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City-building game(s)

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  1. Aeroes and Surrounds Map

    I have begun writing CJ entries for the Aeroes City suburbs twice, and discarded both, as they got confusing pretty quickly. Let's be honest, The Flatlands is developed a little unconventionally, and is currently a disjointed mess. The sims hate me for the traffic, although with each new development that opens up, the bigger picture is being revealed to them, and the congestion eases a little. All along, in my head, I have had plans for the region. As development continues, and the CJ entries progress towards Aeroes City, I realize I need a few maps and plans, for my sake as much as for yours. Here on in, I will be referencing key area/district/place/landmark names, so I encourage anyone wishing to follow The Flatlands to familiarize these maps. The Region So Far Aeroes River is the life blood of this part of the region. Fed by Lake Promethius and the pristine falls from Mount Pompus, the river snakes its way toward Cobbers Harbour and the ocean. The water is rich with minerals essential for plant life, and has promoted the growth of the Promethius Agricultural Community through a natural groundwater reservoir. The Aeroes National Park is a small, but lush green forest, protected by the government in the historic land-grab battle between the Promethius Agricultural Community and Athena Straight Industrialists. Another front to this land-grab has caused a disjointed boundary for the westernmost reaches of Aeroes City. The Ridge Valley National Park is a huge area untouched by civilization. It stretches off into the distant continents. Talks are in place for a highway system connecting The Flatlands and their southern neighbors, but so far these have been unsuccessful due to disagreements with governments over the protection of national parks. A notable landmark of the Ridge Valley National Park are the Twin Peaks mountains. The twin mountains were carved by erosive winds millions of years ago. These prevailing winds are responsible for the east-west mountains and valleys that span the region. As the northern regions of The Flatlands are created, these east-west mountain ranges will continue to be apparent. Moving Eastward I have begun work on the terrain of the south-east region of The Flatlands. As Aeroes City exits Cobbers Harbour, the suburbs will become more sparse, eventually becoming a coastal rural area. The coastline will wrap much of the east of the region, dotted with a few volcanic islands like the one pictured. The old coast highway will traverse this farmland, connecting a future city in the north of the region to Aeroes City. Modern digging equipment has allowed for a more direct highway route through the rugged terrain of the central mountains. All will be explored in future updates. The Districts of Aeroes City Aeroes City is home to 8 districts. Central District, home of the CBD, is the most dense, but also the smallest. Along with the 4 cardinal districts, these are the main districts of Aeroes City. The plan is to cap development of these districts around 100,000-150,000 residential population. As the urban sprawl continued, 3 outer districts, formerly their own community area, became a part of the wider Aeroes City. These 3 districts are gateways to Aeroes City, and are subject to boundary changes as population settles in the region. Athena Straight Industrial District, as the name suggests in the epicenter of industry in The Flatlands. It fed the initial growth into Aeroes City through the Northern Districts. The Northern Districts is the oldest district of Aerores City. Residential development in the district meant that a commercial district had to be relocated as the City developed. The Coastal Riviera District plan is for sparse suburbs following the coastline. Further development may also occur to the east of the Aeroes City airport. Beyond this district is farmland, and the outer areas of this district will have a very rural feel to it. The Foothills District will be developed on rugged terrain, and will be a few towns that are on the furthest reaches of Aeroes City. Separated by hills, these towns are too close for their own regional area, but too far to be considered a part of a main district of Aeroes City. I hope this update paints a picture on my grand plan for Aeroes City, and I promise the next update will explore more city life, and less lifeless region updates.
  2. As you know, I have been working on my new project- Parisidia for some time now. The build is still far from done, but I thought I would show some progress. Parisidia is an island city in the far Northwest of the country of Moneyland, at the border between the provinces of Olson and Greenland. Parisidia Island is an island in the middle of the Rapid River, which stretches 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the Southern Mountains to the city of Sandy Shores just a few miles northwest of Parisidia. This is the current state of Parisidia. As you can see, far west and north need the most development in terms of suburban sprawl and small communities while the east still needs some more suburban sprawl. The central downtown is architecturally similar to Paris, and the Conifer Park (the park with all of the trees and winding roads) is in the middle of downtown. Note that north downtown is still a WIP. To the right of Downtown is La Leguna, a safe haven for companies and skyscrapers that have been ousted from downtown by the strict building requirements. North of La Leguna are planned to be small communities, which are also still WIP. Today, we will focus on the West Side of Parisidia, in the cities of Ashlyn and Seeberg as well as some of the suburban communities in the North (which have already been built). We will Journey along the Ashlyn Industrial Expressway, the highway that starts at the docks and ends up north. The Ashlyn Expressway was built in 1960, as part of the freeway boom. The freeways was to be signed I-553 for the duration of the route that would cross the north fork of the Rapid River and end in the docks. However, the Rapid River north fork bridge was never built for the Ashlyn Expwy due to protests and traffic statistics, which showed that the bridge would be underused severely. This map shows the Ashlyn Expressway in Red, along with the major districts on the route. Brown=CBD/Downtown (North WIP) White= Westbury Green= Beacon Heights (WIP) Orange=Ashlyn Yellow=Seeberg (Major WIP) Blue= Docks Today the Ashlyn Expressway is used mainly by trucks from the docks and industrial factories of Ashlyn. The expressway is actually severely underused by commuters due to its bad placement. Most commuters in the northern suburbs prefer to either take the metro to go into the city center and the east side, or the tram to go south into Ashlyn and Riverside. The Ashlyn Expressway is the only elevated expressway in the entirety of the island. Most expressways were built several years earlier in 1950, with much more consideration of the environmental and social impacts caused by the highways (an example would be the ML-25A, which runs East to West near the southern shore from Des Locartes Village to West Point (currently WIP). The Ashlyn Expressway begins here, at the docks of Ashlyn. Trucks use this expressway during peak hours but the road is almost deserted today. The expressway bends around industrial storage and warehouses in the area. Warehouses in this area are mostly for temporary storage, before they are moved to the industry in the north. Looking Downwards at Industry (Sorry for low quality, but game runs very badly on my computer) The Spaghetti Bowl is the interchange between Ashlyn Industrial Expressway and ML-25A. Past the interchange, looking north. The expressway runs through a heavily industrialized area. The Metro can be seen going over the expressway. A view of the Expressway crossing the metro depot. As the city retired old metro trains, they were stationed here and left to rot until Ashlyn City Council decides what to do with them. The interchange between National Boulevard and the Expressway. Due to the depot, a partial cloverleaf intersection had to be made, unfortunately leading to tons of real estate being wasted. After the National Boulevard Interchange, the Metro Line runs parallel to the expressway. On the right side, neighborhoods such as these have started to revitalize Ashlyn. Unfortunately for the expressway, most residents of neighborhoods like these prefer to use public transport instead of the roads. Another picture of the metro station. The freeway runs to the right of the large warehouse-turned-loft buildings on the right hand side. When the Parisidia County decided to replace all the old New Flyer XD 40 Buses with the new model XE-40s and XE-60s, most of the bus infrastructure, like the trains, were left here, in the depot next to the highway. On the right side of the interchange, we have the city of Seeberg, mostly low-income houses and public housing is situated here. Seeberg was the old workers town for the industry in Ashlyn, but after industry demand dropped in Ashlyn, Seeberg was left with the population moving out. Looking East on National Boulevard. The 1:2 Eiffel Tower replica on the left was made in 1953, to continue the tradition of building a replica Eiffel Tower for every city that was named "Paris". Although Parisidia really isn't Paris, it was close enough that the Lucky Penny Casino hired a contractor to build a replica. Past the seedier south side of town, we can finally see some greener pastures. The expressway cuts through the northern suburbs of Parisidia. Beacon Heights, on the top left, is known for its "liquid grid"- a grid pattern where roads bend and curve to create a sense of small-scale communities that cul-de-sacs promote. Near Beacon Heights is the suburb of Westbury, a historical town that retains its past charm. As seen with the signs on the spaghetti bowl interchange, Ashlyn Industrial Expressway is signed NR-210 throughout its entire route. NR stands for National Route, which designates a less-important route than the ML (Moneyland) Routes, like the A and B roads in England). The Future of the Expressway is uncertain. While the south portion of the 210 to the docks will almost certainly be preserved, the north portion from Ashlyn to the northern suburbs is currently controversial. Demonstrations and protest have been common to remove the expressway, mainly due to it being an eyesore and not very heavily used at all. As mentioned above, people in the suburbs just tend to take the excellent and reliable public transport more than use the expressway. Perhaps if the proposed bridge across the North Branch was built, the road would be actually more heavily traveled upon than the road right now in its unfinished and almost useless state. As you can see from the picture below the freeway really starts and ends in the middle of nowhere. Update May 16th 2018- The Council has seriously proposed an extension of the Ashlyn Industrial Expressway across the North Branch of the river and signing the route as I-161 as a divergence from I-61 above, mostly to take away traffic from the I-61/ML-25 bridge. The photo above currently shows the freeways going in and around Parisidia Island. The green and brown routes are I-61 and I-53, respectively while the Light Blue route is ML-25. As you can see, both I-61 and I-53 do not currently enter the island at all, instead terminating at either end of the island. The Yellow route is the ML-25A, the main connector highway from east to west. The solid red line is the Ashlyn Industrial Expressway currently, while the dotted red line is the city's proposal to extend the expressway so that drivers on I-61 coming from the north can easily get into the city of Ashlyn without either resorting to surface roads like National Boulevard or having to take a large detour on ML-25, then taking going on ML-25A, and finally taking the Ashlyn Expressway. This photo explains the concerns quite well. The Red shows the current route of a commuter that wants to take only freeways from I-61 to the northern suburbs. The green shows a commuter who prefers to take the shortest route from I-61 to the northern suburbs using surface roads (the surface roads have a speed limit of only around 25 mph and have multiple traffic lights on the route). However, the blue route shows the route that a commuter will be able to take using the new Ashlyn Industrial Expressway expansion. In addition, this photo also shows the uselessness of the Expressway in its current state for commuters especially from the north. In its current state it is much more practical to just take surface roads through downtown instead of trying to zigzag your way around the city to get onto the expressway. Should the extension be built or should the entire north highway just b demolished to make way for a surface street solution?
  3. Suleburg

