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  2. Show Us What You're Working On

    Anno Europe RHW III ! Bern to Frankfurt section now complete ! Either north or south wasn´t a option so a tunnel under was constructed. Usefullnes still to be proofed as there´s not much yet, but looking forward. There three entry/exits, one in the middle on either side of the ariport ! Koeln West exit tries to relieve traffic flow comming from the North-Eastern part of Bern, main route mostly covers the south side of Bern and through route to the other RHW section ! Enjoy !
  3. I am actually going to remove the trams and upload that too. I just have to remove half the meshes that are required for tram stops
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    SC Devotiion got ACaircraft Request pack vol 09l for 787 and a380 maybe that´s your´re looking for ! http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2872
  5. Today
  6. Love it. Street circuits should get grandstands too, though; every street circuit I've ever been to has had temporary tribunes erected for the event. Depending on the circuit these may only be put at the start/end of a straight, or in an intersection, but every major street circuit has them. In fact, you typically see more of them at street circuits than you do at permanent race tracks that are anything less than FIA Grade 1. Mosport, for instance, is an FIA Grade 2 circuit IIRC and it doesn't have a single permanent grandstand in it (but some major events get two or three small temporary ones erected). [EDIT] Side note. Now that we have open access to the road modding tool, including quays and the like, we can now make draggable concrete walls for our circuits. Awesome!
  7. Maxis Stats of Growables

    This is related even tho I'm not quoting a specific question. I've made some edits to Devotion's Wiki for Lot Configuration. More specifically adding values to: LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes LotConfigPropertyWealthTypes LotConfigPropertyPurposeTypes My source was the Notes on creating growable lots post by @andisart. Please proofread those on Wiki and let me know if I have them right. Thanks.
  8. Modern Freight Cars Props

    That may not actually be a bug, since the reason this flag exists is because some models are so small, removing them from z1 makes sense and makes z1 (where the most objects as visible) more efficient. When objects are like a couple pixels in size, sometimes not having them just makes more sense, especially when there could be a lot of such props hanging around together.
  9. Avenue Nightclub 1.0.0

    I'm not really sure what the property controls really, since the actual lot's zoning type is determined from the Buildings Exemplar which is correct. All I can say is, if it's working properly, it's probably not important. But if you are unsure, there can be no harm in correcting the value to 2 for CS
  10. Fairview Shores

    In this episode, we add more self-sustaining residential zoning to the Redwood Hill district, work on redeveloping the Coolmine district, and start developing Central Park with the Cathedral of Plentitude and the Match Day Stadium.
  11. I've found there always has to be a ground elevation but the rest can be removed
  12. Show us Your Oddities!

    That should certainly reduce shipping costs if they go by weight.
  13. Welcome!

    Just joined the club Hi, I am DOU born in 14/12/2002 (Winter is awesome) that grew up with aviation Brother of my mother was in the military and had things to do with F16 Brother of my mother was an F-16 Pilot in TR Airforce I Grew up with playing Falcon 4.0/Airport Tycoon 3/FSX When I was young, I would simply board an train and watch the scenery I Was in an airport That's all My fav planes are DC-3 and MD-83
  14. Hello Mitchell's First of all,I somehow ended up in ghetto High school while I had a decent score that could made me get into an good high school "Thank" you grandpa OK When I go to the school my mind is like "Socializing ?,Friends ?,Trusting each other ?,Cheating alliances with bro's?, Thats all Bullshit" I Got my lesson a long time ago "School is a place where you go for exams and learning. It is NOT a place for socializing" So my mind is simply "I Dont have time to waste on socializing, school is a place of learning and I wont waste my precious time there" I Am not an asocial but I dont want to socialize either And one last thing Since that's a ghetto school Everyone smokes "Dry Weed" [Tobacco stuff like cigarettes, not Cannabis(Who cares ? they are both harmful drugs)] so should I team up with government and become an "Deep Cover" guy ? (Believe me, I am not an dumbass 14 Y/O that plays modern COD (But an BFV COD1 MOHAA veteran) or believes "$%&^! life" that is repeadetly shown on TV) So... Should I team up with government and become an deep cover that reports drug addicts ?
  15. It was always planned to add something like that, but with the release of the new network editor, it doesn't really make sense any more. The goal of NetworkSkins was to offer an alternative to mods like "MoreTrainTracks", "Traffic++" and "NetworkExtensions" which can be safely disabled at any time without destroying the city.
  16. Its the same as with your maps, practice makes perfect. After awhile you develop your own methods of making things work the way you want. We'll get a bit of practice later when you embed the table I'll make for my new file page. You can adjust the width yourself until it looks about good. I'll start it at 500 pixels.
  17. Yikes that sounds like a nasty one. I'm pretty much back up and running. Only mod I'm really waiting for hungrily is dynamic resolution. Thankfully, GradiusTwin has been great about keeping us updated as he works on the patch.
  18. Daihatsu Hijet released: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1177527894
  19. Obviously we all seem to have found our own ways of solving this common problem. For me I use InfranView, I have it set to CTRL + F11 to make screenshots, but it's totally customisable. It drops high-quality BMPs into a set folder and also goes "bing" to tell me it's worked. I like it because I can define if the cursor will or won't be shown, the quality of the image and even which screens/monitors to capture. There will surely be many more such programs, so whatever works for you, is surely the key.
  20. Hey guys! Here is a video on how I did the construction site and with help of Sven Berlin we have now some cool moving cranes <3
  21. Wouah! Please, keep going.
  22. Released: You can access the collection here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1176415578 I suggest you to subscribe the collection, as I will add other Shinkansens in future.
  23. Show Us Your Overview of Your City/Town

    An overview of the Pyramids, Great Sphinx of Giza, and the surrounding Nile River. More in my latest CJ update here.
  24. NAM General Support Topic

    For clarity there are two sets of such lots, the "Standard" set, which can be found in the Misc. Transit menu. These require you to drag through them with a network to raise/lower the terrain. There is a additional "Auto-Destruct" set, which is found in the road menu, use TAB/Pg Up/Pg Down to select the desired option and plop to alter the terrain. Personally I prefer the auto-destruct versions, but whichever you have will have been selected during NAM installation. If one set is missing, re-run the NAM installer with a custom install to select them. Find the options under "Additional Features and Customizations" / "Hole Diggers and Ground Raisers".
  25. Thanks for the help, both of you You'll probably here from me some time (something's bound to go wrong) but hopefully I'll be able to do it more or less
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