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  2. Pacific Northwest

    @JP Schriefer Thanks for the nice words - glad you enjoyed the pictures! Mount Rainier has always been one of my favorite mountains as well, always loved how imposing it is - so I was glad to finally bring it to True Earth I think I may have also found a new wallpaper as well.. @Whte_rbt Thank you very much for the comment, appreciate the kind words as always
  3. Pacific Northwest

    The Portland mosaic is a beauty and the Crater Lake shot is superb. Overachiever...
  4. Yesterday
  5. Pacific Northwest

    Wonderful scenarios! This time my favorite one was the Mount Rainier, I think it's so beautiful. Its wallpapers are the best https://bit.ly/2I9rb5n
  6. Last week
  7. Pacific Northwest

    Thank you very much @RobertLM78 - glad you enjoyed the Crater Lake scene
  8. Pacific Northwest

    Incredible.....! I always wanted to check out more of the Northwest... I've only made as far 'in' as Crater Lake - which you did a spectacular job on....
  9. Pacific Northwest

    The Pacific Northwest is a geographic region of the northwest United States - and also usually encompasses the southwestern part of Canada as well. Well known for its majestic mountains, lush forests, modern cities, and more - there's plenty here to keep you in awe. Today we'll be taking a look at some of the area's most spectacular sights. Our trip begins in scenic Olympic National Park - located in western Washington, this vast wilderness is one of the world's best preserved temperate rain forests. The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of major cities like Portland - also known as the City of Roses. The Old Town's White Stag Sign is one of the skyline's most distinctive and recognizable landmarks. An overview of downtown Portland featuring the KOIN Center, Wells Fargo Center, and the U.S. Bancorp Tower. Our next stop is the Emerald City - Seattle. The famed Space Needle offers incredible views of the city - built for the 1962 World Fair, it quickly became the city's most iconic landmark. Safeco Field, home of MLB's Seattle Mariners since 1999. A look at downtown Seattle at night with a few of it's most iconic skyscrapers in view - such as the Columbia Center, Seattle Municipal Tower, and the Smith Tower. We travel north of the border to visit one more of the Pacific Northwest's most iconic cities, Vancouver. Scenes like the one below are common here - with the city core being filled with countless modern glass condominiums. A look at downtown Vancouver - the large Bentall Centre is one of the city's most popular destinations. We start heading South to take a look at some of the Pacific Northwest's most amazing natural wonders, starting with Washington's majestic Mount Rainier. Rising 14,411 feet tall, it's the tallest point in the Cascades and can be seen all the way from Seattle, nearly 100 miles way. Rising 11,249 feet tall, Mount Hood is Oregon's highest peak and is another one of the region's most impressive mountains. Our last destination is one of America's most prized natural wonders, Oregon's Crater Lake. After the eruption of Mount Mazama nearly 8,000 years ago, the caldera filled up with rain water and snow melt - giving it a mesmerizing azure hue. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Melbourne" Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @_Michael, @jakis, @Namiko, @Jackspital, @Krasner, @KOSMO*, @bobolee, @ESP15, @mike_oxlong, @Odainsaker, @The British Sausage, @RobertLM78, @scotttbarry, @art128, @Androgeos, @bladeberkman, @Duco, @mrsmartman, @redfox85, @Charlie_Zane, @PaulSawyer, @TekindusT, @Bastet69008, @tonyr, & @blade2k5 for all the likes/comments!
  10. Melbourne

    @blade2k5 Glad I was able to help The nature related scenes are certainly time consuming and require a huge amount of patience - although I've used a wide variety of terrain mods and lots, much of what you see in my work is actually the result of heavy MMPing. It takes a while to get the hang of it but eventually it gets easier with practice. Appreciate the nice words
  11. QWERTY-LAND, Chicago

    started this region few month ago,... after watch a ton of Haljackey vids. As well as tons of other vids on YouTube. Coming up with my own play style is easy... but not so easy to capture and share.... lol. The region used is from a down load map from simtropolis. There's a ton of maps of Chicago....
  12. Central Treien: Hudston Bay, Victoria & Grustanasberg

    Weeell... Actually not that much because sometimes I leave my computer on. It took me about 3 years planning concepts for Treien. I have constructed 4 cities as inspiration for the final piece (this). I also took inspiration from London, Amsterdam, and Berlin. After that, I basically merged them all together and constructed the city which took about a period of a year and about two months. I finished the layout around about January 2018 but I then wanted to tweak loads of things and incorporate some detail to it - as you can see it has a lack of detail as opposed to other CJ's but I also spent some time placing new buildings to it after removing dozens of suburbs to get around that object limit.
  13. Central Treien: Hudston Bay, Victoria & Grustanasberg

