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City-building game(s)

Found 50 results

  1. Old Day´s Mineapolis - St Paul !

    Old day´s Mineapolis - St Paul ! Tonight I maid some time free to visit one of my older projects. SimCity 4 vanilla play ! Downtown Mineapolis ! University ! Business and Industrial area ! Some neighbourhood ! St Paul ! St Paul North Bridges ! Rich recreation area ! Agriculture ! Rural town Owatoona Mineapolis- St Paul Int Airport ! Enjoy !
  2. Roghue Island & More or less !

    Roghue Island & More or less ! This month we visit just about the largest part of Roghue Island ! Roghue Island as you see conscist of about three tiles. Middle and Northern most agricuture and some industrie. South aswell got agriculture but business and leisure part is more dominant ! We start our tour not on Roghue Island itself but the Hartford County part north of Hartford City ! Stamford is a typical commuter town for Hartford ! Some commuters aren´t happy and show there desire to move despite low taxes ! Romford is a town still in development. end point of the short commuter line. Some Hi Tech to the right ! We now take highway 7 over the bridge to Roghue Island ! Welcome to Roghue Island ! We now proceed to the very south tip of Roghue Island ! Now we are in the northern part of Roghue Island Central. This is mostly agriculture and some towns ! We meet highway 5 with a northern interchange and Norwood ! Largest town supporting this area ! Roghue Mountain Nature Reserve ! Just accros the river from Romford lay´s the town of Salford ! Historicaly maybe older than Roghue Town it´s mostly agriculture and business wich make up local economy ! Socker and baseball make up local mayor sport line up ! Roghue Town insight ! Roghue Town ! Hi Tech made posible by low taxes ! Roghue Town Pioneer baseball ground ! That´s for the Roghue Island Central Tile ! Lake Mayon Island still in development ! Rogue Island Southern Tile ! Roghue Island conscist of the town of Camberwell, Lowewell and Cape Roghue ! We start with the agricultural part of Lowewell ! Camberwell started because of two sweatwater lakes available, small hamlet ! Gradualy, the town developed south into a commuter town for Hartford ! Modern demand required state of the art facilities like this mall ! Hospital and education and sporthal ! More wealthy neighbourhood with adjacent marina ! Beach facilties wher also necesary to educate lake swimming ! Life guard allway´s present ! Roghue Cape is very near and our last point of view for this CJ ! Roghue Cape conscist of a big marina, lot´s of hotel´s and restaurants and passenger terminal for the ferry to Hartford Marina ! Here we conclude our tour of Roghue Island for now. About two city tiles allmost completly filled with all things island life makes beautifull ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  3. Mayon Province Agraculture

    Mayon Province Agraculture Firstly there was Maxis farming ! Grain elevators and the usual maxis stuff. Second stage desire to have some none maxis mods like SPAM or independent. Here we have a large hop farm area. All a litttle bit experimental, Maxis farms are when developing only available on demand, for a short time, other mods are queutly very time consuming they´ll need to be added one square a time and have some difficulty with height differences. Inland canal system added to take goods to and from the harbour ! So long for the inland area. Coastal area was designed like two holiday resorts with inbetween a large rural area with some sub tropical theme. First we have a large sugar plantation along the coast, providing some jobs. People will have to move out to get higher education, mostly decent hand or mechenical labour offered. Last we have a little Italian town surrounded by Vineyards and Olive plantation´s Hope to develope this tile a little bit more to have more orchards and furthur fruits. Next episode we take a look at the harbour and some downtown development !
  4. Smallville : Agricola

    1.Agriculture is still a vibrant economic part of Smalville's economy. In an alluvial plain, the earth is fertile, and once the temperamental rivers and the swamps had been tamed, Smallville became the bread basket of the Eden region. 2.The Country Fair is a year long tourist attraction 3. Rolling fields 4. 5. Smallville is very proud of its big and very efficient water treatment system. 6. However, some farms are being slowly caught up by the creeping urbanization : 7. The local beer, the Zabnis (surprise !), made from for local hops, is quite good -- and high in alcohol content. P. R. had some problems with that... 8. More farms... 9. 10. There is also good cheeses in the region, Here's one of the numerous cow pasture, with the remnant of a tamed swamp : 11. 12 Another farm with cows : 13. The Local Food Movement is very much alive in Smallville.That's Peter Nagy's Farm, the main producer of artisanal cheese in the region. 14. Also, the kids like to pet the lambs...
  5. France Les Riches et Les Pauvres !

