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  1. Currently the ST Challenge awards are still a work in progress. Once all 3 Seasons have their medals migrated and assigned to each recipient, they'll be returning in full force. The plan is also to have the entry linked or embedded in the reason when hovering over. The same also applies to MOTM and EOTM awards prior to 2011. They'll be back. Like the other awards, the listings will then be visible on the category index. Yes, currently there are a maximum of 16 in the user posts panel. However, the full list is visible on user profiles in the appropriately named "Awards" tab. The plan is to polish up the posts display format for more efficient use of space. Right now they're just a square block, and there's room for a lot more than 16 using less space. In account settings, there's also a new page where it's possible to set your display sorting order, or even hide individual awards from being shown. Not sure why the latter would be a desired option, but the option is there should anyone find that useful. As reported in the site bugs thread, we'll also be fixing the display of the truncated descriptions when hovering over an award. ---------- Once more, it's wonderful to finally have the Trixies back. Also thanks everyone for the kind words about the ceremony. We're delighted to get them out at long last, and glad it was well worth the wait. Do keep those acceptance speeches coming!
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Found it, and you're now in it! For the buildings described, I'm afraid I've not a clue (sorry). Thinking New York my first thought is something by the NYBT, though that could be one of many. Perhaps if you've got some pictures it may help the super sleuths with the knowledge to locate their whereabouts.
  3. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    I think this might be the format: And more recently:
  4. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Thanks for pointing that out. I'll forward it to Dirk who's the master of all things design, layout and formatting. The awards system is a custom addon, so it'll require a few CSS refinements for it to best integrate into the site's custom theme. Something else I've noticed is the spacing between the medals. I think this could be consolidated for more efficient usage of the posts display panel.
  5. This is that very thread.
  6. Nominees - A big congratulations to the nominees for both 2015 and 2016: 89James89 Aaron Graham Adrianor apeek art128 Avanya Belfastsocrates Bipin Bloemkoli CasperVg Compdude787 CT14 Drack Dreadnought FANTA1990 GoKingsGo HippoTank IDS2 InvisiChem Magneto Manuel-ito MissVanleider nofunk raynev1 Seraf Turjan Tyberius06 UbiraJunior weixc812 Simtropolis wouldn't be the same without you all, along with everyone who is part of this community. Keep up the great work! The Second Great Llama Migration - As you've probably noticed by now, the medals are back! These have been missing since the upgrade to ST8, but today we are pleased to be reintroducing them! It's been a long process, which is why the awards ceremony has been so delayed, but we thought it was important to bring these back at the same time as the awards ceremony. Wouldn't be much of a ceremony otherwise. For those keeping count this is the second time we've migrated the llamas, and we really hope you like the new system. Awards Listing There are a couple big improvements, firstly we have an all new directory where you can browse all awards: https://community.simtropolis.com/awards/ Your awards are also found in more places now, prominently displayed on your profile, on your posts, and on the hover card for your profile! Checkout the content inside them for more details on why you won, and links to any related content. We mostly herded the llamas by hand, so if anything has gone missing, you have duplicates, or the content isn't quite right, please send an admin a message and we can fix it for you. Not all awards have been moved over yet, and there are a few that we are waiting for a better time to reintroduce (e.g. Challenge awards). Stay tuned to them coming back. If leaders of winning teams for 2015 & 2016 could please send us lists of members who need to be appropriately awarded any outstanding medals that would be appreciated. The Golden Moose - And so we are nearing the end of the ceremony, but before we go we'll pause for a brief moment to reflect on the passing of an influential member of the community. John was a kind, honest, caring, influential member of our site who dedicated hours of his time to regale us with stories, give us tech advise and inspire members young and old. His passing last year was unexpected, and it took a lot of the membership by surprise. A Nonny Moose is a name which will live on in the memory of Simtropolis, and today we want to commemorate what he brought to Simtropolis. The Moose epitomised the spirit of Simtropolis, and we want to acknowledge this through a special Trixie Award. The Golden Moose reflects the gold standard he showed when interacting with others on the site. Nonny exudes the spirit of Simtropolis, through all he did in every way, and he made this a better place just by being here. Thank you John. This now brings us to the Ceremony's conclusion. Thanks everyone for making Simtropolis such a special community to be part of. 'Till next time...
