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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys i recently downloaded 6 Paternoster Square by 1500another but all i got was a txt file with gibberish, so i was wondering how i can get this building?. As i have seen other people using this building, and in the reviews people have got the building ok i know it is possible lol, the life of me i can't figure that out myself lol. cheers for any help Xander.
  2. when i try to build a perpendicular onramp on my sunken highway, it ruins the "sunkenness" of the highway...
  3. I need help to start modding

    Hi there, I looking for some tutorials on how to get started with this, I don't have any exp. on moding but I would like to start with simple goal mind, creating a new, functional building. I've been looking around and there are some tutorials but they are too confusing for me since I don't know where to start, and so, I though about a simple guideline of what I want to do. If I want to add a new building I should: 1.- Learn how to make a building, what tools do I need, how do I use them, can I import a model from other progams like photoshop or a 3D modeling program? 2.- Learn how to add it to the game, without replacing an existing one and place it in the correct tab. 3.- Adding stats to it, I don't want it to be free, I want it to have a cost, a monthly fee, demo cost and if possible, fundings. 4.- Giving it properties so they have an effect other than just be there, that means produce energy, clean pollution, increase coverage, raise or lower land value, provide housing, business and/or jobs, etc. 5.- Make it an unlocklable so it's not avaible from the start until certain requirements are met like date, population, ratings, etc. My goal is to expand my gameplay and knowlage, I know there are tons of mods out there, but I would like to do it myself and create my own things. So there, any help would be great, thanks. PD: I want to try using my own stuff and not others, thanks again.
  4. How to use Wine with SimCity4Deluxe, NAM, Modding Tools **ATTENTION: Recently began having problems with Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 and SimCity4. After an update, the game would only run in software mode. I have done a lot of digging to try to find the exact cause, but so far no luck. I have gone back to Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 until this gets fixed. About ten years ago I made Ubuntu my only OS, after dual booting with XP for about a year. I had only one regret, I could not get SC4D to run in Wine. I tried a few times over the next few years but still had no luck. Then a couple of years ago I decided to dig in and get it running. My first success came with the help of PlayOnLinux, finally! I used this setup until, recently, I decided to try working directly with Wine without the extra layer of PlayOnLinux. So I dug a little more and eventually I gathered most of the info I was looking for on the interweb. Much of this was, things I didn't know I needed to know, until I knew them. Now, I had a lot of info, but some bits seemed to contradict other bits, so I began to develop a repeatable, controllable, procedure that would allow me to test a defined set up, document it, rinse and repeat. The process I settled on, exposed the unreliable information, but gave rise to more questions. I dug around, got some more bits, and started again. This time it all came together. Eventually, I settled on a kind of combination set-up method using wine / winetricks / wine tools. I'm more of a nuts and bolts kinda guy,so this satisfies me. There are other ways to achieve the same results, and I may tackle them some time, but for now, I am concentrating on using this method to install SimCity4Deluxe and some of the modding tools. As a part of the testing process I developed sets of instructions, so I could repeat a particular set-up, exactly the same, multiple times. After using them for awhile, I decided they were solid and they might be helpful to other people. So I edited them into a more readable format and added some, (I hope), helpful information. Currently, I have finished these; ∘Wine How To - Install Wine 1.8:i386 (32 bit) ∘ Wine How To - Install SimCity4Deluxe (plus updates) ∘ Wine How To - Install NAM ∘ Wine How To - Install GoFSH ∘ Wine How To - Install Gmax Extended ∘ Wine How To - Install ILive Reader 1.4 ∘ Wine How To - Install SC4-PIM X Credits: Most of the information I gathered was from WineHQ, Winetricks, Ubuntu forums, SC4Devotion forums, Simtropolis forums, many sage postings by 'A Nonny Moose' (found these everywhere), along with bits from numerous Linux editorials.
  5. Hello guys! I am an youtuber and I love this game! I had many problems to start the game because of a crazy crash. The main reason is the STEAM. But there is a simple way to fix the problems. Hope it will work for you as it did for many others youtubers. 1. Start the STEAM 2. Turn off the internet (unplug the cable) 3. Start the game 4. Load your save game 5. After the game is loaded plug in the internet or turn it off if it is wifi Good luck! You can also check my youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXlNqOmA-ewyaHJV2a71Ihw to have a look on a beautiful city and the work that I put there! It's for fun and hope you can join me! Cheers skyliners!
  6. Hopefully this is my last "How do I make" post. I was wondering how to make prop packs like this one: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30733-hd-north-american-40ft-semi-trailers-vol1/ I bet it involves a lot of modeling in Gmax and a lot of work in the PIM. It would be super helpful if someone tells me how to.
  7. Hello. I was wondering how to make AI Traffic for SimCity 4 like this: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/31102-volvo-v90, I bet its really complicated. Thanks.
  8. E04 - Building a dam

    Here's the next episode - the dams available in game just arent big enough, so we scale up
  9. Hi. How do I make buildings? I don't have enough. I have Gmax, SC4 Plugin Manager, SC4 Bat, Lot Editor, Landscape Designer, Traffic Simulator, Region Census, and SC4 Deluxe Rush Hour. How do I edit existing lots? For Example, I want to get rid of the little dog eared wooden fence on Spa's wonderful lots. I want to make this building: Followed by this one: Thanks
  10. How to search the stex?

    Hi how do I search the stex for SC4 C$ buildingsss? Seems to suck to search it. Thx!!
