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City-building game(s)

Found 26 results

  1. Back to Rural Again!

    Replies: Namiko: Thanks a lot! Prophet42: Those would be the backalley / centre-of-the-city-block pictures- I'm glad you get great ideas for your cities. Akallan: I will be posting the odd montage video every two months or so... JP Schriefer: Thanks! Also, one can never go wrong with Ennio Morricone. Wallibuk: Thanks! The buildings are a mixture of American, European and British buildings. Urban Constanta: Cheers! Entry 11: Back to Rural Again! So as promised here are some more rural scenes. I managed to find a diagonal version of Diggis river set and combined with the orthogonal set makes for some great-looking small rivers! 1. The idea is a stream cutting through the fields, with some areas being fenced off to create wildlife habitats. 2. Combined with orthogonal corners and diagonal corners, creating a river becomes an exercise in grid-busting. 3. The path splits in two... One branches off towards a small tourist spot. 4. Another thing I'm working on is wild areas with a medium saturation of MMPs. It's not 100% saturation and it ain't a light saturation either... Medium! 5. I always enjoy painting in MMP gravel paths. 6. At first I was just planning on creating MMP fields, but throwing in a river adds a bit of much needed variety. 7. Full-sized image can be found here- http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img923/1006/x8Hb1c.jpg 8. One of my favourite scenes to create is the rail siding in the middle of the countryside. 9. I also throw in some SPAM fence sets in as well- brown, white and barbed wire. 10. And a bit above the bridge is the field which hugs around the river's edge... 11. Using Heblem's tropical grass I get this dark-green field which looks decent. Another <small> addition is a dirt-lined perimeter around some fields. 12. The petrol station faces out into the sea of dark green. 13. 14. As mentioned earlier the tourist spot is this small gazebo by the river. 15. Now my plans for this river is that it will run across the northeast corner of the city tile. LARGE VERSION: http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img924/772/YZVYC7.jpg 16. And here is the picture of the playground. I posted this several days ago but here is the all-dolled-up version! Now then, the next entry will be something similar- more rural scenes. Enjoy! Lastly- WHY doesn't this site properly show mosaics?
  2. Creating realistic rural settings

    Replies: _Michael: Thanks! I spend a lot of my time expanding the city based on density transitions: high to medium, medium to low, low to medium, etc. kschmidt: Diagonals zones coming off FA roads was done to a limited extent by someone else- they however zones diagonal houses on an FA road but I took a perpendicular approach. FrankU's Dutch Parks are highly versatile and can provide posh fencing, low density tree fillers and cool looking paths. The horse race is a bit small and the diagonal downtown section has a little too much repetition but... It passes muster! I do love slotting in railyards into my industry. kelistmac: Cheers! I always go for large and gridbusting where possible- it's even possible to gridbust using strictly orthogonal streets and roads. Simmer2: Thank you! Your LOTs and BATs go some way to filling in my railways, industrial zones and rural areas. Entry 6- Creating Realistic Rural Settings Building urban areas is one speciality of mine and I do love industrial areas, but where I flourish in is with rural areas. Using MMPs I can create an organic look to a grid system of fields, or do some immense grid-busting. Listen up as I reveal some methods for creating highly realistic rural areas. 1. The 101 of Realistic Rural Scenes is rural/urban transitions and vice versa. 2. You will need fences bordering the fields, woodland filler tiles (or MMP trees), low density areas and of course the grunge roads found in Bipin's Industrial Essentials help too! 3. The city border can be all sorts: housing, light industry, a school, a large facility, a utility complex, etc. What matters though is there being a clear division between where the urban ends and the rural begins. 4. One method is mixing in fields with RCI zones. So when you move to the city outskirts there are fields either penetrating into the city area or there are fields surrounded by city blocks, etc. 5. The other crucial thing to consider is SPACE. 6. The smallest field needs to be at a minimum approximately 200 metres wide. Like the field above its width is 12 tiles across- or 192m. 7. In the North of Pololomia I mixed in fields with industrial blocks. This can make building to the grid very interesting and thus rather Americanized. Remember: SPACE, fillers and clear rural/urban divisions. 8. It's perfectly normal to have an industrial estate or business park to suddenly emerge from the countryside and farmland. But these kind of areas often have a lot of green space, trees and again SPACE. 9. Rural/urban transitions come in all shapes and sizes. For instance the railway marks the separation between an outer city suburb and the countryside. 10. In the future I will show the full area and you will appreciate the layout, size and detail involved. In these teaser pics though and in this one we have a bit of MMP gridbusting. Gravel/tarmac MMPs can go in any direction, as can walls and flora- EXPLOIT THIS to the max! 11. The next big challenge of rural/countryside scenes are the fields themselves. DO NOT use plopped field/crop lots. These have little to no variation and so make the grid stand out like a sore thumb. Because of the fields variation/(organic irregularity) your eyes are drawn to the fields, thus rendering the orthogonal roads less obvious and intrusive. 12. But MMP fields -- and I have taken great inspiration and artistic license from Ln X here -- make fields realistic. Why? Fields are organic and plants are sprouting in a chaotic fashion. Laying down MMPs emulates this chaotic distribution and so the entire field becomes this large painting- subtle variation of one theme. 13. I will explain more about MMPing fields in a future entry- but the basic process is usually mixing two flora MMPs together to create a thick, detailed look. 14. MMPs can also extend lots which seem very confined. The industrial buildings in the centre have more presence because of the dirt truck stop. This is just one small example of how texture MMPs and vehicle MMPs can produce incredibly realistic scenes with only three or four MMPs being used. 15. Using Ilive's Reader and the Lot Editor, 1x1 residential buildings can be changed into parks with no base texture. 16. I'm only just beginning to explore this technique but the results produce astonishing off-the-grid images. The buildings are surrounded by MMPs which create the illusion of a large lot, but the reality is this- these are 1x1 park tiles which have a house in the centre and a transparent texture. For the longest time I have always wanted to do something like the above and finally my dreams are coming true! Well... That wraps up this entry. And next week another entry. Stay tuned.
  3. Countryside town in progress

