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User Interface

UI modifications and enhancements for SimCity (2013).

13 Files

  1. Improved Worker Data In Rollover

    This is based on the original Extended Worker Data in Rollover mod however it removes the bug where the display added the number of workers in a building to the number of available jobs which made it appear as if more jobs were available than was actually the case.
    This mod now displays the number of jobs in a building as the game reports them.
    The mod only shows the jobs available on the current shift. If a building doesn't have opening hours then it's total job capacity is double the amount shown (day shift and night shift). These are the numbers used by the employment statistics in the population details screen.
    A few clarifications:
    The Population Details screen will tell you how many jobs there are vs how many workers you have. This is a simple A - B equation and does not represent the real state of affairs. In reality you may have unemployed Sims because they couldn't get to a job before giving up and going home. This is why despite the Population Details screen saying you have zero unemployment and zero available jobs that not every job generating building will be full. There appears to be a bug with plopped buildings like the Fire Station where the number of jobs they generate doesn't take into account any upgrades you have added. For example a new Fire Engine Garage will add 10 low wealth and 2 mid wealth jobs per shift to a Fire Station; however while this change is reflected in the rollover the Fire Station will not employ any additional Sims beyond it's starting value (10 and 3) and will report the same total jobs to the population details screen (26). This appears to be a bug in the base game and I don't have the knowledge to fix it.


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  2. (Offline Only) Akar Addon: EL Train

    Hey guys
    This mod creates a new submenu for the EL Train mod done by oppie.
    The EL Train items that were originally in the MagLev submenu are now in this new submenu.
    You need the following mods in order for this to work correctly:
    EL Train mod - https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29584-elevated-railway-offline-only-replaces-maglev/
    Project Akar - https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/29715-project-akar-ui-enhancement/
    Here's a video for this mod:

    How to install:
    1. Unzip the file.
    2. Place into your SimCityData folder.
    Special thanks:
    To yayie: For assisting me with the naming of the menus.
    To HyugaHinata: For assisting me with the naming of the menus.
    Enjoy! More mods are coming!


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  3. Reduced Snap Distance

    This mods reduces to a quarter the minimum distance between the cursor and an existing street before the cursor snaps to that street. The snap distance to guides is reduced as well.
    It lets build with udon much easier.
    This tweak is included in the udon expansion of my other mod "Functional Guides".
    I need you to test if this works online, and if it's incompatible with some other mods.


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  4. ONLINE - Functional Guides

    This is a mod that modifies guides in order to reflect the road functionality.
    Edge guides always respect the road density: if you're placing a dirt road or a low density street, the edges are at a distance that lets sims build a low density building. If you're placing medium or high density roads/avenues, the edges are at the right distance to build a medium/high density building. If you place train or streetcar rails, the edge guides are near the border.
    As far as road-guides are concerned, this is what happens: whatever road is already placed, if you draw a new road, you'll have the guide at the right distance to build a building on the existing road and one on the new road, both of the density of those roads.
    Rails are treated like the edge of the map: if you draw any type of street near a train/streetcar rail, the guides show you the distance for one building of the right density to be built on the new road.
    Chose this variant and use it instead of the normal "Functional Guides" if you usually don't zone on avenues. Using this variant, avenues are treated like rails, so guides are shown at a distance where you can draw a street and build a building on the street only. The guides at the edge are near the border.
    Use this mod together with latest versions of UDON and Max' no-traffic-lights streets mods to have functional guides with the new streets. It tweaks snap distances so you can actually follow the new UDON guides I added. Warning: UDON elevated and transition ramps/freeway don't show guides.
    If you use functional guides, but don't have those mods, only the snap distance will be lowered, so you shouldn't have problems when playing online (tell us if you have).
    I need you to test with other mods to show incompatibilities and needs. Of course it is incompatible with other guide mods.


