a school. The area saw little change during the 90s and early 2000s, save for the wind turbines. The last major change were the construction of new buildings in the downtown area in the 80s. 26.2 | This small residential area is the main area for homes in the rural area, or at least was. A quiet area during the time of this photo, it was known for its frequent street parties and neighbourly atmosphere, with everyone largely knowing everyone. 26.3 | Some people were even lucky enough to be able to live near this body of water, a quiet area further back from the main road in town, and close enough to the perfect spot to go skating when the water occasionally froze over. 26.4 | It wasn't until this, Highway 82, that things began to change. Now with easy access things began to change, including the construction of this travel centre. An exit leads to the town, although it is not the main road through town. The highway began to bring a lot of traffic to the area which was once sleepy due to its distance from the developed portions of Holt District. 26.5 | Soon after the highway was constructed this industrial area popped up, thanks to cheap real estate since land in this area was, and still is, abundant. Plas are already underway to construct an expansion to this park. 26.6 | Just to the south (left in this and the above photo) this residential development popped up. It houses people from both the people who work in the industrial park nearby and again from people seeking cheaper real estate. Houses in this area are, for now, about 10-20% cheaper than comparable locations in the region - this discount not including houses like this in Sherkston and Manatee proper. 26.7 | However, residential development is now not just occurring on the outskirts and near the highway. The Town of Flynn recently approved a massive development that will eventually engulf the small village. Construction has already begun, as this photo shows.
  22. Oakwood Village

    Oakwood is where it all starts! A huge area of land has been designated as an area for a new city. Watch Oakwood grow from a small village to a huge metropolis! The centre of the village is located on an strip of land which is surrounded with water on 3 sides. Welcome to Oakwood The land selected for Oakwood... Village centre... Region view... Transport view...
  23. inno·V·tion - 4TownVer.

    This is another version of "innovation",and I call it "inno·V·tion - 4TownVer." Reveal a picture first and continuously updated! Welcome!
  24. Lamberton Village

    LAMBERTON VILLAGE Lamberton Village is small village situated in the eastern part of my region. About 3,300 people live there. This village is the main producer of fruit and vegetable in the region. Near the village, there are wonderfull lakes with very clean thermal water. There is smallest national park in the country. I hope you will enjoy this village

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