  11. Hello & Welcome! This is a Tutorial/Guide for people using 3DS Max on how to turn any free model into a working in game asset for Cities:Skylines but you could still benefit and learn by searching up for the related ways to do things for your specific 3D Modeling Program. I will specifically be going over how to turn a free vehicle into a game ready model but the same method I explain can be used for any other model you are thinking about using. If you are new to 3DS Max or never have touched it. Check out this great playlist Tutorial Series for 3Ds Max Beginners. This is what I watched when I first started and only took me a couple days to start making my own assets! If you are new to 3D modeling this video series linked below will help you to understand how to navigate 3DS Max better. 3DS MAX BEGINNER YOUTUBE SERIES BY thenewboston Here is a list of the most popular free 3D sites where you can find free models to use. https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/ http://www.turbosquid.com/ http://tf3dm.com/ http://archive3d.net/ http://www.cgtrader.com/ http://www.blendswap.com/ http://www.yobi3d.com/ I also started this thread listing a bunch of free models I found on the 3D warehouse that i think have great potential to be imported into the game. They are mainly 6,000 polys or less and do need to be optimized first. Check out the thread here... Introduction When I'm searching for free models that I wish to use for the game I don't just pick anything I see that looks cool. I'm looking for stuff that will be relatively small in polygon/triangle size as well. It's important to keep the load times down in the game with so many assets and mods to subscribe to it will add up quickly and trying to Import a 50k triangle car will only bog down peoples video cards. So what should you look for in a model? When I browse for something that I want to use I will look right off the bat for models that have boxier shapes and less curves to them. This is an indicator that the model is probably lower poly. Some of the sites I've listed have poly counts listed in the details of objects page and some of them don't and you'll have to download to see for yourself. The 3D warehouse is great though because it has an advanced search option that lets you limit the poly count you want to see. I personally have been searching for models that are listed with 6000 polys or less but keep in mind that sometimes these listed poly counts are inaccurate. According to the Skylines Wiki Page it says... The model size is not limited other than by Unity's limit of about 65000 vertices per mesh, but even approaching that is too much for single assets. To give some rough guidelines, the triangle count of the building models in the stock game ranges from less than 1000 triangles for the smallest and simplest buildings to about 5000 for large and complex buildings. A few exceptional buildings use up to 10-15k triangles. Vehicles typically have 500-1000 triangles, while trees vary from a few hundred for simple bushes to about 2000 for the more complex ones. Also note that a large number of props can also make the asset rendering slower, which is why there is a limit in the asset editor. So this means we definitely should be trying to keep our triangle counts as low as possible. I personally have a set limit in mind which is 3,500 triangles for a vehicle. It is a little over 3 times the size of some of the default cars in game. I think this seems reasonable enough where it won't completely ruin your fps and still have some nice looking vehicles. It's a much better number than some of the cars I'm sure you will see being uploaded that have 25k+ triangles and the uploader doesn't list the triangle count leaving you guessing. So please when you upload be sure to list how many triangles it has so people know if they would like to use it or not. Sometimes I go a little above this limit I set for myself, depending on the model. LODS (Level of Detail Models) should be created for whatever it is your are trying to import as well. It's what keeps the game optimized when you are zoomed out by switching the models to a lower triangle count version and it will swap back to the larger more detailed model when you zoom back in. This is to keep your fps higher. If you don't create your own LOD the game will auto generate one for you and usually it's a very bad version of your model and people will complain on the workshop. I will continue to update this guide when I find out new techniques or information. Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts to improve the guide. Thanks! TABLE OF CONTENTS How to show Statistics Optimizing, Modifying & Cleaning Defining UVW Map Spaces Texturing LODS - How to create them Exporting / Importing LET'S BEGIN! First off have you found a low poly model to use? If it's a Sketchup file such as .skp I usually open it up in Sketchup first and export it as a .3ds, you could also export it as a .obj or .dae as well. It will then extract all the textures with it. I do this first to see if the model has a uvw mapped texture attached to it which could save me a lot of work. Then proceed to import the file into your favorite 3D Program. SHOWING STATISTICS Good, your file is now imported. What I like to do first is to show my poly/triangle count for selected objects. I do this in the Viewport by clicking the + sign then going to xView > Show Statistics or you can hit the 7 key. Then you can configure what you want to see by going to the Configure Viewports option in that same dropdown menu which will give you the screen below. You'll want to make sure you have at least Triangle Count and Total+Selection checked. Hit Apply and Ok. This will allow you to see the yellow statistics in the screenshot above in the top left hand corner of the Viewport. As you can see I selected 2 wheels on this Rolls Royce and it's showing me that the total triangle count for those objects combined is 136. The entire vehicle itself is 4,827. This will be great for finding what parts of the model are producing the most triangles. OPTIMIZING / CLEANING Now that we have the statistics showing it's time to find out what we should delete or modify. I usually start off by deleting every single polygon on the bottom of the car because no one will see these at all. Then I will look at what's inside the car, is there any chairs, steering wheel etc? If so you can safely start deleting those items because no one will see inside anyways because windows are only a reflection and are not transparent in game. You can easily select things such as chairs or what not by using the select element option under editable poly/mesh show in the screenshot below. That will allow you click on the chair and have it select the whole thing leaving you to just hit the delete key. Ignore Backfacing is also great for bulk deletion of the interior car. What you can do is check that option under editable poly/mesh in the screenshot below and then with the vehicle upside down you can click and drag and select the whole car as polygon mode and it should select a bunch of the polys but not the outside of the car. Then once you do that you can scan over the vehicle and alt click polys that accidentally got selected in the process, once everything looks good hit delete. Thinking about it now there might even be an easier way to do all of this by just doing select all and alt selecting all the outside parts of the vehicle and the deleting the rest not visible if you know what I mean. After I've removed the bulk of the interior sometimes there are some stray polygons lingering around, so I switch over to the polygon selection tool and will ctrl click all those extra polygons until all of them are selected. Then before deleting I will rotate and scan around the vehicle to make sure no outside polys were selected by accident. RE-CREATION / MODIFYING Now that we have cleaned out the interior of the car it's time to take a look at the exterior. What about your vehicle is producing so many triangles? Head on over to editable poly/mesh mode and select the element