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City-building game(s)

Found 1,424 results

  1. From the album LMC

    LMC has reached over 330,000 sims.
  2. Buenos días! Acabo de comprar SC4 a través de Steam (por fin tengo SC4 tras años sin jugarlo, al no poder usar la versión CD en Windows 10) y me gustaría saber si el LotEditor, SC4 PIM, y demás programas son compatibles con esta versión, pues teóricamente la carpeta "plugins" se encuentra en otro sitio. Gracias de antemano! —SC4L0ver.
  3. i have RRW installed on my SimCity 4 game, but the variable angle pieces are still the default Maxis textures. and it kinda looks awkward on my cities
  4. Hi everybody, as of now SimCity 4 is on sale at gog.com for $4.99. Look here: https://www.gog.com/game/simcity_4_deluxe_edition/?pp=d764b9a532adfcd5a105af71e7278787b60fd43a You always wanted to have this gem without any DRM and working on all Windows OS, here's your chance! Have fun and kind regards! Cori Edit: I changed the linky so it includes Simtropolis's vendor code thinger. If peeps use it that way and purchase the game, ST gets a tiny fraction of the sale.
  5. I was trying to install cam 2.1.X today and it gave me instructions to click on the simcity_1 folder and click start in the data packer window. But there was one problem... THERE WAS NO DATA PACKER WINDOW Does anyone have an answer or a fix to my problem? I tried installing LEX Datapacker and it gave me an error and I have no clue what to do.
  6. Hello, I personally dislike (but not hating) how @BSC packs the dependencies. They're making packing deps in .exe and (making worse) creating it in huge number, so I can't install it fast like @Pegasus did. Also, Pegasus is packing the previous files, making the installing much easier (for instance, CDK3 Super Pak or The Terrain Kit) with his own. I don't hate BSC, they're producing quality content and the popular mods: Census Repository and CAMeLot Counter, aren't possible without BSC. I'm using Linux, how do I install the dependencies fast?
  7. Hello, I'm planning to rearrange my plugins so my plugins available on modules (plugins-in-packages), like Girafe's floras and Northern Hemisphere/Europe Tree Controller saved in Euro Trees module or essentials saved in Essentials module. This is will be applied to my catalog at Omnibus. Should I do this? Should I redownload my plugins? Thanks.
  8. Highlights of Pololomia

    Replies: Akallan: Thank you! Anyway the URS is what I wanted from SC4 a year or two ago; 2016 had some great stuff but I can now go even further than that with residential plopping and creating lots with transparent tiles with buildings upon them. Prophet42: Cheers! It's getting easier and easier to detail city areas and give them a certain character to them. BC Canuck: Steal those ideas! If you're wondering the British Sausage is a famous joke from the British TV series Yes Minister. tariely: Oh yeah! Michelle Yukimura: I go to GIMP and use the horizontal flip tool. sejr99999: Thanks! And good luck with your search. metarvo: Yeah the diagonals were a give-away; I am a madman when it comes to creating seamless diagonals and removing jagged texture edges on roads. kelistmac: Make some - ahem! - contributions for the mayor and that house is yours. feyss: Thanks! Entry 9: Highlights from Pololomia In this entry there are some more pictures from Pololomia. I think I can get the whole city tile done by Christmas holiday time. Thanks a lot for the comments- it is good to be back. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and the enjoy the weekend. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  9. Everyone is invited to witness the opening ceremony of the 7th AIN Expo live from the Exhibition Center in Hakata ward, Kaijo Metropolis, Federal Kingdom of Teiko. The ceremony will feature a wide array of Teikonian culture ranging from folk to modern popular music. Join us as we celebrate AIN's largest gathering of minds. VISIT HERE for more details.
  10. 2023 Update

    Citywide High School Football Tournament Announced Beginning in 2024, the 8 largest high schools in the city will be invited to play a tournament at the new Washington Rebels Stadium in Rulo. Town of "Korver" Established The town of "Korver" has been incorporated along I-29 north of Oregon at the intersections of the interstate and US-59 and US-159. The town also includes the Loess Bluffs National Wildlife Rescue. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @korver. Town of "Randyville" Established The town of "Randyville" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Craig. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @RandyE. Town of "West Fairfax" Established The town of "West Fairfax" has been incorporated along I-29 west of Fairfax. Highway MO-46 is extended to meet the Interstate to service West Fairfax. Town of "Schmidt" Established The town of "Schmidt" has been incorporated along US-73 north of Padonia and south of Falls City. The town is named to honor a prominent citizen @kschmidt. Town of "Saitama" Established The town of "Saitama" has been incorporated west of Steinauer at the intersection of NE-4 and NE-99. The town is named to honor the work of a prominent citizen @kelistmac. Looking for the bigger picture of where these new towns fit in? Check out the overview maps here.
  11. SC4 NAM Tram Station Crashes!

