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This read-only thread will be used by site staff for posting updates relating to Simtropolis, such as new features or notable changes. 

Please post any requests or ideas in the Suggestions Box

Or if you'd like to report a bug or other issue, please use the Bugs Thread

Thanks all!

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  • New option to hide your content from public view

    Recently there's been a number of members wondering how to remove something they've posted.
    So due to popular demand, an option has been added to your accounts.

    For example on posts:


    This allows you to hide the selected post from public view, should you wish anything to no longer be shown.
    After clicking this option, you can also provide a reason if you'd like.

    It also applies to other items, such as STEX files, Gallery images and City Journals.

    Any hidden content / reasons will only be viewable to site staff. This means you yourself will not be able to see it.
    If you hide something by mistake, please PM one of the site staff and we can unhide it for you.

    Hope this is useful! *:)

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  • Original Poster
  • New Profile Field

    In your profile settings (Edit Profile), there's now an option to display the city-building games you play... *:read:


    For now, this will only be shown in your profile, below "Interests".


    Forum Layout Changes

    In an effort to make the forums more accessible, there have been a few adjustments to the forum display:



    • Architecture & Urban Planning has been moved into a main parent forum, and is now shown directly below "SC4 Modding - Open Discussion".
      If there's demand in future, we're considering moving this to a more general architecture forum, as a way of providing inspiration, and discussing real aspects of city planning.
    • SC4 Bugs & Technical Issues is now shown at the bottom of the "SimCity 4 Players Forum", in line with the technical forums for the other games (e.g. CS, SC13).
    • Keeping the technical forums together, SC4 Mac Users has been moved below "SC4 City Journals".
    • For greater visibility, Current Events has been moved up into the main forum, now shown below "General Off-Topic" (previously it was a sub-forum).
    • Indie Projects has been moved inside the "Gamer Topics" category, since the projects relate to city-building games rather than Simtropolis or social discussion. The forums in here have been reordered accordingly.
    • "SC4 - Simtropolis Exchange" has been renamed to SC4 - Custom Content. This describes the topics more accurately, since it's developed into discussing plugins in general, rather than just items limited to the STEX.
    • "SC4 Modding - Transit Networks" renamed to NAM & Transit Networks. This is more descriptive, since the included topics are mainly related to the NAM.
    • Due to reduced activity (only 5 topics replied to this year), the Cities XXL forums have been moved as a sub-forum of City-Building Games.
    • Also because of a decline in activity, SC13 City Journals has been moved into a sub-forum of SimCity (2013) Concepts.
    • For better containment, the team forums have been moved inside SC4 BAT - Team Projects.
    • The BATting School has been moved as a read-only sub of SC4 BAT - Open Discussion.
    • Descriptions have been updated for some forums.
    • Increased spacing has been added below visible sub-forums to match individual forums.



    Navigation Menu

    There have also been a few changes to the navigation menu:

    • Links to the advanced search for the main site areas have been added. This will open the form and automatically select that area to be searched.
    • The Maxis Files page has been restored and a link added below the STEX tab.
    • Icons are now shown for a few common links, next to dropdown menus, and also for actions (e.g. posting a topic or uploading content). For the Calendar dropdown, this is now colour-coded to match the challenge types.

    Hope this makes browsing the site a bit easier. *:)

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  • Original Poster
  • A few misc changes

    Here's a few minor-ish modifications you may or may not have recently noticed:

    • Homepage news listings have been added as a block. This gives them a place in the meantime, until the full functionality can be restored.
    • Feature guidelines are now more visible on the submissions and index page. This also includes recommended specifications.
    • Forum listings now show 30 topics (instead of 25), matching the number of posts on a page.
    • Icons added to various "view more" links, to make them more accessible.
    • Simtropolis Twitter feed restored on the homepage sidebar, showing up to 3 tweets.
    • Gallery ratings are now only shown when voting is enabled for an album.
    • The Challenge Uploads category now allows reviews (currently not affecting results).
    • Several activity feeds have been reset, to include all items inside a category.
    • The term "SC4" has been removed from the acronym database. This intends to reduce clutter on posts, since it is very commonly used.
    • New text align "Justify" function added to the editor.
    • New high-definition emoticons shown for HD compatible devices (thanks Hamish! *:D)
    • Editor emoticon list rearranged in a (hopefully) more logical order.

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  • Original Poster
  • We've a few exciting new features to tell you about:

    Community Leaderboard



    This is a new system intended to showcase prominent contributions around the site. Not to be confused with the Challenge Leaderboards, rather than a competition, consider it a powerful tool for content discovery. Each day, any likes you receive are counted and shown in the "Popular Content" section below the overall leaders.


