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  1. BruceTedder
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    ((OOC: Note that I'm greatly simplifying how this game works. Instead of having formal politician and business characters, everything will be entirely informal. You want to be mayor? Want to own the most influential newspaper in the city? Want to be a mafia boss? Just let me know.))


    Washington Redskins to relocate to New Washington

    In so many ways, the Washington Redskins are forever entwined with the creation of New Washington. The team was decimated along with Washington DC, and it's owner Daniel Snyder has been a key investor in New Washington. Today Mr. Snyder announced that the NFL team would officially be moving to the new capital city. 

    The public is asked for their suggestions on a couple of questions:

    1. In which town/neighborhood should the stadium be constructed? (MAPS)
    2. Should the team be renamed?

    Please reply to this post with your opinion on the issues.


    Jefferson Memorial Completed

    Following a citywide debate and vote, the Jefferson Memorial is remaining dedicated to Thomas Jefferson. Also being added on the monument is the inscription:


    "When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty"

    - Unknown


    Town of "Biden" Established

    The town of "Biden" has been incorporated north of the White House.


  2. MisterBlueStar4
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    As you may know I've haven't posted in this city journal for a year now.Now I am planning to resurrect the project.However I will have to do a ton of research since I've changed the setting to the Pacific Northwest United States.I will still continue my other projects but in the meantime I will try to get something out within the next 2 weeks or so if possible.New Lanchester will have it's name changed to something else maybe or maybe not.This will a small city so don't expect some real tall towers.Also feel free to ask any questions.

  3. Urbino

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    Just some random screenshots put together, I m still not entirely sure how I want to give form to this City Journal...







  4. E6THnSS.jpg

    For the final chapter of London, we're taking a look at some more of the city's most iconic landmarks. We begin with a look back in time to the 1200s - to the Old London Bridge. Constructed in 1209 - this bridge stood for over 600 years as the main route across the River Thames. While long gone, various drawings from the era depict a bustling bridge surrounded by medieval houses on both sides. Unfortunately, the design of the bridge led to its ultimate demise, as it impeded river traffic - and was eventually demolished in the 1800s to make way for a more modern bridge.


    The next stop is one of London's most awe-inspiring buildings - St. Paul's Cathedral. Designed by famed architect Christopher Wren and opened in 1708, it was part of a major rebuilding program after the Great Fire of London in 1666. The cathedral serves as the seat of the Bishop of London and the mother church of the Diocese of London - and is one of the city's most popular attractions as well.



    The London Eye is one of the city's most popular attractions - located on the banks of the River Thames, it was the world's largest Ferris wheel when completed in 2000. If you can get past the long lines, the views of the city's South Bank from the top are incredible.



    We continue on with a trip to one of London's most famous bridges - Tower Bridge. Not to be confused with the original London Bridge (as seen in the first picture, since replaced with more modern versions) - this Victorian Gothic landmark has been one of the city's most distinctive sights since its completion in 1894.



    Close by Tower Bridge is another one of the city's famous landmarks - the Tower of London. This historic structure was built back in the 1190s and has served as a fortress, palace, and prison.


    Our next stop is one of the city's most famous squares - Trafalgar Square. Its named after the famed Battle of Trafalgar - a key British naval victory in 1805 - and it's been a popular gathering place for people (and pigeons) since 1840. The iconic Nelson's Column in the middle of the square is one of the city's most famous monuments.



    Our last stop is one of the world's most iconic buildings - Big Ben. This famous clock tower is located on the north end of the Palace of Westminster and has chimed since 1859. Recent maintenance repairs though means you'll have to wait until 2021 to hear it regularly again.




    Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already!



    - - -


    Previous Update: "London - The City & The Shard"


    Big thanks to @matias93, @RobertLM78, @The British Sausage, @Angry Mozart, @RandyE, @scotttbarry, @Odainsaker, @CorinaMarie, @tariely, @bobolee, @nos.17, @mrsmartman, @_Michael, @APSMS, @mike_oxlong, @mattb325, @SC4L0ver, @Mr Saturn64, @Dreadnought, @tonyr, @jakis, @Neto Dari, @gigius76, @raynev1, @Toby Ferrian, @Fantozzi, @Tonraq, @Elenphor, & @Pluispixel for all the likes!


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    The main plaza of the city, named "Plaza de la libertad" (Liberty square) by the Grandorians. On the center of the plaza, a statue of the famous independence heroine Candelaria Martínez, one of the leaders of the revolution against the spanish empire. In front of the plaza we have the main church of the city, Catedral de Nuestra Señora de la Concepción. Behind the plaza the former palace of the vice-kings is located. It is now used as the presidencial palace.

    The city of San Lorenzo (in Grandoro they call it Sucurocá which is the name of the tribe that lived here before the european conquest) was founded in 1521 by spanish conquistador Juan Guiterrez. It is located in a flat valley between two small mountain ranges. The estimated population in 2016 was 960,000 . 

    More information about Grandoro will be up shortly..!


  5. eExpn7.jpg


    First of all I just want to say thank you to SC4L0ver, frdrcklim, nycsc4, Prophet42, kelistmac, T Wrecks, airman15 and Whte_rbt for their comments. I replied to most of them and I want to say thanks to T Wrecks for exploring my method of plopping residential some more.


    Entry 5: Another Update on Pololomia

    Here are twelve more pictures of Pololomia, I've considerably expanded the city and now I'm working on the border between the city and the countryside.




