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Found 411 results

  1. Hello! This is my first post on this website and I'm making this because I have a problem. A few days ago, I've been getting back into SimCity 4 as I feel less and less interested in Cities: Skylines at the moment. My goal, as it is in any city-building game, is to start off with a small town and develop it into a sprawling city. In SimCity 2000 and Cities: Skylines, this is no problem as long as I know the basics and some tips and tricks for improvement but as for SimCity 4, it's a bit more complicated than that. Considering this is the most feature packed title of the whole SimCity franchise from what I know, I would assume this game is not as easy as Cities: Skylines in terms of trying to build a small town with whatever money you have and later develop into a large city. That's fine, but with complicated things are and not as easy to find out, I can never create a city in SC4 that would even come close to what I made in SC2000 or CS. At the moment, my biggest issue is that my low-density residential zones have trouble getting to develop despite my low-wealth residential demand at almost 100% at all times. Now I don't know if this is because I haven't developed any neighboring cities for outside connections or there's too much services or there's not enough jobs for everyone or there's not enough parks or a combination of any of these factors but it takes zones a long time to develop. We're talking months of in-game time wasted before anything happens and sometimes it's just one or a few houses that develop and I have to wait more for the rest of the area to develop and even then there maybe a few little areas that still haven't developed. If you want to see what I created, I have uploaded the folder of the region (which is the vanilla New York region) here (the city is America City in case you didn't know): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hdbPZuxsOnhO921VK732X4S5wg5lIWkD No mods were used while making this city and I would like to keep it that way just so I don't have to deal with the hassle of installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling mods for whatever reason. I would like to keep it vanilla as possible but if for whatever reason, I would need to install a mod if I absolutely cannot proceed without them, I will if needed. Thank you and have a nice day!
  2. Hello All, Looking for some tips and advice on how to build a realistic transition from light residential to agricultural zoning on the edges of a city. I typically start a city by zoning all Agriculture and then working from the middle outward decreasing density as I get further from the middle. The result is usually light residential and/or industrial zoning bordering directly onto agriculture. Would you leave a gap of trees like a Green Belt instead? The snapshots provided are for a larger city I am starting so I didn't bother to zone the middle sections as AG as I plan to prezone Res and Commercial in this case. Thank you for your suggestions, looking forward to it.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a set of 4 apartment buildings that can typically be found in most major Brazilian cities. This is a creation by Douglas Domingos, also known as Garoudwolf. This release has been approved by the content creator Standard Maxis Nite, no HD version.
  4. Emerald Ville !

    Emerald Ville ! Emerald Ville peninsulla between lake Meredian and lake Mayon as described the mirror town. Old Emerald Ville with industrial heart mirror´s the new business district New Emerald Ville ! We start with Old Emerald Ville ! Education quarters ! Most valuable residential quarters ! Railway has brought work in the chemical and car industries ! Commercial zone 1 Some outside agricultural hamlet ! Tourisme growing in popularity ! That conclude Old Emerald Ville ! New Emerald Ville ! North of the old town on a relatively flat area where aswell agriculture was the main source of income, new plan´s where made to convert this into a triving business area. Infra structural ring road marked the start of this conversion. Education got a boost with the inauguration of the university ! Railway connectivity aswell boost growth ! New Emerald Ville Mall ! New Emerald Ville CBD ! That conclude New Emerald Ville ! Last a variety of pictures of hamlet´s contributing in agriculture and tourisme ! Green, nature, toerisme will cover next CJ; a little escape of urbanisme ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ, and see you back next time !
  5. Residential expansion and suburbs