selection mode. Click around the vehicle and see what is producing the most. Maybe it's the exhaust pipe with 500 triangles or perhaps it's the headlights with 200 triangle a piece. Once I find out what is causing the most I will then go ahead and make a simpler version of it. For example I will just make a new cylinder with far less polys and position it right on top of the older version until it looks about the same and then delete the old one. Same thing goes for any other object. Sometimes people create elaborate images using geometry on the side of a truck or something. You could just delete the whole side of the truck and then connect the 2 end edges back together. For Example on this Postal Truck you see that the side of the truck has a geometric image consuming 316 triangles when I could easily replace it with a single polygon and apply a texture of the image instead later. So I will go ahead and delete it. Then I must right click the model and convert it to an editable poly so I can use the bridge tool under the Edge selection. I will then select both edges and under Edit Edges I will click the bridge function to join the edges to form a new connected polygon face. There you have a brand new truck wall... I will then go ahead and do the same for the 2 other sides of the truck saving me a total of 942 triangles. You can use this technique for various parts of the car. I use it quite a lot especially if there are gaps in the model that were there from the start that would allow people to see through the car after being imported into the game. LESS DETAIL IS OK Not everything needs to be hyper detailed either. Sometimes you can get away with just having flat faces representing stuff like lights. In the example below this postal trucks back lights are taking up a total of 1,760 triangles! So what I did was selected the faces of the metal and light part and duplicated it to a new object by holding shift and moving them on the x plane creating a copy. Then I went back and deleted all the lights and even the wall panel because it had an outline of the lights built into its side. So I had to do a bridge connection to make a new wall face. then I moved those lights that I duplicated back to the wall and even moved the actual light face closer to the metal edge. I could just have created a texture for the wall representing the lights but I've found that sometimes textures end up bleeding and not becoming as sharp as you want them to be so creating a geometric face can stop the bleed effect. I personally am probably going to end up making a transparent plane with the lights as a texture face and delete even that extra geometry I kept around because making an alpha transparent texture can also reduce color bleeding. I will explain more about alpha transparency later though. FINAL CLEANUP There is still one final step you could take to reduce the triangle count down even further. I well let this video do the explaining though as it is very informative and has helped me in many projects. While this video talks about how to make a proper lod this can also be applied to your main model because this game is low poly in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23aIatCnDA8 Alright so that explains a lot about how to reduce the triangle count which is a very important thing to do when making an asset for Cities:Skylines. Please do not attempt to skip these steps as they are essential in keeping peoples games running smoothly and effectively. UVW Mapping Now it's time to make a new UVWmap for the vehicle/model. 95% of the time you will have to do this and sometimes like I stated earlier you will find that the model has a uvwmap texture and is totally mapped, Score!. I start off by selecting everything in the scene. Then I go to the Unwrap UVW in the modifier list shown in green. Then once you do that you will see a new button at the bottom right hand side of the screenshot called Open UV Editor. which will open the window to the left hand side. You will want to select the square polygon icon tool. Then after that do Ctrl + A to select all. After you have selected all you can hit 1 of 2 buttons. "Flatten by Polygon Angle" & "Flatten by Smoothing Group" shown in the blue circle. I usually use the "Flatten by Polygon Angle" most of the time but sometimes the other option will have better results for certain things I'm trying to do. Then after you have done so you should use the move tool at the top left hand corner and move everything to the left side just outside of the UVW space shown below... I do this because when you import something into the game and if every polygon is not inside the uvwmap space the LOD can become distorted even if you have a proper LOD made for it. It will cause your LOD to change colors and textures from other models not even related to your own. It's some weird bug. By moving all these faces just outside of the space I can easily see later if I have used all the polygons in the texture space and know if I haven't and don't have to go searching around for stray polys way off the map. Afterwards I will close the window and at the right hand side of 3DS max I will right click the Unwrap UVW modifer and select Collapse All and hit Yes. I do this because in the next step we will be selecting poly faces and our newly made uvwmap can get reverted, by collapsing all we ensure that this won't happen. SELECTING PARTS OF THE MODEL TO UNWRAP So normally after you do that initial unwrapping your model should still contain the colors like it did before if it had any to begin with. Then what I will do is select the area that I want to move on the uvwmap texture space. In the example below I have selected all the chrome elements on the vehicle and did a Unwrap UVW modifier from the dropdown like before. Then open the UV Editor again and as before select the square poly tool. Do a select all and hit the "Flatten by Polygon Angle" button. This will bring all those chrome elements into the texture space. Then what you can do is select the scale tool at the top left of the window and scale down all the elements into a tiny clump of wire frames as you see in the screen below. Move this clump to an area where you know where it will be. I personally usually start off doing my models unwrapping the base color first and placing in the top left corner of the texture space making the clump fit into a 3x3 checkered area which you will see in another screenshot later. HIDING EXTRAS After I've moved that clump to its position I will close the window and do a collapse all on that uvw unwrap so it won't move again. Then with all the chrome polygon pieces still selected find the hide options under the editable poly options, you can scroll down under the category "Edit Geometry" and select "Hide Selected" to hide all those chrome pieces so you don't have to dance around them when selecting other parts of the car. This does not work in Editable Mesh. View Screenshot below to see hide buttons. I continue to repeat the process on different parts of the car until I've mapped and moved the texture maps to where I want them to be. As you can see in the screenshot below the different stages of selecting and mapping the rest of the car and hiding the selected polygons each time I unwrap, move the wireframes do the collapse all. This diagram is just a quick example, you will want to do the headlights, brakelights, turn signals, windows, body color, metal pieces and what not such as a license plate. By the time you get to the end you can just easily do a select all. By hiding the finished mapped selections each time it gets easier and quicker to do the next parts of the model. When you are done you can just hit the "Unhide All" button TIRES & Proper Overlapping UVW Map lines. Ok so many times the tires that come with the model will have way too many polygons for what we need. The game doesn't need a perfectly round tire and you can get away with making a much simpler sided one. So I will keep the tires around for now and make a new cylinder giving it 10 sides, basically what the default cars in game have. I did end