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Found 515 results

  1. Historic Europe

    Today, we're taking a historical look at some of Europe's most iconic landmarks. I wanted to capture as much of Europe's impressive history as possible, so I've done scenes from a variety of different eras - hope you enjoy this trip back in time! The Acropolis and Parthenon - 400 BC Ancient Athens The Colosseum - 50 AD Ancient Rome Montelbaanstoren - late 1700s Amsterdam, The Netherlands Trafalgar Square - 1880 London, England Eiffel Tower - late 1800s Paris, France Place De La Concorde - early 1900s Paris, France Brandenburg Gate - early 1900s Berlin, Germany Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Asian Skylines" Thanks to @ByeByeBayou, @tariely, @bobolee, @Wallibuk, @RobertLM78, @Mascalzone, @KOSMO*, @Dead_End, @jakis, @ESP15, @Tyberius06, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @Toby Ferrian, @Goldman Sachs, @Manuel-ito, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @Odainsaker, @AsimPika3172, @Artimus, @Androgeos, @kingofsimcity, @bladeberkman, @Themistokles, @JP Schriefer, @PaulSawyer, @MilitantRadical, @sc4baidu, @Duco, @SS3K, @TekindusT, & @nukehumvee for all the likes and comments!
  2. 8 million population

    I've managed to cram 8 million people into this region. Now only 618,000 left until I hit New York's actual population
  3. Asian Skylines

    Today, we're returning to Asia to see a few more of the continent's most impressive skylines. After already taking a look at Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai in previous updates, today we'll be visiting Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore. We'll begin our tour in Seoul - the capital of South Korea. This city of nearly 10 million offers a stunning contrast of new and old architecture - and it's no more apparent than in the city center where the ancient Namdaemun temple sits right next door to modern high rise offices and apartments. Seoul's distinctive 63 Building is one of the city's most recognizable sights and is covered with an exterior of glimmering gold glass. Taipei's impressive Taipei 101 was completed in 2004 and was the world's tallest building for a number of years. We move into Southeast Asia for our last three sights, starting with Thailand's capital, Bangkok. Rising high above the chaotic, bustling streets below is the stunning Baiyoke Sky Hotel - this 1,014 foot tall skyscraper is one of the world's tallest hotels and offers great views of the city. Malaysia's capital, Kuala Lumpur, is our next destination - and its skyline is dominated by the impressive Petronas Towers. Standing 1,483 feet tall, they were briefly the world's tallest buildings until being surpassed by Taipei 101. The tour concludes with a look at Singapore's CBD. This small island nation may only be 278 square miles big - but is well known for having one of the continent's best skylines with plenty of modern highrises along its waterfront. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "São Paulo" Thanks to @mike_oxlong, @bladeberkman, @Wallibuk, @Odainsaker, @jakis, @art128, @ESP15, @Tyberius06, @KOSMO*, @Duco, @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @Goldman Sachs, @PaulSawyer, @bobolee, @Dgmc2013, @ByeByeBayou, @RobertLM78, @The British Sausage, @redfox85, @Elenphor, @Haljackey, @Manuel-ito, @Dead_End, @_Michael, @Prophet42, @Androgeos, @Don_Pato, @Jeff., @MilitantRadical, @f3cs, @Artimus, @Mascalzone, @JP Schriefer, @TekindusT, @juliok92012, @eufl, & @dabadon5 for the likes & comments!
  4. Chapter XVIII: Hellfire Bay