    And here is Pololomia so far. Right now I am filling in the parts of the city centre which aren't complete, then I'm going to work some more on the industrial area to the left and then create some rural areas along the left side of this picture.




    More grid-busting.




    Suburban area close to the countryside.




    The secret with suburbs is offsetting some sides of the suburban block with a tile or two (or more) of fillers. It's very easy to zone everything to the main road or street, but having a main road with only one (or no) side of residential can look more realistic.




    Now we go to the city centre.




    Loving Mattb325's new buildings- to the left is his urban school and in the centre is his First Federal Bank building.




    In the centre of the picture is this school.




    Using fillers I expanded the size of the school grounds and made it far more distinctive: a perimeter fence, car park, greenhouses, etc...




    Squeezing out every last drop from FrankU's Dutch Parks!




    The criss-crossing railways divide up the city.




    I have changed parts of the industrial area to the northwest. Gone is the garbage dump and in its place rail sidings and a grain processing factory!




    Making the most of Simmer2's rail sidings.



    The next update will probably be more rural as I move into MMP work and more organic, grid-busting sights. So stay tuned for that next weekend!

  6. MisterBlueStar4
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    I've managed to update some parts of downtown so here it is.0oSkqR5.jpgLJCCQls.jpgCzetUQj.jpgBCeWoXp.jpg


  7. It's been a long time but Perseus lives on! *:party:

    Unfortunately due to persistent game save errors and crashing I lost the will to carry on with this game for some time and that was further compounded by a generally busy work and family life. 

    I have however decided to start creating again and I'm struggling through the continuing errors so I've had to leave some large and densely packed unfinished city tiles for the time being and instead I'm working on the Passau Island development. 

    I almost never post work in progress game images but I thought I'd give a teaser of what Passau Island entails. Yes the grid is on and there are empty tiles but it's just to give an idea of what's planned. 

    Almost every lot and building on this island has, or will, be custom edited, which is a rather time consuming task in itself. It'll be a mix of commercial, residential and leisure developments. 






    More to follow!!

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    I have been building a city called Depew, that is right next to Buffalo, NY and was enjoying my own time. I've been building for while and the city is at 225,000 population with almost $4 Million on budget and it has approx $127,000 budget a month but it has several business deals that brings $57,000 so it keeps the city running.  It has four power plants, more than 20 recycling centers. It has almost 70 police stations and fire stations. It also has 40 large medical centers so everyone wont get sick. I even have a area where it has many high rises. The traffic is very smooth because I have avenues and one way almost everywhere.  Just sayin'

    Depew-Aug. 15, 211507620860.png

    Depew-Aug. 26, 211507620922.png

    Depew-Aug. 24, 211507620896.png

  8. Quote

    Hi Everyone!

    I am considering moving to the Upper East Side. People tell me it's a "transitioning" neighborhood, but I'm curious if anyone can tell me more about that area? 

    I'm assuming you're referring to the recently less industrial area of the UES, that's probably going to end up with a new name because it's not really like the rest of the Upper East Side which is a lot grimier and old. Probably my new favorite part of town.


    This area is west of the M6 Highway, which separates it from the rest of the Upper East Side. This area will probably be another one of those hot areas soon that's going to be a haven for people who are new to the city. It's not going to be a place for families, though. It's all recent graduate housing/buildings for startup types/coworking space type dorms and bars galore.

    So yeah, if you're part of that demographic, it'll be perfect for you.

    Do you like beer? If not, you should start because there are SO. MANY. BREWERIES. over here.

    Borealis Craft Ales
    Avalanche Brewery
    Barrage Brewers
    Sanctuary Brewers
    Bottom's Up Brewing Company
    Labyrinth Brewing
    Dominion Fermentary
    Hop Dog

    Not sure exactly how that happened, maybe so many of these beer brewer types moved over there and before you knew it, this became the mecca for beer in the city. Prices for apartments are going up pretty substantially, but you can probably find a 1 BR flat in this section of town for around $850, which will seem like a bargain a year from now. It's not quite as popular for the tech folks as you'd expect for some reason, which is keeping prices mostly down because it's recent grads moving here and some newer people to the city. But it's still a bit of a hidden secret besides all. of. the. breweries. I don't expect that'll last into next year and beyond. 

    Mark my words. 

    Here's how it looked before they started redeveloping the area. 



  9. 37549095436_345769f6be_o.jpg

    • Update #7 || Hatsukaichi - Closer View •


    • Hello everyone, in the last update we've seen Hatsukaichi from the heights, now is time to get closer and see all the details that this village can offer to us. This update has a great amount of pictures and all of them are focused in the village of Hatsukaichi and non in its port. We will visit the port in the next update.  •


    •  This is Japan and that means that you can reach all places easily. You can reach Hatsukaichi by car; using the Highway, national road or just driving across the roads of the prefecture. By train and also by ferry. in this picture you can see the Highway that cross Saitama from south to north and also the Shinkansen line, it has not station in Hatsukaichi.