    Version 2.0.0


    Hi everybody! SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition (Vanilla) experimental upload. Suleburg and its neighbour Little Lake have a population of around 67 000 sims. Suleburg is on a large city map and Little Lake is on a medium city map. Little Lake is connected to Suleburg on the west-north-west side via monorail, bus, and road. Both cities seem to be doing fairly well. I would love to see how other simmers grow these cities. I used are the Longfellow Castle and Brandenburg Gate from the SC4 Maxis files. -Cori edit: I made the Castle and Gate clickable linkys.
  4. A Region Update

    I am eagerly working towards bringing you all the first update in a series of the suburbs of Aeroes City. In the mean time, here is a preview on the significant work that has been going on in the region since the last update. Noticeably, the terrain in the South West corner of the map is virtually complete. Aeroes City (Aeroes Metropolitan and surrounds) is the main population and economic hub of this part of the region. I have a vision for a second large city in the northern part of the region, along with a few larger coastal towns between the two. The remainder of the region will be mainly national parks, farmlands, and mountain ranges. The region has had a significant economic and commercial boost since the last update, due to developments in Aeroes City. Population has reached 100,000, with about 50,000 jobs in the region. Business is booming with a boost to education in the city area. Aeroes Metropolitan alone has almost 35,000 commercial jobs. That covers this quick update of The Flatands. Stay tuned for a tour of the suburbs of Aeroes City.
  5. KotCity 0.49.3 (Lucky Friday 13 Edition) Windows/Mac/Linux builds now available at https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/releases/tag/0.49.3 Source code available at https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity Problems? Ideas? Chat with the devs at: https://gitter.im/kotcity/Lobby Current status: source available, game is pre-alpha but already "does something". Why? After many years of not seeing any new city builders descend that are satisfactory, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Why? SimCity 2013 was REALLY disappointing. Cities Skylines is fun... but it doesn't seem to scratch that itch that SimCity 4 does. Even though there are still patches and new content coming out for SimCity 4, it's definitely on life support. I looked around at a few of the city simulators available but it doesn't seem like anyone is really working on a modern version of SimCity. The few recent city simulators I've seen break down like this: Cities Skylines: Probably the king, but doesn't seem to be a city simulator. I have lots of fun with roads and so forth but something is missing. SimCity (2013): YECH! They really goofed this up... between emphasis on online multiplayer and agent based everything it seemed to really stink. Citybound: Looks interesting but a couple of years on and there's not much to show... Banished: Pretty interesting, but I don't like the setting and development seems to be pretty much done. OpenSC2k: Good start but not much more than a map viewer right now. (also relies on "borrowed" assets from the original game) To a certain extent, I think that the departure of statistics-based simulator and the shift to agent-based simulations has fundamentally changed modern city simulators. Conclusion: Make my own! So... after doing a bunch of research on SimCity, SimCity 2000, SimCity 4, urban dynamics, Will Wright, pathfinding, etc. etc. etc. I have the beginnings of a new city simulator! My rough plan is to hit somewhere between SimCity (1989) and SimCity 2000. I want huge maps, accurate traffic simulator, cross platform play, and a moddable game. Eventually, if the game works and people like it, it'd be great to further develop it and become a viable alternative to SimCity 4. The game is written in Kotlin and is fully supported on Windows, MacOS and Linux. It's open source and will be free for the community. Roadmap See https://github.com/kotcity/kotcity/wiki/Roadmap Would love to hear thoughts, comments, complaints... want to chip in? Join the project on GitHub! Don't want to do anything? Hang around and we will eventually release!
  6. Arquennes - Old City (2)