    Hi There again folks! I'm really happy that the redevelopement work of The Bright City is being appreciated! Unfortunately I also noticed that all of the images attached in the previous chapters published three years ago (but not the first two ones, which is quite strange) are no logner available and I'm sorry because no more direct comparison will be possible with how the city was in 2015. But, and this is the good news, regarding this part of the city I've been able to find some old screenshot saved in my HD, so the comparison there will also be in this chapter even if it will be the last one. For this reason, and also because what has to be shown to you is really much, I dediced to go a bit quick and show you in a single entry what previously was in four (Chapter III, IV, V and VI to be precise). The remastered version differences are really a lot so let's begin, but first of all... @Kingkhufu @wallasey @sunda @VALASatoshi @bobolee @Dead_End @Elenphor @mrsmartman @f3cs Thanks for the likes and comments! Without your support it's not the same! HELLFIRE BAY IN 2015 Hellfire Bay it's the inlet directly facing the the Victoria Harbor Island and that, has such, has a large mercantile traffic within it with numerous cargo ships continously passing through to dock the piers facing the bay (as you've seen in the previous chapter the remastered version of Victoria Harbor also has many piers not facing the bay but the ocean). Before going into details it is worth to take a look at the whole bay as it is now in the morning and, why not, also by evening: HELLFIRE BAY IN 2018 Please let me say that the harbor's loading yards are not empty at all, but by this far there's no way to make the custom props visible! So, it is quite a large bay surrounded by mountains (it is almost the same in the whole city!) that directly faces the estern open sea. There are as many as eight city districts (three of the being islands) that overlooks at it making it the most peculiar by this point of view, but certainly not the largest. Well... then let's see these districts (seven of eight, since one of them - not visible in the pictures above - will be included in another entry) one by one! BRIGHTVALE IN 2015 BRIGHTVALE IN 2018 This is one of the largest districts of Aurora (so much that its notheastern part - on the right in the image above - continue beyond Hellfire Bay) although, by far, not one with the highest population given the low density of its housing, with some exceptions like the area surrounding its living center, with the train station, the town hall and the local high school. The almost peculiar feature of this district is for sure the Victoria Harbor east checkpoint, not on the harbor island itself but located in this district eastern limit and connected to the seaport through a four lanes, one way tunnel. Moving west, we arrive to an important intersection: the largest Brightvale Boulevard on the left brings the traffic directly to the Stonehaven district, while the narrowest Magnolia Avenue leads to the homonymous district. While the first one is served by a bus line and full of parking lots and shops, with also some offices the other one is a narrower quiet street next to the railway. Heavy traffic is banned here. s MAGNOLIA IN 2015 MAGNOLIA IN 2018 In this rather small district is the first important purpose change of the remastered version we encounter: in 2015 it substantially was a large farm the city needed essentially because it was still rather small, but it clashed far too much with what surrounded it. Mostly for this reason this has become a neighborhood that merges perfectly with Brightvale, whose main features are a rather large sports center next to a really exclusive private high school and one the biggest cemetery of the city, together with a train station only used by the local train service that go across Hellfire Bay and, ultimately, a land value even higher than Brightvale due to the large parks nearby that certainly make it a pretty desirable neighborhood as long as you can afford it! STONEHAVEN If you're impressed by the skyline you can see in the last picture... hey that's not downtown! It's just the Hellfire Bay one, the pretty small but busy district of Stonehaven, as in 2015 the neuralgic center of the whole bay: here is its largest train station with intercity trains, a large bus terminal to which all the bay bus lines stops and the connection to the higway (the highways to be precise, since one starts right here) and, most importante of all I guess, the Hellfire Bay General Hospital. Here are large condos, a big interchange parking just next to the station, a ferry terminal with a fast connection to Victoria Harbor and the Literature and Philosophy faculty State University. Its weak point is the lack of commercial areas. LYON HILL Just north of Stonehaven there is a hill ruling the entire bay: this is Lyon Hill, whose name is due precisely to this. It's a very little borough, but pretty exclusive, since it is in a very close position to the main transit hub of the bay, without suffering any traffic congestion since the road leading to the neighborhood is used only by its residents. The distinctive feature of this neighborhood is certainly the great basilica located on the top of the hill, very sought after for weddings and also for the spectacular belvedere right in front of its facade, from which you can get a breaktaking view of the entire bay. FREEMONT Time to go deeper into the bay, coming to a very particular district in terms of shape: Freemont is indeed a very long high density strip that follows the bay profile. It definitely is the commercially best served area of the bay even if, let's say it openly, if you want to have serious shopping you have to take the highway or train and move to other areas of the city! Just about the highway: it's not possible not to speak of the largest intersection of the whole city, known as the "Hellfire Loop" that connects two of the main arteries of the city highways system. IRVINE Where Freemont ends, Hellfire Bay ends. But before moving to this area we have to go west and arrive to Irvine, another mostly low density, high value residential district without particular attractions if not the tranquillity of living here. The most noticeable things probably are that its southernmost part is de facto inside a gorge, its uncommon sunken train station and the small but quite renowned track & field stadium mostly used by juniores. And here we exactly are where we were at the end of the previous chapter, at the junction leading to the Aurora Harbor Bridge located south of Freemont district, and this journal entry (pretty long!) is going to end, even because it is getting dark... HELLFIRE ISLAND But isn't something missing? Yes, and it's rather obvious not to say prominent! Also because it is what gives energy to this whole area and beyond: the Hellfire Island power station, located on the small island connected via bridges to Freemont and Stonehaven. But if you're planning to take this shortcut to avoid the traffic on the highway you'll be very disappointed: access to this island is restricted to authorized personnel only, and anyone must be equipped with an identification card and an authorized license plate to pass unharmed the two militarized checkpoints located at both edges of the island. In essence, here is a big part of what makes the city working and that's why security measures are so high. There are rumors that there are snipers placed at strategic points and that every now and then, to stay trained, they shoot the seagulls! And that's all, for now! But before leaving... I'm pretty sure you might be interested in having a map of this area! So.. here it is at the highest possible resolution I've been able to make it! There's no legend but seems to me it is quite easy to understand (let me know if you think it's not!), let me just say that the black and white lines are the train lines! As usual, let me finish with a last image that previews the next entry! Keep followin' and you'll be surprised!
  5. Following mysterious rumbles in the middle of the night, Woodland Town is plunged into the dark. Little do we know the disaster that awaits us in the neighboring town: River City; The town that has provided power to the region for years. To get the most out of this City Journal Update, keep these things in mind for your best viewing experience: - Embedded videos will provide music/sound effects for this update. - Play the videos at their suggested volumes as you scroll through. - Adjust the volume using the slider on the bottom left of the YouTube videos. - Some videos are set to start at certain times, all you have to do is press play and keep scrolling. - This is a story-based action City-Journal. To get the full experience, I recommend taking the time to through the story. - Leave a comment down below! They are highly appreciated! - Click on an image to see them in full screen. Estimated Read time: 10-15 Minutes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Previously on Story of a Nation... 2:57 AM I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?" Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?" Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying. Just then, the power goes out... Chapter 12: Part 2 The night was slightly chilly for a summer night from yesterday's thunderstorms. The air felt heavy with humidity and it was slightly windy. Me: "Everyone stay calm! We'll get to the bottom of this." *Cell phone rings* It's Mayor Matthew. (Mayor of the neighboring River City) Matt: "Send every firefighter, ambulance, and police over here NOW!! Helicopters too! I don't care!! Send anyone you can! PLEASE HELP US!!! Me: "I'll get on it! What's happening over there!" Matt: *Static*" I never heard so much panic in his voice. I don't like the sound of this. With no hesitation, I got the EMS talkie and called the chief of police Lane Jackson. Lane: "Mayor, I was just about to-" (Radio) Me: "We need every fire truck and ambulance over to River City now!" Lane: "I just sent all of our firefighters a couple minutes ago! I don't know what's going on!" Me: "What about Pleasant-view and District 1?" (Radio) Lane: "I already called them five minutes ago! Every unit in this whole region is heading to River City right now!" Me: "Any idea what's happening over there?" (Radio) Lane: "No power, idea right now. We have very little communication. I'm going over there right now. I suggest you and Ben head over there too." Wife: "What's going on?" Me: "I gotta go, I'm wanted at River City. This is serious." Wife: "Please be careful" (Kisses and hugs me goodbye) Jeremy: "Dad where are you going?" Me: "I'll be back, go back to sleep, everything will be okay. Go back to sleep." I get in my red car: Play this at full volume: As I get exit the driveway, I dial call my business partner Ben on my cell-phone: (Phone) Me: "Ben Wake up!" (Phone) Ben: (Yawns) What's going on? Why is the power out?" (Phone) Me: "I don't know! Just get up and get dressed! I'm picking you up in a few minutes!" I pull up to his driveway. Me: "Ben get in, hurry!" Ben: " Hang on, I'm coming!" Ben jumps in and we're on our way. Ben: "People are all coming out, it sounds like the world's coming to end end!" *Chuckles* Me: "Indeed." (Revs car) We drive through the dark eerie dark roads of our town in the middle of the night... 