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  1. Well, I finally decided to start getting back into SimCity 4 after years of not playing it. Took and installed it on an old System I've had for quite a while. Specs are; Athlon XP 2500+ Barton, 1.5gb dual channel DDR400 ram, Gigabyte ga-7n400 pro2 motherboard, 20gb Maxtor hard drive, Windows XP SP3, Radeon 9600pro advantage 256mb, Sound blaster audigy, 1280x1024 resolution on a 17" Dell LCD monitor. installed SimCity 4 and the Rush Hour expansion plus the latest patch and the latest network mod. Going to start with the tutorials and then then see if I can get my old save games to load. Going to be upgrading to an Athlon 64 X2 4400+ in the next month or so and staying with Windows XP. Then need to get the fastest AGP video card I can find at a decent price.
  2. Hello, I'm new to this community, but I did play SC4 before. It's been quite some time, but this time I want to make a city in a colder climate, which the default settings just won't do. So I searched for some climate mods and tree mods, controllers but I'm a bit confused. BTW, I don't go for super realism or something like that, unlike some other people dedicated to the community..... honestly too tedious for me lol. so maybe tree controllers and the hassle might be over my head, but honestly I can't stand the oak trees when it's supposed to be -25C in winter and 20C in the summer. In a nutshell, I'm trying to find - A good enough climate mod that demonstrates the continental climate (I think -25 ~ 20 C is a bit colder than the average Europe), or one that I can easily change the settings (I only know a little from Ilives Reader, nothing else) (Preferrably with snow in the colder seasons) - And a tree mod or some tree addition, stuff like pines and other evergreens (I don't honestly think I could bother with the complexity of tree controllers, but maybe I could give it a try...?) Well, I tried a search but it's harder to find what I want than I thought...... help is much appreciated.
  3. 4 million region population

    I hit 4 million in region population today.
  4. New York (photos)

  5. New York

    This is the region I have been working on since late-2017 after I finished building up the Timbuktu region. I'll post photos after I get onto my PC with the city.
  6. What are your favourite real world cities to recreate? What cities have a sufficient number of BATs on the Exchange to make a realistic recreation? I have made a NYC, Chicago, Hong Kong, LA and currently working on a London UK recreation. I have also made cities that aren't actual recreations but I use landmarks from 1 or 2 cities only to come up with a familiar look. I have done this with Shanghai, Singapore, Melbourne and a Taipei/Tokyo mash up. I think my next city will be Denver, as thee 3 or 4 largest downtown skyscrapers are on the Exchange as well as the really cool Denver Art Museum. Shenzhen also on the list, with a few cool civic buildings to go along with skyscrapers.
  7. Hello All, Looking for some tips and advice on how to build a realistic transition from light residential to agricultural zoning on the edges of a city. I typically start a city by zoning all Agriculture and then working from the middle outward decreasing density as I get further from the middle. The result is usually light residential and/or industrial zoning bordering directly onto agriculture. Would you leave a gap of trees like a Green Belt instead? The snapshots provided are for a larger city I am starting so I didn't bother to zone the middle sections as AG as I plan to prezone Res and Commercial in this case. Thank you for your suggestions, looking forward to it.
  8. Note before you start reading: This region is mostly empty so far. I decided to show you all my work from the very start, until the (hopefully) late finish with developed cities, villages, etc. Welcome to the Central Costania region (Mitelet Kostania), also known as the capital region of Costanian republic. Geographicaly, this region lays on banks of the river Klisa and Tunare Bay. It's a lowland, where the agriculture is set to expand very quickly. In the place, where Klisa flows into Tunare Bay, the settlers in the past decided to establish the town called Tunare. They saw this place very useful placed, with the access to sea as well as to the inner land. The first image shows you (almost) the whole region of Mitelet Kostania. River Klisa flows from north to south into Tunare Bay. On the left, you can see another river Dairam that also flows into Tunare Bay. Now, let's have a closer look to the place, where it will start. I put the street network of the oldest part of the city of Tunare - The Old Tunare (Altet Tunare). These streets have a cobbled-stone surface, because they are set for Old Town. Then, some squares and pedestrian zones was added (made of cobbled stones, too): And later, some more avenues has been added. Tunare has begun spreading into west, north and south. Everything is set to continue and develop. Next: The first church has been build (yay!) and Tunare has got its connection via rail. Stay tuned!
  9. Pirate Island