    Trains are everywhere, even if only one rail line cross the village there are trains passing through Hatsukaichi all the time



    Here is where the national road is connected with Hatsukaichi, it is one of the entries of the village



    • Hatsukaichi during normal days •



    The first school in Hatsukaichi, still in function



    • There are not too many flats in this village, most of the areas are covered by old low houses •


    • Some trains parked right in front of the Hatsukaichi station




    The sea has always been good friend in Japan, anyway it is better to keep distances





    • The city hall and the Hatsukaichi temple •

    ( More info later)





    • Hatsukaichi at night  (Very nice and quiet place to live)


    Greetings / Saludos / Groeten

    # Jonathan.

  10. Hi everyone and apologies for the enormous delay. SC4 has not been kind to me of late; endless CTD issues have plagued me to no end. It was almost at the point of giving up as nothing seemed to work. I zoom in and CRASH! I load a bigger city and CRASH! I load a tile that's never crashed and CRASH! Needless to say, I've been discouraged. I have several chapters in reserve and no pictures to post with! Today I got lucky. I managed to get SC4 stable for a couple of hours and got what I needed. The shots aren't the best, so I appreciate your patience. Here we go...



    Fox in the Hen House Part 1


    Shandiz Restaurant seemed like the perfect spot for the meet. Not too busy and in the heart of the embassy district, the cuisine was good and the wait staff friendly. Carol hadn’t had to wait long before being joined by a lone, heavy-set local. She had marked him earlier when she came in, standing near the entrance fidgeting and clearly expectant.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “I am Abu Bakaar. You are from Stark,” he declared in a heavy accent. Carol simply nodded as he sat opposite her.

    He waved impatiently at the waiter, who became suddenly apprehensive at his joining Carol. No longer as openly friendly, the server moved alongside the man, all the while casting furtive, almost pleading glances at Carol. He ordered Goat Karahi and with a grudging glare at Carol, Reshmi Kabab.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “May I have…” she began and was immediately cut off.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “You will eat what I’ve ordered, American.”

    The flustered waiter begged off and rushed to the kitchen to place the order.

    u5A66OL.jpg  Carol calmly looked him in the eye, “I’m not American…”

    2rUScbK.jpg  “Liar! But it is of no consequence! You have the package? That’s all that matters.”

    u5A66OL.jpg  She reached down to the metal case at her side, “Yes, it’s right here and…”

    2rUScbK.jpg  “I am obligated to dine with you,” he interrupted, “but not to converse! You are nothing to me, cow.”

    u5A66OL.jpg  So that’s how it is, Carol thought. Fine. The meal came and they dined in silence; him occasionally scowling at her, while she studiously ignored him. What didn’t escape her notice was that the restaurant had cleared out fairly quickly, with only their terrified waiter remaining.

    The meal went on far too long for her liking as Bakaar grabbed the lion’s share, permitting her only a few morsels. Resigning herself mainly to water, she sat with arms crossed as he finished off the meal, belching loudly. The waiter hurriedly cleared their dishes away and scurried to the kitchen with a final, pitying glance in her direction.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “And now, woman, you will give me the money and come with me. You are my prisoner,” he laughed.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “Actually? You’re seriously expecting me to just up and come with you? Where’s Stark? You’re getting nothing until you hand him over.”

    He brought his hands above the table with a hateful look in his eye. He held a Beretta M9 pistol, levelled directly at her. Pretty smooth, Carol noted, as she hadn’t even noticed Bakaar draw on her.

    2rUScbK.jpg  “Stand up! Did you really expect us to hand Stark over to you? They will pay, and pay again and we will finally send him back, piece by piece. Perhaps they will be able to reassemble his parts in the factory,” he sneered. “In the meantime, foolish woman, not only will he craft many powerful weapons for us, but you will make a fine addition to our flock.”

    Carol stood meekly as he roughly ran his hands over her, frisking for weapons of her own. He made sure to cross the line into groping as Carol envisioned putting him headfirst through the wall. Keeping her cool, she endured the indignity as he finally grabbed the metal briefcase and pushed her toward the door. She was shoved roughly into the back seat of a waiting car, next to a swarthy, bald man. Bakaar climbed into the front passenger seat and the car roared away.




    2rUScbK.jpg  Bakaar turned to her and gestured towards the bald man, “This is Raza. He is your master. You will speak only when spoken to and you will do as you are commanded.” Raza barely acknowledged her presence.

    Carol tried her best to appear terrified and pretended to sniffle quietly, eliciting cruel laughter from Bakaar. Reaching for a box at his feet, he removed a device that looked like a portable defibrillator. He carefully balanced the case he’d confiscated on the dash and pushing the paddles on either end, applied an electric shock 3 times. Satisfied, he dropped the device back into its box and popped the latches on the case. As promised, Stark Industries had sent a lot of money. 

    Looking smugly over his shoulder, Bakaar grinned, “Your tracking devices are destroyed. There is no hope for you, American.”

    Raza stared out the window, watching the streets of Kabul give way to the brown wilderness of the Afghan desert.


    They had headed southwest, rather than north as Director Brand had predicted. Passing through Kandahar in the early dawn hours of the second day, they moved out of allied territory and skirted the Registan Desert. After changing vehicles three separate times and eventually switching to horseback, they arrived at their destination near the Pakistani frontier two days later. Carol’s hands had been tied the entire time and her wrists were thoroughly chafed. She had been further restrained at night and kept under guard but thankfully, no one had so much as laid a finger on her, much less spoken to her.


    They rode through an area with camouflaged netting that served to cover crates of supplies, vehicles and weaponry, up to a cave at the base of a mountain. They dismounted and made their way deep into the cave complex, coming to a large metal door. A faint metallic banging could be heard within.

