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City-building game(s)

Found 41 results

  1. Hi everyone! Here is the sequel of my last update with some mosaics. I think it's what I will do in my next updates: one bunch of 'normal' pictures, and then some mosaics, because what's better than this for showing a city? Without more useless talk, here are the pictures: 21. ALIJSTAR - THE VENICE OF THE NORTH: THE MOSAICS 1. The Cathedral and some old residential neighbourhood: 2. From top to bottom: the Old Harbour Station and its brand new office buildings, the 'Hertogsvaart' (Duke's canal), the Municipal Theatre, the 'Arsenaal' (another canal, the name comes from its former military allocation) and the Grand Moulins Museum. (Yes, the canals on the upper left are connected to the harbour!) 3. St. Peter's Church, 'Hertogsvaart', 'Vrijheidsplein' (Liberty Square) and 'Oude Vaart' (Old Canal). 4. St. Catherine's Church and the Cathedral. 5. Same than #2 but in the opposite view. 6. Autumn yeah! 7. The biggest one for the end: the Municipal Theatre, 'Hertogsvaart', Our Lady Church, 'Oude Vaart', 'Looiersvaart' (Tanners' canal), St. Catherine's Church, and other random canals. Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time! - REPLIES - @_Michael There is indeed a main station. Or maybe two, I don't know yet It will be close to a part of the harbour now redeveloped as a CBD, but I need to finish it before showing it! Thanks for the help btw! @TekindusT There is an old tramway in service for tourists in the summer season! Thank you for the comment! @Ln X Thanks a lot! @Abrams124 I officially thank you for the comment @MissVanleider Thank you too! @Akallan You're welcome! Thanks too for the comment! @korver Thanks a lot! @kschmidt Thank you too! I tried to had some boats on those canals with the LE but that doesn't really work unfortunately! It's indeed Goober canals, but revisited by callagrafx. And the diagonal ones were added by rsc204 last year! @Dgmc2013 Thanks a lot! @sejr99999 Thanks to you for passing by! @Takingyouthere Thanks a lot! That's important for the sims to have some open areas! @raynev1 Thank you too! @Simmer2 Thanks a lot! I will find a way to add some of your work in the city!
  2. Sampson Valley Agricultural Zone !

    Sampson Valley Agricultural Zone ! Sampson Valley the large agricultural area behind Mayon City is nearing it´s completion as agriculture concerned ! Small settlement halfway ! Lock´s halfway just up the valley ! Agricultural zone ! Sampson Ville area and detailed town ! Sampson valley community makes most out of it´s water flooded irrigation system wich makes it´s one of the most fruitful places in Mayon Province ! Sampson Valley Inglewood canal continues west through steep mountains ! Ships are towed by cable through a long tunnel to the Ingle wood side ! Some agricultural pictures of Mayon City South to show some vineyards, hop beer production and canal zone ! This concludes today´s CJ. Next time we will have a look at the town of Thareau Ville ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back next time !
  3. Version 1.0.1


    Please note as it was discussed under the PLEX support thread, this file has been uploaded on behalf of Pegasus. It was not available anymore due to the the demise of SimPeg. All the works in this download were created by Pegasus. The PEG CSK2 Locks have been updated for use with the PEG PPond Canals and ploppable water. This new lot is a "one lot fits all"... in that it can be used both with the canals and the PPond ploppable water. But wait... There's more. This is also a "2fer" lot... as in 2 for 1... as the same lot now replaces the CSK2 Ocean Lock as well. It can also be plopped along your coastlines and used with the PEG CDK3 & OWW2 coastal collection of lots. That's one less menu icon to scroll around looking for. [YEA !!] * If you are not familiar with these Lock lots, they are used to allow your canals to change altitudes. The PPond ploppable water that is used to make lakes, rivers and streams has waterfall lots for that purpose. However, the Locks are the only viable & realistic way for a canal to traverse down a slope. The Lock uses timed props to create an animation effect. During the day, the Lock will change several times from being full to being lowered. Various river Scows will also appear in the Lock. Like the original, the Lock will automatically adjust to various heights of the slope. There's no need for precise terrain editing... although the area above and below the Lock should be level. The new Lock has been reduced in size to only 4 tiles deep... but it is still 2x tiles wide. The upper-level canal section on the original has been removed so the Lock is not limited to use only with the Canals... and it could also be used with any other type of ploppable water or canal style. * Please be sure to consult the Developer's Notes section of the included readme file for details on plopping and using this lot. All Pegasus files are now legacy content and are no longer officially supported - however support from the wider community can be requested here. Dependency:
  4. Canals

