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City-building game(s)

Found 25 results

  1. Slight problem in my city... Its not even that big but the river keeps running totally dry! I have tried dams but the pumps still use far too much! Is there another way to get water?
  2. Victorian Dam

    A Victorian style dam i have built any feed back welcome
  3. Reservoir & Dam

    From the album Waterside (S3-17-W)

    Reservoir with hydro plant dam
  4. Here we are again, with another episode. #10 - some much needed residential expansion.
  5. Oosterpolder - the Central Business District

    As promised this journal entry will look at Oosterpolder and the Central Business District. The shot above gives a good overview of the whole Oosterpolder ('Eastern land-reclamation'). What was originally a spit of land reaching into the shallow sea, has been expanded over the centuries using a system of dams, canals and land drainage. Taken together this is the 'polder' system of land reclamation. In the case of Pieterdam's Oosterpolder, this has allowed several square kilometers of prime real-estate to be reclaimed from the sea. This land has not gone to waste; as you can see, the part closest to the city has become a densely-developed Central Business District. Here you can see some of Pieterdam's largest employers. To the front left is the Zentraal Zikenhuis, the Central Hospital. To the right is the De Wolf department store - one of the older buildings in the area, which managed to survive the major warehouse fire that cleared the area at the turn of the 20th century. Behind these are the Servicing Services and Digirealms buildings - just two of the corporations which make their home in Pieterdam. The Science Centre is another major employer. It provides office and laboratory space, as a commercial spin-off of the University of Pieterdam. The University's main campus is located about a kilometer away, on the Oosterpolder side of the Oudekade: : Another notable landmark is the picturesque Oosterpolderpark, famous for its lake and open-air arboretum: A view from the lakeside: The Oosterpolder closest to Oudekade and the city centre is some of the most expensive in the city. Besides shopping centers and offices, the area contains a large number of hotels to cater for Pieterdam's significant tourist economy. Below you can make out two of the more famous hotels in the area; the Hilton (by far the largest hotel in the city, with nearly 1.000 beds), and the Prism, an independent hotel popular with LGBT visitors; indeed, the area around it has become something of a 'gay village' with many cafe-bars, late clubs and boutique stores catering for this community. Just to the right of the Prism you can see the West Holland Civichuis, seat of the provincial government. And over the other side of the water you can just make out the Stadhuis, the City Hall which administrates Pieterdam itself. Together the Civichuis and Stadhuis host the political life of West Holland. By now we've been here all day, and soon the sun will be setting - but life in the Oosterpolder continues After Dark! When the sun goes down, the lights come on! The Vermeerplein (above) is a good example of Pieterdam's night-life - bustling with open-air restaurants and market stalls, it also hosts the Rondo Drome Cinema, a real gem of 1920's Modernist architecture: When the restaurants and theaters close, some of us go to our beds - but others continue partying the whole night through! Far from the city center, near the furthest edges of the Oosterpolder, is the Tramwegstraat, also known its English name 'Tramway Street', which is the definitive center of Pieterdam's alternative and late-night club scenes: Refuse trucks going to work, whilst exhausted revelers wait for a tram back to the city center and Old Town... As the sun comes up, the music continues at the legendary 5 AM Club. Up-and-down the Tramwegstraat abandoned buildings are squatted by youth groups (above), whilst other buildings cater for the seedier side of life (below): Pieterdam lacks a polished, touristic 'red light district' like the one found in Amsterdam; instead brothels operate out of several low-rent premises along the Tramwegstraat. This area nearby has the lowest land value in all the Oosterpolder, and for that reason it has become home to various low-rise 'out-of-town' retail outlets - as well as the Zoo Palast multi-screen cinema: A large parcel of land adjacent to the cinema is currently being developed into Pieterdam's first true 'shopping mall' - the city council hope that this will help to regenerate the area around the Tramwegstraat, although some local residents are resistant to this idea and vow to maintain the distinctive character of the area - for better or worse! This whole area borders the actual dam, from which Pieterdam takes its name. The original dam dates back centuries, but it has been extensively improved down the years. Where the river meets the sea, the resulting polder-land has been developed into a series of quiet suburbs: Traffic bypasses these suburbs completely as it heads towards the bridges and overpasses that line the riverside: Next time, let's take a look at where all that traffic is heading: towards the heavy industrial areas of the Docklands, over on the far side of the river from the city. That's all for this journal! Dank je wel...
  6. E05 - Building a wind farm

