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  2. San Francisco

    Awesome work again, @korver! One of the world's most beautiful cities and one of my favourite U.S. destinations.
  3. San Francisco

    Today, we're taking a look at another one of the United States' iconic cities - San Francisco. This hilly city sits on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay in Northern California - and since it's founding in 1776, it's evolved into a cultural, commercial, and financial center. With plenty of famous landmarks and attractions dotting the city - it's also one of the country's top tourist destinations as well. We'll start the trip off in the city's Central Business District - with a number of the city's tallest buildings like Transamerica Pyramid, 555 California Street (formerly Bank of America Center), and 345 California Street in full view. A view of San Francisco's stunning skyline at nighttime. At the center of the city's skyline is the distinctive, pyramid shaped Transamerica Pyramid. Upon its completion in 1972, it was the world's 8th tallest building - and even though it's not the tallest skyscraper in the city anymore (since surpassed by the 1,070 ft. Salesforce Tower, completed this year), it's still the most iconic. We venture out of downtown and onto the city's infamously hilly streets - and it gets especially steep on Lombard Street. This street is famously known for a one block stretch where it zigs and zags down the hillside - and these 8 hairpin curves have given it the title of "The Most Crookedest Street In The World". The crookedness serves a purpose, too - as it was intended to slow down vehicles and to reduce the steep gradient of the hillside, all while offering incredible views of the city. Located northwest of Lombard is the stunning Palace of Fine Arts. Constructed in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, this Greco-Roman palace and attraction - complete with a rotunda and columns - has remained one of the city's most popular landmarks ever since. Art exhibitions are still shown regularly, and it also serves as a park and popular wedding destination. Our next destination can be found on top of the city's steep Telegraph Hill - the beautiful Coit Tower. Built as a gift from the late socialite Lillie Hitchcock Coit, this 210 foot tall art deco tower has remained an icon on the San Francisco skyline ever since its opening on October 8th, 1933. For our next destination, we catch a ferry ride at Pier 33 to visit "The Rock" - Alcatraz Island. This small island in San Francisco Bay was developed in the mid 1800s with military fortifications, a lighthouse, and most famously - a prison. Once a small military prison, it quickly grew in size and served as a federal prison from 1934 to 1963, housing some of the country's most hardened criminals like Al Capone. The rugged terrain and frigid water made it the perfect place for inmates - and the unforgiving punishments handed out here gave it a harsh reputation. Although it's been abandoned for decades - it's still one of the city's most well known landmarks and tourist attractions. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is located in the heart of the city and is another one of the city's most distinctive landmarks - the current building was constructed in 1995 and houses some 33,000 pieces of artwork. It's one of the world's largest modern and contemporary museums - any visit here is sure to inspire the mind. The earthquake of 1906 brought much devastation to San Francisco and its skyline - and the old city hall was one of its most prominent buildings brought to rubble. The new San Francisco City Hall, re-opened in 1915, has remained an icon on the skyline ever since with its distinctive Beaux-Arts Dome rising 307 feet above the city. Last but not least is the city's most iconic landmark - the legendary Golden Gate Bridge. This 8,981 foot long suspension bridge spans a narrow straight connecting San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean - and has been open for traffic since 1937. Despite the name, the bridge is actually painted in a brilliant "international orange" color, and it makes for a truly stunning sight, day or night. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver Previous Update: "U.S. Skylines" Thanks to @Cyclone Boom, @Silur, @Krasner, @art128, @Toby Ferrian, @RobertLM78, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @mrsmartman, @tonyr, @redfox85, @simmytu, @Androgeos, @bobolee, @The British Sausage, @jakis, @raynev1, @ESP15, @nycsc4, @kingofsimcity, @tariely, @scotttbarry, @MAW, @Odainsaker, @mike_oxlong, @feyss, @Simmer2, @etg-nc2nyc, @9gruntsand1hammer, @ByeByeBayou, @aciaKa, @Elenphor, & @_Michael for all the likes!
  4. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    Nice town view! Think because of the different colors and shapes, but it isn't messed up.
  5. Today