    Hello simtropolians. I would like help from an engineering point of view, applied to SC4 obviously. I am working on a very big project that involves some radical thinking... I make full use of SC4 and Mods, lots of mods, to create the largest city of a country set in the fictional world of a book I'm writing. Thing is... Because I fell in love with natural growth style of play, I started the city as a tribal settlement... some 800 years before the nowadays milestone. I faced many challenges and many more awaits me. But one in particular I can't get my head around not even searching the internet. Can you help? Here's the question: How can (if at all) I raise the level of a big canal from sunken to say a 8-10 metre elevation so that it's not sunken anymore? Here's the picture: Bita Canal starts from Branny Bay Reservoir, less than a km South, where the Vidupe Aqueduct finally ends and brings its water supply. The Reservoir water level is carefully controlled so that water flows nicely to various locations in the area, with the use of a canal system which is still under development. The water level of the Reservoir can be raised as water supply is still abundant and the first portion of the canal system is sunken (an engineering decision also to deal with flooding). Local developers need Bita Canal to proceed North to Fadalipe Citadel to bring water to the masses, but excavating a sunken canal right inside a densely populated area is advised against. Another proposal is the development of a network of sewers, but public opinion votes for an open canal to stream fresh water, and we can build that sewage for the waste water. Frankly, the Council agress with public opinion and we would much rather prefer a nice tight canal with fresh water that streams right past people's homes so that in future they can take that pleasing stroll by the canal and socialize. So. If possible, how can developers elevate Bita sunken canal? If you have the straight answer to this engineering question then please post a reply. I would definetely appreciate the help and participation. In case you don't but you have some other idea, please post a reply too. I like ideas. If I can't use them straight away I put them in a labeled drawer for later use. For now, Fadalipe developers will push for a simple sunken canal that ends in a reservoir close to the city, so people can have access to new fresh water, as supply was running low. There is also a poll for you to vote for, if you fancy. (I saw some CJers use it and I thought it would be fun to try) I will consider the result and find the best possible engineering solution to accommodate it. Thank you in advance Let me know if this is the wrong section to post this. If needed I can post it somewhere else. (You can find the City Journal here:) The Peace and Recovery post does contain some photos of the aqueducts and their projects. Maybe it can help ignite ideas. Thank you!
  5. Alijstar - The Venice of the North

