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  2. Traffic flow measured on 30 different 4-way junctions


  3. Last week
  4. New True Earth update - New Zealand. Check it out here:


  5. Updated the final version of the Atlantis Region Maps.  Some interesting geometry.  I created a reverse isometric map with facing concentric circles, vertical and horizontal waterways.


  6. Earlier
  7. Here's another status update of a file update of my Atlantis region maps for SC4


  8. After weeks and weeks of heavy RL, I've had the opportunity to open SC4 for a significative amount of time, and you guessed it: there are things to show!

    No images yet, I still have to get the habit of registering what I do, but expect some views this night...

  9. I'm actually using the status update to mention a status update of a map file on the STEX:


  10. New True Earth update - Toronto. Check it out here:


  11. How to make a 'All Dressed' highway in SimCity 4


  12. Hmm YuOyfbP.png

  13. New True Earth update - Los Angeles. Check it out here:


  14. Hey. I like your works. Any chance you can do 4 Times Square, the Bank of America Tower and Trump Tower in New York?

  15. Arcade games are my next obsession right now. Polybius is so good it's almost addictive!

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      Duely noted. Thanks for your participation.


  16. According to UBC researchers I have an exfoliation ritual.  http://www.valuewalk.com/2017/11/whales-have-an-exfoliation-ritual/   Also look here, the interstellar object like nothing ever seen before?  https://www.theweathernetwork.com/us/news/articles/first-interstellar-asteroid-unlike-anything-ever-seen/89720/  Well it sure looks like an exfoliated whale skin to me, but what's it doing orbiting in interstellar space?   The real reason for this update is a friendly reminder to go get SC4 Deluxe Edition on gog.com!   *:thumb:

    1. Fantozzi


      Many years ago I did a walk with my daughter at the river. We passed a headland formed by rough gravel. My daughter walked around there enjoying the funny sound her feet were making on the stones. Then suddenly she bended down and picked up one of those billions of stones lying around there.

      "Look daddy," she said, look what I found!"

      "What did you find, my dear," I asked.

      "A stone," she said, "I found a stone. A very special stone."

      You know, how much the finding of those scientists resembles the finding of my daughter?

      "Hey, we found a stone. A very special stone ..."

    2. RandyE


      Moments like those with children are purely sacred in eternal time.  So for those of us who never lose that spirit of discovery, I was thinking about the asteroid and its shape and dynamics, and it could be something like a material form that our instruments can't correctly define.  It could be evidence of matter in that 5D state I keep obsessively claiming does exist --a very special stone.  Some scientists want to send a recon. space-craft.  That may be a good idea to get a look up close at that thing if we can.     

  17. Backed up my cities and my plugins, time to get back to lotting!

    1. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      Yay, that's good news! *;)

  18. Hold on, we found a space rock that came from OUTSIDE the solar system? Where was I when this happened? (Please don't say "stuck in traffic", because I literally was a few times this week.)

    1. Ganaram Inukshuk

      Ganaram Inukshuk

      Also, National Clog the Freeways Week. Calling it now.

    2. Fantozzi
    3. matias93


      In strict rigour, this has been happening since some tens of thousands of years, at least; the rock just turned around the sun some months ago; but was inside the solar system for much longer

  19. New True Earth update - Hong Kong. Check it out here:


  20. That was an amazing thread!


    It took 48 years from the discovery of the locking-out point of the game to get the thread itself locked out.  Now we know what it does.  Welcome to the Senate of Simtropolis! *:lol:

  21. Bored as heck.Just wanna get stuff done


  22. Have finally unpacked the computer after moving house two weeks ago :rofl:

  23. coming-soon1.gif


    to your local plugin folder


    Get preliminary information now here


  24. SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD


  25. I get the impression, me standing naked before the wardrobe and choosing the clothes to wear and putting textures on a model in B.A.T is the very same task. And the blue socks don't realy look well with the grey suit and the comfy athletic shoes don't go well with both - even if they all look fine as separate items.

    Or maybe it's like cooking. You can't simply throw all the things they smell good into one pan and create something delicious. While orange and chocolate works and roast beef and orange works - it doesn't mean chocolate and roast beef works too.

    Creating and putting things together are different operations. It's like the difference between using a single calculation type on numbers or building up a term with different calculation types to get a formula. 

    So one clould say even to get dressed in the morning is much more complex than 1+1=2. And requires a formula.

    1. RandyE


      Here's an idea you might find amusing.  What if math could be developed to the point that we could write a formula that would score the lottery numbers with near perfect precision every time and the formula were so simple anybody could apply it?

  26. SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD


    1. ESP15


      Siempre pensé lo mismo cuando me salia ese edificio.. Me resultaba muy pero que muy familiar al maravilloso Woolworth 

    2. T Wrecks

      T Wrecks

      No sé, no estoy tan seguro... claro, la forma en general es muy similar (menos las secciones más bajas, que sobresalen un poco hacia adelante respecto a la torre principal en el caso de Lind Entertainment), pero el Woolworth cuenta con mucho más decoraciones y detalles mientras que Lind tiene líneas bastante claras y Art Deco. Por otro lado, puede que hayan simplificado el diseño para ahorrar trabajo.

      Sin embargo, si esto significa que estás construyendo cualquiera de estos edificios, ya estoy muy contento. *:thumb:

  27. The ATLAS OF BEAUTY (Mihaela Noroc) has been released.


    Look and ask yourself: at least for the sake of beauty - wouldn't it be worth to do something to save this planet?

    1. RandyE


      The pictures are very well composed and natural, a variety of ethnic appearances and cultural adornments.   Behind the scenes of these pictures more often is the ugliness that is killing the planet.  One pretty delicate little flower growing out of a mass sewer of smoldering stinking radioactive toxic waste is about as powerful an image of beauty I can think of, the flower may wilt, be smothered and consumed in the sewer, but it had the courage to stand up and shine, even if only briefly and hopelessly.

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