3:07 A.M. Play this at LOW volume: "10-39 get all units to River City! This is a 10-39" "10-69, we're on our way!" "10-71 we need more info!" "10-33 all units in region!" We catch up to the train of four fire trucks as police escort them. Nearly all police units, including our police van lead the way... We're in the red car following the firetrucks Ben: "Good lord..." Me: "Are they all evacuating from River City?" .My EMS Radio rings, it's Chief Lane Jackson. (Radio) Lane: "We got an update from firefighters over at River City!" (Radio) Me: "What's the situation?" (Radio) Lane: "Our whole county has lost power. We are completely in the dark!" ----------------------------------------------------------------- For reference, we are heading to River City, the site of emergency: Light Blue = Medical Helicopters Green = Firetrucks ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Radio) Lane: "There's a huge industrial fire at River City. Three of the coal power plants exploded. We have 14 confirmed casualties, possibly more. Coibridge is the only town that has hazmat units and ambulances. They're heading there too. I can see the smoke from here!" "10-33 all units to River City, all units to River city" Play this at LOW volume: Ambulances pour out of Coibridge Medical Center like angry bees from a hive: We quickly make it to the bridge. It is just endless cars on the other side of the road as they evacuate to Woodland Town. It becomes apparent just how serious the situation is once we cross the bridge: Play this at FULL volume: Play this at LOW volume: Play this at FULL volume: Play this at LOW volume: 3:17 A.M. We finally arrive and find a blockade of policemen and firefighters. Hundreds and hundreds of people are out around city hall that decided to stay: Officer: "Stay back! Everyone back to the town hall!" Ben: "Good lord! There's people everywhere!" Firefighter: "This way, This way! Come on! You get that side and you spread to the west! Go go! Play this at LOW volume: "We have more units coming in!" The sound of sirens is overwhelming. As we arrive, we can already feel the heat. I can barely hear myself over the sound of the sirens. Me: "Chief! Where's Matt at?!" Lane: "I think he's on the other side of the street! Probably looking for trapped workers! There's people still trapped back there!" Firefighter Squad Leader: "What do you mean we're out of WATER?!! Go find more sources NOW!!" Firefighter: "Move over to this side of the warehouse!" Me and Ben get out of the car and walk up to the firefighters (FF Squad leader = Fire Fighter Squad Leader) FF Squad Leader: "Here! You'll need this." (As he hands me a gas mask). Ben, go to city hall and take care of the crowds. Ben: "Will do! Take care of yourself, Mayor!" Another explosion is heard. FF Squad Leader: "10-33, LANE! WHERE ARE PLEASANTVILLE'S UNITS?!!" Lane: "They're still trying to get here! You know there's no direct road connection here!" FF Squad Leader: "Why not?!" (As he turns to me with a death glare) Ben: "Because the eternal commute loop!" FF Squad Leader: "That is the biggest load of bull-(beep) I have ever heard! Are you kidding me?! Me: "People can be dumb sometimes! I mean come- Another explosion Play this at LOW volume: Firefighter: "We got water!" FF Squad Leader: "(Turns to his squad) GO! GO! Spray now! Lane: "Get all your butts down there now! Let's go!" FF Squad Leader: "Spray! Let's go Spray at it!" Firefighter: "What's the point?! We're not the (Bleep)-ing hazmat units!" FF Squad Leader: "We're just buying time for now! We can't let the homes burn! This is all we can do!" 3:42 A.M. I hear a familiar voice on my EMS radio, it's mayor Matthew! Play this at FULL volume: Me: "Matt what's the situation?! Matt: "It's an oven over here Mayor! I'm trying to save people here!" (Talking to his group) "Alright this way come on!" Turns out Mayor Matthew (This town's mayor) has been escorting industrial workers out of the buildings and walked them to the freight station where they walked across the rail bridge to safety. Here's a map for reference to clear things up: The orange area are the burning zones, the big blue arrow is Mayor Matthew's location Lane: "He's on the other side of the power plants! He's walking people to the train station!" FF Squad Leader: "I don't know how he does it, it's over 150 degrees over there!" I radio to Matthew. (Radio) Me: "Matthew! What's going on?" (Radio) Matt: "Just got (coughs) the last group of people out, I'm going to go check (cough) and see (gasps) if anyone still left." (Radio) Lane: "Get out of there Matt! You've done your job! That oil plant will explode any moment!" (Radio) Matt: "I'll do what I...can. I'm...getting dizzy...hard to...breathe (fits of coughs)" FF Squad Leader: "Heat's gettin' to him. He's been back there for the last hour! He ain't gonna make it at this point." (Radio) Me: "No... Matt! Get back over here!" (Radio) Me: "Matt! Matthew!!! Do you copy?" (Radio) Me: "Matt! Do you copy?!" *No signal* I look around for a moment. Matthew has given my towns power for years and has been a great friend for so long. He has family living in another city and he's been through a lot. I put on a fire suit. Me: "I'm gonna go in and get him!" (As I strap on my suit) FF Squad Leader: "Are you out of your ever-loving mind?! Me: "Yes." I start to sprint down the road towards the burning buildings Me: "I'm going to save him! We need him!" FF Squad Leader: "You idiot! Get back over here now! But I kept running... As my adrenaline took over, I sprinted down the street and made my way towards the freight station at the end. I jumped a few flames and held my breath a couple times as I ran through smoke walls. I took a left to the dirt roads and stopped behind the coal plant to catch my breath. As the adrenaline wore out, it dawned on me just how hot it really was. I had burns on my fire suit and if I breathed too fast I would get into a coughing fit. Even my sweat was evaporating right away. The sky was nothing but smoke, and it was nearly quiet, aside from the sounds of burning buildings. "Hello!" I see a figure out in the distance: It's Mayor Matthew! Wearing a yellow suit and cap! I muster whatever breath I can to yell to him. Me: "Matt!" Matt: "What are you doing here? Go back! (Coughs)" Me: "Imma get you out of here, come on walk towards me!" The heat is so intense that I can barely breathe. A weakened and disoriented Mayor Matthew is stumbling right next to the oil plant. Matthew tries to walk but limps. (Radio) Lane: "Mayor! What the heck are you doing back there?!" Me: "I found Matt. His radio died. I'm trying to get him out of here..Can you send any units back here? (coughs) (Radio) Lane: "We can not send anyone back there! That Oil plant will go off any second! There's huge gas lines beneath them!! GET OUT OF THERE NOW!!!" Me: "Come on Matt!" (As he tries to take a few steps towards me) Me: "You can do it! Just a little more!" (He falls) Matt: "I can't make it." I start walking towards him Me: "I got you!" Matt: (Coughs) "You're insane, Mayor." Me: "Let's go. I'mma get you out of here." I hold him by the arm and start walking him to the train station. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh (Bleep)! Play this at FULL volume: Boom... The explosion sent me and Matt flying. Everything went black. I can only hear a ringing in my ears... Play this at LOW volume: Play this at FULL volume: Suddenly I hear a voice on my EMS radio that was tossed a few yards away. (Radio) Lane: "This is chief lane, copy! *Static* (Radio) Lane: "Copy! Is any one there! Do you Copy? Mayor!" Me: "I'm okay..(gasping)." (Radio) Lane: "That whole plant just blew up! It's a miracle you're still alive! The situation is beyond worse now! Where are you!?" Me: "Behind the power plant. Near the...gas...I mean train station." (Radio) Lane: "How about Matthew?" I look around and notice his body. He's been thrown a couple of yards. I stumble back up and walk towards him. I look over to him. He appears to be breathing. Me: "Matt?" Though he is still breathing thankfully, both of his arms and legs are covered in burns. Likely they were slammed into the ground by the explosion. Half his hair is missing and his shirt is torn. Matt: "(grunts in pain) I can't move. It hurts." Me: "What's hurting you buddy?" Matt: "Everything." (Radio) Me: "He's not doing too well Chief. He's in serious pain." The flames begin to reach down towards us. Me: "Come on Matt I got you. We gotta go." I try to pick him up but my body felt too weak. I try to drag him by his feet. Me: (Grunts). "Let's go to the train station." Matt: "My town...(grunts in pain) I slowly drag him down the dirt road: We get closer to the train station. Me: (Grunts). "We're almost there. We're gonna make it." Matt: "No...take a look.." I look behind me... My heart sinks. Matt: "There's (gasps) no way in hell we're...getting through that." I look to the road I came from earlier. It's blocked by a huge wall of flames and debris. Matt: "Now we're trapped." I try to think about anything, any ideas. But nothing came to mind. Lane can't get anyone here either. Too risky. Even if I left Matthew to die there's no way out for me now. Me: "I'm so stupid, Matt. I left my wife and kids...back in Woodland." The flames continue to get closer...
  6. Upcoming Teaser