    PIRATE ISLAND Pirate Island is the center of The Archipelago's booming entertainment industry and one of the premiere tourist attractions of the region. It claims headquarters to influential global names such as Island Records, Blue Mountain Productions, Sly Fox Entertainment, and Ocean Studios. Pirate Island attracts visitors for its blue blue waters and white sand beaches, one of the best shopping drags in the region, and it even has it's own theme park!! Yo Ho Ho Theme Park is the best place to live out your pirate fantasies in this modern world full of rules and restraints. The roller coasters are tall and fast while the booty to be won at the carnival games is plentiful. "Follow the 'X' on the map to find your treasure" as their infamous commercials express. Bellow you can find Sam's Record Store on Parley Beach. This is historically one of the one of the most important records stores in The Archipelago. Many of the regions most famous musicians got their start preforming and selling albums at Sam's Record Store. What would Pirate Island be without it's premiere concert venue, Shiver Me Timbers Park. This is a MUST stop for any band in The Archipelago trying to make a career in music. This also happens to be the location for the Powder Monkey Film Festival, featuring the latest work from some of the most promising filmmakers from around the world. Beach Street or "The Booty Drag" is one of the premiere shopping strips around. Lots of hidden treasures can be discovered in this stretch of the island. That said, come for the shopping, stay for the movies! With many historical theaters such as White Shark, Blue Blue Films, and Ship Wreck Pictures, It's a MUST see for hot new releases and works from up-and-coming independent directors. One can't forget Scallywag Theater where the Davy Jones' Awards take place. Once a year, stars from Hollywood to Tokyo to London come for one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in film. Thank you for reading and be sure to like my post and follow my journal!!
  10. Westfield

    From the album Timelapses

    This is one of my cities that lacks creativity, i need to download more mods for decorating. Timelapse Video: Part 1: Part 2:
  11. Intro and a small start.

    After playing SimCity 4 for years, I decided it was time to finally create a city Journal! What I wanted for this city was an attempt at realism, and to work harder with more forms of transportation. As such this city won't be full of sky scrapers, instead having a dedicated downtown area, industrial area, and suburbs. Unfortunately the block this city was built in is medium, so it won't be as detailed as I liked, and somewhat "squished" together. I am really happy with how things turned out, though. So without further delay, here we go: This is where we begin, lots of trees, two connected cities, and some hills to the right. The hills will present some challenges in the future, due to slope mod I've added. Early Industrial development. The city directly linked to St. Christine has a population over 100,000. Part of the problem with starting a city next to a large city is that sims from the residential areas of your city will immediately go next door for work if it isn't already available, causing commute concerns from the get go. So in this city I started with Industry which was already in high demand. As you can see, traffic from an adjacent city is using the new development as a bypass, represented by the green traffic arrow moving to the right. High traffic volume from the connecting cities necessitates a highway. I know many people use the RHW instead of the Maxis highway, but I currently prefer Maxis for its simplicity. The highway will become more important to the city over time. Early residential development. These suburbs won't really change. One thing I've learned over time is the importance of zone density. Eventually it can be tempting to zone up everything once it has developed. However, selecting zone density helps with many things, including traffic and added realism. A slight change to the train station. My hope with this being the station on the residential side will be used by outgoing Sims, and the other station on the industrial side will be used by incoming Sims. It didn't really function as planned. But the right side station will eventually become the second busiest in the city. More industrial development And that's all for now! More to come!
  12. 1970s New York City

