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City-building game(s)

Found 76 results

  1. Entry 44 : How Time Flows (5E140)

    Hey there! It's been a while since I updated my CJ, because I've been busy making a new town. More to the point, I've decided to try and detail a little more. I've upgraded my PC to the point it can actually run a lot of props and CJ on decent quality settings, and while I still do not want to use CSL as a "city painter", I do want to go the extra mile in decorating and detailing. It's also been two years since I update this CJ and so far it's been my longest running one, and that's partly because I really enjoy Cities Skylines. Most great CJs are SC4 CJs, I'll say that much, but in terms of gameplay CSL is, for me, the superior game and it's keeping me coming back for more. Sooo... Here's the 44th entry, but if you want a comparison of what I did (and the game supported) back two years ago, feel free to look back towards my very first entries. Back then it was...rough to say the least lol. Forum link here Anyway, we're leaving Ashford behind for a bit, and we're going to Santa Linna, the capital of the Anabon Overseas Commonwealth. I planned to reserve it for a Tropico entry, but well. :>~ Downtown St Linna! The island is located in between mainland Tamriel and the Thalmor dominated Summerset Isles; it is one of the main small tropical islands that dot the Abecean Sea. With 65'000 people, it is a fairly well-sized town, and easily one of the richest. About 15% of the population of the entire state live here. St Linna itself is known for its bricked or brownstone buildings. Built in the colonial age at the end of the Fourth Era and early Fifth Era, a lot of its downtown are still packed with intricate brickworks and small, narrow square buildings. That's not to say everything is grim and gritty. Some of the city's buildings are...colourful to say the least. This is the Parish Hall, by the way - the mayor's office is on the top floor. So what's to do in Santa Linna? Amongst the narrow towers full of finance and reinsurance companies, you could go dine and gamble at At The Penny's Casino and Cabaret! It's usually a must-go attraction for tourists willing to part with their cash. Or, you can wait for the evening and enjoy yourself in the city's many nightclubs. It's always warm, you might even enjoy a night dive in the sea! Many tourists also come to watch the Abecean Sharks play blitzball, too. They're one of Cathnoquey's finest teams, though because of the remoteness of Anabon, their stadium is also the smallest. For many tourists, however, the best hotels and attractions are outside of town, on one of the island's many sandy shores. Take the nearby town of Belle-Pointe : just off the Route 22 freeway, the once Breton town is no longer a commute village and fishing community, but instead a hub packed with casinos, five-star hotels, fine beaches and luxury condos. Santa Linna's public transport system, one of the best in the country, links Belle-Pointe and other towns together. Tourists and locals alike can spend the morning in their hotels, then take the bus into Santa Linna proper for an afternoon spent exploring the city or shopping, before coming back in the evening to enjoy the sea. As you've probably guessed, tourism is critical to the economy of Santa Linna. A lot of infrastructure has been built across the state to accommodate that. However, tourism isn't everything in Anabon. It's also a major offshore trading hub, thanks to generous taxes and loopholes, with reinsurance companies especially well settled in the CBD's high rises. Critics can complain about the lack of financial transparency, but most agree the island wouldn't be so well-off without the financial institutions that call it their home. Moving on, to the corner with the passenger train station, and a typical high-rise housing district. And yes, Santa Linna does have a railway. Mostly it carries freight around the island, but there are about 15 trains per day per direction that leave Santa Linna and bring commuters into the city. The trains are air conditioned, and there are also special tourist trains that run excursions along the island. The islands aren't just beaches and settlements; inland, one can find plantations and farms dotted across the land, too. Finally for this overview, let's have a look at the roads. Most roads are small, 1x1 roads, such as Route 25 here pictured. However, due to the large amount of traffic to and from Santa Linna and its busy harbour, some roads have been or are being upgraded to freeway standards. The interchange between Routes 2 and 22 - the two heaviest roads in the entire state - is the oldest piece of freeway infrastructure on the island. At such, Route 22 (here entering Santa Linna from the north) is undergoing heavy maintenance works to accomodate an ever growing population. And rural exits, such as the Route 22/Route 230 junction to Altmer's Cove, are being upgraded to full freeway standards. In the coming years, Santa Linna is expected to grow by 10 to 15%. It is going to be a massive challenge for a city that already cannot feed itself. Most of the food is imported from Tamriel, and routed through the state's many harbours into Santa Linna. This is one of the reasons why the rail network is so important - there is no single main harbour due to the geography of the area, and ships are instead routed to five satellite harbours linked together by railway. Anyway, let's close this overview now. We'll be coming back to Santa Linna later, so here's a view of the downtown area at night... As well as one of Belle-Pointe High Street, next to the Cathnoquey National Post Office. But I wouldn't leave without a map of the state, including Santa Linna. So, hope you enjoy, and thanks for the support I got with my CJ for the last two years And since it's been two years since Cities Skylines has been out, this is also the opportunity to give a massive thanks to the modders of Cities Skylines, as well as to the other CJ makers, and to everyone on and off site who shared pictures and videos of their creativity - it helped me, and I'm sure many others immensely, and I can only hope that I, too, give a bit of inspiration to others in building all these amazing cities.
  2. Blizzard Descends upon Ashford

