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City-building game(s)

Found 53 results

  1. Smallville : River and Canal

    1. The Coyla, north-west of the city, was the first to be (relatively) tamed by bridges, and then the settlers began settling in earnest. It meant dealing with water -- a lot of water, beginning with the Mathis River and its many swamps (in the whole Eden Bay region, swamps were the bane of the first settlers.) The Mathis was especially prone to flooding, and very early on the first mayor, Zabnis Senior, decided it would be completely canalized. 2. 3. To convince the citizen to fork out their hard-earned money for the long-lasting, costly project, he had a sample built --his detractors derided it as “Zabnis' Folly”, but were overridden by the people. The Mathis would be vanquished ! 4. The work proceeded at a reasonable pace during the elder Zabnis' life. 5. Nice promenades were built along the canalized waters : 6. 7. 8. Zabnis Senior was reelected five times, but he would not see the end of his pet project. His son, Zabnis Junior, took the mayor's mantle after him and thought he would finish the job. But times had changed, something had been blowing in the wind and as the flooding had been reduced almost to nothing -- the engineers had begun, of course, with the sectors most prone to flooding -- the younger, greener generations wanted the river to keep on flowing free. A serious political struggle begun about a part of the Mathis which was now in the middle of the city, but still was a birds' refuge. A compromise of sort was reached : 9. After that and the changing of the guard, the Taming of the Mathis was no more first and foremost on the City Council's agenda : younger councillors were busier with commerce and industry projects. 10. And the river stayed otherwise free : 11. 12.
  2. Slow, Slow we Go !

    Slow, slow we Go ! Last CJ took a trip around our latest city. This CJ we take another short trip around the Fort Grayon - Sampson City area. We gona take a trip on the Fort Grayon - Sampson City canal. Still there is a lot activity around this area. Some agriculture, a lot of Coal and some other activities. Here a map of the area with the route marked ! We start at Fort Grayon old harbour ! Early day´s this was a very busy port. Today it´s a small business hub. We move on to the seaport area with some of the older industrial quarters ! The old navy yard on left corner. Traditional Cheese, Mustard, Shoe, Pencil, Postcard, Match making and Chocolate Factories around. With some twists, turns and locks we travel to the the mayor junction with the Mayon City exit ! The Fort Grayon Rail Depot. We sea on the left a textile mill, on the right a saw mill and the Duff Brewery. On the right is the Mayon City section ! Up we go to Sampson City ! Highest section of the Canal got a saw mill. Upside we see the resevoir wich feeds the canal. Modern water management tries to save as much water as posible. Norther American do have a lot of rain still every drop is treasured. Next we cross a array of coal mines and a agricultural landing ! Some older relic of railway Fort Grayon bypass highspeed passenger line from before the Sampson City - Evansville tunnel to serve to connection to Thareaxville and Providence City with furthur connection to the neighbouring province. Country fair and another coal mine. Last coal mines before we enter Sampson City ! Old town is quit a distance from the harbour, we cross the highway and the railtrack inbetween Fort Grayon and Thareauville. Finaly the end of our yourney. Sampson City harbour ! This yourney took us just about through a dozen of locks to complete. All the time in the world to take up the surroundings wich got small varity of activities to enjoy ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and hope to see you back the next time !
  3. The City of a thousand Bridges

    From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    My entry for the City Showcase challenge. A huge mosaic from Alijstar and its canals. Hope you like it --> Real size picture here, because it's too damn huge, even for the post below

    © feyss 2017

  4. Jonro

    the lizkond tag is there for tagging purposes and nothing else. why hello there everyone. no longer will i write these with much of a story, it's all just messing around. this is my first city since a two month hiatus because i didn't wanna play anymore. partially because my kitten's death drained everything outta me. but, i'm ready to roll rumble and do the things!!! picture one: read the cj desc for why there is a grid and zero traffic. this uses the by manuel-ito. download all his relots they're phenomal. above it are these lone houses on the road leading to the town and small neighborhood. we'll go back and see the neighborhood real quick. here it is!!!!! lot more maxis houses grew than usual. the lake it wraps around. the roads follow the river(?)(i forgot if it's all a lake or a river turning into a lake) it offshoots into a small commercial place. There's a gas station, convenience store, autoshop, mcdonalds, and one of those fancy looking restaurants that just sells burgers. OH HEY A BIG NEIGHBORHOOD main neighbahood!!! the tennis center court place made by someone i forgot rsc i think???!!?!?!?! it's really good tho! changing rotation now!! trash college commerce and the pumping station! some stores! logistics area place thing!!! shops farm road offshoot from the neighborhood farm t-intersection entrance to another small neighorhood cul de sac one cul de sac two end roundabout high school and some old timey market that sells organic stuff older historic nice pretty cool good neighborhood The canal goes under the farm, comes up in the middle, and continues on. and then it ends. Well, I hope you all enjoyed. Dunno how frequent future stuff will be, but towns are gonna be faster for now. OH AND FULL CITY PICS WAMA JAM SAM SEEYA!!
  5. 82 - Show-Off

