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Programs, Tools or Utilities for modding SimCity (2013). Anything designed to circumvent DRM is not permitted.

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  1. SUGCPack

    SUGC’s ModPack For SimCity 2013
    To help promote SimCity SUGC have compiled the most current mods that have been created into one downloadable and simple to install package.

    Installing Instructions:
    The Installer will take care of the uninstallation of the old packs/mods.
    If you installed SimCity to the default Origin folder you can start installing right away. If you installed SimCity to a custom folder you need to browse to your \simcity folder and start installing there.
    Some mods need a game restart after you have created a new region for them to work.
    Also some mods needs a bit of background explanation how they work so if you don't get
    how a mod works, please visit the respective page.
    Cities of Tomorrow Expansion pack is needed for some mods.

    Does not work on pirated copies of the game. Simtropolis does not support pirating in any manner.

    Added: December 2014
    Credit for each mod goes to the individual author's and teams who created them.
    If you like our work please visit our Facebook page:

    This modpack includes mods which have been tested for compatibility with each other.

    Electronic Arts (EA) does not pre-screen, endorse or officially support SimCity mods and you use this product at your own risk.
    Notes: If you are having troubles with crashes on the launcher try installing without the old worldtradecenter plaza mod.
    Staff Edit: Minor revision to description.


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  2. SUGC Simcity Modder's Guide

    Hi everyone!
    Finally, after 6 months of work, I present you the SUGC SimCity Modder's Guide!
    You will find in this guide, all the technical articles find on the net regarding SimCity in one place. It also include new tutorials made by SUGC modders. This guide is there to help you understand the mechanics in SimCity.
    With it, you will be able to learn how to do small modification to the game, create menu icons and marquees, modify an in-game building and create a sub-menu in the User Interface as in Project Akar.
    This guide is a work in progress. More will be added when new tutorials will be produce by modders.
    Warning: It is a huge document (32MB) and already 300+ pages. Be patient if you download it using a slow internet connection..
    Good reading!


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  3. Simcity 3ds max script tools for buildings

    hi all this is the Big release From oppie and I with the Guide to how we make Buildings in 3ds max before you download please this first
    In the active is the following
    • 3ds MAXScript by oppie
    • The Guide to making custom buildings in 3ds max and how to set-up the tools
    • and a few template file for you to use 
    In the Guide i will explain how to make a building in 3ds max there is a bit of modeling skills required to make buildings you are also required to have 3ds max 2013 or 14 only 
    I am at the moment busy writing out another guide on how to make the buildings new with out replacing any maxis ones like the landmark i have just released 
    I am also writing out a Guide on how to make RCI buildings and that will also follow along with how to not replace maxis RCI 
    this is all SUGC work so i would like to thanks users like xoxide101, oppie, yayie, julia, prso82 and the rest of SUGC
    this guide has been a long awaited release. but for  along time now me and oppie were and are the only ones that knew how buildings were made from a few months ago
    so please and enjoy and please note that moddings is experimental  
    If you have any questions on the maxscript or want to know how something works, please feel free to ask in the comments or PM me 
    I would also like to say if anyone know MAXScript and wants to help improve the script please PM me 
    and sorry about that i by mistake removed it from ST just re-uploading it