    After previously taking a look at New York City in the 1930s - today we're taking another trip back into the Big Apple's past and seeing how it looked in the 1970s. Plenty of famous skyscrapers were being built all over the city, and other areas of the city looked quite different than they do today - it was truly quite an interesting time in the city's history. Our trip into the past begins in Midtown Manhattan - after a brief stop at the famed Empire State Building, we make sure to visit the always crowded Times Square. Brightly lit billboards, taxi cabs, and big crowds can be seen for blocks - any trip to this iconic intersection is unforgettable. A look down Park Avenue with the old Pan Am building in view. One more view of mid 1970s Midtown Manhattan with a number of prominent skyscrapers under construction. A look at the newly renovated Yankee Stadium - with numerous World Series runs and the heroics of "Mr. October" Reggie Jackson, it was an exciting time to be a Yankee fan in the late 70s. The iconic Brooklyn Bridge was constructed in 1883 - spanning the East River, it connects Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan which will be our next destination. The World Trade Center towers were constructed from 1968-1973 and dominated the skyline of Lower Manhattan for nearly 30 years. Upon completion, they were the world's tallest buildings for a brief period of time and one of the city's signature sights. The Twin Towers at nighttime were truly spectacular. One last view of Lower Manhattan's impressive skyline in the 1970s. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Mexico City" Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @ESP15, @CorinaMarie, @bladeberkman, @Diego Del Llano, @Bastet69008, @JP Schriefer, @alejolopez13, @9gruntsand1hammer, @Don_Pato, @Duco, @edwardjeria, @VALASatoshi, @matias93, @kingofsimcity, @tonyr, @TekindusT, @Belfastsocrates, @AlexandrosB13, @Dead_End, @Handyman, @Dgmc2013, @The British Sausage, @jakis, @redfox85, @RobertLM78, @Manuel-ito, @mike_oxlong, @PaulSawyer, @Krasner, @MAW, @Edvarz, @bobolee, @eufl, @mrsmartman, @Androgeos, @tariely, @Hanson784, & @dabadon5 for all the likes/comments!
  13. Chemeketa Red Line, Part 6 (Update 105)

    Hi everyone- Having a small bit of downtime at the moment, I'm going to sneak out a few updates of Tarkusian Cities for the first time in over a year. In this update, at long last, we will see the completion of the northern segment of the Chemeketa Red Line Light Rail, up to its terminus in the Lila Engel/Starpoint neighborhood. First off, long overdue replies: Thanks for the very kind words--given that you've done road work, I take that as quite the compliment! Thanks for the suggestion! I agree that lonesome power pole is a bit awkward. I'm probably going to be redoing that freeway at some point down the line, so that gap will probably go away in some fashion. And without further ado, here's Update 105. First off, here's a map of the area around which this project is centered. The red line with the squares is the routing that the light rail line will take through the area. After following the existing heavy rail line north of downtown Chemeketa, the Red Line will curve onto 33rd Avenue NE running down the median until just before the 5-leg roundabout, where 33rd meets McCabe Street, Creek Drive, and Starpoint Drive. The most challenging bit of this project will be the stretch where the Red Line crosses the rail line and begins its median running portion on 33rd. Here's the existing conditions at this part of the project (facing west). (Also, the rail crossing here looks a little funny--this image actually dates back to a very, very early prototype of the RRW plugin.) In order to facilitate through traffic to the residential neighborhood to the west, abutting the Chemeketa Parkway (Highway 215), as well as future work on 33rd, an extension of 34th Avenue was built to the north, connecting up with Bobcat Drive NE. The project study determined that the most effective method of handling the rail crossover was to trench it below, allowing the Red Line and 33rd Avenue to cross overhead (facing west). A little further along with construction (facing west). The stretch of 33rd east of Bobcat has now been closed off for reconstruction (facing west). This is part way through the reconstruction of the segment from Bobcat to Progress (facing west). The stretch up to and beyond Progress Street is now completed, along with some re-development and the construction of a new park-and-ride garage (facing west). Preparations are underway for the northern terminus of the Red Line. The road coming in from the top of this image is 33rd Avenue, and the line will terminate in the graded area behind the office buildings, making a northward jog before the roundabout (facing west). Here is the completed terminal station for the Red Line. A looping roadway and park-and-ride garage were constructed to facilitate access (facing west). This is a stretch of 33rd with the median running complete, through the industrial area between Progress and Ashcroft (facing west). And finally, here's the stretch right at the Ashcroft and 33rd intersection, just before the terminus (facing east). That does it for this update of Tarkusian Cities, and for the current work on Chemeketa's first major transit project--hope you enjoyed it. Next up will be some new road work in Chemeketa, and perhaps even a few "lost" updates from other regions, rescued from the "Tarkives". -Tarkus
  14. For what I’m trying to accomplish, as far as I can tell, I should be using either SC4 Tool or the iLive Reader. I would like to be able to edit certain parameters of buildings in the game. For example, changing the radius for police, fire, education, etc. I would also like to change how much power is generated from power plants, how much water is generated by water pumps and towers, etc. Basically do everything (hopefully) that can be done in SimCity 3000 here. I’ve tried both SC4 Tool and iLive Reader but can’t seem to find the buildings I’m searching for. I’m truly starting from scratch and need some assistance on either of these programs. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  15. So, I've downloaded NAM and installed it successfully in my computer, however I would like to know what the "Network Addon Mod Controller", the last item in the Build Highways and Ramps section. It looks like some kind of plopabel object, but I can't place it, wherever I try. Is it just to show the current version of my NAM?
  16. Big Cemetery

