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(SC4) Wournosville

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About this City Journal

Welcome to Wournosville - a region based on the map of London. It was founded early January 2016 and is my very first region. Cities initially suffered from unconventional naming practicing such as Number One, Number Two and so on. It led to confusion of what was what. In an attempt to fix this the region had to be duplicated and Number Two, the major troublemaker, was rebuilt as Residential Evil.

The region currently consists of the cities Residential Evil, Industrial, Sherwood and Farms.
All cities were built without mods initially, but since I seem to have a thing for rail and wasn’t able to use it properly, I installed NAM. That opened the doors for other mods.

The main mods in use are:
NAM, SPAM, SPAR, Girafe’s flora, PEG SPAM, PEG MTP, Euro Road Mod, JobDoubler

Current focus is developing Farms and Sherwood. These cities have a lot of flora and I LOVE flora.
Cities in the pipeline are Watergate West and Watergate East - two large city maps with water where I will put harbours.

Overview South-East Wournosville

Entries in this City Journal


So... let's begin with version 2.2. For reference, this is version 2.0 - before the IRM Pack installation. The pictures says stage 1 but it is actually stage 2. The first one was just a horrible (could it be possible?!) mash of street, roads and avenues with extremely cluttered industry and severe traffic congestion.

The Maxis Highway was replaced yesterday with a more ... "prettier" NAM highway. It totally killed city funds. 40,000-something Simoleans dropped to roughly 16,000 because the Network muppets didn't know what they were doing. The change was clearly needed because driving through the city was a major pain in the backside. All these on and off ramps in all directions would drive any sane person mad - no pun intended!

In the pipeline
Figure out where to place railroad
Shuffle industry to fit with railroad
Focus on South-West sector (workforce from Residential Evil)
Whatever else springs to mind as work progresses

And since I cannot link a picture from URL... (why?! It worked in the past)
Industrial - Overview stage 2.2


So I have been away from both the game and this forum for over a year. The reason is rather pathetic, but I think I'm not the first to have experienced it.

Addon and Mod HELL!

I got so invested in finding new addons and mods, ploppables, auto stuff, you name it, that I actually got burned out from all of it. I remember spending more time sorting and indexing my 100 or so addons (which I know is a small number for other Sim-users) and trying to figure out what worked and what didn't, where to find stuff in game and looking for dependencies that required dependencies, that required... BAH!
The one mod that broke me was the IRM Base Pack (Industrial mod). I reached a point where I had to figure out why some of the basic Maxis buildings were, and still are, missing. But I just can't be arsed looking for a solution. Not yet anyway.

I'm slowly getting back to the game and have been tweaking Residential Evil a tad bit. Some libraries have been relocated, a house of worship was also relocated after two others were burnt to the ground by fanatics. There is also a recently built Little League Stadium with an arcade hall and tourist trap nearby.

As for Industrial (what a lame name), it is my biggest headache right now. It's one giant temporary solution. What I really should do is drop a nuke and have it all erased and start over. But that would be way too easy. The main goal is to demolish the Maxis Highway and replace it with NAM, and re-route the railroad.
But first I need to get the RHW-4 neighbour connections sorted. The work-around is avenues.


Meanwhile in Residential Evil...

We have issues. Our funds have hit rock bottom and I am not interested in taking out a loan to fix the situation. That’s what the mayor of Industrial did. It took him years to pay it off. Increased taxes lead to the collapse of the industry.

I know it’s the correct action but…

No. No! Yes, I’ll consider shuffling building projects but I will not take out a loan to do so. It will get out and when it does people will start screaming words like “incompetence”.


Shut up for once! We have enough funds to build a bigger train station. If we get it done right we can lay off the workers at the smaller stations, have them work at the new one and demolish the small ones. We’ll save a little bit of money that way. Besides, a bigger station means faster travel.

Yes, we will have a look at the bus network too. There are plenty of stops overflowing with people. They need to be upgraded.

As many as possible, of course!

What about the rail line towards Industrial?! It doesn’t need maintenance.

Oh right. If we get rid of the East train station we’ll lose the change to Farms. Damn it! I guess we have to reverse the line.

I meant have the switch, or whatever you call it, running from the new station to Farms instead of from Industrial to Farms. Why are you so thick sometimes?

You know, I’m looking at the overlay of the city and to me it seems we have way too many commercial buildings and not enough residential. …And why do we have high density residential at the city border? Who made these plans?