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  4. SimCityPak

    i am releasing SUGC's secret weapon SimCityPak4.0 yes the BIG ( FOUR POINT O ) the one that we have been using is now for you guys to use ok a few things to note i would like to thank oppie for letting me release it along with the script and guide, and i would also like to thanks SUGC, but due to this being oppies simcitypak i will thous paste what he wrote on codecomplex 
    What is SimCityPak?
    It's a work-in-progress tool that aims to be the iLive Reader equivalent for SimCity 2013. It allows you to view and edit the game assets contained in .package files.
    What Does The tool allow us to modify?
    • property files
    • Javascipt/Text Files
    • Textures
    • 3d Models
    • Buildings
    What will we eventually be able to modify?
    For the foreseeable future, we will only be able to make visual modifications - changing textures and 3d models is technically a possibility. Gameplay variables such as capacities, costs etc. are stored in the so-called "EcoGame" folder. These specific packages also exist on the servers, and any action made in-game is checked against the server side version of these packages. Any discrepancies will result in rollbacks. The only way we will ever be able to add any truly new content (buildings etc.) or to change the data in the EcoGame folder is if Maxis updates the game to support this - they have hinted that they're looking into the possibilities for official mod support, but no specifics have been given yet.
    Will u be banned for modding?
    Maxis has recently released its official modding policy. You can read about it here: http://www.SimCity.com/en_US/blog/article/modding-and-SimCity
    Why is everything in dutch
    Some time ago I built in a function into SCP that allows for pulling instance names from the locale files; everything that has either an agent name or unit name will be identified using the in-game name using this option. Since SimCity doesn't allow for changing languages (something I think is rather stupid, but that's beside the point), I only have the Dutch locale file available, so in the SCP default database everything is in Dutch. 
    How you can change the descriptions into your own language;
    In the SimCityPak settings page, you can select your locale file. This will make sure that any names will be pulled from there. To also update the names in the database, you can then use the 'Tools -> Load Instance Names' option to populate the database with names loaded from the locale file for the package file that's currently opened.[/size]
    How can i contribute
    There's still many things to do, so every contribution is more than welcome. If you think you've got what it takes, take a look at the Issue Tracker ([/size]http://simcitypak.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic).

    Also, experiment! There are already many possibilities for mods - all it takes is dedication and a lot of digging into package files. However - remember to make backups often and to always test in a non-public, disposable region.

    Our main place for discussion is at Simtropolis in the following thread:
     • Basic Modding Tutorial
     • Basic Retexturing Tutorial (Work in Progress)
     • Basic Custom Vehicle 3D Models Tutorial(Work in Progress)
     • How to make a Building
    added change log sorry forgot


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  5. Orion's Belt Modpack | Bigger Cities Made Easy!