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    Heavy snow expected on the Ashford Metro Area for the 1st of Morning Star, 5E140. Happy new year!

    © Linoa06

  3. 'Tis The Season to be Late at Work

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    Expect delays on Ashford's Orange Line. Given this happens every winter, I really want to ask why. #Chirpy #Metro #Xmas
  4. Winter Cargo in Cathnoquey

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    Because there's a blizzard doesn't mean the trains don't run!
  5. My picture hosting website PostIMG is most likely closing due to a breach of CloudFlare ToS. At such pictures across the CJ may well be missing. The good news is, I've saved up 100% of my pictures, and it's mostly going to be a matter of transferring to a new picture service provider. What this really could mean is that I can open up Reddit to post my screenshots every now and then, and Imgur as a duplicate of this CJ to try and reach out beyond Simtropolis, if the response turns out positive enough. If not, well I'll use Imgur without sharing to the community, or move to something else. :/ So...Just some extra work I could spend on making railroads D: Full Imgur link, which is mostly the same as this CJ entry : https://imgur.com/gallery/RIF1n Anyway, road retextures go Yeah..that looks much sleeker than the default textures, don't you think? I changed the header back to normal though. xD Anyway... It's another bright day in Ashford. The trams run on time, there aren't too many jams... That's a welcome change, right? In City Hall, however, city planners are assembled on the High Councillor's orders. They are reviewing the final impact of the newest skyscraper in town. Least we can say is : good for real estate moguls and the treasury, bad for the residents. The suits over at the State Capitol even tried to block it, environmental studies showed it was a bad idea, but after just two years of building.. 1 Pelletine Plaza was finally completed, lighting the way to a brighter future for Ashford. The structure was built away from the CBD, citing lower property prices elsewhere, but close enough to a highway and transit links. Still, it's an impressive building allright. 60+ floors of office and retail space, served directly by the Green Line and surrounded with a beautiful plaza, full of greenery. There's only one tiny problem... It's in the middle of low-density residential areas, and all the traffic adjustments and road improvements won't change the fact that now, if you happen to live in the tower's shadow you can forget your 2pm garden tanning. Oh, and you're being priced out of your home. In what's already not a rich area of town. Hope you like yoga :/ Critics yelled that this tower project is yet another attempt at gentrification - hipsters are now buying out all the condos, and new residential buildings are planned. But the question is - how did this happen? Zoning laws are clear : the area is residential, and meant for low-density housing with some commercial development on Pelletine Avenue itself. But the problem is, zoning codes here are vague at best. It only took finding some loopholes, and amendment of the codes to classify the tower as, well, small commercial development. And probably some bribing of the city council as a whole - it was cheap land to build a tower on after all. And with such a crowded CBD, it was fairly unlikely to find land that cheap to build on any closer to town. But 1 Pelletine isn't the only new tower in town. Other than the refurbishment of the Southern Metropolitan Hospital, Midtown businesses now welcome two new additions to its skyline. The MileEnder Center (left) and Portland Tower (right) were also erected in the same time window as 1 Pelletine, at a fraction of the cost - at the heart of the city's nightlife, and only a dozen blocks away from the CBD proper. This has been a much welcome boost to the local daytime economy as office workers come to visit the area's restaurants and diners. The MileEnder Center in particular has become the