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Vehicle Assets

Custom vehicle assets for Cities: Skylines.

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  1. Department of Motor Vechicles

    My asset"Department of Motor Vechicles" now upload on steam,skymod and here. 

    And this is prototype,I know it still far different...


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  2. Large Bus

    This just a simple Bus Asset modified from the default one. It can holds 60 passengers to reduce passenger spawning on Bus stops. It works!
    This bus is double sized it's default one, it will take about 1 1/3 of a single lane. I haven't tested runs Bus route thru small 2 lane roads with this. Only tested on 1 way Small Roads, and larger roads to highway.  So obviously it will overlapping thru all trees, lights, vehicles on it's other lanes in Small 2 Lanes road.
    It might impact on traffic conditions specially on small roundabouts.
    You can edit this Asset on Asset Editor to max out passenger capacity. Screenshot & asset_tooltip.png included
    Tested on 1.0.7c only
    General Tip:
    Don't create Bus Stop very close to junctions, or stop lights. (Passengers can walk to bus stops though)
    Please re-Load Saved Game after you activate from Content Manager To load this asset to avoid issues.


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  3. Union Pacific Cargo Train

    Hello, Here's my first cargo train that I'm releasing for the Real Shipping Container Series. A Union Pacific Cargo Train with various real shipping containers. Most of which I have already released as truck versions. This Train aims to match those first release trucks to make your cities seem even more realistic. For those of you that don't know about the trucks, you can subscribe to them in the collection above. 
    Be sure to Rate and Follow me for more great assets in the future!
    Asset Information
    Train Engine
    Main Model Tris = 4,395
    1024x1024 Textures
    Lod Tris = 162
    256x256 Textures
    Flatbed Trailers
    Main Model Tris = 1,726
    512x1024 Textures
    Lod Tris = 178
    64x64 Textures
    I created this train using a mod called "Asset Vehicle Editor 0.9.4" which was developed by DontCryJustDie. His mod allows you to make multiple trailers using different cargo crps. That is how I was able to use different shipping container images for the train. There is no need to sub to the mod to use the train though!
    You can check out this fantastic mod here.
    The Original Engine came from the 3D Warehouse, but I pretty much completely remade everything and used it as a template. Original Model Located Here.
    The Flatbed Trailer I found on TF3DM and I used his as a template and remade it to have a lower tri count. Original Model Located Here.


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    The New York City subway system used to have a huge diversity of train car models from clean to graffiti filled and grimey. That gave NYC a unique flavor.
    My aim with this series is to bring that diversity to train systems in Cities Skylines starting with the R22 model of the SMEE fleet now retired and sadly most cars are sitting on the bottom of the Atlantic. But now they are brought back in service for Cities Skylines!
    For more information on the history of the SMEE Fleet from R-12 to R36, you can find more info here http://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/The_IRT_SMEE_Fleet_(R-12_--_R-36)
    This is a set of 4 trains: Cities Skylines Edition, The White Shuttle, The Brooklyn Shuttle, and The RedBird.
    I left these trains at the default 24 speed so it does not disrupt any regional train line traffic. However, the default speed is very unrealistic and you would not appreciate the liveries as intended.
    I strongly suggest using these trains on their own inner city lines separate from the regional ones and use Advanced Vehicle Options http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=442167376 along with Improved Public Transportation http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=424106600
    In AVO, set the brakes and acceleration to .5 and the speed to 50. Make sure all trains on the same line are at the same speed.
    Then use IPT to control which liveries service your lines with precision.
    But you don't have to use them as I suggested. They can also run regional or however you like.
    To install .rar files, extract into a folder and copy/paste into your assets folder
    You can also get these trains at my Steam Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198185148005/myworkshopfiles/
    Special thanks to Cool_Z aka Zed68 aka Tony_R for his tremendous help.
    Also Sheltoe and BaskB who helped me through some tough times during beta testing.
    And Azurespecter, Michae95l, and Ized for support.


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