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  1. Yesterday
  2. Nový zámok

    Nájsť tu niečo slovenské, to je ako nájsť poklad. Vďaka
  3. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Waiting for a map like this for a while and finally found one!
  4. London Stock Exchange

    thank you for making such an interesting building love the unique look of this and also having an alternative to the Maxis stock exchange is most welcome can't wait to see all the hi rises start to grow
  5. London Stock Exchange

    Master work,great job!
  6. VIP orange AgriPack

    Extremely nice farming props. They will come in use. In extensive use. BTW. there is one tractor model (light green with white roof) included in this pack that has no description file and therefore doesn't appear as a prop in LE. Well, I will make it visible too. Promised.
  7. Last week
  8. Bipin Concrete Walls

    No I wasn't aware. I'll add them to the listing now
  9. SM2 Coastline & Marine MMP kit

    You made something of which I didn't know how much I needed it.
  10. SM2 Sands

    Very nice. Thanks.
  11. Honda Civic

    C O O L V I B R A T I O N S
  12. Hydroelectric Power Plant

    Not working here too... Need help !
  13. Real Size Hong Kong

    Sadly i got some concerns with the installation. I don't have the downloaded map in my region folder once in game
  14. TL-Obelisk Place

    I checked again, and the only props in that corner are one solitary peep and one group of Nams' people ; any peep I use in my lots are either Delecto people or Namspopof's. Both are in the list of dependencies. And one of his "poussette" group (man pushing a stroller) shows up correctly (center, last bottom quarter) and another in the left top part. So I am completely stumped, here. I am sorry...
  15. IRM I-HT Alka Seltzer Factory by SimGoober

    (Oh that delightful little path and garden in the back !!! I love it.)
  16. IRM I-HT EZ Flo Laxatives by SimGoober

    And the beat goes on ! We will never thank you enough for that project, the gift that keeps on giving...
  17. ESP15 60 Wall Street Deutsche Bank NY

    A classical spire at the top of this building would be perfect and memorable. I do like the lightly blue-ish toned colors of the rood and glass combined with the earth-toned exterior surface of the bulding.
  18. One Liberty Place

    One of my favorite buildings, and it looks like you've done it great justice. Thanks for sharing your art with the community!
  19. Network Addon Mod (NAM) - Mac Installer

    I am impressed! I had given up on the NAM years ago when I owned the disk version of SC4 and never succeeded in installing the NAM. But this installer in combination with the Steam version of the game works like a charm. Finally I can use the great NAM works. Thanks!
  20. Network Addon Mod (NAM) - Mac Installer

    Installed it today and everything works. You really have to drag (copy) the "wrapper app" to your desktop though. When I tried to launch the app directly from the dmg window nothing happened for me either, just like in your case. After copying the app to my desktop the installer launched as described by the NAM team.
  21. crafting table

    What menu does this show up under? Or is there a required dependency for this lot? I put the lot and model file in a subfolder in my plugins but I can't find this in game. Edit: Found it, love it. It was hiding. I found it under a default/wrong title/name and an improper icon. Have you made an updated/tweeked version? For some reason three of the four tiles of this monument show up with a full tile walkway texture from one of my park plugins. I might have to finally learn bat/lot editing now. I’m inspired, MCPC was the game I sunk my time into before getting back into SC4.
  22. Network Addon Mod for Windows INSTALLER

    @iamxtop - hey, thanks. No prob, hopefully the download worked. You may post in the forum sections for any kind of issues or support. Most of the long time players and mod creators hang around there.
  23. Paeng's FiRE AddOn: Action Lots

    Still exists .... but the company that provides the site software has been making some massive changes to the software so locations changed and some bits of the site are not public viewing ... I think the @Tyberius06 was planning on uploading it to the STEX .... think it may be under the SIMPEG PAGE but currently between house moves so still haven't got computer setup again so can't check for you
  24. Holland Park Terraces

    @jackamoney, I never made a corner building for this one - however I did another series of London buildings/terraces which include corner ones: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2710
  25. ESP15 75 Wall Street

    Alright, you clearly are modeling more than just simple boxes for your buildings, but man you are not going far enough. Those HVACs hurt my eyes, because you are trying to cut corners and not modeling them, just using textures. Textured boxes end up looking horrible in this game, so details not of minor size need to be modeled. You slap stuff, especially roof junk stuff, on as a texture, it will make all but the pollyanna's and the blind cringe.
  26. Kogyo Waste Services

    well done.. 5/5... the extras make it come alive
  27. Earlier
  28. Torre Colseguros

    Very nice smaller size highrise
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    • Diego Del Llano

      SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD

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    • Fantozzi

      I get the impression, me standing naked before the wardrobe and choosing the clothes to wear and putting textures on a model in B.A.T is the very same task. And the blue socks don't realy look well with the grey suit and the comfy athletic shoes don't go well with both - even if they all look fine as separate items.
      Or maybe it's like cooking. You can't simply throw all the things they smell good into one pan and create something delicious. While orange and chocolate works and roast beef and orange works - it doesn't mean chocolate and roast beef works too.
      Creating and putting things together are different operations. It's like the difference between using a single calculation type on numbers or building up a term with different calculation types to get a formula. 
      So one clould say even to get dressed in the morning is much more complex than 1+1=2. And requires a formula.
      · 1 Reply
      1. RandyE

        Here's an idea you might find amusing.  What if math could be developed to the point that we could write a formula that would score the lottery numbers with near perfect precision every time and the formula were so simple anybody could apply it?

