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    • CorinaMarie

      Intermittent Hosted Content Errors   01/09/2018

      Our files host is experiencing service degradation atm. This means some STEX files will not download and will toss a 504 error. It could also mean avatars, attached images and such might appear to go missing. We apologize for the inconvenience. The best we can recommend if you get the file download error is to try again at a later time.

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Showing files in PLEX (Main Files), Custom Lots & Mods, CDK - Coastal Development Kit, MTP - Mountain Theme Pack, SPAM - SimPeg Agricultural Mods and PEG Utopian Series posted in for the last 365 days.

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  1. Last week
  2. PEG God Mode Pine Trees Mod

    please, they are a bunch of boxes growing, i downloaded and reinstaled the dependency and the mod, but not work at all
  3. Earlier
  4. SPAM - Single & Diagonal Fields

    Perfect - just what I was looking for. Nice addition to SPAM
  5. PEGCDK REC Prop Pack 1

    thank you for these beautiful props to enhance the waterfront
  6. PEG CDK Leveler v205

    thank you for making it so much easier to use your waterfront lots
  7. PEG RTK3 REC AddOn1

    This is we call awesome BAT.. I'll try to make to my CJ seee yaaa...

    Super Nice! Just install one at a time and it will work

    Why Pegasus includes pspbrwse.jbf? Subliminal message?

    Also...if you don't find any *101.dat warehouse file after this installs, or in your row warehouses folder, I'm guessing then you have the latest. -I didn't find any *101 versions, only 110, on a new install of everything.
  11. PEG Subterranean Mall v205

    I wonder if I'd get brown boxes if I opted out of the Christmas DK.
  12. PEG Pond Kit II

  13. PEG Power Tower Pylons

    Although my reply is 2,712 days late, I have found the answer. The necessary image file is already in the mod. The problem occurs because the 27th IID is the same as the 26th one. Both show 0x0ad50320. The 27th one needs to be changed to 0x0ad50310 which can be done with the TGI Editior in iLive - Reader 0.9.3. For more details, see my post here.
  14. SimPeg Agricultural Mod (SPAM)

    Just the thing to improve playability! The pictures just bowled me over.
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  • Recent Status Updates

    • adsii1970

      After a brief haietus from SimCity4, I have returned...
      I've also changed my user name from adsii to adsii1970 to reflect my desire to have a unified on-line presence. You can also find me on Steam and Kerbal Space Program using the same user name. 
      · 6 Replies
      1. adsii1970

        Yes, I did - thank you. I'm familiar with the forum software for the most part, but in the other forums I belong to, that option is *hidden* from public view.

        Maybe I am a little nuts for wanting consistency, but for me, it makes it easy. I even try to use the same icon. I wish, though, that all my other stuff had transferred over from the other forum software here. Being a member since, well, 2006 and the scorecard of a newbie doesn't look too good, eh?

      2. CorinaMarie

        I'm consistent among the two sites I'm on including the lack of a space in my name cause that's how it had to be on the other site at the time.

        Anyhow, are you saying some old posts of yours have gone missing from here and reduced your post counter? If so I can consult with our expert and take a peek behind the scenes. Just let me know what you believe is missing.

      3. adsii1970

        It's been so long since I've been here... I may have a faulty memory. I'm not too worried about it. The biggest problem I am having right now is searching for files for SC4. The STEX seems a bit clunky... or it could be I don't exactly know what I am doing yet.

      4. CorinaMarie

        Alrighty. If you do remember what you'd want me to look for I can do that. Otherwise I'll call that part done. *;)

        As for the STEX seeming a bit clunky that's most likely cause the search feature of this site is a bit clunky. There is an update coming that's supposed to fix this up really nice. I'll believe it when I see it. What I do is jump out to Google and use this:

        xxx site:community.simtropolis.com/files/

        Replacing the xxx with whatever I'm looking for such as power plant or cathedral or whatever.

      5. Cyclone Boom

        Hi adsii1970,

        Welcome back to Simtropolis. *:)

        Due to software limitations, it's true the site's search has long done and still does fall short of being a reliable tool for content discovery. As Corina explained above, filtering the results using Google really is a much quicker and more assured method.

        My post here mentions about what the future improvements will hopefully bring in the weeks to come.