home of several TV and radio stations previously scattered across town, such as all three major networks (Cathnoquey Broadcast Service, Cathnoquey News Network, and Kingscote Broadcasting Company), and several minor affiliates and local station, including Dunmeri language channels. The Portland Tower, instead, welcomes musicians, labels, and even a music hall of its own. Critics of 1 Pelletine are quick to draw comparisons between the two projects, and the High Councilor now has to deal with the Citizen Initiative, a grassroot movement that seeks to take over City Hall in a few months. Every three years, each of the city's five Districts elects two Councillors in addition to the citywide election of the High Commissioner and Celli "Cellyfish" Ajhraari, leader of the CI, looks set to displace both major established parties, the Federal Party and the People's Party of Cathnoquey - both nationally crumbling in times of political turmoil. To make matters worse, city neighborhoods are banding together too, concerned that they might one day be threatened by real estate moguls. OccupyAshford, environmentalist lobbies, but also homeowners associations concerned with the municipal government's alleged abuse of eminent domain (the practice of buying someone's property compulsorily for public use) - they're all banding together and making a stand against City Hall. Will Celli be able to claim City Hall? Ever since Jane Haaleri, a Dunmer - a third of the country's population yet still considered a minority - managed to win Glenvale far to the south for the Greens smaller parties and fringe candidates have shown themselves more daring, and more successful. So who knows! After the Dunmer, maybe the Khajiit can take a turn in the spotlight. What's certain is the battle for City Hall will be tough, but then again if you're going to push more nails in the incumbent council's coffin you might as well make those nails skyscraper sized, right? And so we leave Ashford with a few of the central areas of town...until next time
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Please follow this page for future updates! New files in this collection will be added to this page periodically. The American Roadsign collection - popular on the Steam Workshop - has now been added to Simtropolis! This collection includes gantry signs, barriers, delineators, and all sorts of other goodies. It's always expanding, so keep up to date by following this file or the Steam Workshop collection! Currently, the collection includes over twenty assets. Here's a taste of what you can expect: These gantry signs are great for any sort of avenue or highway. They're generic enough for most situations, and just the right size for most road types. While we've got plenty of aptly named BGS's - big green signs - there are also some smaller exit signs available for download! It doesn't stop there - delineators, barriers, and markers are essentials too! For this and more, make sure to hit the download button here or on the Steam Workshop! Don't forget to subscribe to this page either - that way you'll know exactly when new content has been uploaded!
  7. Hey there I am running into an issue in one of my cities where the unemployment is very high, particularly amongst my uneducated and slightly educated workforce. At the same time, swathes of my industry are dying because they can't find uneducated and slightly educated workers to fill jobs. What's happening there? Is there a range/transportation factor I'm not taking into account?
  8. 2.4 Bastion

    From the album Southside

    The police station is a beacon to the weary cyclist - a bastion of relative safety.

    © Bipin

  9. 1.5 Mystery Figure

    From the album Southside

    Strange figure indeed... But I've seen worse.

    © Bipin

  10. 1.4 ...And The Right

    From the album Southside

    The foreboding stature of that old factory down the road lets its presence be felt. Likewise, the strange figure down the road isn't too welcoming either. This is the part of town you just want to "get through"...

