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  1. SC4 Plugin Packer 2008 don't work

    First of all I don't have much personal experience with using DatPacker. Although from reading previous discussions, I recall hearing that it's advisable to pack plugins in batches. So instead of all at one go, maybe try grouping them into folders or move out content before starting the process. I suspect otherwise it might contribute to the program freezing due to memory overload. In a similar way to the custom content tools like the Lot Editor, PIM-X and Reader. Also I noticed you've tried to pack "Project Akar" which I believe is a mod for SimCity (2013). So I'm not sure whether that could be contributing to the issues you're experiencing. Perhaps also try removing it from your set, in case there are any incompatibilities and DatPacker doesn't skip them as invalid SC4 files. (As a catch-all forum, this is fine posted in SC4 GD. But being a technical issue, I've just moved this over to the Bugs & Tech forum as I think that will be an even better place. )
  2. Hi Bluewoods, welcome to Simtropolis. As far as I'm aware, once bulldozing a reward it will be offered again in the menu list. The House of Worship and Cemetery are slightly different to other rewards since there are multiple versions. Each have the same names, but progressive unlock requirements. As described in the linked articles, the House of Worship has 4 variants, and the Cemetery there are 3. If removing one built instance from your city, it will only be that specific variation which can be re-built again. The others if already built cannot be placed again, even using the "you don't deserve it" cheat command to unlock everything. Once bulldozing a reward, make sure to close and re-open the menu. I've found that's needed for the list to update, otherwise they'll remain greyed out (even with the simulation unpaused on either of the 3 running speeds).
  3. SimCity 4 rotatable SPAR roads?

    Hi TheCrazier, welcome to Simtropolis and back to SC4. With the item selected from the applicable game menu, rotating can be achieved using either of the following keys: Home = Rotates item 90° clockwise. End = Rotates item 90° counter-clockwise. This I believe works for SPAR roads or any ploppable items in the game, and so could be useful for changing the orientation of other specific networks or lots. For other keyboard shortcuts, you may find this article useful which lists and describes their functions.
  4. Show Us What You're Working On

    Indeed they are, and I can confirm some very good news... As I've just announced here and it sounds like you've already discovered, Imgur has overturned the block on Simtropolis after a successful appeal. So this means Imgur posted images inside this thread or anywhere on the site (including CJs) will now show again as they did previously.
  5. [Resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    Images Restored! I'm pleased to confirm the fine folks at Imgur have reviewed our case and ruled in favour of removing Simtropolis from their blacklist. This means all existing and subsequently posted Imgur images on the site will now display as normal, and without the need to update any links. Following email correspondence with an Imgur support representative after an internal investigation, Simtropolis was deemed to be fully compliant with their Terms of Service. The block had been triggered automatically, seemingly due to an erroneous classification with how Imgur images are distributed on our site. By being set for our domain name, the images themselves were denied from loading on any site page. However now it's been lifted, they are viewable intact as they were before the block was enforced. Thanks everyone for your patience during the downtime, and we hope this was simply a one-off blip which doesn't happen again. -The Admins
  6. [Resolved] Imgur images not displaying

    After investigation and subsequent findings by @_Michael, it has come to our attention that Simtropolis has been blocked from hotlinking Imgur hosted images. As a result those posted anywhere on the site will no longer be displayed with a "403 Access Denied" status. Viewing the images directly and the images are intact at the source URL. For example in Firefox using the network inspector: Initial correspondence with an Imgur support representative has revealed this is due to an apparent breach of their Terms of Service. However as far as we're aware, Simtropolis remains compliant because we don't use them to serve elements of our site such as banners or logos. These are hosted locally on the ST server. It could potentially be due to the sheer quantity of images in CJs and posted in the forums, causing us to be auto-blacklisted. At this stage though, details remain unclear. Out next step will be to seek clarification on the precise reasons for the block. Hopefully that will determine what steps may be required to reach a settlement, or establish whether this has occurred by mistake. Understandably images play a key role in our community, and this is something which we'll endeavour to resolve as best we can.
  7. Plugins Problems

    Looks like you've made great progress with identifying the dependencies. For those still missing, once again I'm more than happy to investigate the two missing plugins causing the error. Should you wish, you're most welcome to upload your city tile in reply as an attachment (or send me a PM). By default, cities will be located in folders at: \Documents\SimCity 4\Regions\<Region Name> Like I did here to help another member experiencing the exact same problem, all being well the files can be tracked down.
  8. Average Population per Tile Size