    Those of you familiar with my CJ have seen these tiles in many different stages of development. I originally used them as a testing ground for canals and now that I've settled on style (sunken with red brick walls) I unified them so that they connect perfectly. This entry features the largest mosaic I've ever made that comes in at a whopping 24816 x 10107px. You'll have to download it to see it at full resolution because even dropbox can't display it. I encourage you to look at the pics in full size. These smaller .jpeg versions don't really do them justice (they're less than half the size). Hope you have a big screen. Enjoy! Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size (Unfortunately the full image is too large to even be previewed on dropbox, but you can download the 125 MB png.) Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. raynev1: Some beautiful night scenes . Sorry to hear about your hard drive , that's a bummer . Hope you continue Ionica . It's been a great CJ . Yeah well, that's just what happens when your computer is over six years old and you push it to the limit on a daily basis. Thanks. gviper: Hey my friend! It's been quite some time! Wasn't sure I'd hear or see you on these pages again. I myself have slowed down in activity considerably. Lovely presentation! Didn't mean to be gone for so long but sometimes life gets in the way. Thanks. korver: Great stuff as always - you probably have my favorite photoshop style of anyone here on ST and the Chinatown scenes are great. Hope you can keep this going Thanks. Looking at your work always gives me the itch to get back in the game. _Michael: Welcome back! I feared I wasn't following my to see any more Ionica, so it's great to have it back! Great looking city with some lovely design elements; can't help but noticing that north arrow though , can become slightly distracting! Lol, all these years and I still have the north arrow. Thanks. TekindusT: Another top notch, deliciously handcrafted mishmash of styles! You know I'm a fan of the mishmash, just too many good BATs to stick to one style. Thanks. kschmidt: Great night views ! Japanese and other buildings well lightened. NAM elevated networks and GLR features well integrated, well done ! Wish I had a few pictures of how it looked before. It was a mess. Thanks. v701: This city is still one of the best SC4 I've seen so far !! I love this clown picture on the skyscraper ! Everyone loves a clown. Thanks. Takingyouthere: Great to see you back in action, your city building style and image presentation was sorely missed. That's the great thing about SC4 at this stage, everyone can have their own style. Thanks. tariely: Very nice night shots ! (and Trump...) Glad to know you'll be back. But CBS ? We have CBS? Or did you make that one ? I Want !:-))) Yup, it's mattb325's CBS. Thanks. Akallan: Beautiful images of nights, it seems so alive. It's beautiful all the lights of nights, my favorite is the one with the channel! Thanks.
  6. Because mine is bad in English, I had to translate my text from in German into the English one on-line. For possible grammar mistakes I ask beforehand for excuse. I look for these canals illustrated in the picture... under "Storm Drain" as well as under "Canals" I nowhere find this, unfortunately. Can somebody help me there??? I would be glad about an answer very much. Greetings from germany
  7. Busy roundabout

    From the album Thrilling Traffic (S3-09-W)

    Here's my entry for the Thrilling Traffic challenge. Alistar's canals have made mobility an hard task for policy makers and even tramways sometimes get stuck into traffic.

