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City-building game(s)

Found 47 results

  1. Terrain comparison

    I'm interested in emulating SimCity terrain generation for a LEGO project I am working on. Could someone explain the differences between SC3K and SC4 terrain? IIRC, SC3K has three vertical slope levels, and can only model right angles and 45 degree angles. How are things different in SC4? Does SC4 also limit you in this way? Thanks.
  2. I'm still alive (update)

    Hello everybody, it's me, after an entire year I'm gonna be honest, I have no excuse for not really doing anything with SimCity 4 for over, like, a year. But, actually, I have I've been remaking Telegraph City over and over, it totals to about 4 different failed attempts for different reasons. After each failed attempt I'd probably lose motivation and quite for weeks at a time. I'd get doubts, stuff would feel so painstaking, I'd work on an entirely different city, etc etc That's likely gonna keep happening, but for now, I just want it to be known that this project is far from dead, I swear on the safety of my future children I'm gonna get this done, at least for myself. So this update has content, I'm gonna leak the entire finished region, no, not all of it is colonized, or actually finished even, that was a bad way to put it. But, it's the outline for how I want the terrain and shape to be. If you see any kinks in it I likely know about them :pp Here's a crappy mspaint map I made showing you the direction I made the pictures in Enjoy what's been in the works for a while now, and hope that I'll be back before like, 2019 or 2020, maybe sooner! Thanks to those who supported me, and I hope you continue to stay interested in this despite it being few and far between! Seeyall soon!
  3. Strange problem I am experiencing that I have never come across in all the years I have played SC4. There is no easy way of explaining it other than showing an image. Basically, the city map height glitches upwards, so the city is 2 or 3 terrain levels higher than the tiles surrounding it. The two images below illustrate the problem, the second one showing what happens when I create a new city, and then save and exit to region. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately I would like a solution that involves keeping the developed city as I've spent a large chunk of this week building it and don't particularly wish to start again.
  4. Hello everyone, I want introduce my first file on STEX also the first SC3000.com file uploaded on the STEX. That's SimCity 3000 Fractal Terrain Generator. Originally, the file created by Roger W Dunn. The real functionality of the tool is unknown. So, if you've SimCity 3000 and want to generate a new terrain without the default, you can try this.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Used to generate a terrain fractally as the title said. I don't know what's real functionality of the tool, though. This app was created by Roger W Dunn from SC3000.com (not city-builders.info). If don't work, please comment this file. Image © Wren Weburg. Thanks.
  6. Roads on Hills

    I found a couple posts about building roads up some hills, but I couldn't find them again. I followed the "how to grow a gentle slope" but that is on a flat land. What I want to find is how to climb a hill with roads upwards. I tried terraforming with RR but that just flatens the terrain, and NOT climb up a hill. I won't go for the 45 degrees climb that Maxis allows, they look ridiculous. Any ideas ?
  7. Version 2.0.2