    Hello everyone! Today, we're going to continue our tour of Arquennes' old city Let's go! 24. ARQUENNES - OLD CITY (2) 1. We begin directly with the city's most famous landmarks, St. Etienne Cathedral and the episcopal palace. They were the symbols during centuries of the city's ecclesiastical power. Now, they attract many tourists. The cathedral's tower can be seen from many kilometers around. 2. On the right, the simply named Arquennes Museum, it was built in 1923 to show the many pieces of art that the Episcopal Principality had gathered during centuries. Not far from it, people love wandering next to Cardinal Ladeuze fountain. 3. The city is not flat of course! On the Right, St. Jacques' Gate, from the city's first wall. 4. People really appreciate pedestrian areas! 5. The last picture features several things that I've tried to implement in this city: More roundabouts to make it as much European as possible More curves to give the city a more natural look More green areas. FrankU's parks are awesome for that purpose! I can't stop using them. More empty walls. Cities IRL aren't perfect, so I don't think I should cover every walls, especially when the BAT maker added awesome textures on it! 6. 7. Rue du Rempart ('Wall street'), a pedestrian street with many restaurants. 8. The train station. As you can see, the building is a bit outdated. Fortunately, its renovation was decided by the national train company. 9. 10. 11. The Old Market, an institution in Arquennes, and the Memorial 39-45. 12. 13. 14. One small mosaic. 15. 3 Bigger views 16. 17. I hope you liked it! See you soon - REPLIES - @_Michael Thanks a lot my friend! @kschmidt Thank you too! @The British Sausage Your enthusiastic comment: 10/10. Thank you! @SC4L0ver Thank you too! @younghappy Thank you! That was my objective, great to see it worked! @Scirius: I can't tag you, that's incredible... I've been using some of your houses for a while now, they really fit everywhere! Thanks a lot for the comment! @Urban Constanta Thank you very much! @TekindusT Thanks a lot! @nRVOUS It's my own personalised sidewalk. I didn't release it officially, but you can find it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ff9ua5vic3sws6h/textures perso.dat?dl=0
  7. Article #12 - Yuti: Las Margaritas

    Article #12 - "Yuti: Las Margaritas" Las Margaritas is the most important financial centre in Metzú Republic. A business core of Yuti. On its shores, there are a lot of yacht clubs on Yuti Bay. This area was planned in 1970 with the arrival of a lot of investments. Surrounded by great avenues, cleanful parks and exotic roundabouts, is a nice place to visit. Full Map Population: 205.449 Metropolitan Area: 240.658 Main Activities: Financial services, Heavy Industries, Commercial Activities (Seaport) Transport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City), Puerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Yuti, Autopista AM01 / AM02, Subterráneos de Yuti, Estación de Trenes Libertadores A business place... 1. Avenida Los Dorados. 2. Plaza Resistencia. A beautiful roundabout with finest flowers from around the world. 3. Catedral de la Metrópoli. 4. Avenida Metropolitana. 5. Parque Península. 6. Calle Costera (Coast Road). Luxury hotels and yachts. 7. Las Margaritas at night. 8. Yuti Bay at night. 9. Great skyscrapers and residential neighbourhood at the bottom. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Sponsors:
  8. Arquennes - Old City (1)

    I feel like an archaeologist everytime I post in my CJ Hi everyone! It's time for the next update! Today we're going to start our tour of the old city of Arquennes 23. ARQUENNES - OLD CITY (1) 1. Let's begin our tour at the City Hall. It was built outside the city walls at the end of the 18th century when the Church lost its grip on the city. On the other side of the street, you can see the St. Remacle Church, the oldest in the city, like the streets around it. 2. Real estate developers love that part of the city! 3. Not far from it, St. Jean Church and St. Georges' Gate, the only remaining gate of the city's second wall. 4. St. Jean Church is located next to one of the busiest intersection in the city. The city's location on a hill and its small streets have made mobility a huge problem for public authorities... 5. There is always a hidden park to take a walk in Arquennes. 6. 7. Here, the city wall was replaced with trees. 8. That part of the city is heavely and densely urbanised. The municipality has been trying for the last decade to make the city more citizen-friendly by transforming some busy streets into pedestrian areas. Those now attract more and more people. 9. 10. In case some citizens find that it is not enough, greener areas aren't far either. 11. The simply named 'Parc du Centre' (Centre's Park). 12. Football time 13. Two more general views. 14. I hope you liked it. Next update will show the other half of the city centre. Stay tuned - REPLIES - @The British Sausage Thanks mate! @_Michael Thanks a lot! @Sciurus: Thank you too! Sorry, impossible to tag you :/ @will62russ Thank you too! @JP Schriefer Thanks
  9. Show us your SKYLINE