    France Les Riches et Les Pauvres ! Today we take a short tour of french agricultural history ! EU in brussel today decides a lot about how agriculture economics is run. Some new force has arrived without any respect, the Super Marche´s who determine there own value´s on the market place. Ancient France and elswhere in europe this wasn´t much different, except the world was much smaller, more economic local. Every small region had one or two very rich landowners who allowed farmers to be tenant on there land. This right meant they where allowed to stay there in exchange for a great share of the sold profits. So if in above picture farms where on his land they all have to pay this price ! Chateax DÁmsnill on above picture a classic sample of these ancient french residences ! This is just a small land owner, now we gona see a real grand landowner. French nobility, was very keen to show there wealth to others ! Chateaux de Marceaux sur Lot ! Some part of the land ownde by this landowner ! Watch the differences in land sizes in between the village and the agricultural estate ! Grandeur on a large scale ! Forest around used for those big hunting parties ! Extensive back garden for those summer parties ! What should any high placed nobilty wish for else ! French revolution of 1789 changed everything ! Old rich nobility have to give up there rights to these large estates. French republic redistributed the land to the local farmer´s. Money will determine everyone´s status, not heritage ! As market prices plumped by the great demand some time later the first farming corporation´s where formed to give farmer´s a certain security over there income ! This system worked well till the end of last 20th centurie when the big Super Marche´s where those who decided farmer´s faith ! Farmer´s again are Les Pauvres as some 200 years ago. Directors of the large super market chain´s again pressed there mark on the rural landscape ! On this old chateaux grounds a brand new architectual castle was errected, in glory of this new market force ! So the cycle of history is closed again ! Those who dominate the market determine wealth of the local people. French farmer´s protesting at the local Super Marche are the nightmare of every maniging director, blocking of access. ruining business, luckly local law enforcement is there to resort such riot´s. That conclude´s this month CJ Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  6. France Agricole I

    France Agricole I Welcome to this new series in wich I try to escape from the urban jungle of last month´s urban stroll ! This series will be about short or medium breaks from larger projects, containing widely somekind of diorama like scene´s wich are some what experimental or not covered in current series ! Agriculture, haven´t been touched for just about half a year so we return in a France like scape. France Anno in wich this scape is created is quit different fromt ANNO Europe. As such other will be developed ! Some wider views ! France Tourisme is second nature ! Last we have a look at some typical medium town of wich there are so many ! Hope you like this CJ and see you back next time !
  7. France Agricole II

    France Agricole II Last month we visited a typical little french railway town, wich still need some adjustments ! This month we venture a little bit more of track into the town of Cruxieu sur Lot. Little town wich is located about in the middle of france, sheltered from that bad oceanic weather wich most coastal area.s do have ! First some arial shot´s of the surrounding area and there afther the town ! Local hardwarestore and the eco friendly windmills ! These water sources where the start of this agricultural community ! Cruxieu sur Lot was established by the monks of the Benedict order ! Some town pictures ! Next month we move on the old and nouveax riche wich dominated country life for centuries. This series will move up and down France showing some typical french scapes; later we may visit other countries in the same way. That concludes this month Scetch scape ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  8. Countryside Peninsula Galore !

