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  1. Dungeons 2 Now Free on GoG

    That's a nice thought. However given it's free, even a sales commission of 100% would still provide Simtropolis with a $0.00 contribution. A very small percentage of the price is what ST receives when anyone purchases from the affiliate link. So since it's a giveaway without a sale, there would be nothing back in return.
  2. How to play SC4 Deluxe again?

    I think what @T Wrecks refers to here is this setting in the "Folder Options" in Windows Explorer: (Shown from Windows 7, and it may look slightly different on Win 10 as per this article.) By unchecking this, it prevents your system trying to do a favour which actually can do the exact opposite. This isn't so much an issue for SC4 files, but for file management in general on any computer. The thing is, there are some bad people out there who create malware ending in a legitimate file extension. E.g. For a file with a full name of: document1.txt.exe Would otherwise be shown as: document1.txt But the format would not change which Windows recognises. It'd still be an executable file and be loaded with all sorts of nasties. By always showing the extension, it allows the full name to be shown at all times and prevent being mislead by such trickery. And I see T has already posted the confirmation above with the exact same article I found.
  3. hello, i need your help, i made a 3d model in seketchup, i export the model in 3Ds, but when importing the model in Gmax BAT i throw error and it closes. 

    please help me. can i send you the 3Ds file so ou can try to pass it to BAT? or the sketchup file so you can tell an expert modeler to fix it and pass it to me. PLEASE and Thanks



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    2. lmca9000


      @JP Schriefer ill try that.  Thank you



    3. lmca9000


      @JP Schrieferit still does not work :( 

    4. Cyclone Boom

      Cyclone Boom

      Thanks for asking and also starting a forum topic. I'm personally not at all familiar with 3D modelling, so I'm really unsure what to suggest. I hope you find a solution to the problem. *:)

  4. Looking for exact replica of New York region map

    Along the lines of an accurate New York representation, here's 2 other possibilities I've found: NHP New York City by beskhu3epnm Mapp Squad New York City
  5. *NEW* SimCity 2015?

    That's true, since Windows 10 doesn't include the driver at all and therefore the disc-based game isn't able to start. (See my post here for a bit more info.) As Cori said, Origin are really the ones to avoid. A few years ago they were made aware, and responded by re-patching after the news went public on a mainstream gaming reviews site. In other words, falling to commercial pressure when a bad story got out. Since then it's sneakily been reverted, with even reports of the Origin client installing an update which rolled back the game to without the EP1 patch. So even if they made amends again, I highly doubt they can be trusted. So my advice (matching many others) would be to go with GOG. You've also arrived back at the prefect time, as there happens to be a sale on right this very moment.
  6. Windows 10 Problem Reporting Thread

    I'm afraid the CD based version of vanilla SC4 (or Rush Hour) is incompatible with Windows 10. This is due to the changes MS introduced by removing the driver for the SafeDisc copy protection the game uses. The same sadly also applies to numerous other software titles released around the early 2000s. I highly suspect this is the cause of the installation failing, and even if that was successful why it goes no further. The reason being, without the validation check completing (as you've found by it not proceeding past the splash screen), there's a mechanism in place to basically prevent the game starting. It's only on Windows 8.1 and below where the KB3086255 update was made available, and which disables SafeDisc unless manually allowed via a script command. Apparently there is an arduous workaround to install the driver on Windows 10. However, I'm personally unsure what that entails and I've heard it's not recommended. So you're probably not going to like this, but really the only assured way of playing SC4 on Win 10 is to purchase a digital version. As the name suggests, this is downloadable and runs without the need for a disc, and hence avoids the issue with compatibility. The renowned "best" digital version is the one by GOG listed here. The main benefit being this is a fully updated SC4 Deluxe (unlike the unpatched and unpatchable Origin edition), and also comes without DRM or other bloatware. There is a launcher application called Galaxy, but this is completely optional and the game can be downloaded, installed, and started on its own. As of this post the game is listed at its regular retail price, but several times per year they run seasonal and spot sales. Check this record to view the price history as has been setup by a GOG community member. Based on previous trends, the next sale is likely to occur in March to mark spring. Also as an aside, purchases made from the above gog.com link provide Simtropolis with a small commission of each sale. Update: And sure enough, a sale has started just now!
  7. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    Just a quick wrap-up to the rating concerns which @mattb325 disclosed to us. I can now confirm this has been fully resolved. As staff we've taken action to remove the offending reviews and reassure the author. In our best judgement, we felt these remarks were not in best taste, nor conducive to the STEX as a free and open exchange. Regardless of intent, everyone at Simtropolis is expected to be treated with the same respect as one would wish to be treated. It doesn't matter about the complexity and composition of a content item, or the experience of the author. Everyone is welcome to contribute and no one should ever have their creative rights suppressed. As with anything posted on the site, there are standards of what is and isn't appropriate to say. These reviews were deemed abusive towards the author, and have therefore been dealt with accordingly. Usually such matters are handled behind closed doors, but I felt it's important to make a statement here to draw a line under what happened. I'm sure you'll all understand that although a solution may seem easy on the surface, reaching a verdict isn't always a straightforward process with a quick fix. I truly hope everyone can positively move forward in light of this, and realise that we do take rating abuse seriously in accordance with upholding community values. At the end of the day, we want content authors to feel both welcome, accepted and appreciated here at Simtropolis. Members new and old, the same applies across the board. The STEX has been provided as a platform to create and freely share creations for the enjoyment of others. This will remain our goal when applying present and future policies.
  8. Site Suggestion Box