  7. 2016 Trixie Winners - The nominations are in and they've all been counted. Here are the winners for 2016! City Journal Awards Best Airport We've seen many examples of airports in CJs this year, this members CJ has paid close attention to the design of their Airport, and we celebrate them with this award. Best Asian Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other Asian cities. Best Attention To Detail Many CJ's include pictures that are zoomed in to the max, showing their detailed downtowns, lots, and other features. This award is for the CJ that pays a great deal of attention to detail and perfection. Best CBD Every major city has a CBD, and our CJs love creating CBDs of their own. This award goes to the best example of CBDs that we've seen in CJs this year. Best CJ Startup This award goes to our favourite new City Journaler whose first CJ has become an immediate favourite. Best Concept in a City Journal All CJs are special in their own ways. This award goes to the Journaller who presented a concept which stood out in a unique style. Best Custom Lotting Most CJs make use of the great creations uploaded to the STEX, but this member has gone beyond that to create amazing custom LOTs for their own city. Best European Style City Journal This award goes to the CJ which is the best example of a city created in the style of other European cities. Best Fictional City Journal This award goes to the best fictional city, a city which is neither sci-fi nor a real world recreation, but a city with its own style, history and location. Best Historical City Journal City Journals introduced a new way of learning from history. From the Roman Empire to the 19th century, some players decided to go beyond the four predetermined tilesets and write their own little part in history. This award goes to the member who has better told us ancient stories and ways of life. Best Industry The gritty grime of the industry doesn't escape most cities, but this member has fully embraced the smog and pollution of their industry and created CJ which showcases how great their industrial zone is. Best MMP Use Mayor Mode Ploppables give us a great way to build amazing places within our city, adding an extra level of detail to our cities. This member has fully embraced MMPs to create an amazing area within their CJ. Best Narration This award goes to the City Journal that makes us feel at home in the city, providing familiar landmarks while telling us the story of a city. Best Natural Environment/Landscape Area Some CJs are designed to show off the beautiful beaches, river valleys, and mountains in their region. This award is for the CJ that best showcases the region's natural terrain. Best Creativity in a City Journal This award goes to the member who has expressed the best creativity in any CJ. Showcasing a spectacular range of skills, captivating the community with each and every update. Best Real World Re-creation Many CJs are based off of real life locations, or share similar styles with real cities. This CJ goes beyond that to have the closest recreation of a real world location. Best Roadgeek Every City Journal must have roads, but the recipient of this award paid attention to the detail of each and every road to ensure they had proper functionality and use for the Sims who would be using it everyday. Best Rural/Agriculture Cities and skyscrapers are great, but rural towns are fantastic too. This award is for the CJ that best depicts a rural area. Best Transportation Network Not everyone drives to work, and not all businesses ship their goods by road. This CJ shows the power of a well-designed public transport network, from the smallest bus stop to the largest rail terminal. Ships, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles; this award goes to the member who presents the best of the first three. Best Urban Area This award goes to the member who has created the best city overall. Many CJs exhibit great parts of their city, but this award goes to the CJ which creates the best city overall. Best Use of Added Media Not all that we see in City Journals is real. But of them all, this CJ stood out above them all with the best use of added graphics, sound, or video in a CJ at Simtropolis. Best Use of Railroads Railroads are the backbone of many cities, transporting freight or commuters. This award goes to the CJ which has given us the best example of what a railroad can be. Best Work in Progress City Journal Some people not only show their finished cities, but also the construction and all other building and planning processes. This award is for the member who's done the best behind the scenes Work-In-Progress presentation. City Journal of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this City Journal was the best creation this year. City Journalling Appreciation Award An award for outstanding contributions to the City Journal scene. Most Awe-inspiring City Journal This award goes to the City Journal that has held members in awe longer than any other CJ this year. Most Effective Use of Custom Content This award goes to the best use of Lots and BATs in a single City Journal. The owner of this Journal had many different brands of custom content, but had them placed so that they all complimented each other in perfect harmony. Most Entertaining City Journal This award is for the City Journal that is really fun. The text, the screenshots, and the everyday life of the theme city are very entertaining. Most Surrealistic City Journal This award goes to the surrealist CJ that we've read this year. Saddest City Builder Moment Caught on Picture This award goes to the creator who managed to document the lowest moment of their city. This could be from a natural disaster, a silly bug or from an incredibly bad planning decision. This members misfortune