    Hi everyone! Time has come for a real update of Alijstar, also known by tourists as 'the Venice of the North'. I advice you to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and install you comfortably, because there are more pictures than usual 20. ALIJSTAR - THE VENICE OF THE NORTH 1. Let's begin our tour of Alijstar with one of the city's main location: The Liberty Square (Vrijheidsplein). This important place has always been the central point of the city. It's indeed here, during the Middle-Ages and Renaissance, that merchants from all over the known world unloaded their precious shipment. Since then, the city has never lost its commercial identity, even if the harbour facilities moved a bit outside the city centre. 2. Next to this square, you can find the Ducal Palace and the Our Lady Church. 3. Not far from here is located the Municipal Theatre. 4. 5. 6. In this densely urbanised city, canals offer some fresh air and some greenery to its citizens. 7. The former Grand Moulins factory, now used as the city's Modern Art Museum. 8. 9. The Old Harbour Station. Well, you can't actually see the harbour but it's for another update 10. 11. St. Catherine's Church 12. 13. 14. Diagonal canals, yeah! 15. 16. The St. Rumbold's Cathedral, part of UNESCO World Heritage. 17. 18. Despite the quiet feeling that the canals could give, Alijstar is a bit noisy city. The highway is for instance not far. 19. But less forget the noise and come back where tourists prefer to spend their time: the St. Peter's Church and its surroundings. 20. 21. Summer seems obviously like a good idea, but autumn is also a nice season to visit the city. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Some random shots. 28. 29. 30. 31. More general views: 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. And finally... I hope you enjoyed all those pictures - REPLIES - @_Michael I'm glad this gives you inspiration! Thanks for your enthusiasm! @KRMill09 A bit of 50/50. I usually plop most of the buildings on the corners and let it grow in the middle of each row. Thank you for the comment! @kschmidt I try to build every churches from my plugin folder each time I build a new city! Because it's how an European city is supposed to look like. Thanks a lot for the comment! @Themistokles Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it that way! @rathefalcon Yeah indeed, 5GB of plugins! Most of the time, those who designed train networks tried to avoid as much as possible steep slopes, it's why I try do do it that way. Thank you too for the nice words! @Akallan Thank you too for the comment! Yeah I often have abandoned buildings when it's Work in progress, or here when it's unfinished! Pour l'autoroute, il n'existe pas de tunnel pour le RHW. En fait, il s'agit d'un tunnel de route à sens unique modifié grâce au Rivit Tunnel Mod (attention, bien lire le mode d'emploi, envoie un MP si t'as besoin d'aide) et le RHW y est simplement construit jusqu'à l'entrée! @Odainsaker Thank you too! That's how I try to build my avenues! @kelistmac Thank you too my friend! I really tried to make this river part of the city's identity, instead of just being an annoying bunch of water in the middle of the city. Of course, Xannepan's banks help a lot! @sunda Thank you too! @TekindusT Thanks a lot! @weixc812 Thank you! @raynev1 This game is so frustrating indeed... I wonder why I still play it. I must be masochist... Thanks a lot for the comment! @dc'smycity Thanks a lot! @Takingyouthere Thank you too! Yeah, sometimes you only need a few buildings to make it look great! @123deoliveira4 Well, here it is. Thanks for the comment!
  6. Urban Recreational Canals

    View Album Just a little project on the side where I tried to bring a tamed shallow river into my inner city, providing some relaxing river walks and urban canals to my sims... so this is basically more of a 'proof-of-concept', not a true update ;-) (click for full size)
  7. A Dreary Day

    From the album Railroads (S3-16-W)

    A Norfolk Southern GE EVO pulls its load by Hawley & Sons Manufacturing Co. on a gloomy, rainy afternoon. This locale of Pawtucket Mills has seen better days, but the factories around here still produce mechanical equipment for use in other industrial applications. While many industries have switched to ship their freight by truck, these plants still proudly send out the bulk of their product over rail, as evidenced by the active sidings and railyard. Original size image: https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7490/30227302416_fd31beefef_o.jpg
  8. Alijstar - Intro

    Hello guys, I stopped playing on Olsènes, the city crashing all the time, which is a nightmare. I still plan to post some unfinished stuffs in a near future though. So, I worked on a new city when I had the time during the holidays: Alijstar. The city is inspired by Bruges, Amsterdam and Berlin with my little personal touch. So yeah, water will be everywhere. Here are the first pictures: 18. ALIJSTAR - INTRODUCTION 1. You already know that one 2. The 'Liberty Square'. More details next time! 3. The city is known for its churches... 4. The most impressive one: the Cathedral 5. And one small mosaic for the end That's enough for the moment, I hope you enjoyed it! More pictures soon - REPLIES - @_Michael Thanks for the kind words @philforhockey51 Thank you too. I really enjoyed building that small park @Ln X Thank you too!
  9. Hey guys just wondering if you guys can help me?, i have been trying to create marinas for CAL Goobers Canals by Callagrafx in the lot editor, however i just can't to seem to figure it out. i was wondering if anyone can help me out figuring this one out (or if it is even possible in the lot editor). thank you guys for any help you can provide me. cheers Xander
  10. Here we are again, with another episode. #10 - some much needed residential expansion.
  11. E06 - 2 districts, 1 terminal

    Back again with episode 6 - this time around I made sure I got some districts done, along with a custom cargo train terminal. Hopefully you all enjoy
  12. E05 - Building a wind farm