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    • Glenni

      So I was supposed to finish my BATs. But then GoG game sales happened. See there you go, go get your pitchforks and blame Gog, it aint my fault honest!  

      · 0 Replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • catty-cb  »  mattb325

      sad to see your message  but understand why
      · 0 Replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • Solarism

      @Haljackey what do you think of this 

      · 0 Replies
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    • Terring

      I have a terrible feeling about the Greece-Turkey relationship and the crisis in Aegean Sea.
      · 0 Replies
      1. This update has no replies.
    • lmca9000  »  Cyclone Boom

      hello, i need your help, i made a 3d model in seketchup, i export the model in 3Ds, but when importing the model in Gmax BAT i throw error and it closes. 
      please help me. can i send you the 3Ds file so ou can try to pass it to BAT? or the sketchup file so you can tell an expert modeler to fix it and pass it to me. PLEASE and Thanks
      · 6 Replies
      1. lmca9000

        @matias93 yo hablo español amigo, no tienes que disculparte. 


      2. JP Schriefer

        The most common error when importing a .skp file to Gmax or 3ds Max is its version. You don't need to export the file as .3ds, all you have to do is save the file as 'SketchUp Version 8' type and it's good to go *:)

      3. lmca9000

        @JP Schriefer ill try that.  Thank you



      4. lmca9000

        @JP Schrieferit still does not work :( 

      5. Cyclone Boom

        Thanks for asking and also starting a forum topic. I'm personally not at all familiar with 3D modelling, so I'm really unsure what to suggest. I hope you find a solution to the problem. *:)

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    • jakis

      I've caught BSOD, lol
      · 0 Replies
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    • jakis

      *trying to establish BAT4Max v.5*
      · 0 Replies
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    • Ganaram Inukshuk

      Give something to the community and get praised; ask the community for something and get no response; why does this happen to me so often?
      · 6 Replies
      1. Ganaram Inukshuk

        The question that was on my mind, up to the point where I finally went home to get my tooth fragments removed, was "how do I deal with a broken tooth?" which everyone misinterpreted as an aesthetic fracture on (presumably) the front teeth when it was a structural failure on the backmost tooth.

        This ain't an issue of how well I'll look when I smile in front of the camera, this is an issue of "how am I supposed to eat without breaking even more teeth?".

        The initial problem of figuring how extensive the damage is was resolved back on Monday (it's very bad; so bad that it requires replacement with an implant), but the fact that no one heard my problem or understood it properly still bothers me.

      2. Ganaram Inukshuk

        And this trend of being unheard has been happening for a while. I post random images of things that I work on in Blender and I get no response; I share my personal experiences on <insert controversial topic here> and I get no response; I ask how well my art style would be received by others and I get no response; I offer surprise art to people and I get no response.

      3. matias93

        maybe you are showing things you want to be commented about on somewhat hidden places? At least I have found your profile entries almost by casuality, checking profiles of interesting people on the forums, and many times they are somewhat old when I find them (yours and by other people), so I shy away from bumping them, assuming that the time to comment has passed.

        About the tooth thing, did your dentist say something about the overall health of them? Because if it was a problem with only one tooth, then there is not much more to do, but if there is some general issue, he or she should give you directions on some treatment. I'm somewhat familiarised with this because my uncle, even being very careful of his bucal hygiene, has very fragile maxilar bones, so their teeth fall off easily. I know this is not the case with you, but is just to make clear that there exist some (albeit unusual) causes for general tooth decay, that your dentist should be able to identify and treat.

        Whatever it be, I hope the results will be for the better and that you could be more relaxed about your health.

        (oh, and about the blender models, if you liked the program just bring the models up, the one on your profile is really great!)

      4. Ganaram Inukshuk

        It was on the ST Discord where I kept being left out, the issue is isolated to that one single tooth (it was a root canal, now it's busted), except for one tooth that needs a crown, all my other teeth are fine, and I've had the idea of modeling an entire freeway, but I've hit an art block on what to model and being so busy with assignments ain't really helping.

      5. matias93

        First, I'm glad the problem is indeed isolated!

        And about making just a tiny bit of the highway, I really like it; if you had done the entire thing, the earth crumbles at the bottom would have been invisible, and IMHO, they are what completes that model.


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    • deltaforce168

      Love building
      · 0 Replies
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