    © feyss 2016

  8. Oude Stad Zentrum, the Old Town Centre

    The first entry in our Pieterdam city journal introduced you to the area around the Oudekade, the Old Quays. We finished with a visit to the imposing Sintpieterskathedraal (below). But there's much more to the historic Old Town! Like many Dutch cities, Pieterdam is built on a series of islands, some artificial and some man-made, divided by a series of canals. This network of tree-lined canals makes up the picturesque Old Town (Oude Stad). The picture below shows the whole of the Oude Stad, stretching back from the quayside we visited last time. Notice the City Hall, Cathedral and famous Pieterbrugge all in the foreground: As you can see, the Oude Stad occupies several square kilometers. It is framed by the river Vos to the South (the left of the picture), the Oudekade or Old Quays to the East (the foreground in this picture), and to the North the wide Centraalgracht (Central Canal, to the right in the picture), which even today forms an important thoroughfare for water-buses. You can see one here in the foreground! The Old Town is split across several islands, each with their own unique character. First of all let's visit the Stad Zentrum, the proper Town Center. This is the area immediately behind the Oudekade, the district where we find City Hall, the Cathederal and the rest... The Stad Zentrum is characterised by a blend of traditional Dutch architecture, and more contemporary buildings including high-rise housing and office buildings. Traditional canal-side properties are much sought-after, so for the most part the more contemporary developments are restricted to the interior of the two islands which make up the Oude Stad Zentrum. Here is a row of classic Dutch town-houses, which line the side of the Centraalgracht (Central Canal): You can also get a feel for the typical Dutch weather, which is mild and wet the whole year round! As well as hosting the City Hall and Cathedral, the Oude Stad Zentrum houses a museum of International importance: the West Hollandmuseum. Similar to the famous Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the West Hollandmuseum was built by the same architect (Pierre Cuypers) in 1889. The intricate Neo-renaissance architectural details are truly stunning, and can only be truly appreciated up close: The West Hollandmuseum is a credit to the city, attracting thousands of tourists every year and serving as a thriving cultural hub day and night: Moving on from the Oude Stad Zentrum, we come to the 'other half' of Old Pieterdam: The Haartje, or 'little heart' - so called for the tiny but historically important Kerk van het Heilige Hart, the Church of the Sacred Heart... If the grand Sintpieterskathedraal (Saint Peter's Cathedral) is the centre of Catholic life in the city, the Kerk van het Heilige Hart - affectionately known simply as the Haartje - is the centre of Pieterdam's Protestant life. The church lends its name to the canal which it sits beside, and in turn, to the two islands (Nordhaartje and Zuidhaartje) on the North and South sides of the canal. These two islands have a slightly different character. The Zuidhaartje is famous for its enclosed, leafy courtyards and green spaces, with private and communal gardens sitting amongst the grid-like city blocks: Meanwhile the Nordhaartje is more modern and densely built, lacking these informal green spaces. Partly this is a result of post-war planning decisions, which involved building a large highway - the Haartjeweg - straight through the middle of the Nordhaartje: The image above nicely illustrates the difference between the quiet, leafy Zuidhaartje (to the left) and the modern, more densely populated Nordhaartje. Yet both districts 'thin out' as they approach the edge of the wide Pieterdamgraacht, which separates the far end of the city from the surrounding countryside: Now we've taken in the Oude Stad Zentrum, and the two sides of the Haartje, there's just one more part of the Old Town to visit - yet it's a bit of a contradiction, because very little of it dates back more than fifty years or so. This is Rivieroever, the Riverside: This long-shot gives a good sense of the Rivieroever and why it wasn't developed until recently. It is geographically isolated to the South-West of the city and as its name suggests, it lines the riverside. Without intensive water management, this area is liable to flooding. You can see to the top of the image, blocks of traditional canal-side buildings which were built along the Flaamsegracht (Flemish Canal) in the 18th-19th centuries. These are on higher ground; the rest of the area was not developed until after World War Two. And yet it was always inevitable that the Rivieroever would be developed some day - the Haartjeweg cuts right through it linking the rest of the Old Town with the docklands and the mainline railway station, both of which sit far from the city on the South side of the river. The image above highlights the kind of low-cost, low-rise housing which has spread across the Rivieroever since the second half of the 20th century. You can also make out the Vosweg, a link-road completed only in the 1990's which connect the Haartjeweg bridge with the city's Central Business District, allowing traffic to bypass the busy Old Town. Though most housing in Riveieroever is low-rise and often self-built, there are some high-rise developments on the riverfront proper, which significantly raise the population density of the district. At the same time as the Vosweg bypass was being contemplated, it was also decided to bring an extension of the tramline B to connect the district directly to the Central Business District. With all this talk of the Central Business District, our next journal installment will take us to that area of the city, and the surrounding Oosterpolder. To sign off with, here is an aerial shot of the whole Oude Stad Zentrum which we have visited today. To the right is the Oudekade Old Quays, where we began; the middle and top-middle islands are the Stad Zentrum, the Town Center proper; to the top left is the Nordhaartje with the Haartjeweg running down through it, and the Zuidhaartje below that, on the mid-left. Stretching across the very bottom of the picture is the Rivieroever, with its widely-spaced modern housing in sharp contrast to the other island districts. And all that dense development on the far right of the image, beyond the Oudekade - that is the Central Business District, which we shall visit next time. Dank je Wel!
  9. SG CAL Canal - Diagonal Addons

    Version 1.0.0


    A huge thanks to @SimGoober and Callagrafx for releasing their resources for the canals, without which these pieces would not have been possible. I also need to give a shout out to @mattb325, who gave me six of the model files, saving a lot of additional work re-making them once more. Included in this download are eight new lots. A base diagonal piece, diagonal top or CAP piece, along with six transitions from Ortho to the Diagonal canals. You will find these lots just after the original CAL canal pieces, in the parks menu. They are modded and lotted to match the original set. It's imperative that you have the original Base Set by CAL, along with any cascading dependencies installed for these to function correctly. Find the base set here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=979 That's really all there is to say here. Hopefully these lots will be a useful addition to your canal networks. Enjoy .
  10. Wilkomen op Pieterdam!