    Countryside Peninsula Galore ! Last time I mentioned the railferry to the Cape Hartford area. In this CJ we will explore the countryside of Cape Hartford and Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean. Cape Hartford peninsula countryside is still in a early stage; Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area is much wider developed. First settlers to Mayon Province went ashore on these peninsula´s wich were relativy safe. Some area´s of Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean and the town development of Fort Grayon Ocean will be revealed in a later CJ. Let´s start with the Cape Hartford area ! Early pictures of the harbour town ! Latest reworked harbour area ! Some countryside splendour ! Cape Hartford Town Another rural community Cape Hartford has as mentioned a connection with Fort Grayon. Cape Mayon is another well connected destination by fast ferry ! This route shorten the journey to Mayon by 50 miles, a relaxing boat trip. Ferry operates summer only ! Cape Mayon Port ! Now we move on to the Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area ! Agricultural the oldest area of Mayon Province where the first founders of the province started up the area´s wealth. First Fort Grayon Islea the tip of the peninsula ! Cows enjoying the grasslands ! Fort Grayon Islea Town Apple orchards ! Next to conclude the Fort Grayon Ocean area ! Another agricultural community ! Some more agricultural pictures to conclude ! Well that´s are some pictures; the mods you install do comeback sometime ! Cows are lot harder to reproduce. Development is going so rapidly in the west part of Mayon province I have more than enough pictures fill some future CJ.. However to not fall into repetition I change the subject next time and will have a look at; the maritime scene of Mayon Bay ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back in the next one !
  9. Agriculture is Coming.

    You must admit these look like farms. I made this using All RCIHC Plop and Project Akar. I just wanted to show people how to make Urban Suburban Farms. Try to experiment with the aesthetics of the game to create things like this! I want to see someone else make something better than this. (I know it's possible.) This was a bit of a joke, but be sure to check out for more agriculture goodness!
  10. A major crisis with little publicity is food scarcity & security. Another major crisis is energy scarcity & security. Though nuclear fission and eventually fusion could theoretically solve our energy crisis and the earth can sustain twice its population if everyone went vegan and no one consumed more than a middle-class European, both solutions are unpractical today. Another crisis in the USA is the epidemic (for lack of a better word) of food deserts, where many people have virtually no access to adequate nutrition. However, easy access to healthy plant-based food can be made possible through algaculture, hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics. According to the laws of Supply & Demand, economies of scale, and the substitution effect, the likeliest outcome from increased food production from indoor farming and algae processing will be an improved diet on average, with great strides made at reducing the prevalence of food deserts. However, starchy staples will continue to be grown (at least for consumption, not necesarily for breeding) in the soil under sunlight because the sun provides more energy for photosynthesis than the amount of energy it takes to desalinate the water typically wasted with break-even points with leafy greens in sunny & arid regions. Video proving that starch staples need sunlight (according to physics) I conducted some research on a closed loop aquaculture/algaculture system though inexperience led to inconclusive results (not enough algae to measure biomass and too many water changes and resource investments to be a useful setup. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4483736/#!po=0.666667 Here is an article about yield and resource consumption for lettuce production in Arizona for conventional agriculture vs hydroponics. The increased energy consumption will be slightly mitigated by future innovation. Hydroponics for lettuce will likely be more efficient than conventional agriculture with irrigation from desalinated seawater within a generation, at which point sunny desert regions could eliminate imports of green vegetables and tomatoes. A video about the sustainability and potential of algaculture Gasolene and Diesel synthesized from algae grown on raceways adjacent to natural gas power plants in the tropics are more energy efficient than corn-based ethanol. In fact, they are the first energy positive (more electricity produced from burning than consumed from producing) biofuel. A video about the economics of horizontal plane hydroponics vs vertical plane Please contribute to this discussion with opinions, expertise, sources, critiques, or commentary.
  11. I have a simple question: Does the number of work spaces from normal agriculture from a certain area is the same as the number of work spaces from SPAM agriculture on an area exacly the same? If not the can you tell me If the difrerence is pretty big and game changing.I am new to SimCity 4 and i dont want to make the game harder but i want IT to have variety and realism.Oh and while You are still reading ,some mod/lots sugestions wouldnt be bad.Thank you for reading this and pls answer as soon as possible.
  12. Version