    What's your best City Skyline ever?! The skyline can be on the ground (as long as the city is seen), on "noclip mode", or on air. The city can also be seen from afar like mine or near --- just make sure it is still good. Here's mine:
  10. Hi, could mods causing "anomaly" like too much same buildings built in a zone? I have just started to mod my game (NAM, and just a few other ones like BSC MegaProp, Install_BSCBATPropsMattb325_Vol02, Install Ghetto Pack Vol1-2) and it seems, I did not experience (I do not remember) this behaviour earlier in my other cities, when those mods were not installed, that lots of the same buildings built in a block. See pic.
  11. Hi, I have been making a city building game app with someone for months, I'm making the graphics. It's now launched, play it, and let me know what do you think It's like a mini Simcity, it have game stats that shows you the desirability of the zones, happiness (the less happy the less revenues), simple terraforming, and other features... Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spheregamestudios.designercity Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sphere-Game-Studios-Designer-City/dp/B00XASNIMQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=mobile-apps&ie=UTF8&qid=1431122271&sr=1-1&keywords=designercity Slideme: https://slideme.org/application/designercity https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spheregamestudios.designercity Oh, and if you have buildings' suggestions for the game let me know and I'll try to make it
  12. Notes and stuff: One day, I was looking at the forums (before I registered.) I say a section marked 'City Journals'. I thought 'Hey, that section looks nice, maybe I'll find a nice city timeline in there.' *click* Immediately, I saw a thread marked 'Skylines of Cathnoquey.' I thought 'That looks interesting, I should read it.' *click* I spent the next 3 hours reading it. (Good job Linoa, your journal is one of the best I've seen) After I was done, I wanted more. Much more. I waited for updates. *One week passes* Nope. *One month passes* Nope. *One year passes* Still nope. There finally was an update in November 2017. I was excited! I thought the series would be revived. That was the last update before now. (If the author has real-life problems, I understand.) There seemed to be a big hole where the 'Organic City Timeline Journals' category was. At this point, my interest in C:S began to rise again. I thought 'Why not make a city journal?' So I did. I tried to make one and lost the save file. (I just remade it.) The town that I remade I wanted to be the first town to have the city journal focused on. I hope to update this one until I lose interest within a month for at least a few years until my SSD has no more room for my save files. That town's name was Lynnfield (Named for a reason that you maybe will see once I stop being lazy and make a state map for Lynnfield.) So here it is! (Notes are done.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In northeastern Kabylake province (named for the giant lake in the middle of the province and another hint to where the name Lynnfield came from), at the intersection of Freeway I-670 and A-87 (The major highways in the province) lies a sleepy village by the name of Lynnfield. It's an unassuming little town, situated at the tributary of two rivers. This quiet little town of 2.950 hasn't seen much development since its founding a mere 35 years ago. The city lies just off Freeway A-87. The city is linked to a freeway, connected by a roundabout named Maxwell Circle, aptly named for the giant statue of a GTX 980 in the center. On the other side of the freeway lies the city's farming industry, which has largely driven the local economy and provided the majority of employment in the city. Freeway A-87, which provides highway access to Lynnfield. Cosine Co., a major engineering company in Kabylake, recently opened another of its many headquarters, providing Lynnfield citizens an alternative to farm work and a break from the sun and the heat. Atlantic Salmon Apartments, named for how the colors of the complex resemble the skin and meat of a salmon, is the latest addition to a downtown that otherwise hasn't changed in the past 15 years. Bob the motorcyclist takes a right turn to the farm he's employed at. He's contemplating leaving the city or applying for a job at Cosine Co., as the city has provided little jobs for college graduates like him. Lynnfield high school. Built 20 years ago, the school is starting to have an overflow problem and the city, governed by Mayor McFatbags, seems to spend all its budget at improving the Mayor's mansion, so the problem remains. However, elections are coming up, and there's a disruptive candidate that gives the previously uncontesed (for reasons that the city absolutely does not want to disclose) mayor McFatbags a run for his money. The intersection of Blemont and 7th street, the main East-West and North-South axes of the town. Plans to upgrade the roads and potentially accommodate more new citizens have been stalled by the mayor's monopolistic council, but as mentioned before, there a a wave of young Lynnfielders who are tired of stagnation and corruption in the city and running for a spot in city council and even mayor. The city hall. The 2 main highways near the city provide the city a huge opportunity as a transportation hub, which many of the young Lynnfielders running for city council or Mayor are hoping to take advantage of. Being the largest town within a few tens of miles with low tax rates and easy accessibility, maybe the city will grow some day... That's it for today! There probably will be more tomorrow, considering how excited I am at continuing this. This is my first CJ, so feedback is strongly appreciated. Edit: Ideas for future updates and mods/assets are also appreciated. The map is Copper Creek, if anyone's curious.
  13. 2016: Year in Review

