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  2. Vienna Uptown in die Innenstadt !

    @kschmidt thanks a lot
  3. Last week
  4. Vienna Uptown in die Innenstadt !

    Orange roofed block houses are Rynek Dekert side by Ferox ! Sory for the late reply ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  5. Part 1 - The Beginning

    In the mid-21st century, climate change led to global catastrophes that nearly ended humankind as we know it. Massive tsunamis and flooding coupled with extreme natural disasters changed the Earth that lasted years, leading to loss of life in the billions. Towards the late 21st century, the extreme weather and disasters began to subside, leaving a handful of people to lead humanity back to relevance. Much was lost – technology, recorded history, and almost everything that had been accomplished by the human race was gone and had to be rediscovered. Our story begins with a group of survivors a few dozen years after the Great Storm in what would be modern-day Ghana, West Africa. Earth’s temperature was permanently disrupted, and the environment in Ghana was now similar to the Mediterranean and Central Europe. Rediscovery of human advancement and technology was relatively rapid, and government, although limited to small areas, was recognized – unfortunately, most governments were oppressive in their ways. The world now operated under one currency, the Earth Dollar, which the New United Nations was responsible for printing and distributing. This specific group of survivors were outcasts from neighboring cities that were escaping prosecution and valued freedom. Seeking shelter from the rain, the small group of settlers built shacks, and to feed themselves, they planted a wheat field and hunted the local wildlife. What started out as a few families doubled in size in a very short timespan as word got out of the new settlement. The extra hands meant that the settlers could plant a corn field, as well, leading to excess food crop which they took to the closest city and sold for Earth Dollars (EDs). The population of the new settlement, called Hope, now had a population 34, with corn and wheat fields that are the town’s only tradeable goods. The pictures below show the beginnings of this new settlement. Welcome to the story of Hope!
  6. New York City

    I even got the notification for the second part of NYC, but I couldn't see it at the time and I forgot. But no problem at all, because being New York at some point I will remember and I can spend a lot of time admiring each picture. Each one of them are very beautiful, I'd give them a 10, but my favourites would receive 10.1: the One World Trade Center, the Central Park ones and the snowing picture.
  7. Port de Caravella: Some more Suburbia

    You did a great job there! Very beautiful pictures
  8. Haussmann Reborn, Part 4 (Anno 2050)

    Very nice pictures. Great job
  9. I I I

    Wonderful pictures and very good editing!
  10. Japan (Preview)

    Incredibly well done! Can't wait to see the whole entry.
  11. Arquennes - Introduction

    Wonderful pictures. Great job
  12. The Village

    Very beautiful pictures
  13. The Village

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing...
  14. Wade City

    Thanks!! Much appreciated I've plaid SimCity sense I was in elementary school starting with SimCity 2000. I recently re-downloaded SC4 and started play with Mods for the first time. I'm still learning how to use many of the NAM Mod tools. I need to look into some forums that give some tips and good examples. Thanks again! I very much enjoyed your EUROPA, ANNO city Journal. I've been looking through for inspiration.
  15. Siculia 2077 (Spin-off)

    wow very well designed and interesting arts.. i would like to know more about the backstory of this CJ. five stars for you
  16. Anedau | The Last City

    So the Auckland Skytower exists in the last City? or at least a replica. Beautiful pictures that convey the feeling of isolation and legends of a world from long ago
  17. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    Can you elaborate it in bullet form? I felt confuse on your critique. Thanks for the critiques!!
  18. Siculia 2077 (Spin-off)

    Great banner and artwork, very well CJ, well done !
  19. The Village

    MMP´s feast of artwork like a painting; only drawback I see is the stone side road thinking purposeley, what, need to be there to support such a huge peace of structure ? Very well done !
  20. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    City, repetative buldings still needs some new nice skyscrapers, landmarks to add and some venue area arena, schools and musemums. CBD, looks fine, Industrials try to move to clean by setting tax away beuond the 10% mark so production will prevail, Residentails, a city do need a atractive neighbourhoods, they do gain by some diagonals a little bit and right civic services like schools and hosptials make the sims minde more enriched. Dealing with the different zone types, avoid to much downtown diagonal road´s aswell industrial there unnassecary waisting space for better things to add, well done !
  21. Wade City

    Great choice of landmarki<s ! As it´s a vanilla game regarding road, highway slope´s and terrain and water textures, still a lot of improvement possible, just a little gameplay experience to gain with these ellements, well done !
  22. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    PART 2 - Megacity Ahead Sorry for the fast pace... Maybe because I redo the city again since it doesn't grow. So far, so good hahahahah! Suggestions/comments? I'm so glad to hear it from you!! ~CalvinB
  23. Earlier
  24. Part 1 - Roads and Rails