    Hey all so here's episode 5 - I started recording thinking I'd lay down some districts, turns out that didnt happen... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  7. E04 - Building a dam

    Here's the next episode - the dams available in game just arent big enough, so we scale up
  8. Forgotten Vale Cities Skylines Map

    Version 1.0


    A map I made for myself because I couldn't find any that were over-the-top enough for me. Figured I would share. Loads of detail. Build in a valley surrounded by massively (max height) steep cliffs. Designed to be an optimal map for playing on with some awesome views, not so much with terrain realism in mind. Perfect Dam spot built into map with the reservoir on the non-buildable part of the map to optimize space. Separate small section of river that drains nasty water out so you don't have to blacken up the main river with pollution. Great connections with ship route going straight through the map. Lots of Resources close to water for easy shipment out of the city. Extensive pre-built highway and railroad network. Just about the entire map is flat build-able space, even up on the edges of huge cliffs. Just about any square with water and a highway would make a good starting location. Amazing night time views when you have buildings up on the edges of cliffs. The cliff side roads snaking their way around the map look awesome lit up. Should work with all versions of cities. Built with after dark patched version. Install directory: C:\Users\(Name)\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps
  9. Dam collapses in Brazil

    It was some days ago around 100 km from my city. 'Fortunately', there were few people in the most affected area, around 600 inhabitants, but that's still a big tragedy. Imagine a 15 meters toxic mud wave in your direction D: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/nov/09/brazil-dam-burst-bhp-boss-to-inspect-disaster-zone-with-dozens-still-missing
  10. Hello hello. I have recently started developing a new region. It's an island set on a 2x2 large city tiles region, which will feature Japanese styled cities again. (until I get bored of it, which is not happening soon) The island is called Okushiri but doesn't have anything in common apart from being Japanese with the real Okushiri island, Hokkaido. My main focus will be on rural and suburban areas on hilly terrain. This first post will be the index of updates, current region view and various maps I'll be doing. Region view: Maps: N/A Index of updates: N/A
  11. "Yep, 12 Water pumps definitely suck out all the waters in the river. Specially when you put those right before a dam. Noted!" Thats what i said to myself after seeing this in my city. Anyone experience this before? any workarounds? I have dozens more in other area. Questions is: If i bulldoze the dam, will it solve this issue?If i bulldoze the dam, will it be massively flooded around the area? I've been thru this epic floods before, and its really really frustrating. lolIf i move those pumps upstream will it solve the issue? upstream (to the rightside) area still it normal condition. downstream is great water depth but already contaminated with dozens of sewage.I'm pretty sure that this will affect the dam electricity output as well. and it's been the one and only busy access to other areaI appreciate any workarounds.. specially to avoid massive floods Cheers
  12. Spotlands

    Version 1.0


    original version of my floodplains map No fancy mapskills here just a bunch of islands to build on (flat) and more space if you reclaim the land which it currently underwater Free to use, mod, share apart from steam - valve platforms Mod for free, not for 25% Author LV
  13. Floodplains

    Version 1.0


    More a challenge/Fun map Perfectly flat with all rail/road/air/sea connections You start with one island and then need to build hydro dams to create sections which use the contained water for your citizens until they are cleared and you can build on the Land. 4 large sections for Natural Resources all underwater to start with until you get rid of the flooding in that area. See images for how to clear the water Free to use, mod, share, apart from any valve/steam platform : mod for free, not for 25% Author LV
  14. I was playing around with the dams trying to make my city drown, but I discovered that I can empty a river with it, I tried few times with no luck, the pressure would accumulate and then spill over the sides and the emptied area is filled again. So instead of only blocking it, I tried to empty the water somewhere else, and this is what I got. All those random-looking dams are important to direct the water and disperse it so it doesn't spill everywhere or spill over the dam to the next dam. I cleared an area so far, the spilled water became almost permanent, and even started to show the current arrows when starting to build a new dam, the spilled water goes back to the river again at the upper left corner of the image, I added another small dam there to make it spill there more easilly, it took some time for the water to fill all that land, but now it's almost constant, it doesn't go back and forth. See the rest of the images here: http://imgur.com/OBbljwg,V15XHeU,M8Zghxd,2fYKidM,XE68dHX,PM3UvZd,UyYmaEl,GUYTH4m,4BfxXCP,9QbtUsK,NDq6ei9,dQciUiy,CgJ8lml,BD3QaUU#0 The area on the left of the emptied river part, is also being emptied. It does look messy though
  15. Crockton Lake