    So give or take a couple of days, it's now been exactly one year since I decided to seriously get involved with SC4. To celebrate the occasion, I've decided to do a retrospective entry on some of mine and the community's favorite pictures from this CJ in 2016, with some commentary as well. Additionally, I'll be expanding upon various tips and techniques I discussed in 2016 along with adding some more as well. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone once again for your supportive comments and likes in 2016 - they really kept me going, even when motivation was running low at times. Additionally, I apologize for the lack of updates recently. As you might expect, the last two updates of 2016 (Sydney and South America) were extraordinarily time consuming and draining - so some time off was in order. I'm still slightly burnt out.. but I am finally starting to finish up a couple of updates, so I will be unveiling those shortly. Lake Bogoria For my first entry in True Earth, I wanted to make a big entrance - so what better way to do that than a 10,000 pixel tall mosaic? Key pieces in Lake Bogoria included SE Asian slummy houses from nihonkaranws + Heblem tiki huts in the villages, various trees by SimFox, Heblem, girafe, and CP, Flamingo generators from SC4Devotion, and geysers from Craig-Abcvs. Journey Through The Sahara I've always loved the idea of an ultra crowded market, so Djenne, Mali was one of the first urban scenes that I created for this CJ. Generally, my rule is simple when it comes to these scenes - keep on adding more and more props in LE until I hit the prop limit (1,200 or so). nbvc's bazaar and Asian street market was vital here - but perhaps most important was Uki's stalls. It's amazing what you can find after doing a little digging around on various Japanese SC4 sites. For anyone interested in this lot, it's available on the STEX here (slightly trimmed to cut down on a massive dependency list). The sweltering small oasis town of Bardai, Chad. Given the small amount of desert-looking buildings readily available on the STEX and other sites, I had to get creative, utilizing a a little bit of everything that I could find. This included a mixture of kevinman houses, frogface slums, Wallibuk slums, Heblem tiki huts, and others. But perhaps the most interesting was the SimMars buildings that I used that fit surprisingly well. To finish off the scene, careful usage of the Poseidon terrain brushes was instrumental. Conquering Mount Fitz Roy Patagonia's mountains are impressive, but just as impressive is its fall colors. The Rio Fitz Roy dramatically cuts through the landscape - a mixture of brown Murimk MMP rocks and the brown boulders included in nbvc's Rock 'n' Stones (just don't drag them - click over and over until you get the big ones) did a great job of achieving that mountainous feel. Now we come face to face with the majestic Cerro Fitz Roy. Mountainous terrain mods are difficult to perfect in SC4, but I felt the one I made for this update did a pretty nice job of bringing out the imposing nature of this mountain. Myrtos Beach One of my favorite updates I made during 2016, Myrtos Beach was originally planned as the final piece to a massive Greece update. However, it quickly became apparent that it deserved an update of it's own. I got things started off with this simple yet beautiful sunset picture - it's amazing how small details such as photoshopped lights on the boat, house, and cars can make a big difference, making the picture feel much more alive. We move on to the overview of the beach. For this scene, it was vital having the right portion of various MMPs working together - which included Girafe Parasols + Cypresses and Heblem plop rocks + Chihuahuan flora. Greece - Part II I've always liked ruin scenes - there's always seems to be something magical about them. Bringing the Tholos of Delphi to life in the SC4 world meant lots of Aubrac walls, nbvc stone paths, and an assortment of random rocks and plop sands. After getting the hang of this technique quickly, I further explored the idea of SC4 MMP ruins with my Great Zimbabwe pic in my "Scenes From Africa" update. Athens - my first true city scene. Once I saw some of swi21's great Athenian buildings I knew I wanted to make an Athens recreation - but the lack of Greek urban buildings was an issue. I ended up finding some pretty close replacements on SimCity Polska - check the "After 1920" section. Meteora, Greece. The trickiest part to this picture was definitely the mountains and how to make sure they didn't look stretched. Vortext gave me a great tip - make sure you check the 'TerrainTexTilingFactor" property in your Terrain controller (If you're using a terrain mod - just search "controller" and you *should* find it in your plugins. Some are named differently though - so you might need to do a little looking around.) The terrain tiling factor is set at 0.2 by default - which generally produces stretched rock faces. Increasing this number to say, 0.25, 0.3, or higher will give a more realistic look on steep surfaces, but it will look a bit more tiled as a slight trade off. It's still a big improvement though over the default. South Pacific Anakena Beach, Easter Island. Here, I experimented heavily with MMPed grass - my technique was to work in layers. I got started off placing a base of PEG grass/moss for a lush, tropical look. After that, a random assortment of girafe seasonal flowers were plopped down, acting as areas of tall grass. Finally, I sprinkled in some of ChrisAdams' green rye grass to make certain areas thicker than others. One last thing I did was also sprinkle in some brown rye grass, light straw, and regular straw from ChrisAdams - these acted as areas of dead grass, and provided some much needed color variation. Small girafe bushes, berries, and feather grass were added too, to break up the landscape a bit. Also, an important note for anyone ever planning on using Moai in SC4 - make sure they have their backs facing the ocean. The locals believed that this signified the Moai were watching over them from intruders. I had to re-do the pic because of that Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands. For scenes like these, I wanted to place MMPs right around the buildings - which meant shrinking the occupant size down to 1x1x1. Additionally, I wanted them to blend in perfectly with the landscape - which meant deleting any existing base/overlay textures. (note: before making any edits, please note that plopping lots stripped of textures on steep surfaces may result in a visual glitch where the texture turns black instead. If you are considering placing these lots onto steep surfaces, one workaround is to place the already shrunken to 1x1x1 prop/building (if it's the latter, you'll need to convert it into a prop via Plugin Manager/PIMX) onto the the default Pz1x1 Grass lot in Lot Editor and delete the textures on that lot instead - small filler lots like these do not seem to suffer from the same issue.) Your lot will of course now function as a park, but it will allow you to plop it where you want without base texture issues. (One additional note - sometimes the .sc4lot and .sc4desc files will be bundled into a .dat file. In that case (and if you're able to track down the .dat file), you'll need to do some searching around for the right files - clicking the "entry" tab at the top will sort them, so that should make your job easier). The first thing you need to do is shrink the occupant size so you can place MMPs around the perimeter - open a lot's associated .sc4desc file in Reader, choose exemplar file on the left, click the Occupant size category, and shrink it down to 1,1,1 (pic). Click "set", "apply", save the file and you're done. As deleting all base textures is not possible in the Lot Editor, you'll need to instead find the .sc4lot file associated with a lot and open it up with Ilive's reader (make sure this is set up with the correct options/property files first) From there, navigate to the "Exemplar file" category on the left (there might be multiple "exemplar files" - the one you need for will say "LotConfigurations" at the top") and scroll down the list of "LotConfigPropertyLotObjectData" entries. Any entry beginning with 0x00000002 will be a base/overlay texture - deleting all of these (pic) will clear the lot of any and all textures (make sure you right click again after doing any deleting and choose "Reindex LotConfig" too) Scenes From Africa The chaotic African capital of Lagos. Continuing on with the trend of crowded cities, I don't think I'll ever make another one as packed as this. A mixture of Motokloss cars and cars from the massive LBT prop pack 1 fit the mood nicely - especially the yellow vans from the Motokloss pack which matched the infamous yellow Danfos buses that crowd the streets. As for building selection, you can't go wrong with Walibuk's South American buildings + his African slums too. Some of Glenni's buildings + the Hong Kong themed buildings in the Dong He Night market pack fit surprisingly well too. Majestic Victoria Falls. I once saw a pic a long time ago in _marsh_'s legendary CJ "Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms" featuring an awesome photoshopped waterfall and it blew my mind. I knew it was something that I just had to try out. The Amazon Deep in the heart of the jungle lies Manaus. I really wanted to portray a city that truly felt like it was in the jungle - so I went a little heavier than usual with the editing. Mist/cloud brushes, a levels adjustment to really bring out some of the yellows/oranges, and a soft white diffuse glow all gave the the feeling of a hot Amazonian city. Now we move into the jungle itself with one of the Amazon's many stunning tributaries. My favorite part to this picture has to be the sand bars. To get them perfectly razor sharp, a technique that I employed (both in this picture and others) was to combine a water mod with an MMP such as JRJ dirty ploppable water or PEG grass/clover on the edges. Make sure the two are of matching colors - and you will be able to use the MMP to sculpt razor sharp lines along the borders. It generally should blend together perfectly (but you might need to tweak your water opacity, look here for a guide on how to do that). Scenes From Europe Pisa was the first time that I experimented with creating a completely customized texture for a city scene. It was tricky though, because the footprint of the buildings I used in this picture didn't match real life, so a perfect 1:1 scale recreation would look off. So I had to do a different technique for this picture. What I did was plop the important buildings in the game first, closely aligned to real life. I then turned the grid on in game and created a checkerboard pattern in Photoshop like this, outlining the placement of the buildings in the game. I'd then overlay the checkerboard from time to time while constructing the texture, with the final result turning out like this. From there, it was a matter of simply creating a flat plane in 3dsmax (I believe it was 10x13), placing the texture on it, and rendering it for use in game. The simple scene that I initially made in the game was then reconstructed in the Lot Editor, placing the main buildings on top of the big flat texture prop I made, along with lots and lots of detail work. Ronda was one of my absolute favorite pics I made. The lotting was especially tricky for this picture however, with the jagged cliffs causing issues. Because you can only make square lots in Lot Editor, this meant that some of the base textures would be overhanging over the edge of the cliffs. To remedy this, something you can do is place the base textures (I recommend choosing different textures - and also noting their texture ID) you want deleted as the very last thing you do before saving. You can then open up the .sc4lot file in Ilive's reader, and the textures/props placed last will be the very last "LotConfigPropertyLotObjectData" entries. To confirm you're deleting the right ones - any textures start off with 0x00000002 and their texture ID will be visible as the last value in the 13 rep entry. Delete the textures you want gone and you can now have a lot in pretty much shape you want (although, it will still "technically" be a square. This is more of a visual trick.) Heblem's dam set is one of the more underlooked BATs out there. The first time I saw it I knew I had to put it to good use - so I recreated one of the most impressive dams in the world, Switzerland's Contra Dam. Sydney The day overview of the Harbour city. Laying out the roads wasn't too horribly difficult - just remember that each SC4 tile is 52.5 x 52.5 feet when measuring in Google Earth while doing a recreation. The diagonal sections were tricky if only for the fact that there's not a lot of buildings to choose from. Glenni's buildings are usually my go-to here. The most challenging aspect to this picture was the highway system. As there's no elevated FARHW, it would been impossible to construct it using NAM components. I ended up getting creative, cutting off pieces of this Habour Bridge model and rendering them for use in game as modular pieces, as highlighted in this picture. It ended up working surprisingly well, though the long rendering times were a pain. My first venture into MMPing an entire urban park, Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens. ChrisAdams' paths were crucial here - I discovered that simply creating paths using the asphalt or concrete ones and surrounding it with a line of the dirt ones (or light dirt) creates a very nice layered effect. You can even use some of the smaller nbvc Rocks n' Stones to create the illusion of slightly terraced grass along the edges of the paths. The grass selection was pretty much a bunch of girafe seasonal flowers, but with some spots left barren to expose the terrain mod underneath. This had the effect of not only making the scene look less "busy" - a positive in my book, but also gave a little extra color variation. My usual strategy of using ChrisAdams brown rye/straw/light straw in various places was employed as well, for more color variation and to make it look like there was the occasional patch of dead grass. We now move on to Sydney at night. One of my favorite pictures of the year, I love how it turned out - full of energy, just like the city itself. South America Buenos Aires and it's world famous 9 de Julio Avenue + Obelisco. The textures made for the streets turned out really nice and it ended up being a gorgeous scene. Simple, small details such as illumination added to the street lights in Photoshop (inspired by the style of MilitantRadical) can add a lot to a scene. Santos, Brazil. Whenever it's December, I always seem to visit Bastet69008's and elavery's great CJs to take my mind off the fact that it's 5 degrees outside and snowing. So I think it's pretty clear where the inspiration for this picture came from One last photoshopped waterfall. For a waterfall as truly epic as Iguazu Falls, I felt it certainly deserved it. Itaipu Dam was one of my bigger projects, and demonstrates the possibilities of importing sketchup models into the game - bringing to scenes to life that you thought would never be possible. I already did an extensive tutorial on the process of getting this behemoth into the game - you can check it out in the tutorials section of my last entry here. I'd also recommend getting acquainted with some of the basics of 3dsmax - a good guide on that can be found here. I normally don't like using Sketchup models to entirely create a scene (generally low quality) - but the Paramaribo house set I stumbled upon had some really excellent modeling. The building textures though weren't the best in-game, so some rain and a touch of extra grime added in after the fact really helped out. Bonus Pictures The cradle of life - Ngorongoro crater. As a whole, the spawnable flora from Xannepan's animal generators found on SC4Devotion are greatly underused. Outside of obvious choices like the African safari type scenes shown below - there's plenty of uses. Even just a couple plops of the buzzard generator over a natural habitat can help bring a scene to life. Even after making a number of wildlife related pictures in 2016, there's still many possibilities left over - something I intend to explore more this year. While I was pleased with how the Lagos scene turned out, I really wanted to make a nice grid buster scene. For Yaounde, a variety of techniques were used. For starters, I did the entire scene backwards then flipped it horizontally once I was done to give it a fresh perspective while remaining true to real life. As for the actual scene itself, the FA 22.5 and 67.5 cars included in Orange's prop pack were vital. Additional techniques were used such as slightly offsetting orthogonal buildings along the edges of FA roads and hiding the rough corners with flora. Custom content creation was extensive for this scene - not only did it require custom textures for the roads but it also marked my first serious venture into BAT, as I created the Yaounde Cathedral from scratch (although it's still very much a WIP). My first snowy city scene, Prague, required me getting creative. Essentially, my strategy was the following: since a number of the buildings in this picture were custom imported BATs, I had control in 3dsmax to give them snow textures on the roofs. Since all the other buildings didn't have snow - I pretty much copied and pasted the snow from the models that had the snow on them to the ones that didn't have any. The base textures didn't need any photoshop work as I designed the texture to be snowy from the very beginning. At the time, that strategy worked decently, but it was incredibly tedious. Since then, I've done a little experimenting and I think the best way forward would be a method such as the one used by pingpong. I would only suggest playing around with the "Selective colors" adjustment to make the whites a little more whiter. NOTE: All images on True Earth are hosted from dropbox, which seems to have more issues than other image hosts unfortunately. If you are unable to view any of the pictures in this journal thus far, I have dumped everything from 2016 into an imgur album here. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver --- Replies for "South America + Bonus Pictures":
  14. Sydney