up giving this Rolls Royce an 18 sided cylinder tire to make it a bit rounder and now that I'm writing this guide I'm thinking I may want to reduce that down a little bit because remember this tire are going to be duplicated 3 times to create a set of 4, essentially multiplying the triangle count by a lot. Ok so now that you have created a 10 sided cylinder you will want to rotate it 90 degrees so it is standing up like the tire should be. Next I move the tire to where the models current tire is sitting and center the new cylinder over it and I will adjust the radius and width of the tire so that it matches the current tire of the car. You can see an example in my LOD video later. Now that you have the first tire created you will want to convert the cylinder to an editable poly and do an unwrap uvw modifer from the drop down and open the UV Editor. Hit the square poly tool, then select all and hit the "Flatten by Smoothing Group". You will see here about what I said earlier with trying out both options, test them out and you will see that "Smoothing Group" works better here because it collapses the outer rim of the tire and does some of the work for us. You will see that there are circles now that we must overlay on top of each other so that we only need to have one rim/hubcap texture for all the tires. So start off by deselecting everything and selecting the top circle polygon. If you then click and hold down the move tool icon at the top left of the window you can select an up and down tool so that the polygon can only move up and down. There is also a move left and right tool. The same goes for the scaling tool, it too has both these options which you will use from time to time. So now that you have the up and down move tool selected move the top circle and drag it down over the bottom circle, it looks good right? Wrong, you will want to zoom in after it's overlayed and you will see the lines don't quite match up perfectly. So I will zoom in further to the top edge of the circle and drag the poly some more until the top lines are lined up perfectly and will keep zooming in and repeating the process. Ok now you have the 2 circles laying on top of each other and the rectangle of polys sitting to the side of it. Select all of that and move it to the right, just outside of the UVW map space. Then close the window and do a collapse all to the modifier. You now have a tire you can duplicate and not worry about having to overlay 8 circles on top of each other because now when you duplicate all the circles will copy to that overlaying position. Once I have a perfect sized looking cylinder all uvw mapped I will then hold shift and move the tire to the back section of the car duplicating it. I will then move the tire if I have to until the back tire is aligned properly like the front tire and adjusting the radius if the back tire is bigger. Then I will select both tires and hold shift and duplicate those 2 tires to the other side of the car and adjust the tires if needed. Now you have a set of 4 tires, go ahead and select these 4 newly created tires and right click and click hide selected to hide the tires from the Viewport. Now go ahead and start deleting the old tires, once done right click the Viewport and hit Unhide All to bring your tires back. Also to note that the game automatically recognizes the lowest part of the model as wheels and will actually spin and turn left and right. So if you don't make wheels the whole body of the car will flip instead. So if you happen to find a model with wheels attached to the model itself you will have to define new wheels for it so this doesn't happen. REPEATING THE PROCESS WITH LIGHTS This entire process can be used to replicate any lights you may have needed to recreate because the old ones had too many triangles. But normally for me the lights are usually fine and I just select both of the default lights and overlap those. Sometimes the lights you select will be fragmented into polygon shards in the UV Editor. It's ok if things don't line up perfectly for lights. I personally use an orange and red light texture and will align the main polygon faces over the image texture I use and will align the little shards that match up from both lights but then I will just place the little shards into the bigger polygon map line which you will see in a screenshot further below if you don't understand what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the red and orange lights. MOVING UVW MAP LINES WHEN FINISHED Ok, So you have unwrapped and defined all your models areas. Now it's time to move them to their final locations. Do a select all to select the whole model and Unwrap UVW modifier. Open the UV Editor and now you will see all your lines. Remember how we moved the tires just outside of the space? Ok now it's time to move it to its final location, find a good spot on the map and place it there. You can do this for all your defined map clumps. By the time you are done you should have a map with areas that are separated from each other that you want to define certain colors for. Then you will want to go to Tools > Render UVW Template which will bring up the little window in the left of the screenshot. There you will want to change the width and height to 512x512 because we don't need a bigger texture map for a vehicle. Then change the 2 colors circled in blue to the color black, this will cause our saved wireframe map to have black outlines and is easier when viewing in Photoshop. Then click the Grey button "Render UVW Template on the small window. This will bring up the big black window you see on the right, normally it would have neon green wireframes but we changed the color to black. Then click the save button and save it as "z.png". The reason I save it as z.png is because sometimes you are constantly saving new UVW map templates and when I go to open in Photoshop I can easily find it by just scrolling down to the bottom and clicking the file. After saving your new template go ahead and close the windows and do a collapse all on your modifier so you don't lose your work you just did. FURTHER UVW MAP EDITING VIDEOS Here are 2 videos that I found when I first started learning how to uvwmap. They were extremely helpful. Short Video Long Video DIFFUSE TEXTURE Now you can open the z.png file you just created in Photoshop and should get something that looks like the UVW Template show below. There will be no white background so go ahead and make a new layer and fill it in white so you can see the lines a bit easier. Then you want to start filling in the areas defined with color or images as you see in the Diffuse Texture. The colored text is just to show you my defined areas. I normally put my base color to the left and my dark areas of the car that I want to be the same color next to it but only 50% grey so that when we use the color variation in the asset editor it will show this area of the car a similar color only darker. I normally use the dark color for areas like behind the wheels. I made colors for the Top and Chrome parts as well. I usually make the glass black because it seems to be a nice consistent color for windows opposed to something like blue, but you can change it to any color you want and it will affect how the glass looks. Then you can crop some textures for parts like the lights or tire but make sure the texture goes past the map line so you don't end up having issues in game with the color not showing up totally. You can see my example in the screenshot below with the green lines. ILLUMINATION MASK For the Illumination Mask you will want to fill that in with 50% grey which will then define what we don't want to blink or light up. Fill in the areas that you want to represent head or brake lights with 100% white, this will cause these to illuminate and have the brake lights actually turn on and off when they brake. Fill in the orange turn signal area with 100% black, this will actually make the turn signals flicker when they turn left or right. If you don't make this mask half of your car will blink when they turn. COLOR MASK The color mask will define what parts of the model you want to change colors when selecting a color variation in the asset editor. Anything black will be disregarded and anything white will be the color variation. So In this example I've selected only the Base and Dark color to change. ALPHA MASK The Alpha mask is there to define transparency. In this example I wanted to place a licence plate on the car. and instead of selecting a a bunch of polys, going to the UV editor having to position them right and do a bunch of work that's not needed. I made a single polygon plane and unwrapped that and made an alpha mask so that there would be no black color around the outter edge of the licence plate as you can see in the image below. The red line is the outer part of the plane but I've defined certain parts of it to be transparent so that only the license plate shows up. So in the Alpha Mask I've defined the color white as everything I want to remain visible and the black areas where I would like the transparent parts to be. SPECULAR MASK The Specular Mask is where you want to define a reflective quality to your object. 