    8TQwHjl.jpg  Raza waved away his men and when they were alone, he addressed Carol in a fine British accent, “You’re from Stark Industries and obviously are highly valuable, otherwise they would not have sent you. Are you a scientist or an accountant?”

    u5A66OL.jpg  Carol thought quickly, grateful for her military service, “I’m an engineer. I worked on the GPS upgrade for the GBU-32 JDAM ‘smart bomb’ before being promoted to VP of the Precision Ordnance division.” She was unsure of whether such a position existed but Raza was visibly satisfied.

    8TQwHjl.jpg  “That’s good, very impressive,” he nodded, “I have a new project for you; just yesterday Mr. Stark agreed to build us a mighty weapon and you will aid him. He already has an assistant, but you are clearly an outstanding addition to his team. Once the weapon has been completed, we will release you.”

    She knew they wouldn’t.

    u5A66OL.jpg  “And if I refuse?”

    8TQwHjl.jpg  Raza shrugged, “You should probably not,” and called out. Immediately, two armed men ran back to his side and undid her bonds. He unlatched the door and the banging stopped instantly.

    Raza strode in, followed by Carol and the guards. The area was clearly a workshop, with tools and parts of all description strewn about. Two men stood at the far end of the workshop, hands behind their heads and eyes cast down. Carol barely recognized Tony, who’d clearly been subjected to multiple beatings. More disconcerting were the wires leading from beneath the bandages around his chest, connected to a car battery on the workshop table.

    “Mr. Stark,” Raza called out and, looking up, Tony saw her immediately. The dismay on his face was scarcely concealed as Raza continued, “I’ve brought you a gift. Now you and Yinsen, “he pointed to the other, bespectacled old man, “will help me smite my enemies with 1000 times more precision.”


    To be continued...

  11. 1492184132-lynnfield.png

    Update 3


    The École centrale of Lynnfield (ECL) is a research university in Lynnfield, Lynnshire. Founded in 1857 by François Barthélemy Arlès-Dufour in response to the increasing industrialization of the Commonwealth of Vulcania, it is one of the oldest graduate schools in the Commonwealth. The university is part of the Grandes Écoles, a prestigious group of vulcanian institutions dedicated to engineering, scientific research, and business education. The current 45-acre (18 ha) campus opened in 1867 and is located in the city of Lynnfield.

    The École centrale of Lynnfield is traditionally known for its research and education in applied science and engineering. It excels in the research fields of acoustics, biosciences and nanotechnology, and is continuously ranked in the top five Grandes Écoles for the quality of its engineering graduate programs. The school is well-reputed for educating and training highly skilled engineers through many specialized graduate programs with a strong emphasis on laboratory instruction. Students graduate with a degree known as the engineering diploma, which is an academic title protected by the vulcanian government and equivalent to a Master of Science, or with a Ph.D. upon completion of their doctoral studies.

    The university is one of the founding members of the Centrale Graduate School network.

    Campus overview

    The park in the center of the campus, surrounded by a few dormitorys, ideal to get up five minutes before the start of lecture, just making a jump by the cafeteria to take breakfast

    Research laboratories

    The big building is the scientific center, you can also see the planetarium

    Other buildings dedicated to research

    Other dormitorys, here it will be necessary to get up 10 minutes before lecture, or arrive late, according to your choice

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    Lazarou Monkey Terror
    Latest Entry

    Kamslut is an outer borough of Lazarou City that I have been working on these past few months. I have modded many new lots to go into Kamslut.
    I use the building style options differently with my game. Instead of "New York", "Chicago",etc I have four texture types with corresponding prop and building styles. Park tiles connect the large residential lots to create a seamless "mega-lot" spanning whole sections of a Large city tile.




    The red texture I call "LMT MARS" and for that I use props from the splendid Simmars mod as well as other suitably futuristic models I have come across.




    Here the pink tileset is the higher value "LMT BSC" texture group, taking elements of the BSC Park series as well as Classical and European themes for those who like to wallow in the luxury of Old Earth



    In every city tile I have an admin district, and as my lotting skills have increased I've managed to personalise each city with it's named square.



  12. Maroon Bay Cow County !

    Up to now all CJ all feature a lot of agriculture. Livestock is another area of country life I´d like to cover. SPAM up to now produced only one animal farm so I decided to create my own animal scape, using what ever available plopable bat´s. Just about half the county south east of highway 53 is dedicated to this way of life. Maroon Bay got to main large towns Maroon Bay City and Prospect City. Maroon Bay City is the administrative capital. Prospect is a more work and education related city. Various towns are squaterd over the rest of the county wich will be presented in this CJ !

    We start with Prospect City. Founded in the fifties, it´s a relative new town with highschool and  a industrial area away in the far corner !


    Prospect City footbalclub !



    Downtown Prospect City !





    Prospect Highschool and Campus !



    That conclude´s Prospect City !     Next we wonder around the title area of this CJ Cow County !








    Dairy farming is conducted mostl in the southern area of Maroon County !


    Small sheep plot !


    Some pig´s !



    Another Dairy !



    Macon Junction !


    Macon Junction small rail hub offers goods, livestock and passenger services for this remote part of the county !


    A Vetenairy Practice is also present ! Cow handling require special skill, so a riding school was established in the Macon area !




    Ingle just down the line !


    Maroni Milk Corp.



    We visit New Albans halfway between Maroon Bay City and Prospect City !




    New Albans - Woods !





    Here the shuttle to Maroon Bay Port departs !