    The SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM) is an absolute, total and complete replacement for the game-default farming system. The default system was never really finished before game release and was, in fact, designed to be short-lived and used only initially in starter cities. The game, as it progresses, actually is designed to kill off all desire and usefulness for farming. We changed all that. Not only have we changed how all the farms look... but we also changed how they play. Originally in a city, you could hug a tree... or kiss the sky with glass and steel. Now... you can do both. At its most basic function and goal, the SPAM is an IND MTP Replacement Mod... similar to the RES and COM MTP replacement mods. Its primary goal is to give an MTP-ish look and feel to the game's default farm lots. Want to know more? Yeah of course... As a matter of fact, you NEED to know A LOT more - so before you install, we invite you to Visit the Full ReadMe and learn more about these - (PLEX Legacy update: all readme information can be found in the 5 pinned threads in the above link) FEATURES * Development Stages * Agricultural (I-R) Demand * Employment * Education * No Power? No Water? * Pollution * Sub-Divide and Conquer * Crop Only Lots * Improved Lot Orientation * Crop Selection * Future SPAM * SPAM Comparison * Developer Notes on General Troubleshooting and Compatibility DEPENDENCIES This mod requires the MTP Super Pack. INSTALLATION By default, the SPAM files will reside in a sub-folder named "SPAM" in your Documents Plugins folder. See the included Full ReadMe for more information! All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here.
  13. Easter egg?

    So apparently, just doing some normal city stuff, decided to put some agriculture and left it for a while, and then i noticed these 2 unique farms, called Sunnybrook Farm and Pepperidge Farm. I know both of these 2 farms are actually real, and whenever i click query on it, the text says "Ouch!!" and the query box looks different, other information like "Farming Stats" and what the crops are used for, and a pig with angel wings at the background. Just a really cool thing i found
  14. The Elevator

    From the album Railroads (S3-16-W)

    Siskiyou Pacific Railroad's brand new GE ES44C4 "EVO" locomotive leads a freight past Nexis Grain Ltd's elevator in the town of Peach Pit, Hixon. The Area around Nexis Grain has rapidly built up in recent years as theonce solitary grain elevator has new neighbors such as FYE Glass & Mirror to the left and Flora Gen Seeds to the right.
  15. Llama Terminal Company

    Version 1.0.1


    The Llama Terminal Company is a grain elevator, built by Llama Ag to collect the grain from their extensive holdings. From this elevator, grain is loaded onto trains for shipment across the continent. This is an original BAT modeled after the Enid Terminal Elevator in Enid, OK. Dependencies Without these files, the train cars will not appear. The lot will still have weeds on it, though. Weeds are easy. jes_RedwingMillProps.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1127 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=342 Stats Lot size: 2x8 Menu: Landmarks Plop cost: 5000 simoleans (in the form of a tax break to Llama Ag) Jobs: 204 I-Ag The lot requires power and water, and generates modest amounts of pollution. All stats except plop cost have been left as set by PIM-X. How to Use This lot is transit enabled for appearance only - no station. Place this lot on a DTR rail spur, not on the main railroad line. Development thread Known bugs - None! Please report any bugs you may find, either here or in the development thread. Release history 10/2/2016 - 1.0.0 initial release 10/3/2016 - 1.0.1 custom LOD, adjusted roof texture based on feedback, and relot Acknowledgements Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and assistance so far, especially rsc204/MGB and Bombardiere for helping with rendering issues, DavidDHetzel, Takingyouthere, and T Wrecks for input on realism.
  16. 3. Tile A3: Farms!