100% white is defined as glass. 100% Black is defined as no reflection. Anything in between will be Semi-Reflective gradually getting more reflective the more white something is. So In this example above I've defined the window areas as 100% white, the Chrome areas I defined as 90% Grey and the Base, Dark Color & Top I've defined as 2% Grey almost black. You can't really tell in the specular screenshot though but it is there. The reason I made the base colors such a low reflective quality is because it gives you just enough shine I think to represent the light reflecting on it but doesn't wash out your colors. The higher up in reflective quality you go the whiter and hazier your colors will become when you go to apply color variations to them in the asset editor. I defined the chrome area as 90% grey because it gives you a really nice high shine and makes it look like metal. Go ahead and test things out for yourself and see what you like best though. Here's the Green Outline image that I told you about earlier. See how the orange and red lights have small stacked polygon shards on top of each other? Just like the color clumps only a little bit bigger and defined this time because we are using a image and want the texture to show properly. FURTHER TEXTURE DEFINING Now that you know how to define Images such as lights and tires you could take it a step further if you really wanted to and select say the doors of a car and give them an outline texture. Maybe there is a spot on the car that you want to apply some sort of decal. Go ahead and select the polygon area you want to do that in and do an unwrap and modify the lines and position in an empty spot on diffuse map so you can add that decal perhaps. If you notice in many of the above screenshots you will see that UV map Editor has a checker board background. At the top right of the UV Editor there is a drop down menu and you can actually select Pick Texture and then select Bitmap and pick your saved Filename_d.jpg file and it will show that instead letting you easily see where you could place some new map lines. SAVING TEXTURES Time to save your textures using the suffixs you see below. You should save them as .jpgs. There is no real reason to save your files as .png all that will do is create bigger texture files when a high resolution .jpg is just fine. Also as said before you only need a 512x512 map space so be sure to set that to the width and height when rendering your uvw map template. Here's some more info quoted from the Skylines Wiki Page... The material for Buildings supports up to 6 textures, each needs to use the same filename as the FBX file with a texture type suffix. "_d" suffix stands for the diffuse texture (RGB) - 3 color channels texture defining the albedo. "_a" suffix stands for the alpha texture (Mask) - 1 color channel mask specifying per pixel transparency. "_c" suffix stands for the color texture (Mask) - 1 color channel mask specifying per pixel where the color variations can be applied. "_i" suffix stands for the illumination texture (Mask) - 1 color channel mask specifying per pixel if the diffuse color should be considered emissive. "_n" suffix stands for the normal map texture (RGB) - 3 color channels tangent space normal map. "_s" suffix stands for the specular texture (Mask) - 1 color channel mask to specifying per pixel specularity. NORMAL MAPPING You will notice I did not include a normal map with this vehicle because I did not see the need to, there wasn't anything really that I felt the need to give a bumpy raised texture to. I'm not gonna go into much detail about normal mapping but there are 2 great programs that will easily allow you make a normal map if you so choose to make one. Here are the links to those programs... PixPlant MindTex Basically you would Import your diffuse texture into one of those programs and play around with the settings to create a raised surface area for a part of your model such as a rocky face or a metal mesh wireframe, rivets etc. you would then save that file as your Filename_n.jpg and it will cause your object to have a raised surface. Keep in mind though when doing so that you would want to create a counter part in the specular mask to give it some extra visibility. If you want to know more about normal mapping do some searches on Google. CREATING A LOD I've created a 22 minute video of me making a LOD for this Rolls Royce. There is no voice, just music, but i will explain some things that happen in the video before you watch it so you can have a better understanding of what is going on. First off for some reason the video does not show the right click menu when I convert to an editable poly or hide unhide stuff. So when you see that small grey box appear on the screen I am actually right clicking and either Converting something to an editable poly or hiding/unhiding stuff. It should be pretty easy to tell what I'm doing. CREATING THE BASIC SHAPE So I usually start off by creating a 1x1 rectangle shape and then move it to the car and then create edges and form the box to the cars curves. You'll see in the video that I use the function "Connect" under Edit Edges. You can only use this function as an Editable Poly. Basically you can select edges and then hit the connect settings box next to the word Connect. You can't see it in the video for some reason but an options box will pop up and at the top of that settings box you can type in the number of edges you want and then click a Check Mark. I usually make an edge for every angle change on the top of the car. As you will see later in the video I also missed a window so I went back and made one extra edge to make that spot for the window texture. NORMALS When I am working on the wheels you will notice that when I duplicate the first 2 wheels to go to the other side of the car I select only the 2 newly created wheels and apply the modifier called Normal and then do a Collapse All. The reason I do this is because if I don't then those wheels will seem invisible in the game because the game only renders one side of the poly face. So by using the normal function I am reversing the side that the polygon is facing. To show you what I mean, you could convert your object to an Editable Mesh because as an editable mesh you can choose the option check box called Show Normals as you see here... You'll notice when all the polygons are selected that there are blue lines now facing outwards, this is to represent which polygon face will be shown to the camera. Can you see now that the wheels normals are facing inwards to the car. That is why we needed to reverse them using the modifier. Normals not facing outwards will also appear darker than the rest of the correct polygons making it easier to tell what needs to be flipped. Sometimes you will encounter some free models that have a lot of normals facing the wrong direction and you will need to use that normal modifier to flip them otherwise if you import a model without doing so you will see they have a