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City-building game(s)

Found 13 results

  1. Creating realistic rural settings

    Replies: _Michael: Thanks! I spend a lot of my time expanding the city based on density transitions: high to medium, medium to low, low to medium, etc. kschmidt: Diagonals zones coming off FA roads was done to a limited extent by someone else- they however zones diagonal houses on an FA road but I took a perpendicular approach. FrankU's Dutch Parks are highly versatile and can provide posh fencing, low density tree fillers and cool looking paths. The horse race is a bit small and the diagonal downtown section has a little too much repetition but... It passes muster! I do love slotting in railyards into my industry. kelistmac: Cheers! I always go for large and gridbusting where possible- it's even possible to gridbust using strictly orthogonal streets and roads. Simmer2: Thank you! Your LOTs and BATs go some way to filling in my railways, industrial zones and rural areas. Entry 6- Creating Realistic Rural Settings Building urban areas is one speciality of mine and I do love industrial areas, but where I flourish in is with rural areas. Using MMPs I can create an organic look to a grid system of fields, or do some immense grid-busting. Listen up as I reveal some methods for creating highly realistic rural areas. 1. The 101 of Realistic Rural Scenes is rural/urban transitions and vice versa. 2. You will need fences bordering the fields, woodland filler tiles (or MMP trees), low density areas and of course the grunge roads found in Bipin's Industrial Essentials help too! 3. The city border can be all sorts: housing, light industry, a school, a large facility, a utility complex, etc. What matters though is there being a clear division between where the urban ends and the rural begins. 4. One method is mixing in fields with RCI zones. So when you move to the city outskirts there are fields either penetrating into the city area or there are fields surrounded by city blocks, etc. 5. The other crucial thing to consider is SPACE. 6. The smallest field needs to be at a minimum approximately 200 metres wide. Like the field above its width is 12 tiles across- or 192m. 7. In the North of Pololomia I mixed in fields with industrial blocks. This can make building to the grid very interesting and thus rather Americanized. Remember: SPACE, fillers and clear rural/urban divisions. 8. It's perfectly normal to have an industrial estate or business park to suddenly emerge from the countryside and farmland. But these kind of areas often have a lot of green space, trees and again SPACE. 9. Rural/urban transitions come in all shapes and sizes. For instance the railway marks the separation between an outer city suburb and the countryside. 10. In the future I will show the full area and you will appreciate the layout, size and detail involved. In these teaser pics though and in this one we have a bit of MMP gridbusting. Gravel/tarmac MMPs can go in any direction, as can walls and flora- EXPLOIT THIS to the max! 11. The next big challenge of rural/countryside scenes are the fields themselves. DO NOT use plopped field/crop lots. These have little to no variation and so make the grid stand out like a sore thumb. Because of the fields variation/(organic irregularity) your eyes are drawn to the fields, thus rendering the orthogonal roads less obvious and intrusive. 12. But MMP fields -- and I have taken great inspiration and artistic license from Ln X here -- make fields realistic. Why? Fields are organic and plants are sprouting in a chaotic fashion. Laying down MMPs emulates this chaotic distribution and so the entire field becomes this large painting- subtle variation of one theme. 13. I will explain more about MMPing fields in a future entry- but the basic process is usually mixing two flora MMPs together to create a thick, detailed look. 14. MMPs can also extend lots which seem very confined. The industrial buildings in the centre have more presence because of the dirt truck stop. This is just one small example of how texture MMPs and vehicle MMPs can produce incredibly realistic scenes with only three or four MMPs being used. 15. Using Ilive's Reader and the Lot Editor, 1x1 residential buildings can be changed into parks with no base texture. 16. I'm only just beginning to explore this technique but the results produce astonishing off-the-grid images. The buildings are surrounded by MMPs which create the illusion of a large lot, but the reality is this- these are 1x1 park tiles which have a house in the centre and a transparent texture. For the longest time I have always wanted to do something like the above and finally my dreams are coming true! Well... That wraps up this entry. And next week another entry. Stay tuned.
  2. Mayon Ocean

    From the album Mayon Province !

  3. Petrol Station in Faverdale

    From the album City Showcase (S3-23-M)

    A petrol station in the city tile of Faverdale.
  4. Everybody need Corn! Have a look into my VID
  5. I would like to block some farm fields from growing. Yes, I know you can edit each farm building lot individually and remove the instances to the undesired fields, but that's going to be a really tedious process given how many farm building lots I have installed. I tried changing the growth stage on the 1x1 field lots to 255, but unfortunately the fields I don't want still grows. So as growth stage doesn't seem to work, is there any other way to prevent field lots from growing?
  6. Fields of Ruin

    From the album Tourist Attractions (S3-04-W)

    A good while ago, scientists discovered some ruins in a grove close to a river delta. It has been assumed since then that these ruins originated from a pre-Calidorian era (you might want to click here for more information), but, according to more recent research, these ruins might be remnants of Calidorian settlers from the early beginnings of the history of Calidores that had to abandon this place for unknown reasons, most likely an immense flood or lack of resources. Since their discovery, these ruins attract more educated Sims from all of the world, to see both the ruins and the way how nature tries to repair the damage humankind has caused by deforesting the area adjacent to the ruins.
  7. Fields of Ruin