    On the top right side, there are several range filtering options, including:


    This allows you to find the most liked users and content for a specified time period. There is also an option at the bottom, which allows a custom range to be used. Want to find items from this week last year? Go right ahead! *;)

    There is also a menu to filter by specific sections of the site (e.g. STEX), instead of the default all areas.

    At the moment, there is a link to the leaderboard in the "Activity" tab. Handy links to common filters will be added over time, either in the navigation or another common accessible location.


    Every day, those with the most likes are ranked, and the leader wins that day. On your profile, an award badge will then be visible, showing the most recent time you achieved this feat:


    And the number of times you've received the most likes for a day is listed on your profile stats bar:



    Past Leaders



    This tab reveals who were the leaders and runner-ups for previous days, which have been calculated retrospectively.

    Click on a date to view the popular items for that individual day, or go back in time...


    Top Members



    This page lists the top 100 users for various categories.


    The default view shows users with the most reputation, but this can be toggled via the dropdown menu at the top right:


    Especially for the STEX, this is a handy way to find the authors who've shared over 35% of all files.


    Of course, the leaderboard wouldn't be at all useful without likes. So each time you find something interesting, helpful, informative, funny, awesome, or whatever, we encourage you to hit that little Hcjwgag.png button! *:thumb:

    All in all, we hope you find these things useful. There are plenty of options, giving a unique perspective on what's happening around the site. I'm sure it will also be expanded on in the future. While not intended to replace the Trixie award medals which we still plan to return, this should add more meaning to the reputation system.


    Display Name History

    Here's a feature which was included on the old site software, and has now finally returned! *:party:

    Click the icon next to the display name on a user's profile page. This will bring up a list all recorded changes, along with the date.

    For example:



    Note: The icon will not show if the user doesn't have any recorded changes.

    Currently, there isn't a public list of changes for all users. So if you've changed your name recently, feel free to let me know in the index.


    Share your feedback!  *:read:

    Comments on site features or new ideas/requests are welcomed in the:

    P.S. The homepage is currently having a design layout revamp, which explains why some things may appear different or missing.

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  • Original Poster
  • New Color Palette

    Following the release of CKEditor 4.6.2, the editor's color palette has had a refresh:


    Old Color Palette


    New Color Palette


    More Colors Option

    Understandably, the new "modern" colors may not be to your liking. Or perhaps they simply don't match the styles you wish to use in your posts or CJs.

    Not to worry! *;)

    A new More Colors option has been added to the palette selection (as seen above).

    Clicking this then opens the following dialog:

    Select Color Dialog

    Here you can choose from 234 colors, including many of the shades in the old palette.

    There's also an option to enter a Custom Hex code in the box provided, allowing for any other color to be used of your choice.
    Just remember to add the # before the 6 values, which provides the correct format for it to display.

    For example:

    This is a custom blue.  (#1A5ABA)

    A quick way to find a hex code is via a photo editor's own color tools (e.g. Photoshop,  GIMP,  Paint.NET).

    There are also quite a few online tools available (search: Color Hex).

    Please Note: You may need to refresh your browser's cache to notice these revisions to the editor.

    Hope this is useful! *:8)

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  • Original Poster
  • New SimCity 3000 Forum & STEX Category

    You may have noticed we now have a brand new forum & STEX category dedicated for SC3K.

    Likely attributed to the GOG release and recent sale in March, there's been an increase in activity for the game here at Simtropolis. Consequently, it seems logical to supply the demand with these sections. We hope this may lead to generating even more renewed interest in an entry to the SimCity series which is not forgotten, but nowadays often overshadowed. Whether you've got some questions about the game, would like to share your progress for old times' sake, or even upload some custom content, it's now much easier to do so.

    View the Forum   

    View the Files Category   


    Please see this thread for more info on the forum:

    If you've any comments, suggestions or know of other threads/files to be moved, feel free to post away in there and they'll be taken care of. *;)


    Minor Forum Reshuffle

    There's been 2 very small changes to the forum layout:

    • Architecture & Urban Planning has been moved into the Social Forum below "Current Events".
      Since it relates to building styles rather than SC4, we think it makes more sense for this to be in a general category.
    • Indie Projects is now located below "Strategy Games".
      This reflects the reduced activity, and intends to make the other Gamer Topics forums more prominent.