    There are now 2 files in this package which I will refer to as the 'original' and the 'new' file(s). The original file is still in the package. It is a file that I re-edited and works as intended, a flat blank tile with unlimited simoleons, but after I heavily terra-formed the map and began building a city, I noticed some inconsistent behaviors of the simulation which may be the result of it being optimized as a 'trainer' with all buildings and ordinances available. The original file is intended for the purpose of introduction to the complete set of goodies in the SC3U game, and to make it easy to get started using all the features, especially for focus on creativity. The original file does not have a coastline which is required for use of the desalinization water pump and for creating seaports. The new file (V2) is more for the gaming aspect, it is a fresh-started city without any of the goodies 'cheated' into the game. It is also a 'trainer' in that it starts with 1,000,000,000 in funds, but you must 'earn' the rewards as you build and manage the city. The new file is clear of any other modification which may interfere with the operation of the simulator so is a better example for those more interested in learning how to 'play' SC3U. Note: Some rewards may not appear as they are triggered by reaching a certain amount of funds. To enable all Rewards use Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C and type 'pay tribute to your king' in the cheat box. The new file includes a coastline on which the desalinization water pump will work and for creating functional seaports, includes a bit of vertical terraforming in one corner, but is otherwise flat and blank. Thanks to @CorinaMarie for generating the new file which I then terra-formed, and which she then tweaked the extra funding into. Thanks to @catty-cb for providing a directory of SimCity Knowledge Tree Cheats. To install either or both city files for Windows unzip and place the files(s) in '..\..\SimCity 3000 Unlimited\Cities\'. This is where to navigate to in the game to load or save a city file. Also included in the zipfile is a Windows icon which can be registered in the system as the icon for all '.sc3' city files. The icon was extracted from the SC3U.EXE application. The last preview is of a 3rd city file I am working on without any cheats, mods, tricks, or extra funds, starting in pure SC3U vanilla mode. The animation demonstrates how dynamic the dilapidation and abandonment can be, with the RCI demands jumping up and down rapidly. If using 'swallow' speed, watch utilities as they can wear down very quickly.
  8. Hello. My question is quick and easy with a long buildup. Question bit is below in bold for any people expert enough to have a crack at answering with minimal information I have in the past used the below guide to edit the parameters of my terrain mod, which is fantastic as without this guide i would be lost! In the guide, @blunder states the below: "2. MaxNormalYForCliff. Max what for what? This is the variable that controls whether or not the texture you see on each tile comes from your rock mod or your terrain mod. The LOWER this variable is, the STEEPER your terrain must be before it is given rock texture instead of terrain texture. This may sound counter-intuitive but it's because a 'normal' -like in the variable name- is a vector orthogonal to the tangent plane of a surface and... ok never mind i'll just tell you what you should do with this. If you use a 15m Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod (DJEM)and you are perfectly happy with that, you can set this to .77 and just walk away. If you aren't familiar with a DJEM, it makes the terrain 'snap' to a nice line when making diagonal cliffs of a certain height; very useful for sunken highways and raised transit networks. If you want to use a DJEM for 7.5m overpasses if and when the NAM team manages to fully implement that system then the value you want is .95. Please note however that this comes with a huge trade-off where even the gentlest of slopes will become entirely rocky. Not recommended unless you're building on a map that is flat as Holland. Also note that just using .77 (the 15m DJEM value) does not look the best on hilly and mountain areas. It creates inconsistency in where the rocks appear and makes your terrain look weird; especially mountains. So for mountain areas i like to use something between .60 and .65. It really depends on the specific geology of your map." //quote I set my value to .77 which indeed works brilliantly for retaining walls / reducing the jagged edge effect but the rocks do tend to appear everywhere as mentioned and making my attempts at nature look totally horrid. If i change the value to .60 for my exisiting, developed tiles and then load the tiles, will this work or break my save? - I ask because i first edited the values first time before starting work in a region and after i break it, it will be too late Edit: Gave it a go. World appears to be still on its axis and cliffs look nicer. Mods, if you can kill this post, please do so.
  9. Many of us are familiar with the common BAT-making convention of increasing the scale of the heights of custom buildings by some 133%, particularly for doing real-building recreations. Doing so offsets the visual squashing effect of SimCity 4's axonometric view, whose foreshortening is most severe and apparent on an object's height components when rendered. This foreshortening is an inherent aspect of this type of constructed perspective view, and the effect is solely visual--a discrepancy between the abstraction of the constructed false-perspective and our understanding of what it should naturally look like. Jasoncw's example BAT cube of 1m x 1m x 1m without any height rescaling will not look like a cube when exported into the game, but will instead look like a 1m x 1m square box that was only roughly 0.75m high. The 133% adjustment to the height scale before rendering compensates for the height foreshortening visually perceived after rendering, so that our cube in game remains looking proportionally cubical. Everything rendered into the game's axonometric view will primarily have its height components foreshortened by the inherent mathematics of the axonometric view, and we commonly compensate our BATs and props beforehand with the 133% height adjustment so they don't look squashed after rendering. However, map terrain too should also be affected by height foreshortening when it is rendered. This is not really an issue for those making freeform maps using imported painted maps or in-game map tools where the heights of mountaintops are already chosen by how they visually appear, but what to those making real-world maps and importing DEMs with a specific target for certain terrain heights and map proportions do? I know the game and its query tool will identify terrain with in-game elevations, and DEM grayscales can be pegged to these specific elevations, but will any of these be visually or proportionally correct after the axonometric foreshortening? Suppose I imported a DEM with a hill set to be treated by the game as rising 100m high above the game's sea level, and then used in-game map tools to create another hill queried as rising 100m high above the game's sea level. Further suppose I made a BAT building that was 100m x 100m x 100m cube whose height was then rescaled by 133% before rendering so that it remained proportionally cubical in game, and this cube was then plopped into the game at the game's sea level. Would the two hills and the BAT cube visually appear in the game to all have the same heights, or would either or both of the hills visually appear shorter than the cube? I guess I've laid out the experiment...has this been done already, or does anyone already know what might be the results? I ask all this because I often come across real-world-sized maps where the elevations still just look too flat, or am working with maps where the elevation levels are not leaving me the expected visual clearances. Part of this I'm sure is a personal bias while another part is just imperfect available map data while playing with toy-sized objects, but I wonder how much is from a need to visually compensate for the game's abstracted perspective. Now that I am finally tinkering with my own real-world-based maps, I wonder if and how others have dealt with this.
  10. How to make a visually pleasing slope