No, it wasn’t I! If you recall, I took over from some moron who couldn’t even simulate a city in a video game! This is a mess! They didn’t even bother to flatten the land before laying the main avenue! Yet another thing to add to the never ending list of things to do.

Please help me figure out where to best place the college and the large high school.

Yes, the hospital too. ..And the library. They all need to go if we’re going to build this new station. We need to be very careful here. Rebuilding will cost us, and the sheep… the people will most likely complain about everything. They always do. “We want parks”. “We want jobs”. “We want better housing”. “My commute time exceeds 6 minutes, you suck!”. Whiners. I’ll give you a park to admire.

How’s your Uncle Vinny anyway?

Storage cleaning? I’m pretty sure I can arrange a pick-up by a garbage truck. Just name the location and I’ll have someone collect the material.

Good. Good. Nice talking to you.

Zone overview. Preparation to flatten roads.

The brand new station in the heart of Residential Evil.

Mayor Wournos II erected this park in appreciation of his people.

In the pipeline
Ignore it until the problems go away - They didn't
Build a proper central station and remove other stations - Done
Work on correcting city income/loss - No longer a loss. §400 income a month.
Fix road network (flatten/smoothen) - Industrial zoning left.
Cut down palms from sidewalks - Done.
Integrate I-HT into city
Extend rail line towards Industrial East (to make room for I-HT)
Consider recreational locations


It's March and flora is growing rapidly. New plants have been spotted in and around Mumsyville and Farmville. Poppies, lupins and narcissus to mention a few. They are hard to see through the thick grass and straws but with time they blossom even more. Some locals have also found berry bushes mainly scattered along the Residential Evil rail line, but also near one of the many forests.

The highlight of Farms is the rearranged settlement, or suburb if you will, called Herringway. It was a nameless suburb to Residential Evil but after years of complete traffic chaos and poor (though not as bad as R.E) commute time, Mayor Wournos II unleashed the demolishing crew only to rebuild in a more straight-forward fashion. The streets are made of red bricks laid out in a fish bone fashion. Grass and straws are starting to return to the former mud pit. The landscaping artists are hard at work planting trees but it is tedious work and the back-log is slowly increasing. Only the north-east segment has growing broad-leaf trees and a handful of conifers.

There are plans of expanding Herringway north-west to get back the population that were evacuated before the rebuild. Currently only 2800 people live in farms, as opposed to the 5000 before the Integration Mission started.

Overview of Herringway.

There are plenty of jobs available though. Many new farms have cropped up (pardon the pun) north-west of Mumsyville, and a brand new cheese factory with additional cow pasture has opened between Mumsyville and Herringway. It offers 85 jobs in general cow management; milking, feeding, engineering of equipment, logistics etc. There is also a garden and crop shop across the street owned by DDT and Sons. They have 87 workers and are looking for an additional 8 workers to handle the supplies, sales and so on.

Cheese factory and farming supplies.

Lastly, kind of... Mr Tim has finally taken on the task of camp management alongside his farming business. Currently he rents out 1 camp site at a nearby field. If it pays off there may be additional lots to rent.

Mr Tim's camp rental site.

The missing woman was, according to newly acquired info by the detective on the case, supposed to visit her boyfriend out of town but never showed. It seems that the theft was a crime of opportunity and not planned at all but suited nicely with her going away - albeit earlier than planned.
The time frame of events suggests that she had to have stayed the night within Mumsyville before heading on. The only local place, aside from a single camp site, is a motel a 5 minute drive from the highway. The detective have made contact with the owner of the motel but no further actions have been taken so far.

This place needs some lighting!


Residents: >4100
Commercial: >2200
Industry: >6500
Funds: >480000

Farms has seen a drastic change since the very first initial city report. Residents have been reduced by 900 people, commercial has dropped by 800, agricultural industry has dropped by 500 and funds are roughly §20000-30000 lower than before. This is due to major shuffling of zones. The numbers are expected to rise to match what was, if not more, once the transformation of the county is... well, not complete but more... integrated.