    Pieterdam is open for business! Welcome to our beautiful city, the Jewel on the river Vos. A modern city with ancient roots, Pieterdam is the provincial capital of West Holland, and today has a population in excess of 100.000, with many more living the surrounding countryside. As this is your first visit, we thought that you would benefit from a quick overview of the city, taking in some of the main sights... What better place to start than the historic center of the city, the Oudekade (Old Quays)... The Oudekade was once the commercial heart of the city, allowing goods to be traded with other city-states within the Hansa (or Hanseatic) League. The quaysides were lined with warehouses and workshops. Unfortunately many of these were lost in a major fire of 1903 - although this made way for the delightful Oudekadepark, now popular with locals and tourists alike: Over on the opposite side of the Oudekade basin stands our impressive City Hall, framed by imposing formal gardens (the Gemeentehuisplein). The City Hall is flanked by the iconic clock tower (inspired by the famous Astronomical Clock in Prague - left), and the Pieterdam Royal Opera House (right). The large square is also a major transport interchange, being served by all three of the city's tramlines... This image from the city archives (below) shows the tangle of lines as they were in the 1980's, with one line passing within meters of the priceless Gemeentehuis Fountain! One might ask what the city planners where smoking when they authorized that layout in the late 1960's? The large Brutalist concrete building (to the right) has also since been demolished to make way for a row of cafes and restaurants built in a classic European style. These are much more in keeping with the historic character of the area. Happily, the gridlock seen in the archive image is also a thing of the past! Moving North from here, still in the Oudekade or Old Quays district, we encounter another icon of the Pieterdam skyline: Saint Peter's Cathedral (Sintpieterskathedraal) is the city's namesake and its spiritual heart. The current building is a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture, dating from the 1860's. It replaces the earlier Catholic Sintpieterskirk which stood close to the site from at least the early 1500's. As you can see, the Cathedral is surrounded by a bustling street-market. To the South side is the Kathedraalplein, an open space which now serves as the city's second major tram interchange... The Kathedraalplein is usually bustling with tourists eager to eat and drink on the cobbled terraces, but here (above) it is pictured early on a Sunday morning. Whilst many tourists are still asleep in their rooms, the Faithful are already on their way to the traditional Sunday service... Before we leave this first entry, no visit to the Oudekade and the Kathedraalplein is complete, without taking in the Pietersbrugge - perhaps the most famous and well-beloved of all Pieterdam's traditional swing-bridges: Standing proudly between the Kathedraalplein and the Gemeentehuisplein as it does, Pietersbrugge is one of the most important bridges in the historic Old Town. Whilst it once opened regularly to allow passage of tall ships from around the world, today the canal is home only to houseboats and the bridge is rarely raised - lucky since it now carries trams on their way towards City Hall! This classic image completes our tour of the Oudekade district, the historic heart of Pieterdam. Next time, let's take a look further afield and visit some other interesting parts of the Old Town... Dank je wel!
  11. E04 - Building a dam

    Here's the next episode - the dams available in game just arent big enough, so we scale up
  12. Episode 1 - Creating a map!

    Here's the first episode hope you all enjoy! feeback and suggestions welcome.
  13. Surbo

    Currently there is no information for the city of Surbo on wiki SURBO Surbo is a town located in the Republic of Florince near the Federal territory of San Foca. Here is a busy modern highway near a canal and agriculture A country road for expressway A nice neighborhood near a canal One of the railway stations of Surbo The Park of surbo The junction of Surbo always busy and noisy PAY, UNHOOK A beautiful Boulevard with heavy and technological industries The Sun's going down. What a beautiful moment Mediterranean sun-tropical And lowered the night time revelry! No, because there's a rain storm Here is the Church of Santa Maria del Fiore neighbour municipality and the main square and the park with the rain Rain Rain everywhere In the industrial heartland in the rain An industrial railway station. Industries very bright, but it rains Oh no did the electric current in the streets. Well, at least a touch of class to the city during this rain storm. And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week. COMMENT REPLIES: Tropea Ln X: Thanks for the comment BugeyedDragon:I found on the internet just type on Google images "ST MAARTEN GIF" you find the Graphics Interchange Format of ' aero during landing. kschmidt:Thank you very much
  14. Canalside District

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    A nighttime photograph of New Concorde's Canalside district, showing the eastern reaches of the Central Concorde Expressway (top to bottom in image) within megalopolitan New Concorde, Trifort before it crosses part of the Vivec Ocean to reach the man-made Trifort Ocean City and the distant continent of Atmora. This district's most prominent skyscrapers can be seen along Hurricos Avenue on the narrow strip of land between the canal and the Glass River (right). Also of note are the main railway station in the Canalside district (top left) and parts of the monorail loop in Canalside (far right), which is one of two monorail systems in the Lower Trifort region.
  15. Cacamba Waterplant

    From the album City Infrastructure

    Supply system in a big city needs a lot of water!!!
  16. Canal Vs River

    I downloaded the Busan map and one of the cities has a river that extends inland into the next city. I want to extend it even further through a valley to connect to another river to simulate a shipping canal for barges carrying agricultural goods, sort of like how the Erie Canal connected the Hudson River to the Great Lakes. When I began looking into canal pieces, mods, etc here I started to learn that you can't really connect a canal to another "natural" waterway (basically, the canal can't connect to open water, it has to be a self contained network). Is this really the case? If so, I guess my only option is to actually extend the river itself. I wanted to use this river to create a canal with a shopping/medium density residential district, sort of like in Amsterdam, and then of course also have facilities for delivering and processing the raw agricultural materials that are being barged in. If I do it as a river, though, what mods/downloads/etc should I be considering to line the river?
  17. 63 - Return to Pater