    From the album How to Do It (S3-22-E)

    Before voting, please remember to: [View the Tutorial] …exactly the way you want it, without the help of a slope mod. Yes, it‘s right. We’ll attempting the almost impossible: Creating a slope that looks good, exactly the way we want it, without resorting to a slope mod. The goal of this tutorial shall be: We will be (for demonstrational purposes) making an overpass with the height of 7.5m over a railway line, where the terrain rises exactly by 1.5m per city tile. (This requires making a slope that takes up 5 city tiles.)
  11. Sahara Terrain Mod

    Version 1.0.0


    Here I present my Sahara terrain mod. This mod (I personally think) is unfinished due to lack of work and textures, but I decided to upload it because I'm unsure If I'd ever complete it and I hope someone may make use of it. This mod replaces your terrain with soft sandy textures representing a vast dry desert, dunes poking out of the summer haze. This mod has no dependencies, and contains 2 of my other mods, the Sphinx Rock Mod, and the White Gravel Beach Mod. These 2 dat. files are optional. All other files included in the download are required in order for the soft sand heated by endless summer suns to appear.
  12. Back to SC4

    Hello everyone! I'm going to play Sim City 4 again. Since my last laptop died I didn't had back up and all the mods have gone. So I need those mods that you guys recommend me to have it. It know one of it is NAM. I cannot remember every mod I had back 8-10 months. Thank you!
  13. Hey there! So i'm looking fora good terrain mode that could show off at least SOME snow on top of my peaks, at least ones that aren't like gigantically high. I've tried the Columbus Terrain mod, but no snow appears on top of the mountains (am I missing dependencies/essential files?) and i've tried the Appalachian mod too and still no luck there. I would appreciate some insight on this and some help! Thanks!
  14. So, I developed the economy of my city, which means I could finally make it look pretty with the tons of spare cash on my hands. Then I realized that I don't know of a convenient way of turning the cartoonish, oval river banks into something presentable. I searched here and there, and I found some sea walls for download. I started plopping them, but it looked horrendous. So I was wondering, how do people deal with the extremely uncomfortable terrain of the regions? And if you have any tips for me.
  15. Hello! I've been using the CPT Missouri Breaks terrain mod for quite some time now, and didn't have a problem with it. I was having problems with CAM, so I uninstalled then reinstalled it. However, while CAM is working now, my terrain mod no longer is. I tried removing it then reinstalling it as well, but nothing. Does anyone know what I can do?
  16. Workflow for creating terrains for cities skylines? terrain.party works but generates very flat terrains. Has anyone found a better workflow to creating better terrains ?
  17. Basaltic Sands Texture mod