    Replies: NMUSpidey: Thanks! No, there isn't a demolition derby SimCoug: Thank you very much! Do you know if the VIP team is going to upload new sets of fields in addition to VIP Vineyard? ggamgus: Thanks a lot! You are one of my greatest supporters fatjuice888, TowerDude: Thank you! In the mountains north of Crockton there is an artificial lake created by an hydroelectric dam this is the small stream that originates the lake the panoramic cableway over the lake, in which the tourists go kayaking the small dam an overview of the lake and the surrounding forest
  16. Karmesinrot - the lake and dam

    Karmesinrot Karmesinrot is an artificial lake that was created by the constriction of a dam. It was built because of the need to supply the country of Mitterburg with fresh drinking water during the summer months. Three rivers run into the lake Karmesinrot. It is surrounded by many tiny villages. The oldest village that was once surrounded by walls-now only the wall ruins, a church and cemetery remain from that time. Picture of the dam: That's it from this entry. Hope you liked it... P.S. i would like to thank Izidor44 for creating the map of my new region!
  17. Version 1


    Dam It !! And then use it to make power. That's the smartest Dam thing to do with your rivers. And this new small Hydroelectric Dam will allow you to do just that. Hydroelectric power is clean, renewable... and very cheap to produce. If you have the water source to power it, it is definitely one of your best options for powering your cities. This small Hydro Dam is typical of many such structures constructed along waterways throughout the world. This particular version produces 2,500 MWh/month at a monthly operating cost of §200 for a §0.08 MWh cost... making it one of the cheapest clean power sources in the game. The actual lot is 4 tiles wide by a single tile deep... but it will occupy an area that is approx. 6x2 tiles in size.The model is designed to extend beyond the lot's boundaries and fit into the surrounding terrain to make the dam look as it if were actually built into the canyon walls. This dam can not be plopped on level terrain. The terrain will need to be modified to accommodate it. However, the required terrain editing is fairly simple and the readme file includes instructions and a pic of what the terrain should look like. The Hydro Dam itself does not use any specific "above sea-level" ploppable water mod. It is designed to be used with any ploppable water mods you prefer to use and has been successfully tested with several of them. The ploppable water shown here is from the soon to be released new PEG PPond Kit which includes the custom water turbulence lots plopped at the bottom of the dam. * As the dam has no convenient road access, it does not currently provide any jobs. An optional, small, auxiliary lot for the dam (with the jobs) is currently in development. This will be a small lot that you can plop near the dam that will provide employee parking and underground access to the dam. ** This lot has no dependencies. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  18. PEG Hydroelectric Dam



    Yes... it produces electricity. Yes... traffic can travel across it. Yes... its designed for use with the PEG Pond Kit II. And Yes... it's pretty DAM cool! Finally, the long lost hydro dams of yester-versions are back to provide your Sims with clean & cheap power. Now you can run a river down from your mountains using the Pond Kit II and build a series of these Hydro Dams that will provide even your largest cities with ample power & water. Each dam produces about the same power as a Solar Power Plant. With version 2.07, each dam will increase the efficiency of connected water pumps by an extra 4,000 cu per month. The building & maintenance costs are about the same as a natural gas power plant. ** This lot is not transit enabled. Its a single lot that plops on both sides of an existing road, street or rail. You can also run elevated rail across it... or trail parks... or zone it and see what develops. This package includes the Waterfall Bottom lots (PEG_Pond-WFB_205.dat) that can be used to create the water turbulence on the lower side of the dam. Dependencies: PEG Pond Kit II PEG 24/7 Mod (used for water turbulence effect) **This file currently contains an .exe installer suitable for windows users. These files are in the process of being updated with zip files and this message will be removed once the update is complete. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.

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