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  5. Project Akar : UI Enhancement

    Please take 5 minute read before downloading Akar, thank you.
    Akar is a mod that changes the UI (User interface) by adding new menu's as well as sub-menus. It provides a user friendly as well as keep everything organized, eliminate the cluttered and unorganized items. Current version works only in Offline mode. Akar is all around mod that holds every mods ever created to be implemented into the game. At this early stage, you may find mods conflicting between old and the new, we are working on that part for modders have to update their files. It is actually nothing to be concerned of but we are working on that said subject.
    Not Compatible with :
    •  BoC
    •  UDoN-Addon
    •  Bridge and Tunnel mod
    Please Read "ReadMe" file in Akar and Avalon for LowRes and HighRes users.
    How to install?
    1. Download all Rar files.
    2. Right click the rar file > Extract
    3. Please read "ReadMe" file before installing Akar or Avalon
    4. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.

    Currently, Akar has 7 new menus and 60 new Sub-menus including 2 Optional Sub-menus. This addition will allow modders to add their mods in its respective directory without flooding a singular menu, as for users are now pleased with the organized items rather than scouring through massive singular menu.
    Custom Content menu is available along Akar base file, It is empty till modders adds new content in it.
    Extended boundaries (Orion) is one part of a combination of mods that enhance the experience outside the 2k limits.