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  • Original Poster
  • Some More Minor Forum Changes

    There's been 3 small, but noticeable changes to the forums:

    The "Concepts" Forums Renamed

    Cities: Skylines Concepts & Experiments
    SimCity (2013) Concepts & Experiments
    SC4 City-Building Concepts

    They are now each named respectively:

    Cities: Skylines Showcase
    SimCity (2013) Showcase
    SC4 Showcase


    The idea here is really a semantics change to better represent what these forums have become focussed around. Since especially in the case of SC4 and C:S, they've specifically become a way of sharing picture progress of your cities inside the multitude of "Show us…" threads. Anyone can post in here, as little or as frequent as you'd like. Whether you have a City Journal or not, it's completely up to you.


    Forum Consolidation

    Due to low activity relative to the other Gamer Topics, Strategy Games has been moved into a sub-forum of Gaming Talk.


    SimCity 3000 Forum on the move


    According to Clause 32.1/5-2b of Dirktatorship Law, an existing sub-forum is eligible to be moved to the main listing after reaching the 1k posts milestone. *:party:

    After proven activity in the first month since our new SC3K forum was established, it has now been promoted to a dedicated sub-forum above "City-Building Games".

    This intends to make it more visible and accessible directly from the forum index, and allow discussions with other city-builders (e.g. Banished) to stand out more clearly in their own section.

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  • Original Poster
  • Omnibus & News Redesign

    In a much needed update as part of the ongoing site renovation, we've given the Omnibus and News sections a facelift.

    Thus far, the notable changes reside on the index page which was previously a dull list of categories and clutter. Submissions are now clearly and more prominently displayed. Images making each stand out whereas previously only the titles and author were shown on the article listings. This approach has also been extended to the category pages.

    In addition, all categories now show the correct page title and those for SC13, CXL and SCS have been consolidated into "Other Games".

    There are still a few things to adjust with the design, and this includes the 'hero' images. Making them the correct proportion (some of them are stretched) or adding new ones. Another effort planned is an overhaul of the articles themselves. Understandably as many images were hosted on 3rd party sites, these are no longer available. Since numerous articles are based around the pictures to explain a concept, they are essential to the usefulness.

    For this reason, we'll be removing these broken images and trying to find replacements to salvage such articles. The same also goes for URLs that may no longer be in the correct format. Either converting or redirecting them to the intended location.

    Stay tuned for other refinements to the site's design, notably with the homepage over the coming weeks...

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    Two Little Additions

    We've added a Highlight Topic Author so you'll see this in individual topics:

    Original Poster Thinger.jpg

    Or rather, the # Original Poster part. (They won't all be by Cyclone Boom. *;) )


    And we've added Spoiler Titles for the spoiler button.



    You will now get a pop up like this:

    Spoiler Label Edit.jpg

    Which allows the spoiler to have a label.


    And inside you just type or paste whatever you want to be hidden.

    While in the editor you can double click on the gray spoiler title bar to re-pop up the spoiler edit window in case you want to change the label text.

    A minor bug (IMO) is that you will not see the label while typing, editing, or previewing your post. The labels only show up once you submit the post. (This plugin was free so it's definitely worth the price paid.)

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        Simtropolis is primarily a site for people who love City Building games. We have major forums for SimCity 4, Cities: Skylines, and SimCity (2013) as well as a few others in the gamer topics. Our members are friendly, courteous, and helpful and range in skill levels from beginners to technical gurus.  The forums are where we discuss all manner of city building ideas. Whether you are a player or a custom content creator (or both) we have places ideally suited for your needs. If you haven't signed up yet to be a member, how about dropping by our New Member Registration Page?
        We also have the SimTropolis EXchange which is our files section containing (literally) thousands of files to improve on the basic games. These include bug fixes, maps, textures to change the terrain-related aspects, lots, buildings, props, game altering mods, and more. These are available for download by members and guests alike. (However, members are not presented with any ads.)
        Now, of course, we do have some easy to abide by rules you'll want to read in the Site Guidelines and for custom content creators and users in the STEX Code of Conduct. Be sure to check those out because they apply in full force to everyone here whether you read them or not.
        Ok. Have you registered yet?
        I'll wait.
        Great! Now that you are a member you can Introduce Yourself Here.
        And here's how I've laid out the rest of this introductory thread:
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        Also, if you have any issue come up which you feel is best discussed in private, feel free to send a Private Message to one of our Staff Members. Tip: Look over on the right side of that page to see which of us has been most recently active. That doesn't guarantee we didn't just log off 2 seconds after you view the list, but it does increase the odds you'll get a quicker reply. Do keep in mind even if we are online we cannot always respond immediately as we may be working on another important issue.
        I hope you find this site as enjoyable as I do.
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