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  1. Today
  2. 432 Park Avenue

    good model for a new tall... 5/5
  3. Water Tower Place

    nicely executed... 5/5
  4. Yesterday
  5. IRM I-HT Nova Energetics by HunD88

    Nooo! Looks like I may need to pick up some IRM projects for me.
  6. Water Tower Place

    In spanish jajaj Don Diego.... Cada ves nos sorprende más, cómo lo hace??? Jajajaj saludos Pd: remasterizada los edificios de los ángeles???
  7. 3x6 Haunted Abandoned Building

    Thanks Simmer2, I appreciate it! Didn’t realize that I was even using some of your custom content when building it. Will definitely have to pay more attention to those things! Thanks for testing it out
  8. Strip Mall #1

    I could kiss you you've made such a masterpiece!
  9. U.S. Bank (Library) Tower

    Yes! Definitely helped, thank you for that.
  10. Last week
  11. President Obama's Limousine

    Nice! Is more better includes Donald Trump here!
  12. HBS Peach Style Region Legend Mod

    We need more legends! Subway? High Speed Rail? Or anything else....
  13. Qdoba Mexican Grill

    I like the variety of your buildings. New collection of small commercials Thanks for sharing! - Tyberius
  14. Future Army Base Mod

    Best military ever!!! I give you more than 5 stars!!!! Including nice robot from Gundam, Transformers etc...
  15. Future Army Base Mod

    Welcome to futuristic version of army base!!! Best military ever!!!
  16. RDQ Venus Arcology

    GREAT JOB!! Love it! Keep up the great work!! Totally Awesome Dude!
  17. Soccer City Stadium by DmScopio

    This stadium is simply amazing, I´m in a world cup mood so I decided to put one of these in my cities, thanks DMscopio and TowerDude. I got two noob questions: 1) What exactly is a BAT? 2) What happens if I install it without the dependencies? I installed without the dep. and here´s how it looks, on the left is the Seoul stadium from Maxis DLC Landmarks for comparison.
  18. Qdoba Mexican Grill

    I think it's a texture issue or something. We may release a new version soon EDIT: I put the wrong version of the lot in my game but the file is fine.
  19. 432 Park Avenue

    I'm Waiting this building for many years ago, Thank you
  20. Andrew's Fashion Centre

    Beautiful work! Thank you! - Tyberius
  21. nos.17 StreetSide Parking (SSP)

    Really nice and usefull addition for all cities. I can't stop using them in my cities! Thanks a lot for making these! - Tyberius
  22. CM Centre Commercial (Remade)

    One of my favourite relots from you! Thanks for making this! - Tyberius
  23. Creator Pack 02: dk1

    This creator pack is a really nice idea! Thanks for making and sharing these gems. - Tyberius
  24. Tariel Pagoda Park (9x8)

  25. Kroger Shopping Center

    love it, would love to see a kroger marketplace in the future
  26. The Simoleon Trees

    Epic never again worry about having enough to pay for what your Sims need
  27. RRetail Commercial Relots - Previously Completed

    Too much relot!!!!
  28. Steak 'N Shake

    Nice work again! Thanks a lot @pclark06
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