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  1. Past hour
  2. Be sure to download the civic and supermarket relot packs if you want them as they are. Some of the relots I did WILL NOT re-uploaded in Version 2. They will be taken down soon.

  3. Yesterday
  4. Been a while and once again, I have a slight itch to make stuff. First thing that my mind tells me is moar parkssss. As if over 50 lots wasn't enough already... *:P

    1. matias93


      I'm not trying to influence, but pre-fab residential mega lots, think on it, is like parks, but dilapidated, and with commie blocks on them!

    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Wanna know how many IRM lots I have up my sleeve? *:kitty:

  5. Last week
  6. So I be working on the big stuff now, so its a bit slower progress on relots. SG's plop a shops will go fast.

  7. New True Earth update - Pacific Northwest. Check it out here:


  8. Down to 34 relots to go.

  9. Upon going through the relot process, I will be dropping BLAM's Walmart, BWD Kmart and b62 BJ's. Just not feeling like I can make better lots for them.

  10. Just a quick update -

    I've not forgotten about my city journal or the thread I started. It's been a rough few months on the personal front and a lot of my time has gone to dealing with real life issues. But don't fret... I am still here.

  11. Semester is finally over!!! Hopefully I'll be able to whip some upload up. :ohyes:

    Also, holy guacamole!!! I did not expect Mexico to beat Germany at today's world cup match

    1. matias93


      Pero qué partidazo! Layún y el Memo se merecen sendas estatuas en el zócalo!

    2. Edvarz


      Tengo que admitir que formaba parte de los pesimistas, a veces es bueno que lo dejen callado a uno!

  12. 10 commercial relots updated; 57 to go. lol

  13. Diego, le agradezco por crear las Torres Atrio, es uno de los edificios que se están construyendo  en mi ciudad; como parte de la renovación del centro de Bogota DC. Además le quiero preguntar si no es posible que usted cree el Edificio BD de Bacatá ?

    Gracias *:thumb:


  14. Time to update some relots before I make anything new. It's going to bug me if I don't.

  15. How about a strip mall? :D 

  16. Yeah I'm here

    1. Evanjs


      How’s everything going and how’s the Kroger? 

    2. RRetail


      I've been busy, but making progress.

  17. Happy Eid Al Fitr @ Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri! *:party:

  18. Attention!


    Thanks for your attention.


  19. Earlier
  20. Fossil player do another annual update....

  21. New True Earth update - Melbourne. Check it out here:


  22. Hello Cyclone Boom,

    I was wondering if all the files needed for the Coast Guard Station from SimPeg could be included in 1 large folder with all the dep. included. I have done Zipped a File and it is 13MB to big for me to include in this PM. 

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Hi luvs2draw, thanks for asking.

      Seeing as this is a status update and already in public view, I've replied to your question here. *:)

  23. Like the SimCity franchise, EA has turned Command & Conquer franchise from a gold mine to a salt mine. 

    1. RobertLM78


      Hehehe - EA..... I've been on so many tirades about them.... *:P


    2. Jackspital


      Still waiting and wishing they would update and fix their old games that people still care about.. but alas, its EA

  24. Awesome! Minneapolis for a cover image and Soul Coughing as a profile picture!

  25. The Kroger plaza has one more major part to be made before it gets put into the lot editor. I'm also going to be releasing a second prop pack before it will be released.

  26. And I thought Tiberian Twilight was terrible. Command and Conquer: Rivals is an insulting abomination!

    1. Haljackey


      I'm still playing Renegade online!

    2. airman15


      They can have my Generals: Zero Hour when they pry it from my cold, dead hands!

  27. Well, its been a busy 2017 and 2018 as I gear up for greater things ahead. That does not mean I am dead here, nor the end of my city journal. Aside from having to rework back to a backup copy of Mistral Isle (Due to prop pox), I will have to redo the city of Birdwater Point yet again. Still, I have been feeling the urge to play some more SimCity 4 and apply some new approaches to city-building. I will not promise an update this month (because I will be out of the country for a family reunion), but perhaps July will see something more substantial to my CJ. *;)

    1. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Hi Artimus,

      Welcome back to Simtropolis! *:)

      As you may have seen a few months ago, it so happens there's been quite the revelation in terms of Prop Pox. Thanks to the incredible efforts of @simmaster07, there's now finally a cure at long last. Although I've never experienced the dreaded crippling bug myself, I've heard far too often how it can be such a game-breaker.

      I'm personally not completely sure which types of props the Pox affects. Whether it's just limited to props on lots, or the flora type (MMPs). So it might require those to be re-plopped again after installing the fix. The big positive news is it's been proven to remarkably revert all signs and symptoms of Prop Pox infected cities.

      So you may well find this thread of interest, along with the new release of the SC4Fix. It's great to hear you've got aspirations to contribute by resuming City Journalling, and I hope this may help with achieving that goal.

  28. New True Earth update - Chicago - check it out here.


  29. next buildings:
    Raising Cane's
    Buffalo Wild Wings

    on deck:
    Steak N' Shake

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