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City-building game(s)

Found 23 results

  1. City of Piers Project Resuscitation

    From the album Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor

    This is a project started earlier this year, but not completed. The project is a set of rewards re-lotted as piers carrying some Maxis buildings and landscaping. It seems it would have been a hard-sell. The piers would have to be very heavy constructs and piled very deep to support the large concrete and steel structures. I still like the appeal of the waterfront development so the project is back on my list of things to complete.
  2. Jason5871's Cruise Ship Port Set

    Version 1.0.0


    Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread,, and with the permission of the Simptropolis Staff Members this file has been uploaded on behalf of Jason5871. It was not available anymore due to the unfortunate demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by @Jason5871. This Cruis Ship Port Set was made by Jason5871 and originally was uploaded onto the PLEX. This upload contains 6 folders, and into these folders you can find the original readme files and pictures taken by the original creator (but I updated all the dependency links into the *.txt files) and a folder called Cruise Ship Port. Each folder (from the above mentioned six) has a so called Cruise Ship Port folder (what you will copy from the zip into you plugin folder). Into each folders the Cruise Ship Port folder contains one of the following subfolders with the LOT files: 1. AK Cruise Ship Building - This lot will replace the in game Cruise Ship Port. It will apearing in your Reward Menu in game. Lot Size: 6x6 2. CSX Pier Mall - This is the CSX Pier Mall It has been reloted it fit the Cruise Port. It has the same properties as the orignal CSX Pier Mall. Lot Size: 6x10 3. END Lots - These are the ends that go with the new Cruise Ship Port Set. They have 15 low wealth commercial jobs each. Lot Size: 2x6 4. Fillers - These are the 5 filler lots for the Cruise Ship Port. They have 15 low wealth commercial jobs each. Lot Size: 1x6 5. Fire Station - Here is the Fire Station for the Cruise Port Set. Lot Size: 3x6 6. OWW2 Transitions - These Transitions will connect Cruise Ship Port set to the OWW2 set. These have 15 low wealth commercial jobs. Lot Size: 2x6 Apart from the AK Cruise Ship Building the rest of the LOTs take place in the Water Transport Menu in game, you can find them near to the PEG OWW2 set. It's not part of this set directly, but you may want to try Pezzajn's Cruise Ship Port (CSP) _ Broadway Cruise Ship Terminal as well, since it's an addition for this set. Dependencies: Peg-OWW2_Resource Peg-OWW2_Resource2 Peg_Marina_Resource (THIS ONE IS INSIDE THE DOWNLOAD) Peg-OWW2_1x3_Pierhead Peg-CDK3- Fountain Peg_CDK_SV_FoodCourts Peg-CDK3_2x3_Marina-Parking Peg-Oww2_1x3_LeftEnd Peg-Oww2_1x3_RightEnd Peg-OWW2_2x3_Obsdeck Peg-Oww2_1x3_Ramp Peg_CDK3_4x3_Marina-Docks Peg-CDK3-CG_Resource Peg-OWW2_FireStation CSX Pier Mall - Only dependency for the CSP Pier Mall Lot (you need the LOT file from Don Miguel's upload) PorkieProps-Vol1 Taxi Props Shmails Park A Lot 1x3 (you only need the models and desc files from this) SG_SuburbanFireHouse NDEX ITS Mega Props Vol3 - this is for the AK Cruise Ship Building only Bsc_Texture Vol2 BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_Vol1 Have fun and enjoy! - Tyberius06
  3. Riverview

    Hi Everyone This is my first City Journal. It was my first completed medium tile (not a region) that I created last summer. No particular story attached other than this was started as a resort type town with a nice waterfront, hotels, a marina, theatres, an outdoor music venue, some industry, farms etc. A bit of a mix in other words. I hope you enjoy it! A Note about third party hosting services: I hope the IMGUR jpg pictures are all ok and are not too big. Had a hard time understanding how to do the links as this was the first time doing it. Unfortunately even with a lower quality (85%) jpg I couldn't keep the file below 4Mb when I tried to paste them directly from my album thus my use of IMGUR. Wonder how long the "free" part will last with them. 1. I'll start off with the Bandshell. 2. Lever Plaza beside the park and Bandshell. And now onto the Waterfront 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 11. 12. 13. A couple of night time pictures. I find the Peg's Boardwalk especially pretty at night. 14. 15. and 16 are overviews of the waterfront and surrounding area.
  4. As it says in the title recently lost a region to PROP-POX and im looking to delete all of my pegasus stuff. Looking for a alternative waterfront development mod to pegasus, I know it easy to just tap away and search up in the STEX but I thought it would be easier to ask here. Pretty guttered as the peg lots are really good but id rather live a stress free life building knowing there gone. Cheers team
  5. Rural Docklands Expansion (R.D.E)

