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Game Mods

Modifications to the core game engine for Cities: Skylines.

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  1. SilentButtons

    Tired of that 80's mouse click sound all the time? This mod removes it completely!
    Workshop Link
    After enabling/disabling, a city/asset needs to be loaded/created first or the game needs to restart before the main menu button sound settings are updated.


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  2. Tree Replacer (Compatible with 1.1)

    Workshop Link
    (Subscribe to the Workshop item for automatic updates)
    Make sure to post screenshots of your cities with the mod enabled in the comments
    Replaces all trees on decorated roads, parks and building plots with palm trees.
    You can change the tree types and the buildings/roads in the configuration file.
    This is just a visual mod! You can load an existing save, and it will replace the trees. You can also still load your save files after disabling/uninstalling this mod. It will not break your save files.
    Known Bugs and Limitations
    When you load an existing city from the main menu, and zoom far away, the game will display the default tree models.Workaround: Press ESC after the city is loaded to open the "Pause Menu". Press "Load Game" and reload the city.
    Replacement with palm trees only works on tropical maps. Replacement with pine/conifer trees only works on nordic maps. No support for custom tree models. Does not replace trees on custom assets from the workshop Configuration 
    Enable the mod and create/load a city. The Mod will create the default configuration file.
    Open the configuration file located at "[steam-install-directory]\SteamApps\common\Cities_Skylines\TreeReplacer.xml" with an editor (e.g. Notepad). Edit the values as you please:

    replaceRoadTrees - Enables tree replacement on roads (true or false) replaceResidentialTrees - Enables tree replacement on residential plots replaceCommercialTrees - Enables tree replacement on commercial plots replaceIndustrialFarmingTrees - Enables tree replacement on farm plots replaceIndustrialForestryTrees - Enables tree replacement on forestry industry plots replaceParkTrees - Enables tree replacement on parks replaceOtherBuildingTrees - Enables tree replacement on any other buildings tree2_lane - The name of the tree used on decorated small roads. tree4_lane - The name of the tree used on decorated medium roads. tree6_lane - The name of the tree used on decorated large roads. replace_[tree-name]_with - The replacement tree for the tree with name [tree-name]. New: removeUglyDirtUnderTrees - removes the dirt texture that is visible under trees (works only if you load the city twice) Restart the game to reload the configuration. 
    PS: The code of this mod is so messy, don't use it as a learning ressource


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  3. Barby Memorial Park

    In memorial:
    To our beloved Barby. Popular modder. She died March 17,2015.
    So here we honor here memory, here we will forever remember her.
    This park is dedicated to her and features picnic tables, trees, parking, a gazebo and playground. A fountain sits in her honor. May we always remember her work.
    RIP Barby


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  4. Snap to Ground - First Person Camera Mod

    See your City from the Eyes of your Citizen
    based of AlexanderDzhoganov FPSCamera, all Credits to him!
    Click on the new Camera button in the Topright to open the Configuration.
    Controls:   Scrollwheel Up/Down - In/Decrease sprint speed W - forward 
    S - back 
    A - left 
    D - right 
    Q - down 
    E - up
    Configurable Controls:
    Tab - Switch to STG Cam and back to normal
    Left Shift - Sprint
    The Mod must be Installed into a subdirectory (.../Mods/YourFolderName/STGCamera.dll) 


    Greets neo


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  5. Extended Road Upgrade

    This mod adds two new road building tools that allow you to upgrade between one- and two-way roads and to change one-way road directions, without having to demolish and rebuild the road.    The tools work very similar to the default road upgrade tool. To convert an existing one-way road to a two-way road, you simply select the two-way upgrade tool and click on the segment of the the road you want to upgrade, and drag along the road to convert multiple segments. To convert a two-way road to a one-way road, however, you must drag to the direction you want the road to go instead of just clicking. One-way roads can also be changed to go to the opposite direction in the same manner.    The roads are always converted to the same type counterparts, so it does not matter which road type you have selected in the road tool. This also means that it is not possible to directly convert a 4-lane road to a one-way road, because there is no 4-lane one-way road type in the game. Instead you must first upgrade the road to a 2- or 6-lane road and then convert it to a one-way road.    Unzip into ..\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods. Activate the mod in your game.   While the mod should work quite reliably, it is still somewhat experimental. Therefore it is recommended that you always save your city before using the mod.    Current known issues:  - Does not work on Linux. (fix planned)  - Sometimes the mod stays on even when you are not using the roads tools, preventing you from placing electric lines or water pipes. If this happens, restarting the game should fix it. (cause unknown)  - You can upgrade roads outside of the city's building area. (fix planned)    Created by: Wiliz from Steam Workshop Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=408209297  


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  6. All 25 Spaces Unlockable

    Expand your city even further! Instead of having nine tiles to play with, there are now a total of 25.
    The last Milestone (13) adds the permission to buy 17 new areas instead of one (requires a game restart/reload).
    Milestones 1-12 and prices are unchanged. 
    Achievements are disabled when this mod is activated. 
    Unzip into ..\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods.
    Activate the mod in your game.
    It’s worth noting that you may need a beefy PC to have all these unlocked areas running smoothly.
    Created by: Šäaik Klyte on the Steam Workshop
    Source: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=403798635


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  7. Automatic Bulldoze

    copy the dll in - C:\Users\******\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Mods\Autobulldoze



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