    I haven't made much progress as in progress good enough for the city journal, so I've decided to display what I have. At the edge of tile A3 there are some farms; the tile itself has a lot of flat land but it's at the edge of the city tile separated from the rest of the region by some very hilly land. I figured out that while placing an industrial area here might be a good idea, SC4 will somehow break the thing apart by not sending any commuters there due to it being on the literal edge, so I placed some agriculture there instead. Nothing really to explain here so just enjoy the pics and let them speak! ================================================================================================================ REPLIES! @jebediah & @kschmidt: Thanks for commenting! Like the update? Comment in the comments below or just give a 5 stars if you can't think of any!
  17. Farms - Herringway and increased flora

    It's March and flora is growing rapidly. New plants have been spotted in and around Mumsyville and Farmville. Poppies, lupins and narcissus to mention a few. They are hard to see through the thick grass and straws but with time they blossom even more. Some locals have also found berry bushes mainly scattered along the Residential Evil rail line, but also near one of the many forests. The highlight of Farms is the rearranged settlement, or suburb if you will, called Herringway. It was a nameless suburb to Residential Evil but after years of complete traffic chaos and poor (though not as bad as R.E) commute time, Mayor Wournos II unleashed the demolishing crew only to rebuild in a more straight-forward fashion. The streets are made of red bricks laid out in a fish bone fashion. Grass and straws are starting to return to the former mud pit. The landscaping artists are hard at work planting trees but it is tedious work and the back-log is slowly increasing. Only the north-east segment has growing broad-leaf trees and a handful of conifers. There are plans of expanding Herringway north-west to get back the population that were evacuated before the rebuild. Currently only 2800 people live in farms, as opposed to the 5000 before the Integration Mission started. Overview of Herringway. There are plenty of jobs available though. Many new farms have cropped up (pardon the pun) north-west of Mumsyville, and a brand new cheese factory with additional cow pasture has opened between Mumsyville and Herringway. It offers 85 jobs in general cow management; milking, feeding, engineering of equipment, logistics etc. There is also a garden and crop shop across the street owned by DDT and Sons. They have 87 workers and are looking for an additional 8 workers to handle the supplies, sales and so on. Cheese factory and farming supplies. Lastly, kind of... Mr Tim has finally taken on the task of camp management alongside his farming business. Currently he rents out 1 camp site at a nearby field. If it pays off there may be additional lots to rent. Mr Tim's camp rental site. The missing woman was, according to newly acquired info by the detective on the case, supposed to visit her boyfriend out of town but never showed. It seems that the theft was a crime of opportunity and not planned at all but suited nicely with her going away - albeit earlier than planned. The time frame of events suggests that she had to have stayed the night within Mumsyville before heading on. The only local place, aside from a single camp site, is a motel a 5 minute drive from the highway. The detective have made contact with the owner of the motel but no further actions have been taken so far. This place needs some lighting!
  18. Farms - overview and Mumsyville

    Residents: >4100 Commercial: >2200 Industry: >6500 Funds: >480000 Farms has seen a drastic change since the very first initial city report. Residents have been reduced by 900 people, commercial has dropped by 800, agricultural industry has dropped by 500 and funds are roughly §20000-30000 lower than before. This is due to major shuffling of zones. The numbers are expected to rise to match what was, if not more, once the transformation of the county is... well, not complete but more... integrated. Overview In the pipeline Develop Rural Forest further - paused Remove roundabouts and make ”diamond intersections” - 3/6 replaced Adjust residential and rail to make room for intersections - adjusted a H of a lot more than planned! Replace power lines - paused Improve nature around Mumsyville Mumsyville In year 43 a new small village called Mumsyville was founded in the grand county of Farms. It's one of those sleepy villages where life pass on in its own speed. The locals vary in age but the most prominent demographic is families, with around 2.3 children per household. Mumsyville almost mimics Farmville in layout. The main difference is the rail road traverse the village core, and the commercial area is twice the size of Farmville's - if not three times bigger. It has a small elementary school with few attending students and a large fire station. Currently crime is extremely low, which makes law enforcement redundant. The plan for Mumsyville is to expand agriculture a tad bit and expand residential areas. Recreational life also need to be addressed. The only local enjoyment for now is shopping at Mum's Pineapple Flower Stand next to the elementary school. As for tourism, the only place to stay the night is a motel not too far from the main highway. There's plenty of fields though so anyone with camping equipment may set up camp without much hassle from any landowners. No one has been spotted so far though. Mumsyville centre An abandoned paddock next to a newly founded corn field. Mr Tim may rent the field to campers. Who knows. As for the woman who was reported missing some time ago. A police officer from two towns over was conducting a health and environment check at a doughnut shop in Mumsyville and thought he spotted what could be the missing woman. She was last seen at an auto shop across the street trading her car for an older model and started acting agitated when she noticed the police car. If this really is the missing woman remains to be seen. A private investigator has been assigned the case by the woman's relatives. Sam's auto shop.
  19. Hillcroft Farms