    So when I go to use NAM's ground tram station, specifically working with its tracks, not placing the station (no problems there), it freaking crashes the game when I basically place either types of tracks, the draggable or the single one.
  12. 2022 Update

    Washington Rebels To Build New Stadium The Washington Rebels (formerly the Washington Redskins) has been approved to construct a stadium near the U.S. Capitol. Huge New City Park Established in Tarkio Tarkio Park has been created in the eastern part of New Washington. It was formerly set aside for development, but was made into a protected green space as a result of political negotiations in the city. In exchange for establishing Tarkio Park, the southern half of the Rush Bottoms Conservation Area has been zoned for a new industrial park. New Mayor Elected Independent Benjamin Dover has been elected as the 2nd Mayor of New Washington. Many business owners fought against Dover's election, but the native of the town of Coin defeated his Republican challenger with over 60% of the vote. City Council Passes Public Bus Legislation City Council has voted to provide assistance to all neighborhoods and towns within the city that wish to connect to the citywide public bus service. Many towns are quick to take advantage of this. As the population of New Washington is growing so quickly, the city's infrastructure is struggling to keep up. Public buses will undoubtedly provide much needed relief to the road congestion clogging much of the city during rush hour. Town of "Fayette" Established The town of "Fayette" has been incorporated along Highway MO-148 between the towns of Pickering & Hopkins.
  13. there are several blocks in my city that I want to be row houses/apartments. but the buildings growing as of now look too repetitive. of course I can just plop the Maxis houses over the existing lots, but they would have no jobs, or worse, become abandoned. instead of doing that, what can I do?
  14. Scenes from the City

    Replies: SC4L0ver: Thanks! The woodland was an idea that came to me after travelling along the A66 west- random clumps of woodland in the field or on the field's perimeter. Prophet42: I would say that wild meadow scenery would work well for unused green areas inside of cities. kelistmac: The prop pox was a bummer but it was a chance to carve the right suburban/rural outline for the city. So it was a net positive. Akallan: The British Sausage is simply a pseudonym for Ln X- that's why the style is so similar. What happened was I lost everything (computer problems, think blue screen of death) and Imageshack acted up- something about payment and accessing the account. Very embarrassing! So I was left with a CJ with no pictures and vacant image links. So I decided for a fresh start: new account, rebuilt plugins, new username, new CJ, etc. Entry 8: Scenes from the City Some of these pictures feature new areas, some are different shots of older areas. And now these pictures come with a little photoshop sparkle. In any case enjoy them! 1. 2. Going full on diagonal! 3. 4. Plop in some texture tiles to make those overhanging buildings blend in! 5. 6. MMP playground. 7. One of Pololomia's major roundabouts. 8. 9. 10. It's all about the areas behind buildings... 11. 12. Next week will bring another update, but this one will have more rural scenes. See you then.
  15. Hello, I've found a pair of hidden news title and content. The news contains dirt road, which is NAM replaced by RHW. So, the news is replaced (or deleted) by NAM. Here's the news: The discovery screenshot can be found at https://imgur.com/a/Lx7Ya. Thanks.
  16. CAM with RCI Demand

    I have the RCI demand mod and installed CAM (Skyscraper) to increase stages but now the RCI demand mod does not work anymore and am hoping someone has a fix of some kind?
  17. Excuse the sardonic title. My goal is to be able to take a city block I've made in SC4, recreate it in Sketchup, then retexture it myself. I could just do this using Sketchup's downloadable models, but since SC4's divided into a grid of 56-foot tiles, it makes an excellent layout tool. So, whether it's Maxis's buildings or custom ones, I'm just looking for 3d models that fit the game's proportions. I can use substitutes to fill in any gaps. However, I have no idea if it's even possible to view the game's original 3d assets, and even more vexing, it seems all the 3d files on the exchange are .max. I've never had an .edu email and I'm not a professional CG artist, so I'll pass on the $3,700 program. So, in short, is there any way to find any in-game buildings as 3DS's, OBJ's, or any format readable by any non-Autodesk program? Or is there any way to download files I could open in BAT itself, so I can at least get their proportions and rebuild them quicker? Thanks, everyone.
  18. Now before you say to check anything, I have it. My city is perfect for a good mayor rating, but no matter what I do it is at -7 bars. I've even de-zoned everything and started over but always -7. Does anyone know some mods to help me?
  19. ST at turtle speed