lot of invisible looking areas. Another thing I want to explain is when I'm going to apply the textures to the LODS polys you see in the UV Editor that I hit that icon next to the "Flatten by Polygon Angles" icon. The little red and white icon with a split in the middle that looks like a V. That is the BREAK function. If you select certain polys and then drag, other lines may happen to move with them and so they need to be broken apart from the rest so they become a separate entity. Once you have created your base model/wheels for the LOD you will want to collapse them all into a single mesh. Which you see towards the end of the video. This is so we can more clearly define the axis pivot point. Now that you have 2 models in the scene. Your Main Model and your LOD both stacked perfectly on top of each other you will want to edit the pivot points. You see me do this at the end of the video. I select both objects at the same time and edit the axis and check the Affect Pivot Only. Then I select Center To Object. This will center the pivot point to the middle of both objects. Then what you want to do is move the models at the same time so that they are positioned over 0,0 on the x and y axis on the Grid. Then go back to change the axis again doing affect pivot only and then move the pivot by entering in the numbers 0,0,0 for the x,y,z axis. This will move the axis to the bottom and center of everything. Then you need to rotate the pivot point so that the Y Axis is standing up straight as you see me do in the video. This is so when you go to import the vehicle it will load with the wheels flat on the ground and not have to select the "Bottom center pivot" in the asset editor. I do this because if you don't change the axis y to be up your lod could be standing up on its side if you do happen to check the "bottom-center pivot" option. There you have it, a good looking LOD that will resemble your model from a far. Please remember that a LOD does not need to be overly complicated and you can be sure its safe to not even include stuff like fenders or other extremities coming off the vehicle such as bumpers because when you are zoomed out they all mesh into a little blob of color anyways. In this video I created an 88 Triangle LOD but I managed to get that number down to 68 triangles. You can do so by sometimes clicking the optimize modifier in the same drop down as the uvw unwrap. Sometimes it could mess up your model though so pay attention. HERE'S THE VIDEO According to the Skylines Wiki it says this about LODS.... You may notice your custom models sometimes gets very distorted when viewed from far away : that's because the game automatically generates a low poly version (LOD) of your model and your texture in order to save resources. To solve this problem, you need to provide your own low poly version of the model (the fewest polys the better) and name it yourModelName_lod.fbx For growable assets, the suggested limit on tris is 100. For larger buildings and monuments, you can go slightly higher (200). For props and vehicles, less than 50 triangles should be enough. For the sake of other players, please abide by these LOD limitations unless its absolutely necessary to break them. This is how the game regains performance when you are zoomed out. Your low poly model should have a new UV set that is probably different than your original high-poly model, this is anticipated. The UVs should be kept in the 0...1 interval, since the LOD textures use a texture atlas and values outside that range will result in colors being taken from other random models. The game will automatically bake the textures from your high-poly base model to your new low-poly model upon import. Also, make sure no vertices in both high detail and LOD models are below the 0-level since they can confuse the baking process. If for some reason you would like to override the auto-texture generation process (also called baking), you can create a diffuse texture for this low-poly model by importing a texture with "_lod_d" suffix (lowercase "lod" is important). If the diffuse texture is overwritten, the baking process is skipped entirely, so normals, speculars, etc also need to be set manually. EXPORTING Now that you have an Optimized Model and LOD you can Export each model individually to the Import folder. I usually just delete one of the models such as the LOD, export the main model as a .fbx, undo my delete, delete the main model and then save the lod as a .fbx too. They should look something like this.... Filename.fbx Filename_lod.fbx This is where the Import folder is located... C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Addons\Import You should also save all your texture files there as well. Once I have my main texture files saved I will open them all up in Photoshop and resize them to 64x64 and save those as their lod counter parts such as... Filename_lod_d.jpg So now you will have a set of 512x512 textures and a set of 64x64 LOD textures. IMPORTING Go ahead and open the Asset Editor in game now. Click the category you want, in this case I selected Vehicle and selected a template, I went to residential > sedan and hit continue. Now your filename should show up as an fbx at the left hand panel. You may need to rotate your model on the Y axis using the in game rotate button so that it will be facing the right direction when you view it in game. I've had side ways cars driving down the street before lol. Click Continue. Now you can edit the Material Color Variations as well as the speed. I believe that 20 is the max speed for the game. I've tried higher and nothing happens, but I know you can go slower. Then go ahead and save your file when you are done and check it out in game. You may have to go back rescale your model or change colors etc until it looks right. There you have it! A newly imported functioning, optimized model. If you are having trouble Importing the model you are working on, you may want to take a look at this thread linked below. It was a very helpful source of information for me as well as others when Cities:Skylines first launched. If all else fails you can search the forums for any specific related problems. Some issues with importing models UPLOADING TO WORKSHOP Once you have your game ready asset ready to upload to the Steam Workshop. Please Remember to leave a link in the description of your uploaded asset to the free model and to credit the original author for their original work! Thanks Closing As said at the start of this guide, I will continue to update this guide when I find out new techniques or information. Please feel free to share your ideas and thoughts to improve the guide. Thanks! If you are having trouble and would like to talk to someone live you can do so at the Modders IRC Channel. There are a lot of helpful people there willing to give advice. You can find it here... #skylines-modders @ irc.esper.net For those of you that don't know, you can't just type irc.esper.net as a website... You need to have an IRC client to access the chat. I suggest using Hex Chat which you can download here. https://hexchat.github.io/ Other Sources of Helpful Information Simtropolis.com - Cities:Skylines Modding - Open Discussion http://www.reddit.com/r/CitiesSkylinesModding CGSociety.org The Models used in this Tutorial USPS Postal Truck - By Supreme Ruler of the Universe Rolls Royce Phantom IV 1970 - By Gonzalo Feel free to ask any questions, Hope you enjoyed the guide!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMcQ2kHAm-k&hd=1 Just a video for anyone that needs help installing Project Orion .
  13. Hello everyone, I would like to learn how to mod in SimCity with a mac os x. I don't know where to begin. I used to mod a little with Star Trek Armada but these are two separate games. Does anyone know what tools I would need to start learning? I saw the SimCityPak but am not sure if it will work with a mac. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, J.M.C.
  14. Hi, latest NAM came with awesome RHW bridges, but I don't know how to build them. Any video-tutorial or something that can help me?
