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  1. i hate this building so much! Everytime I pass this monstrosity I wonder if the architect is aware of his responibility to design something that fits into its surroundings. A building is something which will last a long time. You can make a big impact. This looks like Albert Speers (Hitlers architect) wet dream. Very fitting for a shady secret service but an eyesore for berlin. By the way, @AmiPolizeiFunk. I like that you mod this building into the game. I will place it in my city. <- this kitty-emoticon stands for evil laughter. ;-)
  2. Perhaps you can use a similar method like @Ronyx69 with his new dock assets?
  3. I like your roads @Bad Peanut because they're realistic and often found in cities around the world. They would be a nice addition to the game. On the other hand they are pretty dangerous for cyclist and i hope all real life examples will be replaced in the next years.
  4. Obviously I sometimes don't pay enough attention. here is an update:
  5. This street layout would be nice. In the center there're shared tram and car lines. Then there're parking lanes which get removed for turning lanes, bike racks or station shelters if necessary. The bikelanes are protected by obstacles to prevent dooring accidents and wild parking. I hope this would be possibe because right now there is a lack of streets combining tramlines, bikelanes and/or trees in cities skylines.
  6. Network Extensions Project

    Here is another example. https://www.google.de/maps/@52.5252273,13.4997745,3a,75y,1.8h,91.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sDvw0CO-eMVFCkYq4nlkZQw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 Cars have to wait while the tram is at the stop. Most of small roads with tram tracks in Berlin use this type of stop.
  7. Ancient Ruins - Pt. II

    Just today I told somebody about the ancient city of petra and how beautiful it is. You've made a very nice looking recreation but the location of the "al-siq"-cutting is not on the right place. I wish I could visit petra again but it's very expensive now because they want to preserve it therefor limiting the number of visitors. Incredible work as always!
  8. Network Extensions Project

    One thing I can say is that I use his newly added small and wide streets with bike paths a lot. It would be nice if you, andreharv, decide to add roads like this. Another bug I have with his streets is that it's sometimes impossible to change the road direction if road anarchy is activated. Instead it creates another weirdly twisted road on top of the other. The missing of the icons is not a big problemfor me.
  9. The Technical University of Berlin has a big collection of illustrations and floor plans of many historical buildings. They have 600 entrys for the Reichtagsgebäude. Not all are correct because architects did several competitions. http://architekturmuseum.ub.tu-berlin.de/index.php?p=51&SID=14957953341471&done=0
  10. Cities: Skylines - "Mass Transit" Disucssion

    yes you're right. Does'nt work
  11. Cities: Skylines - "Mass Transit" Disucssion

    Yesterday I changed the update settings of cs to "update this game only at start". And before I start the game. I activate the offline mode for steam.
  12. STEX CDs and Donations

    DVDs arrived. Thanks!
  13. Additional Public Transit

    Even if 3-tile streets are impractical for cities skylines, would it be possible to add these street configurations with wide sidewalks? As 4-tile streets? A lot of the streets we already have ingame have very narrow sidewalks in comparison to RL.
  14. Additional Public Transit

    Tram & Bike Hypeeee!!