    Version 1.0.0


    Rural Docklands Expansion 36 Lots to expand the Rural Docklands Warning The original Rural Docklands Sets I and II by Doc Rorlach(†) requires 11 Dependencies. This expansion set requires additional 11 Dependencies. So if you never used the Rural Docklands before you might end up with 22 Dependencies to download. Before downloading please make shure you already have the necessary dependencies or if they are still available. Basic Information This product enlarges the Dural Docklands with 3 and 4 tiles deep lots and quite a few corner lots to build up an industrial water front. There are no container ports related lots in this set. You can find many of them already on the STEX. This set was done with inland ports and the filling of large harbour areas in mind. To make the many different corner pieces user friendly I used symbols on the icons. It's easy to understand but it's strongly recommended to read the chapter 'Usage' in the included pdf. It takes less than a minute. The new lots use the same querry window as the original ones. Most of the lots use similar stats as the original set - they are almost neutral to the city with no monthly cost and small or no pollution or consumption. The main lots (car transfer dock, building material transfer dock, chemical liquids dock, coal docks) are modded for a small caps relief on industries (CRI lots). This set is dedicated to the memory of Doc Rohrlach. While downloading the following dependencies - please consider to compliment the original creators. They did the main job. Dependencies and Installation Notes 1. WMP Rural Dockands and Dependencies WMP_RDock_Set1.zip WMP_RDock_Set2.zip And all listed dependencies (11). The internal downloads are all linked at the bottom of the page. But make shure you don't forget: BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat BSC Mega Props - JES Vol04.dat BSC Mega Props - JES Vol06.dat which are not included in the download section, as they are external dependencies. Hint: Rural Docklands, Set I containes a file called 'wmp_dummies.dat' and Rural Docklands, Set II contains the same file again. You can delete one of them. 2. Additional Dependencies NOB Mega Props Vol02.dat NOB Mega Props Vol03.dat BSC MEGA Props - Gascooker Vol01.dat BSC Mega Props - JES Vol09.dat PEG-PP_Scows_RESOURCE_101.dat (please check in case, if you have this actual and not an older version as it might not work) SG_Canal_CoalWharf.dat (the installer installs also a lot file named 'SG_4x4_Canal_CoalWharf_30fa6c92.SC4Lot' in the folder ."..\Plugins\BSC\Canals\Extras\Wharf - Coal". If you don't play with SimGoobers Brick Canals this lot isn't of much use and you might delete it) Murimk_industrialprops_resource.dat (included in this download is a folder called MMPs with dat files to turn the props into MMPs. You don't need this, but they are really nice und you might want to keep it) Nams PROPS PACK Vol 2.dat R6_Prop Pack 2010_Vol2.dat R6_TSC_PropPack_Vol2.dat RJM Prop Pack 2 Additional Content (you don't need this - but you may like) This files can make a fine addition to some of the lots: Hardun industris coal mine (to expand the coal dock). JENXPARIS House Boat by (ploppable ship, fitting in size) Hong Kong Junker Ships (even more nice ploppable ships) Fantozzi, march 2017. Enjoy!
  6. Lake Pointless - Number 2

    Hi there! It has been a long time since my last post. Events in real life, the state of the world and of the political situation developing in my own country and elsewhere have made games seem a little pointless to me. I have been checking in to the site quite frequently and although I post rarely, i really value the community here, so I would like to dedicate this post to all of you reading (and those not reading). However, I do want to give a couple of special shoutouts for people who have really helped inspire / create some superb content to this wonderful game: RSC/MGB204. All the texture unification work is incredible, but what really counts are the really detailed replies to my (and many other people's) questions in all the forums, I could not have got all these Japanese overpasses and whatnot working without your wonderful tutorial on installing them. LnX - just for mindboggleingly consistent uploads that I try to copy (badly - please see images below). Finally Fasan, who may be gone, but the pictures that remain on SC4D are for my personal preferences, the best pictures ever created using the medium of Simcity 4. Enough about me, here are some pictures: This is an overview of the city on the shores of Lake Pointless. Last Entry covered the suburban area to the right of this image and the fields beyond. This time we are looking at the northern end of the lake and the town around it in more detail. Ok, it's a highway interchange, but it was a slightly unusual one, so here is a picture Simcity 4 doesn't have many aggressive youths, but those that have a bit too much aggression can run like crazy on these football pitches, which should keep them out of mischief. There is some need for a fence to stop the ball going into the busy road, but times are tight! First 'flipped' image. I really like the totally different feel you get from doing this to a picture. A railway, some retaining walls overview of the area more flipping. Here in the suburbs the other side of the highway. suburbs giving way to industry crossing the bridge now onto the other bank of the river I wanted to try something a bit clever, and i'm not sure it has been wholly successful, but here is a combination of game water and MMP water, and lots of retaining walls. I guess the MMP side will improve with practice. A jumbled little neighbourhood of mainly working class homes. railway crossing. I really enjoythe reskinned japanese overpasses. This is not the most spectacular use of them! A local school surrounded by suburbia. Looks washed out because i forgot to change the contrast Old mills on the edge of town by the lake shore Now we get into the proper city centre. Trying to keep the shapes interesting! I know there is quite a mix of building styles but diagonals are really hard to find! close to the station are some very grand buildings wider overview of the city centre The Cricket ground (Americans and other Europeans, if you don't know what this is ask an Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan//English/Australian etc.) the library, the station and then the waterfront in mosaic. Different perspective. I love the distinctive library BAT in the middle. Now back across the river to finish off the rest of the city centre. I dont know why I couldn't make the water look nice here with MMPs, but once I had built everything was too scared to take serious remedial action in order to spruce up the water! closeup of the same area. why not stop for a coffee (or Tea if that way inclined) in the waterfront coffee shop. More quayside Finally my favourite of the lot, horizontally flipped mosaic of the small station down to the quayside, taking in some parkland and diagonals en-route. Hope you enjoyed
  7. Heretic SeaPort Project Expansion