    This entry will see residential expansion and the addition of more highway. Forgive me for the U-drive it icons This is how I currently build my subdivisions. Many of you on here are fantastic at this. For me, I generally start by creating a box of avenues. Inside that box I'll randomly wind streets to mimic what can be seen in real cities. I also don't butt my zone directly to the avenues, instead spacing one square away. Though this might promote bottle-necking, the low density and population keep traffic lower. This design helps alleviate congestion on the avenues. Instead of sims just hopping onto the avenue directly from their houses, they're forced to take their closest exit from the neighborhood. A completed subdivision prior to being zoned. In these areas I also zone low density commercial peppered with some medium density residential adjacent to the 'burbs. My hope is that some smaller apartment complexes will spring up, though some of these are taller than I'd like they look pretty good here. A pocket of medium density residential next to the college. One thing I've noticed the more cities I build in this region, the less useful elementary schools are. It seems like most of my sims are of age for either college or utilizing libraries. It just seems elementary schools are very short lived and get cut out of the budget quickly. The more I play, the more I like these single cell apartments. They house 30 sims, twice a normal house, don't take much space, and tend to build together as a larger unit. Shot of the golf course and surrounding developments.I wish I could turn off those movie theaters to the upper right, they might be the most repetitive building in the game. More apartments bordering the industrial sector. I wanted to develop a block of those single cell apartments, something common in cities. Here's the original area... Leveled... Zoned and under construction... Finished. It seems like once one of these structures is built, they duplicate until the block is full. Pretty handy if you want to create a repetitive complex. A better angle. The next few shots will cover the addition of more highway for future development. As stated in my first post, the slope mod I got from the STEX made things interesting. Highways, streets, ect. are fine on their own, but when they cross a railway it becomes a challenge. But it's well worth it in my opinion. The avenue intersection here will eventually change with the elimination of the north-south route (with the tunnels) It looked ok, but wasn't used by a single person. I originally built it before the highway, and figured it could be used as a bypass to alleviate some traffic. This cloverleaf heads from midtown to downtown, and from midtown to the airport across town. It dumps into an avenue that will make up the main entry into downtown. Whoever developed the NAM is a godsend for creating a transition between the elevated highway and the avenues. The exit to the airport. Again. I know most people have moved to the RHW at this point, but I don't quite have the patience for it yet. Stay tuned for downtown!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Condos Anelaide is a high-rise condominium, inspired by the ones you can see in Brazil and all over Latin America. This is a creation by Douglas Domingos, also known as Garoudwolf. This release has been approved by the content creator Building information: Lot size: 4x3 Demolition cost: 1070$ Occupation type: R4$$ Capacity: 1050R$$ or 1850R$ (low value) Pollution: Air 7, Water 9, Trash 6 Pollution radius: Air 6, Water 6 Energy consumption: 25 Water consumption: 45 This is a HD building and it goes with standard Maxis Nite.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Condos Erland is a mid-rise condominium, inspired by the ones you can see in Brazil and all over Latin America. This is a creation by Douglas Domingos, also known as Garoudwolf. This release has been approved by the content creator Building information: Lot size: 2x2 Demolition cost: 450$ Occupation type: R4$$ Capacity: 120R$$ or 180R$ (low value) Pollution: Air 4, Water 4, Trash 4 Pollution radius: Air 5, Water 5 Energy consumption: 3 Water consumption: 25 This is a HD building and it goes with standard Maxis Nite.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This is an exclusive set of 21 unreleased commercial and residential Brazil-inspired buildings by Douglas Domingos, also known as Garoudwolf. The majority of these buildings is HD with Maxis Nite. This release has been approved by the content creator
  9. Creator Pack 03: Gn_leugim



    In the third installment of the Creator Pack series (CP03), I gave a few BATs by @Gn_leugim some attention. This pack contains mostly residential of all types (R§, R§§, and R§§§), as well as a little CS§§ sprinkled in. ---------------------- Installation & Use: ---------------------- I've started a new system that hopefully makes dependency finding and validating easier for everyone centered around Cleanitol scripts. Follow these steps: 1. Everyone runs "CP03 - Gn_leugim - Remove List (Everyone run this).txt" 2. IF AND ONLY IF YOU USE A MAXIS BLOCKER TO BLOCK MAXIS LOTS FROM GROWING run "CP03 - Gn_leugim - Remove List (Run this if you use Maxis Blockers).txt" > All of the files here simply add Gn_leugim's models to default building families. It is quite an ingenious move, but keeping these is pointless if you're using a blocker 3. EVERYONE run "CP03 - Gn_leugim - Dependency List.txt" to check if you have all dependencies. Links are provided for any dependency you don't already have in the script output. * Please let me know if anything does not work as it should.* ------- Stats: ------- All generated with PIMX (CAMpatible). Contains a mix of R§, R§§, R§§§, CS§§. Houses are stages 4 and below, and high-riseresidentals are stages 5-8. Commercials are all stage 1-2. ------------------ Dependencies: ------------------ Note: For a quick check to see if you already have any of the necessary dependencies, run the provided dependency Cleanitol file. Original Models: Azuleijitos Apartment Arched House House with View Nice House Pleasant Block Pretty House High Fall Apartments Villa de Vinho Furniture Shop Pharmacy Textures: KOSC SuperSHK MEGA Textures BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01 NDEX Base Texture Set 1 Props: BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol02 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol02 BSC Mega Props - SG vol 01 MGB AnyOne for Tennis SHK Parking Pack nos.17 Essentials ------- Links: ------- For more photos of these lots For help/feedback/suggestions A Compendium of Creations nos.17 @ Simtropolis nos.17 @ SC4Devotion Gn_leugim @ Simtropolis And above all... have fun! nos.17
  10. Lauwrence & Roghue Island North !