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello everyone! I'm back with another cemetery for your sims! This is big! Perfect for big cities or any city! DEPENDENCIES Peg Memorial Park Kit Installation Simply put the file in Documents/SimCity4/Plugins I changed the name of the mod at the last moment because is not medium, IT'S BIG! ENJOY!
  17. I admit I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but this is more of a tip I have for anyone who is facing problems with neighborhood deals involving trash. I've seen lots of people complainining that they can't export garbage from city A to city B, even if city A has a garbage problem and city B has a lot of capacity to deal (or at least it looks like it does). Now, as I said, it might look like everything is okay with city B when it comes to garbage, but there is a chance (at least this was always the case for me) that you're not looking as deep at this city as the simulation. Let me explain: There are 2 ways people always use to check garbage in a city, ex. city B. First, is there piles of trash on the roads and streets? If you click the garbage data map, do you see lots of yellow-orange-red squares scattered around? When you check the graph, is the green line (amount of trash) above the blue (capacity)? If that's the case, then this city has a garbage problem, and you should tackle this before importing trash from the other cities. Now, I'm sure you already knew that. Your problem is that you neither see piles of trash in the streets, nor any indication of trash in the data map. Even in the graph, you should have your trash line below your capacity one. And, despite all of this, you still can't import more garbage. I had this issue from years until I figured something that, so far, has worked for me and perharps it might work for you too: it looks like, when considering if the city could import garbage or not, the simulation takes into account the current TREND in the garbage department of your city, not your current situation. What this means: going back to the example of the otherwise perfectly fine city above, it's true that, for now, this city doesn't have a garbage problem. But let the simulation run for some months and look at the behaviour of the (and only the) green, ammount of trash, line. Forget about the blue, capacity, line entirely. Is this green line growing? Is the ammount of trash increasing in your city? Then, even though you might not have a garbage problem now, you're bound to have on in the future, and the simulation seems to take that into account. So what to do? Well, I've solved all of this problems by simpling building more Waste-to-Energy plants to burn the trash, until I start to have a descending green line. When this happens, you'll probably be able to import more trash to this city. So this is a tip which has worked for me so far, and might help some of you out there too. Whenever you see that you can't import garbage in a city even though this city looks fine, check the garbage history graph, and see if the green line is growing: if so, build more waste-to-energy plants until you have a descending green line, and you should be able to import trash for this city once again.
  18. Let me first adress the very important fact that I'm not a programmer and I don't know if this solution would be viable at all, so perharps someone with a deeper understanding of the game can correct me here. We all know about the eternal commuter problem/loop in SC4 (otherwise, you can easily find about it here in Simtropolis). For some people, it's just a minor bug. To others like me, it's a headache. I've seen lots of ways to deal with this problem, ways which I highly recommend to anyone trying to solve it. I have a suggestion for a mod that, if feasible to make it, could solve or at least reduce this problem. The idea is based around SC4 path-finding algorithm, which prioritize the time of a trip over it's lenght. A Sim would favor a long route if it was faster than a short one, for example. So, with this in mind, my idea would be to simply penalize sims for switching over cities. In other words, the act of crossing the border alone should account for an added extra time to the route. This way, a sim would think twice before looking for a job in the next city. Now, I'm know that this idea would bring some problems: 1- I don't even know if such modding is possible in SC4. I'm trying this suggestion because, after seeing what the NAM is capable of, perharps this idea is not that impossible. I don't know myself, so anyone with a better understanding of the game can answer here. 2- An amazing thing about SimCity 4 is it's regional playing, where a Sim can live in a city and work in the next one. This mod should no prevent this from happening, it should only prioritize work within the same city 3- Is it possible for the simulation to separate sims of the city from those ones which came from the border? If so, perharps we could code a mod that prevents these sims which arise from the connection to ever consider another connection too. This would limit Sims to, at best, look for jobs in the next city, and never beyond.
  19. My Education Questions

