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  2. Simmer2's Lots and BATs Lab

    I'm crazy about your rusty show. This is an excellent thing. Thank you and thank you again! You have excellent points: Posts = 622, Reputation = 5272 !!! Nick too...
  3. I think it might actually be LRM. I looked in the readme of LRM 4.0, and I found the same exact blue lightposts in the UK Style (as seen below). If it is LRM, it must've installed wrong or something. Maybe it's having a conflict with something else?
  4. Today
  5. The thing you're seeing is not because of Sketchup, but because you did flatten mapping in 3ds Max. (Stop assuming stuff about Sketchup Avanya). Select all faces and use the box mapping feature in 3ds max. Also if you want to clean up your model in 3ds max, you can do so by converting the model to an editable poly. Than select the points which are not necessary (or break polygons) and press ctrl + backspace.
  6. From Windows 8.1 to... beyond

    @twalsh102 is right: you can disable Automatic Updates in every Windows Version, even Windows 10. Go to the Services (start with Administrative Privileges), search for Windows Update, stop the service and disable it. Done! And if you wanna be a little safe on the Windows 7 side against Microsofts snooping, look for these Updates and remove them or even don't install them at the first place. KB2952664 (Get Windows 10) KB2976978 (Windows 10 Check) KB3086255 (Disables the SecuRom Copy protection) KB3021917 (Customer Experience Program) KB3022345 (Spy/Telemetry) KB3035583 (GWX) KB3068708 (Spy) KB3075249 (Spy/Telemetry) KB3080149 (Spy/Telemetry) KB3150513 (Customer Experience Program) KB3184143 (is a combination package that replaces some single Spy/Telemetry packages) But be aware, that Microsoft sometimes releases old Patches like the KB2952664 again, like it is in this months Updates, and in the meantime there might be more combination packages out in the wild, because sometimes Microsofts documentation is really bad. On purpose, of course... But in Windows 7 you can at least hide them again, so they don't bother you. For patching Windows 10 I recommend a rather unusual way by using a little tool Microsoft itself released. It's called wushowhide.diagcab. Look here: https://windowsreport.com/block-windows-driver-updates-wushowhide-diagcab/ That works just fine for my Win10 test laptop... beat them with their own weapons... But to be really safe out there, unfortunately there's only ONE way... Turn OFF your WiFi or cut the Internet cable! Kind regards!
  7. "Scoty Modular Airport" project

    Sorry for the delay taken on the project, but disease: 1 point; Hugues 0! I'm going back to it with ardor next month.
  8. Hello, Sorry for disturbing your activities but this is important post. Although I'm a 8-grader (next semester I will be 9-grader), I want to change the community, change my country and even the world to be more positive. I want the world to be developed, clean and fair. I want the health of the world population is good. I want mass transits to be accessible by many people. Yes, those might sound crazy and I think like that too. But, regardless of craziness, I still want to change the world because the result of it is way better than the craziness. So, what should I do to change the world? Be a YouTuber like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmpgcbIruOQ2LDiB6gMuSeA? Or, should I be a designer? Or, should I be a coder because the coding can create things like blockchain, machine learning etc? Should I be a 3D artist and modeler? Or, should I be a modder? I've tried those (except YouTube) but still no result. The problem is I can't focus on those because I worrying about the usefulness of mastering those skills. If I'm a YouTuber, I can't help people, for instance, in parts of the world for clean water directly. If I'm a designer, I can't code, which is essential for 21st century economy. If I'm a coder, I can't design because I want to be a next Steve Jobs (or more specifically, John Ive) of design. If I want to be 3D artist and modeler, my laptop can't render scenes in short amount of time with Blender Cycles without a render farm and the render farm I choose is free so I must contribute back in order to regain access to the service. If I learn both, I can't imagine how the time should be: it might be chaos, again due to my limitations. If I'm a modder, it's nothing with the world in general, only the game community I contribute (but, modding isn't bad, though, but I consider the modding as a hobby). If I pick the fields myself, I can't measure the usefulness because I'm not competent with those. So, I need your help: can you advice me with those fields? I want competent people with those fields or competent people in other fields. Please don't bully me because it's breaks the site rules and disturbing. Sorry for my bad English because English isn't my native language. Thanks.
  9. Question about your video and the "reverse render order" of the rotorshader. If you make multiple assets (subs), for multiple pieces of glass, it will then render them in the correct order? I'm doing the glass dome of the Reichstag and I'm trying to plan how to break it up. It even has more glass railing barriers on the inside ramp that I'm not sure how to deal with. What do you recommend?
  10. Problem with custom regions.