  6. St. Wilhelm is growing. Under the guidance of Princess Charlotte, the formerly underdeveloped principality, the smallest province of Nordreich, is expanding. Thanks to substantial financial assistance approved by the Imperial government, St. Wilhelm embarked on multiple public works projects to increase outside trade, improve local economy, and attract new citizens. One of the most important project is the expansion of the Imperial highway to connect with Nordinsel, the largest island of the principality and the second most populous. Settled centuries ago, what started as a fishing village on the east side of the island eventually became the town of Fischerstadt. Citizens of this town relied on sea trade and farming on the fertile land on the west side of the Island. For centuries, the only transportation option between Nordinsel and the main island of St. Wilhelm was by boat, operated by private shipping companies. Trade with Nordreich's northern neighbor, Vitsmunir, was conducted through a bridge that connected the Island. There the situation remained until half a century ago, when Princess Charlotte's father, the late prince Harold expanded the Imperial Highway to connect with Nordinsel. Nicknamed the Slingshot by locals, the highway was expanded from St. Wilhelm over three massive overwater bridges, connecting with Vitsmunir to the northwest branch and Fischerstadt through the northeast one. A giant highway roundabout, built in the middle of the sea, facilitated the direction of traffic. Here you can see the bridge's starting point, at the old lighthouse of St. Wilhelm (Archival photograph courtesy of the Imperial Archives) : Here is another archival photograph, showing the northeastern terminus of the Slinghsot and the town of Fischerstadt about 30 years ago: Thanks to the Slingshot, Nordinsel enjoyed an unprecedented period of economic growth. Trade flourished and the island moved from a farming and industry focused economy to a white collar economy. To accommodate the demand for highly educated citizens who can work in white collar positions, a community college in Fischerstadt was established to provide adult education and training. Like every other cities, however, growth of St. Wilhelm brought on other problems. By the time Princess Charlotte ascend the throne 10 years ago, aging infrastructure and changes in the economy has led to a couple of issues. Thanks to increased trade and manufacturing, the slingshot has become a tangled mess of traffic. leading to long gridlocks on the Imperial Highway. The over-water roundabout was severely eroded by the sea below and the concrete pillars that supports it were crumbling. On the west side of Nordinsel, the collapse of the agricultural industry has led to mass abandonment of the farming communities, and wildlife has reclaimed much of the land. To solve these issues, Princess Charlotte convened with the legislature and embarked on a massive project of redevelopment. The first issue to be tackled is the redesign of the Slingshot and the Imperial Highway. Using computer simulation and other new methods of construction, engineers were able to demolish the old central roundabout with a new ramp system. Nicknamed the helix, the new central traffic hub moved traffic through an web of on-ramps, built high above the water on an improved concrete foundation. The result is much improved traffic flow, greatly shortening travel time. A brand new design is also implemented at the start of the slingshot. The roundabout that surrounded the old lighthouse was completely demolished, and the highway is now buried in a tunnel so through traffic can enter the slingshot without mingling with local traffic, which enters the highway through on-ramps. To replace the old lighthouse, the Duke of Schlossberg sent one, originally built a hundred years ago to illuminate the old cargo port (since demolished), to St. Wilhelm as a gift. Today the lighthouse stands on the spot of the old one and it is a tourist attraction. To further prevent congestion, the government created the StWilhelm Ferry Authority (SFA), which provides ferry services from the main island to Nordinsel. It is headquartered in a small modern office tower in front of the main ferry terminal. Thanks to traffic and transportation improvements, Fischerstadt expanded and improved tremendously. new citizens flocked to the town, turning it into a mini metropolis not unlike St. Wilhelm Island itself: Traditional and modern architecture commingle on the shore of the Fischer Spring, a massive freshwater spring and lagoon in the middle of Nordinsel. To attract high-tech industries, the government reclaimed the abandoned farmland on the west side of the island and created the newest district of the Principality: Seeküste. Designed with environmentalist ideas and advanced green technologies, Seeküste is a brand new, master planned city filled with green architecture, efficient public transportation, wide tree-lined roads and world-class city services. Highly educated citizens and immigrants flocked to this neighborhood, where the government has provided incentives for technology and media companies to set up offices. Self-sufficient homes, green apartment buildings and soaring offices quickly turned Seeküste into the most modern district in St. Wilhelm. Next: Living and working in St. Wilhelm.
  7. Passau Island - Teaser 2