    After from what seems to be an eternity from posting anything in over a year, I am back with more ideas and energy for developing Mistral Isle. Here is some few teaser shots to give you an idea of what is to come very soon. Please mind that these shots are what I consider to be polished and done, as there are still other areas I have not shown yet to reach this level of development.
  7. Henkovce

    Hello! I´m beginner, but I start build my new city which named "Henkovce". I started with Vanilla, but gradually I add some mods. Today, my city has 25 000 citizens, 7 bus line and 2 tram line. And my first video is from my first tram line 1. Thanks for watching and please let me know about some tips and mods for my city.
  8. Welcome back! School's out and summer has begun! It's time to make great use of the water park that was built a while back! Woodland Town, along with most towns in the region have stagnated a bit, with population hanging at 30,000 people. Plans to connect the towns and region by interstate and rail by the end of the year are in progress and will encourage major growth in all areas once completed. The Mayor and his wife have two kids, their son Jeremy who is 10 (going into 5th grade) and daughter Christina who is 8 (going into 3rd grade). A Summer to Remember I: A Trip to the Water Park It's another hot summer day This particular Saturday, however, it was very hot! Weather Report: July 8 Saturday Temperature: 96 Degrees Dew Point: 72 Degrees Feels Like: 107 degrees Rain: 80% Highs 98, Lows 73. Scattered showers throughout the day, isolated showers in the afternoon. I took the opportunity today to take the kids out to the new water park. They've been begging me to go the last couple weeks! Jeremy and Christina: Daddy let's go! Me: Christina put on your seat belts! Wife: It's really hot out today. The lines are going to be really long today! Me: I imagine. We get in the car and drive out: 1:24 PM We arrive at the water park and as you see, it's quite crowded: Unfortunately, the trip was cut short and just as they were about to go back upstairs to go on the slide, the lightning alarm goes off. The wind started picking up and drizzles of rain began to come down. Me: "Alright, let's pack it up!" People start exiting in droves as the storm nears. Typical summer storm, we've been getting a lot of these lately but they're normal. I feel the temperature drop. 4:15 PM Just as we're leaving the parking lot, it begins to downpour: It rained for a good portion of the afternoon... The sun peaks through the clouds as the rain continues: 7:35 PM The rain finally let's up: Christina and Jeremy playing in the puddles in my front yard: Here's the current weather now after the storm: Weather Report: July 8 Saturday night Temperature: 76 Degrees Dew Point: 71 Degrees Feels Like: 81 degrees Temperatures have dropped by 20 degrees! Later That Night... The night is peaceful, with the occasional sound of a car streaking through the wet streets splashing up water and distant thunder. Kids from the local neighborhood join in for a pickup game: 10:12 PM Regional Night View: Woodland Town on the right, Woodland River City on the Left, District one above and Pleasant view below it, and Coibridge on the upper left. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2:57 AM I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. Wife: "What's going on?" She says as she rubs her sleepy eyes Just then an even louder rumble booms in the distance, waking up the kids. Jeremy: "Daddy what's that? Another storm?" Me: "I'm going to find out." We all go outside and notice just about the entire neighborhood's been woken as well, as families head outside out trying to make out what's going on. I look at the skies for a sign of a thunderstorm but the skies are clear... Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?" Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?" Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying. Just then, the power goes out... To Be Continued... Thank you for reading! Don't forget to leave a comment if you haven't already! Like and follow to stay tuned!
  9. 7 million

    That was awfully quick, but I've hit 7 million.
  10. NY Suburbs

    Finished the large New York suburbs. Now time to build to 7 million.
  11. São Paulo

