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  1. Greece - Part II

    Amazing work yet again! I can't believe I hadn't discovered this CJ until now. A+ on all fronts: terrain editing, lotting, attention to detail, captions, and most importantly dat MMPing. I can only begin to imagine the time and effort put into the making! Thanks, it certainly takes a long time to create scenes like this as you mentioned, but it definitely pays off in the end -korver
  2. Journey Through The Sahara

    Flawless execution, beautiful art. That second oasis tho!! Those camels standing in a circle around the tiniest bit of water. The details are terrifically well done! Thanks Sepen77, I always make small details like that an emphasis in my work so I'm glad you liked it. -korver
  3. Lake Bogoria, Kenya

    Absolutely stunning... I've never seen anyone else come up with such a work of art. Thanks, glad you liked it -korver
  4. No More Neighbour Connection Arrows

    It's a must for aesthetics
  5. Custom Region View Backgrounds

    Super useful for concatenating screenshots from neighbouring cities together. Pick a colour to easily do chroma keying.
  6. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    Wow, after this bug's pushed me away from SimCity (just kidding) for nearly 3 years, I finally come back to discover a fix for it came out half a year ago?? Anyway, this is a pleasant surprise for someone returning to the game seeing it's still getting its magical treatment.
    Excellent utility for anyone dabbling with terrain or wanting land bridges.
  7. Bridge Height mod

    Another classic and absolute must for your game!
  8. Additional God Mode Terrain tools

    I don't remember playing the game without this. It's a must if you want more control over your terrain editing.
  9. Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    Hah, this is perfect! I just got back to the game after 2 years of going hiatus. My old PC from 2002 can't handle anything more than this game. After installing this week, I haven't gotten around to provisioning it with any mods yet. I guess I'll keep it vanilla to finish off this challenge before I go ham with the custom content.
  10. Haven't been around in ages. With my new laptop in for repairs, I had to boot up my PC from 2002. It's still running Windows XP. I haven't had a go with SimCity in maybe 2 years now? So I put in the disc promptly and installed. Apart from crashing a couple times with 1.5 GB of RAM, it's gone pretty smoothly. Glad to say I'm still enjoying this game.