    Hey all so here's episode 5 - I started recording thinking I'd lay down some districts, turns out that didnt happen... Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  13. The Eden Bay university, which has invited P. R. Crastina, is distributed among the various Eden Bay boroughs. The Arts buildings is in Kathy Vale, and that's mostly where P. R. had been working during her stint in the region -- Writer's Central, so to speak. It is situated downtown near the picturesque Old Timers' Museum (as it is called : an ancient farm keeping alive the memory and traditions of the first settlers), the Farmers' Market and the Saint-Benign cathedral. City Hall and Radio-Vale are not far from there. Also, some big commercials and quiet residentials. it was not apparent, with all the greenery, but Kathy Vale was undergoing a boom in construction when P. R. was there, especially near the new rail terminal. Perhaps there is less greenery now... But P R. would rather remember the city as it was. (Well, folks, apparently the Choose FIles function has decided to work again for me... But DragFiles is still AWOL)
  14. Just some impressions of Canalia for P. R.'s scrapbook, a last tour of the city, with parks : some last minute shopping for gifts to bring back at the Saint-Matthew shopping Mall, a last walk on the old port's Promenade, and then it's back to the airport and back home.
  15. Canalia ; Just Houses

    Today is P. R's day off, mostly -- only one small intervention in an old elementary school (yes, she also writes for children). She intends to just walk leisurely around town. Houses and buildings are so different from what she is used to, in this old city, that looking at them is entertaining in itself -- building styles are part of culture too, and she enjoys that kind of architectural estrangement. No Starbucks ! No MacDo ! Nothing familiar. Sometimes you can't even tell if a building is residential or commercial. Only rows of old, but neatly maintained houses, sometimes clumped together (on the waterfront, space is at a premium) or nicely spaced with gardens and little parks, some along the canals, some around the local church... All very clean and quiet. With always a nice and helpful citizen ready to direct a stranger towards the nearest café or restaurant, like the one P. R. spent her evening in, ZImbath's, on Zimbath's Square, near the Zimbath Spa & Lounge (yes, ZImbath is one of the city's ex-mayors.)
  16. Canalia : Agrikultur

    Beautiful day to go biking away from the city. The good thing with biking in the Netherlands is that the land is generally flat --especially the zones that have been conquered over the sea. And the wind is not too strong today either, although there is always some, fortunately for the various windmills. In Canalia, you're never really out of the city, as it has grown mostly around and through the fields -- except for the waterfront. P. R. spent the whole day going to and fro, visited the regional fair grounds, dined at its four stars restaurant (The Red Roof Inn) and finished in the farm where she was invited by one of her workshop's attendants. Much drinking ensued. She had to be driven back to ther hotel. Such are the travails of the itinerant writer.
  17. Canalia : Industry

    Culture is all very nice, but P. R. knows a society is an ecosystem and a city like Canalia too : its people also need commerce and industry and agriculture. Canalia's industry has converted rather early to high tech (and agritech), but there are still old style manufactures. And it would be hard to ignore that Canalia is a port -- several ports, in fact. Strangely enough not on its river, the Cloot, but it has both an old and a new seaport (the old one has mostly been transformed into a recreational area) and several ports on the canals that crisscross its region. The main ones are Port Belvedere and Port Saint-Martin, linking the main canal to the new seaport, and through which all canal traffic goes to the sea. But there is at least one smaller, agricultural port, Port Issy, which gathers and ships produce to the main port. So, in between workshop sessions, readings and lecture, P. R. jumps on a bicycle and tours the ports -- she's nothing if not a conscientious tourist.
  18. Canalia : And a bit more Kultur

    After revelling in the high-brow cultural broth (yes, she doesn't shy from using mixed metaphors), P. R. followed the advice of some of the students she met at the University, and went to more popular entertaining places. Like the Coostaw Aquarium (near the Mayor's Mansion) or the Orbisonn Museum, full of strange machines that serves no discernable purposes, but seem very intent on whatever they're doing when switched on. She also visited (and crossed) one of the most beloved bridge in Canalia -- City of a Thousand Bridges -- the Rorlach Towers Bridge, to visit one of the many famous vertical Farms of Canalia, bringing fresh vegetables and fruit in the heart of the city. And she watched the sunset on the Bay Promenade, in the Old Port, where people go to see the barges float by. Very relaxing after a busy day.

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