    How much education do you need to have in SimCity 4, and how to develop high-tech industry?
  20. Hello, Yesterday, I've tried an internet cafe near me. Every PC has Steam client and the USB can be plugged. In my knowledge, Steam games can be made offline and their offline data is available. I'll leave that later. Which game should I buy up to around $20, Cities: Skylines or SimCity 4? I've missed the promo few days ago. Are there any another giveaways/promos on them? Also, if I made the game offline, can I copy the files to my USB drive? So, I don't have to download the game again, only the validation. No, I'm not supporting any kind of gray/black distribution of the game. It's only for personal use and for 1 PC (though is moving). Thanks.
  21. Society

    Aerinia City Archives 06.07 300 When we left off last time the city it was still getting established. It's been a few months since then, and a lot has happened. As the title might suggest, the city has now grown to a size that warrants the establishment of a permanent government. A town hall was built to house the government, consisting of the mayor and his inner circle, and just across the street from that a group of volunteers built a medical clinic. This has led to a small increase in quality of life across the growing city. The overall living conditions still aren't great, but they're improving daily. Highlighted: The first city hall Some empty spaces in the city have been filled in with a random mess of flowers to add some more color to the city. And just south of that, on the beach, people often gather on hot days to swim, relax, and otherwise have a good time. This public beach would be the first of Ardent Plaza's many recreational opportunities. After the establishment of the city government, the city started growing faster than ever before. Not pictured is an expansion to the farms that would allow for more food, and more people who came to buy the food. Now you need people to make the food, and keep track of the sales, and now you need houses for people to live in and people to make the houses, and now there's more people, and they make things which make things better, and more people come, there's more farming and more people to make things for more people and now there's business, money, writing, laws, power, Image credit: Bill Wurtz Coming soon to a dank river valley near you.
  22. Introduction