    Maroon Bay Fishing Port is very busy 1




    Little SPAM area allowed to complete Cape Hartford area !



    Last now we visit the capital of Maroon County, Maroon Bay City !








    Business area behind the main station !


    Country fair and allotment !


    West and East there´s a large recreational area for walking and horse riding ! 



    Along the coast there´s a connecting horse trail !


    That concludes this extensive CJ !

    Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !




  13. _____The Simtopian Dream

    Simtopia features several recent models by our SC4 CGI artists, mostly commercial and residential towers, using the IRM for industrial support, and including a wide selection of floral MMPs for landscaping.  I focused mainly on tall buildings, landscaping and layout, painting 2.5 GB of plugins on the SC4 canvas while running the simulator at cheetah speed in heavily-modded mode.  I wanted to study how tile-sets, custom content growables and ploppables function in the simulator.


    In the lower right corner of the Simtopian Dream banner region is the Sky2222 on a small tile, it is the tallest fictional building I've ever found on the STEX.


    _____Region View



    _____The Eve of Simtopia


    Simtopia is a utopian idea inspired by civil design and philosophy as early as 320 BC in the Mediterranean. Based on the concept of justice, engineering continues to enable construction of modern architecture, civil and technological facilities worldwide and in space.  Development continues toward the world conceived over 2300 years ago. 


     _____The Dawn of Simtopia


    In the Gaian hypothesis as in ancient Greek mythology, the Earth is considered a living whole and Life and Cosmos are an intregrated system.  Thea, meaning 'divine light', the daughter of Gaia, the mother of light, raises the city platform to begin the Simtopian day.


    Concrete, steel, and glass, the essential building materials of the modern world and as models rendered in SC4 reflect a high precison of their color, texture and form.  The buildings are designed to be both beautiful and functional, and engineering continues to improve their strength against forces of nature as well as balancing with delicate biotics of nature.


    _____I.  The City Life


    In the heart of Simtopia are the venues of civics, culture, sports and entertainment.  Busy harbours and streets are kept clean by the use of hydrogen fuel and electric power.


    Simtopia is heavily-treed with a variety of parks and cultural sites. Factories are kept small and spaced between stores, offices and housing. 


    A fresh-water creek meanders through town to the sea from a small mountain where physics and astronomy research facilities are placed around a public planetarium used for entertainment and education.


    At night Simtopians attend stadiums for sports and shows, the planetarium displays a live view of the night sky projected by a large radio telescope that filters through the city light. The model used for the large radio telescope is based on the 305 meter Arecibo Radio Telescope, the Nexis Space Ears. (A similar 500 meter radio telescope was more recently constructed in China.)


    Art museums, libraries, theaters and archives are arranged in walking distance like on a college campus.  


    Elevated Inter-urban freeways connect major commercial, residential and industrial centers, buffered by tall trees, many of the tall, well-lit landmarks provide easy navigation through the city.


    _____II.  The People Places


    The freeway loops around the largest stadium, a model of the air supported Tokyo Dome with a capacity of 55,000.  Tokyo Dome is similar to BC Place stadium in Vancouver which has since replaced air support with a retractable roof.


    A busy main seaport surrounds the outdoor Bailey's Stadium, a fictional building in the corner of town with major highway neighbor connections.  Simtopia is well connected to neighboring cities which are yet to be developed.


    Yurtec Stadium is a functional commercial venue in the tourist district where Don Miguel's world famous Barnacle Seafood Restaurant and Deppiesse's Diner can be found. 


    The city zoo now converted to a petting zoo with small herbivores and Llamas is surrounded by hobby farms and wineries, and a farmer's market, contributing to agricultural tourism on the city's edge.


    A monorail train arrives at the station where visitors can begin a walking tour of the agricultural estates.


    _____III.  Building the Dream


    On the other edge of town light manufacturing and high tech. begin stretching out from the freight rail station.


    Apply yourself to the technologies and industries of Simtopia, all applications are well-received and duly processed for the benefit and benevolence of civil society.


    Build a world, make it more beautiful and strong than all chaos and waste.  Suffer with the light and strive against the darkness.


    Those are my offices there in the H1 Tower to the left.  The floor spaces of the highrise are very wide, each floor requires many technicians co-ordinating several applications of knowledge and skill.


    _____The Simtopian Dream

    Credits for the building models would be quite extensive, so I will mention only 5 model makers who have most recently contributed many excellent buildings to the STEX:   Diego del Llano, JP Schriefer, Kellydale2003, Jasoncw, and Mattb325, whose works appear prominently in many of the scenes above.

    Mods used in the building of Simtopia:

    UtilityRadius TrafPollution Modd

    Super Demand Mod

    Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2

    Cousin Vinnie Ordinance

    No Fires or Riots Mod

    ReZonePlus v1.1

    RH Rewards Unlock

    SFBT Street Tree Mod (v1.0)

    Industrial Revolution Mod

    Blvd Park and 1x1 Anti-Pollution Grass 2.0.0

    Terrain, Water and Flora used for Landscaping:

    Sudden Valley by Gobias

    Sidewalk NY Slab, Stanley Seawalls, B98_Beach_Extend, BrownRockForeshore, GB Vancouver Island Beach, San Francisco Water, TropicalMossyRock.

    BSC Props Jeronij Vol 02 Trees, CPT 8 and 9 Tree Models, Girafe trees, flowers and shrubs, NVBC marina, coral and rocks.

