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  2. Another returning player

    Last I read in these forums, even a key redemption from Origin is the borked version that is unpatched and unpatachable, so Origin should be avoided by everyone all the time. Also: If you have disks, you can run in Windows 7 or 8 (not Win-10) IF you uninstall update KB3086255. Also also: If you have a 64-bit system, then you need the 4GB patch. It comes automatically in the NAM, which is one of the first mods you want. There are some other patches and fixes that are "must haves"; they're listed in some other thread that should be pinned around here somewhere.
  3. Yes I did try it with just 81 tiles mod, and also with no mods and base game only. In all cases, both problems persisted. I don't have any of the other mods in that list. Elsewhere somebody suggested the problem could be arising because I only have 8GB RAM. I'm not very tech-savvy so could that be the case?
  4. Today
  5. Edificios de Nueva York

    Siguiente objetivo: Estará inspirado en algunas mansiones británicas
  6. Show us Your Oddities!

    Hey, but those 'car fields' indeed exist! At least here, where there are no auto factories, their sellers keep huge numbers of them parked on fields as selling stock. I'll look for some photos later...
  7. I dunno. Usually SteamID also plays a role, but there's no doubt the mod roads work differently than the asset roads. We could switch from the old to the new without a problem, so SteamID didn't matter there. However the mod roads break saves when they're missing while the asset versions just disappear (at least in a vanilla environment). I would imagine a mod would still be needed for the game to recognize them as the same when they're made with the editor, but ofc new subscribers would then get the benefit of them being assets which won't break in an update. Might be the best way if it isn't a huge amount of work getting the game to recognize the roads.
  8. Tree Controller Dependency Nightmare

    In any case, Alexander is using the Central European Tree Controller, so that list could not match precisely (even if several trees repeat from one to the other). BTW Alexander, did you checked for *.exe files inside folders? Those should also be put away and installed to work
  9. bug with RICO and Natural Disasters

    Ok thx, I didn't know that that fix may fix other stuff too.
  10. Project recreating Malmö/Sweden

    Hey! Long time since my last post. Just started playing again so here is two shots to show that im still alive of a new "desert" city (very much a WIP):
  11. Show Us Your Small Towns

    I can almost smell the popcorn and funnel cakes!
  12. Show Us What You're Working On

    First steps in Cinderville... I got tired of building on flat terrain and I started dabbling with the new draggable FLEX RHW and draggable L2 avenues- a little bit because I'm always conservative with RHW!
  13. City service building doesn't spit out cars

    I understand why this happens now. It has nothing to do with the area that you're looking at. It has everything to do with some external place where there is a fire or something, and this place is not properly connected to your global road network. The Fire Station will want to send cars to that remote place, but it can't find a route, so it will cycle in circles trying over and over again to send the trucks there. This remote place that is unconnected will potentially break your entire system. It can happen with all city services and with Natural Disasters recovery vehicles. If you're playing the vanilla game, this could never happen to you. But if you're playing with mods and MoveIt, you have to be super careful that every single building is connected to the global road network.
  14. I Want to Be a...

    Hello, I want to start a gaming YouTube channel. However, there are many obstacles: I have just SimCity 4 and as you know, the game isn't a great game to start with. So, I need Cities: Skylines, which leads me to the next problem. My computer isn't powerful enough to play C:S because just I'm using HD Graphics 3000. 4 GB of RAM is fine. My internet speed both upload and download is really slow, 1 Mbps and sometimes error without reasons. I don't have camera for future facecam (not really a concern). I don't have empty external hard drive (1 TB is recommended) for the next thing I will discuss. Luckily, there is a Geforce iCafe-certified internet cafe near me (according to Nvidia, the participant cafes must have 9xx or 10xx GTX-series cards and 50 or more GTX 1060s or higher; enough for C:S). However, it still not fixing the problem #1: lack of C:S. I just have around $16, which isn't enough to buy even the vanilla. I will not talking about gray/black ways to getting it (because it against the site rules). Can you help me to getting started? Or, should I learn another skills instead, like 3D modelling or programming? Thanks.
  15. Whats up my fellow Brazillian, welcome to the community brodi!
  16. also, if you find that the tiling is a little squished once you've rotated you may need to cut down the texture and stretch it in the vertical direction - the tiling in the game will compensate and you will get a better repetition after import
  17. NAM General Support Topic