    © Bipin

  11. Entry 12: Back to Business (hopefully!)

    Entry 12: Back to Business (hopefully) So, today we're back in Antario where thankfully it seems that things are back to business. Today's entry is a bit of a mish mash of images without a real story behind them so let's just get right into it. Further growth in the forestry industry has led to a boost in interest in the area. Meanwhile, in the quiet suburbs, the higher earners continue to live in their cookie cutter tech homes. In contrast to this, we have the hustle and bustle of the newer high-rise developments in the city itself. Bridging the gap the old town continues to expand with its wall to wall buildings. A faster pace of life but not one as hectic as the above. As the sun goes down over the city, it comes to life with the bright bustling financial and high-rise district in the distance. Meanwhile, we haven't halted all work on the city, a lot of the roads have now become tree lined to further green up the city (and help with some noise issues). However it's not all roses, as this traffic jam shows coming into the town, were definitely going o have to look at improving our public transport network but we have a slightly more pressing issue. This is the most pressing issue in the form of a large amount of sewage now contaminating all of the waters around the city needing rather urgent attention. Though this is all for today. As usual, we'll leave you with this overview of the city. Just above the 50k mark so not much growth overall but hopefully the recovering timber industry will see this change. -FIX THE SEWAGE ISSUE! -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Expand on the forestry industry. -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half was done? -Agricultural expansions -Housing expansions (OOC: Again sorry for the lack of updates. I am still working on this though so here's a tide over entry that shows the current state of the city but hasn't really got a whole lot of expansion in it. Cheers James)
  12. hi all! So apparently CSL developers released new items this past week....I've updated my game twice already, seems like everyday they have new updates, I've used the new dog park and basketball court but I can't find my stadiums anywhere. Has anyone been able to find these on the User interface (UI)?
  13. hope u're all having a great summer so far =) I was playing around with the new map theme editor for the first time this morning and was wondering is there any way to change the road color on it? I know there's a mod for it, but I've pretty much maxed out on mods for now and was wondering if you've been able to change the road color using just the theme editor. thanks!
  14. Two views of the G2 line along the Northern Peripheral Freeway, first passing under the Crescent Lake exit bridge, then departing West Crescent Station towards Fawn Park and East Portal, with the CBD in the background.
  15. Entry 11: Recovery Begins

    Replies: eufl: Thanks, I'm really glad your enjoying the CJ. Yer the water pump is a little on the large side lol but oh well. As for the farms they do take a while which is probably why the road layouts for them are beginning to outpace the actual farm detailing but I'm sure I'll catch it up. As for the power poles I'm not using any mods in this CJ sorry. Plus it makes sense to have the pylons as there coming from the actual power plant which is further down the single lane highway. Entry 11: Recovery begins So, were back in Antario and as the title suggests, were glad to say that the city has begun its recovery plan in regards to the failing industry that supported our city and has benefited from several knock on effects from this recovery which we'll show you in this entry. Jumping straight in, you'll remember that the former oil sights were left like this as nature retook the areas they used to operate in. 1. Well we've used some set aside money to offer grants for forestry companies to take up management of the area and bring some industry and jobs back into the city and am happy to say that the response has been promising indeed. True not all the land has been bought but at least its a sizeable start and ones that we have a number of plans for in the future. 2. Moving back toward the city you'll remember the intersection for the village of Froska was getting a bit clogged up and frankly, dangerous. Well we've gone ahead and turned it into a simple but much more effective diamond interchange. 3. Which has a,lso allowed us to expand the growing network of villages that are popping up around Antario. In this case were In the new village of Londhei where farming and forestry are the main way's of life. There is also a cider brewery here as well that uses its own and other local orchards to produce several varieties of refreshing cider for the local area. In the background you can see just how close it is to the city, sitting just across the highway from the suburbs. 4. Meanwhile we also have expansion in the aforementioned suburbs as the sprawl continues to spread outwards. 5. Also more expansion in Skjar, which is fast becoming a little town in its own right, what with the new neighbourhood and the preparation to use the land around it for farming and forestry. We do however probably need to do something about the pollution that might be beginning to threaten the fishing industry that it was founded around. 6. Finally for this small entry we have the obligatory overview, marking the moment that our city and its surrounds have hit the 50k mark, now showing no signs of stopping with the focus on new industries and, as usual the list of things on the councils minds. 7. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Expand on the forestry industry. -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? -Agricultural expansions -Housing expansions
  16. So I've been roaming around on Simtropolis a lot lately, seeing a lot of awesome projects in progress. One of the things I don't see anyone working on is custom Road-side props, primarily Traffic Lights and Railroad Crossings. My first goal is to make North American variants of those two. I've already dumped the meshes and textures of most road props, if you need them let me know, it will save you some time (time we all barely have :p) This is what the files of the traffic lights look like: The thing is, ACI is Alpha Color and Illumination combined and I need to know how to get these three textures seperate. I also noticed that Red light for cars means Green light for pedestrians and vise versa. Interesting fact: Green light turns the whole cube green, red light turns it purple. The model is something for later, but that won't be a big issue. I hope some of you might be able to help me with this
  17. hi everyone! I was wondering if it it was just me whose city is ready to play as slow as like a turtle. How long does it take for your computer to load a CSL city map?
  18. Entry #6