    Today we're visiting one of the world's largest urban sprawls - the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo. With nearly 40 million people residing in it's massive urban area, it's one of the world's most populated cities. São Paulo is an important financial center and is well known for its unique landmarks and interesting architecture - and there's no better example than Paulista Avenue. Home to a number of large banks and financial institutions, it's one of the city's most important avenues. While São Paulo is home to many of the country's wealthiest citizens - the outskirts of the city are a different story. It's a city known for its income inequality and favelas can be seen for miles. While the city center of São Paulo is located quite a bit inland - the Brazilian state of São Paulo still gets to enjoy a beautiful stretch of Atlantic shoreline with a number of popular resort towns such as Santos. It's a popular vacation destination for locals and tourists alike - and the port and container terminal here is vital for the entire country. We return to central São Paulo - visiting one of the city's most well known landmarks and important transportation hubs - the beautiful Victorian Estação da Luz (Luz Train Station). The impressive Ipiranga Museum is a well known history museum in the heart of the city and is a popular tourist attraction - it's currently undergoing an extensive restoration however and will re-open in 2022. The recently completed Cidade Jardim Corporate Center can be seen standing right next to a neighborhood of slums - this sort of income divide can be seen in many places across the city. The Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge was completed in 2008 and spans the Pinheiros River - it's one of the city's most amazing sights and is quite striking at nighttime. A final mosaic of São Paulo's impressive skyline, featuring a few of the city's most famous high rises - such as the curvy Edificio Copan, Edifício Itália, and the Banespa Building. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "The Balkans" Thanks to @Bayyne23, @Tyberius06, @Bastet69008, @tariely, @bladeberkman, @RobertLM78, @matias93, @Wallibuk, @PaulSawyer, @Silur, @art128, @jakis, @Duco, @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @alejolopez13, @Dead_End, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @JP Schriefer, @Krasner, @VALASatoshi, @bobolee, @ByeByeBayou, @Odainsaker, @Manuel-ito, @ESP15, @The British Sausage, @Androgeos, @CGMozart118, @juliok92012, @redfox85, @TekindusT, @KOSMO*, & @dabadon5 for the likes and comments!
  12. 6 million

    And like that I'm at 6 million. Currently expanding into the farm land to get to 7 million.
  13. The Balkans

    Today, we're taking a look at one of Europe's most beautiful and unique regions - The Balkans. From picturesque cities, villages, farmland, natural wonders, and more - this area is filled with sights that will take your breath away. We'll begin in one of the region's most important cities - the Serbian capital of Belgrade. Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, it's one of the continent's oldest cities and has a number of notable landmarks. Beograđanka (Belgrade Palace) is one of the city's most recognizable skyscrapers and rises high above the historic old town. Entire districts of the city are filled with commie blocks - these huge, repetitive apartment buildings often dominate the landscape around them. The Balkans are filled with picturesque farming villages for as far as the eye can see. The Balkans are known for their natural beauty as well - the stunning waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park are particularly impressive. Romania's Bran Castle is our next destination - this famed landmark is often associated with Dracula and many believed that he lived here at one point. Although there's little proof to support this - it could have been the home of Vlad the Impaler at one point. As we make our way south, we finally get our first view of the Mediterranean Sea - and we'll be stopping in Greece's Ano Symi for the night. This picturesque seaside village is filled with colorful buildings and is gaining a reputation as one of the area's most beautiful destinations. The tour concludes with a visit to one of the Mediterranean's most stunning destinations - Croatia's Dubrovnik. The walled old town was completed in the 16th century and is well known for its well preserved white stone buildings. With beautiful views of the Mediterranean from the city's riviera - any trip here is unforgettable. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Madrid" Thanks to @Akallan, @alejolopez13, @Tyberius06, @_Michael, @Bastet69008, @mike_oxlong, @Cassalett IV, @ESP15, @Dgmc2013, @Toby Ferrian, @redfox85, @CorinaMarie, @bobolee, @The British Sausage, @Manuel-ito, @VALASatoshi, @bladeberkman, @Duco, @kingofsimcity, @Wallibuk, @Bayyne23, @PaulSawyer, @jakis, @RobertLM78, @Handyman, @JP Schriefer, @Dead_End, @ByeByeBayou, @Androgeos, @matias93, @Krasner, @kschmidt, @Odainsaker, @Toothless Stitch, @dabadon5, @TekindusT, & @adam_SVK for the likes & comments!
  14. Madrid

    Today we're visiting the capital of Spain - Madrid. This metropolis of 3 million residents is situated on a high plateau in the heart of the country and is well known for its temperate climate, elegant avenues, beautiful parks, and famous landmarks. There's plenty of attractions to see here - so let's take a close look at this beautiful capital city. Our tour gets started off in the outskirts of Madrid where we'll be visiting the legendary El Escorial palace. This iconic landmark was originally constructed in the 16th century and has plenty of history - through the years it's served as a monastery, museum, library, pantheon, basilica, and most importantly the burial place of Spanish kings for nearly 600 years. With favorable conditions much of the year, the arid landscapes surrounding Madrid are ideal for growing olives. Massive plantations can be seen for miles in the countryside. We finally arrive in the heart of the city and our first stop is the impressive Palacio Real. The official residence of the Spanish Royal Family until 1931, it's the largest royal palace in all of Europe. The towers of Puerte de Europa are one of the city's most distinctive sights and serve as symbolic gate into the city. The Cuatro Torres Business Area (Spanish for "Four Towers Business Area") is home to a number of the country's tallest buildings. Completed in 1953, Edificio España is one of the city's tallest and most iconic buildings. It's currently undergoing renovations and plans to open as a hotel next year. Our tour concludes with a look down the city's Gran Via avenue - one of Madrid's most popular and famous tourist destinations. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Tokyo" Thanks to @JP Schriefer, @VALASatoshi, @ByeByeBayou, @art128, @tonyr, @Duco, @Dead_End, @simmytu, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @ESP15, @Toby Ferrian, @jakis, @alejolopez13, @Krasner, @Dgmc2013, @mike_oxlong, @bobolee, @Odainsaker, @nRVOUS, @kingofsimcity, @RobertLM78, @redfox85, @pedroac20c, @Tyberius06, @Haljackey, @bladeberkman, @Mascalzone, @The British Sausage, @PaulSawyer, @Androgeos, @Manuel-ito, @Elenphor, @MilitantRadical, @simmaster07, @Marushine, @Wallibuk, @TekindusT, @Bastet69008, @mertzigzag, & @RedDunoVn for the likes & comments!
  15. 4 million region population

    I hit 4 million in region population today.
  16. New York

    This is the region I have been working on since late-2017 after I finished building up the Timbuktu region. I'll post photos after I get onto my PC with the city.
  17. Tunare (S1 E2) - Where it all began, part I.