    Here's some screenshots of a industrial town I was working on.
  4. Vigata

    Vigata Vigata is a city that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Before the town there is a small fraction of Vigata called Montelusa. Here is the small historic village Descending from this small country that sits on a Hill you reach the highway linking Vigata with its airport and with the rest of the nation. Here is the highway and its beautiful countryside with the farm While we are approaching the city the Sun is going down and that's an old train station close in a modern industrial area And here's a piece of the city during sunset..... ....and the beach The night has fallen is the city is transformed into a lively centre. And one of the radio stations that are all the rage in Siculia is Nightride FM Here is a piece of radio station... ...and the city at night with its shopping mall with a river But now we move into downtown where there is a lot of movement of people bargain hotels and modern skyscrapers The city at night: between lights and people making noise The Platani River which crosses the city and historic bridges and some modern High speed train station between old town and downtown Finally the Church of San Gerlando in Agrigento by night COMMENT REPLIES: SICULIA' LL BE BACK First of all those pics were being tested with various effects so thanks to your feedback. michae95l: Thanks for the comment BugeyedDragon: Thanks for the comment. The second image I actually essagerato in the second image SimNation: Thanks for the comment is I hope this city journal you like. For when concerns the overhead contact line on HSR just put the file in the game folder NAM HSR catenaryand you will see kschmidt: Thanks for the comment 1404: Thanks for your comment
  5. Martin Falls : Tourist Heaven

    Over the years, Martin Falls has become where people from all over the region (and farther away) come for the summer, fall in love with the scenery, and retire -- which doesn't do wonders for the overall energy of the place but sure does for the peace and quiet. Strangely enough, Martin Falls' railway station is just a little stop -- there has been talk of building a bigger one, though. But things move slowly in Martin Falls. From there, you go to a variety of B&B and small hotels : Or to your posh home away from home : You can also rent a small house, a cabin, or an appartement -- or a boat : The main reason for the touristic appeal is that Martin Falls is where the region's rivers converge to form a lake, named (you guessed it) Lake Martin. As you can see, building has been kept to a minimum around the lake. People wanted to keep its shores as pristine as possible. But that is where the Kimmur Marina is. Small, and no big boats : no decibels, please. We row, we do not roar. But in the lake, there are islands, and there, at first, the realtors had themselves a ball before a new, more ecologically-minded Mayor was elected and reined them in. She has a nice house (the modern one) : Next : Islands Galore.
  6. Eden Bay : Martin Falls (1)