    PART 1: Starting from scratch I create my own region, in this case the Northern region of U.R.C. I was think of a grid systmem rather than the cul-de-sac system, since I'm starting with a small town first. ( I can speed things up, if you want. Hahaha!) Initial road networks: I created a highway reaching from the north up to the south of the region. I added some roundabouts near the exit/entrance of the highway. Note that those tress at the center of the roundabouts will provide as a placeholder for my custom statue. Another placeholder for highway reaching east to west. (Please help me suggest a interchange for this one?) The rails on the other hand, it will start from north-eastern part of the city. This will split up into zones, depending on the wealth (agri, dirty, e.t.c.) That's it and I hope you can help me create a better city ~CalvinB
  25. The Village

    thank you for sharing this it's like painting with pixels
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      1. CorinaMarie

        I believe my reasoning is well stated in my post in that thread. *;)

        Allowing drama is not the intent of Simtropolis. The discussion (while perhaps entertaining to you) moved almost completely off of the original topic. It is not at this time permanently closed. Rather it is suspended for a little while.

        And no, moving that latter conversation to my status feed isn't going to work either. *:P

      2. Fantozzi

        Not shure how to read the last sentence, if it's directed in my way as it seems you know my motivations better than me. Would a pm have been the better choice? Should I remove my message here and send it as a pm to you? Or should I open a new topic in the forums? Or something else maybe? What would be the proper way to adress my opinion about you closing this thread? Thank you.

      3. CorinaMarie

        To clarify my last sentence: It is my perception of what could happen by including the @ mentions which might prompt a continued discussion of the off topic portion of the thread in question. By necessity, Simtropolis is not a democracy. As staff we try to find the right balance between open discussion and moderation of non-productive conversation. Obviously, we cannot please everyone.

        In this case I believe a PM would have been sufficient to express your opinion. That could have been sent to me only or include @Cyclone Boom or sent to CB without me being included. At this point a PM to me is not necessary as I've stated my viewpoint here. My decision to temporarily close the thread for a time out will not be reversed. When it does re-open we will continue to monitor it and see how it goes.

      4. Fantozzi

        Anyway deleted. I agree, a PM would have been the better option to prevent the primary debate moving over here.

        But I must confess, lately I'm getting a little bit tired. There is almost no playground left, only law and order and justice fills the minds of the people. One has the see, in great parts, forums are ruled by moderators. The only unlimited game is: people ask, moderators respond. Communication is already very ritualized this way. It's quite annoying if every action is driven by the question - is it allowed or not, is it wrong or right. Can I post this, should I post that?

        You'd call it drama? I'd prefer to call it a game. But actually - a drama is a play, some sort of game. What, if you try to see it with my eyes - more some kind of comedy?  A tragicomedy perhaps?

        But if Simtropolis is no stage, no playground at all but instead all serious business, some kind of job - a school you have to learn the rules, I have to confess, I'm too old and tired to want to join class for you being my teacher.

        My very personal impression is - this moderator job doesn't do good to everyone. Some children act quite authoritan while entering the stage. Well but maybe even this is "As you like it". 


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      Hi guyz
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    • adsii1970

      I think I broke something in STEX! It still has that new car smell and I've not even spilled anything on the carpet yet, but there it is!

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      1. Cyclone Boom

        Please see my reply here for an update on this sitewide error. I've never seen it before personally, and it sure is a strange one. Often these descriptions are very generic for a range of causes, so don't worry you've not been suspended or anything of the kind. *;)

        Were STEX files downloading fine previously before you noticed this? Any slowdowns or errors in the lead-up by chance, or did it just implode all of a sudden?

      2. adsii1970

        @Cyclone Boom: Just to warn you, if there is a way to break the forum or have strange results happen, then I am your man to cause them! *:P

        Anyhow, I thought I had exceeded the limit of files I could download in a 24 hour period. I was able to get all the PegProductions downloads I used in the past - close to 100 files, give or take, before I got the message. I had been downloading files for about thirty minutes before I received this error.

        Up until that point, I was able to download files without any problems in spite of the banner warning me of impending doom...

        Edit: Nice to know I haven't been suspended or sanctioned...

    • adsii1970

      Wow... so... this is nice to see this community growing in spite of SimCity 4 being unsupported by Maxis (ElectricArts). I'm not too sure what to say other than I am overwhelmed and saddened by a few things, though...
      @A Nonny Moose: Back when I was a regular forum member who visited frequently, he was a dear friend and contributor. We did, on occasion, exchange emails and he helped me get into modding with SimCity 4. It saddens me to see he's gone but warms my heart to see so many people have missed him, too.
      Pegasus Productions: What happened? I've seen hints, insinuations, and all about something big that happened... but don't know what happened. Being gone from this forum for so long, I feel that I've missed so much! I have seen that PegProductions are still on the STEX but see the warning, "this is no longer supported..." Are they still safe (and reasonably stable) for me to use?
      STEX Collections: How can I go about getting vols. 1 and 2? I will be making a donation before the end of the month. (Never mind, I just re-read through that page of the forum). When the 2018 disc comes out, will all I need to do is donate another $35 for it?
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      1. catty-cb

        Pegasus Productions which was also the SimPeg Website ran into technical difficulties a couple of years ago, Pegasus made the decision to close SimPeg rather than fix or recreate it, but did give permission for those files on the STEX to stay but there is no one left to fix them if anyone has any problems with them, if you remember Paeng who was an administrator over at SimPeg he no longer plays SC4 .... you can find him over on the Banished websites these days but before he left the community he entrusted all his SC4 files and anything he was able to save from SimPeg to me.