    Image credit: unknown Aerinia City Archives 04.07 300 To celebrate the 300th anniversary of our city, us here at the Aerinia City Archives are proud to present to you, in its entirety, the history of Aerinia City. This is the first entry. When you look at our city today it's hard to imagine that all of this was once a vast, uninhabited forest. That is, of course, until our mayor discovered this world on his travels. He placed down the beacon in a clearing by the coast, in what we now know as the Ardent Plaza district, and moved on, making a vow to come back later to do something productive. And come back he did, this time with a group of settlers he rounded up, and a bunch of resources to help them get started. The original beacon The first structure in the city, aside from the beacon, was a generator someone had brought along, and in the first couple of days the first few roads were built as well. . Also pictured: The power lines that would later power the currently nonexistent houses. Sleeping on the ground got old really quick, so the first things to be built were enough basic shacks for everyone. These shacks were not very comfortable, but they beat sleeping on the ground. This, along with promises of better housing when they had the resources for it, helped keep people's spirits up despite the poor living conditions. In the weeks that followed, more shacks were built to accommodate for new settlers that arrived, along with a couple of farms to provide enough food for those who need food to survive. And, since purifying enough seawater for everything is hard even with magic, a water tower was built, this would provide the growing settlement with enough water for years to come. As time went by, more settlers found their way to the settlement via the beacon. How exactly this works is a secret only known to the mayor and those close to him, so we cannot disclose that here. This expansion warranted the creation of more farm plots, as pictured above, and later, a rudimentary municipal government, the details of which will be expanded upon in a later entry. This quarry was constructed, after the settlement achieved basic self-sufficiency, to provide resources and building materials the city needed. It's not very remarkable, and there are no signs of it left, but some would argue that it's an important part of our city's history so we're including it anyway. And that is all we will cover in this entry in the archives. The next entry will be published soon.
  23. Scenes From Hong Kong

    With a population of nearly 8 million, one of the world's most recognizable skylines, and a thriving business sector - Hong Kong is one of the world's most important global cities. Today, we'll be taking another look at this city's famous skyline and much more as we further explore Hong Kong Island, the mainland, and more. We'll begin with another look into the past - back at the turn of the century, Hong Kong was still was still growing British colonial establishment. The city's port along Victoria Harbour continued to grow and grow throughout the years and was often crowded with junks, sampans, and other maritime vessels. Opening in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport, or Chek Lap Kok is the city's main airport and is located on reclaimed land outside Lantau Island in the western portion of the city. The distinctive Y-shaped terminal is said to resemble an airplane in flight. Just outside the airport is where you'll find Seaview Crescent and Tung Chung Crescent - two of the city's most impressive residential high rises. A rainy day in the city's Wan Chai District - home to the sleek Central Plaza. A late night in central Hong Kong with a view of The Center. The rain picks back up again as we visit the the city's Admiralty District - which features many of the city's most iconic skyscrapers like the Bank of China Tower, Lippo Centre, and the Pacific Place complex. A view of Hong Kong's stunning Union Square and the neighboring New Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter at night. Rising 1,538 feet tall, the towering International Commerce Centre is the centerpiece of the complex and the city's tallest building. Our visit concludes with one last overview of Hong Kong's spectacular skyline and Victoria Harbour at sunset. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Shanghai" Thanks to @VALASatoshi, @CorinaMarie, @RobertLM78, @JP Schriefer, @matias93, @Odainsaker, @bladeberkman, @alejolopez13, @weixc812, @SimRico, @bobolee, @9gruntsand1hammer, @PaulSawyer, @Krasner, @jakis, @Jackspital, @Handyman, @Toby Ferrian, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @f3cs, @Duco, @redfox85, @Oerk, @Androgeos, @aegian, @TekindusT, @lolo69ol01, @KOSMO*, @tariely, & @don11327 for all the likes/comments!
  24. Hello folks, so I got back to SC4 a few months ago, I only played it as a kid and now I'm getting to know the alghorithms and the mechanics of the game. I read in some place in the internet that if you load up a city, play for a while without any growth, then save and close the city, the whole regional growth will be affected negatively because you played that city without doing any growth. So you need your city to grow at least 10% each time you play it otherwise it messes up the region. I can't remember where I read this. Can anyone confirm or deny this? I hope it's not true because I'm focusing on building a lot of RHWs atm and I got little time to play so whenever I do, I just build for a while on pause mode and then save and go to sleep, I hope I'm not affecting my region.

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