    Version 1.0.0


    Introduction Here is a few more addition to the SeaPort Project, altogether it contains 19 new additional lots (6 of them are totally new). With this expansion pack you get the old PEG-CDK3 Docks and some of the other CDK3 related Lots (Acme Algea Farm, Captains Jack’s Landing, Blackies Boat Yard, Fred Ginger Fishery, Vandy Shipping Company and the two Garbage Disposal Docks) and I made two transition pieces between the PEG-CDK3 and PEG-CDK3-SP sets. After the SG-CAL canal transition pieces, I made transition pieces between game water and the original old fashined SimGoober canals, and combinated the bigger industrial rail yard type lots with warehouses and canal pieces as well. The contents: - cleanitol for removing the old pieces of the CDK3 set. - the PEG-CDK3 Docks set and related lots - two new transition pieces between the CDK3 and CDK3-SP docks - add SimGoober Canal Lock Transition (almost the same as the SG-CAL Canal Lock Transition) - add three more warehouse-seaport-rail yard lots (2 for SG-CAL Canal, 1 for SimGoober Canal) Installation The *.zip file contains two folders called Heretic Projects and Documentation. The Heretic Projects folder contains a Seaport Project folder, which contains two subfolders: Open the Documentation folder and check the Cleanitol file. If you don’t want to use the original sets and you have those files from the attached cleanitol, you can remove those files manualy from your plugin folder or you can run the BSC Cleantiol program. 2. You just simply copy the so called Heretic Projects folder from the zip file into your plug-in folder. If something wants to overwrite anything you can accept it, that’s OK. If you don’t want to use any of these lots, you just simply delete the unwanted files. Dependencies (that’s quite a long list): (the same as the Heretic SeaPort Project’s dependencies, but here is the list) SM2 RRW nsb Tex (v4) SM2 Prop Pack vol. 1 PEG CDK3 MASTER SEAPORT CONTROLLER PEG CDK3 SP Container Ship Fleet PEG CDK3 SP Pier One (Only the Resource file) BldgPropVol1.dat BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 SAM 1 Override 1.1.1 (you only need the Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat from the HD Car Props version of that upload) BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol3 BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol7 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 01 SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Tamorrs Resources v205 BNL Essential PEG PPOND Water Mill (only the Resource file) PEG Security Fencing Kit PEG CDK3 SUPER PAK PEG CDK3 SP Vandy Shipping (Only the Resource file) PEG CDK3 SP SEAPORT SUPER PAK PEG CDK3 SP Rail Fleet BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 06 BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 07 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 08 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 MGB - RRW to Subway Ramp (only the RRW Ramp_Resource.dat) Cogeo's Logistics Centre Dependency Pack BLS CAL Canal Wharves BSC Heretic-JES_Freight_Railcar_prop_families_v1.dat (included) Only for the contents of the Heretic-PEG-CDK3 Docks folder PEG CDK3 Garbage Docks (Only the PEG-CDK3_GarbageDock_RESOURCE.dat file you need from this download) PEG CDK3 Blackies Boatyard (Only the PEG-CDK3_BoatYard_RESOURCE_100.dat file you need from this download) PEG CDK3 Capt Jacks Landing (Only the PEG-CDK3_CaptJacksLanding_RESOURCE.dat file you need from this download) SM2 RRW Lottex SW v1 Only for the lots with SimGoober Canals: MGB - RRW to Subway Ramp (only the RRW Ramp_Resource.dat) BSC Canals - Base Set (only the SG_Canals_Brick.dat and the SG_Canals_Brick_Variations.dat) BSC Brick Canal Set Add-on - Locks (only the SG_Canals_Brick_Lock.dat) Network Addon Mod (z0_PEG_CDK_Ferry.dat) Only for the lots with SG-CAL Canals: CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Baseset BSC (only the Baseset.dat and Straight PropFamily.dat) CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Extras (only the Extras.dat) Heretic_SG_CAL_Canal_Straight_PropFamily.dat (included) Credits & Special Thanks Thank you for: - Simmer2 for his amazing RRW NSB Overlay texture set as that was the main inspiration of this project. And of course for his nice barrier props and other RRW overlays what he made. - Pegasus and the PEGPROD team for their work on the original Seaport set, on the models and props. - MBG204/rsc204 for the very nice RRW rail tunnel model. - Tamorr for his prop families and his original ideas about SET Endings, canal transitions. - NBVC for making the original Modular Container Port set. - FrankU for his nice prop families. - Kingofsimcity for his work on SuperSHK parking textures. - CAL and Simgoober for their work on canals - Girafe and the VIP team for their car props. - Jesstarr and the BSC team for the amazing industrial related props among them trucks and railcars. And me, Heretic/Tyberius for the LOT Modifications and the new additional seaport Lots. Thanks for the support, oppinions, suggestions, criticism for everybody!
  8. Heretic SeaPort Project

