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  1. Last week
  2. Holidays, here I come! See you all again on the 27th.

    1. Fantozzi


      Please don't go that far away. We need you here.



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    2. Fantozzi


      Maybe to cheer you up (if you're a jazzman):

      the genious performing and the single guy in the background faking 'audience' seems to be dead (from eating to many frozen pizza?)


    3. RandyE


      Maybe he's only sleeping.


    4. Edvarz


      Hasn't happened to me, but I agree 100% Internet just makes us needlesly rude, man.

      Besides, why do wee even need to rate files? It's not like we're spending money on them or competing to see which are the best files, it would be much more helpful to have a problems and feedback section instead of a ratings section. Anyway, don't let it get to you, Many of us know how to do positive feedback.

  4. Looking for someone with an Quora account because I need to contact "That Special Someone"

  5. Hi Diego Del Llano

    I was wondering if, by any chance, you will make your buildings growable one day ? All your buildings look wonderful, but I prefer seeing building growing randomly instead of placing them where I want. It's frustrating for me to see your creations and not having them in my cities !

    Again, wonderful job. Many thanks.


  6. New True Earth update: London - Landmarks. Check it out here:


  7. Hola, Diego. Descargué el pack tuyo en el que aparece el Hotel Carlton pero sólo me aparecen cajas. ¿Tiene algún tipo de dependencia?


    1. Diego Del Llano

      Diego Del Llano

      El Problema debe ser tu máquina -.- , yo no uso dependencias, tienes que descargarte todos los parches para que el juego funcione correctamente, todos mis plugins funcionan correctamente. Si usas Mac entonces no podrás visualizar muchas cosas ya que no todos los parches funcionan en Mac. No puedes bajar la calificación de un edificio si solamente no te funciona a ti. 

    2. matias93


      Eso, o borraste accidentalmente el archivo SC4Model, que es el que tiene el modelo 3D.

      Si el archivo está, prueba a acortar su nombre o el de la carpeta que lo contiene; cuando la ruta completa (nombres de carpetas + nombre de archivo) superan los 256 caracteres, el juego puede tener problemas para encontrar el archivo.

  8. Welp, this is it. I'll be going off radar for most of the following week. I'll be in to check in with PM's and forum updates. Plenty of pictures will be taken and many tales to cook up!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Have a safe journey, sailor!

  9. I've just came from the cinema. I watched "My Little Pony: The Movie". I liked it *:)

  10. Earlier
  11. 2 years in a row Antarctic Polynya expanding, Earth biosphere critical.       

    1. RandyE


      Here's an idea for another power plant lot that represents a real practical application.  So instead of a sci-fi description, an actual engineering description.


  12. Sorry, I can't find a way to respond to your comment on NYBT Courthouse Of The Appellate Division. Anyway - Did you delete anything from MN or DN folders? Sounds like the game can't find the winter version model and is displaying brown box.

  13. New True Earth update: London - The City & The Shard. Check it out here:


  14. I Miss playing SimCity 4. I rather play SimCity 4.

  15. Come on Microsoft, get it together.. :( I want to BAT..

  16. Now that's two weekends i've had to stay busy through.. I sorely need this upcoming vacation next week.

  17. New True Earth update - London - Canary Wharf. Check it out here:


  18. Never had the chance to code for fun, so I oughta figure that out sometime soon...

  19. It's been a rough month for my country; after seeing so much destruction, it's kinda comforting to be building something again (even if it's virtually).

    1. Fantozzi


      From a certain point of view - everything you build is in vain. So it doesn't make big difference if it's virtually or RL.

      If the people are okay and find a way to go on, that's important.

      So to see you back - your scary avatar, your words - is shure a good thing. A very good thing.

  20. May I ask you - my great spirit of the forrest, keeper of the trees - if you are willing to have a short look on my farming project. The problem are the almond trees. I don't get them right. Tried it several times. The colours are okay, but the leaves don't look like leaves more like splatters from watercolour.

    I really could need better looking almond trees. Two or three to make a field. You know, from almonds you make almond liqueur and with almond liqueur you make tiramisu. And without tiramisu life has no sense.  

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    2. Fantozzi


      Most probably I confused things. I got used not to download 3ds models, where the zip is more than 2MB - I think I confused this the kb with the poly count - a classic fantozzi :ducky:

      (Download of attachment doesn't work - get an xml with some error message instead)

    3. rsc204


      That'll be ST I imagine, try here <Link Removed, updated file attached in previous post> for the time being. :)

    4. Fantozzi


      Well your acacia looks like an acacia. To me looks pretty good. Only thing from my part - maybe to work on its smell (when they smell it's like a confirmation of summer being here).

      I have a quite big collection of textures from 15, 20 years - when most of the web was still free and no one even had the idear to make money with them. Mostly they aren't high res but for web design by then and now for SC4 they work nice.

      But still to me on texturing it's mostly try and error and a little bit of experience to know how the result will look like in game.

      I think I went through all the plant models on Archive3D. But you gave me a good idear.


      Like making clusters of leafs and using copies with mirroring/rotation to avoid repetition.

      I was always looking for a complete tree. I will try something different. I will look for the right branch first. And then create separately a foliage cluster I can place on that branches. Maybe this was the hint I was searching for. Thank you.

  21. New True Earth update - Paris (Pt. 3/3). Check it out here:


  22. Hi Dear.

    Just changed my computer and I cannot log in to SC4D.

    I have a database error screen.

    Thank you in advance.


    1. rsc204


      It's probably not your new shiny, there seems to be a problem right now. Hopefully it will be resolved swiftly :).

    2. Tarkus


      Unfortunately, I can't really get into the site any farther at the moment, either.  We'll need Jeronij's assistance.

    3. Tarkus


      It's back now.

  23. New True Earth update - Paris (Pt. 2/3). Check it out here:


  24. Got a new computer after the last one died. Lost my Chicago region. Will try something anew and hopefully this time my pics will show now that I have windows 10 and all that jazz. Happy Building.

  25. Why does Elon Musk remind me of the Q character from Star Trek: TNG?

  26. Sometimes I don't know - do I read in the forums while I'm rendering or do I render while I'm reading in the forums?

  27. New True Earth update - Paris (Pt. 1/3). Check it out here:


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