    Ship Props:

    Medieval Sailing Ship 1

    Cargo Ships 1

    Powered by:

    Radical Water Pump and Pollution Reduction

    Cosmic Neutrino Background Energy

    Presented by



  14. Old day´s Mineapolis - St Paul !

    Tonight I maid some time free to visit one of my older projects. SimCity 4 vanilla play !


    Downtown Mineapolis !


    University !


    Business and Industrial area !



    Some neighbourhood !


    St Paul !


    St Paul North


    Bridges !



    Rich recreation area !


    Agriculture !



    Rural town Owatoona


    Mineapolis- St Paul Int Airport !



    Enjoy !

  15. More images from my ctiy (Simtropolis) from Designer City.

    The images are from the city building game app Designer City.













    zR2V0xg.png <---- Still in progress, you can still see alot of empty areas on the sides


  16. E4mCXFoW6JZ00hpsRbCUrRdIIlMUKOANjGO6EdSf


    The economy of Huoshan is booming. It outwardly looks like this strange British venture into the Chinese mainland has been a success! The main issue at the moment is that there is still no airport serving the island which has a population of over 500,000. Space is limited and density is high. The authorities are looking at some extensive land reclamation projects to allow them to build and airport.


    A progress update on the island:



    Welcome to the new airport:



    The completed land reclamation:



    Several years of construction and the airport is born. It has not come without its problems though. An increase in noise pollution has driven down the land value near the airport - some are happy about this as it makes homes more affordable!



    Elsewhere on the island we can see that land in the hills is being sold off for more suburban style homes:



    The shoreline of the island remains very dense:


  17. 3rd part of Update 24 Nakahara. yes I know its really a long time from the last update but whatever... that being said, this update was supposedly posted in late August instead of September...

    Nakahara 24.5: "Summer Fever" (Miyashiro-cho, Akashima)


    Summer, anything in mind about this season? for people in Akashima, Nakahara it might associate with hot but rather wet weather, beach, and maybe for students: Summer Holiday!

    Residential area in Miyashiro-cho (宮代町), Nishi Ward, Akashima.

    Yes but, summer almost ending here, fall/autumn will heading toward the city any moment in September as this city experienced the season change faster than most of Nakahara. But yet the summer atmosphere still can be seen in this city.

    Eastern part of Miyashiro-cho

    "It's very hot today. I think we should turn on the AC."
    "No, this is just fine"
    "Cmon, I cant concentrate if its hot like this..."

    Miyashiro-cho central, North of Miyashiro Station

    "Alright then, beside its your idea to do the summer homework here"
    "Well umm yes but doing it near the end of Summer holiday definitely not a good idea anyway"

    Near Miyashiro Station

    "I think its better to buy some cold drink."
    "yeah thats a good idea, buy me some sports drink"
    "and you please continue to figure how to solve this question while I buy it"

    wherever it is duh... but its near Miyashiro Station

    Anyway lets just left those students who working on their homework and heading to other topic.. Hmm maybe that guy in front of station might have something better?

    Miyashiro Station

    "I think I spend too much in this summer. Going to sea cost me a lot duh.. and those stuffs... well atleast it pretty close with the salary payment day. OH WAIT, THE TRAIN ALREADY THERE, I NEED TO HURRY!"

    Kogame Line e231 west of Miyashiro Station

    "ah I made it... if I don't made it I'll late in this meeting... wait is this train AC working? why its really hot here?" (apparently the train AC cant handle the number of passenger and the temperature at that time)


    lets go to other person, it seems that guy a little bit in hurry lol.... still in same train, there is some interesting guy, lets see what he thinking of.

    Miyashiro Station

    (seeing some stuff from his smartphone) "hmm it seems there will be a firework event near Arakawa River this weekend, I think I will go there and bring somebody.."
    "wait... this weekend night, I have some appointment with my old friend.. uh oh :no:"

    e231 Series Kogame Line in Nishimiyashiro-cho west from Miyashiro-cho

    Anyway lets go somewhere else... seems everyone in this train is busy....

    Miyashiro JCT, intersection between Akashima Expressway Chuo Route with Saki Route.

    Meanwhile in a park and even nearby the Miyashiro Shrine, some children can be seen hunting insect and bringing with them long-handled insect nets and clear plastic boxes with the insects they catch (mostly beetles, grasshoppers, cicadas, crickets, katydids). Seems they have fun in this summer time although the fact is the number of insects in big cities like Akashima continuously decreasing with the expansion of human habitation.

    Miyashiro-Jinja (MIyashiro Shrine)

    Summer do have something special for people in Akashima whether they are elder, adult, teen or children. especially in daytime like this... 


    Miyashiro-cho overview

    Night time, it might be something different going on around the neighborhood...

    Miyashiro Station at night.

    Northern Miyashiro-cho at night

    Miyashiro-cho at night

    Akashima Expressway Miyashiro exit at night

    Miyashiro-cho overview at night

    Thats all for today, hope you enjoyed it... there is one more entry from Update 24 series so stay tune..



    On the right, the olympic swimming pool built in 2011 and on the left the velodrome.


    The municipality is more than pleased to present you the Medrean City olympic park which were built for the 2013 summer games in Simland. Following the aim to assure a complete reconversion of the olympic park in order to assure a sustainable legacy for the city, some infrastructures were dismantled while a new residential district was built on the south part of the park. However, some infrastructures as the olympic stadium, the velodrome or the olympic pool were preserved for a future utility.  Below is presented the olympic park with its main sports venues and the new residential eco-district. Have a nice visit !