    Have you wanted an easy way to install Project Orion and all of the mods you need to effectively use it? Have you gotten frustrated trying to make the mods you've wanted since Day 1 work? I know I have!
    If you answered yes to one of those questions, you might be in for Orion's Belt, the new way to quickly set up your modded SimCity playing experience!
    Orion's Belt is an idea I came up with when observing people trying to install the group of mods related to bigger map sizes. for people had trouble with the idea of placing files into a folder. I knew I would get frustrated with trying to get into modded SimCity, so I thought I could do the community a justice and create a simple installer for the newcomers and mod enthusiasts alike.
    I've recently tried to make the modpack more and more foolproof against novices.
    Note: Scroll down to see how to install.
    Mods Included
    Project Orion by Xoxide, maintained by Yayie
    This provides the basic functionality of bigger map sizes; however, this mod only changes a handful of variables and it doesn't provide the end-all be-all solution for gameplay.
    UniDirectional Networks by Xoxide
    These are one way roads, something the community has been asking for from day one! Highways and one-way streets are included in UDoNs, and you can unleash your mechanical creativity with traffic rules
    Project Akar by Yayie
    This is a UI enhancement mod, and it adds some new menus to make space for many of the essential SimCity mods people use.
    Project Akar's AkarRoadSets by Yayie
    You can how build in the region with AkarRoadSets, since this mod is the foundation of building in the 4K terrain with flying colors.
    Project Akar's Project Avalon by Yayie
    This supplies the menu strucutres for the ploppable buildings which will allow you to develop RCI outside of the 2K city tile.
    Project Akar's All RCIHC Plop by Yayie, formerly Niclistin
    This gives the menu items for every building, whether it is a high-density, medium-wealth skyscraper or a low-density, high-wealth mansion in-game in the menus supplied by Avalon.
    Parklets by Yayie
    You have the ability to make miniature parks, i.e., parklets which act like normal parks, but fit into small places in your city, and add lots of decor and textures you probably haven't noticed before!
    Regional Bridges (and some tunnels) by HinataaHyuga
    With this mod, you can make regional street and avenue bridges outside the 2K city tile, along with extra rail and streetcar bridge and tunnels as well.
    Regional Street Tunnels by HinataaHyuga
    These tunnels allow you to build regular streets outside the 2K terrain, and the best part is there are some you can build underwater!
    Regional UDoN Bridge and Tunnel by HinataaHyuga
    You now have the ability to tunnel above and below the terrain with UDoNs! Go crazy with underground one-way roads and regional one-way bridges!
    Regional Coastline Roads by HinataaHyuga
    These roads are preset at 7 meters above the water and can be used in the ocean to make your cities, or on the coast for nice coastlines to show everyone!
    Regional UDoN Coastline Roads by HinataaHyuga
    These do exactly what the regular coastline roads do, except with UDoNs! One-way streets, highways, and ramps are available to use
    Pedestrian Path Regional Tunnels by HinataaHyuga
    With this mod, and Xoxide's Pedestrian Path mod, you can build tunnels to burrow beneath the surface with sidewalks!
    Coastline Pedestrian Paths by HinataaHyuga
    You can build sidewalks on the coastline to get your sims walking on beaches! Build amusement parks on the beach or ocean! Go wild with your imagination!
    Coastline and Waterway Tools by Xoxide
    You now have the ability to define where you can plop ferry terminals and anything that plops on the coast! Redraw the hidden roads ships travel upon and 
    Pedestrian Paths by Xoxide
    You make make your own Central Park with this mod! Just drag a sidewalk or pedestrian path to make a concrete path sims can walk upon! Plop buildings to make walk-able shopping centers!
    Regional Bulldozer by Xoxide
    The Almighty Xoxide gave us a God tool like none other: a way to demolish the pre-made Maxis roads! Be careful with this one, for if you bulldoze hidden sinks which produce the agents on the regional freeway, you will crash the game.
    How to Use Properly
    After successfully installing the modpack, you must do four things in order to play.
    Open a city, save, quit the game, and re-open it. Use regional roads outside the 2K plot Understand that all 2K map resources are stretched out into the 4K map by a 2:1 ratio. Understand that All RCIHC Plop will not function unless if you save, quit, and restart the game. If you remember these things, you can avoid lots of frustration when playing with your massive 4K city tile. Just know that all of the space you can build on is always in the northwest to the original city plot. The new city tile boundary lines are wrong. Trust the camera when building.
    TL;DR: Follow the list, and know that if the camera can't move past a certain part of the map, you can't build there.
    How to Install
    You don't have to read this, but make sure to read the README.
    Windows users, please use the AUTOMATIC version. Mac users, please use the MANUAL version.
    Install AUTOMATIC by
    Launching "Orion's Belt v2.3.0 Installer.exe" Clicking "Next" until there is a place to put your SimCity install directory. Putting "C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity" in the box. Clicking "Next" then wait for the files to be installed. Clicking "Next" until you can exit the installer. Install MANUAL by
    Extracting the .zip folder named, "Orion's Belt Manual Install" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity         OR
    Opening the .zip folder, "Orion's Belt Manual Install" Copying the folders "SimCity" and "SimCityUserData" to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity
    I dually thank Yayie, Xoxide, HyugaHinataa, and all of the other contributors to SUGC and the mods they have produced. We have fostered in a new era of modding in SimCity, and I am proud to make it just a little bit easier for users to enjoy.
    I would like to thank Markusloo, known as chappers on Simtropolis, for the photo used on the STEX. That man can sure make a city.
    I also thank you, the user, for giving purpose to this simple modpack designed to make your life easier.


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  6. SimCity 2013 Mods Switch

    Handles multiple SimCity games on different paths. Each path holds 10 schemes, 1 each reserved for offline & online, rest 8 your choice. This edition is for the pro. If one has problems figuring any part, or doesn't need such combos of paths+schemes, the previous entry edition is still around....................
    Info: applies to people having any \SimCity custom paths.
    things like ccleaner, unless explicitly configured not to, would erase sc13ms memory of all your custom paths, forcing you to again have to point to each of them.