    One key factor here would be the population density of a given tile. This is how many residents are situated in a certain area, which would be influenced by the occupancy of buildings. In the game the number of Sims able to live in residential buildings is significantly extrapolated. So once reaching the higher growth stages and sufficient demand, the population can mount up fairly quickly with apartments and large tower blocks becoming more frequent. I suspect there's no baseline answer here, and any given tile can vary depending on the scale and type of development (rural to urban). Therefore it's hard to say what would be a realistic average population for any of the 3 tile sizes. The sky quite literally is the limit.
  9. Hi @blade2k5, thanks for the PM. So I'm pleased to say it's good news. Using the method I hinted at in my post here, I've managed to successfully identify the missing plugin. From your initial screenshot of the warning dialog, it shows the decimal value 1301224044 of the item missing for the Plugin Pack ID. Converting this to hexadecimal gives: 0x4D8F1A6C After confirming the error message in the game (importing into an empty large tile in my test sandbox region), the next step I took is to open your city in iLive's Reader (v0.9.3). Then I sorted the list by the Entry column, and scrolled down and selected those named "Exemplar file". As follows: Then checking in the "Instance" column for the above hex value, I found the applicable entry and opened it up on the right hand panel. This happens to match the PluginPackID and also another property named "Lot Resource Key" which sounds like some other sort of reference. These told me it was the correct file which was responsible for the error. Though at first with just the name of the building to work from at the top (offal2), it only seemed like limited evidence to work from. However, I then noticed the menu description suggesting it was a trash disposal facility, and better still the name: Geoignic Ingestor And a quick Google search later led me to this file by @bluob: The Zip archive contains the following 3 files: offal2-0x5ad0e817_0xd7ef20f_0x200000.SC4Model offal2-0x6534284a-0x0d7ef20f-0xad92dce4.SC4Desc ubergarbagetube_4d8f1a6c.SC4Lot The first one is the most important since it's the model as referenced in the saved city file. The SC4Lot file contains properties which are an identical copy as the aforementioned exemplar entry. From testing I've discovered this occurs upon plopping and saving a tile for the first time. Then should all instances of the lot be removed (bulldozed), saving at that point will proceed to delete the exemplar entry from record. Perhaps this could explain if editing the properties of lots, why it's advised to first bulldoze them in any tiles they're built inside. Otherwise I suppose possible conflicts or corruption may result (although that's mere speculation on my part, and may require additional looking into). After re-loading your city with the Geoignic Ingestor added to my Plugins, I noticed the error specifying missing plugin pack 1301224044 was no longer shown. There were still around 20 other missing ones, but that's only because I've not got those content items installed. Here's a preview: The looming continuous jet of steam was a sure sign it was located over in the South East corner. (This was adjacent to the "V A P P" water treatment plant, and across the avenue from the extremely high-tech sounding "F R E D - Brain Power Plant".) So, I hope this works for you and may even help other mayors find their long-lost buildings.
  10. Where can I find my DL history on STEX ?

    In a previous version of the site there used to be a dedicated user download history page. Although I'm afraid this is no longer an option due to changes with the board software. As @CorinaMarie said, STEX downloads are recorded for 30 days on a rolling cycle as part of the logs, however after that point it doesn't go back any further. We could feasibly raise this for all categories depending on data storage availability. But without being a complete history, this may not be a great deal of use. As explained by @rsc204, Keeping copies of all downloaded files in a central folder may help with managing what you've downloaded. Also at least here on Windows using Firefox and testing on Chrome, duplicate files will be renamed with a incrementing numerical suffix (#) like so: E.g. file.zip = Original file file(1).zip = 1st duplicate file(2).zip = 2nd duplicate Then perhaps sorting by file name or size would be a means of identifying these, should they slip through. In terms of download history which @jeffryfisher mentioned, here are articles describing this feature for Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers may include something similar. Given the data is stored for all files over this period, if you'd like I can attempt to lookup and combine the available history associated with your account. Let me know if this would be of help and I can format a list and send it you via PM.
  11. New Spain