    I'm unsure on the extent the site's themes & templates would need modifying, but it may well be better suited as a reformat rather than a second button. I think the term to describe this would be a "sticky" navigation bar, so then it'd remain in the same place when scrolling on any given page. My personal preference would be at the top to maintain consistency, since people are already familiar with the location up there. This is a feature the site had prior to ST 8.0 (pre 2015 on IPS 3.4.x).
  9. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    That's true. I should have worded that better to mean a new policy specifically for reviews & comments. Ideally which would be viewable to all users before posting on a file such as in a popup dialog. Since the "Code of Conduct" was written at a time back when ratings were anonymous, there are new implications as have been discussed here and previously. Therefore if implemented, I feel a new set of guidelines ought to address these concerns and add greater clarity. For reviews it's not only the star value itself, but the words as posted which add a justification. Both need consideration to determine what constitute abuse. Although common sense still applies across the board, this may well be helpful for the general outlook and primarily to give authors extra reassurance.
  10. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    There is currently no formal written policy in place specifically covering reviews or comments on the exchange. However, the general community guidelines are encompassing for any type of posted content, including the all-important principle of common sense. As site staff, we're committed to take whatever action deemed necessary to uphold the core values of Simtropolis, which includes uniform respect for authors who submit STEX files. This is irrespective of experience or perceived quality of the content itself. I can confirm the first incident you've mentioned has been taken care of. The most recent occurrence is under a staff review. I completely agree such comments are likely to be taken to heart, especially for a newcomer willing to share their creations. In the meantime reaffirming our stance and providing some encouragement to the author, I've replied as follows: And on the other file: ---------- Following your comment there among those by others, it is reassuring to see the author has since uploaded new v2.0 editions of their existing Polar Tower files, and earlier shared a new building. This doesn't make what was said acceptable though, and as staff the appropriate course of action is still being discussed.
  11. Two Polar Tower

    We are looking into this matter. As per my earlier comment here on the One Polar file, I couldn't agree more with the fact that custom content authors (especially newcomers) ought to be encouraged. This rightly not only benefits the creators themselves, but also the community as a whole.
  12. One Polar Tower

    @lmca9000 Thanks for uploading this and your other recent buildings to the STEX. As an admin here, I can reassure you that the STEX is a completely free and open exchange with no limits to creativity. In accordance with the site guidelines, this means anyone may create and submit any content for SC4. With BATs, it doesn't matter whether it's a small or a tall building, one with or without fancy night lighting effects, all the way to the type of modelling techniques and textures used. The choice is yours and yours only. Should you wish to gain some constructive feedback on your works, there are many helpful people around the site to help in the mentioned forums. However, this is neither a requirement nor an expectation for anyone who uploads to the exchange. Creations of all shapes & sizes are fully accepted. You're very welcome to the site, and please don't feel disheartened from sharing whatever you personally feel like sharing. You may continue as long as you wish to continue. We certainly hope you do, and the community will prefer it that way too. Spanish Translation
  13. Member of the Month: January 2018

    Congratulations! Two highly deserving winners to signify the return of MOTM and EOTM. It's nothing short of a miracle what simmaster's Prop Pox cure has achieved for the SC4 community. Especially for those affected by the dreaded bug, I think the sheer magnitude of the miraculous feat is still settling in. Also Jason, your meticulous work to reorganise the BAT & Lot Editor forums is indispensable, and will go a long way to help with the continued effort of improving content accessibility. Thanks to both for your respective efforts.
  14. Hi

    Welcome to the community! It may seem a bit overwhelming at first while getting used to the site. If so, that's perfectly normal and I remember the feeling well. You may find Corina's above linked intro guide useful to get started. This features a summary of the various forums and sections, and also several tips and tricks to get started. It won't take long to acclimatise, and I see you've already posted around in a few topics. So it can be safely said you're already well on the right track. There is a lot to see, and if interested in custom content, a lot of lots (and mods and maps) available to download. You'll also discover there are many friendly and helpful folk around the forums. Even a decade and a half later, SC4 is still going strong and ticking along. So for those and many other reasons, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
  15. STEX Issues - Community Report Thread

    Hi @Moonraker0, To me from that error you've posted, and given the persistence, I suspect it's a different issue than the intermittent 503 and 504 errors we've been experiencing lately with the files host. It sounds related to the SSL configuration, by where the connection is served using secure HTTPS. All STEX files along with their screenshots, Gallery images, attachments, avatars and award icons are currently hosted off-site on Digital Ocean using this protocol, as well as the site itself. I've just tried downloading that linked file and a few others at random and they each did work for me on this occasion. Understandably there can be many contributing factors here, not just limited to location, traffic, but also the type of browser and connection. For instance, a VPN or routed network may have an influence. It was a good first step to rule out cached browser data as the culprit, as this can often have an influence. If you've access to another device, it might be worth trying that to rule out an issue on your current system. Or even on a different network (e.g. mobile) if that's an option. As a test, below are links to download the "Abandonment Dilapidation" file in 3 locations: Directly from the STEX On the external file host On the local server Let us know which one(s) of these work or not. This will help to rule out whether it's a local server issue, or something up with the external files host. Thanks!