    Lauwrence & Roghue Island North ! Welcome back to Mayon Province 2.0 ! Last summer we created Hartford, Maroon Bay and a large part of Roghue Island ! This summer I continue north into the county of Mont Real and adjacent Emerald Ville, Lauwrence, Mont Real Woods and some area of natural beauty ! Today we visit Lauwrence and the last north part of Roghue Island ! First we have a look at Roghue Island North with Spin City ! Eco is important in this series so solar and wind power fully used everywhere ! Clean business, opertunities full, hi-tech may come ! Agriculture beside forestry is on of the main soures of income in both counties ! Lauwrence county ! Lauwrence county on the other side of the river aswell got agriculture but business is smaller and more wide spread ! Laurwrence, lauwrence East, Woods and Belmont far left ! Lauwrence ! Agricultural area ! Belmont still got some development to come as the railway line may sugest ! Lauwrence East tranquille situated in the woods serve little commuter to Mont Real ! Well, that´s it for now ! Watch the little update´s here and there ! Emerald Ville will feature next CJ as to gradualy build up the area ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  11. In a book I'm reading one part mentions Fly-in communities such as Spruce Creek, near Daytona Beach, FL which has 1,200 homes and 14 miles of aircraft taxiway connecting houses with the runway. Then there's Pecan Plantation, near Fort Worth, TX, with 125 homes all served by taxiways. Planes can land, taxi to the home, and park in the driveway. It says many homes have hangers rather than garages and some are 4,500 square feet to hold two planes and two cars. Here's a couple of Bing Maps pics of Spruce Creek: And Pecan Plantation. (Bing doesn't have the Bird's Eye option there so I just zoomed in for the 2nd pic.) So, I was just wondering if anyone has created a community like this in the game. Maybe @airman15 who is "just plane crazy".
  12. VI 107.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Vienna City Night !
  13. VI 98.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Vienna Donau Old river !
  14. VI 97.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Vienna Donau stadt !
  15. PH 55.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Praha Kobylisy !
  16. PH 49.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Praha Opera and City !
  17. PH 46.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Praha Dvorce !
  18. PH 33.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Praha suburb !
  19. BR 32.jpg

    From the album Europa Anno !

    Bern Wabern residential !
  20. Hi there, I am really struggling to find good residential lots and/or sets. My plugins folder has a lot of high Res stuff like skyscrapers, but im now beginning to look at more detailed smaller lots for some nice agricultural cities/towns. Any Suggestions?
  21. Praha -vývoj času !

    Praha - vývoj času ! Development through time, this is the last chapter in the visit to Praha. Last city vienna gave lots of oppertunities to stretch it longer. Praha long shelved in the refrigerator now is about completed, realizing these cities all square inch maybe covered but this city showed some quit challenging exercies of terra- forming; furthur progres would not do it any justice ! ANNO Europe CJ will return in october, switch will be made to Mayon Province CJ next month ! This CJ we cover the last part of Praha ! Kobylisy- Dolna Chabry north of the city and continue our way to the west bank with Letny and the last Mala Strana with the medieval town ! Kobylisy is on the prague subwayline C north of the second bend and houses at Kuchyfrica the university ! Kuchyfrica - Prague Modern University ! Dolin Chabry virtualy for this city houses the Airport, Hotels and Convention center area ! Now we cross the river to the west bank to Letny with the Spartak Prague Football ground ! Letny is a long part of a long highly leveled town wich stretches west ! Prague subwayline A covers much of the upper part of the boulevard west ! Mala Strana or the old medieval heart of prague with the castle and old town ! Old town ! Prahou rozloučenou - prague goodbye ! Pleasant town to create; top 5, real best city in this series, hard to imagine as every city got it´s perculier points wich up to now gave every city a little bit of it´s own identity. Weight of euro plugins now certainly making a ultra modern city just about imposible ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  22. South Chester