    #1 Hillcroft farms are stil WIP. However, I would like to share with you my new way of placing farms. #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 Tried to recreate a farmhouse. I think that the UK building theme packs lack agricultural and rural buildings. #17 #18 #19
  20. I'm new to both SC4 and addons so forgive me if I sound stupid. After playing the game (deluxe version) for roughly 6 weeks I came to the conclusion I needed NAM to improve rail roads. That in turn led me to the whole addon scene, and I now have 10-15 mods/lots/ploppables etc. One of the bigger and most recent additions is SPAR - to improve the whole look of agricultural areas. I have installed what I believe are the only dependencies, but for some reason one area of a city, that has SPAR and not normal roads, show no car access and the lots nearby refuse to build. Looking at the SPAR Street Connector TE ingame suggests that the piece is for visual effects only and will not allow for actual traffic unless PEG Rural Roadway Mod is installed. Is this correct? I have found RRM (if that's the correct abbreviation) but it's for Windows only. I play on MAC. For the love of everything holy, make folders and not installation files.
  21. I am having an issue where the agricultural demand in most of my cities is zero. In the small city with few farms yet it is still pretty high but no agriculture will develop. If I lower the agricultural tax to 0% I get enough demand for about 2 farms and then it goes back to zero (and when I raise the taxes again it stays at zero). The only changes I've made to the game recently were updating to NAM 34 and running in windowed mode. I have SPAM installed. I have tried running in full screen mode again, reinstalling NAM, and reinstalling SPAM all to no avail. After doing so I realized that any time I zone agriculture it says that the freight trips are long even if the zone is only 2 squares of road away from a neighbor connection. When I get the farm to develop by changing taxes to zero the length changes to short. Basically, a farm zone that's not developed has a long freight time while right across the street a developed one has a short freight time. Any thoughts on what is causing this? Thanks in advance
  22. I purchased SC4 online after years of abstinence, I haven' t got it installed yet, but I'm doing a bit of inspiration on my own. I want to build a region with alot of mass transit, with several cities with downtown regions, and alot of forest and agriculture in between. I' m already looking for mods I might use. One of my ideas was to replicate a agricultural Terrace. This kind of agricultural building is often used in vineyards in Europe and for rice plantations in Asia. What is required is to have a elevated surface area that has a rising slope. I estimate it's never more then 10-15degrees angle. So in order to make this you need to create a slope and have it somehow equalized so all tiles rise at the same slope, then theres another elevated surface with similar features. And you could add layer after layer until your satisfied. Then you just plop your roads and zoning in between and Voila. My gut feeling that this is not technically possible given with the SC4 toolkit, but I don't know that for sure. So I have no idea how to make this, and no idea whether this is possible, with or without mods. If it isn't, is it technically possible to mod the necessary tools so people may be able to replicate agricultural terraces? I also want to make a very large region with lots of nature and spacing, and would ideally create a set of several larger towns, and perhaps one big city in a mountain area. Hence this is why I thought about the agricultural terraces. Something that's similar to what the Incas produced. I don't think it's necessary, but I would like to have more regional tiles to work with. More then is available by default, which is arguably already a vast area to work with. If one or both are possible I would like to hear about it. If it is not, perhaps I might have given a few ideas for modders to work with.