    Good afternoon all! This is FearlessMayor and I'm here with another City Journal entry. I have unarguably neglected my poor city journal for months now, and in considering why I've done so, I realized it's because I was busy experimenting and testing the limits of CSL, Cities: Skylines. I wrote a review on both Sim City 2013, and Cities: Skylines on my blog, but like with all new things I was not sure which would occupy the majority of my gaming time. I decided, like most people, that CSL wins overall. I have not played SC2013 since writing the review - the city size I decided was just too small for my taste. Over the past 8 months (whew that's a long time!) I've been experimenting with the new After Dark expansion, and the new item limit expansion. I even went back to Sim City 4 for a little while. As I decided long time ago, SC4 will not disappear from my my gaming life completely. There is a certain appeal about it, the architecture, perhaps, that wins over CSL oftentimes, for me. So I still play once a while. But the road flexibility, and ease of installing new buildings and MODs is the reason I play CSL more. Anywhoo, I just wanted to update my city journal with some of the work I'm doing. Most of the work is for my world called Illyris, the name of this city journal. I have great fun building structures, neighorhoods and then writing stories around them. However sometimes I build experimental cities where I just try new things to see how far I can push the CSL game engine, and how creative I can get. Here is what I've been working on the past months. Enjoy! A lovely township and seaport. University and Dorms. International Airport. When it rains in Cities: Skylines. Downtown of a small city. A local train station. The beginning of a lovely cityscape. That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed. I had lots more screenshots but this post has a 4MB limit on pictures. I will try and make a video of my cities and put them up on my channel or blog, here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdJMuhsq9FgFRzu4XzvMeew OR here: https://theworldofillyris.wordpress.com/ Meanwhile, take care and keep on buildin' =) EDIT: I made a video, included some more pictures for ya!
  19. Entry 10: Axe and Plow