    Tunare, the city of fishermen, the capital of Costania, the seat of former Costanian kings. That's how is Tunare known today. But how it all began? Let's find it out. The first written mention of Tunare was found in document Notas Navita (Navy notes) of unknown sailor of british navy in 1521. He mentioned "a small abandoned settlement near the place where the small river flows into the bay". The bay was full of tunas, and that's the most possible origin of the name of the town. Few years later, news about this place spread quickly across all of Europe. Many people wanted to move into the "New Coast" and restart their lifes. Most of them considered the place at the Tuna's bay (former name) as the best of whole island. The original settlement was destroyed and the new inhabitants started to build a whole new town instead. The first building built there was Magetkirs te santet Nikolas (St. Nicolas' Cathedral). On these first three pictures you can see, how the road network has developed, including the older bridge Gasanet pon (Gasan's bridge) and newer Pon te Ian Enet (The bridge of John I.) There were built also the first houses of the new locals. At the south, you can see Hans te aipranetreke (House of worship) and at the west you can see the house of the first mayor. Near the Bridge of John I. is Kirs te santet Iesuset kors (Jesus' saint heart's church) and souther you can see the building of Natelet konsil (National council). At the southwest you can see Kirs te santet Lukas (St. Lucas' church) Some people weren't likely to stay in the town, so they decided to leave and establish villages near Tunare. Here are some of them: Lard tan Klisa (north from Tunare) Maget Eskels (the bigger village) and Linet Eskels (the smaller one) Orestei
  18. Tokyo

    Today we're taking a closer look at the capital of Japan - Tokyo. With nearly 40,000,000 people in its metropolitan area, it's not only one of the world's most populated areas but also a vital global city with important business and finance sectors. With a mix of new and old architecture, and plenty of iconic buildings - there's lots to see and explore in this famed city. We'll be arriving to the city's center via bullet train - where the scenic landscape of rural Japan can be enjoyed traveling at speeds of nearly 200 mph. We finally arrive in Tokyo - getting off at Tokyo Station, one of the country's busiest railway stations. It's a mix of new and old here in the city's Marunouchi district - sleek, modern office buildings can be found right next door to the great canals of the city's imperial palace. Today, the grounds near Marunouchi house the city's grand imperial palace - but once were home to the majestic Edo Castle. Built in 1457, the castle was home to the powerful Tokugawa shoguns for centuries, but was eventually destroyed by fire a number of times and never rebuilt. Only moats and ruins of the original structure survive to this day. Our journey through modern Tokyo resumes with a visit to the famed Shibuya Crossing - often said to be the world's busiest intersection. Ginza is another one of the city's most iconic districts - this popular upscale shopping area of Tokyo is well known for its elegance and luxury. The iconic bright orange and white Tokyo Tower was opened in 1958 and quickly became one of the country's most prominent landmarks. A view of the 2,080 foot tall Tokyo Skytree - opening in 2012, it's the country's tallest structure and is particularly striking at nighttime. We'll conclude our trip with a look at Shinjuku from above - one of Japan's most impressive skylines and leading business districts. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "1970s New York City" Thanks to @art128, @alejolopez13, @matias93, @CorinaMarie, @Odainsaker, @Dead_End, @SS3K, @Handyman, @bobolee, @Jasoncw, @redfox85, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @Huggy-Bear, @RobertLM78, @The British Sausage, @Don_Pato, @kingofsimcity, @VALASatoshi, @nycsc4, @rivit, @Krasner, @bladeberkman, @nRVOUS, @JP Schriefer, @Prophet42, @mrsmartman, @Duco, @ESP15, @Elenphor, @Diego Del Llano, @Toby Ferrian, @simmaster07, @jakis, @simmytu, @europe.au, @pedroac20c, @AlexandrosB13, @airman15, @PHBSD, @Haljackey, @CGMozart118, @Wallibuk, @Manuel-ito, @Simmer2, @raynev1, @Tyberius06, @Jackspital, @eufl, @TekindusT, @tariely, @Bastet69008, @Hanson784, @Chien Chen, @dabadon5, @Mascalzone, & @Josh6 for all the likes and comments!
  19. Note before you start reading: This region is mostly empty so far. I decided to show you all my work from the very start, until the (hopefully) late finish with developed cities, villages, etc. Welcome to the Central Costania region (Mitelet Kostania), also known as the capital region of Costanian republic. Geographicaly, this region lays on banks of the river Klisa and Tunare Bay. It's a lowland, where the agriculture is set to expand very quickly. In the place, where Klisa flows into Tunare Bay, the settlers in the past decided to establish the town called Tunare. They saw this place very useful placed, with the access to sea as well as to the inner land. The first image shows you (almost) the whole region of Mitelet Kostania. River Klisa flows from north to south into Tunare Bay. On the left, you can see another river Dairam that also flows into Tunare Bay. Now, let's have a closer look to the place, where it will start. I put the street network of the oldest part of the city of Tunare - The Old Tunare (Altet Tunare). These streets have a cobbled-stone surface, because they are set for Old Town. Then, some squares and pedestrian zones was added (made of cobbled stones, too): And later, some more avenues has been added. Tunare has begun spreading into west, north and south. Everything is set to continue and develop. Next: The first church has been build (yay!) and Tunare has got its connection via rail. Stay tuned!
  20. Chapter XVII: Victoria Harbor Remastered