    Version 1.5


    Heretic SeaPort Project EDIT: 24-07-2017 - I updated one of the dependency, now I can download the PEG PPond Locks from STEX as well. Version 1.5 (please read the attached readme file): - minor changes on lots (the included readme contains a list about the changed files), therefore I included two new dependency file (they are in the upload) - attached Cleanitol file - corrected dependency - with the update an updated readme. I also deleted the previously included "Images" folder, because the readme contains every picture. IMPORTANT NOTICE: As the PEG-CDK3 Master SeaPort Controller mod refers the PEG Seaports (which I also use in this upload) are not compatible with any other seaports or seaport mods including the BSC Seaports aswell. As @Eggman121 pointed to me into the right direction in my development thread over there on SC4Devotion, you can only use each of the Seaports: the PEG-CDK3 Seaports with the Master Seaport Controller OR the BSC Seaports, but you can NOT use these together at the same time. Introduction This project was initially made for my personal use to get a better (for me more satisfying) design in my cities, which idea was inspirated by Simmer2's RRW NSB overlay texture set. I like the PEG-CDK3-SP system, and I've been using them since I found them on SimPEG a few years ago. But I don't like the base texture what it uses, and there are some configuration what was also problematic (I really don't like those rail-crossings on the inner corner LOTs, at least not in every situation), so I decided to change them. But if I change one or two LOTs, I have to change all of them, or the most used ones for the uniformity. This upload contains retextured and relotted items from three different creators/teams who made the original sets and additions for the original set and contains a lot of new additional lots made by Me. The re-made original contents are the following: PEG-CDK3-SP Docks, Seaports, Warehouse Docks from Pegasus Large Warehouse Outer Corner (for CDK3-SP Raw Warehouse set) from NBVC Modular Container Port from NBVC Tamorr CDK3-SP End Lots from Tamorr Bob’s CSK Transfer Dock from Tamorr CDK3-SP Rail Port WH from Tamorr Tamorr’s CDK3-SP Freight Station from Tamorr Altogether with my creations this project contains 130 Lots. Apart from the three PEG-CDK3-SP Seaport Lots (Container Seaport, Pier One Seaport, Break-Bulk Seaport) these are not overrides, this is kind of a new set based on the original lots. However the three mentioned Seaport Lots override the original PEG Seaports, or replace them. Installation The *.zip file contains three folders called Heretic Projects, Heretic-PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports and Documentation. The Heretic Projects folder contains a Seaport Project folder, which contains 11 folders. 1. You just simply copy the so called Heretic Projects folder into you plug-in folder. 2. The Heretic-PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports folder contains a ZZZZ_PEG SEAPORTS subfolder. Copy the ZZZZ_PEG SEAPORTS folder to your plug-in folder. NOTE: if you’ve already used the original PEG-CDK3-SP Seaports either you should remove those from your plug-in folder (in that case if some reason you changed the original paths of those plugins), or let them overwrite with the new files. To avoid any conflict you should use only ONE set (PEGs or mine, but you shouldn’t use both in the same time.). I didn’t changed the stats of these lots, only give them a new Item Name and the new texture design. Dependencies (that’s quite a long list): General dependencies for (almost all) most of the lots: SM2 RRW nsb Tex (v4) SM2 Prop Pack vol. 1 PEG CDK3 MASTER SEAPORT CONTROLLER PEG CDK3 SP Container Ship Fleet PEG CDK3 SP Pier One (Only the Resource file) PEG CDK3 SP Pier Seaport (You should use the Pier Seaport from my set, but it must be installed because it contains a necessary inbuilt prop in the dat file) PEG CDK3 SP Rail Fleet PEG CDK3 SP SEAPORT SUPER PAK PEG CDK3 SP Vandy Shipping (Only the Resource file) PEG CDK3 SUPER PAK PEG Security Fencing Kit PEG PPOND Water Mill (only the Resource file) BNL Essential SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures Tamorrs Resources v2051 BSC - VIP girafe carpack vol. 1 & 2 SAM 1 Override 1.1.1 (you only need the Grfe_Cars_family_props.dat from the HD Car Props version of that upload) BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol3 BSC BAT Props - T1 Vol7 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 01 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 02 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 03 BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 06 BSC Mega Props - JES vol. 07 BSC Mega Props - JES Vol. 08 BSC MEGA Props Misc Vol02 BldgPropVol1.dat Heretic_SG_CAL_Canal_Straight_PropFamily.dat (included) Heretic-JES_Freight_Railcar_prop_families_v1.dat (included) Only for the SG-CAL canal related lots: CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Baseset BSC (only the Baseset.dat and Straight PropFamily.dat) CAL Goobers Canals 2007 Extras (only the Extras.dat) BLS CAL Canal Wharves BSC MGB - RRW to Subway Ramp (only the RRW Ramp_Resource.dat) MGB - Terrain Grass NAM (TGN) for Gobias Sudden Valley (only this file: MGB TGN BSC Vol1-3 Override.dat) Only for the PEG-PPond Lock Transition lot: (I made the lot using the PEG PPond settings, but it also could work with the older style CSK2 settings.) PEG-PPond_Kit_102 PEG PPonds Canal Kit PEG PPond Lift Bridges Only for the NBVC Modular Container port and the LAND filler lots of mine SM2 RRW Lottex SM2R2 SG Container Freight Yards Only for the Industrial Rail Yard 04-05 Warehouses and the DTR-STR Inner Corner Cogeo's Logistics Centre Dependency Pack Credits & Special Thanks Thank you for: - Simmer2 for his amazing RRW NSB Overlay texture set as that was the main inspiration of this project. And of course for his nice barrier props and other RRW overlays what he made. - Pegasus and the PEGPROD team for their work on the original Seaport set, on the models and props. - MBG204/rsc204 for the very nice RRW rail tunnel model. - Tamorr for his prop families and his original ideas about SET Endings, canal transitions. - NBVC for making the original Modular Container Port set. - FrankU for his nice prop families. - Kingofsimcity for his work on SuperSHK parking textures. - CAL and Simgoober for their work on canals - Girafe and the VIP team for their car props. - Jesstarr and the BSC team for the amazing industrial related props among them trucks and railcars. And me, Heretic/Tyberius for the LOT Modifications and the new additional seaport Lots. Thanks for the support, oppinions, suggestions, criticism for everybody!
  9. Águas Claras