  15. How to run with OpenGL

    Hi, I know the parameters are -d:DirectX/OpenGL/Software but when I add OpenGL instead of DirectX I got a tiny windowed version of the game. Definitely impossible to play. Any way to correctly switch to OpenGL? When starting it also says GDriverWindow -- Software or something like that.
  16. This is really embarassing. I LOVE games like this where you can build and take care of a city. But I must be doing something wrong, maybe I'm over-analyzing everything, or maybe it's my OCD acting up, but every city I make my +$$$ from taxes just keeps shrinking and I can never seem to get to 100,000 population and then I start getting a deficit. I do not know how to make a lot of profit in this game so I can sustain the city. <<< That's the point I'm trying to make. I am really stupid so please keep it very, very plain and simple. Thanks, - Nate
  17. So this is my 3rd review. My first was based on Beta, my Second on some limited experience playing. This is based on nearly 24 hours of non stop playing. I have to say that I was EXTREMELY hard on EA / Maxis, and they really screwed this launch up. I hate DRM as much as anyone and I think most of us envisioned something besides what we got. So is the game good or not? I'm going to answer that the best I can and give you some details AND a general game guide based on my experience so far. I want to first start by saying that I played a few cities and felt a bit "meh" about it to start. I was not really thrilled but certainly not put off either. After building my first few cities which were not so special I learned a few things. Here's a picture of my one of my first cities, not so successful in density. I thought I would get fancy with some curved roads. They look pretty nice and I am glad they have them in the game. Above you can see the problem. Tons of wasted space. While curved roads are nice they don't allow you to make the most of your allocated land. I had major problems with this city in terms of population. That's not always a bad thing though, you can make a nice curvy city that's there to do something specific not related to density like make $$$ to fund another city, or take trash or provide other services. Yes there are some graphical glitches. They are typically easy to fix. As you can see I like to start out with dirt roads and locate my power and water in the best possible spot. At that point you'll want to take note of wind location as well so you know where to put your industrial. You don't want your pollution blowing into the city. If you are specialising in something like Coal or Oil you should take note of where it's at using your Data Layers so you can plan around it. You can even mark the spot with some dirt roads in the shape of an X The above image is the "start" of my last city I made. The one I spent nearly 24 hours on. In this image you can see I limited my curvy roads to make better use of space. I had about 6 hours into that city as it's shown! I took my time, it is essential to take your time when going for a goal to grow something large. You really need to think out your road layout. I would suggest building just dirt roads and very slowly upgrading blocks at a time. After you upgrade your block, sit back and wait for the buildings to upgrade. Do NOT rush! If you rush you will only cause yourself some financial problems. It's important to take your time and enjoy watching things unfold, to plan your attack. It makes the game much, much more enjoyable. Above picture you can see I let my buildings grow even though I had plenty of space not yet developed. I think that's important. Notice the large space on the left side I left. If you close everything in tight with the guide tools without leaving some large spaces you will find yourself in some real trouble upgrading buildings or adding larger buildings later on. In this city I was trying to stay as green as possible so I used Solar and Wind. The nice thing about the solar is it takes up a lot of space, so later when I can outsource my power or upgrade to a smaller solution I have plenty of space to use again for something else. It's very important to not go crazy trying to get the biggest and best buildings right away. They cost money to run, only upgrade what you absolutely have to. Here you can see my infrastructure growing out more. I built high density large roads in the center of the map. I really like the Avenue with the Trees down the center, too bad it's mostly a waste without upgrading it to high density street cars. If I weren't going for high population I could have kept them without upgrading. This map contained many natural resources but I was not going after any of them, you really don't have to. For this map I was going for high density well educated tech & trading. One thing I didn't get to play with much in the Beta, or really care for were the Data Maps. I have to say though they are very helpful and very cool! This is just a collage of a few of them. Cars switching lanes and blocking each other while cutting in front of others. I thought that was pretty cool. I thought my little bridge was pretty cool. The sims weren't really using it though, so I upgraded the road type and added more buildings around it so they would. One thing that is really nice about how the terrain works is that it goes back to its original state if you destroy a road, bridge or building. I think that's really cool, you aren't permanently ruining the land. One of the only other curved roads I had, coming into the city around the space I left for City Hall. You have to make sure you leave space for expandable buildings! This just takes a few practice cities to get the hang of. Look closely around the buildings before you place them and you should see some guides. The blue dots that show up will show you where you can expand to as well. Just an image of the entrance. Some of the buildings were glitching out and I tried snapping a screen shot. There is a fix to glitching buildings, change your refresh rate from 59 to 60 or vice versa. It may happen again, just switch it again. Hopefully there's a permanent fix to this, but it really didn't take much to fix when it occurred, not a big deal! The city at night with a neighbor city in the background. This game has a very charming look to it! I really love it. A view looking back at my city from the neighbors, sweet! A tornado ripping through the center of my city. No harm done though mostly, I think Skyscrapers are mostly immune, though I am not sure how well low density housing mobile homes would fare! I have a love hate relationship with this guy. He's fun to watch but he can do a ton of damage. He comes out from a random location and heads towards your dump to eat the garbage wrecking everything in the way. I lost a few skyscrapers this way, something you don't want since you can lose a lot of population and tax dollars! An abandoned building. I couldn't find these because this particular model is glitched so that when you are in bulldoze mode you will see there is a building to destroy but the icon is missing. It's hidden inside the building, you can still locate the building visually by it being blacked out and abandoned looking. You can choose to destroy them or wait for somebody to move back in. If you destroy them it may take a tad bit longer to rebuild something but there's no chance of a fire. I didn't have much problems with fires and health in my city because my population was very well educated which helps to reduce that. One of the road types is a 4 lane with no lights! Just stop signs! I thought this was really odd. I've never encountered this driving IRL and I don't think I would want to! Pretty sure that would be a disaster. Do you have OCD? Those roads were drawn using the guides. Later when I went to add those park / pathways they didn't completely fill the spaces. Oh god why?! *twitch* More OCD. I just couldn't fit that