    An aerial view of the olympic park. The former olympic village is situated on the far right while the new residential district is situated at the forefront.



    An aerial view of the olympic plazas surrounding the sports venues.







    Aerial views of the velodrome.







    Night views of the olympic park.









    The residential eco-district situated on the south of the olympic park is considered as a in demand neighborhood.

  19. Hello guys! This is the latest shot from Bellingham. And this will be the first stop from this entry. Today we will be talking about the airport.


    These are the three avenues that give you access to the airport at this moment.


    In red, we have Avenida 8 de Março.

    Yellow is Avenida Metropolitana

    Black is D. Pedro II Avenue.

    A huge infrastructure including a train line (Line D)


    A elevated station named after the avenue, Carlos Prates Station.

    And a expressway (Avenida 8 de Março) were created for accommodate the airport and give access to all the city zones.


    Photo from one of the intersections from Avenida 8 de Março


    Intersection between Avenida 8 de Março and Avenida D. Pedro II



    The Terminal station "Aeroporto" is The terminal of the line D of the Train. It was constructed with big parking lots and capacity for another future transit lines, like the Pedro II Avenue Monorail, that will link the airport to Vila Olympia.


    The airport itself has 2 terminals and a 2km runway.


    A new neighborhood, a new infrastructure!

  20. Hurricane

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  21. 59b311f653bfd_Screenshot29.png.8a5821b6b940100f6724e66858393f97.png

    Welcome back to Province! Today, however, will be something different. While I was headed to Province from Chav'villa a group of tourists wanted to take me on a circle tour through the mountains instead of going via Highway Of The Mountains (designated Moneyland Highway-100 or ML-100 for short). I initially refused, but seeing that I could get my hands on some great pictures I decided to go with them in the end.


    (All captions are BELOW the pictures)



    The group that I was to meet told me to meet them at the corner of Saint Andreas and Stadium Avenues in Abalazone Park. Not exactly the best-looking place in the world, so I was a bit paranoid.



    However, it turns out they were nice folk after all. After all, if it turned into a kidnapping wouldn't I have just put "JOURNALIST KIDNAPPED!" as the title instead? Huh?



    While we drove southbound Saint Andreas Avenue, above our heads we saw the Red Line Province Metro making its journey. The Metro trains were initially built by the National Rail Co., headquartered in Abalazone Park back in the 1960s. NRC later went bankrupt along with almost every other company HQed in Province in the 1990s. To the right of the train is a freight train inbound to the Brotherhood Ave. Freight-house.  


    Driving forward on Saint Andreas past the Brotherhood Ave. intersection, we find ourselves at "Tunnel Junction" as the locals say it. To the right is the Wotton High district, full of british-style streets and terraced housing. However, we go left, into the tunnel underneath ML-100. The ML-100 is known as Highway of the Mountains in Province and carries more than 100,000 cars daily from the suburbs to the CBD and Province Strip. Unfortunately, it is due for an upgrade as it only has 4 lanes and is frequently congested.


    A closer look at the tunnel. The Ste. Andreas Tunnel was constructed in 1989 as a way for traffic to get across ML-100 without an overpass, which would've been stupidly high (around 35 meters). Before 1989, the freeway didn't exist, as ML-100 was actually designated through Sainte Andreas Avenue and Morgan Street. However, the Bill of1988 passed by the federal government required the hold of Jiff to construct ML-100 as a freeway through their state. Today, ML-100 spans from the East-to-West coast as a completely divided freeway from Greenland to Chav'villa Holds. 


    As we emerged from the other side of the tunnel, I leaned out of the side to take this photo of the city. 


    Welcome to the countryside of Jiff Hold! Sure looks different from the city. We are at the foot of Mount Province.


    A few moments later the paved road turns into a dirt one. Now we're talking.


    This section of land is going to eventually be transformed into farmland by 2041. However for now it's just a gently rolling plain. The building on the top right is the Overlook Hotel, which is where we'll eventually come to.


    Looking back again. 


    We eventually come to a crossroad.The tourists don't know which way to go, so we decide just to go right and see what's there.


    Welcome to Audrey! Population: 0! :D

    Hmm... not what we were expecting. Audrey was a small village constructed in 1765 after travelers from the U.S. settled in the area. However, extreme coldness, lack of food, along with the unforgiving wildlife soon killed off all 25 settlers. Fast forward to 1895- Province had been established for around 35 years. The city voted to pass the Law of Trash, or legally called Bill XIV. The Law of Trash basically turned Audrey into purely a landfill/incineration site. There were 2 incinerators and 6 landfills to start off with, however as the population exploded in 1950 the landfills were converted into incinerators. In 1960 and 1963 two Nuclear Power Plants were added to the site. 


    After realizing our mistake we did a U-turn and turned onto the other road, Mountain Rim Rd.. This hill pictured is called Grabbage Hill- named after James C. Grabbage, the original founder of Audrey in 1756. Ironically, Grabbage is only a letter swap and a letter removal away from Garbage. Jokes aside, Grabbage Hill has a gradient of 45%- so naturally even our 4x4 Ford Raptor struggled to get up this monstrous hill. People normally do not take Saint Andreas up due to these extreme gradients.