    Well, it looks like we are at turtle speed again... Logged OK. But as soon as I tried to check the notifications, ST went into very very slow speed. Maybe it is the same glitch we saw a few days ago. Opinions? Suggestions?
  20. Sorry if I am breaking rules here. Sorry for disturbing you. Although in my perspective, this post contains not personal info, if you found the personal info, you can PM me. Hello, I want to work for NAM (of course, as a volunteer) to texture roads and helping the NAM Team to maintain the documentation, so I filed a short application to @Tarkus. But, why my application still not responded? Do I need to showcase my work? Or, do I need to make a longer app? Or, is the NAM accept new volunteers? Thanks. @Tarkus said, "NAM Team does not accept applications for membership. We periodically select team members periodically from the community at-large who we feel are capable of contributing meaningfully and positively to the project, and issue them an invite when we feel they are ready similarly to site selects staff or award recipients." Thanks @Tarkus!
  21. Cracking The Security

    Democracy ? DeMocritoirasy... People doesn't want rules hell its not even what they want Forums are ruling the internet doing rules etc for years and It doesn't worked one time Why ? Because internet can't have even have the most basic things to support a democracy and rulers Things like "I will obey the rules in the name or allah" or "Rulers are everything" !!!! Do you think you can start a democracy in a place that is "polluted" with crackers, poor people, or people that doesn't want to buy the game AGAIN ? People doesn't want rules they want a leader that both can make constraints and support Thats where Coriemarie shall come in Simply put I ISO'ed the game lots of time ago and none of Poweriso alcholol 120 doesn't work in XP Now I will move to W8.1 and it wont work again (Believe me i tried it lots of time ago and i did everything like Registry and CMD sc start things) I wont buy something I already have (Nor I have cash anyway) So can someone provide people with a "SC4Launcher" with "Disable CD check" or some sorts ? (SADX launcher had it) and make sure NAM team will disregard MD5 Checksum check ?
  22. Dealing with Prop Pox!

    Replies: Akallan: Thanks a lot for your comment! Entry 7: Dealing With Prop Pox So all of those great pictures and scenes you saw in the previous have been lost. The reason why is that a week ago Pololomia suffered from Prop Pox. So I had to use an old back-up which is prop pox free- unfortunately it was dated three weeks ago. I haven't added too much in those three weeks, but still... All of those MMP scenes are gone. Oh well... But it did give me a chance to redo the outskirts of Pololomia and I believe I have found a better layout! Anyway enjoy the pictures! 1. Let's start off with a MEGA mosaic! Link to see the big version- https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/147x907q90/922/Eq1rSx.png 2. More sneak peaks of the city centre. 3. 4. 5. 6. And here is the new layout- look to the top of the picture and the outskirts look WAY better as they have now become less dense and there is more green space between them. Note some of these spaces have now been filled in with MMPs. 7. And now some more MMP goodiness! 8. I redid the FA neighbourhood and made it strictly attached to the road- there are no diagonal streets shooting off. 9. 10. 11. When I went to the Lake District a week ago, I was driving along the A66 and I noticed the layout of the trees amongst the fields: lines of trees for field perimetres, small clumps of woodland in the centre of fields, grassy areas marking the perimeter of a field, etc. 12. This got me thinking about how I could add woodland in the middle of my large MMP fields... 13. 14. A new development in my MMP farm/rural quest- wild meadows! 15. 16. Now THIS is what the rural/urban perimeter of Pololomia is going to look like- the grid meets organic MMPs, diagonal roads and FA roads! There will be another update next week!
  23. Hello, I've experienced a game crash when I am placing a Superparking piece with DAMN, even I have met the dependency requirement. This is not only produced by the 3x ortho piece, this can be produced by other pieces too. I don't know why the game crashes when I am placing the piece. Even, the Paeng's doesn't crash the game. My SimCity 4 is 1.1.640 with NAM, CAM, Sudden Valley, MGB's SV TGN, SCILT, Radius Doubler, IRM, Maxis Prop with Correct Name (bldgprop1, bldgprop2 and a fix), SC4Fix, Upgradable City Hall (Simmaster's), PEG Seaport Controller, custom DAMN menu etc. Sorry for not including the crash report. Thanks.
  24. Hello, I have a city. This is the picture of my city: I want to zone residentials & commercials near the coast. I also want to build a passenger & car ferry terminal. But, I don't want lengthy power lines due to ruining the landscape. My power plant is solar PV (and if I have money, I will build hydrogen power plant). Where I place the power plant? Is it fine to place it near the residential zones? If yes, how make it seamless? Thanks.
  25. Hanau

    From the album Novo Comunismo

    This is Hanau,a New City in the New Communism

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