        In slowtime those files are slowly making their way onto the STEX, but in the meantime they can be found over here on my site.


      2. adsii1970

        @catty-cb: Thanks for the information! That's funny... I play a lot of Banished, too... never thought much about anyone else from the old forum days being over on the Banished sites... Not that I am going to abandon the forum here at all. I've just come back and hope to start contributing again... *:)

        It's nice to know that you're continuing the legacy of all that great work. Sadly, the DVD I stored all my old SimCity4 files on was lost during my great purge of 2016 - when I thought I was going to remain a diehard Cities:Skylines fanatic. But to be honest with you, each update has made the game even slower on my PC. And the newer update is going to require a new video card and more RAM. The RAM isn't a problem...


      3. catty-cb


        That's funny... I play a lot of Banished, too... never thought much about anyone else from the old forum days being over on the Banished sites

        Some of us still use the same name over on the Banished sites, but others seem to have decided to have a name change as well when they changed games so if you ever see Purringcat over on the sites say hello as here you would know them as Couchpotato  :8)

      4. adsii1970


        Some of us still use the same name over on the Banished sites, but others seem to have decided to have a name change as well when they changed games so if you ever see Purringcat over on the sites say hello as here you would know them as Couchpotato

        That's nice to know. Normally, I just do the whole "guest" thing unless it is a forum I plan to join. CivFanatics is another one I belong to... and I think my username is adsii... for now. But I plan on changing it soonTM

    • adsii1970

      After a brief haietus from SimCity4, I have returned...
      I've also changed my user name from adsii to adsii1970 to reflect my desire to have a unified on-line presence. You can also find me on Steam and Kerbal Space Program using the same user name. 
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      1. adsii1970

        Ok, last night, I reactivated my forum stuff, I installed SimCity 4 Deluxe from my ORIGINAL CDs... and it will not run on Windows 10.  Now for diagnostics! *:???:

      2. CorinaMarie

        There's a great answer in this thread: Using original CDs on Windows 10


      3. adsii1970

        @CorinaMarie: Just go ahead and call me a goober (second award). Saw that thread after being referred to it. Now have it through Steam. Haven't had a chance to play in it. Been trying to download those old mods and lots I loved so much.

      4. CorinaMarie

        You saw it after being referred to it? :ooh: I kind of assumed you were aware of it when you created the thread. *:P

      5. adsii1970

        Hehehe... there goes my old age again... *:party:

        For some reason, I thought you were referring to this thread:

        Which was pointed out to me by rsc204 on the thread I started. Like I said, I considered all the options and decided to go ahead and just buy it through Steam. Seemed the safest way to do it without compromising Windows 10. I use the same computer for gaming and work (I use SPSS software and it needs the high processor speed) and cannot risk compromising my data sets. *;)


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    • Glenni

      So I was supposed to finish my BATs. But then GoG game sales happened. See there you go, go get your pitchforks and blame Gog, it aint my fault honest!  

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      1. T Wrecks

        What did you get? Just so we know which game(s) to hate. *:kitty:

    • catty-cb  »  mattb325

      sad to see your message  but understand why
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    • Solarism

      @Haljackey what do you think of this 

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    • Terring

      I have a terrible feeling about the Greece-Turkey relationship and the crisis in Aegean Sea.
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    • lmca9000  »  Cyclone Boom

      hello, i need your help, i made a 3d model in seketchup, i export the model in 3Ds, but when importing the model in Gmax BAT i throw error and it closes. 
      please help me. can i send you the 3Ds file so ou can try to pass it to BAT? or the sketchup file so you can tell an expert modeler to fix it and pass it to me. PLEASE and Thanks
      · 6 Replies
      1. lmca9000

        @matias93 yo hablo español amigo, no tienes que disculparte. 


      2. JP Schriefer

        The most common error when importing a .skp file to Gmax or 3ds Max is its version. You don't need to export the file as .3ds, all you have to do is save the file as 'SketchUp Version 8' type and it's good to go *:)

      3. lmca9000

        @JP Schriefer ill try that.  Thank you



      4. lmca9000

        @JP Schrieferit still does not work :( 

      5. Cyclone Boom

        Thanks for asking and also starting a forum topic. I'm personally not at all familiar with 3D modelling, so I'm really unsure what to suggest. I hope you find a solution to the problem. *:)

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