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  1. For those still unconvinced climate change is a thing, the amount of climate change that happens is disproportionate. Basically put, what happens is that the climate is more extreme. This results in some places seemingly becoming slightly colder (esp. during winter) or not experiencing any change but the upper range of climate extremes increase. However, there are regions where the climate is increasingly hotter, around the equator and deserts during summer. This increase in temperature increases ocean temperatures worldwide (even in areas where temperatures aren't rising) melts Arctic ice. Can humans influence change? Yes, while we can't actually prevent it outright we can stop the rate of climate change from going through the roof in 2050. This is why things like carbon tax and gasoline tax should be or are currently being implemented in many countries, as well as encouraging people to use solar panels and movements to reduce deforestation as forests keep the climate cool, not just through absorbing CO2 but also by retaining moisture and cover which stops temperature from shooting up to above 40 degrees centigrade during summer. There's also some small, but significant things that can be done to reduce climate change. Planting trees in the desert for instance, can improve the local climate to the point you can grow crops on somewhere you couldn't have done before.
  2. As for 'how it affects Indonesia', first we have coral reefs that bleach out and die, therefore less fish for our fishermen to catch. Secondly, several coastal cities on the north shore of Java are now below sea level and there are already areas where the sea has completely inundated parts of the city. I'm still in college and I have classes dedicated to understanding how humanity has negatively changed Earth and how we could at least mitigate that from an urban/regional planning perspective This is how much it affects Semarang (dark blue = extremely prone to coastal inundation)
  3. I have no idea what kind of education people here once received, or how the people here came to know about climate change (since it's only been popular very recently). Whether it is a product of human activity or not, global warming activity is the result of industrial activity and pollution 50-80 years before. Yes, it does exist and it is known to be a product of human activity, based on graphing surface temperature rates from different periods. It can't be denied and there are already many places on the earth where global warming has had a negative effect, ie. Indonesia. At the same time though, by 2100, oil and coal would be rare and expensive enough, we'd naturally lean towards renewable energy anyway, which by that time would be even cheaper due to improvements in technology.
  4. A long awaited update

    The last time I updated this CJ was a teaser and was many months ago. I haven't touched Simtropolis much since then but I still play Simcity 4 albeit not regularly. Not only that I'm more preoccupied with university life, actual urban planning (or at least studying it) is way more fun than I thought it would be and possibly more fun than playing this game. Well, moving on to the city journal itself, here's what the picture in the aforementioned 'teaser' has come to: It is the center of the old town, or the old town that used to exist here when the place was still the fertile, agricultural village it used to be before tall office buildings took over. The 'Alun - Alun', one of the few remaining remnants of the old village, is where people used to and still do congregate for various events and festivals. It has since been renovated and renewed into that of a modern park rather than the flat, open grass area it used to be. Additionally, the government of the region is still based here, like it used to be many many years ago. More remnants of the former old town; some slums as well as the old commercial center and market. This part of town is protected from commercial encroachment as a heritage to the city's simple past. Needless to say, it's a seedy place with much prostitution and many of the richer populace, as well as some hard-line local Islamists want the place to no longer demolished. Also in picture is the central train station, that services an hourly commuter rail service. It also serves to link the city with Jakarta to the north and Bandung to the east. The CBD extends itself to the north; development is less dense with many high end stores catering to the more well-off people of the city as well as a cinema. Well, that closes out this update, keep following this CJ for the next update, I promise it won't be long!
  5. TEASER 1!

    What could this be?????
  6. 3. Tile A3: Farms!

    I haven't made much progress as in progress good enough for the city journal, so I've decided to display what I have. At the edge of tile A3 there are some farms; the tile itself has a lot of flat land but it's at the edge of the city tile separated from the rest of the region by some very hilly land. I figured out that while placing an industrial area here might be a good idea, SC4 will somehow break the thing apart by not sending any commuters there due to it being on the literal edge, so I placed some agriculture there instead. Nothing really to explain here so just enjoy the pics and let them speak! ================================================================================================================ REPLIES! @jebediah & @kschmidt: Thanks for commenting! Like the update? Comment in the comments below or just give a 5 stars if you can't think of any!
  7. Fastest production vehicle?

  8. If you want to make a CAMelot, lotting using the PIM-X will result in you getting the most appropriate growth stage for whatever you're trying to make a CAMelot of. Yes it does, as growth stage is a function of density.
  9. BAT Request Thread

    ^ You can use the LE for this one lol Well as for request I'd probably appreciate if people made more CO$$$, stage 6-7-8 buildings for lot sizes of 2x3/3x2, because I really hate it when Wren Insurance keeps popping up everywhere just because it's the only building of that could grow on such a lot size.
  10. Fastest production vehicle?

    Fastest as in straight line or in actual racing ability? Then the Radical SR8 is the fastest; it's basically a road legal LMP2 car, and has the downforce as well as handling capabilities of one, which is probably the most important part of what makes a car good at racing.
  11. @Breki: They're a part of some LBT prop pack (mega prop pack 1?) I forgot the name but it's a dependency for the slum lots, lotted by 976 although the link for that is in a now archived thread on an Indonesian forum. All I know is that Heblem made it.
  12. Here's one from my CJ. I use the BRF slope mod (the most realistic and extreme slope mode out there).
  13. Just because the CBD is on the edge of the tile doesn't mean it makes things bad, unless you have some kind of OCD. The CBD could simply continue on the neighboring tiles, for instance.
  14. @korver: There has been other SE Asia based CJs, Sultanate of Sotoa and Sultanate of Kalu Sabah by Sky Guy are worth a read, but Republic of Karasem by 976 is the best. There aren't enough distinctly SE Asian content for SC4 and the few that exist are hideously ugly, so we have to improvise and usually end up with a rather eclectic set of buildings meshed together. I'm thankful that 976 gave me those kampung lots, I'm an awful lotter. @cromabianca: Well, how do you like the first real update? Did I manage to deliver this promise to you?