    Replies: eufl: Thanks, really glad you like it and steal away, I'm glad to inspire you! Don't worry about the village and the water, I'm sure its fine . Entry 10: An axe and a Plow So were back in Antario today where we can happily say that the industry is beginning to get back on its feet after the oil crash, mainly thanks to diversification in the industries that exist in Antario. Started in Froska, plots of land have been bought from the local government with the intention of agricultural use where they are currently growing the usual crops that you'll find in Norway aided by being in the south of the country with the likes of berries, potatoes and some crops backed up by some livestock, mainly pigs. Below you can see some of the farms surrounding Froska. 1. 2. The boost in farmland has also resulted in another small community, Vanberg popping up at the tip of the area where the lake that Froska sits on joins its rivers. You can also see the rail halt here, where occasionally freight trains with collect agricultural goods bound for the city and the rest of Nowray. In the background you can also see the pumping stations that have been implemented to help with the water supply for the city. Not exactly the nicest of sites but the freshwater lake that feed them cuts down on the cost of water purification over using salt water. 3. Alongside these farms we also have the usual Norwegian practise of supplementing the agriculture with other industries, in this case forestry to take advantage of the large swathes of forest that cover the area. 4. This boost to the economy around Froska foes have its slight issues though with the small intersection that could easily cope with the population of the small village now swamped by farm traffic and lorries. Don't worry though plans are currently being looked into to solve this issue, (OOC: Whilst this may look dangerous and weird I'm basing the junction on a number of similar junctions that can be found near where I live in the UK. They're easily the scariest junctions ever especially when things get busy and you have to cross two lanes of national speed limit traffic, but they do work). 5. Meanwhile the oil fields have completely ground to a halt, and a lot of the buildings have fallen to ruin with nature and planting, taking the old oil fields back. As such the city council has decided to scrap the rest of the oil fields completely and start ti reinstate new industry in its place. Hopefully this will become a reality in the future. 6. 7. Meanwhile, in the centre of town the decline in population growth has meant that a few of the commercial enterprises in town have not been able to compete and a number of business like this one below are being replaced with offices. 8. Meanwhile the out of town shopping centre project has finally gone ahead (which has probably contributed to the decline of in town shopping as well). Although not yet finished, this area has already become a centre for shopping in the city and has promoted some further high rise development around it. 9. Which brings us to the end of this entry and the obligatory overview that we always finish with. Currently the populatiom stands at 40,998 but is set to rise substantially in the near future if the cities expansion plans go ahead. 10. Finally as usual we have the list of proposed plans for the future of the city. It hasn't changed much though. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? -Agricultural expansions -Housing expansions (OOC: Again guys I really do apologise for the amount of time that's between the entries. I do really wish I had more time to spend on the game and the CJ but I have my family, work and other hobbies that come first. Still I hope that you lot are still enjoying the entries despite how sparse they are and I do have lots of plans for the city in the future, lets just hope I can get some more time to make the entries more frequent. Cheers James)
  20. Hi all! I was wondering what First-person camera you are now using. Ever since I started playing CSL I've been using First-person Camera by Nlight on the Steam Workshop. It was great until the last update! Now I can't seem to toggle out (exit) the first-person camera. Before I would walkthru my city automatically, riding a train, following a person at street level, or a car basically any moving object -- I made a whole video riding through one of my cities on my train system. It was fantastic! However now I can't seem to exit out of camera mode and the workshop creator hasn't updated the camera. Is there another mod you guys are using right now? Thanks!
  21. Entry 8: More Growth

