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City-building game(s)

Found 43 results

  1. Lake Bogoria, Kenya

    Located in the middle of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Bogoria is home to one of the world's largest populations of lesser flamingos - every year millions of them migrate to it's algae infested waters. The lake boasts some of the most impressive wildlife in all of Africa - hundreds of species of birds call the lake home, and you might even see a couple zebras if you look hard enough. Geysers and hot springs dot the shoreline, creating a truly unforgettable landscape. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
  2. Sampson Woods Forest !

    Sampson Woods Forest ! This month CJ we stay in the area of the community of Sampson. We have a look at the Sampson Woods Forest. This is one of the provincial parks, protected area for nature and wildlife. Here a map overview ! Highway 4 borders the area ! Let´s have a look at the area ! Lot´s of deer around ! Recreation at some of the lakes ! Southern side designated some agricultural activities ! Some small communities ! Road site R Dinner ! Sampson Woods main town, squeezed into the forest ! Healthy, fresh air, spa and relaxation improve life for the better ! Long or short stay everything posible for a nice vacation or two ! Mayon Province development is again getting into a stage of under development. Progres will continue. CJ will continue some way. Mean while the desire arised to do something with european bat´s. This CJ series will be about several european cities, several era´s and there settings ! Technical setting up the simulation bat´s is at about a reasonable level, progress will be at random how much have been build ! This new CJ serie will be called Europe ANNO ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back the next time !
  3. Article #4 - Punta Retolk Highlights

    Article #4 - "Punta Retolk Highlights" Punta Retolk, Retolk or Ciudad de Punta Retolk is a commercial city of Metzú Republic. Is situated some 20 kilometres of Wainor City, 35 of Jalai City, and 228 kilometres of capital city, Yuti. This city has an important historical and natural heritage, with great natural forests and old buildings with great value. There are great commercial buildings, multinational offices. Full map Population: 42.834 Metropolitan Area: 98.332 (Wainor-Retolk Metropolitan Area) Main Activities: Commercial Services, Manufactured Industries Retolk Life... 1. Retolk Downtown and his main avenues. 2. Av. De La Costa. Great historical heritage. 3. Parque de la Costanera. A big park. It travels Av. De La Costa. "The Lung of the city". 4. Parque de la Costanera. An other point of view. 5. Mirador Grand Hotel. 6. Estación Única de Trenes de Retolk. A little train station with important conections (Jalai, Wainor and Yuti). 7. Retolk Beaches. 8. Parador Miguel. A beach bar. 9. Bosque Nacional de Retolk. A Natural heritage. 10. Av. De La Costa at night. 11. Mirador Grand Hotel and commercial zone at night. 12. Great buildings of Retolk. 13. Retolk Outskirts. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger.
  4. Winter Forest

    From the album Winter Wonderland (S3-21-M)

    The forest during winter is more awesome than one would think. The last leaves have fallen, thin fog covers everything and the first snow begins to fall.
  5. Grape Forest Street

    From the album aciaKa's City

    Mini track and forest on the left and neighborhood on the right.
  6. Forest Valley

    Version 1.0.0


    Deutsch-German / Österreichisch-Austrian / Schweizerdeutsch-Swissgerman Hallo Leute! Das Waldheimer-Tal (englische Version: Forest Valley) ist ein Tal der fiktiven Sorte, welches ich mit viel Präzision erstellt habe. Normalerweise sind die meisten Regionen groß, doch man kann ja auch mal ein bisschen Abwechslung gebrauchen! English (UK) Hello Guys! Forest Valley is a fictitious Valley, I've created it with a lot of precision basically are the most Regions large or medium-sized but a small one is nice too! Español-Spanisch (TEST) Hola! Región del Bosque o Valle del Bosque (version Inglés: Forest Valley) es un región ficticia, he creado con mucha precisión. Normalmente son los Regiónes gran o mediano, pero un pequeño región es tambíen bonito!
  7. Landslip in the Forest

    From the album Nature Scenes (S3-19-E)

    A landslip has cut through the woods.
  8. Forest Bridge

    From the album Bridge Bonanza (S3-07-W)

    This is a bridge that passes amid Canntan forest, between two cliffs 160 meters surrounding the river Ouro Preto
  9. Raven Bay

