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  2. Serenity Valley - Boreal

    Is this where the browncoats lost the war?
  3. Astoria OR - Boreal

    this is awesome, I moved from astoria last year, thanks for the map
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hello here I have the new style of Burger king This Restaurant was created to work with RICO, only has the assistants shown in the image other elements you can subscribe if you wish. The Restaurant is com = low construction cost = 30000 workplaces = 15 level = 3 sub-service = low service = commercial New Burger king is the new style used in the restaurant. In both the United State and Europe. Give me a big finger up you subscribe
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains the .max, fbx, and .psd files for my Parking Lot Roads assets. If you do use any of the textures or meshes in whole or in part, I would love to see it!
  6. Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa)

    Hi there. I moved this model to the assets as i do all my mods that go to assets. all other mods show up, but not this one. am i doing something wrong? it is activated under content manager, but i cant find it in the build menu.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Fast food restaurant an American icon that everyone knows. This restoration is unfortunately I want to create RICO, but I could not, because I do not understand well how to do it, it would be great RICO because you have to put the drive thru drive that cuts through the space. is created to appear in the commercial center in 4x4 L2. Give me a big finger up you subscribe Sketchfab
  8. Woodlands High School

    thank you Good job I like
  9. White Birch Tree

    thank you
  10. Éolienne très avancée

    thank you
  11. The Shady Tree Fall Version 1

  12. Horse Barn 2x2

    Thanks for the support it is good that you value the Prop so that more people can see it, it is very important to click the button like
  13. New Boreal Map



    New Boreal Map one of the best maps to create a Great City. This map contains all the capabilities to teher a stable and prosperous city. It has resources such as -Oil -Mineral -FORESTS -Areas Feltiles with which you can create a good economic development. The map has its own theme to have a better scenario, combined with the Tropical LUT to have a better reflection. New Boreal Map is one of the best choices to create a Great City. Optional recommended Mod for the map: -Clouds & Fog Toggler -81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+) -Daylight Classic
  14. Version 1.0.0


    This commissary is a building with a good style giving a Buna appearance to your city you will also have a wide coverage in the city. this building has the capacity multiplied by 2 of the original building, to convenience to a better fit in your city. It has: POLICE CARS 50 ACCUMULATION IN THE DEPARTMENT 150 RADIO DEPARTMENT IS 1400 A CAPACITY OF 40 In the workers' area, he was also murtipli- to create a balanse. If you subscribe Please do not forget to value with little finger up.
  15. Skyline Island

    Version 0.2


    Skyline Island It is a fairly flat map with space to create a few cities, with a huge resource of everything to haver. It was updated because it had some minor errors in elements that were not registered, those elements were eliminated for a better subscription. You will also be placed a new theme that is available in the area of the necessary elements, without enlisting to me I liked to combine this theme with Realistic II - After Dark optimized you can have it from this link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=523899106 It also has a huge beach for the creation of a good tourist visit. It has a boat route that goes into the lake, in the middle of the island, you get a big river giving it a good strategy for the shops. You can also use mod 81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+) for a bigger contror of the island but it's just an option. I hope you like the new update and remember to comment is to please rate the map with a little finger up. Thank you
  16. Version


    Central Metro Station, improves transport performance. This metro contains 2 routes under the ground that allows a good flow and performance to your city. with one of the best styles in building, starts connecting cities and releases traffic congestions. Please, do not forget to rate it up it if you subscribe If you have these mod installed it does not work Metro Overhaul Mod Patch Metro Overhaul Mod
  17. Fire Station

    Version 1.0.0


    Fire station This station is a building with a good style to have in your city the building is based on the original of the game. This new building is adding 2 in the service to the original game. If you subscribe you value the article is the best way to thank.
  18. Modern_Highway_ramp-6_lane.crp

    best mod for guys who need a highway between two town, just add this one between them and add transport at the middle (i tried this and earn a lot ) best try for every players
  19. UFO Interchange

  20. Directional T Interchange

    it is the best mod to replace the orignal T interchange,it dont waste space
  21. Hong Kong

    is there any mod to unlock the whole hong kong? that would be great if i can build my home right there
  22. Bipin's American Roadsign Collection

    nice,it make much more detail for drivers,more like a real life
  23. All 25 Spaces Unlockable

    Hi! I installed this mod and received the following error: Reason code = Missing DLL: d3d9.dll Function: Direct3DCreate9 I've so far reinstalled my video drivers and directx and but the problem persists. What else should I do?
  24. Automatic Bulldoze

    I ve put i where you re supposed to but it doesn t show it in the game HELP ME PLEASE
  25. Japanese apartment block #2

    Tried to use your mod and i cant open it anywhere, did you edit it on the asset editor with some modded probs? that could maybe be the problem why people cant open it, would love to get it to work, they it looks awsome.
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