    Well it's been a while. Just a small update to get things rolling again. I've had a few set backs here and there. My CBD tile Avalon suffered an epic meltdown and it's going to take a while for me to rebuild it. However that gives me the opportunity to make it better than ever before since I'm not constricted by it's original design. I'm trying to make it similar to how it was before with certain key landmarks still in place so it retains that "Avalon look" but otherwise it's going to be a whole new beast. For those of you who have followed my CJ over the past couple years Pater and the Blitzball stadium will be quite familiar, I've just made a few changes here and there. I changed the sea walls so that they match some of the adjoining zones and I've also tweaked the parks to make them a bit more symmetrical and less cluttered. Check out my entry called Opening Night Blitz if you want to do a little Before and After comparison or if you are new to this CJ. Click images to view full size. Hope your screen is high-res. Enjoy! Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Terring, Ln X, TekindusT, Fox, raynev1, agunter999, tankmank, kschmidt, magalenin, Anubis104, NecoraNecora, nos.17, plantsvszombies, suomi2005, stockslips, feeroz123, asdas Thanks for your comments and support. Stay tuned. ggamgus: You just OUTDID every single science-fiction city ever made for any television program, movie or videogame in history. *applauds for 20 minutes straight* I don't know if I'm worth of such high praise but thanks a lot. dlsni: dude i just broke my jaw Hope you've had time to heal. Thanks. sarthakknight: lol i can't find mine i must have dropped it somewhere!! Here let me get that for you. *Picks up jaw and hands it back to sarthakknight* Lord Branham: I am honestly speechless. You have not created a city, but a masterpiece! Your use of buildings, parks, and water is unrivaled! I honestly cannot put in to words how marvelously you have done here. I look forward to your next creation, enjoy your break! Thanks Branham, it took a lot of work and I'm glad you appreciate it. jmsepe: How the hell do you always make that!!?? Everything is just so atmospherically pleasant! The harbor, the downtown, the roads, gosh I might end up writing an essay just to say how beautiful your city is. lol, thanks jmsepe. Benedict: Amazing scenes as always - and well done, you're back at number one this week on BTT. Ahh, to be king for a day! spursrule14: You know you're going something right when you make it to the Best of the Best and #1 on Ben's top 10. Belfastsocrates: Absolutely superb CJ! I adore the attention to detail and abundance of custom content and lots. It's incredibly attractive visually and a joy to read through. P.S. I'm also rather thankful I have a fast broadband connection lol Yeah high bandwidth is key. Unfortunately it is still unavailable in some areas (not mine). Thanks Belfastsocrates. KonstantinII: It just only that the city looks a bit unprotected against the sea. What if a tsunami came, and all the city will be ruined. Also it is sad to think of what could happen if someone dropped a bomb on it. It looks beautiful, but a little vulnerable. Don't worry, Ionica is well protected from the sea. There are many breakwaters, canals, and pipes that are designed to divert water in case of disasters. Ionica is also very well protected from military attacks. I plan on building some military bases in the future and we also have a tight satellite defense system with particle beam weapons that can take out any incoming enemy aircraft or missiles.
  18. 69 - Eternal Spring

    Hello fellow Simtropians or is it Simtropolitans? ... Simtropolites? ... Llamas? Welcome back! To kick off this 3rd season of Ionica I present to you a make-over/do-over of a Zone called Qui Chuji, named after a Daoist priest whose formal title was Perfect Master Qiu of Eternal Spring. Qui Chuji is the founder of the Dragon Gate sect of Taoism and is the most famous of the Seven True Daoists of the North. This Zone is the first of a series of Zones that bear the names of these seven masters. Qiu Chuji is directly across the Amethyst river from Archon, and much like Archon it is an ideal place for people who work in the CBD (Avalon) but want to live at a slightly slower pace. In fact it is said that Qiu Chuji is much more relaxed than Archon since CEOs generally don't wine and dine prospective clients there and Yacht Parties are prohibited. The waterfront is lined with luxurious condos that provide spectacular views for its tenants. Most famous of which are the Cobb Europa and Cobb Riviera by the legendary architect Cobb 32118. Both are designed in the style of the French and Italian Riviera and have multi-level roof-top gardens. The canal that starts here stretches horizontally across six small Zones, ending in Peach Blossom Bay, and vertically across three medium size Zones, ending in Acropolis. This Zone also features the Ionican branch of Macy's and the Cathedral of our Lady. Enjoy. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Reply section to return next entry.
  19. 70 - Jade Sun