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  7. SimCity 2013 Mods Switch

    SimCity 2013 Mods Switch 2.2 - Lets you effortlessly toggle each and every mod between deploy/withhold, either offline/online modes. Mod packages no longer need to be physically removed just to play online. Even disagreeing mods can be placed together without conflict. SC13MS comes to help.......
    Modders are offering so many interesting enhancements. It would be a pity if we do not fully explore the collection, then strategically deploy individual functionalities between games. However, the bigger our MODS portfolio, the more file system hassle we are to deal with if we wish to specify which packages to load/unload, not to mention switching offline/online. SC13MS comes to help.
    Info: applies to people having \SimCity custom path.
    things like ccleaner, unless explicitly configured not to, would erase sc13ms memory of your custom path, forcing you to again have to point to your \SimCity folder.
    Video by Monte Gaming
    Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Uninstall SC13MS previous version ->
    Download -> Unzip to anywhere -> Run setup
    Window: Passive. Auto height according to context and screen resolution.
    Folder label: Passive. Shows package location.
    Package label: Passive. Shows package file name.
    Gray: not loaded next launch. Green: loaded offline. Orange: loaded online. Yellow: always loaded.
    NonMod checkbox: Passive if system package, option if MOD. For specifying a package to always load.
    OFFLineCapable checkbox: Option. For specifying whether a MOD package is offline capable.
    OFFLineLoading checkbox: Option. For specifying whether a MOD package is to be loaded offline.
    ONLineCapable checkbox: Option. For specifying whether a MOD package is online capable.
    ONLineLoading checkbox: Option. For specifying whether a MOD package is to be loaded online.
    Scribble textbox: Input. For the user to store a short personal note.
    PackagesCount label: Passive. Sums up all Mod/NonMod packages.
    NextLaunchModsCount label: Passive. Sums up all Mod packages to be loaded next launch.
    HideNonMods checkbox: Option. For toggling hide/display of all system packages, and MODs with NonMod checkbox checked.
    UnConfig button: Action. Sets all MODs to only offline capable & only offline loaded. Prerequisite for uninstall.
    YourModsAreSwitchedTo label: Passive. Shows the current offline/online mode, to which each MOD is to be loaded or not.
    Toggle button: Action. Switches between offline/online mode, to which each MOD is to be loaded or not.
    Save&Exit button: Action. Saves all settings, exits SC13MS.
    Save&Launch button: Action. Saves all settings, exits SC13MS, and launch game.
    Permanent Uninstall:
    Click UnConfig (to ensure availability of all mod packages for deployment without SC13MS) ->
    Control Panel -> Programs & Features -> Uninstall SC13MS
    Thank you all for bug reports and suggestions during the month long beta, making release of the current stable possible and earlier than anticipated.


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  8. Asilk's Mod Manager (AMM)

    UPDATE: I have lost motivation in developing this tool, so I plan on handing this responsibility to someone else or making it open source. If you are interested, send me a PM.
    Welcome to my Mod Manager. This tool allows you to easily add and remove mods without the hassle of dragging and dropping many files. The functionality of this tool is fairly limited as of right now, as I am pretty new at programming (I am in high school), but  over time, more and more features will be added.
    New Version ( 1.1,0) Released!
    What's New in 1.1:
    - HUGE Graphical Rework
    - Ability to Re size Window - Added Screenshot Viewer - Bug Fixes  
    Update 1.0.8 Includes:
    - Ability to Add multiple mods to available mod list (Finally!)
    - Ability to drag multiple mods the available mod list
    - ID numbers will now scale properly when a mod is removed from the list
    For those updating from 1.0.0,
      1. Delete all mods currently installed 2. Delete SimcityModManager Folder in Documents Folder 3. Launch Application 4. Re install All Mods  
    .rar support
    Mod Downloader
    Compatibility Checker
    Icons and Pictures (Done)
    More Friendly UI (Done)
    Here are videos showcasing it:
    (1.0.5 Outdated)
    (1.0.0 Outdated)
    Subscribe to my Youtube channel! I make SimCity Let's Plays and Mod Reviews!
    Have Comments or Suggestions?
    Post them in the thread here:


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