    Águas Claras "Águas Claras" it's an high density upscale neighborhood, located in the East Zone of San Pedro. It has one station of line 1(green), of subway, and it's "crossed" by 6 bus lines. Too has a college, beautiful beaches, a good quality of life and approximately 9.000 inhabitants. The pics: On a rainy night...
  10. When In Rome

    From the album Ionica

  11. Hello everyone, as some of you may know, building a nice waterfront is currently imossible because the folliage of trees dies when exposed to water. I tried all trees from the workshop hoping to find one that would not die but without success (exept for the niwaki trees). The only solution I can think of would be to convert the trees into props but I have no idea on how to achieve that. Could someone help me or guide me please ?
  12. Downtown Coos Bay

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  13. Historic Harbor

    Version 1.0


    Creators: KrashSpeed - BATing Vortext - Lotting/Modding SimCoug - Lotting/Modding Description: Historic Harbor is a comprehensive 'modular set' that includes over 1,000 BATed models, a wide assortment of MMPs, and over 100 individual lots (each with custom icons). We named it 'Historic Harbor' because it is supposed to represent what a harbor might look like in the late 19th century, but that doesn't mean it can't be used in conjunction with modern cities. Look around at many waterfront cities today and you will find traces from a bygone era. Dependencies: None! Everything included in this download has been hand crafted for use with this set and any future 'Historic' add-ons. We will be updating the Historic Harbor - Dependencies with additional props/textures/resource files in order to consolidate everything in one 'master' dependency. Installation: Simply choose the version you wish (HD or SD) and unzip the folder and place into your plugin folder. If you want to play with the accompanying lots and MMPs, then be sure to download those files as well (and place in your plugins folder). What if you change your mind and want to switch from HD to SD (or vise-versa)? No problem! Simply remove the version you don't want and place the new version into your plugin folder. The models will switch automatically and you do not need to bulldoze anything. The set is broken down in an organized fashion, so users who are comfortable with customizing their setup may remove the lots that may not be used. For example you may not want to use any of the 'Under Construction' lots - in that case simply remove the file 'Under Construction.dat' from the Lots folder and those will not show up in your menu when you start the game. If you are using lots from a category that you wish to remove, it is advisable to delete all instances of those lots before you remove them from your plugins folder (per standard SC4 operating procedure). Once installed, the lots will be at the end of the 'Seaport' menu. The lots will be grouped together in similar categories (Pier, Quay, Filler, etc.). Despite their organized appearance, the sheer number of lots will make for lots of scrolling, so if you are a DAMN user, it is recommended that you take advantage of that program for this set. A few stray lots will fall in their respected menu categories, such as the 'bus stop' and 'waste' lots (you will find this lot in the 'power' menu), but 99% of the lots will be in the 'Seaport' menu. Gameplay: For detailed instructions and example regarding the lots and MMPs, you will find everything you need in the 'readme' file located in both the Historic Harbor - Lots download and the Historic Harbor - MMPs download. We encourage everyone to browse through the readme - it contains loads of vital information and it looks really cool! Known Bugs: There are a number of known issues and visual glitches associated with these lots (although easily remedied) and the accompanying readme explains everything in detail. so once again - please read the readme! Developer notes: This is a massive set that has been years in the making. There has been a thorough testing of each piece, but that doesn't mean everything will work perfectly. If you run into any problems, please feel free to contact us (see 'Support' below). For additional information regarding tips, known bugs, and how-to examples, please consult the readme. Please do not distribute any Historic Harbor content without the developers consent. For those who wish to create lots using the models from this set, please feel free to download the 'prop catalog' - it will help sort through the thousands of props that are available. Support: For questions regarding this set, please feel free to visit The Historic Harbor Support Thread over at SimPeg.com or here on Simtropolis. Special Thanks: Thanks goes out to all the folks over at SimPeg who were gracious enough to offer suggestions, ideas and criticism that made this set better than anything the three of us could pull off on our own. Specifically, we would like to thank our volunteer beta testers for graciously donating their time to go through this set and find all our mistakes. -mgb -Paeng -tariel -epicblunder -cmdp123789 -Chris11 -NielsC007 -rathefalcon -Indiana Joe Also, we would like to acknowledge NBVC for providing the BAT script that allows custom LOD's to work at all zoom levels - it makes a world of difference when viewing the Historic Harbor pieces from afar.
  14. Just Another Waterfront