    I don't think very many (if any) 6S-related puzzle pieces with the dimension listings had their LTEXTs changed when the overhang implementation went into place--while they're technically sitting on a single tile of width, the visual area they occupy is still greater than a single tile. Most of them are in their last days as viable parts of the NAM/RHW, in any case, and the piece in question will be officially deprecated when the FLEX Width Transitions are finished. -Tarkus
  18. Evan's Relots

    Update Time...... This is Coming soon. B62 Home Depot and Dollar Tree Plaza.
  19. BAT Request Thread

    this BP/Mattress Firm combo up in Dayton, Ohio, where I am from. ever wanted a 12-pack and some mattresses
  20. RRetail Development

    Starting on a Kmart based off the locations in Bath, NY and former Kmart in Conneaut, OH. Both stores are smaller then most at around 60,000 sq. ft. and likely were late '70s small town builds. I enjoy stopping at the Bath Kmart location every now and then and thought it would be a perfect fit for SimCity.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hi, I am sure this must have been asked thousands of times, except I cant find a quick answer. There are tantalising mentions of using 'the cim model' which I guess is this one? https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/resource-max-obj-file-of-male-cim-to-get-better-sense-of-scale-when-modeling.874872/ however this is for 3Dmax and I'm using Blender (and having never used Max don't know if the units match). My problem is that the replacement monorail station building I am working on is 1.37metres high in blender, and gets imported into city skylines at 12* scale sometimes, but sometimes this causes an array out of range (or something similar) error and I have to go up to 14 times. I have no idea why I get this error, nor why changing the scale fixes it, but its driving me nuts. My .fbx export scale is 1. If it imports ok at 12 times then the pedestrian routes all line up as do the platforms (which is nice) but they don't at 14 times, and the monorail platforms are the wrong height. I'm wondering if this array error is due to me getting the scale just wrong so city skylines cannot do 'something' and maybe if I knew the actual height of a cim I could work backwards and fix this issue. Then again I could just be wrong. In addition the station has stairs and I want to add a handrail onto these, but I'm stumped as to how high to make it as I cannot figure out how tall a cim is. If I do some simple maths my building is 16.44m (at 12*) or 19.18m tall (and wrong at 14 times). Can someone point me at a simple solution? Massive thanks in advance. (Oh if anyone's interested the Metro I have been working on is now testing in some saves of mine, so far it looks good).
  23. Donde conseguir.

    LRascayú Gracias por su aporte, lo voy a buscar en las páginas de Hide-ideki. De hecho ahí he conseguido elementos interesantes.
  24. Searching for a new antivirus

    At work we use Windows Defender and, combined with a bit of common sense about where to click and where not to, never had a problem so far. At home I use avast Free Antivirus since a very long time, and never had a complain about it. It's getting lately a bit annoying with pop ups encouraging me to purchase other paid options of the program, but it does well its job and has a clear and lean interface, adequate for those not so versed in computer stuff. I'd recommend both antivirus solutions.
  25. Imgur images not displaying

    Well, short , ST maybe recognized as a commercial site because of the .com extension, switching to .org might bethe sollution, but that would mean that all picture links be updated. Relatively most pictures will only be watched for about some time, so image links might be there, viewing rates are relative in time. Populair threads obviously take a peak in monthly viewing rates, size of pictures as well counts, as it´s all about bites and byte´s ! Imgur aswell a community, hosting remains a costly story; yet St as well, paid hosting still remains a expensive thing, what it is worth while for ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
  26. Returning Back to SC4

    The game has so many options. Maybe you can see some videos and scroll trough some pages. Give yourself a month. Google with keywords. It helped me for my buildings, facilities, road and train options, water and rocks, parks and plazas, visual mods, game mods and everything I forget.
  27. Club Blog !

    Apologize, for the abscence of the Imgur sample pictures not displayed ! Sincerely yours, kschmidt
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