    Looks great. How long did it take to build?
  14. Hudston Bay - the modern gem of Treien Hudston Bay was a sprawling industrial area, however by 1960 all of the dockyard moved from HB to Jervis, Neutral Bay and Etusk. Today the dockyards are now fully outside of Treien in Etusk (a 55 minute drive from the city). During the 1960s to the late 70s, Hudston Bay was stagnated with poverty and crime. Most of the houses and flats are in a poor state at this time and most of the city's rich has moved down south to South Treien and even outside the city in places in New North Wales, Maine and Northern Ostrobia. However after the 70s, a massive push to revitalise Hudston Bay as Ostrobia has yet to have a proper financial and buisness hub at the time. The Government put billions and billions of dollars to put Hudston Bay in to good use and it meant that a lot of flats and apartments was knocked down to make way for tall skyscrapers and only 25% of original architecture still remains. Also shown is Forbes Park, one of the major city park of Treien, located in Hudston Bay. Forbes Park with ICE Studios complex at the other side of the canal. Hudston Bay viewed on top of a helicopter Jervis, Haswell & Airport and City Metrolink tracks towards Forbes Park Hudston Bay riverside Left - Hudston Bay station served by the City, Haswell, Airport and City and Grustanaberg lines (C,H,A&C building shown), Right - Drecht Canal and bridge leading up to Treien Hudston Bay main station. Victor Road junction. Treien Hudston Bay station (top) serves Northern Ostrobia and Maine. Victoria - Jewel of South Treien Victoria is one of the most luxourious LGA's of Treien and Ostrobia. Victoria is the place of shopping however Hamlewood is also regarded as that place as well. Victoria also has Ostrobia Park, one of the major parks of Treien. It also hosts the Treien Zoo and the Treien Nature Reserve. Ostrobia Park Treien City University Pernstraat leading to Grectheinstraat, off the Treien Victoria station Treien Zoo and Treien Nature Reserve Albertkeithen Statue and Victoria Square. The station is served by the River, City and Airport and City lines Complex junction towards Treien Victoria. Treien Victoria serves the states of south-eastern New North Wales, Prethenia, South Central, Hyenia, Holboken. Both high speed and regional services service the station. Roundabout of the Tower of Light. It is the main entrance to Victoria from Hudston Bay's New Bridge, which is the furthest west bridge of the River Oereomond. Canals, canals, canals [/SPOILER] Grustanasberg - Cultural Capital of Ostrobia Grustansberg is the Cultural Capital of Ostrobia? Why? There is a lot of history behind Grustansberg and lots of things to see and do there as well. Grustansberg is home to the Tower of Liberty, a world landmark built in 1860 to comemerate the Ostrobian revolution of 1848. The Riverside Park shows a glimpse of Hudston Bay from the south side. Notorious places of interest include New Edinbrugh Musuem, Uktlespreken Musuem, Treien Opera House, Treien Art and Portrait Gallery, Mirabel Fountain, Nieuw Alkmaarplein, Monument of the Fallen Ostrobians, Colonial Gardens, German Market and the Grustansberg Market. Grustansberg viewed from a helicopter Hudston Bay viewed from the Riverside Park Colonial Gardens. The Colonial House was the residence of the Governor of North West Ostrobia during the British colonial era. Treien Musuem Plaza. Shown is the Treien Art and Portrait Gallery Nieuw Alkmaarplein. Notice Hudston Bay in the distance. Right of it is the Treien Opera House. Left - New Edinburgh Musuem, focuses on the History of Treien and its Cultural History. The Nieuw Alkamaarplein station is also shown served by Ostrobia, Northern and River Lines. The Nieuw Alkmaarplein station is also served by NNW Rail. Monument of the Fallen Ostrobians Uktlespreken Musuem. Showcases Natural History and also Cultural and Technological History The Cathedral and the Tower of Liberty dominate South Treien until the new flats at Neutral Bay were constructed Grustanberg Station. The overground section serves City and Airport and City lines. The underground section serves the Grustansberg and Jervis lines. Left - Hamlewood Clock Tower. Centre - Hamlewood Station. Right - Grustanberg Market and Cathedral Grustanasberg Market and Cathedral Hamlewood Clock Tower with the Treien Hamlewood Station German Market with Hudston Bay at the background Treien Hamlewood Station. It is served by the City, Airport and City and Northern lines. It services Ostrobia's main cities in the west which are Seblo and Aranley. It also serves the Western and South Western Coast areas of Ostrobia. Inside German Market Tollsbury - Government's Area Tollsbury is the area in which the Federal Government is located. It also hosts a number of embassies. Tollsbury is generally not regarded as Central Treien but in fact Central South East Treien due to a number of flats and little major retail areas. Most of Tollsbury is either housing or office administration. The Tollsbury Circus island is owned by the federal government. It is surrounded by 15 story high stone walls built in the 1910s to deter any foreign invading power. The perimeter of the walls have been used to station machine and anti aircraft guns during World War II. Today they are an icon of Treien. Tollsbury Circus Complex. Top right: Federal Police Headquaters, across the road from the HQ: House of the Prime Minister, 10 Mirabell Road. Right of 10 Mirabell: Federal Court, right of the court: Federal Government Offices of various departments. Office block: Federal Security and Intelligance Organisation (FISO). Bottom right: Parliament of Ostrobia.
  15. Praha -vývoj času !