In the pipeline
Develop Rural Forest further - paused
Remove roundabouts and make ”diamond intersections” - 3/6 replaced
Adjust residential and rail to make room for intersections - adjusted a H of a lot more than planned!
Replace power lines - paused
Improve nature around Mumsyville


In year 43 a new small village called Mumsyville was founded in the grand county of Farms. It's one of those sleepy villages where life pass on in its own speed. The locals vary in age but the most prominent demographic is families, with around 2.3 children per household.
Mumsyville almost mimics Farmville in layout. The main difference is the rail road traverse the village core, and the commercial area is twice the size of Farmville's - if not three times bigger. It has a small elementary school with few attending students and a large fire station. Currently crime is extremely low, which makes law enforcement redundant.

The plan for Mumsyville is to expand agriculture a tad bit and expand residential areas. Recreational life also need to be addressed. The only local enjoyment for now is shopping at Mum's Pineapple Flower Stand next to the elementary school. As for tourism, the only place to stay the night is a motel not too far from the main highway. There's plenty of fields though so anyone with camping equipment may set up camp without much hassle from any landowners. No one has been spotted so far though.

Mumsyville centre

An abandoned paddock next to a newly founded corn field. Mr Tim may rent the field to campers. Who knows.

As for the woman who was reported missing some time ago. A police officer from two towns over was conducting a health and environment check at a doughnut shop in Mumsyville and thought he spotted what could be the missing woman. She was last seen at an auto shop across the street trading her car for an older model and started acting agitated when she noticed the police car. If this really is the missing woman remains to be seen. A private investigator has been assigned the case by the woman's relatives.


Sam's auto shop.


Life is slow in Farms lately. But there has been some development during spring. What used to be lots of farmland has now transformed into a small suburbian community, so far nameless, though locals refer to it as Farmville. Some residents grew tired of having to commute to work and decided to file a petition to buy up some land for a private housing project. 44 new homes and a handful of commercial has been built, along with a train station. Even a brand new pumpkin farm established in the area. Looks like Halloween is on the go for the first time in Farm's history!
The project was approved by Mayor Wournos III, who thought it to be an excellent timing seeing how the Intersection Project is still ongoing. Having residents move on their own with little fuss is far better for mayor rating than having to evict them and tell them where to live.

Aerial view of "Farmville" - in summer.


As for some bad news... a woman has gone missing after leaving work early due to a severe headache. Local police is looking for her as she may have taken off with some money belonging to her employer. The search continues.


After deliberation on how and where to kick-start the transformation of the road and rail network, mayor Wournos III sent her road builders and landscaping artists to the least used roundabout, located in the South-East area of the county. It would require the least amount of work and would serve as a foundation on how to proceed with the project. Some of the pines in Rural Forest had to be cut down, nearly exposing the abandoned loading bay by the single-track-rail. New trees, mostly tall broad-leaf ones, were planted in and around the intersection to preserve the forest feeling the locals had grown so fond of. One resident was caught in the line of fire and had to have their entire property rebuilt (free of charge) because its original location interfered with a sliproad.


The previously open fields South-West of the new intersection now serves as a small community with a few shops and farmland. One large field divided into two segments by a crumbling low stone wall were kept intact due to local demand. The fields serves as a perfect location for Midsummer celebration. Besides, who wants to live close to a highway?


Lastly, the road team went ahead and tackled a not so unused roundabout. A few local farmers lost their land and a fairly used train station was demolished. Worst case scenario - more than just a few bits of rail will have to be rebuilt. Best case scenario - the train station is rebuilt a merely 30 metres west of its previous location. It's something for the rail builders to discuss. Meanwhile the flora keeps growing and spreading inside the second intersection.




Sherwood - intro

Mayor: Wournos I
Residents: >3200
Commercial: >7000
Industry: >2200
Funds: >300000
City area: Small


Sherwood is a forest and flora city. It has medium density residential with medium commercial zones away from the city center, and high density commercial along the central avenue. High-tech industry coats the edges to fill the need in Residential Evil.
Flora and fauna is a big thing in Sherwood and the city has undergone three changes so far. Initially, the trees were quite bland but after mayor Wournos I came across seasonal flora and had her landscaping artists do their work, the city flourished. However, the economic advisors failed to announce the forest had an upkeep of §1-2 depending on what was planted, so it had to be demolished in favour of positive numbers.

Currently, the landscaping artists are planting a mix of tall seasonal flora such as aesculus and birches, and non-seasonal flora such as juniper and broad-leaf trees.

Sherwood is connected to Residential Evil by avenue and rail, and Watergate West by rail only.

