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  2. PEG Scenic Drive Kit

    Anyone figured out how to correct the glitch in the four-way piece where it won't bulldoze?
  3. PEG God Mode Pine Trees Mod

    please, they are a bunch of boxes growing, i downloaded and reinstaled the dependency and the mod, but not work at all
  4. SPAM - Single & Diagonal Fields

    Perfect - just what I was looking for. Nice addition to SPAM
  5. PEGCDK REC Prop Pack 1

    thank you for these beautiful props to enhance the waterfront
  6. PEG CDK Leveler v205

    thank you for making it so much easier to use your waterfront lots
  7. PEG RTK3 REC AddOn1

    This is we call awesome BAT.. I'll try to make to my CJ seee yaaa...

    Super Nice! Just install one at a time and it will work

    Why Pegasus includes pspbrwse.jbf? Subliminal message?

    Also...if you don't find any *101.dat warehouse file after this installs, or in your row warehouses folder, I'm guessing then you have the latest. -I didn't find any *101 versions, only 110, on a new install of everything.
  11. PEG Subterranean Mall v205

    I wonder if I'd get brown boxes if I opted out of the Christmas DK.
  12. PEG Pond Kit II

  13. PEG Power Tower Pylons

    Although my reply is 2,712 days late, I have found the answer. The necessary image file is already in the mod. The problem occurs because the 27th IID is the same as the 26th one. Both show 0x0ad50320. The 27th one needs to be changed to 0x0ad50310 which can be done with the TGI Editior in iLive - Reader 0.9.3. For more details, see my post here.
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