    Entry 8: More Growth So today we have a report on the general growth of the city and its surrounds, including the first satellite settlement and the issues with the oilfields where we'll be starting as since last time they got even worse. Caused mainly by the halt in production of raw materials as the wells dried up meaning that everything had to be imported for use by the refineries we had this rather large issue. 1. This, coupled with the rising costs of running the refineries now there were no resources available locally led to a slow decline in the number of refineries trying to hold on. Below is the original oil field that is little more than a few stubborn refineries and some empty dirt plots, with nature already trying to reclaim the land. 2. Meanwhile at the end of the oil fields in a small cove we saw the settlement of our first village outside Antario itself in the form of the fishing village of Skjar. 3. As you can see this village has mainly grown up around the small cove and its fishing trade. This also gives Antario its first source of food that isn't imported as, up until now it has been entirely reliant on food imports. Sure the small fishing fleet isn't going to feed everyone but at least its a start. The actual village is also a lot different in looks than the city itself with only the main street through it and the rest of small houses springing up along dirt tracks wherever there is space for them. Despite the whole low income of the area, it does support some lovely views out over the bay above the fishing harbour. 4. Moving back into the city now, as there's not that much else to show you in the small village of Skjar we stop by at the suburbs where they have grown a little bit more since last time and have also had a large highschool finished in the centre of it. 5. We also have some larger parks popping up throughout the suburbs in an attempt to break up the large swathes of houses that dominate the growing suburbs. 6. Finally we head into the actual city where growth has continued in the financial sector as more highrises have popped up due to continued interest in the city. You can see it here behind the recently named Prosperity park, a hopeful sign for the cities future. 7. We also have had some investment put into the expanding city, behind the financial district in the form of this Stadium for general sporting events. Its not exactly all that popular as we haven't completed any developments around the stadium yet to bring people in, but hopefully it'll help with future investment and growth. 8. Finally as usual, we have an overview of the city as it currently stands at 41,963. You can see the new village in the far west past the oil fields.. 9. And as usual we have the list of things we want to do with the city. Not that a lot has changed since last time. -Provide housing for the increasing number of people wanting to move to the city? -Oil fields expansions. -Find new avenues for the old oil fields. -Improve the lacking public transport network? -Take a look at streamlining the harbour area? -Look into new avenues of industry, maybe forestry? -Financial district substantial expansion? -Get the city beautification projects finished instead of half done? (OOC: Again apologies for how long its been since the last update, the little one is a bit demanding with time and well, as interested as he is in C:SL, his attention span is shorter than mine. Anyway I hope you like the entry and it makes up for the amount of time its taken for me to actually get it done. I've also changed the theme to go back to the original grass as you can see in the overview and image 6. The road has also changed to a more speckled look though I do need to change the sewage colour after looking at the overview. Anyway, I do hope for the next entry to not take so long so will hopefully see you some time this week rather than next month. Cheers James)
  22. Cathnoquey isn't just a land of green hills and rolling meadows. There is a city, in the far north of the country, a city of snow and almost constant cold weather. Welcome to Northpoint... The town was built in a valley, nested between the Neville Brook Hills and the Sterling Range. For up-and-coming and hopelessly irreverant urban planner Robert Preston, this could be the place that would kickstart his career. As the plane began its final approach to Northpoint Airport (NPR), Preston finally got a look at the city he was to call home. The people of Northpoint were rugged. Would he be able to blend in? His plane finally landed on the near frozen runway. Luckily, there was no snowstorm that day. After what seemed like an eternity, the plane finally came to a stop by the domestic terminal. Once he retrieved his luggage, Preston headed to the near empty parking lot. He briefly considered hopping on a streetcar into town, but he decided to hail a cab instead. "4500 Nahakara Avenue", he chirped as he sat in the warm car. The Khakiit taxi driver took a cautious look at the Imperial. "Khajiit drives slowly, yes? The snow has not been plowed this morning. Khajiit hates traffic divertions, but this one has no choice." The way out of the airport was clear, sure enough. Preston looked at his folders. One of his priorities, as set out by the City Board of Trustees, was to improve north-south traffic from the airport to the city centre. He quickly realised the job would be harder than he thought. "Why don't you use a motorway?" he asked the driver, who scoffed. "Motorway? We are not in Glenvale, this is our main road into town." Soon enough, the road became a fast but narrow road on the east bank of the river. There was a faster way, but it was closed down because of the weather conditions. Preston look a look at his files again. This road definitely needed upgrading, he noted. At least the road avoided a tedious drive through the Windsong residential district... Ten miles ahead, he smiled as they finally reached the heart of the city. "See this shop, southerner? Khajiit always goes at the end of his shift. They have the best hamburgers in all of the North Territories." Somehow, this relieved