gave us a smile, and so we reward them with this token of our gratitude. Go back to category selection Custom Content Awards Best BAT Newcomer of the Year Big splashes have been made in the community this year by this new BATer! BAT of the Year The nominations are in, and it was decided that this BAT was the best creation this year. BATer of the Year This member is the best overall BATer this year. Multiple BATs at an outstanding level of quality, mixed with their ability to constantly help others in BAT threads makes this member the best BATer this year. Best Automata SC4 players are in love with their automata. We love to cruise the streets, hop a bus, ride the rails, and fly the friendly skies. This award goes to the member who has ensured we can do all of the above. In the Spirit of the Games Creating a range of brilliant Brazilian BATs to commemorate the Rio 2016 Olympics. Best Development Thread This award is for the person who curates the best development thread, through either providing an insight into their own creative process, writing tutorials or just by being the best at documenting the twists and turns of creating content for the STEX. Best Effort in Compatibility Most clear work dedicated to avoid one custom content to break the game when used in combination with others. Best Industrial BAT Industrial parks are an absolute essential in our cities. But they are often under represented as BATers choose more glamorous subjects. That is not the case for this member. We feel a sneeze coming on due to their dusty realness, because industrial structures have never felt a more reverential touch. Best Large Scale Project The scale and scope of this project is so impressive that it's taken a great amount of work to pull off. This award goes to the member who has created the best large scale project. Best Lotter This award recognizes the skill of the individual who puts a high level of polish to each lot creation, and has received acclaim from the community with every lot that is created. Best Parks Lot Sometimes you need a break from the concrete jungle. Scenic beauty and recreation are elements of this award. This creator has created the ultimate in parks using a naturalistic setting. Best Props Like adding extras to a movie scene, this award goes to the creator who developed the finest set of props this year. Best Re-creation This BAT is the best recreation of a specific, real life building, done with total devotion to complete and thorough accuracy. Best Re-lots Taking an existing building and giving it a new lease of life is an important skill. This award goes to the member who has created the best re-lots this year. Best Use of Maxis Content Making resourceful use of the default buildings and props, this award goes to the lotter who found a way to overcome limitations, creating effective new variations. Best Vegetation Doing the environmental advisor proud, this award goes to the member who's created the best flora items. Big Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best skyscraper, highrise or major complex created this year. Cities: Skyscrapers Creating an array of magnificent models for Cities: Skylines. Dedication to Railways This award goes to the content creator who's led the way on the railways. Highest Overall Quality This award goes to the person whose creations are consistently outstanding. Highest Technical Achievement In Custom Creations This award goes to the individual who has pushed the boundaries of custom content beyond what we once knew, and who have shared their discoveries with the rest of the community. Lot of the Year Buildings must go on some kind of LOT, and this LOT is the best we have seen this year. Major Complex of the Year Big isn't always better. But breaking new ground, this mega monstrosity of meticulous lotting proves otherwise. Map of the Year This award goes to the best map which has graced the STEX this year. Mod of the Year All votes are now in, and it has been decided by the community that this Mod was the best creation this year. Modding Tool of the Year Modding Tools are constantly being created to advance our creations. This award goes to the Modding Tool which has changed our game the most this year. Most Beautiful Small Addition This award goes to the member who has created a tiny yet extremely beautiful addition to the game. Most Dedicated Modder This award recognizes the Modder who has stretched most to go above and beyond, to bring us their best possible work in some shape or form. Most Luminous Illuminator Lighting, or more specifically night lighting, creates such completely dramatic changes to the way we view our BATs in game. This award goes to the BATer who provided lighting that is the most realistic, most technically advanced, most beautifully fitting, or even the most outlandishly eye-catching. Most Important Discovery / Innovation It seems that some relatively small steps for Modders can lead to some pretty giant leaps for simkind. This award has been invented for the one who sits at the desk in the Mission Control of Modding. Houston, we have a Trixie! Most Improved BATer This award goes to the BATer who has shown the most improvement during the year. Most Inventive Creation With many different cities come many different ways which buildings or creations could adapt to their surroundings, and the only way to overcome this is to make an inventive creation to cover all bases. This member created the most inventive addition to our game. Most Realistic Creation This award goes to the member who has created a BAT which is extremely realistic. This is a fictional building, yet is so well detailed we could be forgiven in assuming it was a real world recreation. Most Useful Creation These creations fill a void that many of us feel came with the vanilla game. They