last garage on the land. I had to justify in my head that it evened out the building on the other side, even though I know it doesn't. I like to "walk" around the city and take screen shots. It's very entertaining. I think it could be more photogenic at the street level, higher res textures maybe but I did notice some slow downs with frame rates when zoomed in. Most of the models are very cool. I think they did a great job with the visuals, despite some of the textures not being the best. My industrial Tech section advancing and looking good! I even saw some tesla coils, cool! Something to keep in mind when laying down services such as FD, PD, Medical is to keep things close to major roads so they can get where they need to go ASAP. My city was advancing pretty well at this point. Trading is a ton of fun. I was building CPUs and Electronics, TVs and Computers and selling them for profit. A lot of profit! I was making about 600-800k a month. As you can see I was running in the red by the tune of about 46k an hour while still making gobs of cash! Huge success! I ran in the red to extend all my services, fire, health and police so that my city would grow. The highest in population I reached so far was around 240k but it ended up dropping below 200k again. Not sure why, but that's just another ongoing challenge! I loved the challenges presented to me, having to check my imports and exports, my recycling and trading depot. I was constantly clicking around, it kept me on my toes. Once you get big you really need to stay on top of things. All that cash and electronics let me build a Great Works, I just started one so I can't report on it much yet. I started a huge solar array which will power all the cities in the region cheap (I hope) The plan after that is to demolish all my power services and expand my electronics even more. This game can be very competitive if you want it to. It can offer many challenges or you can play more casually. I can't wait until the leader boards are back up and running so I can see how close to the top I can get! I'm in my 30s now, I have played games since the early 80s and started playing SimCity on an Amiga system! I can't remember when I have been so addicted to a game, so excited to play. This game is charming, beautiful, intelligent, well thought out. I feel bad for Maxis that it's getting such bad reviews. I was one of the biggest critics of this game and I made it pretty clear to Maxis / Ea on their forums. One thing I noticed was that while I did complain I also offered a lot of suggestions on some small stuff. The interesting thing? They actually fixed those. I was the only one talking about them such as dirt road shoulders needing fixed, trees shaking the screen when being plopped or sounds too common. That tells me they were actually listening and taking everyones suggestions into consideration. I don't like some of the marketing techniques they used, I think in ways they were dishonest. I think my criticism would have been less had I not felt like I was being treated like a dummy, but that's marketing these days. If you are a fan of SimCity then this game is a no brainer, it is a MUST buy. While I thought the DRM and multiplayer would be an issue I can see how it will add SO much to this game once all the server issues are fixed. Tonight I lost my sound card, but I kept on playing anyhow. I was also offered Bacon, I turned it down because I just couldn't leave the game. It's turn down Bacon good, seriously. If you wrote a negative review on Amazon please consider reversing it. This game deserves the communities support. We waited 10 years for this! Don't do a charge back, don't ask for a refund, give it a chance! If I had not purchased this game and found out years from now what I missed out on I would kick myself in the head! This is one game we need to rally behind, not put down. It is so well thought out, so engaging and a joy to play that the DRM is easily forgivable, even IF it sets a bad example. As far as DLC goes... this game feels COMPLETE. I mean it, it's easily worth the $60 plus tax I spent on it and I will gladly pay for more DLC. All the shortcomings that we complained about can be justified once you play the game, it all makes sense. I think the 3 model packs for $10 each is too much though, that's half the price of the entire game. I think selling 2 for $10 and 1 for $10 for a total of $20 would be more fair. I hope you enjoyed the review and I hope some of the older mature players here add me on Origin to play together! Congrats Maxis! You built an AWESOME GAME!, A talented group of people indeed! BUY THIS GAME! (also if you have played and have tips or suggestions please post them!) Update #1 Since I'm in a 60 minute waiting queue I thought I would give another update. Since playing more my population has gone from about 240k to 115k! I'm not sure why, it could be loss of industrial zoning or commercial... or a glitch, it's hard to tell. One thing I don't like is for sure is that I can not see the total population of each building. It shows density but not how many are currently living there. Another glitch I meant to point out before is this one in the above image. Notice the RCI icon center screen next to the population shows 0 demand for commercial. For a long time playing the game I just thought I had no commercial demand and just R&I until I went back into the zoning menu, on the right hand side you can see that high wealth commercial is indeed in demand. So that's a glitch that needs fixed. Freight Train never seen. The port is built over the track, there is product stored but no Train. I have no clue why, maybe I am doing something wrong, anyone? Maybe it's because I have enough trucks delivering, I don't know. It says the train should arrive every few hours. Some of the filters are pretty cool, not sure how useful some are but the option is nice. I switched to a color blind mode and like it oddly. I think though that you should be able to pick your filter via the GUI. Having to go into the menu to pick it, apply it, then exit out to see if you even like it is frustrating. Not sure what's going on here but that apartment building is surrounded by parks, they are asking for more. There's also buildings around it with the same Wealth / Density that have no complaints. I've seen buildings also complain of not having access to schools when all buildings around them were fine. Another glitch they need to fix. Also not sure why that Land Value bar is showing in red, every other buildings is green. Notice in the above image the space between the building and the road? Remember how I couldn't get the parks to fully fill in the gap between the 2 roads? EVERY SINGLE block in my game, made using the road guides has that gap! I tried laying down a park and then creating a road around it so that the park would fill between the roads manually but that does not work either! It always leaves a gap. So there are 2 issues here that need fixed, wasted space using the road guides, and parks that don't fully fill the gaps. Here you can see the issue of the gaps on every single block. Pretty annoying, OCD to the max! I have to fix this whole city.... I'm not sure how much wasted space that will add up to but every bit counts on these small map sizes. The game certainly has it's little issues, and one big major one of bad server planning. While I am okay 100% with online only I am not okay with bad service and this is terrible service. I'm confident it's temporary, but it's very annoying. Still, I LOVE this game. I finally got my Great Works Solar farm up so now, I hope I can use that, nix all my power and purchase it instead giving me more room. I just have to figure out HOW to get workers to the Solar Farm so I can turn it on. There's a lot of figuring things out in this game on your own, since the manual is next to worthless.

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