Preston a little. The Glenvale man had no clue what the people of Northpoint were like, and seemed to be under the impression they ate the most disgusting things. They drove through the business district. No high-rises here. There was little need for high rises. The population was only 100.000 souls, barely more than Westport and a mere fourth-to-fifth of the population of Glenvale. Land was relatively cheap, and earthquakes were relatively common in this part of the country. The heart of the city, the Mall, was little more than a battered and muddy field. Preston thought of changing that, too, but would the locals accept his mingling? Some of the taller towers were residential complexes and hotels. Whittler Avenue, the main east-west through-way, was better built, he thought. He smirked at the public curling facilities. The Khajiit driver noticed that. "Amusing, is it not? This one may be a cat-person, but this one won several prizes on these rinks. This one came third last year, during the '36 Briers." Preston only slightly nodded. This was the first time he ever heard of curling. The car finally stopped on the side of the road, in front of Preston's hotel room, on the corner of Whittler and Nakahara. Preston got off, took a look at the ruined fort, before making his way in. His hotel was decidedly warmer and his accommodation more like an apartment than a hotel room - all paid for by the Board of Trustees who hired him. It was barely 3.30 in the afternoon when the sun began setting down. Preston decided to have a walk through the city and a bite to eat. He hopped on a D line streetcar, and stopped at the Arboretum. He learned, streetcars were the main way to get around in the town. While there were bus lines, mostly concentrated along Whittler Avenue, streetcars served the main population centres and were far more reliable. He reached the Newquay district on foot, and ended up dining at the Red Mountain, a restaurant serving Morrowind and Vvardenfell specialities. On his way home, he noticed firemen rushing to a building on fire. He watched from afar for about ten minutes, but the cold was too biting, so he decided to head home. Preston fell asleep. The next day, he would meet the Board of Trustee, and his work would truly begin. But what would he do? The locals seemed grumpy and introverted. He truly was as far as he could possibly get from Glenvale. But tomorrow is another day, full of opportunity. And that concludes this entry! I hope you liked, and feel free to leave some feedback. :3 Oh, and that's a map of the streetcar network! See you next time!
  23. Heya everyone! It's been one year since I began this CJ and I'm thrilled that it's still going on! Today we're taking a commute in this town : In the morning mist you can even see the smog coming from the glorious chimneys of the great industrial areas that cover the town and its inhabitants in soot and riches. The journey begins south, in a residential district called South Lexington. This is the A4 road from Glenvale, which here is not a freeway, but instead a 1x1 road with local lanes. It gets really jammed at rush hour. Once reaching the Morningstar Bridge, finally traffic can use two lanes. When you finally drive up onto the bridge, you sigh with relief. Maybe you won't be late to the office after all! From there, you drive on towards the CBD. You have two choices : you can try the waterbank expressway, which is hardly ever used because of its steep tolls... Or you can be cheap and carry on driving on the A4. As you drive into town the road even becomes a 3-lane way with sound barriers. And all of this to drive from this neighbourhood... ...into downtown, some 10 miles away. Somehow you beat the traffic! Or is it that you just went extra early? Either way, the streets are still quiet and the shops are still closed. Here are your shoppers and office workers! They're stuck on a bridge above the motorway, predictably enough. You wish there was a real mass transit system, beyond the inadequate buses and streetcars...but the federal grants have instead gone in the refurbishment of the small Vesper Bay Campus instead. Not that it's a bad thing, really - it's the leading university in the country as far as biology is concerned, and many talented barristers and laywers also come from these halls. With the federal grants, the university could improve quality of life for its students, and build sports facilities. The parkings didn't really get the same treatment though. That's the least they could do, right? The big addition this year isn't even the university, though. And no, it's not a proper transit system either. The Ministry of Magic has finally opened! The Ministry complex (which cost billions to the country) takes the form of a giant tower which dominates the south reaches of downtown. Landfills were turned into beautiful, weaving parks. The Ministry hosts all services for the small yet vibrant wizarding community of Cathnoquey. Cathnoquey seeks to become a leader in magical expertise - something Cyrodiil has excelled at for the past few centuries, ever since the fall of the Aldmeri Dominion. Personally, if I have to commute anywhere, I'd love my workplace to offer me a massive blooming park to relax during lunch break. But for all the talks of modernity and forward thinking, the town still lacks a definite public transport network. The buses are crammed, the trams are unreliable, and everything just costs so much! But hey, maybe we install a modern LRT system next entry And that's it for today! Next time we're beginning to improve our transit system so it connects more of the city together! Thanks for reading! And here's a map of the general area. Thanks See you next time
  24. hi all! I've been searching for some great , high quality sea port assets as the Vanilla seaport simply does not float my boat. pun not intended :/ I've got some nice warehouses and cargo platforms, but what I'm looking for is: - a new cargo harbor (seaport) with pier - an asset to hold docked ships - a lighthouse(s) Any suggestions for assets?

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