    Our trip to Sydney begins with one of the world's most recognizable buildings - the Sydney Opera House. Built in 1973 - its unique white seashell shape truly sets this skyline apart from the rest. Sitting just behind it is the Royal Botanic Gardens - opened in 1816, there's no better place to take a stroll on a sunny day. Just as recognizable is the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge - built in 1932, it's one of the best ways to cross the harbour. At night, its distinctive lights dominate the surrounding waters. Water taxis are a great way to get around the harbour, and the Circular Quay (whose name contradicts its squarish shape) near the CBD is one of the most popular destinations in the entire city. Sydney is a city known for it's suburbs. In fact, it's got 555 of them - but few are as beautiful as Lavender Bay. It's easily reached by water taxi, has great views of the Harbour Bridge and the skyline in the distance - not to mention being ranked consistently as one of Sydney's most livable suburbs. It's a great place to call home. A rainy day in the CBD. Some of Sydney's most recognizable buildings can be found near Hyde Park - such as the MLC Centre, which held the title as the city's tallest building for 15 years. Nearby is the Sydney Tower - completed in 1981, you can enjoy some exotic cuisine 360 degree rotating restaurant. Another scene from the CBD - some of Sydney's tallest buildings - Deutsche Bank Place, Chifley Tower, Aurora Place, and Governor Philip Tower tower over the Royal Botanic Gardens. However, it's at night that these buildings truly come to life. And finally, some overviews of the city. Special thanks goes out to all the various creators at 3D Warehouse, as many buildings here were imported from there (too many to list). If you're interested, just search "Sydney" there and you'll find many of the same models I used - you'll need to have basic gmax/3dsmax knowledge to get the model into the game however, but it isn't very difficult. The highway system is modular, for an insight of how I created it and the process behind it, please take a look at the comments section of my "City Overview" and "Night Scenes" ST challenge entries. A pic illustrating how I set it up and some of the pieces in game can be seen here. Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver
  15. Blue Peak

    BLUE PEAK INTRODUCTION For the Sims of The Archipelago who like the convenience of proximity to the big city action but also want the outdoorsy nature of the island life, Blue Peak is the place for them. Residing just south of Wade City, Blue Peak is largest city on the largest island in The Archipelago. THE CITY Although Blue peak is known for it's beaches and large natural parks, the city itself is quite urban. This density helps serve as a small cultural node with close proximity to Wade City. SUNNYSIDE BEACH One of the largest and most popular beaches in The Archipelago, is the premiere beach destination of the region... or so the Sims say in Blue Peak (there are a few other islands who strongly disagree with that) BLUE PEAK NATURAL PARK Blue Peak Natural Park sits between the city of Blue Peak and Wade City. Blue Peak Mountain is the highest point in The Archipelago out side of the mainland. THE NIGHT LIFE Blue peak is not just a daytime city, it has quite the active nightlife as well on Ocean Blue Avenue also known as "The Blue Strip." Thanks for reading and please follow my journal for future post about the Wade City Archipelago!!
  16. Article #11 - Yuti: Downtown