are useful because they make our cities feel more complete. Most Useful Feedback In Custom Content Threads This award is for the person who provides great, behind the scenes support for other people's BATs. Helping out, giving valuable instruction, and doing those annoying but necessary tasks needed to bring a quality BAT to the STEX. Most Valuable Modder This award goes to the creator who's made an immeasurable impact on the modding scene. Railmaster All aboard! Small Building of the Year Buildings come in all sizes, but this is the best small building, house, shack, service, warehouse created this year. STEX Community Favourite When asked who was the STEX Community Favourite, most people chose this individual. Transportation Pioneers Paving the way with an innovative groundbreaking pursuit through the rush hour. Go back to category selection Forum Awards Best Picture in a "Show is your..." Thread Sometimes it's best to just show the world your masterpiece. This award goes out to the most fascinating addition to the "Show us your ..." threads. Best Tutorial While the game may be 14 years old, new things and new ways of doing old things keep popping up. This award is for the member who demonstrated a useful procedure in a tutorial. Can't Find It?... Ask Me! When you need to locate that plugin? Chat Insomniac Award This award goes to the member who is up until the wee hours of the morning chatting and providing buckets of laughter at the same time. Friendliest Chatter This award recognizes the individual who has always been helpful and chatty in the chat rooms. Friendliest Forumer This award recognizes the most friendly forumer, one who is always piping in with good cheer and making newbies feel at home. Highest Quality Poster Many members have high post counts, some stretching well into the ten-thousands. But sometimes its quality, not quantity, that matters. This award goes to the person who may not have a high post count, but puts a lot of thought into their posts to ensure that each one matters. Most Engaging Off-Topic This award recognizes the member whose contributions in the Off-Topic section are above and beyond the usual high quality. The winner has a positive attitude, and engages the readers of their posts by making relevant and useful comments. Most Helpful Forumer Recognized for tirelessly answering questions when possible, often answering the same ones over and over with good cheer, is always eager to share knowledge and point the uninitiated toward the light. Most Informed Member on Real World Events This award goes to the member who is most likely to be reading the newspaper right now. This member is constantly engaged with global events and is relied on to keep us informed of what's going on in the world today. Game Show Hosts Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome your hosts... Go back to category selection Community Awards Best Avatar Some avatars are interesting; some not so much. This award goes to the member whose avatar was deemed the most entertaining. Best Captain Every group has an enduring leader steering the ship. This award goes to the leader which has aided our groups the most this year. Most Consistently Helpful Member This award is for recognition of the individual who tirelessly supports any member, on any occasion, in a range of topics. Enduring Dedication Award Simtropolis has changed much through the ages. The award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site evolve into its current form. Funniest Overall Member Pwning a troll is funny and all, but we don't have that many trolls anymore. While the others are waiting for a troll to declare their superiority over, this member keeps the rest of us laughing. Merit of Team Spirit Without teamwork, a project can become chaos. This award goes to the member best able to overcome adversity and to stick together through thick and thin. This person has shown real dedication and commitment throughout a wide range of community activities. Most Active Non-City Builder This award is for the user who does not play a city builder game, but still contributes a massive amount to Simtropolis. Most Beloved Moose Simtropolis is just not the same without him. Most Promising Announcement Not Yet Fulfilled We are promised great things from many creators. This award goes to the member who promised the most, while we still patiently await their amazing concept to be delivered to reality. Most Welcoming to Newcomers Some just give a simple "Welcome to the site" to new members who join the site. This member was always there to meet and greet newcomers to the community with a special cheer. Noble Newcomer In their first year as part of the community, a special award to recognise a member who has quickly become synonymous with Simtropolis. Staff Eye Within the Storm The staff member with the ability to keep their head when all about them people are losing theirs and blaming it on them. Technical Denizen The threads in our Bugs & Technical Issues forums discuss many issues. This award honours the best techie who answers the wide range of questions that people raise. The Member Who Was Everywhere This award goes to a member whose dedication, work, and contributions have helped make the site a welcoming and enjoyable place for all. We Miss You, Come Back In an online community such as this, some people come and go as Real Life takes over. This award goes to the person we miss the most and wish to hear from in the next year. Staff Awards Thanks for all you do to help keep Simtropolis running smoothly, day in, day out. Go back to category selection
  8. Part of city block too repetitive

    Hi olegario39, Just a quick note: I've moved your topic over to SC4 General Discussion, as I think it'll be more visible here for those with the knowledge to assist.