    The other "borough" of Eden Bay were P. R. went to preach & teach the Beauty of Writing after Kathy Vale was Martin Falls. (Martin Dumarais and his brother Jacques were the place's first settlers, and as such got to name a lot of its features ; you'll see). With Sooky County and Hummingcrest (that she only visited very briefly and has no pictures of, having forgotten her camera), it is the most agricultural part of the amalgamated Eden Bay city. It is in fact quite a sleepy little town, which only awakens in summer because it's the most touristic part of the region -- apart from agriculture, almost everything is geared to tourism. But it's not the noisy, frantic kind of tourism ; people come to Martin Falls from all over the region to spend their summer in peace. No music festivals, no summer theatre, no races, no nothing. You come, you boat, you swim, you walk around, you eat (well, as in the whole region), you get a tan, period. Even for Country Girl Extraordinaire P. R., it was a bit much -- or more accurately a bit not enough ( so she escaped once or twice again to Zinfandel. More of that later.) The few things Martin Falls can be proud of are of the eggheady kind, in fact : the Bio Research Institute, which work la mano in la mano with the local outreach of the regional university, mostly dedicated to the sciences -- fortunately, P. R. is writing science fiction, and so she paradoxically received at once a slightly better welcome here than in more literary stuck-up Kathy Vale. The local buildings of the Regional University : It's close to the small canalized part of the Martin River -- the Zabnises' canal program didn't play as well here as in Kathy Vale ; the residents obdurately want their river and streams untamed. Also, the claim to fame, for Martin Falls, is that it is the place where the two main railroads intersect. Hard to contain one's excitement... But there is at least one spooky story still running around the town, of the farmer on whose (mostly boggy) lands the interchange was built, who cursed the whole Zabnis lineage and disappeared. His angry ghost is said to reside in a giant oak that was blasted by lightning on a Dark and Stormy Night, way back then. The main attraction, of course is Martin's Lake (yawn...) , fed by the Sainte-Eulalie (Ah !) river and its small bifurcated tributary, le Ru-à-Jacques (of course...) The place is mainly dedicated to agriculture, as I said That's where almost all the region's produce comes to be shipped outside, to ZInfandel and to Eden Bay proper. Also people like to garden. A lot. This is the street where P. R. lived during her stay in Martin Falls, on the second storey of the little castle-looking hotel (it IS named Castlebrook Hotel !), left bottom corner. Peace. Quiet. Ommmmm. At least she could sleep soundly.
  7. This is the unimaginatively named, but oh so sweet Swim Lake. [aha! I finally managed to import images from afar ! Gee I'm so dumb. I hadn't considered "insert other medias". Well, live and learn.]] And this is another picture, showing more of the rest of the bog from which itSwim lakewas created : You can imagine how the bog looked, when seen together ; in fact people wanted one big lake, but the then mayor wanted to reserve the possibility of dredging, paving over and building on it. It has not happened yet. What is so nice about those lakes is that they are right smack inside the city : Now the other bog transformed into a lake : Boat Lake (as a writer P. R. sure deplored the lack of poetry. But those are man-made, serviceable lakes, not romantic ones.) And in fact, as a boating lake it's more like a puddle. Mostly it's used by kids (and their parents) who make model boats ; and and for some icture taking (weddings and such...) The one lake in Kathy Vale that is romantic is Lake Long. There, you can do some boating !
  8. The Eden Bay region is riddled with lakes, rivers, streams and bogs, which went right to P. R. S' heart, reminding her of her own native region. She really began to appreciate them in the last three months of her stay, especially in Katy Vale. Most of the bogs have been drained, but instead of paving them over, they have almost all been transformed in small lakes, for the pleasure and leisure of the inhabitants, and visitors. There's Swim Lake -- no boating allowed, and Boat Lake --no swimmer allowed -- and Lake Long, which is fortunately big enough for both... [And as I have only 0.89 MB allowed now, for some reason -- what, I update too often ??? !!! -- I'm gonna try other ways of straffing youall with my pictures.] [Darn, I tried "Album", but it uploaded my Album A stroll in the coutryside, which I made as a test when I transferred here from Simpeg...I don't even remember how ! At least most picture are of Kathy Vale (Lake Long is the first one), but not all the rest. How do I edit this ? ]
  9. Swim Lake and Bog