    View Album Well, you might have gotten the feeling that the above photo-tour is somewhat... incomplete. And you are right - that city never survived... You see, it was built on the of side this guy here - Then one day I SimGod decided to unleash a little bad weather and disaster and have some fun... yeah well, that lasted until I blacked out and did something... very... VERY... wrong... So here is just a parting shot - the last we'll ever see of this once-well-to-do town...
  15. I became peg-addicted recently, so I just had to create a entry about this....it just makes so much fun Murimk's lots are awesome! I forgot to turn off the grid the most of the time and I was to lazy to re-do it as I noticed, sorry :/ Have a nice saturday guys! Replies Lost Realist: Thank you You're the maker of "Josephinia" right? I already said it in the comment section, but: man, it's awesome!
  16. Marina



    This file contains 12 marina piers with different shapes and sizes. It also contains some seawalls for the marina. Everything is located in the seaport menu. The props can also be used in the Lot-Editor for your custom lots. No dependencies.
  17. The Commonwealth of Traebia Update 4 - Candar, City on the Edge of Decay Welcome to Candar, Simtropolis! We are in 1961 and the federal elections are behind us now, and every candidate promised endless growth and wealth upon Seahaven and its coastal communities. As the nearby states of Winhill have fallen in a civil war, refugees begin to emigrate north, to Traebia. Every single community has grown by at least 3'000 inhabitants in the state. Every community? Well, it's not quite true. Candar City is a frontier town of the Commonwealth, more than 50 km away from Seahaven. It used to be the second biggest town, in fact, and based almost all of its economy on fluvial and sea trade...but the great Seahaven has become bigger and now overshadows the harbour in Candar. Despite a new railroad connecting Candar to the rest of the world, the fragile trade dwindles and the city peacefully, but surely begins to decay... Replies Jamonbread, TayMay27 - I've previously replied, but I hope the current slopes will look much better. Even though it's harder to build. Moriadne - I hope no trees have grown in baseball fields since I took my screenshots, even though Candar is in decay. JGellock, SimCoug, Forthwall - Thank you I've installed the Ennedi Slope Mod, which works fine, but takes a lot of getting used to. You'll see in Updates 5 and 6, the RHW was a pain to develop (and with NAM31, I'm going to rework a few quirks.) 10000000000000, Rex12345 - Thanks I try to put detail as much as I can, even though it does prove tedious and time-consuming. Grstudios - Thank you! Hope I'll keep up! Titanicbuff - We at the Great Central Railroad do not sell over-the-counter drugs. However, we do serve excellent meals aboard our intercity trains. Guaranteed horse-free. Pixelsims - Indeed, Ayleston derives its name from Aylesbury. I had to change the name as another town further north (Amesbury) took precedence to remove any possible confusion. Map The Commonwealth of Traebia c. 1961. Notice how many cities have grown in the last few updates : most importantly, cities on the coast are becoming more and more industrialized, especially with the Interstate being built (you can spot it on this map) and the harbor in Verona becoming bigger and bigger. Albany and Traebia City have doubled these past two years - mostly, well-off refugees from the war-torn Winhill decided to move to Traebia to save their belongings and start anew in a town that has some of the lowest residential taxes, and offers plenty of opportunities. In fact, the Timber Maniacs magazine named Traebia "most promising State of the Decade". But Seahaven's success is not harmless; in fact, Candar's thriving economy was killed, and the town's progress was shot dead. Welcome to Candar Candar has always striven to be a modern city. Despite its heritage, it has always tried to be avant-garde on many designs. The Goldstein Bridge, built in 1959 to carry State Route 6 and, hopefully, Federal Route 51 when it is approved, is an example of this modernity blending with the old infrastructure and buildings of Candar. Waterfront - Charming, is it not? Well, not quite. Candar is an inland city, but the wide river allowed it to develop a fluvial trading economy. Until the late 50s, even sea-going vessels came to dock at Candar. Nowadays though, Seahaven's piers are more suited for the job. It's dangerous for a town to be based on a single, main economy. It will not take too long before the collapse of the harbour brings about the full decay of the town. Look at all these abandonned and dirty buildings! Not to mention the apartments that were built in prevision for a flattened road that was never built, or the near-lifeless docks. Candar was just taking its flight, but Seahaven's booming expansion overkilled Candar's economic drive. Richmond - Not everything looks bleak. The streetcars in Candar carry a lot of passengers throughout the city, and the central station is simply monumental. Dubbed "the little great station", its size hides a train shed in its northern wing, and foreshadows future northward development for the Dollet and Springfield Railroad - Traebia City, Garland and beyond. Whether this will halt the decay in the town, no one knows. Richmond - Overview of Richmond, Candar's wealthy district. Even here, decay strikes and mansions seem abandoned. Cathedral - The Church of Hyne is a monumental church (that is being surpassed in Traebia City by a faux-gothic cathedral). It was built in 1750 to commemorate the One God, Hyne. Today, amongst the little paved windy streets in Candar, it dominates the skyline of the sleepy city.Religion in Dollet is dominated by the Church of Hyne, though smaller religions exist. This particular church, though, is known all over Traebia; but again, tourism is not Candar's forté, and there are many opinions on whether the cathedral will help revitalize Candar, or crumble with it. Victoria Estates - The northern suburbs of Candar are from a time when people still flocked to work in the harbour. Nowadays, it is far from everything and slowly falling into quiet desuetude. You can still spot the northern end of the streetcar line, on the right hand border, but it takes horribly long to reach downtown. Stanton - More surburbs! Those are somewhat newer, and still healthy enough. Most of the people in here work in the factories on the waterfront. Notice the older road textures to the south, as well as the train station. If you're going westwards in Traebia, it's as far as you can get - Yauland begins just past the railroad right of way. Whistler - Candar has a huge industrial district that seems to offer a bit of resistance to the collapse of the town economy, thanks to the rail link to the rest of the state. Will it prevent urban decay? Well...not sure. Many industries are planning to leave for "greener" pastures, in fact, and planned extensions to the industrial ward will most likely never come true. Waterfront - The waterfront area slumbers, quiet yet uncertain. Many houses are abandoned though you can still admire the tight grid of the town's old areas. In the past two years, 10'000 people have left, and mostly settled on the Traebian coast. Plans to improve the streets were once considered, a mere few years ago, but have been scrapped since. East Shores - On the other side of the river, tenements and businesses were constructed in prevision for an eastward sprawl that mostly never occurred This side of the city is known for its cabarets and theaters, but also for its gloomy and empty structures. Overview - We conclude with an overview of Candar, the big city that held big promises but came short of fulfilling them, the town that was about to shine but was killed before it could. Isn't it quite the irony that the "town of progress" that brought the modern resources the state needed is brought to decline by this very drive for progress? I don't know, but what is certain is that the booming economy Traebia has experienced the past few years definitely does collateral damage - two sides of a coin, perhaps. Who knows what awaits the town in the future though? Will the surviving industry and some tourism help keep the town afloat, or shall the declining Candar trip over the edge of decay into urban blight and oblivion? Until then, thanks for reading, and I welcome your feedback.
  18. Waterfront Mod