    Like Qiu Chuji this Zone gets it's name from one of the Seven True Daoists of the North, Wang Chuyi, known as The Perfected Master of The Jade Sun. Once again, this is a remake/do-over meant to consolidate the style of the canals that stretch across Ionica. As you can see from this Before and After pic, the only thing that stayed the same was the tram-depot. The theater also remained, but was relocated. This Zone now features a landmark imported from the old world, the St. John's Cathedral, a 13th century gothic church with a tower built of red stone. Its pipe organs can often be heard throughout the Zone. Directly across from the cathedral is the equally impressive residential high-rise, The Jade Garden. There is also the Red Arch, which competes with the Jade Garden for best view of the canal. Both are designed by the legendary bixel. Wang Chuyi also features a wide range of mid-rise apartments and condos, the most modern of which are the Viewdeck Condos, a residential project funded by the totally not 'evil' Huston Corporation. With the exception of a rail line, no major transportation system passes through this Zone, which makes it relatively calm despite being above the CBD. Depending on the season the canal can be quite busy, but since it's nearing the end of the summer the only traffic to contend with is pedal boats. Enjoy. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. raynev1: I seem to be first to comment ... Another FAN-TASTIC batch of eye candy from one of our best CJ'ers . Just in time for the Trixie Awards . +1 and 5 stars from me . Can only imagine how great the next entry will be . I will have a much better day now , after viewing this work of art . Thanks raynev1. Great to have you along for Season 3. gviper: Like McDonald's I am Luvin' it! McMilitant happy to serve. Thanks gviper. BugeyedDragon: The mosaics are stunning! Thanks BD. kschmidt: Real great Bats there, straight neat embankment round the canal, well done ! Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned. Terring: Excellent, man! Yeah, but you already knew that 'cause you'd somehow already seen this entry (I think it's cause I temporarily published it before it was finished). Thanks. tankmank: Nice to see some more work from you, i just love the colours so lively Well, you know me - i love dem colours! Thanks. Fox: Love the night pictures and the light show on that Cathedral.. very pretty! Great work on the tram lines too, first thing I noticed is the public transport.. very important for such a large city. Ah that tram line. It's something I did out of necessity rather than style - it just had to go there. It's fun to work on tiles in between other fully constructed tiles because it forces you to do things with the roads you might not think about. heartless: Beautiful, beautiful work! Impeccable sense of design. Brilliant taste in BATS and use thereof. Stunning.Cheers, H. Now I'm blushing. Thanks H. mrsmartman: Investment-grade rating. Buy low, sell high! Thanks. vinlabsc3k: Great new start!! Only 2 flaws: no captions and too-close intersections (the marina ramps and the bridge head near the building with glass vaulted dome). I didn't feel the need to put captions for an entry like this, but you're right about those intersections. Way to trigger my OCD. I'll try to fix it when I have a chance. Unfortunately I made the same mistake in this entry - didn't have time to fix it before publishing because most of these pics were taken months ago. Great comment. Thanks. Neto Dari: Very beautiful! Loved the effect of lights. Thanks Neto. Good to see ya. CMinVA: That is stunning. Beautiful work! Hey CMinVA, thanks. sejr99999: thank you for sharing your city very enjoyable to see the use of so many great contributions from the last 12 years in a beautiful combination some buildings I don't remember seeing before and will now have to look for. Always pleases me when people take note of BATs they might not have seen before in my CJ. It's the circle of life - Simtropolis style. Thanks. tariely: ooooh, nice ! I love the dressing-up of the marina, underwater, and the night mosaics are impressive.The whole thing looks kinda MIamiesque, with the canal...:-) Yeah Miami is one of my inspirations. Thanks tariely. Stay tuned. TekindusT: IONICA: ALWAYS MORE THAN ONCE lol - That just put a super huge smile on my face. Thanks Tek. Schulmanator: Nice stuff! Great new pix... looking awesome. But, Ionica is always looking awesome! Always great to hear it from a dedicated CJer like you. Thanks. kingofsimcity: Immaculate city! The underwater details are mesmerizing! I'm honoured your majesty! Thanks. Linoa06: Lovely! I do think there ought to be more traffic though. Yeah I regret that. Unfortunately this problem will persist through the next few entries because I just recently realized i had the #ofCars/Sims on low.
  20. 71 - Liu Chuxuan