    Swim Lake and bog, Kathy Vale, Eden Bay region
  10. Kathy Vale : The Castle

    The first thing people told P. R. when she arrived in Kathy Vale, her being a science fiction and fantasy writer and all, was : "You must visit the castle !" The Castle ? There was a castle in Kathy Vale ? "Oh, yes", they said, with a proud twinkle in their eye, "Bollet's Castle". A medieval castle, where they had a big Renaissance Fair in the spring, medieval reenactment galore and medieval music festivals in summer, and a killer Halloween party in the fall. It was spring, so P. R. took the designated bus and went to The Castle. And yes, by Jove, there was a medieval castle among the fields and woods. Or, more accurately, what some misguided, romantic --and rich -- XIXth century European immigrant named Bollet-Le-Duc had imagined a medieval castle should look like, when he settled in the region. Still, it is a nice outing for school children, a tourist magnet (there were several buses of Japanese ones, that day) and an altogether pleasant place, with a (very narrow and not complete) moat and almost everything else. Normally, the Fair occupies the entire grounds, inside and outside the castle, but it was just being set up when P. R. visited. She bought lots of knick-knacks, geegaws and assorted thingamabobs, all prettily medieval. And it gave her lots of idea for writing exercises she used during the workshop she gave the week after.
  11. Memories : Eden Bay

    As P. R. was tidying up the photos of her recent trip to Europe, she found pictures of one of her more memorable trips in Eden Bay, when she stayed for six months, Spring and Summer, as writer-in-residence. It was in fact an itinerant writer-in-residence's gig, as “Eden Bay” was really several smaller towns compacted in the municipal fiction of One Big City with one mayor for its "boroughs" -- Kathy Vale, Martin Falls, Smallvilleray ... She kept alternating between them, a month here, three weeks there, visiting schools, colleges, libraries, bookstores, and the various parts of the distributed University of Eden Bay (it was UEB that had invited her). The first thing that struck her when she arrived -- it was obvious when seen from the plane-- was that the whole region was nicely hilly, green and plump with rivers, streams, lakes and bogs. She knew at once she would like it there. And she did. Kathy Vale, for exemple , where she landed first, is a pleasant mix of ancient and modern, not too sleepy, not too hectic, just the right, Goldilocks mix for her at that time -- she was not yet ready for the big time... *** SCROLL WAY DOWN for the rest. There was an upload problem:-)
  12. When It Changed

    ... It changed, because the ex-youths banded together and elected they own ticket, and they knew exactly what they wanted : they wanted their kids to go on walking, and pedalling. And they got their way. The banks of the lake that had been dezoned at some point for this or that never-built bridge were transformed into parks and bike lanes and they built the Marlaing pedestrian and bicycle bridge, exactly where such a bridge should have been built in the first place. And everybody lived happily ever after. Especially the kids -- and the tourists -- who could keep on enjoying the beaches and marinas without choking on car fumes.
  13. Saint-Josephia Agricola

    Her native Saint-Joseph is also the place where P. R. learned what all country girls know : food doesn't grow on supermarket shelves. It grows in the fields and orchards, and it's backbreaking work, even with modern machinery. But kinda rewarding, when the harvest is finally in. Saint-Joseph, first a logging town, has productively turned to agriculture. You can still see the old logging town center, at the crossroads, but when you buy trees and assorted green stuff now, it's mainly for your garden (although reforestation has been and still is big business all over the Queenbee region). Still, Old Maurice Marcoux has converted the oldest farm of the family into a B&B with bucolic nature paths and ponds (also, you can pick your own apples in the fall), and vegetarian tourists are assured that none of his cows (he now owns two dairy farms) will ever see a slaughterhouse, Milk, butter, cheese -- and ice-cream, which suits P. R. fine ! -- that's all they're for.
  14. Always Coming Home

    ... but never quite arriving at the same place. It's been thirty years since P. R. left Queenbee -- or more accurately her small town of Saint-Joseph, as Queenbee wasn't amalgamated then -- to go to bigger cities and a bigger life. Although most of the town looks the same, some of it has changed. A lot of forest has been clear cut, and is now second growth. There has been a huge rock slide, after the clear cutting, on a specially rainy Spring, ten years ago, that wiped out one of the upper trails P. R. loved the most -- and almost destroyed her friend's Josie's farm Fortunately, their other favourite hiking trail, the one going to the beach, is still intact. Also, most of what she knew as wild wood lots has been plowed into fields -- although some are tree plantations. Some of the slopes are still too rocky, though, and have been left alone. All in all, Saint-Joseph is the same but... different.
  15. Queenbee is (now) an amalgamated city, although covering a rather large territory. Here are three of its littlest boroughs : first, Bellaing, which was one of the first industrialized town, way back then, with the Comeau Inc. sawmill (wood was for a long time and stil is, the main resource in the region, with agriculture.). Saint-Geroges, which si mostly a sleepy little town, a crossroad for road and rail, and finally Saint-Benedict, mostly known for its resort hotel The Bougainville. It also has several B&Bs, most welcome by the tourist that haunts the region in summer and in the fall for the Colors Festival.
  16. A touch of snow over Queenbee

