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  1. Yesterday
  2. São Paulo

    Thank you very much @Androgeos! Oops, my grammar always seems to suffer late at night..
  3. São Paulo

    The favelas gif could pass off as a screenshot from the original Tropico. It's that good. ...by the way:
  4. City Journal: My Huge Earth Map

    So This Is An Earth Map That I Created And It Might Seem Like I'm Trying To Copy Off Of The "True Earth Map" But Actually I'm Making It A Little Bit Differently. So I Just Got Inspiration From The True Earth Map And Then I Thought... Hmm... Maybe I Could Make A Different Kind Of Earth Map And Make "Fantasy Cities" From Earth Itself. Feel Free To Leave A Reply And Yeah. So I Made This Timelapse Video Where I Build My First City And No Its Not Something Like "Los Angeles" Or "Shanghai" Or "New York City". No. I'm Making A City Called "Capitol City". So, Enjoy The Video!
  5. Last week
  6. São Paulo

    @RobertLM78 There's a lot of South American cities that I've thought about over the years but haven't gotten around to yet - so I'll be looking to change that soon hopefully. I've always loved the Andean capitals of La Paz, Bogota, Quito, and Santiago - and I've given Caracas, Paramaribo, and Buenos Aires some thought too. Lots of possibilities for sure.
  7. São Paulo

    It would seem there are a lot of fascinating cities in South America - I just recently stumbled across La Paz Bolivia - take a look for yourself on GoogleEarth (speaking of which I was able to find that bridge in Sao Paulo - trip that the highway there goes north on one bank of the river and south on the other).
  8. São Paulo

    @TekindusT Me too after doing this update Thanks for the comment! @Dgmc2013 Appreciate the comment! Glad you liked it @RobertLM78 Thank you very much for the nice words!
  9. Welcome back! School's out and summer has begun! It's time to make great use of the water park that was built a while back! Woodland Town, along with most towns in the region have stagnated a bit, with population hanging at 30,000 people. Plans to connect the towns and region by interstate and rail by the end of the year are in progress and will encourage major growth in all areas once completed. The Mayor and his wife have two kids, their son Jeremy who is 10 (going into 5th grade) and daughter Christina who is 8 (going into 3rd grade). A Summer to Remember I: A Trip to the Water Park It's another hot summer day This particular Saturday, however, it was very hot! Weather Report: July 8 Saturday Temperature: 96 Degrees Dew Point: 72 Degrees Feels Like: 107 degrees Rain: 80% Highs 98, Lows 73. Scattered showers throughout the day, isolated showers in the afternoon. I took the opportunity today to take the kids out to the new water park. They've been begging me to go the last couple weeks! Jeremy and Christina: Daddy let's go! Me: Christina put on your seat belts! Wife: It's really hot out today. The lines are going to be really long today! Me: I imagine. We get in the car and drive out: 1:24 PM We arrive at the water park and as you see, it's quite crowded: Unfortunately, the trip was cut short and just as they were about to go back upstairs to go on the slide, the lightning alarm goes off. The wind started picking up and drizzles of rain began to come down. Me: "Alright, let's pack it up!" People start exiting in droves as the storm nears. Typical summer storm, we've been getting a lot of these lately but they're normal. I feel the temperature drop. 4:15 PM Just as we're leaving the parking lot, it begins to downpour: It rained for a good portion of the afternoon... The sun peaks through the clouds as the rain continues: 7:35 PM The rain finally let's up: Christina and Jeremy playing in the puddles in my front yard: Here's the current weather now after the storm: Weather Report: July 8 Saturday night Temperature: 76 Degrees Dew Point: 71 Degrees Feels Like: 81 degrees Temperatures have dropped by 20 degrees! Later That Night... The night is peaceful, with the occasional sound of a car streaking through the wet streets splashing up water and distant thunder. Kids from the local neighborhood join in for a pickup game: 10:12 PM Regional Night View: Woodland Town on the right, Woodland River City on the Left, District one above and Pleasant view below it, and Coibridge on the upper left. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2:57 AM I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. Wife: "What's going on?" She says as she rubs her sleepy eyes Just then an even louder rumble booms in the distance, waking up the kids. Jeremy: "Daddy what's that? Another storm?" Me: "I'm going to find out." We all go outside and notice just about the entire neighborhood's been woken as well, as families head outside out trying to make out what's going on. I look at the skies for a sign of a thunderstorm but the skies are clear... Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?" Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?" Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying. Just then, the power goes out... To Be Continued... Thank you for reading! Don't forget to leave a comment if you haven't already! Like and follow to stay tuned!
  10. São Paulo