    Yes I use custom resolution, I did this by using the SC4 Launcher third party plugin. I have a GTX 1080 TI. Intel Integrated Graphics UHD 630 is on my motherboard and both suffer from the same. I Don't know how well the drivers are compatible with DX7 modes. In all likelihood the newer the GPU is the more glitches I could expect. I already started playing the game in windowed mode to compensate for the size of my monitor. I can definitely accept it. But I do feel I want a smaller secondary monitor just for the sake of playing this game.I don't have one lying around so I'm going to look around my neighborhood to see if anyone else does. Thanks for your assistance.
  11. Show Us What You're Working On

    Maybe.... Thank you. This is one hell of a complex base texture to make!! The third rail is a @#$%! to make it conform. Been at it for several hours. This is a tiny tiny tiny section. It is most definitively WORK IN PROGRESS. . . Simmer2/Nick
  12. IDS's (mostly) Minnesota BATs

    Wow, looks fantastic
  13. The 10,000 Post thread V3

    5927. The new Doom game had a pretty sweet soundtrack.
  14. Heblem's BAT Workshop

    Oye, pero qué bonito todo esto I guessing that Nammer = @MandelSoft, yes?
  15. Yesterday
  16. Show us your - Region

    Been working on the region, the Thunder Valley city area and have so far developed 5 tiles through 25 sim years, population of just over 40,000 plus 6 freeways built. Below is a snapshot of the first half of the city of Thunder Valley, plus a road map.
  17. The Simtropolis Annuarians Club

    You know you've been away for a while when... Guess I have some catching up to do!
  18. Evan's Relots

    Thanks! I plan on haveing the CVS and Mills up in a Couple days. I do wanna redo the Dollar Tree Plaza again, and also make a shopping center plaza.
  19. Funny Screenshots

    LOL. As a former BMW owner, i am not surprised.
  20. You need to model things in sketchup, and then import and export in such a way that the windows you want lit up are separate objects. Then in gmax, select the object(s) that you want lit up at night and add "nitelite" to the beginning of their object name. Then do a night preview render, and they should be lit up. For material selection, you also need to make things in sketchup a certain way and export them a certain way. Depending on how you model and how you export/import, everything will be one object with one multi-sub object material with a bunch of materials inside of that. I don't have sketchup installed so I can't look at the settings, but they are there. (someone else might be able to give more specific advice)
  21. I see. Yea, the traffic can be frustrating. I play strictly as a city painter, so the AI doesn't bother me too much. As long as the game runs and people are moving around, I'm good. I just want it to look nice.
  22. It sounds like it's your intention to workaround limitations, but a line still must be drawn with what's legal. Just to clarify, as @Avanya explained earlier in reply to your other thread, we're unable to support piracy here at Simtropolis. So I'm afraid we cannot allow resulting discussion from any game obtained via illegal sources. It's the choice of each content author whether they'd like to share items to community exchanges, including here on the STEX. While it might be nice for other Workshop buildings, mods and maps to be uploaded here, no one can be forced. Although it would make the game more accessible without DRM and other restrictions, that's the route CSL and many other titles have gone down. As a community although not necessarily agreeing with the decision, we can only respect it and encourage purchasing the game from an authorised retailer.
  23. I stop playing for a while, poke around the workshop for interesting assets, and get back in there.
  24. You need to edit the normals, which isn't super flexible in Blender. You add a modifier to edit normals and then you need to apply that before exporting (I highly recommend you apply it, export and then undo applying it so you can always remove the modifier and reset the normals). Here's some info on how it works and a video so you can find things (you can prob skip to about 3 min in, there's some not needed tree stuff ).
  25. Havenbury, a Vanilla City

    In this episode, we upgrade some of our roads, expand the city, and improve the educational services in the region.
  26. So sims are bound to the land... We should call them serfs instead, call the tracts "fiefs", and then a "city" becomes a barony. So instead of holding the title of "mayor", a player should be called a "baron".
  27. Low residential houses too big

    Unfortunately, the best mod to fix your issue was abandoned last year. It would have changed the categories from 5 levels each for low density and high density to 3 density levels and 3 wealth levels for low density, medium density, and high density. Because 27 is higher than 20, it would have required some buildings from the workshop, much like Ploppable RICO does. There were plans for that mod to be combined with the 8x8 bigger zones mod.
  28. I love this game but I always get problems with traffic, I don't even have 7,000 population yet so I need to fix traffic. Roundabouts seems to help but I can't have roundabouts everywhere. Currently I have this problem for instance, its a queue to get back onto the highway. I don't know how I'm supposed to get traffic back on to the highway properly, so I just did this. Would welcome some advice.
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