    It's only the beginning of the Fall, but a freak snowstorm has hit Queenbee ! Kids are real happy...
  17. Visiting Queenbee's Ashram

    As part of her prolonged visit to Queenbee's municipalities, P. R. has been invited by the Hippies. Well, that's how the town's people affectionately call the Gesalen community that has been living up in the mountain for three decades now. They were skeptical at the beginning, but seeing world famous thinkers and doers gathering there for conferences, retreats and --yes ! -- writing workshops, putting Queenbee on the The Map, they decided The Hippies were all right. As long as they stayed mostly up there. But is the Ashram thirtieth birthday, and, at the end of her stay in Queenbee, as the cool automne night falls on the town, P. R. is in for a treat : she loves fireworks, and the city offered one to the Ashram. (P. R.'s first pictures of the Ashram were taken at the beginning of her stay in Queenbee...)
  18. Countryside Peninsula Galore !

    Countryside Peninsula Galore ! Last time I mentioned the railferry to the Cape Hartford area. In this CJ we will explore the countryside of Cape Hartford and Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean. Cape Hartford peninsula countryside is still in a early stage; Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area is much wider developed. First settlers to Mayon Province went ashore on these peninsula´s wich were relativy safe. Some area´s of Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean and the town development of Fort Grayon Ocean will be revealed in a later CJ. Let´s start with the Cape Hartford area ! Early pictures of the harbour town ! Latest reworked harbour area ! Some countryside splendour ! Cape Hartford Town Another rural community Cape Hartford has as mentioned a connection with Fort Grayon. Cape Mayon is another well connected destination by fast ferry ! This route shorten the journey to Mayon by 50 miles, a relaxing boat trip. Ferry operates summer only ! Cape Mayon Port ! Now we move on to the Fort Grayon Islea and Ocean area ! Agricultural the oldest area of Mayon Province where the first founders of the province started up the area´s wealth. First Fort Grayon Islea the tip of the peninsula ! Cows enjoying the grasslands ! Fort Grayon Islea Town Apple orchards ! Next to conclude the Fort Grayon Ocean area ! Another agricultural community ! Some more agricultural pictures to conclude ! Well that´s are some pictures; the mods you install do comeback sometime ! Cows are lot harder to reproduce. Development is going so rapidly in the west part of Mayon province I have more than enough pictures fill some future CJ.. However to not fall into repetition I change the subject next time and will have a look at; the maritime scene of Mayon Bay ! Hope you enjoyed this CJ and see you back in the next one !
  19. And now for some smaller cities

    P.R. Crastina being a country girl at heart, she's most delighted when she's invited to smaller cities, or even small towns. Less stress, more oxygen, and opportunities from long walks. LIke in tis town, named -- lo and behold !-- Smallvilleray. It was originally a logging town, and still is, although it has diversified over the years. They made good use of their numerous rivers and streams.
  20. COMMENT REPLIES:House of Cards - ctOS Kim Sunwoo:the antennas transmit everything from television programs to phone calls because data are interconnected with each other TORRE CANNE Welcome to the month of may know what that means? The SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE COMING so here is a very popular summer destination is very popular destination Torre Canne. When you are on the Interstate is 1 you see a beautiful countryside with power lines then you are in Torre Canne. Here's to you lousy EHM nice highway exit of Torre Canne Meanwhile in Vice City Returning to Torre Canne here is the Church in Mediterranean style and it's seafront In this town there is the APPLE store There is also a IKEA store (ok I'm doing a bit of surreptitious advertising but who cares) And finally here is the central railway station of Torre Canne Then finally you saw that I changed the name of the nation from United States of America in the Federal Republic of Siculia for a future project that few understand. And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  21. 田舎での生活 | Life in the Countryside