    I'M BACK! Hi there folks! I'm quite sure many of you do not remember this CJ, whose last entry was dated November 2015, but as you probably guessed reading the title it's completely not new! My work with the marvellous Cities: Skylines has been very intense three years ago and I published many chapters showing the city of Aurora in 2015 on Simtropolis.com, being feautured 13 weeks in a row in the Ben's Top Ten and, since I've resumed it from about one month, I want to share it again and again! I do not know if it's usual here (maybe sure it is!) but when I decided to get back play Cities: Skylines, with many new DLCs released by Paradox and a new and really more powerful PC, I made up in my mind to complete the job I interrupted for a thousand reasons, no time being the first... After downloading the game again and buying several DLCs I reloaded my saves but... woohoo!! About nothing worked properly and OMG there were so many new mods out there to try and make use of to get to the usual, almost unattainable achievement: realism! Realism at all costs! But, to be clear: Aurora is not at all a real city, it's just my city. Based on the original real challenging New Caledonia map by MrMiyagi that I think is no more available, since it has been completely renovated too (it is only downloadable in its 2018, flattened, version), this map asks you to build a city that develops on several different coves connected to a central mountain massif. Reminds, a bit, Hong Kong. I fell in love with it in 2015 it and I still think it's really amazing to try to build a realistic metropolis in such an enviroment! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an aerial view of the map taken from my very first CJ entry dated August 2015: AURORA REMASTERED: VICTORIA HARBOR Believe me, it's almost shoking to me see this map empty! As you can read in that old entry linked above the masterplan was great and I am proud to say that it has been almost completed and not only that: I went ahead starting the phase II that I will show you as soon as this series of entries, dedicated to the renovation of everything was already shown (and you can see all the previous entries here), is completed. I know you got tired of reading, but let me say one last thing before publishing pictures as if there were no tomorrow: the conformation of the city, its neighborhoods, the road network remained exacty (almost!) the same, that's why I'm talking about a remastered version of the city instead of a remade one. What has changed are definitely the buildings and the level of detail allowed by all the great additions released on the steam workshop in these three years. So... let' start! I will try to follow the same order of the 2015 entries first introducing the location through an old photo (remember you can check them all through the above link if you want!). VICTORIA HARBOR 2015 Victoria Harbor already was one of my favourite parts of the city: a seaport completely located on an island it's something uncommon... VICTORIA HARBOR 2018 But look at it now! The same location looks absolutely different: the unrealistic Ibiza-like southside beach has gone replaced by piers, that allow ships to dock on both sides of the island. The seaport now also hosts a ferry terminal, with two lines serving the surrounding Hellfire Bay. Everything it's still in its place: the cargo train terminals, the passengers train station adjacent to the Port Authority Hedquarters tower and all the factories of the seaport industry, the main Control Tower and the gargantuan Logistics Center that serves the whole region. Also the west security checkpoint is still in its place, as well as the east one that we'll be shown later. On the southwest side of the island there also is a very large composting center near to a large water treatment plant, not forgetting the prominent lighthouse and the ferry stop. THE 2015 VICTORIA HARBOR BRIDGE As I told you Victoria Harbor is on an island, that obviously needs to be connected to the mainland. On the west side it is trough a large bridge, that in the old version wasn't much landmarky... THE 2018 VICTORIA HARBOR BRIDGE Well... this is the new one! Just slightly better i guess. And no, believe me it's not the most impressive in the city, but for sure it's the most used by lorries! And before leaving the harbor and closing this first entry of my coming back, a pair of aerial screenshots showing the whole harbor island. Before leaving, just a teaser of what will come next! Feel free to leave comments and... keep followin' and you'll be surprised!
  21. Pirate Island

    PIRATE ISLAND Pirate Island is the center of The Archipelago's booming entertainment industry and one of the premiere tourist attractions of the region. It claims headquarters to influential global names such as Island Records, Blue Mountain Productions, Sly Fox Entertainment, and Ocean Studios. Pirate Island attracts visitors for its blue blue waters and white sand beaches, one of the best shopping drags in the region, and it even has it's own theme park!! Yo Ho Ho Theme Park is the best place to live out your pirate fantasies in this modern world full of rules and restraints. The roller coasters are tall and fast while the booty to be won at the carnival games is plentiful. "Follow the 'X' on the map to find your treasure" as their infamous commercials express. Bellow you can find Sam's Record Store on Parley Beach. This is historically one of the one of the most important records stores in The Archipelago. Many of the regions most famous musicians got their start preforming and selling albums at Sam's Record Store. What would Pirate Island be without it's premiere concert venue, Shiver Me Timbers Park. This is a MUST stop for any band in The Archipelago trying to make a career in music. This also happens to be the location for the Powder Monkey Film Festival, featuring the latest work from some of the most promising filmmakers from around the world. Beach Street or "The Booty Drag" is one of the premiere shopping strips around. Lots of hidden treasures can be discovered in this stretch of the island. That said, come for the shopping, stay for the movies! With many historical theaters such as White Shark, Blue Blue Films, and Ship Wreck Pictures, It's a MUST see for hot new releases and works from up-and-coming independent directors. One can't forget Scallywag Theater where the Davy Jones' Awards take place. Once a year, stars from Hollywood to Tokyo to London come for one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in film. Thank you for reading and be sure to like my post and follow my journal!!
  22. Mexico City

    Today we're taking a look at one of the world's most populated cities - Mexico City. Sitting 7,400 feet above sea level, the capital of Mexico is home to some 22 million people in its metropolitan area. This center of finance, communications, and industry sprawls over 2,000 square kilometers - few cities can compare to its massive size. Mexico City is also one of the world's oldest cities - and before it was the massive urban area that it is today, it was once the center of the great Aztec Empire. Their capital of Tenochtitlán was founded in 1325 and was truly a sight to see with it's many canals and the great Templo Mayor overlooking the city's center. The mysterious ruins of Teotihuacan are one of present day Mexico City's most famous sites. Believed to have been built by either the Toltecs or Totonacs, the complex quickly developed into one of the world's largest cities but eventually fell into ruin for reasons unknown. A hot, smoggy summer's day in Mexico City. Here we see the city's most iconic skyscraper - Torre Latinoamericana - completed in 1956, it's said to resemble a mini Empire State Building and has notably survived a number of large earthquakes throughout the years. In the heart of the city lies Chapultepec Park - this massive urban oasis is one of North America's largest parks and is home to a number of landmarks and monuments like the impressive Chapultepec Castle. The Paseo de la Reforma runs diagonally through the center of Mexico City and is lined with modern high rises - and the distinctive Mexican Stock Exchange building is hard to miss. A nighttime view of the Paseo de la Reforma with a few more of its most impressive skyscrapers on display - 807 foot tall Torre Reforma and the 738 foot tall Torre Mayor, the city's tallest and 3rd tallest buildings respectively. Our tour concludes with a trip to the city's iconic public square - The Zócalo. With the famous Metropolitan Cathedral and Palacio Nacional close by, it's an area that's steeped in history and a can't miss destination. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Scenes From Hong Kong" Thanks to @Artimus, @mike_oxlong, @VALASatoshi, @RobertLM78, @f3cs, @Toby Ferrian, @jakis, @Handyman, @alejolopez13, @Dgmc2013, @PaulSawyer, @raynev1, @CorinaMarie, @redfox85, @Dead_End, @matias93, @nos.17, @9gruntsand1hammer, @Bastet69008, @mrsmartman, @T Wrecks, @bladeberkman, @schokoladeneis 1, @MilitantRadical, @AlexandrosB13, @kingofsimcity, @Elenphor, @_Michael, @Androgeos, @ESP15, @The British Sausage, @TekindusT, @Kieren Barnett, @tonyr, & @bixel for all the likes and comments!
  23. Scenes From Hong Kong