    • Diego Del Llano

      SimCity 4 | REAL WORLD

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    • Fantozzi

      The ATLAS OF BEAUTY (Mihaela Noroc) has been released.
      Look and ask yourself: at least for the sake of beauty - wouldn't it be worth to do something to save this planet?
      · 1 Reply
      1. RandyE

        The pictures are very well composed and natural, a variety of ethnic appearances and cultural adornments.   Behind the scenes of these pictures more often is the ugliness that is killing the planet.  One pretty delicate little flower growing out of a mass sewer of smoldering stinking radioactive toxic waste is about as powerful an image of beauty I can think of, the flower may wilt, be smothered and consumed in the sewer, but it had the courage to stand up and shine, even if only briefly and hopelessly.

    • huzman  »  matias93

      Sabias que el link hacia tu mods tiene un error de "script"?
      (Bananas, perdi mis lenguas!)
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    • Hester  »  SimRico

      Hi hi hi!!!good to see you again!!!
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    • kellydale2003

      new trixie who dis

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      1. Haljackey

        It's ya boi


    • Bastet69008

       Congratulations to @Huston, @korver, @Jasoncw @Reddonquixote @flunight @Tonraq @elavery @Wallibuk, @JP Schriefer @Diego Del Llano @Mymyjp @jmsepe @MilitantRadical @kellydale2003 and all the others I didn't mention on your Trixies!
      · 3 Replies
      1. Jasoncw

        Thanks! *:thumb:

      2. korver

        Thank you very much Bastet *:)

      3. Diego Del Llano

        Thanks <3 !!! 

    • Ganaram Inukshuk

      I wake up and the first thing that comes to mind is NOMAD: Network Addon Mod Open Development. Anyone with a NAM contribution can add anything; code, textures, models, whatever.
      <Cue angry mob with pitchforks and torches>
      · 3 Replies
      1. matias93

        Sounds nice, but I think not many of us would be able to produce something with enough quality to be at NAM level. I personally wouldn't be able to do that, not only for lack of time, but also of technical skills and artistic endowments. Maybe some users could be able to help, but they surely will remain a minority.

        Maybe a mentorship program to help new modders to get a hold of the internal workings of the NAM?

      2. Ganaram Inukshuk

        Well, without any authorisation from the rest of the team, I can't go forward with the idea (I'm not sure if they're even keen on the idea), and even if they gave me the green light to go full blast on the idea... I had another bout of self-doubt, so there wouldn't even be a coordinator.

        Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...

        As it stands, if I initiated the idea right now, I'd end up pulling the plug because I'm way too scared of what I'd be making.

      3. matias93


        Sometimes I hate myself for coming up with far too many good ideas and never pulling through with any of them...


        Well, I have no idea about the rest of the issue because I don't know the internal doings, but about this I can say something: there is nothing wrong about creating ideas, give them to a wider audience and then doing nothing with them.

        You are not responsible for what your ideas would become, and what's more, you are being generous enough to take what you feel are valuable concepts and giving them freely to others to ponder on them, or maybe even developing them; that is, by itself, a huge contribution that we couldn't have otherwise.

        Even if you take the task of executing this proposal, abandoning it later wouldn't be a motive for feeling guilty: in addition to offer a good idea, you have helped it flourish with your work. If someone else is wise enough to value it and has the determination to use it, your work won't be in vain and will be growth anyway. You shouldn't feel bad for not being a 'doer'; sometimes, what a community needs the most isn't a motivated doer, but a wise, experienced and reflexive thinker who can orient and encourage their peers. For your thinking and your doing you deserve our full recognition as a community! 

    • Ganaram Inukshuk

      Well, my interests have either got shuffled or died a horrible death, and apart from what's left of city simulation gaming, all I got left is flat design art and a very thin sliver of game development as new/surviving interests.
      Uhh, where do I start...?
      · 1 Reply
      1. Fantozzi

        Mostly this isn't related to the subject itself but to something else in your life. To me it's the same on music/soundworks. 20 years I created music and sounds and funny stuff for public radio. Two years now I'm completely without inspiration. I have no clue where it went, how it happened. It's like having a big mountain of firewood but the spark is missing to set it on fire.

        I'm strongly convinced this spark can't be found. You are the wood and the spark must come to you. Therefore I use (and many other do, it's not my invention) the metaphor of an 'angel'.

        The old greek had a divine called 'Mnemosyne' (rememberance) who was to bring the spark to inflame, enlighten you and set your inspiration free.

        You can't command them - the angels, Mnemosyne. Only thing you can do, is to invite them.

        How to invite - the spark, the goddesses of inspiration?

        Make yourself empty. Go to the sea. Sit into the sand. Listen to the waves. Do this for one hour, for two hours, for some days. After a while you begin to hear a greater rythm, a transforming rythm. And from this rythm ascent violins and suddenly there is music in your head.

        Sometimes this works. But definitely you have to stop seeking and get rid of 'I must do'. You can't find inspiration by commanding it. Instead you must give inspiration the chance to find you.

        Well, at least, I think, this is how it works.

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