  23. Welcome! First off - this is my first ever journal. Sorry in advance! Secondly - I play games intensely over a period, and then I get other stuff I need to do. In other words, don't expect me to update all the time. But I should be able to manage an update every now and then. So then, onto the journal! Kommun means "municipality" in swedish. It's a silly name, but you'll get used to it. I'm building this region one piece at the time and have no overlaying plan besides a few things: There's gonna be a metric f**kton of trees If it's not trees then it's either: Large industrial complexes (harbours, water purification plants, power plants, saw mills, ore industry). One (1) larger town Several small towns/villages Farms Did I say trees? I'll have to contact Dedgren for tips on how to not go mad when planting trees. So, that's the gist of it. There won't be any fantastic background storys here, but rather a aesthetic journey into rural areas in a setting not completely alien to me. Expect mostly image descriptions. Let's go on to the pictures of my first update! This is an overview of what I've done so far. To the east you can see rural areas being developed. These will develop like veins following the national roads. Let's start taking a look at what farmers Persson and Jönsson are up to! On this first pic you can see the home of farmer Jönsson. Jönsson just couldn't be bothered with removing the small mound with a conifer on it On the other side of the rapeseed field begins the land of farmer Persson. She's doing pretty much the same stuff that Jönsson does. You can also see a rural bus stop. This stop supports the few households along road 100 (going horizontal on this picture) and also the small village of Ekeby which is just above the frame of this picture. Driving on road 100, things can look something like this. Let's head a few kilometers westward, wave at the driver of bus 100, and check out the central parts as seen in the overview above. Being an avid cyclist, I could just as well pedal my way there using the bike lane. Approaching those tall chimneys reveal two major industrial plants of Kommun. First, we have the Kinnarpsverket, or Kinnarp nuclear power plant. These western type reactors use seawater to cool down the magic that goes on inside (I'm a musician and all I know is they slam and/or cleave stuff that is best left unslammed/uncleft). The outlet waters are quite a bit hotter than the surrounding baltic sea and is also the place where the famed Kinnarp herring lives. Too bad the guards won't let the public access the spot. The other site, just across the road, is the Öboverket, or Öbo water treatment plant. I don't know a single thing about treating water, so you'll have to use your imagination here. It has got walls, at least! Here's an overview of the two plants. Road 100 goes vertically through, but the only lit part is another of those rural bus stops serviced by bus 100. All the way to the west in the overview picture is the island of Snibben. A snibb is Swedish slang for edge or point. It's also a very silly name, but I guess it'll be a theme of this journal. On Snibben lies the village of Öbo which is not done yet and hence not shown in this update. I will however show you the south west and south coast of Snibben: The invisible sun (what the hell? Help me with this please.) sets in the Baltic sea and another calm day on Snibben comes to an end. I'll end this showcase with a night picture. On the highest point of Snibben stands its lighthouse. The conservative local politicians insists on it being lit despite seamen laughing at it whilst browsing Facebook, seeing that the ship itself knows where it's going. Far in the background Kinnarpsverket can be seen. Well, then! I hope you enjoyed this first part. Be kind and grant me a few of your comments, would you? The next update will be... when it's done! It will contain [insert whatever I feel for at the time of publishing]. Regards, Jesper
  24. Eden Bay : Kathy Vale Agricola

    Like all Eden Bay boroughs, Kathy was first and foremost a farmers' town. It has kept many traces of that ( like the Old Timers' Museum), but also sports some more noticeable features showing how keeping the place green is important for its denizens. The Terraces, for instance, is an ancient quarry that has been repurposed as orchards, where you can come and pick your own bushels of apples in the Fall. The Biolab (part of the AgriCollege) is more specially dedicated to studying trees and has its own little forest. And farms are still a vibrant part of the landscape.
  25. Canalia : Agrikultur

    Beautiful day to go biking away from the city. The good thing with biking in the Netherlands is that the land is generally flat --especially the zones that have been conquered over the sea. And the wind is not too strong today either, although there is always some, fortunately for the various windmills. In Canalia, you're never really out of the city, as it has grown mostly around and through the fields -- except for the waterfront. P. R. spent the whole day going to and fro, visited the regional fair grounds, dined at its four stars restaurant (The Red Roof Inn) and finished in the farm where she was invited by one of her workshop's attendants. Much drinking ensued. She had to be driven back to ther hotel. Such are the travails of the itinerant writer.

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