    Orion, regional roads, regional UdoNs and RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) are designed to extend the city experience by working together as a collective set of enhancements.
    RCIHC Plop All (Residential Commercial Industrial Hotel and Custom Building Plop) can work independently by allowing zone enhancement and even zone locking on its own but its ultimate purpose and enhancements was the combined use with the other mods to create an expand experience outside 2k limits.
    With all the mods for Orion installed such as Avalon, regional roads, regional UDoN etc, users may find their menu cluttered or lags. This is where Akar was born to create, to subcategories each mods that flooded the original menu. Akar is a child from Orion and Avalon itself.
    Here, we will list every mod that may be favorable for Orions:
    Package include 2 files, You need to paste both files in your SimCityData folder. "003_OFFLINE_DLC_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140231_2_1_RCIHCPLOPALL.package" "002_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1_2_Avalon".
      You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar" for this to work, make sure you download and paste it in your SimCityData folder first.  
    How to install?
    1. Download all Rar files.
    2. Right click the rar file > Extract
    3. Copy and paste the package file into your SimCityData folder.
    4. Launch the game.
    5. Save the game.
    6. Quit the game.
    7. Relaunch the game.
    8. Resume the game.
    UPDATE : 15th Aug 2014
    All New Icons.  
    Note : User may see Burger King and McDonalds in the menu, its is advisable to have them alongside Avalons until we figured out how to recover the replacement original model of it.
    If you installed MagLev as Subway by MaxisGuillaume. I've made a Subway submenu within the Mass Transit. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. (currently an empty Map data, users may need to rely on Maglev's map data for now)
      If you installed Offline-Only Mod: "Park Bench" by Xoxide. I've made a Decorations submenu within the Parks menu. This is entirely optional, users may or may not need this. As it stands, modders are now about to add more items in this directory. Be sure to get them.
      If you installed The SimCity Decoration Pack by Danny50205. I've made a "Plop Anywhere" submenu for that very purpose. Currently this only applies of HighRes users only. Coming Soon for LowRes users. Stay Tune.
      Package include 1 file, "001_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_1.0.5_AkarRoadsSet". You MUST have Akar base file "000_OFFLINE_DLC_UI_OBJECTS_SUGC_TEAM1_20140716_2_0_Akar" You need to install the Original Coastline and Waterways path and tools. You need to install the Original UDoN 1.8 (Only) You need to install the Original Xoxide's Pedestrian Path  
    Highly Recommend Mod: Be sure to follow HygaHinata's files for updates
    Regional Tunnels (Streetcar and Heavy Rail) Regional Pedestrian Path Tunnels (Sidewalk Tunnels) Regional Tunnels (Streets and Avenue) Regional Bridge (UDon) Regional Subway Tunnels Regional Water Roads Regional Elevated Railway (Oppie's EL Train Station)  
    Not Compatible with :
    RegionalRoad-1.6.package RegionalUDoN.package UDoN 1.7 and and all previous version  
    Roads Menu : SubMenu
    Streets Regional Streets UDoN Regional UDon Custom Roads Waterways  
    Streets Submenu :
    Includes all the original in-game Roads as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb
      Regional Streets :
    Includes all the original in-game Roads with regional properties as well as Service Roads from Oil Well, Wind Power Plant and Garbage Dumb
      Custom Roads :
    Includes Regional and Non Regional Amusement Park walkway, and SkyeStorme's Regional Freeway. (Modders may add their custom roads in this directory)
      Waterways :
    Includes Regional Waterway, Regional Waterway (Wide), Regional Coastline  
    UniDirectional Networks Menu : Submenu NEW
    Streets Regional Streets Ramps Regional Ramps Highway Regional Highway  
    Additional Properties :
    Fix University's Pedestrian Path to be work outside 2k boundary. (Regional) Personalized each regional roads with its respective names. Added Regional Icons. Added Regional Service Roads (based on Oil Well's service roads) Added Regional Pedestrian Path to be use outside 2k boundary - Special Thanks to HyugaHinata  
    Parks Menu $,$$,$$$
    Regional Xoxide's Pedestrian Path  
    University EDIT Mode
    Regional University's Pedestrian Path  
    Mass Transit Trains/StreetCar
    Regional Heavy Rail Tracks Regional Streetcar Tracks Regional High Density Street Car Avenue  
    Funshine Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Wheels of Wonder Amusement ParkEDIT Mode, Thrilland Adventure Park EDIT Mode
    Regional Amusement Park Walkway Regional Mini-Train Tracks  
    UPDATE : 21st Aug 2014
    Rearrange all UDoN Roads Upgrade UDoN roads (thank to HyugaHinata) Please Download UDoN 1.8 and Remove all previous UDoN version)  
    UPDATE : 29th Aug 2014
    - Fix Regional Amusement Park Walkway - Fix Amusement Park Mini Train Tracks - Fix Service Road (Wind Power Plant) - Fix Service Road (Garbage Dump) - Fix Service Road (Oil Well)   - Added Pedestrian Path Submenu - Rearrange all Roads and Ped Path.  
    We understand that users may not need certain Roads that's been added into the game. We will break it down so that users may use based on he/she needs. For now AkarRoadsSet offers every roads available to cooperate with Project Orion.
    BONUS for CoT Users Only.
    Added Regional Extraction Pod Pipeline for Omega Factory EDIT Mode Get your Parklets here!!!  


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  6. Megatower Base in Menu

    Just a basic mod to add the megatower base to the menu, so you dont have to delete the default levels if you want something else. No other modifications made.
    BUG : Road/power etc bug fixed.
    Extract Megatower-No-Levels.package to your SimCityData folder to use this mod.


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  7. The Purple Line in Industrial Tech Map ModThe Purple Line in Industrial Tech Map Mod

    his Mod takes the pink and purple lines that go from colleges and universities and directs them to factories and certain power plants that appear in the Industrial Tech Map. This is helpful to predict which factories are going to get skill first, and which ones are going to upgrade next.
    In the code, these type of lines are called “pipe overlays”, as they are a visualization definition for agents that use the “pipe” handler. Adding the line that goes from the college to medium tech factories, and the line from the university to high tech factories was straightforward. I added a new property array listing them in the data map file and that took care of it.
    The other lines were a little more complex to get working. First I had to create new pipe overlay files for the lines coming from the college and university to the lower tech factories, and to power plants by copying the original pipe overlay files. Then I made these new overlay files point to their correct pipe sinks. Finally, I added references to the new files in the same array as the original overlay files in the data map file so they all show up in game and provide context as designed.