    Version 1.3


    Raven Bay is the last map in a series of five that I set out to do for Cities Skylines. This is a European themed map. It has a rather large, open flat area for building a gigantic, sprawling city. It has plenty of resources with oil being the exception due to it's hideous color. Set amidst a small mountain range this coastal map has vibrant farmland, one large flowing river, a fully laid out highway system with interchanges and a full rail system. I wanted to create the vibe of a large interconnected European Costal city. For those new to the game. There are several areas that have highway off ramps acting as roads. These are just placeholders to show where the roads can go. You can choose to upgrade them where they are to any other type of road or just bulldoze and make your own. (Note) Upgrading to the largest wide avenues might affect some treelines. They were drawn in using the highway width as a guidelines so most roads shouldn't affect the trees. Steam link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451151642 To install the map: 1. Download the zip file. 2. Unzip the contents to the folder: AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps 3. Play! This Color Correction http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=417935657 is used in a few screenshots. The Moving Sun mod http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=420230361 was also used on some screenshots I also recommend http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403798635 for unlocking 25 tiles. You can play without it but you'll miss out on quite a bit of the map. All of my maps are hand crafted with loving care and designed with the city builder in mind. Let me know if you spot any issues and I would love to see any cities made on this map so shoot me a link or leave it in comments. Enjoy!
  10. Outer Bronzo

    Outer Bronzo- A place to live Outer Marrow is a very slowed down quiet town compared to its bigger brother and is why its the most heavily rich part of the suburbs. The very controversial White Rock Hill condo development was heavily protested for visual pollution and building over nature zones but I hear the penthouses have nice views of the city. Near the development is a Californian feat of engineering, The ADPA Building code still applies to the suburbs but is a little more lax and allowed a Bauhaus styled housing tract with a Streamline Deco shopping row back in 94' One of the more interesting parts of the suburbs is the Muerto Woods. For some unproven reason the entire is unable to grow trees or any kind of flora besides grass only during the summer leaving it a very creepy area to walk around at night or without someone with you. Back the good old days when Spanish settlers lived here adjacent to the now Downtown area owned by the Italians at the time it was a local myth that the Devil lived there and would snatch kids up if they went snooping around the woods thus Muerto Woods; But since we don't live in villages anymore edgy teenagers take group pictures in it for cover art for their bad punk album.
  11. Caterina Hills

    Is your life a mess? Work stressing you out? Why not take drive through the beautiful landscape of Caterina Hills Just a Little southeast of the city lies the industrial District of Bronzo and the Lakefront Casino which is one of the hottest casinos in the city even if its next to a chloride factory. Adjacent to the district is the St Aquinas cathedral and Valhalla cemetery which holds one of the most beautiful Cathedrals in Calafornia. Overlooking the city on the Caterina Mountain top is the Lacerta Observatory and Botanical Garden which is home to the most beautiful plants from across the nation. During the Fall the colors of the landscape bring out the color in the Watts Point Coal Power Plant, The biggest non nuclear power plant in the state. Thanks for reading as it took me a while to populate the tile with seasonal trees for this project and I'm happy i did since it looks amazing now. I hope you enjoyed reading this entry as i did making it.
  12. A City of Heritage and... Trash?

    Hello, welcome to the FIRST EPISODE of Cities of Boomooderie! We have a long journey ahead of us and while we can't get to the awaited sporty Telegraph City yet, we got you a city with a fabulous name! BRINGLE! As of current, Bringle is a city with trash problems, proud heritage, and commercial prowess. The industrial workforce is scattered, they work in other cities or in the electronics plant or the old brewery. But the city atleast has a pretty forest and high education and healthcare! Some of the bigger city area is built on hills, and terraforming wasn't in the list of interests. Instead, trees were planted in the steeper areas, further beautifying the city. Many citizens live here, and they say it's a good medium life. The city also has one of the largest amounts of railroad in it total, most of it unused by the basic transport for the city itself. The only downside is this southern area of Boomooderie tends to get very cloudy. The lake seen in the corner is expanding at an alarming rate. Either way, the city has good regional transport and is still expanding to the north of it's vicinity. Well, that's all for now, folks! Tune in next time!
  13. Good evening.... I wonder why when I use the tools of forest , the forest does not appear, but the money is debited .
  14. Limbourg - Charançon in horizontal