    I can confirm even with the linked "Iberiada Set" installed, there are a fair few brown boxes as follows: Also from the Plugin Pack ID warning, there are at least 70 missing dependencies. These would be the model files for existing lots in the city. Along with these, the city may require additional plugins including prop & texture packs, and also potentially mods which affect the simulation. One of the sets I'm aware of is this Marina by nbvc. However, there are many other files required too. The main obstacle here I feel is accessibility. Even though we're now allowing rendered cities on the STEX, the tricky part is to identify all applicable dependencies. Sharing cities will work best if they're presented in a format focussing around ease of use for the downloader. So then people can get the required files, install them, and create the same Plugins folder setup as the author. Cities featuring lots of custom content are probably not the most suitable to upload. This includes both ploppable and growable lots, along with gameplay mods. But if one chooses to use lots of plugins (which is fine), it's really how they should all be clearly identified and stated in the description. Maybe with the idea to share a city, it would help to start with a minimal Plugins folder. Then when building, hopefully making it clearer what each file is and what each does, and therefore simplifying the steps for the downloader. That way it would help to give everyone the best opportunity of enjoying the cities.
  12. Just adding to what @matias93 said above... Then there's the oppositely named HidePaths which rather does what it says once you're done. Interestingly I found saving a city tile with paths enabled will render them on the region snapshot preview. However they're toggled off and not stored as a preference, meaning re-entering the city will have them disabled as per the default.
  13. Running SC4 on a Mac

    It sure does, and welcome to the site. Although I personally don't run SC4 on a Mac, I'll explain the process on the Windows version I'm familiar with, just in case there are any similarities. Inside the game's installation there is a folder named "Radio" containing "Stations", and then subfolders: Radio Stations Mayor Regions For me this is at: <Install Path>\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Radio\Stations These both hold the 35 default music tracks the game will play. Those in "Mayor" play in mayor mode only, and any inside "Regions" only will be heard when first loading the game and entering region view. Custom tracks can be placed in either (or both) of the folders, and at least MP3 and WAV are supported formats. So maybe check the folders on your Mac version and see if there's the above location to add your music. Then in the game go to Audio Options: Which will open the following menu: (I'm not sure if there are any differences in the Mac version.) At the top is the master checkbox for enabling all music. Then at the bottom is the Custom Tunes option. I've found this will be greyed out unless adding any custom music, and then the option must be checked to allow them to be fed into the playlist cycle of all tracks. However, only the default ones will be listed there with the accompanying titles, as these have been programmed into the game. Just remember to hit "Accept" once done to save the changes. I hope this may at least help point you in the right direction until the Mac experts arrive.
  14. Plugins Problems

    Hi @VitroOliveira, welcome to Simtropolis! Those numbers shown in the "Warning" dialog are from an identifier known as a Plugin Pack ID. As far as I'm aware, all lots are assigned one of these in the exemplar properties. Then once placing a custom lot in the game and saving, a record is made to these IDs in the saved city file. Upon loading a tile it then checks to make sure the lots inside the current city are loaded from your Plugins folder. Basically the warning message is a reminder that the referenced model files it expects are missing, and they must be added back to make the lots functional again. Converting the three IDs shown in your screenshot to hexadecimal form (from decimal), they are as follows: 0x29F68062 0xF084B5FE 0xA6AAE59E Maybe these can be found in the useful lists Catty mentioned above? Otherwise on their own, these IDs don't tell us much. However, one potential method I've discovered is to open a saved city file in iLive's Reader to determine what item of content they refer to. The individual exemplars include other details such as the Name and Type, which gives a much better chance of tracking them down. If you'd like feel free to upload the affected saved city here in reply (as an attachment), or send it me via PM. Then hopefully the missing plugins can be identified before looking into possible missing dependencies on the lots themselves. On the subject of Dependencies... Just to clarify, the plugin pack warning will show when custom lots are built in a city, but are no longer in your Plugins. But in addition to the lots themselves, they may also require extra files including other models, props or textures. Usually on the STEX and other exchanges, authors will list these in the description or readme documentation. Without these installed in your Plugins folder, you may notice brown boxes or other missing details when they're built in the game. Some more info from a recent post I made in reply to the "Mod error" thread:
  15. Although I don't own SC13 and have never played it, from what I've heard the "SimCityData" folder is indeed the correct supported location to install mods and other content. This can be found as a subfolder of the game's installation directory, which based on the descriptions of some uploads will be at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\SimCity\SimCityData Going from my SC4 experiences here, one thing I can suggest is to first unzip the files first before copying them over. Because a .zip or other compressed archive (e.g. including .rar) is essentially just a wrapper to contain the mods. The actual files themselves must be present inside SimCityData, in a format the game expects and can understand. Hope this helps, or otherwise those knowledgeable about SC13 content can share some other ideas. (For greater visibility and containment, I've moved your topic over to the SC13 GD forum.)