    Version 1.0.0


    AKNOWLEGDEMENTS: This mod would have much harder to do without the work of Rivit, creator of GoFSH and the original Coastal Modd. My job was simply to create and replace some images, then letting the program to do its magic. DESCRIPTION: When planning my upcoming CJ, based on a volcanic island, I noted the lack of a black texture to match basaltic sands: the available ones were granitic, grey sands, or overly black and unrealistic ones. This newer sands should match adequately in any volcanic or basaltic coast, from Iceland to New Zealand, provided they are match with a dark cliff texture (there's an upcoming one from this part!). This mod replaces textures both for terrain and beach lot sands, including custom ones. COMPATIBILITY: Just asure you this mod is loaded AFTER anyone changing the default sand textures. Also, being an SD texture, this is not compatible with HD terrain mods (like Gobias' and Lowkee ones), because they read the images as being four times bigger, stretching and pixelating them in the process. Also, those mods usually include their own sand textures. LICENSE: <-- this time there's no typo This mod has a Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial 4.0 International licence, what means you can use all its content directly or creating something derivately, while you give explicit attribution to all previous authors, and while you don't charge for accessing or using this content or a derivate you create of it. To create the textures, I used a sand texture made by tatyana. SUPPORT and HELP: I made a development and support thread on Simtropolis, you can visit it with the following link: matias93 Unexpected mod workshop
  18. SC4 Terrain and Vegetation

    Based on a map of the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, using SC4 'in-game' Terra-former, Columbus Tree Controller and RVT Coastal Mod. Initial grayscale rendering see here.
  19. Can anyone recommend a terrain mod that doesn't make everything look so green? At least not at all elevation levels. I've been playing the game for two years now and still haven't used a terrain mod .Though I love the look of HD terrain, I find that all the terrain mods are just too green. I'm from California, so I like a little bit browner terrain in some spots, especially at the higher elevations, like the default Maxis one. Are there are any that kind of have a similar color scheme as the default (i.e. less green the higher you go), but are HD? I may use a desert one, but I'm not sure.
  20. E04 - Building a dam

    Here's the next episode - the dams available in game just arent big enough, so we scale up
  21. Episode 1 - Creating a map!

    Here's the first episode hope you all enjoy! feeback and suggestions welcome.
  22. Hi Guys! I've been in a very big problem. When i make a region, the default height is so tall, it is hard to make any water. I remembered that it WAS easy, like a single click from valley button will already make a sea/river. How to fix this? I am very frustrated since it's very hard to make seashores. Thanks in Advance!
  23. Boomooderie: an update.

    Hello! First of all, I'd like to say something. this is an Out of character update on why entries are few and far between. Here's a short answer! and also in the form of a video, another reason ( don't have EC DLL is because I have a mac, this will change VERY SOON) Whenever I attempt to grow something. Some kind of 2x4 houses come in and just mess my jimmies up. (also gifs are allowed right?) Essentially, the amounts of bugs and quality of life issues really make it tedious to make something. Plus, every day I get more fearful that a bug will wipe out everything I've done. Including Boomooderie. Heck, if Boomooderie got corrupted and deleted itself, I'd be a bit okay with it, because I've been planning to make a new region in sc4mapper and sc4terraformer once i get my windows comp. Eventually I'll revisit the old cities because at that point I'll be much, much better at this. The only thing that would kill me if I erased 3 gigs of plugins.If i ever lost that plugins folder I'd cry inside. I once accidentally did but at that point I had a backup that I gave to Aspyr when I was reporting bugs. Anyway, this picture is what boomooderie looks like. Hand terraformed and everything. I've gotten new terrain mods, and even two unused cities up there from when this region was gonna be a cj region. Anyway, I'm glad I did this stuff either way. I'm currently working on Eidsvold, and so far it looks better than what Jerseyville and Asherton looked like. Anyway, I hope this doesn't break cj rules, I've already been scarcely following the "upload frequently" code of conduct, but, hey, what can I do? I hope to see you again, in March.
  24. Change Terrain