    Replies: Silur: Thank you! I use a mixture of "contrast", "desaturated" and "vivid" photoshop techniques to add some mood to the pictures. etg-nc2nyc: Cheers! Those houses with the small alleyways and the square parking lots are one of CP's medium density houses, a really cool-looking 3x3 lot. tonyr: Thank you very much. Duco: Yeah- MMP fields takes a load of left-click holds and dragging back and forth like crazy to get the fields filled in. Thanks for your comment. feyss: Thanks! And- Entry 22: Pololomia -- South Chester South Chester is built on the southern part of the city tile and on the bottom centre. There are a mixture of high-wealth suburbs, medium-wealth suburbs, a small flat complex and rural homes, plus quite a bit of farmland to the east. The furtherest extent of South Chester is the M7 highway which forms the northern boundary of South Chester. And now let's take a look... 1. 2. Let's start off with the high-wealth suburb. 3. I'm including more mosaics to help show the layout of these areas. The western boundary of South Chester is the railway cutting through the suburbs. 4. Use railways, highways and fences/tree fillers to really seperate areas. 5. I want to thank KingOfSimCity for his amazing relots of the Maxis mansions. 6. 7. Moving northwards and once past the M7 there are a series of railways and railyards... 8. A very quiet moment in the day for the M7... 9. The Chester Road rides over the M7. The Chester Road is a very long straight road which goes through South Chester, Chester and forms the western border of the Mowden suburb (north and east of Chester). 10. It's a simple diamond interchange with some MMP flourishes. 11. With a bit of photoshopping finesse Maxis night can be turned into TrueNite... 12. 13. A new photoshopping technique I've discovered is to first lower the brightness and increase the contrast. Then increase the brightness and increase the contrast more than the brightness. Then increase the colour brightness and decrease the saturation. The effect produced is this contrast/vivid hybrid. 14. Another example of the above photoshop technique I mentioned. It's sharp and clear, but not too bright, not too dark, not too desaturated, not too oversaturated... 15. A small private school complex. 16. 17. 18. To the left is Chester, to the right South Chester, in the centre is the M7 and towards the top is the start of Langley Plains: flat countryside with lots of fields and farms. 19. And here is the flat complex I was talking about. This is east of the Chester Road (running along the bottom of the picture). 20. 21. These flats were the first things I placed down in Pololomia. It took a while to work out how to complete the area around the flat complex... 22. 23. 24. Going from suburbs to the rural country... 25. This suburb is the eastern most extent of South Chester. 26. 27. 28. Another example of the rural/suburban, or rural/urban, transitions I spend so much time working on. 29. 30. 31. 32. One final overview of South Chester. 33. From north to south: top of the city tile to the bottom of the city tile. 34. MHW is... Good! Now that South Chester has been explored, the next area to be explored -- next weekend -- is the northeast of Langley Plains:
  23. Praha - prague do města !

    Praha - prague do města ! Prague into the city. Sorting out sets as well music and literal influence my work like Dvorak and Kafka wich had their residence hear ! Today we cover some outside neighbourhoods of the south of the city and work our way into the right river side center of town ! Nove Vrsovice with the Eden Arena stadium of Slavia Prague foorball club ! Rail stable yards ! Dvorce south west of the center with some business highrise development ! Podoli shopping and medical center ! Praha city center right river side ! National Theatre on the left ! Praha central square ! Rudolfinum music theatre where the Czech Philarmony and other play ! Lot of churches and synagoge reminder of the jewish community wich did live there once ! That´s about what I cover this month, next we will have a last look at the left side of the river with the Praha, called castle mountain and the rest of the city ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  24. Pololomia's City Centre (North)

