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  1. Yesterday
  2. Contiguous USA

    Will you make a full USA region ?
  3. Torre Latina

    That flat gray roof on top of the section at the base looks a bit weird, but other than that, it looks nice.
  4. SOMY Consolidated Hospital Complex

    Perfect for big cities, but don't have a medic helicopter :-/
  5. SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops

    Really great addition to bus stops great look
  6. Last week
  7. Vanuatu

    Thanks boss The config can be edited and exported through SC4Mapper if you dont have it, its available here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2880
  8. SM2 Old Texaco Stations

    Anyone can choose to plop something, to the point that it could be considered cheating. But to coax something to grow? That's the real trick, and when it finally happens, the real reward. I'm not saying getting rid of the ploppable version (we all use them from time to time), I'm just saying having a plop AND a grow.
  9. Caribou Flyover Stations

    I left it out! Thanks for recovering this gem too! - Tyberius
  10. SM2 Hump Yard

    The lot which made me realized, that I already saw something like this back in Hungary, in Budapest. There is a huge railyard system (it's a system, because there are several yards next to each other and there is an other one with the main arterial network in Budapest and it gives a 'T' shape of rail yard systems) and you can find roundhouse and a lot of abandoned stuffs over there as well. It's huge, at some point, there is a crossing road, and several rail tracks going above this road and above a bit of each other, and that is the begining of the hump yard... So this lot is kind of special for me! Thank you very much - Tyberius
  11. SM2 True RRW DTR Sidings Vol1

    Well, other must have stuff from Simmer! I'm using these lots everywhere on my railroads. Beautiful additions to our game! thanks a lot! - Tyberius
  12. SM2 Train Repair Yard.zip

    Very nice lot, beautiful textures. One of the must have lots in SC4, I think! Thanks a lot making this - Tyberius
  13. SM2 IntermodalTerminal.zip

    In Counterpoint I made the whole industrial railway system using your mega lots, like this. I got a complex system, but I like the results, because these are really beautiful lots! Thanks a lot! - Tyberius
  14. SM2 Nuts VDK Swan Mill Power Plant

    I love this lot. It was one of the first plopped lots in my Counterpoint city at the industrial harbour. I built a complex railway system around this building and it is one of the key establisment of that railway system. Thanks for making this lot! - Tyberius
  15. SM2 Gogar Tram Depot

    An other of my favourite from your creations! The base colour was a bit strange at the begining, but since the original RL version has the same, I can't complaining. I love this lot, it has a great spot in one of my cities! My trams are happy in this depot! Thanks for making it! - Tyberius
  16. SM2 SG SimTropolis Station DTR

    Much more common setup, but still an awesome lot! Thanks a lot! - Tyberius
  17. SM2 Rail Service Yard 2

    Oh, yeah. I used this everywhere in the industrial parts of my cities. This and its siblings are very nice additions, and I really like them! Thanks for making them! - Tyberius
  18. SM2 SG SimTropolis Station STR

    another unique concept! I have to admit I haven't seen this big station buildings on STR lines, but that doesn't mean anything. I like the concept, and the option what you gave us! Thanks a lot! - Tyberius
  19. SM2 Greek Temple Ruin

    F. Missing time sequence again... Hm... well... Thanks for making it! - Tyberius
  20. SM2 Breakwater Concrete Blocks

    Ah here we are! Episode I - of the costal MMPs Thanks for these nice stuffs. They are really usefull! - Tyberius
  21. SM2 Coastline & Marine MMP kit

    I see my costal city with these stuffs... Beautiful MMPs, thanks a lot! - Tyberius
  22. SM2 cnut Grain Shipping

    Ah, another Prequel! Grain industry: Begins! thanks for making it! - Tyberius
  23. SM2 Ancient Ruins Roundabout

    it's an F. Where is the time sequence????? I want a Temple here which is being demolished and rebuilt in every day... And where are the promised ruins? Well, at least we have a nice new roundabout filler! (I want those ruins...! ) Thanks for making it! - Tyberius
  24. SM2 Aqueduct

    What is this? The whole Pipes series? How many seasons? Man, do I really have to binge-watch this? I hope it will be fun! Thanks a lot! - Tyberius (I'm getting tired, I almost missed my nick name - Tybersisus)
  25. SM2 Main Transformers

    Power of the power of the POWER - The Prequel aka The Born of the Power! thanks very much! - Tyberius
  26. SM2 Central Train Station

    1/5: tooo many dependencies, pffffuuuuu.... I hate it. Do I really have to download all those stuffs???? Why can't you put together everything? I don't have time for that... I want everything... NOOOOOOWWWW! (I hope you feel the joke above! ) So yepp, I love this lot, it's in a great use in one of my cities! Thank you very much! - Tyberius
  27. SM2 Cell Towers

    Man! You're putting your hands everywhere! Here a little windmill, there a power generator, over there cell towers, over there bííícsiz, Thanks for making all these nice stuffs! - Tyberius
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