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: WOAH! Thank guys for the undying support, the warm welcome to my updates and the new format is really encouraging. I have no major changes though although Tonraq sure knows why I was so busy with the last week. I just hope you like the new update and keep posted around. Arigatou Gozaimasu. BTW, rural is not my forte so please comment anything you see that you do not like. I am open to suggestions as long as they don't get personal. Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me. Replies to comments: --- THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE UNDYING SUPPORT, SEE YOU NEXT TIME! TEiKO. IT'S MORE FUN HERE! Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me. Official site of Teiko is now available here.
  22. Replies: Welcome to Macondo MilitantRadical: Your enthusiasm makes me happy! Thorbald: Thanks! I became aware of the conflict but I can not solve it. TekindsuT: You want other railways? Here they are. Ceafus 88: Thank you! Replies: Parliament – I've got the power! Pasqualegiò: Grazie per il commento. LnX: Wow! How many compliments! You're too good! Thanks! MilitantRadical: I only used the "lot editor" to create some additional detail. Infamousjbe: Often there is low tide in Macondo. Schulmanator: Thank you! Schriefer: Thank you for 5/5! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Repubblica di Macondo Campagne – Contrada Parrini Macondo's coutryside is characterised by large sundrenched fields and vineyards with abundant olive and fruit trees such as oranges and lemons and peaches. It makes the perfect destination for a truly relaxing holiday. This is an ideal place for those who seek tranquility and silence. In our farm you can also enjoy good wine. And now some glimpses of nature.
  23. Entry 1: So I've been playing SC4 for about ten years now and most of that time was spent with the vanilla version of the game. Then a year ago I saw videos of various mods and whilst aware of their existence I was rather discouraged about using them for fear of their complexity. Well after some disasters I finally learnt the art of building up a portofolio of plugins as well as managing them correctly. Over the last three months (after I had to remove all the plugins because I did a bad job with the management) I've downloaded about 3.6 GB of plugins: thousands of buildings, thousands more of props, NAM, SAM, X-ports, slope mods, maps, tree controllers, terrains, more utilities plus civic facilities, parks and all sorts. It's almost overwhelming the choices you have and I've only explored at most a third of all the content I have downloaded. So as such I am still experimenting with my new toys and this is why this CJ is going to be more like a scrapbook. There is no coherent narrative just various pictures of my cities, furthermore there will be all kinds of quirks, oddities, blips and bloopers as I mess around with this huge palette. I had various requests from my SimCity 2013 CJ about starting a SC4 CJ so here it goes. May I introduce the city of Tamboria (in bits and pieces!). This is part of Eastern Tamboria. Here is Tamboria's primary power plant, this is also an important regional power plant as well. And of course no city can function without an oil terminal... ... or function without substations either. It took me a while but I finally found a substation prop configuration which I found aesthetically pleasing. While NAM is pretty darn cool, I think the rail catenaries are totally awesome! Tamboria's main hospital, centre right.. Of course no city is complete without its recreational facilities. Behold Eastern Tamboria's sport's arena which serves both for American football and for track athletics as well. Complimenting the mayor's generous provision of recreational areas are the mini-parks. Whilst designated green areas are yet another means for overworked Sims to stretch their feet. Last, but not least, is the downtown WTC area. Well that is it for this first entry. The next couple of entries will explore Tamboria more deeply, so stay tuned! Apologies if the interface appears in some pictures or the grid is present, this is because in my enthusiasm to take snapshots I sometimes forget to minimize the interface. Please note that I will only be posting ONE entry per week for this CJ as I have very little spare time. Special thanks to all those batters, lotters and modders who have given hardcore SC4 players a mind-blowing plethora of new features. Finally God bless grunge concrete and the grunge roads of paeng's!
  24. 5 - Izumo - Time to leave city ...

    5 - Izumo - Time to leave city Replies : RepublicMaster : Thanks, I try to be the most precise as possible Forthwall : Thank you ! Hazani Pratama : Arigatou ~ Superbacon : Thank you ggamus : I'm happy you think that raynev1 : Ty Processgamer : Happy new year too ! NMUSpidey : Yeah the translation is original x) peank : You have received a PM Efkin : Thanks 111222333444 : Arigatô ! ______________________________________________________________________ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXSz7sY2FBo !Listen viewing the entry! Like promised in the introduction of my CJ, you will not only see big and dense urban areas ; now, it's time to leave cities and to go to the countryside. I hope that you liked this uptade ! Don't hesitate to comment and to put +1 !
  25. show us your countryside

    show here your countryside this is mines, but only a small part, cause my region isn't done yet

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