    Hi, I recently started over with a fresh game on a fresh computer. At first I put the WASCO terrain mod and Dark Blue water by cycledogg along with the Dark Basalt rock mod. It worked fine but I didnt like the look so I removed those three and their associated files and put Heblem's Cumbres Terrain mod high, Peg's Brigantine Water, and the ENN Sandstone rock mod in. the game crashes whenever I terraform now. Is there something else I need to do?
  25. Terrain Themes Mod Hi all, I'm glad to announce that this little project of mine is near completion now live here. I'd like to extend my infinite thanks to boformer, BloodyPenguin, hyperdrive_engage, and knighthawkGP for their continued support in my learning process, without whose help this mod would have been a much longer time in the making. If I forgot to thank you I'm sorry, my brain is kind of fried from all the coding... ha! Thank you everyone who helped me! boformer deserves a special acknowledgement as he went out of his way to give me personalized and thorough assistance with many aspects of the mod, including most of the initial code to show me how to create the theme functionality. He is a the main contributor to this mod. Thank you boformer! THE MOD This mod makes it possible to apply Terrain Themes to your game. You can subscribe to theme mods from the workshop for use with this mod or use the included "Improved Default Themes". "Improved Default Themes" are essentially the default game textures for each biome except they have been fixed to remove seams and tiling effects, as well as featuring improved water surface and foam textures, more realistic colors offsets for Fertile Land, Forest Ground, Grass and Water pollution, among other cosmetic fixes. It also allows you to load any of the default game themes' textures on any map, regardless of biome. Incompatibilities: - Environment Colors Changer - this mod manipulates the same color settings and could cause problems/conflicts - Water Color Changer - this mod manipulates the same color settings and can also cause problems/conflicts - Terrain Textures Replacer - this mod changes terrain textures and can cause conflicts - No more purple pollution mods - these mods change pollution colors and can cause conflicts - Any mod that changes colors, textures, or texture tiling factors. Definition of terms: Theme: A package composed of textures, color settings, texture tiling settings and other options Biome: One of the game's four environment themes: Boreal, Europe, Temperate and Tropical Texture: Diffuse texture files used by the game's render engine to render terrain Color/Color Offset: An RGB value used by the game's render engine to alter the look of certain textures depending on several factors, such as the presence of certain resources, pollution, among others. Tiling: A numerical value that indicates what area of the game field a texture covers. Level: A loaded Map Editor, Asset Editor or City scene. What this mod does: - Adds an options menu that allows you to select terrain theme's you've subscribed to from a drop-down menu - Features improved default themes for the game's default environment biomes - Allows you to change themes live while in-game from the options panel, without having to re-load the level - Works on city, map editor and asset editor - Saves your theme settings to the save file, automatically applying it next time you load the save(if the theme is still enabled in content manager)} - Lets you use your favourite map with a different biome's default theme. Love that map but hate the look of the temperate biome? No problem, select your preferred biome theme from the dropdown menu. - If for some reason you don't like the "Improved Default Themes", you can disable the feature in the options menu, and next time you launch the game it will revert to the default vanilla textures. While in the main menu: Select a theme while in the main menu and any level you load will display that theme, as long as that theme is allowed in the level's biome. If it isn't, the "Improved Default Theme" for that level's biome will be loaded. While a level is loaded: Use the mod's options panel in-game to easily switch themes, you can load a theme into your current level without having to reload the level, as long as the theme you wish to load is allowed in the current biome. If it isn't, it won't even be displayed in the drop-down menu. I will publish an addon to easily create themes in the coming days, but if you want to look at the info, open this spoiler. And now some visual candy of the Improved Default Game Themes(subject to change before release): Keep in mind I don't even have a GPU so the images are probably quite poor compared to the result you'll see with a good GPU ... Spoiler Options Menu Boreal Europe Temperate Tropical And that's it for now folks, please let me know what you think, especially regarding the Improved default game textures, I'm probably going to make further tweaks to them before I release the mod so your opinion is very valuable to me Thanks for reading!

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