Neighbour deals
Water: bought from Residential Evil

In the pipeline
Cut down palms from sidewalks
Extend flora and fauna
Evaluate replacement of rail stations
Rail freight yard





Farms - intro

Mayor: Wournos III
Residents: >5000
Commercial: >3000
Industry: >7000
Funds: >500000
City area: Large


Farms was originally an area with residential to the West and farmland in the middle, with an open, unplanned area to the far East. Two avenues on either side of the farmland functioned as low-speed highways that connected Farms to Residential Evil and Industrial to the North. Farms was also connected to Residential Evil by rail that runs past the residential area.
The city was boring and stagnant.

When the mayor in neighboring city Industrial made a conscious decision to upgrade their rail with viaducts and improved stations (NAM), the mayor of Farms jumped on the bandwagon and replaced the avenues with proper highways (RHW). The transition was nothing but problematic. With inexperienced workers unable to build intersections and FLUPs mayor Wournos III decided to interrupt the highway with roundabouts - eight in total, four on either side of the farmland. Traffic would keep flowing with minimal congestion despite this choice.

The farmland underwent improvement (SPAM) that resulted in a greater variety of crops. In an attempt to speed up goods transportation the rail road crew built a line from Industrial that cut through the farmland down the South and out of the city. The rail has changed since then. Now it splits at the border to Industrial and pass through Rural Forest, the previously open unplanned area, and turns west and connects to the line that pass alongside Farms’ residential area.

Neighbour deals
Water: bought from Residential Evil
Garbage: sold to Industrial

In the pipeline
Develop Rural Forest further
Remove roundabouts and make ”diamond intersections”
Adjust residential and rail to make room for intersections
Replace power lines


Old picture. All Maxis trees have been removed. New flora has been ordered!



Industrial - intro

Mayor: Wournos IV
Residents: >2500
Commercial: >3700
Industry: >4600
Funds: >28800
City area: Small

(North points right)

Industrial was founded to supply Residential Evil with work and to keep pollution away from housing. Initially it had one long strip of dirty industry with two avenues going alongside the sector. As pollution rose complaints were made. Trees were planted, parks were constructed and even demolishing of factories to make room for trees happened.
The pollution remained. Traffic congestion increased.

Mayor Wournos II made a radical choice - demolish everything and rebuild. A plain highway with cloverleaf intersections were built, separating the city into four smaller areas. A rail connection to Residential Evil was made. But that was it. No one knew how to connect the rest of Industrial to this main line.

The mayor hired rail builders with basic education from NAM University and let them create viaducts over the existing high-way. Funds plummeted to as low as §2000. Meanwhile there was a high regional demand for high-tech industry. Taxes were raised to flush out dirty industry (thus reducing pollution), commercial replaced some industry and a small residential area was founded in the yet unpolluted south-east corner.

Neighbourhood deals
Water: bought from Residential Evil
Garbage: Bought from Farms and Residential Evil (only 50 units; wft?!)

In the pipeline
Cut down palms from sidewalks
Improve rail freight traffic
Build a rail yard
Reduce pollution
Separate I-M from I-HT (there is a mod for this)

Rail and high-tech industry. Don't mind the parabole bug on the rail viaduct. erm

Posh residential and train station.


Mayor: Wournos II
Residents: >55300
Commercial: >7300
Industry: >1800
Funds: >46000
City area: Small


Sigh! I hate this city! Residential Evil was originally founded as Number Two because it was the second city to be founded for learning purposes. Technical difficulties (on region level) forced me to delete the whole city and start over. I named it Residential Evil to be a reminder of the building horror.

R.E is a medium/high density city with a local avenue going through the city, connecting it to Sherwood to the West and Industrial to the East. The education level is high, around 160. The only industry available is two small areas with high-tech.
R.E is a very commute friendly city with plenty of bus stops connecting rail and subway. The commute time used to be as high as 90 minutes but has landed on an average of roughly 50 minutes.

Mayor Wournos II is struggling to keep funds afloat and have made changes to the rail system to reduce costs. Steps have been taken to keep costs to a minimum. However, there is still a monthly loss of about §400 each month.

Neighbour deals
Water: sells to Farms and Industrial
Garbage: sells 50 units to Industrial

In the pipeline
Ignore it until the problems go away
Build a proper central station and remove other stations
Work on correcting city income/loss
Fix road network (flatten/smoothen)
Cut down palms from sidewalks

Posh residential housing block

South city core. Hospital, education etc may turn into rail lines and a terminii station.


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