  9. Site Suggestion Box

    Also just adding to what Hamish said: IPS have subtly announced for the upcoming IPS 4.3 update, there will be support for emojis in the editor. Details are still scarce at this stage, but it's scheduled for a release 'early' next year. Of course we'll still be keeping the traditional ST blue emoticons and the llamas, since these have become synonymous with ST after all. But absolutely, emojis would provide a whole lot more options, along with any additional custom ones we can possibly add.
  10. 6 Paternoster Square

    I've sent a PM to the author @1500another informing them of the issue present. Indeed, the file's comments do suggest this was an issue from the very outset, and there was possibly an error with the initial upload. Unfortunately there are no previous versions on record. With the author being most recently online in July, there is hope of them re-uploading the file. For now though, we've done all we could.
  11. [Decision] SC4, Skylines, SC2013, in order

    Announcement First of all, we appreciate everyone's input from voting or voicing your opinions in this thread. Following the closure of the poll after 7 days, as admins with Dirk's approval, we've made a collective decision to rearrange the forum layout. As such, the SimCity 4 forums have now been moved above SimCity (2013). This is after an overwhelming combined majority of 85% supported SC4 and CSL taking precedence in the layout. Although the popular vote at just under 60% voted in favour of SC4 being moved to the top, we believe there is still sufficient interest in CSL as the newest city-builder. Therefore for the foreseeable future it will remain in its current location. While such polls are advisory and are only used on the basis for quantifiable feedback, we believe this to be in the community's best interest. At present CSL still has an active following, and the modding section especially has proven to be a haven for many talented individuals to discuss and develop their creations. Simtropolis is a community for all city-building games. However with a vertically stacked structure, understandably not all forums can be listed on top, side by side. Desolate sections are hardly the most appealing, and merely give the impression of general inactivity. So there comes a time when the navigational structure needs adjusting to balance demand. The idea to give certain forums greater prominence, and make the site more welcoming to newcomers. That time has arrived. The restructuring is simply a hierarchical change, and each game has its own following for where Simtropolis provides a platform. -The Admins
  12. Network Addon Mod (NAM) - Mac Installer

    Please try again, I've fixed the download link pointing to the correct Mod DB page.
  13. What's your Worst Designed City?

    We'd all love to see them. Continuing the SC4 trend, here's a few of my efforts from a long time ago... If I had to choose one, it'd be "Too Much Industry"... At least the others were remotely habitable (at the time). This one not so much. An idea: As a generic forum covering any game (including CSL & SC4), maybe we'd now better move this thread over to City-Building Games.
  14. Update: I can confirm Dirk has added the guest-only message: Thanks @RandyE for the suggestion.
  15. I agree, and very good point. Perhaps a good place is on the file info panel (e.g. directly below the download button). A conditional check can be added, so the message is only shown to guests and not signed in users. I'll forward your suggestion to Dirk.