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  1. Today
  2. Just taking a bit of a break over the weekend

  3. Yesterday
  4. Thank You To Everybody Who Viewed, Downloaded And Liked My Huge Earth Map!

  5. Living in pain; dying in Peace. 

  6. Last week
  7. Can you please make a Big Y supermarket?

    1. RRetail


      Having looked into it, Big Y is very localized to just two states so I don't think I'll pursue this unless other users would like to see it as well.

  8. New True Earth update - São Paulo. Check it out here:


  9. Time to lot the Stop & Shop

  10. FA2 & FA3 IRM fillers coming this weekend!

  11. Umm. Stop and Shop may be my biggest file yet. Over 2,000 KB and rising as we speak.

    1. JJBers


      Wow, I didn't know that stop and shop required that many textures/lots.

    2. RRetail


      Yeah don't know why it is so big. Meijer is bigger in size, yet takes up less space. Weird.

    3. Jeremy Quann

      Jeremy Quann

      Can you make a Big Y supermarket?

  12. I'll be starting up on Stop and Shop shortly. Wow that was a mouthful.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Evanjs


      We don’t have a newer modern one. 

    3. RRetail


      A new Safeway is a low priority for me as there are plenty of options. I for one really enjoy b62's '70s style.

    4. Evanjs


      Lol I like them also. Just wish we could maybe someday get one. Btw you  stop and shop looks great would make a great Reskin of a couple more  grocery stores, maybe even something else. 

  13. AM transportation services with be joining MM transportation to compete for your IRM menu space. 

  14. Wow I'm at three pages of content now.... That seems fast.

  15. Getting a little creative with the roof of the 5/3 bank, so that's why it is taking longer.

  16. BAT projects in store:

    • 5/3 Bank, requested by @Evanjs and seconded by others
    • Stop & Shop requested by @JJBers
  17. Underwent yet another root canal and now a tooth implant. Looks like all motor control is gonna be out the window.

  18. I've updated Prop Pack Vol. 3 to include three new props:

    • Hess gas sign
    • Suntrust ATM
    • Suntrust Sign
  19. Back from my trip! It's trucking and FA IRM time!

  20. New True Earth update - The Balkans. Check it out here:


  21. My first SimCity 4 video in 3 months!


  22. Earlier
  23. Internet is being bratty. I guess I have no choice but to fire up SC4 again.

  24. Just getting back into things after the summer with some terraforming for a seaport.   :D

  25. I'm thinking I'm going to release the RLS mall relot with these setups as anchors

    • Northeast - Bon-Ton, Sears, JCPenney
      • Easy enough for users to switch Bon-Ton with some of its other brands I made using lot editor for midwestern areas. All of the Bon-Ton brands were made around the same size for this reason.
    • National - Sears, Macy's and Nordstrom
    • Southeast -  Belk, Dillard's and Sears
    • some TBD combination with Boscov's

    These are meant to provide a basic blueprint layout for various regions and users can obviously feel free to modify it to fit there ideal mall. I will not combine Boscov's with Belk or Dillard's since neither exist at the same mall in real life.

  26. BAT Queue:


    Small Shop extension


    Penn Station

    Tropical Smoothie


    Five Below standalone
    Bucks Dollar Stores (fictional)


    Skyline Chili or Moe's

    This should span the next month or so, for I am vacationing for a couple of weeks in between.

    1. RRetail


      Nice plans. Might try a bank next week since it was requested through PM

    2. pclark06


      @RRetail Yeah, I can't guarantee anything being done next week as I'll be in Pennsylvania, then Seattle and have to pack. I'll try to get Krystal done but the others won't be completed until after the 29th most likely

  27. Enjoy all the new stuff!

  28. 5 new uploads coming to the STEX

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