    Article #11 - "Yuti: Downtown" Yuti is capital city of Metzú Republic. Is the most populated city of Metzú. Founded in 1794 by spanish colonists, became capital in 1900, after The Independence of Spain (1899). In 1901, it was established the Gobierno Metropolitano de Yuti (Yuti Metropolitan Government), becoming a federal district. Since 1905, the government invest a lot of money to improve infrastructure like avenues, airports, public transport, etc. Yuti is the main tourist destination. Is cosmopolitan, headquarters of big companies and is the most ambitious project of this young country. It is the pride of all Metzuanan people. An interesting places to visit in Yuti: Las Margaritas Financial District Full Map Population: 205.449 Metropolitan Area: 240.658 Main Activities: Financial services, Heavy Industries, Commercial Activities (Seaport) Transport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City), Puerto Internacional de la Ciudad de Yuti, Autopista AM01 / AM02, Subterráneos de Yuti, Estación de Trenes Libertadores A big metropolis... 1. Avenida Libertad. Financial and commercial centre. 2. Diagonal Angosta. 3. Avenida Libertad again. Another POV. 4. Avenida de la Costa. The big building is a prestigious convention center. 5. Avenida Metropolitana. A subway line passes there. 6. Estadio Metropolitano de Yuti. Home of C.A Yuti. 7. Palacio de la Metrópoli. Government's headquarters. On the left, Tribunales Federal de la República (Federal Court).In the middle, Paseo de la Revolución. And now... Night shots!!! 8. Downtown at night. 9. Avenida Libertad. The widest avenue of Metzú. 10. Great towers next to the bay. 11. The city shines at night. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Sponsors:
  17. Article #1 - Entering Metzú

    Article #1 - "Metzú, Land of opportunities": Last year, the Government approved a new program called "Viendo Mi País" ("Watching My Nation"). This initiative promotes tourism and new bussiness opportunities for Metzú Republic. This will be done expanding the budget for infraestructure (transport, buildings, subsidies, principally), by the Government. It will involve an important loan from private funds, with low taxes. By this gazette, our readers can learn more about Metzú Republic, visit our cities, look our landscapes, our Life's Style. 1.1 Entering Metzú Republic Capital City (and largest city): Yuti (+200.000) Most populated citites: Yuti, Wainor, Krupó, Jalai Language: Spanish, English (unofficial) Religion: 60% Catholicism, 30% Non-religious, 10% Others Denomyn: metzuanuan, metzuano. Government: Federal Presidential Independence: from Spain, 1899 Population: 546.488 (2017) HDI: 0,811 Currency: (M$) Peso Metzuano Official Map of Metzú Republic (Ministerio de Turismo) Metzú Republic by Air. Metzú, República de Metzú (Official) or Metzú Republic is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Metzú is situated some 900 kilometres east of Australia. Has high-income economy and has one of the best standards of living in Oceania. Is the only nation with Spanish as official language in Oceania. 2.1 Economy His main economical activities are Commercial Services, Tourism and Manufactured Industry. Last year there were a high increase of commercial demand, with investments of China, principally. 2.1.1 Tourism In Metzú, one of his main economical activities is tourism. Cities like Xá, Jalai, Bahía Azul and Wer are great importance, economically. You can travel to Metzú by airplane and cruise ships. Available Airports: 5 Most important airport: Nueva República International Airport (Xá City) Available Seaports: 3 Most Important airport: Yuti International Seaport (Yuti City) 3.1 Culture Metzú has a very strong spanish influence. His foods, traditions and music. Metzú has an important latin influence too (from Argentina, principally). Sports like football are very popular here. 3.1.1 Name of Country The name of "Metzú" comes from "Mensú", word referred to the rural worker of the jungle. The "Mensú" inhabits Paraguay and north Argentina. The first colonzers came with a lot of people of this zones to work fields. The name is in honor of them. 4.1 Living Metzú A quick view of Metzú... 1. Xá Downtown - Xá City, a financial and touristic place. 2. Main Avenue - Yuti City, capital of Metzú Republic. 3. Krupó Landscape - Krupó, an Industrial Centre of Metzú. 4. San Roque Beach - Jalai City. 5. Coast Avenue - Wainor, an important commercial centre. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Boletín Oficial de la República de Metzú Editorial del Estado S.E Av. Principal 774 Piso 5° Oficina 2 - Ciudad de Yuti www.metzu.gov.mtz/turismo
  18. Arquennes - Introduction

    Hi everyone! It seems that almost a year has passed since the last update. As usual, I've been losing interest for the game then came back to it and started working on different projects without finishing them. And you all know that I'm quite slow... The play time counter from Steam is for instance quite depressing for me to see It's time for me to introduce Arquennes, the city that will interest us in the next updates. The idea, as you may have seen, was to create some kind of regional middle town located on its hill next to the canal and trying to make it as organic as possible. 22. ARQUENNES - INTRODUCTION 1. Episcopal city means churches... 2. 'La ferme du Bailli', a specific update will be dedicated to that place 3. Feluy, one of the 5 other villages that are part of Arquennes municipality. Same, a specific update for that one 4. Arquennes itself, its cathedral and episcopal palace I hope you liked those pictures. The next ones are coming soon - REPLIES - @JP Schriefer Thank you very much! @The British Sausage Thanks mate! @_Michael Yeah I know, they are never there when you need them Thank you! @ulisse Thank you too! The citizens will welcome you with open arms! @Takingyouthere Indeed, even if I try to keep some growed building. Thank you! @MissVanleider I think it's quite faisible for Arinsia government. Thank you! @Prophet42 It's part of Callagrafx's canals. Nothing more. Thank you. @juliok92012 Thank you! @sejr99999 Thank you! It would be great indeed! @sunda Gracias! @kschmidt Thank you! There are indeed several 'Venice of the North'. @simlacroix You're welcome! @tonyr Thank you too!
  19. Wade City