    Continuing on, we see our first glimpses of an actual forest. While Jiff in general has a generally taiga climate, forests are not too common. In fact, more than 65% of the hold is unforested. 


    Trees brush up against our truck as we continue to struggle up this road...



    And we have our first glimpse of the city from a height! Province is already at an elevation of 5,600 feet, so the air is getting thin around here. We hand around chapstick because we've never been so high. Here, the GPS approximates around 6,300 feet in elevation. The Atlantic Ocean only about 40 miles north of Province, so as expected there is a massive, 3,000 foot cliff drop-off into the sea. These gargantuan cliffs are extremely secluded, as no roads go near them and the only known settlement there was Jaquesville back in the 1700s. The people there vanished without a trace 20 years later and it is still a mystery today.


    It wouldn't be a road in Jiff without a steep incline and a pickup going down it on the other side...


    Another look at Province from here, elevation around 6,600 feet. You can clearly see the suburbs on the left, the CBD and Revolution District in the center, Abalazone Park on the right with the stadium, and the Province Strip with all the hotels and skyscrapers on the far right. On the far left you can see Christchurch, a small farming town and a suburb of Province. 


    After driving a few miles or so, we finally come to the Stocking Bridge, a wooden bridge built on the side of Mt. Province. After concluding that an at-ground design for the road was impossible, engineers designed one of the most iconic bridges in Province. 


    After driving for some time on the bridge we can have the best look at Province we have seen yet. 


    After driving the 500 feet long Stocking Bridge we encounter Stocking Cut, one of the most challenging climbs for our trusty truck. 


    Another view of the Stocking Cut to show the 500 feet long 40% gradient hill.


    After climbing the huge cut and driving for several more miles, we encounter a scenery change. Gone are the pine trees that we saw earlier. Instead, we are greeted by a barren tundra. Temperatures at this altitude, 7,900 feet above sea level, are shockingly cold this far north. In the summer, temperatures are normally around 48 degrees fahrenheit (8 degrees celsius), while temperatures in the winter usually reach a bone-crackling -5 degrees fahrenheit (-20.5 degrees celsius). This constant frigid weather along with unique composition of the soil stops all vegetation from growing. The summit of Mt.Province is around 8,100 feet high, just a few miles down the road. 



    Welcome to Summit Camp Village! The "village" only has two buildings-  a Shell gas station and the Overlook Hotel. The Overlook Hotel is a 5-star rated hotel that offers breathtaking views -- for a price...


    Conveniently there is a parking lot next to the breathtaking viewpoint- and a guardrail! Whew, wish there were at least some on Mountain Rim Road...


    Looking over the south side of Mt. Province. As you can see, the land is largely untouched. This is actually one of the few places you can catch a glimpse of "Hidden Valley", a completely uninhabited area between Mt. Province and Mt. Monroe, the biggest mountain in the Monroe Mountain Range. 


    Another look at the Overlook Hotel. 


    Although we didn't necessarily want to spend a night there, we decided to ask the staff there to look at the view, who were kind enough to lead us to a suite with a giant window. Needless to say, it would be fantastic to come here at night and watch the city light up.


    Leaving the hotel, we decide to continue up the road to the summit. Strangely enough, there is no sign or even flag to signal the top of Mt. Province. The road is extremely desolate here between Summit Village and Base Camp Village, our next destination.


    The only building we see on the 5 mile trek is this giant incinerator. This building is the Skagate Incinerator, built in 1913 by the town of Skagate. Skagate later changed name to Base Camp Village, due to it being a base camp for trekkers hiking to the summit. In 1793 the first person ever to ascend Mt. Province was James G. Skagate, for whom the town was named after. 

    The Skagate Incinerator is still operational today, although safety concerns have been raised. 


    After driving for around 15 minutes (seemed like an eternity when all you see is desolate plain and a dirt road with very little traffic) we finally arrive at Base Camp Village, Population 2,235!


    Downtown Base Camp Village on Mountain Rim Rd.


    Despite being at the top of the world, literally, Base Camp Village is no utopia. Most people who live here are undereducated and the real estate business here is not great. In fact, the average salary here is only around 32,000MD (or around $16,000). 


    James Skagate Elementary, the only school within 10 miles from here. 


    We come up to the only traffic light for about 10 miles- the intersection between Mountain Rim Rd. and the Skagate Hwy. We will turn left onto the Skagate Highway in order to get back to Province.


    However, first we check out some of the residential housing in Base Camp Village. We turned right at the light to get to the residential housing.


    Another picture of the housing,


    And yet another one.


    We loop back around to the light again, this time on Mountain Rim Rd.


    First, we make a pit-stop though. This is the Skagate Church, the highest church in all of Jiff. By the way, Base Camp Village (at 8,000 feet above sea level) is also the 4th highest community and 2nd highest incorporated community in Jiff.

    xFsx52E.jpgLooking back at Base Camp Village while we escape via the Skagate Hwy. this road is much more traveled by since it has less steep gradients.


    Travelin' through more desolate treeless land. We are finally descending back to Province-level (which is what the locals here call 5,600 feet, or the elevation the CBD of Province).


    ...And more 


    Hmm...A postal truck.... interesting. The MLPS (Moneyland Postal Service) only started to serve Base Camp Village in 2007.

    *It's getting late here, so I'm going to have to cut this off. I've been working on this post an hour at a time today whenever I wasn't playing C:S so I'm ready to take a break*

    To be continued tomorrow...



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