    With a population of nearly 8 million, one of the world's most recognizable skylines, and a thriving business sector - Hong Kong is one of the world's most important global cities. Today, we'll be taking another look at this city's famous skyline and much more as we further explore Hong Kong Island, the mainland, and more. We'll begin with another look into the past - back at the turn of the century, Hong Kong was still was still growing British colonial establishment. The city's port along Victoria Harbour continued to grow and grow throughout the years and was often crowded with junks, sampans, and other maritime vessels. Opening in 1998, Hong Kong International Airport, or Chek Lap Kok is the city's main airport and is located on reclaimed land outside Lantau Island in the western portion of the city. The distinctive Y-shaped terminal is said to resemble an airplane in flight. Just outside the airport is where you'll find Seaview Crescent and Tung Chung Crescent - two of the city's most impressive residential high rises. A rainy day in the city's Wan Chai District - home to the sleek Central Plaza. A late night in central Hong Kong with a view of The Center. The rain picks back up again as we visit the the city's Admiralty District - which features many of the city's most iconic skyscrapers like the Bank of China Tower, Lippo Centre, and the Pacific Place complex. A view of Hong Kong's stunning Union Square and the neighboring New Yau Ma Tei Typhoon Shelter at night. Rising 1,538 feet tall, the towering International Commerce Centre is the centerpiece of the complex and the city's tallest building. Our visit concludes with one last overview of Hong Kong's spectacular skyline and Victoria Harbour at sunset. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Shanghai" Thanks to @VALASatoshi, @CorinaMarie, @RobertLM78, @JP Schriefer, @matias93, @Odainsaker, @bladeberkman, @alejolopez13, @weixc812, @SimRico, @bobolee, @9gruntsand1hammer, @PaulSawyer, @Krasner, @jakis, @Jackspital, @Handyman, @Toby Ferrian, @mike_oxlong, @Dgmc2013, @f3cs, @Duco, @redfox85, @Oerk, @Androgeos, @aegian, @TekindusT, @lolo69ol01, @KOSMO*, @tariely, & @don11327 for all the likes/comments!
  24. Shanghai

    With a population of nearly 25 million, Shanghai is one of China's largest cities and an important international business and financial center. From small market town in the 1200s, prosperous colonial port city in the 1800s, and finally a rising global economic hub in the present day - it's a city with an impressive history and a bright future. Today we'll be taking a look at a number of the city's most iconic landmarks and districts. With a number of vital rivers crossing the city - the waterfront has always played an important role in Shanghai's past and present. The Bund is where we'll begin our tour of Shanghai - this waterfront district along Zhongshan Road runs alongside the Huangpu River and contains many of city's most historic buildings - it was truly quite the spectacle during it's heyday in the early 1900s. Overlooking the northern end of The Bund is the iconic Broadway Mansions - since it's completion in 1934, this timeless Art Deco hotel has served as a symbol of Shanghai. Since the early 1900s, Nanjing Road has been the city's main shopping street and is constantly buzzing with tourists and locals, day or night. The striking design of Shanghai Stadium is one of the city's most unique sights - it's been the home of Shanghai SIPG Football Club since it's opening in 1999 and has hosted a number of important events as well. Located in the heart of Shanghai's shopping district in Puxi, the distinctive Tomorrow Square tower rises 934 feet and is one of the city's tallest buildings. A view of Shanghai's Pudong district and CBD overlooking the Huangpu River - with the centerpiece being the stunning 2,073 foot tall Shanghai Tower. Completed in 2014, it's currently the world's second tallest building. A final of view of Shanghai's skyline at night, featuring many of the city's most impressive buildings such as the Shanghai World Financial Center, Jin Mao Tower, Bank of China Shanghai, and the futuristic Pearl Oriental TV Tower. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Pacific Northwest" Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @The British Sausage, @Manuel-ito, @alejolopez13, @Handyman, @RobertLM78, @Odainsaker, @Bastet69008, @bobolee, @art128, @PaulSawyer, @jakis, @Jackspital, @KOSMO*, @Dgmc2013, @Simmer2, @bladeberkman, @VALASatoshi, @redfox85, @JP Schriefer, @Whte_rbt, @PHBSD, @matias93, @MAW, @Androgeos, @kingofsimcity, @mrsmartman, @Fantozzi, @mike_oxlong, @raynev1, @Elenphor, @Eclipticalstorm, @mayor11, @Huggy-Bear, @9gruntsand1hammer, @aegian, @nos.17, @dabadon5, @EvansRE4, & @tonyr for all the likes/comments!
  25. Pacific Northwest

    The Pacific Northwest is a geographic region of the northwest United States - and also usually encompasses the southwestern part of Canada as well. Well known for its majestic mountains, lush forests, modern cities, and more - there's plenty here to keep you in awe. Today we'll be taking a look at some of the area's most spectacular sights. Our trip begins in scenic Olympic National Park - located in western Washington, this vast wilderness is one of the world's best preserved temperate rain forests. The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of major cities like Portland - also known as the City of Roses. The Old Town's White Stag Sign is one of the skyline's most distinctive and recognizable landmarks. An overview of downtown Portland featuring the KOIN Center, Wells Fargo Center, and the U.S. Bancorp Tower. Our next stop is the Emerald City - Seattle. The famed Space Needle offers incredible views of the city - built for the 1962 World Fair, it quickly became the city's most iconic landmark. Safeco Field, home of MLB's Seattle Mariners since 1999. A look at downtown Seattle at night with a few of it's most iconic skyscrapers in view - such as the Columbia Center, Seattle Municipal Tower, and the Smith Tower. We travel north of the border to visit one more of the Pacific Northwest's most iconic cities, Vancouver. Scenes like the one below are common here - with the city core being filled with countless modern glass condominiums. A look at downtown Vancouver and the Bentall Centre - one of the city's most popular destinations. We start heading South to take a look at some of the Pacific Northwest's most amazing natural wonders, starting with Washington's majestic Mount Rainier. Rising 14,411 feet tall, it's the tallest point in the Cascades and can be seen all the way from Seattle, nearly 100 miles way. Rising 11,249 feet tall, Mount Hood is Oregon's highest peak and is another one of the region's most impressive mountains. Our last destination is one of America's most prized natural wonders, Oregon's Crater Lake. After the eruption of Mount Mazama nearly 8,000 years ago, the caldera filled up with rain water and snow melt - giving it a mesmerizing azure hue. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Previous Update: "Melbourne" Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @CorinaMarie, @Handyman, @_Michael, @jakis, @Namiko, @Jackspital, @Krasner, @KOSMO*, @bobolee, @ESP15, @mike_oxlong, @Odainsaker, @The British Sausage, @RobertLM78, @scotttbarry, @art128, @Androgeos, @bladeberkman, @Duco, @mrsmartman, @redfox85, @Charlie_Zane, @PaulSawyer, @TekindusT, @Bastet69008, @tonyr, & @blade2k5 for all the likes/comments!

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