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  8. The Closer Road Guides Mod

    This Mod tightens the distance tuning for road guides, so streets and avenues get placed closer to each other when using guides. As a result, there is very little empty space in the back of each building, so you can get more houses into your city.

    You may not want to use this Mod if you turn off guides for curved roads though, as you might not get as many buildings developing.


    In order to make this Mod I opened the SimCity game package file and exported a few files, including the global road template which is used by the avenues, and the narrow street definition files. Then I lowered the value of the guide distance (property ID: 0x0ec367af) and saved the files as a new package.




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  9. The Extended Worker Data Mod

    Have you ever wondered how many jobs of each wealth level a work building supports? This Mod adds three bars to the civic, commercial and industrial buildings rollovers that gives you just that information. It will also help you make informed decisions in regards to zoning for residential buildings.
    In order to make this Mod, I created a new piece of UI with a matching data binding function. Fortunately, there was already an example similar to what I wanted to do in the MegaTower Office level rollover, so my first task was to copy the layout with the three bars into a new file.
    I then looked up how the worker data was fed into the bars in the rollover, and copied that piece of JavaScript into another file. Because of the way the UI is packed in the game, I had to find a JavaScript file that is packed by itself rather than add the function to the main (and very long) UI file. To do this, I opened the Mayor Rating UI file and pasted the code at the bottom of it. I renamed the original “kSkyTowerLevelOfficePopulation” function to “kWorkers” and encoded it to “0xe15027f1”.
    Finally, I went through all the units in the game that have workers (I actually looked for the code for “kMaintenance” and combed through the results) and added the new rollover item’s ID to their list of extended rollover data.


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  10. Heavy Layer Pack

    This mod adds additional pipe overlays to the heavy layers in SimCity.


    Pipe Overlays:

    This mod is similar to the PurpleLineInIndustrialTechMap, it adds colored lines to the different pipes used throughout the game.  Special thanks to MaxisGuillaume for pointing me in the right direction.

    So far I have added pipe overlays to the following data layers:


    Crime Map:

    - Police 1

    - Criminal

    - Police 2

    - Crime Prevention Van

    - Police Helicopter

    - Detective Car

    - Criminal Home 1

    - Criminal Home 2

    - Criminal Home 3


    More Pipe overlays to come with future versions.


    The package contains modifications to:

    - kHeavyLayerCrime (0x00b1b104/0x40e0e000/0x9fc1ce21)


    To install this mod, unpack the zip file into your SimCityData folder. This mod was made using Oppie's SimCityPak tool.

    The package name is jHeavyLayer.package.


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  11. My Guides

    This mod provides a template layout for a perfect city with a maximum traffic efficiency to building density ratio. It does only change the guides that appear ingame, if you draw a street. As requested the most important information you have to know
    Instructions   - Install by copying the .package file into your ...\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData\ folder  - If you rename the file, make sure it comes before "SimCity_Game.package" alphabetically Warning 
     - Modifying files is still experimental and might lead to city rollbacks  (no rollback caused by this mod)  - There is no official statement from Maxis nor EA about using mods, so use at your own risk  - For more information on EA modding policy  
    Useful Links: Google Spreadsheat (WIP) | Discussion
    roads 1st guide (2HD) 2nd guide (4HD) low street 1st guide (1HD) 2nd guide (2HD) med street 1st guide (3HD) 2nd guide (6HD) high street 1st guide (1MT) 2nd guide (2MT) avenue 1st guide (1HD) 2nd guide (2HD) transition between avenues and low street  
    MT = MegaTower
    HD = High Density building
    There is only the transition between avenues and the low density street. Other streets or the dirtroad deliver wrong guides i would think. You should always use the same road/street to deliver you a guide.
    you have a low density street > pick low density (or avenue for transition) and let the guides show up you have a dirtroad > pick dirtroad and let the guides show up and so on  
    To explain my decision for the transition: it will help you keep your avenues free of traffic. If you want the space between avenues to be higher it would mean there is no such help anymore. You would have to zone on your avenues. How the mod actually works you are able not to zone at your avenues. The only reason for me to do it like i did it.
    If there are any questions about changing values of my mod send me a PM please.
    some Credits
    XoXiDe for his great mod (see a lot of use in my pics)
    MaxisGuillaume (Closer Road Guides 1.0) and Skyestorme for his remake
    zombie12 (Real Population)