    As with the Zones seen in the previous two entries, this one gets its name from a member of the Quanzhen Seven, Liu Chuxuan - The Perfected Master of Eternal Life. Set along the canal that crosses Ionica from Qiu Chuji (Eternal Spring) to Huang Yaoshi (Peach Blossom Bay), Liu Chuxuan features the Intercontinental Hotel and the New World Apartments. Both were designed to contour the canal and provide an excellent view of the Black Obelisk of Horus which has inlaid gold hieroglyphics that shine at night. Overlooking the canal on the northern side is the Brickell on the River, a luxurious complex of residential towers. Much like Wang Chuyi, no major transportation system passes through this Zone. It is mainly a residential area, with some commercial mid-rises but no skyscrapers. Since it is right above the CBD, residents of this Zone can easily travel to any part of the city in a relatively short amount of time. Enjoy your stay. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. gviper: Marvelous, simply marvelous. The contoured walls next to the waterways really enhances the scene. I want to take a stroll and see the sights in real life. You really love those retaining wall plaza pieces Well done M.R. And you gotta love the name: Ionica It would indeed be great to take a stroll in such a place. Thanks. raynev1: Another magnificent work of of art . You are a Picasso with Simcity4 . So good to see a 3rd season. Bravo , well done indeed. Thanks for the high praise raynev1. nos.17: I have 5 words: Beautiful. Needs traffic generators though. Yes, the lack of traffic has been bothering me. As I told someone in the last entry, I just recently realized i had the #Cars/Sims option set to low. I will also consider getting a traffic generator. Any suggestions? Thanks. tankman: What a transformation, it seems more open and brighter now with the changes. Mission accomplished then. Thanks. Schulmanator: Nice! Some creative and appealing ways to use custom content for sure! Always trying to find new ways to assemble good stuff. Thanks. Qorten: Damn, you really know how to make gorgeous cities! Well it took a few years, but I'm gettin' there. Thanks. Paulobergonci: So many details! Great use of BATs, it looks like a beautiful city to live in. Hey Paulo, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. kschmidt: Classic SC4 building, city building commercial zoning only, industrial and residential in their own space commuting around, as it was designed ! Well done ! Thanks kschmidt. Stay tuned. magalenin: Absolutely awesome, as always! And also a big thank because of the linked user-made buildings! My cities wouldn't look the way they did if it weren't for the custom content creators so I gotta represent. Thanks. TMTS: Nice work!! Well done, really pretty! There's more where that came from. Stay tuned. Thanks. jmsepe: Stunning beauty as usual! What resolution are you using for your images? Thanks jmsepe. The resolution of an individual screenshot is 1920 x 1080 but I usually crop that down to 1920 x 861. The resolution of a typical mosaic of mine is around 1920 x 4500 (for a small tile). MissVanleider: This makes me really want to learn how those TuLEPS work Snazzy! It actually isn't that hard. If you have the latest version of NAM all you have to do is use the 1-way road tool and click on your intersections.
  21. 72 - Leaning Forward

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa in a sunken canal...? Is what you might be asking yourself. Indeed that is what can be found in this Zone of Ionica known as Ma Yu, The Scarlet Star. City planners decided to place this replica landmark of the famous tower in the center of a sunken canal as a reminder of how far civilization and technology has progressed since its creation. High-rises and skyscrapers now overlook a tower that was one of the tallest in its time. It is also there, leaning just like the original, as a reminder of how success and failure are intertwined. An amazing feat of architecture foiled by an error in its construction. During the height of summer and the Nautical Festival in August, this section of the canal is one of the most popular attractions. The canal, which crosses Ionica East to West, also goes northward to the Zone above Ma Yu and out to sea. Ma Yu is also home to the Bibliothèque Parisienne, a hub of francophone culture in Ionica and a repository of the best and most popular french literature. Enjoy your visit. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. gviper: Marvelous! As usual, your waterways are elegantly designed and incorporated into the cityscape. The only thing I'd love to see is some mmp flora work around some of the larger residential towers. Overall, a fantastic piece of city art! Thanks for your continued support gviper. Interesting suggestion, but I'm not quite sure what you mean. Maybe you could pass along an example. raynev1: A piece of city art for sure , another great update . That obelisk in the canal .. Sweet . Plenty of eye candy . This entry gave me a toothache ... in my eyes . All sugared up now . Welcome back Ionica . Don't forget to brush your teeth after visiting. Dentists say Ionica is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Thanks raynev1. nos.17: Great job again! This is the traffic generator I would recommend. You may want to relot them to better fit the Ionican style...I trust you'll find something that works. Thanks for passing that along. I'd seen that mod while lurking the STEX but never grabbed it. I've installed it now and am currently placing some in my tiles. It will take a few updates for you to see the results since pictures for the next few were taken a while ago. michael95l: I love the colours. It looks so vibrant and realistic! Keep up the amazing work with these mosaics! Thanks michael95l. Stay tuned. Schulmanator: Great new stuff! Love the awesome pix! Always good to have the support of such a prolific CJer. Thanks. TekindusT: That obelisk looks ridiculously good there in the middle of the canal! I would have never thought of something like this, but I love it! I tried a bunch of other landmarks but that one indeed worked best. Thanks Tek. MissVanleider: Really impressive, superb water / canals I'd love to know the name of the black and white midrise building in the second picture, across the avenue from the (i think) Japanese School and next to a slightly taller orange and black, cross-shaped midrise. Thanks MissVanleider. The answer to your question, for anyone else who might want to know, is in the comment section of the previous entry. dedgren: Lovely and wonderfully detailed mosaics. David Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks. heartless: You should totally do a city building "how to" CJ, you've got some serious skills. Well it didn't happen over night. One of these days I'm thinking I'll to a recap where I might give a few tutorials or "tips". Thanks. Mymjyp: I see you are still a marvelous, gifted SC4 city builder! This entry is so wonderful. Congratz on a job extremely well done! Ah Mymjyp, there you are. Thanks for the praise. Are you still playing SC4? Hope to see more from you. Thanks. city89: cool Thanks. slickbg56: You sir, are an SC4 treasure. Yup, I said it. Your stuff is Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning. I guess I don't really know what that means, but I said it anyway. Keep on building stuff. It makes me want to get back on SC4 and start building again! Way to be an inspiration to the masses. Like Lucky Charms on a Saturday morn means it's magically delicious. Thanks slick, I'm glad that entry made you want to get back into SC4. Hope you make some good stuff. tariely: Those mosaics are just wow-inducing ! I love the planning obvious in the first one (with the symmetrical though dissimilar buildings -- I never could get both to grow !) and the idea of the subterranean mall all over there. Also the canal and retaining walls, with the stairway. Musical ! I mean : rythm in space. Wich night mod are you using ? Is it the Maxis one ? Mashty Night is a bit darker and would perhaps compliment those great shots even better. Actually, neither of those buildings is grown. One of them is a non-functional landmark and the other is a ploppable commercial building. I usually do a combination of grown and plopped. I'm not using a night mod. Thanks. rbro125: Love this! Great job! I love every inch of these shots! Thanks. feyss: I like your unique style. This obelisk fits perfectly in the middle of the canal. Thanks feyss. I'm a great admirer of your work and have studied many of your pics to enrich my knowledge of the game. magalenin: This entry's looks awesome factor is 10/10 Thanks magalenin - funny name. serjr99999: thank you for sharing these great pix of your beautifully designed city excellent use of some of the best custom content by the many contributors to this old game SC4 lives on Once again glad I could showcase dat custom content. Thanks. BonafideTactician: Excellent use of custom content so extensively which gives the city a true feel of uniqueness and showcases how much time, creativity, and raw effort was put into each and every single tile. Top 30 cities I've ever seen all time. Have spent 3 years unregistered mainly on looking through city journals for my own growth so you have to realize this is a comparison to every city journal released and there have been some true masterpieces this scores high but not flawless. Nonetheless excellent work and congrats on a spectacular city. Whoa, neat rating system. Thanks for your detailed appraisal of my entry. Hopefully I'll be able to earn a higher score soon. Urban Constanta: nice work, i like that monolith thingy. Hey Urban, thanks. takemethere: Never a letdown when checking out this CJ, just know there'll be some impressive pics & pano's made even more picturesque with some great photo editing effects. Thanks takemethere. I admire your work very much and it always gives me something new to reflect upon.
  22. 73 - Infinite Peace

