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  1. Today
  2. Of all things, Subreddit Simulator gave me a rather interesting idea...

  3. Yesterday
  4. New True Earth Update - San Francisco. Check it out here:


  5. Hello there! I'll upload a honest Pet Cemetery! ;)

  6. Last week
  7. A lot for AutoZone is on the way.

  8. Toys R Us is on the way. 

  9. I think this upcoming week will be the week where I will not be active for 1-3 days. Don't know for certain though.

  10. I don't why but the Toys R Us render did not show the loading dock even after a couple exports. Because of this I may avoid tackling the loading dock areas for future stuff and just have a garage door be part of one of the walls.

  11. Save early, save often, and this is SimCity 4, so you don't overwrite saves.

  12. Hope you are doing ok.

  13. Upderp: 560ti is toast (and no, I don't have a toaster oven for the toaster method). R9 390, please have some life still in you...

  14. Best-case scenario: I can limp with my 560 ti until the end of the academic year. Worst-case scenario: I have to buy a new graphics card immediately. (In which case, RX 580, GTX 1060, or GTX 1070?)

    And I still don't know what happened with my R9 390...

  15. Sears Auto 2.0 is currently being exported. I think I'm going to add a sign to it and it probably will be ready to go tomorrow.

  16. I will be redoing the Sears Auto Center from scratch. I plan to make it taller. It will still generally be the same style.

  17. No one has replied to me. And I even wrote the person listed with the PayPal account. 

    If I don't hear by noon tomorrow I'm just going to request a refund. 

    Thanks for your help, though. 


    1. CorinaMarie


      Re-hiya, Susanne.

      I do apologize on behalf of @Dirktator. I've sent an urgent message to him in hopes he will get a chance to reply. As mentioned before he's the one who handles the incoming donations and sends out the download links for the STEX collection disc(s).


  18. Hey, folks... I haven't forgotten about my cyber-home away from home! It is that time of the semester where I have very little free time between advising students, grading final project papers, and now, helping some troubled students find their way through the project paper process.

    Don't worry, there's some light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the semester is in sight and I will have about two weeks before the next semester starts. *:thumb:


  19. Earlier
  20. New True Earth update - U.S. Skylines. Check it out here:


  21. Aspen Dental (yes, that what I've been working on) is complete unless I get some suggestions for it. 

  22. SimCity 4 Deluxe edition (Rush Hour)

    Born in the year of 1986 i was part of a generation raised alongside the computer, to us the now!!! Like all new tech we  fear it  because we din't understand it and then to realize all of a sudden we cant go with out???

    Remember the Pentium 1 with Windows 95? Gaming on PC was born- a next level the entertainment and stimulation As the  changing contingentcy potentially reveals the   vastness of another  world ,.The computer's  serious conversations in a complex language of numbers(digits) constructs the basics for a computers processing or  the thinking of the  machine .

    So What!!!!

    who cares have you played this game.......we intoxicate others with serious entertainment value.


    I played SimCity 2000 that time was hooked 3000 till just the other day because of dislike in the newer games and celphones versions. found out about SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition and rush hour expantion pack back in. 

    1. paulKRUGER


      I want to master it!!! my live project.


  23. Log on to find 16 notifications. Thanks @korver for lighting up my bell! :D

  24. First the 390, now the 560... Why does this keep happening?!

  25. Just added new 2.0 versions of both the bank and hotel files. Not planning to redo anything further at this time, except the malls and maybe the TA truckstop. But for now, its back to the BAT!

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    2. RRetail


      Your welcome

    3. citybuilder234


      You should include the older Toys'R'Us store in the next update.

    4. RRetail


      I'm not planning to do the commercial packs at the moment. 

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