    Replies: tonyr: Work, work and more work! In my case I find it a gruelling experience finishing off city tiles. Prophet42: Thanks a lot! Each city tile I finish always takes a little longer to complete. kschmidt: I used avenues, SAM and NWM (Network Widening Mod) plus Bipin's concrete roads to add variety to the roads. Thanks for your comment! Urban Constanta: Cheers! Duco: I guess that's one way of looking at it. Entry 21: Pololomia's City Centre (North) And now comes the entries which are chock full of detailed pictures. I have also included extra mosaics to help place the area I am showing/featuring in relation to other areas in Pololomia. So, sit back and enjoy the show! 1. The area in question. This is the northern part of the city centre. Note: north is rightwards 2. I use a real mixture of US, European and UK buildings to get my style of city scenes. Though I will use other choices- such as Simgoober's swimming complex to the right. 3. Every mid-density and high-density city block always has car-parking and/or back alleyways or other fillers... 4. And sometimes back alleyways can segue-way into plazas... 5. 6. Mini-parks plus mixing lots with MMPs to create playground areas. 7. Going downwards is moving eastwards. 8. The diagonal city block... 9. In this mosaic going downwards is going northwards. 10. I love me some threshold photoshopping. 11. Not sure exactly why but the photoshopping really came out well with this picture. 12. Downwards is moving southwards- into the city centre. 13. Churches and the corresponding graveyards. 14. The church is one of Mattb325's creations whilst the graveyard lots are one of Paeng's lot packs. 15. Down = North direction. Eventually we reach the Granger Industrial Estate. 16. There is only so much one can do with fillers and lots. Eventually the terrain has got to show! 17. Downwards = Westwards. This mosaic moves across the southern parts of the Granger Industrial Estate and also the northern-most parts of Pololomia's city centre. 18. Another mosaic moving westwards- one of the selling points is how Pololomia fits together, this means lots of mosaics! 19. One of xannepan's Paris buildings: a Parisian-styled fire station. 20. 21. Heavily using Mattb325's lots here! 22. This picture showcases the dividing line between the city centre and the inner city area. 23. This 8x8 lot of Mattb325's is so cool! 24. 25. 26. And yet another great-looking diagonal building from Mattb325; First Federal Bank. 27. Down = West. 28. Mattb325's lots are very easy to work with because they work well with FrankU Dutch Parks and Gn_leugim's Forest Parks. 29. One final overview of the northern part of Pololomia's city centre. 30. The next entry will be posted somewhere between Thursday to Saturday. See you then!
  25. Welcome to Pololomia

    Entry 20: Welcome to Pololomia Thanks etgilbert for your comment! Now then, this entry shows the various areas of Pololomia. Over the next ten weeks I will be showing these areas one by one. So, all in all, I reckon there are about twenty entries here. Let's begin! And yes, I will be changing the train automata... 1. The whole city tile. The idea behind Pololomia concerns the city centre being placed in the corner of the map, from there we see one quarter of the city as it fans out into suburbs and rural areas. 2. The city centre. 3. South of the city centre. A very dense area. 4. South-east of the city centre. 5. East of the city centre. In Pololomia there are whole stretches filled with naught but diagonals. 6. The area north of the city centre. 7. Kendal- location of the northern suburbs. There are some very wealthy properties here. 8. Shap- this is east of the city centre and has many areas of medium density. 9. Southern Chester- a wealthy suburb and the Chester Housing Project. This is very close to the M7 highway (east of the city centre and south of Shap). 10. Chester- the area is older due to the terraced housing. The terraced housing is the legacy of homes created for industrial workers in times past. Now these are all private properties. 11. The M7 Highway- east of Chester and cuts through the area. 12. Mowden- a suburb east of Shap and Pololomia's city centre. Mowden constitutes the outer suburbs of Pololomia which border the countryside. 13. Langley Plains- an entire stretch of countryside to the east and north of Pololomia. 14. Skeeby- a village east of Pololomia and truly separate from the city. The houses at the bottom of the picture constitute the very outer limits of Pololomia. 15. More of Langley Plains- north of Skeeby. 16. The village of Clotsley- north-east of Pololomia and part of Langley Plains. 17. North-east Pololomia- just north of the Mowden suburbs and north-east of Shap. 18. At the top of the picture is the village of Stokesley- part of Langley Plains and north of Pololomia. 19. At the very north of Pololomia is a small industrial complex. 20. Granger Industrial Estate. As you can see there are a real variety of areas in Pololomia. So some entries will be rural, or urban, or industrial, or suburban, or commercial, etc. The next entry will be posted this Wednesday. The area will be north of Pololomia's city centre. See you then. Oh... And one more thing...

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