    looking good,how big is the map?
  8. Yesterday
  9. AND - Eos System | "New Frontier"

    Amazing CJ, so happy you are back
  10. Passau Island - Teaser 2

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still a work in progress and dripping in-game when I get a spare hour or two which is rare.... Hope to showcase some more over the coming weeks and months. But the below gives an idea of what I'm working on
  11. Last week
  12. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    feyss: you are definitely on form with Arquennes hence my enthusiasm. Anyway: MOAR! I wanna see the whole city tile to see how everything fits together. The best part of this entry was the railway station next to the car-park and canal; very good use of disparate lots.
  13. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    I tend to infer some precise real life cities that could have been influences just to realize that this city is simply very realistically shaped - and simply represent very well lots of mid-sized cities in western europe, and that you nailed like the concept of them. Very well done
  14. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    I love the way you've integrated all the building styles, heights and colours. Truly a feast for the eyes!
  15. U.S. Skylines

    @Duco Thanks, glad you enjoyed @Tokyu Thank you very much for the nice words!
  16. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    Hello everyone! Today, we're going to continue our tour of Arquennes' old city Let's go! 24. ARQUENNES - OLD CITY (2) 1. We begin directly with the city's most famous landmarks, St. Etienne Cathedral and the episcopal palace. They were the symbols during centuries of the city's ecclesiastical power. Now, they attract many tourists. The cathedral's tower can be seen from many kilometers around. 2. On the right, the simply named Arquennes Museum, it was built in 1923 to show the many pieces of art that the Episcopal Principality had gathered during centuries. Not far from it, people love wandering next to Cardinal Ladeuze fountain. 3. The city is not flat of course! On the Right, St. Jacques' Gate, from the city's first wall. 4. People really appreciate pedestrian areas! 5. The last picture features several things that I've tried to implement in this city: More roundabouts to make it as much European as possible More curves to give the city a more natural look More green areas. FrankU's parks are awesome for that purpose! I can't stop using them. More empty walls. Cities IRL aren't perfect, so I don't think I should cover every walls, especially when the BAT maker added awesome textures on it! 6. 7. Rue du Rempart ('Wall street'), a pedestrian street with many restaurants. 8. The train station. As you can see, the building is a bit outdated. Fortunately, its renovation was decided by the national train company. 9. 10. 11. The Old Market, an institution in Arquennes, and the Memorial 39-45. 12. 13. 14. One small mosaic. 15. 3 Bigger views 16. 17. I hope you liked it! See you soon - REPLIES - @_Michael Thanks a lot my friend! @kschmidt Thank you too! @The British Sausage Your enthusiastic comment: 10/10. Thank you! @SC4L0ver Thank you too! @younghappy Thank you! That was my objective, great to see it worked! @Scirius: I can't tag you, that's incredible... I've been using some of your houses for a while now, they really fit everywhere! Thanks a lot for the comment! @Urban Constanta Thank you very much! @TekindusT Thanks a lot! @nRVOUS It's my own personalised sidewalk. I didn't release it officially, but you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ff9ua5vic3sws6h/textures perso.dat?dl=0
  17. Pololomia's City Centre (North)

    It's hard to find words to make a decent comment, so I'm just going to say that it's awesome as usual
  18. AND - Eos System | "New Frontier"

    Great to see you at work again!
  19. U.S. Skylines

    This is really beautiful !! I really like all the pictures but if I have to choose I go with Portland, lovely city
  20. U.S. Skylines

    Stunning night views! Thanks for showing.
  21. U.S. Skylines

    @ByeByeBayou Thanks for the comment Even though there weren't a lot of exact replicas out there - the NDEX team made a couple that were strongly inspired (here & here) - and I was able to find enough other close lookalikes for the skyline to make it work. Glad you liked it.
  22. U.S. Skylines

    I love the Houston one!! I work downtown and this surprisingly accurate considering the lack of Houston buildings available on STEX.... maybe I should get on that haha But excellent work!! great job!!
  23. U.S. Skylines

    @RobertLM78 Thanks for the comment I'm about done with all of Portland's downtown actually, so that might be coming in another update down the road @tonyr Thank you very much @Androgeos Thanks for the nice words! Virtually everything in this update is from the STEX/LEX (well except for few on lesser known sites like Busch Stadium which I found on TSC). I think there might have been only one custom BAT used here, so it really is a testament to all the great BATers out there @TekindusT Thanks, glad you enjoyed it @SC4L0ver Thank you for the nice comment - yeah, for this update I wanted to show some other US Skylines besides just the big ones, glad you liked it @nycsc4 Thanks for the comment and nice words! It might be difficult to recreate it 100% faithfully in SC4, but I may give it a go if I can find some free time one of these days @Mr Saturn64 Thanks for the comment! I knew you'd like the Philly recreation @mike_oxlong Thanks for the kind words as always @Simmer2 Thank you for the nice words! Glad you liked it. @slickbg56 Thanks for the comment! I've been to a couple other Midwest ballparks before, but haven't been to Busch yet - it's definitely next on the list, looks pretty amazing from what I've seen. And yeah, it's a shame about the rooftop props- the LODs always glitch out or the lack of proper shadows always makes it look weird, so unfortunately that's one area I haven't really touched in this CJ.
  24. U.S. Skylines

    Terrific. I've been to the rooftop bar overlooking Busch Stadium a few times. Clearly SC4 needs more rooftop bars. I tried to lot one, the props turned out all weird.
  25. U.S. Skylines

    Always a pleasure to peruse your excellent work! Simmer2
  26. AND - Eos System | "New Frontier"

    Welcome back! Been waiting for you ever since lol.
  27. Night Life

    Really great, I'm loving all the neon!
  28. U.S. Skylines

    Excellent homage! So cool to see so many real-life buildings in-game.
  29. U.S. Skylines

    Yo Philly! It's Philly in SC4! They all look spectacular, but I'm super happy to see my hometown in SC4!
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