    Church had to e something substantial fitting ! Walibuk slovak town quit usefull in those gothic eastern europe scene Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  16. Praha -vývoj času !

    Lol, that feeling when you watch CJ from Prague and BOOM! St. Martin's Cathedral from Bratislava, Slovakia (my hometown)
  17. Melbourne

    Thanks Korver and thanks. Can't wait until I can use this stunning BAT by one of my favorite batters. As for your CJs, you sure have a lot of patience most people don't have. The patience to learn how to daftly use terrain textures and then applying them the way you do that makes your landscapes look so darn real, as real as computer graphics can get. Image if we had quantum computers with a simulation game like this one? I can only imagine. Your stunning natural settings are as close as you can get with SC4. You're photos from the game are the ones I would download and use as pc desktop backgrounds.
  18. Melbourne

    Glad you enjoyed the update @blade2k5! The Arts Centre Melbourne is actually made up of three different BATs by Reddonquixote which you can find in the two uploads below:
  19. Langley Plains -- Northeast

    Replies: Haljackey: It's like poetry... They rhyme... nicoliani: Thanks a lot! tonyr: Cheers! dabadon5: Thanks a lot for your kind comment! fighterfungus: Thank you for liking the previous entry! feyss: Thanks! And yeah- they are olive trees. lemonLemon: Thanks for your comment. Though I don't understand your question about the shadow graphics... I mean I photoshop my pictures... ? Entry 23: Pololomia -- Langley Plains (Northeast) Yes it's been a while since the last entry but I've been busy with that teaching and also focusing on story-writing. Anyway here are some more rural pictures. No captions, no comments. Enjoy! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. For the next entry we go to the east part of Pololomia's city centre...
  20. Update 45c: 2018 Holiday Travel Report

    you know, i really can feel the indonesian vibe in here, these stuff really reminding me about the journey that my family took everytime we went to my mom's hometown happy eid mubarak to you!
  21. Melbourne

    Hi Korver. Wow, you do some absolutely stunning work with your cities. Was curious to know where I could get the Arts Centre Melbourne at? Such a unique structure that would enhance the current region I'm working on.
  22. Melbourne

    @TekindusT Thanks for the nice words as always! @Bastet69008 Thank you for the comment and kind words! I've given Brisbane some thought in the past, but it might be sorta difficult to do with only 2 good BATs that I know of from there. I might do some sort of "Australian Skylines" update though some day with a pic or two from Brisbane as well as a number of Australia's other big cities so we'll see. @tonyr Thank you very much! @mike_oxlong Thank you very much! Hopefully he'll check the entry out soon @The British Sausage Thank you very much! Those were a few of my favorites as well, glad you enjoyed the update! @RobertLM78 Thanks for the nice words! Australia would be amazing to visit one day @scotttbarry Thanks for the comment! I made sure to do plenty of night scenes to showcase those outstanding nightlights
  23. Melbourne

    Amazing! So glad you did Melbourne because I really loved some of the models and their night lighting.
  24. Melbourne

    Awesome..... up to the standard par. Australia would be cool to check out on day - made a few netpals from there now....
  25. Melbourne

    Pictures 4, 5 and 6 are the best. Picture 4 for a clever use of roads through an overhanging lot, picture 5 for a great rural/agricultural scene and picture 6 for using Heblem's lots which were designed for South American cities. Cool stuff. Good job.
  26. Update 45c: 2018 Holiday Travel Report

    Good stuff!
  27. Melbourne

    Well, it looks as though I don't need to visit Melbourne in person. Red Don Quixote would love to see this!
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