    Hi,.. I want suggestion what is suitable mod for waterfront. I have CBD area along river, but didn't know how to make it realistic. Please anyone share the answer..=D
  19. I came a across a tutorial for making straight edged coastlines (link: http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/_/simcity-4/tutorials/creating-straight-edged-coastlines-canals-and-r97), but this is extremely tedious, is there a mod that allows this to be done way faster?
  20. All good waterfront cities have buildings, roads, rails and other good stuff on pilings over the water - there are entire cities on pilings. When I am trying to make a decent port or other waterfront area, I always run into trouble at the waterfront. Straightening it to accommodate what I want to build doesn't look very realistic. All the filler lots can't be built on and/or are already filled in. Does anybody make pilings that act like unused land? I'm talking about pilings I could build the city of Venice on. I'm not finding any, but it seems like someone would endeavor to do that. It changes the entire game when working with waterfront cities.
  21. Update 5: Shorecoast Part II & Massive Mosaic!

    Welcome to another update of Holt District! In today's update we are once again in the Town of Southlands. Today we focus on the northern suburban area and some of the northern condominium buildings. We also delve into the CBD/Downtown, which of the 3 on Holt District it is the smallest. The northern suburban area of the city is a very ritzy area, house prices average $900 000. Yes, that's the average. Some, many, go for much more. The reason in it is a series of peninsulas, granting waterfront property to many, or water access close by if you aren't waterfront.The condominium buildings offer some cheaper (but smaller) living space as well, and really boost the Shorecoast skyline. You will also notice the photo size has increased! Photos are now 1020px wide, instead of being ~750. And today's update may be the one for me to beat - it is awesome IMO. It features my largest ever mosaic, spanning more than 3500 pixels in length. See that at the bottom. With the wider photos come a few retouches to the general appearance, as well. Nothing major. Let's go on to today's update! Also, before the update starts. Be sure to check out HDHIP - it will play a HUGE part in the future of this CJ. Shorecoast - Booming Development Along the Coast Part 2 of 2 *Be sure to click on each photo for the full size! 5.1 | Empty land. Yep, empty. Well... for now anyways. Rumour has it a developer is interested in acquiring the land and building a massive condominium complex. Whether that gets approved remains to be seen, as just months ago the Town was rumoured to be aiming to protect this land, and keep it open grassland. Talks have been slow, and with the rumoured interest, may not happen at all. One of the most desirable developments is in the bottom right of this photo... but more on it further down. 5.2 | Here in Northern Shorecoast, houses are expansive. Like really expensive. The ones on these specific inlets list for no less than $1.5 million. Have no fear... I hear the bank is nearby. Whether you get approved for a mortgage on one of these properties... that's a different story completely. And whether that's what you pay, same deal. To further complicate manners, houses here don't come up for sale often. The residents here stay for long periods of time. There is usually only one listing every 2 years. This often leads to bidding-wars... 5.3 | Slightly further south than the above neighbourhood we arrive here, known as Islegfawn, another popular area for famlies and retirees. There are many fixer-uppers in this area, bringing the average house price down to around $675,000. Once fixed up, they can go for around $1 million, depending on the scope of work done to them. 5.4 | If you thought the above area were expensive, you haven't seen anything yet. These houses go for an average of $3 000 000 - yes $3 Million The houses on the centre island are the most expensive, average around $4 million. Prices are really that ridiculous, and change by that large amount between areas of the Town. 5.5 | Those looking for a Shorecoast address who can't afford the lofty prices often look to condominiums. Unfortunately, they're hit with the same type of pricing. A 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom, 1500 sq.ft. condo will set you back about $550 000. If you're on an upper floor and have a great view, you'd be pushing $800 000. However, these 4 buildings are typically 20% because of their exclusive nature, and the fact they are surrounded by water on 3 sides. These are some of the most desirable condos in the entire region, not just Shorecoast. 