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  12. Real Population

    This mod replaces the "Fudged population" and instead puts the real one.  Many people have made this mod but it seems they haven't uploaded it here so I'm uploading it here.  As you can see in the examples. A city of 120,000, the real population is only 18,000.  See the diffrence
    Various redditors for discovering that the population was fudged and explaining how to make it. Oppie for his SimcityPak And of course Maxis for its wonderful game Note: MOD DOES NOT WORK WITH THE GLOBAL MARKET MOD


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  13. Trend Pack

    This Mod is now updated for Version 10.0.
    My first mod adds some much needed trending information to SimCity. Originally this mod was titled GlobalMarket.zip, I have renamed to Trend Pack, since that is more appropriate for the direction I am heading with this.
    Global Market (Online Mode Only):
    The first trend that is made available is the Global Market trend (previously only available from Main Menu).  The Challenges button (top right) will now open the SimCityWorldPanel, instead of the original Challenges panel.  The button icon has been updated to a world icon.
    History Panel (Online & Offline Modes):
    The other trends that are now available are accessible from the Leaderboards button (top right).  This button will now open a new HistoryPanel.  The button icon has been updated to be a trend icon.  These trends show data points only for the currently active session, and the data stored locally.  This data is stored to your local machine so if you switch to a different machine the past data points will not be displayed. Data points are collected every Sim hour (at 15m past the hour) and stored for one Sim year.  So far the following trends are available:
    - Population, Commuters, Visitors
    - Budget, Mayor Rating, Zones, Government, Destruction
    - Power, Water, Sewage
    - Garbage, Fire, Health, Crime, Education
    - Bus, Street Car, Rail, Boat, Air
    - Mining, Metal, Oil, Electronics, Trade
    - Casino, Stadiums, Cultural
    I do not currently have plans to add any more trends at this time.  Please post in the comments if there is any specific trend data that you would like to see.
    The package contains modifications to:
    - SimCityUI_min.js
    - GlobalUI2.js
    - SimCityWorldPanel.js
    - GlobalMarketLiveTab.js
    - icn-rollover-icons-challenges.png
    - icn-rollover-icons-challenges-on.png
    - icn-rollover-icons-leaderboard-norm.png
    - icn-rollover-icons-leaderboard-on.png
    To install this mod, unpack the zip file into your SimCityData folder. This mod was made using Oppie's SimCityPak tool.
    Please be sure to delete any older versions of the GlobalMarket.package.  The new package name is jTrendPak.package.
    As I have been adding more trends I have started to notice an increase in the amount of time it take to load a city.  Before trends I have seen ~30s load times, now I am seeing ~1m.  I plan to look into the issue, but in the meantime, if you are concerned with city loading time please don't install this mod.
    (Update 3/23/14):
    I have been doing some further investigation into the city load times and can't tie the increase in time to this mod directly.  It seems that the load times are more a function of city age and number of agents present.  If anyone notices any significant increase in load times due to this mod please post in the comments.
    (Update 4/4/14):
    I am currently aware of an issue with the localstorage functionality implemented in the last version.  This occurs when the data being stored exceeded the maximum quota size (~5mb).  Once the quota is exceeded history data will no longer be stored, but is still viewable for the currently active sesssion.  I am in the process of testing an update that would reduce the data size being stored and limit the maximum number of cities to prevent overfilling the quota.  I will release the update as soon as testing is complete.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


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