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  1. Neutopia 2

    Don't upload the region as it's saved by the game, that's against the STEX rules. Use SC4 Mapper to export it to an SC4M file instead.
  2. Ban the User Above You!

    This already exists.
  3. Can't record SimCity 4

    I can't help you with D3DGear, as I've never used, or up until now even heard of, it. But with OBS, you can try the following: This, of course, requires that the game is running in windowed mode.
  4. Can't record SimCity 4

    I see OBS doesn't recognize the game at all, but what you can do instead is set the game to windowed mode and record the game as a window. That should work just fine.
  5. Can't record SimCity 4

    What happens when you try OBS?
  6. Can't record SimCity 4

    I've found that Open Brodadcaster Software (https://obsproject.com) works well with practically anything, including SimCity 4.
  7. Show us your Night Shots!

    The mainland section of the city of Constanta at night, as seen in this massive, 5000 x 5000 mosaic (click for full image):
  8. Show us your Mosaics

    i know we all love double posts The single biggest mosaic I have ever made (click for full image):
  9. Constanta mosaic 2

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    Scaled down to 50% and compressed. Uncompressed high resolution image: Constanta mosaic 2.jpg (25.05 MB)
  10. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Thanks! Those lights are streetlamps from a mod I forgot the name of, it's probably Japanese. It's made up of 27 overlapping images, stitched together in Paint.NET.
  11. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Constanta's central business district at night
  12. Show us your Mosaics

    Constanta's central business district at night
  13. Show us your skyscraper districts!

    Constanta's central business district at night
  14. Constanta mosaic

    From the album Jolteon's Picture Dump

    High quality (8.6 MB): https://www.dropbox.com/s/p0cu0yqd1ho144j/Constanta mosaic 1.jpg?dl=0