5.6 | Now, if you need a break from sky high real-estate costs, let's go to something non-residential, the Town's CBD. Despire its size, it is the smallest of the 3 CBD's in Holt District. It employs many of the cities residents. Construction and reconstruction are very common here, as is evident by the number of new buildings. 5.7 | Here's another view of the downtown core, with the view it overlooks. Nice, huh? While seawalls have been investigated, and the structural integrity of the land is constantly monitored, there has been no need for the expensive walls... yet. 5.8 | This green building is a historic landmark in Shorecost, as it is the oldest skyscraper in the Town. It cannot be torn down and redeveloped, and renovations must adhere to strict standards. This building is a major tourist draw, with many going to its observation deck to have a look at the surrounding view, and it is a regular stop on the building tours. 5.9 | And for fun, a night view of the Downtown Core at night, with some of the surrounding condominium buildings. 5.10 | Oh, but wait! We're not done yet. If you thought the above photo was cool, wait until you see this one. I have been mentioning this update has an awesome mosaic, and here it is. At over 3500* pixels long, it goes from the north-end of the town, down to the curved-condominium development we looked at in update 4. Fun fact: If it were to be printed, it would be over 1 metre long. *Before any auto-resizing by the forum software. Here you go!! That's all for today - If you reached the bottom of this part of the post, congratulations! Next update we will continue our exploration of the region. Yes, there is still LOTS more to see. Done in the comments section of each update! Next Update: We will continue to explore the existing Holt District settlements. Be sure to checkout the completely redesigned Holt District maps website: Now featuring more than just the regional streetmap!
  22. Cruise Ship Terminal



    Cruise Ship Terminal Building, by Mattb325. The in game cruise ship building has always been a disappointment, and while a few folk have attempted to re-lot the original, I am unaware of anything that has ever been released that complements (rather than over-writes) the function of the cruise ship building. Using the cruise ship terminal helps to break through demand caps, increase mayor and landmark ratings, and provides jobs; all of these enable you to get a thriving high end commercial services sector and enable a higher populations of R$$ and R$$$ sims. This is crucial to helping build large cities. In real life, most cruise ship terminals are fairly swank affairs as, just like airports, they are often the first impression a visitor has of a city. This cruise ship building that I have made is modded similarly to the in-game version and I have also made custom seawalls for the lot. Like the ingame version, it is found in the rewards menu and provides jobs once plopped. It therefore needs road access. Unlike the ingame version, it does not require certain thresholds to be met before being unlocked, and it can also be placed more than once in the same city. It does NOT replace the Maxis version and you can have both co-exist in the same city if you wish. The lot size is a more realistic and substantial 7 tiles wide by 5 tiles deep. Stats: Plop cost: $28,000 Maintenance Cost: $180 Bulldoze Cost: $269 R$$ Jobs: 45 Demand created: 45 Pollution: 1 (air) 1 (water) 11 (garbage) Radii: 2/4/1 tiles Landmark Effect: 60 over 24 tiles Mayor Rating: 10 over 256 tiles Water consumed: 75 Gallons Power Consumed: 50MwH Dependencies (you must be registered on the SC4 Devotion LEX to download these): [*]BSC Textures Vol01 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=90) [*]BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol02 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2383) [*]BSC BAT Props Mattb325 Vol03 (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2768) To install this file, simply unzip the downloaded contents to your plugins folder. I would recommend maintaining the folder structure for simplicity. Please report any issues to my thread: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=327.0 Thanks, and enjoy

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