    Hi all!! This is my first post from my Wade City Archipelago Region and I would like to start with the financial and cultural hub of the region, Wade City, with population of over 475,000 Sims. Here is a transit map of the north region of the Wade City Archipelago or "The Archipelago" for short. It is nearly 3 million people and growing. The development focus was geared to be heavily focused on public transit and limit highways in the islands to the perimeters in order encourage density due to limited space as well as promote a healthy, walkable life style. The public transit system includes subways, heavy rail, monorail, buses, and the very popular boat fairies and taxis which give sims and up close tour the The Archipelago region on their commutes. Here is were Wade City is locate in the Archipelago as well as fun logo used for advertising to promote tourism. Here is a night shot of the Wade City skyline! Here are the Island Districts of Wade City: Love Island (the entertainment district), University Island (the Education District), Legacy Island (the Financial District), Magic Island (the Arts District), Click-Clack Island, Blue Peak Island (The Industrial High-Tech District and named after Wade City's neighboring city to the south), and West Island (the Gateway District). There is also Airport Island International, and two park Islands: Mayor's Park, and Guggenheim Park. The "Mainland" will be released in Part II of Wade City. LOVE ISLAND This is Love Island: The Entertainment District. Home to Love Street Station (the main transit hub for Wade City), Love Street Film Studio, Love Street Beach, Dekker Beach Square, Olympic Park, Wade City Olympic Stadium, and the Insidious Entertainment Company. Here you can see a closer view of the headquarters of the Insidious Entertainment Company build. It's the tallest building on the Island and the brightest when lit up at night. Wade Olympic Stadium in real life is taken from the real life Bejing Olympic Stadium designed by the famous Swedish architects Herzog de Meuron. Olympic Park Love Street Beach Love Street Grand Central Station. This is the main public transit gateway to Wade City for Sims from all over The Archipelago and beyond. Dekker Beach Square University Island University Island: the Education Island. Home to University Park, Wade City University, and The Wade City Main Library and Cultural History Campus. University Park (Wade City University) This is the Ludwig Mies van der Rohe School of Architecture. In real life, this is a real architecture school at IIT in Chicago and is named after the father of the modern glass skyscraper and is one of the most important architects of the 20th century. The Wade City Main Library and Cultural History Campus The is the Wade City Central Library. This library is taken from the Central Library (UNAM) which is the central library for Ciudad Universitaria Campus in Mexico City. I was designed by the famous architect and artist, Juan O'Gorman, and is one of the architectural gems of Mexico City. Magic Island: the Arts District Magic Island is home to Wade City Arts District and is also most populated Island in the city. Wade City Arts District. The cultural of hub of the Archipelago Here are two of my favorite "starchitect" buildings: Centre Pompidou in Paris (top) designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, and the Denver Art Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind LEGACY ISLAND: THE FINANCIAL DISTRICT Legacy Island is home to the local baseball team, The Wade City Beach Bums, the Wade City Stock Exchange, and as several of the regions largest corporations like Island Hopper Travel Agency, Ocean View Financial, and Blue Chip Technologies. CLICK-CLACK ISLAND Click-Clack Island is the smallest inhabited in Wade City but it's very densely populated. Nestled between two of largest commercial districts in The Archipelago, Click-Clack Island gives it's middle class and blue collar workers great views and short commutes to work. \ WEST ISLAND: THE GATEWAY DISTRICT West Island has the highest traffic of fairies and water taxis of anywhere in the region. It's also has a great deal of "through traffic" from cars, buses trains, monorail from Sims entering the Archipelago from the West. This is why it's been given the nick name "The Gateway District." GUGGENHEIM PARK ISLAND This park island is home to The Guggenheim Museum of Wade City, The Archipelago Zoo, and Blue Sea Resort. MAYOR'S PARK ISLAND This island park was maid in memory of the mad scientist and beloved founder Dr. Strange Wadelove. The have constructed an enormous statue in his memory to welcome all travelers and transplants to The Archipelago. Thank you for reading and please comment and rate!! And stay tuned for more cities journals from the Wade City Archipelago...
  20. Anedau | The Last City

    tariely Thank the post-apocalyptic world for that scene idea Hopefully this update'll quench your curiosity! michael95l Ain't it just awesome? ____________________________________________________________ So here's the full update! Got lazy, so no usual mosaics this time Anedau. A mesmerizing city, full of hope, dreams and the progression of humanity. Despite the cataclysmic demise of global civlization, pockets of human existence remain on the planet. But the uncertainty of their fates reserve their existences to mere legends and myths, from a world long gone. This city may be all that remains of the glory of human intellect and technological achievement. Reminders everywhere of what the world and civilization had been reduced to. Some might even say that Anedau's golden-age may all be but a facade in a looming disaster out in the cold reaches of time. But regardless, the city remains a shining symbol of eminent peace and beauty. A wonderous synthesis of history and modern technology. Remnants of the gleaming image the 21st century world provided. It is even fortunate that those who founded this last bastion, could even afford and have the ability to rise a dormant ruin from the ground. May be there is hope. Real hope. May be the so called "lie" isn't a lie at all. But the truth remains. As the night falls, the activity dies down. The lights begin to pollute the skies. All that remains of the lights that once bore through darkness of the planet. But what we do know is, this is the Last City; and we must defend it to the utmost, regardless of circumstance. And that's it! Visit again when Random & Random has more random for you!
  21. Part 2 - Megacity Ahead

    PART 2 - Megacity Ahead Sorry for the fast pace... Maybe because I redo the city again since it doesn't grow. So far, so good hahahahah! Suggestions/comments? I'm so glad to hear it from you!! ~CalvinB
  22. Part 1 - Roads and Rails

    PART 1: Starting from scratch I create my own region, in this case the Northern region of U.R.C. I was think of a grid systmem rather than the cul-de-sac system, since I'm starting with a small town first. ( I can speed things up, if you want. Hahaha!) Initial road networks: I created a highway reaching from the north up to the south of the region. I added some roundabouts near the exit/entrance of the highway. Note that those tress at the center of the roundabouts will provide as a placeholder for my custom statue. Another placeholder for highway reaching east to west. (Please help me suggest a interchange for this one?) The rails on the other hand, it will start from north-eastern part of the city. This will split up into zones, depending on the wealth (agri, dirty, e.t.c.) That's it and I hope you can help me create a better city ~CalvinB
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the first of several houses, modeled after those of contemporary, suburban America. Thank you for taking a look at the Hamilton! This house model has undergone significant changes over many months, initially as a completely different model, which ultimately turned into a separate dwelling all together. Keep an eye out for the next one - a nice complement to this house, whose stats can be found below: A couple points of interest: R$$ medium wealth, low density lots. 13 unique lots. Lots beginning with "bipinhouse3_" are growth stages 1,2. Lots beginning with "bipinhouse4_" are growth stage 3. Part of the Chicago and New York styles/tilesets. NOTE: It has come to my attention that some houses are causing CTDs, most notably those of the "bipinhouse4_" lot set. I am currently working on a solution. Be careful with these lots for the time being! Dependencies: Girafe's Maples V1 http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2614 Girafe's Feather Grass http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3001 Girafe's Chestnuts http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3049 Girafe's Sparaxis http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2980 Enjoy, and keep your eyes open for more complementary house lots! For more details, check out BAT thread!
  24. Ligonnes CBD

    I will present you my CDB. The CBD is organized around the central station of Ligonnes. The central station is the most important station in the region. The railway is connected with all the metropolitan public transport (subway, tram and buses) and directly to the principal airport by a special tram the Metropolital express. Just next to the station there is the biggest library of the city. In the CDB you will find the Ligonnes Metropolitan administration building. One of the biggest mall in the country and the head office of the AON Bank and the national conservatory of Ligonnes And the Coca-Cola office for the Ligonnes Metropolitan Some Night shots

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