    O_O Striking...! Nice work bro....! Thanks for sharing. (And yeah, that bridge is something else)
  11. São Paulo

    The bridge was very good! Good pictures and good work as well!
  12. São Paulo

    I feel the sudden need to book a plane ticket to Sao Paulo right now... Traveling the world with korver!!
  13. São Paulo

    @Duco Thank you very much for the nice words! @Tyberius06 Thanks for the kind comment, I'm glad you're enjoying the updates!
  14. São Paulo

    Nice work on these scenes I like both the Balkan and Sao Paolo pictures! That bridge , amazing! Thanks for sharing these! - Tyberius
  15. São Paulo

    Man, it is always nice to check in. Again I like the trip, good viewing, didn't have to wait at the museum and so, I had a good time. Thanks!
  16. 7 million

    That was awfully quick, but I've hit 7 million.
  17. NY Suburbs

    Finished the large New York suburbs. Now time to build to 7 million.
  18. São Paulo

    @mike_oxlong Thank you for the comment! These last couple of updates - and some of my upcoming ones as well - are all ones that I've quietly made huge progress on throughout the year. I've had a bit more free time this month, so now I'm putting on the finishing touches and finally releasing them @bladeberkman Thanks for the kind words - I hope my answer above cleared things up Glad you enjoyed the update!
  19. São Paulo

    That bridge, tho! And the beachfront details! Still trying to figure out how you’re able to crank these out.
  20. São Paulo

    What the..? How do you do this so quickly and maintain such unmatched quality? I swear you finish an entire region in the time it takes for me to scroll through a menu! P.s. outstanding work again!
  21. São Paulo

    Today we're visiting one of the world's largest urban sprawls - the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo. With nearly 40 million people residing in it's massive urban area, it's one of the world's most populated cities. São Paulo is an important financial center and is well known for its unique landmarks and interesting architecture - and there's no better example than Paulista Avenue. Home to a number of large banks and financial institutions, it's one of the city's most important avenues. While São Paulo is home to many of the country's wealthiest citizens - the outskirts of the city are a different story. It's a city known for its income inequality and favelas can be seen for miles. While the city center of São Paulo is located quite a bit inland - the Brazilian state of São Paulo still gets to enjoy a beautiful stretch of Atlantic shoreline with a number of popular resort towns such as Santos. It's a popular vacation destination for locals and tourists alike - and the port and container terminal here is vital for the entire country. We return to central São Paulo - visiting one of the city's most well known landmarks and important transportation hubs - the beautiful Victorian Estação da Luz (Luz Train Station). The impressive Ipiranga Museum is a well known history museum in the heart of the city and is a popular tourist attraction - it's currently undergoing an extensive restoration however and will re-open in 2022. The recently completed Cidade Jardim Corporate Center can be seen standing right next to a neighborhood of slums - this sort of income divide can be seen in many places across the city. The Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge was completed in 2008 and spans the Pinheiros River - it's one of the city's most amazing sights and is quite striking at nighttime. A final mosaic of São Paulo's impressive skyline, featuring a few of the city's most famous high rises - such as the curvy Edificio Copan, Edifício Itália, and the Banespa Building. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "The Balkans" Thanks to @Bayyne23, @Tyberius06, @Bastet69008, @tariely, @bladeberkman, @RobertLM78, @matias93, @Wallibuk, @PaulSawyer, @Silur, @art128, @jakis, @Duco, @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @alejolopez13, @Dead_End, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @JP Schriefer, @Krasner, @VALASatoshi, @bobolee, @ByeByeBayou, @Odainsaker, @Manuel-ito, @ESP15, @The British Sausage, @Androgeos, @CGMozart118, @juliok92012, @redfox85, @TekindusT, @KOSMO*, & @dabadon5 for the likes and comments!
  22. The Balkans

    @Androgeos I hope you'll be able to contain the excitement - there's plenty more breathtaking scenes to come!
  23. The Balkans

  24. 6 million

    And like that I'm at 6 million. Currently expanding into the farm land to get to 7 million.
  25. The Balkans

    Thanks for the comment @The British Sausage! Gotta love those commie blocks!
  26. The Balkans

    Commie blocks for the win!
  27. The Balkans

    Thank you @dabadon5 Glad you liked the Ano Symi scene!
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