    Hi everyone, I made two horizontal mosaics of Charançon, so I decided to share them with you: 16. Limbourg - Charançon in horizontal (It's way better if you click on the picture) 1. 2. Well, I think I've posted enough pictures from Charançon now. It's time to go back working on Olsènes, here is a preview of what is coming: 3. See you next time! - REPLIES - @MissVanleider Thanks a lot! @tariely Thank you too. I especially like those little Stockholm houses, they fit perfectly here. @raynev1 Thanks too @michae95l Thank you too @Ln X Thanks for your support @GoKingsGo Thanks a lot! @Abrams124 Thank you! Hahaha, I never paid attention before, I didn't see it was a chocolate advertising @SimEMS38 Thank you! You're right indeed, this place is loved by town people
  15. Limbourg - Charançon (2)

    Hello everybody, Here are some other pictures from the small village of Charançon 15. Limbourg - Charançon (2) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Hope you liked it
  16. Limbourg - Charançon (1)

    Hello everybody, Today, I bring you some pictures of Charançon, another village of the municipality of Limbourg. This little town is typical of Upper Arinsia, with its little houses overlooking the valley. 14. Limbourg - Charançon (1) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. More to come! Hope you enjoyed it
  17. Cities: Skylines - Nature 5

    From the album I Love Nature

    Celebrating Nature in Cities Skylines
  18. Welcome! First off - this is my first ever journal. Sorry in advance! Secondly - I play games intensely over a period, and then I get other stuff I need to do. In other words, don't expect me to update all the time. But I should be able to manage an update every now and then. So then, onto the journal! Kommun means "municipality" in swedish. It's a silly name, but you'll get used to it. I'm building this region one piece at the time and have no overlaying plan besides a few things: There's gonna be a metric f**kton of trees If it's not trees then it's either: Large industrial complexes (harbours, water purification plants, power plants, saw mills, ore industry). One (1) larger town Several small towns/villages Farms Did I say trees? I'll have to contact Dedgren for tips on how to not go mad when planting trees. So, that's the gist of it. There won't be any fantastic background storys here, but rather a aesthetic journey into rural areas in a setting not completely alien to me. Expect mostly image descriptions. Let's go on to the pictures of my first update! This is an overview of what I've done so far. To the east you can see rural areas being developed. These will develop like veins following the national roads. Let's start taking a look at what farmers Persson and Jönsson are up to! On this first pic you can see the home of farmer Jönsson. Jönsson just couldn't be bothered with removing the small mound with a conifer on it On the other side of the rapeseed field begins the land of farmer Persson. She's doing pretty much the same stuff that Jönsson does. You can also see a rural bus stop. This stop supports the few households along road 100 (going horizontal on this picture) and also the small village of Ekeby which is just above the frame of this picture. Driving on road 100, things can look something like this. Let's head a few kilometers westward, wave at the driver of bus 100, and check out the central parts as seen in the overview above. Being an avid cyclist, I could just as well pedal my way there using the bike lane. Approaching those tall chimneys reveal two major industrial plants of Kommun. First, we have the Kinnarpsverket, or Kinnarp nuclear power plant. These western type reactors use seawater to cool down the magic that goes on inside (I'm a musician and all I know is they slam and/or cleave stuff that is best left unslammed/uncleft). The outlet waters are quite a bit hotter than the surrounding baltic sea and is also the place where the famed Kinnarp herring lives. Too bad the guards won't let the public access the spot. The other site, just across the road, is the Öboverket, or Öbo water treatment plant. I don't know a single thing about treating water, so you'll have to use your imagination here. It has got walls, at least! Here's an overview of the two plants. Road 100 goes vertically through, but the only lit part is another of those rural bus stops serviced by bus 100. All the way to the west in the overview picture is the island of Snibben. A snibb is Swedish slang for edge or point. It's also a very silly name, but I guess it'll be a theme of this journal. On Snibben lies the village of Öbo which is not done yet and hence not shown in this update. I will however show you the south west and south coast of Snibben: The invisible sun (what the hell? Help me with this please.) sets in the Baltic sea and another calm day on Snibben comes to an end. I'll end this showcase with a night picture. On the highest point of Snibben stands its lighthouse. The conservative local politicians insists on it being lit despite seamen laughing at it whilst browsing Facebook, seeing that the ship itself knows where it's going. Far in the background Kinnarpsverket can be seen. Well, then! I hope you enjoyed this first part. Be kind and grant me a few of your comments, would you? The next update will be... when it's done! It will contain [insert whatever I feel for at the time of publishing]. Regards, Jesper
  19. Solitude Proper Interchange