    Okay so this is the last in my series of canals for now. Looking forward to showing you some newer stuff very soon, but for the time being lets have a look at Hao Datong, The Perfected Master of Infinite Peace. Here the canal splits and narrows down to a southern passage that allows small boats to travel to the northern exit point in Acropolis (to be shown soon). In the middle is a beautiful Thai Style Buddhist temple that casts an aura of serenity around the whole area. Once again, towering residential complexes overlook the landmark from almost every angle. In this Zone we can also see things taper off into low-density residential areas which lead into Sarai (entry currently defunct) directly above. Enjoy. Comments, suggestions, and questions are always appreciated. Thanks for visiting. Currently having some problems with older entries. I'll try to fix them when I have a chance. gviper: Fantastically splendid. As is a hallmark for most of your work the waterfronts are masterpieces. I would love a little more green space personally but otherwise I love it! Yeah, in area this small it's hard to fit in green spaces since I want everything to be so dense, but hopefully soon I'll get around to show you some of the parks I've been working on. Thanks. raynev1: Another superb entry , it's like East meets West and swirled together. To make a harmonious combination that truly works can be quite difficult . But you definitely pulled it off , a job well done . Thanks raynev1. Really appreciate your continued support. tariely: It's pleasantly weird, that leaning tower ! Out of the box... The mosaics are superb again. I too use a combination of grown and plopped when I do a big city. Sometimes chance gives felicitous arrangements of buildings but playing god is nice too:-) Bonjour triely. Yeah, it's fun when a building you didn't expect, or kinda forgot you had, pops up. Thanks. michae95l: Lovin' the tower! As usual, excellent work. Thanks michae95l. Schulmanator: Looks awesome! I am booking a trip here pronto!!! As usual you can pick up your VIP package at the airport when you arrive. We'll have a driver ready to bring you to your hotel. Thanks. Sexysark:P: It looks awesome the way you managed to mix different forms of architectural style overall presents a unique style which only you can do keep up the good work !! Guess I kind of have my own style now. Ionican style. Thanks Sark, good to see you. jmsepe: Admirable work as usual. The colors do well with the image. Thanks j. spiritualfire: I thoroughly enjoyed the detail you put into this city in each picture here. Two questions: Which canal wall mod did you use? The red brick boardwalks and stone walls really help the character and I would like to try it. Second question: the ramp on the corner of the St George's Bank in the last picture, where is that found on the STEX? I am in dire need of that ramp. I'm using the Goober Canals, the link is to the base set, add-ons can also be found on the SC4D LEX. You can find the ramp here. And here is a download link for the Red Brick retaining walls: RedBrickPlaza.zip Thanks. John2098: You should totally put some of those buildings on the ST Exchange None of those buildings were made by me and the vast majority of them are indeed on the STEX. Feel free to ask me or go to the Can't Find It thread. Thanks.
  23. Divine Shrine

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall of Fame from the Best Picture Competition. May 15th, 2015.

    © 2015 MilitantRadical


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