    A good while ago, scientists discovered some ruins in a grove close to a river delta. It has been assumed since then that these ruins originated from a pre-Calidorian era (you might want to click here for more information), but, according to more recent research, these ruins might be remnants of Calidorian settlers from the early beginnings of the history of Calidores that had to abandon this place for unknown reasons, most likely an immense flood or lack of resources. Since their discovery, these ruins attract more educated Sims from all of the world, to see both the ruins and the way how nature tries to repair the damage humankind has caused by deforesting the area adjacent to the ruins.
  8. Farms - intersection #2 and flora

    After deliberation on how and where to kick-start the transformation of the road and rail network, mayor Wournos III sent her road builders and landscaping artists to the least used roundabout, located in the South-East area of the county. It would require the least amount of work and would serve as a foundation on how to proceed with the project. Some of the pines in Rural Forest had to be cut down, nearly exposing the abandoned loading bay by the single-track-rail. New trees, mostly tall broad-leaf ones, were planted in and around the intersection to preserve the forest feeling the locals had grown so fond of. One resident was caught in the line of fire and had to have their entire property rebuilt (free of charge) because its original location interfered with a sliproad. The previously open fields South-West of the new intersection now serves as a small community with a few shops and farmland. One large field divided into two segments by a crumbling low stone wall were kept intact due to local demand. The fields serves as a perfect location for Midsummer celebration. Besides, who wants to live close to a highway? Lastly, the road team went ahead and tackled a not so unused roundabout. A few local farmers lost their land and a fairly used train station was demolished. Worst case scenario - more than just a few bits of rail will have to be rebuilt. Best case scenario - the train station is rebuilt a merely 30 metres west of its previous location. It's something for the rail builders to discuss. Meanwhile the flora keeps growing and spreading inside the second intersection.
  9. Farms

    Base on Baardmans Bay map.
  10. Elysian Fields | The Beginning

    Welcome to Elysian Fields Coming soon.
  11. Crockton countryside

    Replies: SimCoug, ggamgus, Lost Realist: Thank you very much to all of you and to all the viewers! I hope you like this bigger update vinlabsc3k: Grazie! This update is even more verdant than the previous ones There are a lot fields and cattle farms around Crockton and finally this is the Regonal Fair see you next week
  12. FrankU Dutch Farm Fields

    Version V2.0


    Finally it has arrived: Version 2.0 of the Dutch Farm Fields Set. It has taken me one and a half year, but now it's there. This version is not compatible with version 1.0! It is only to be used in tiles that do not contain the Version 1.0 (anymore). The set has grown to 35 farm fields. Some are completely new, some are reworked versions of SPAM fields and Simgoober's farm fields. Almost all fields are seasonal. The crops grow in several stages. It might slow down your computer when you have many farms and a slow CPU. Sorry for that. You can use these fields for your own farms and you will need these definitely for my upcoming set of Dutch Farms. Don't get shocked by the list of dependencies. If you do: just leave this set on the STEX. Here it is: Simgoober Farm Fields Revised PEG_Spam_Super_Resource BSC_TexturePack_Cycledogg_V 01b BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01 BSC MEGA Props - CP Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - MJB Vol01 BSC MEGA Props - swi21 Vol01 RFR Maize set 1.1 BSC Essentials You might be interested in the Farms Stage 0 set, which is the first set of farm lots that acutally let these fields grow. Have fun! FrankU, november 2013
  13. Version


    SPAM - Single & Diagonal Ploppable Fields SimCity Mayors can be tricky customers to work with at the best of times, especially if they 'absolutely want' say a tomato field in a certain place for a certain reason. The answer of course is for a friendly lotter to whip up a quick 1x1 lot. You would then be forgiven for thinking that everyone would now be happy... but ooh noo... if only life were so simple! To compound matters further, then of course, inevitably, an even really, really, fussier mayor will come along that now demands that he absolutely wants to put his tomato rows on an irregularly shaped field, ...but on a transparent tile, thank you very much, if you please, because let's face it the the dreaded diagonal zig zag look of base textures is to be absolutely avoided... because well... that looks really really naff... even though SimCity custom content developers have been trying for years to overcome this particular visual scourge. Can these demands be satisfied? Should we even attempt to satisfy them? Well yes.. and yes if it suits us to and if we feel like it... then we would probably come up with something like this: Contents: Crop Singles 1x1 (8 lots) Crop Diagonals 1x1 (10 lots) Tree Singles 1x1 (8 lots)Tree Diagonals 1x1 (8 lots) Important Note: When plopping some of seasonal crops (eg: wheat, rye, barley) they will not appear for a full game year seasonal cycle. The seasonal crop singles will plop with only a base texture, and the seasonal diagonal crops will appear to be initially invisible, (without props) until the first seasonal cycle is complete. To speed up the process, simply put the game on cheetah speed (ctrl - 3) and the crops will appear and then cycle as normal. These lots are ideal for planting certain types of crops in specific areas, making small repairs to zoned and grown crop fields, and also provides a quick fix for the 'no access zot' problem that affects some variable shaped lot (VSL) zones. Stats: Menu - Park (at or towards the end) plop cost - $1-8 Bulldoze - $1 Pollution - 2|1|0|0 Dependencies: SPAM Super Resource Pack Note: If you already have the full core SPAM mod this pack is not required. Installation: Unzip to: Documents/SimCity/Plugins/PEGPROD/SPAM/SPAM_addon/SPAM_abcvs/Ploppable Fields Un-installation: Delete the Ploppable Fields folder and its contents. Credits: Lotting / Modding - abcvs (Screw Pile Developments) SPAM Core Mod, props and textures - Pegasus (Pegprod) Additional Modding Advice - Paeng v_103 Additional Screenies:

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