    From the album NAM Showcase - Monthly Challenge #5

    A picture of the interchange between highways T6N (top-bottom) and T5 (left-right) within Solitude Proper, an urban area on the island of Solitude south of New Concorde and across the Ebony River from the megalopolis. Within the interior of the interchange lie some of the largest residential superstructures in Lower Trifort. Off the left side of the image, the highway T5 crosses the Ebony River in two long double-decker spans to reach Division Island and New Concorde.
  20. Zephyr River Basin

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my first SimCity 4 map I've ever uploaded. The Zephyr River Basin is an original idea of mine while i was bored at school. It has many river converging between two mountain ranges, providing a very water-based city to develop. It is 7x7 medium tiles. Sudden Valley Terrain mod and MayorBean's OceanRiverMOD were used in the screenshot.
  21. Environment Color Changer is Version 1 of a complete Terrain Customization tool I'm working on. This first version covers only Colors and Offsets, as opposed to actual textures. What does it do? Change colors PER BIOME of: Fertile LandForest GroundFarm FieldsPolluted GrassWaterPolluted WaterWater UnderIt has an option to enable "transparent water" althought the effect is not that nice, but thought I'd include it as well, some interesting results can be obtained with transparent water and water color combinations. Disabled by default. It also includes an option to disable the Pause(ESC) Menu "Blur" effect so you can see the color changes more clearly while tweaking. Enabled by default. Sadly I'm not knowledgeable enough to build a custom GUI for the mod so I had to use this workaround for now. How does it work? The mod comes pre-loaded with values to make Fertile Land, Farm Fields, Forest ground, Grass pollution and Water pollution a bit more pleasant to look at. Water colors are same as vanilla, with the exception of Water-under which is set to full white to make the water more transparent-looking in all biomes. To customize the colors: Load a map, frame the element of which you wish to change the color in your camera(fertile land/forests/farm fields/water/polluted/etc), then go to the Options menu and find the Mod Settings for Environment Colors Changer, scroll down to find the current biome you're playing on, and tweak the colors using the sliders of the element you want to change. You'll see the changes as you move the sliders, allowing you to get exactly the result you want. It helps if you move the options panel to the side to see the background better.. Examples The UI example: I'm pretty happy with the way this mod has turned out despite my total lack of actual programming knowledge and I have to thank for their valuable help, in no specific order: boformerknighthawkGPhyperdrive_engage
  22. COMMENT REPLIES:San Foca in the Night (SC4) kschmidt:Thank you very much raynev1:Thank you tariely:Everyone has their own style of build anyway thanks for the comment Mymyjp:Thanks for the comment Coal Hill (SC4) After a good night in the capital now we rest at a very lively campaign then welcome to Coal Hill. Here's a city district The main square and the Church The roundabout with a small central offices Between the countryside and the train station Highway junction very simple and realistic The sawmill of Coal Hill The old Castle of Coal Hill The Coal Hill wind farm very close to coal mine Here's the coal mine Meanwhile in San Foca (the new political center of the Federal Republic of Siculia (from left to right: Parliament, Monument for the fallen of the homeland and the President's House)) Indeed, meanwhile on Facebook And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  23. Always Coming Home

    ... but never quite arriving at the same place. It's been thirty years since P. R. left Queenbee -- or more accurately her small town of Saint-Joseph, as Queenbee wasn't amalgamated then -- to go to bigger cities and a bigger life. Although most of the town looks the same, some of it has changed. A lot of forest has been clear cut, and is now second growth. There has been a huge rock slide, after the clear cutting, on a specially rainy Spring, ten years ago, that wiped out one of the upper trails P. R. loved the most -- and almost destroyed her friend's Josie's farm Fortunately, their other favourite hiking trail, the one going to the beach, is still intact. Also, most of what she knew as wild wood lots has been plowed into fields -- although some are tree plantations. Some of the slopes are still too rocky, though, and have been left alone. All in all, Saint-Joseph is the same but... different.
  24. Aywiers

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  25. United Kingdom Of New France

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.

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