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  1. To push even harder you could add a linky. Afaik, a duplicate just overrides itself and doesn't do any harm other than making the load time a wee bit longer. So, it is recommended to not have duplicates. The easiest way would be to post a direct linky to it and one of us staff can do it for you. Or you could check if there is a Hide option available. (I have all the buttons so I tend to forget what options you have.)
  2. File descriptors when uploading

    Seems this topic fell away without out a final proposal. Here's a suggested layout: -None Selected- Addon Automata Dependency Misc Mods Programs Props Sets Textures Tools MMP(s) RCI Ploppables Residential Commercial Service Commercial Office Industry - Agriculture Industry - Dirty Industry - Manufacturing Industry - High Tech Fantasy Buildings Transport - Road Transport - Rail Transport - Air Transport - Water Utility - Power Utility - Water Utility - Garbage Civics - Police Civics - Fire Civics - Education Civics - Medical Civics - Landmarks Civics - Rewards Civics - Parks & Rec This one removed: Custom Blank Lots And these two combined generically as Mods: General Mods Essential Mods The first item -None Selected- would be the first in the list and the default if one doesn't chose a different item. I feel this is better than currently defaulting to Civic. The order is a group of specialized stuff first and the rest follows the in game order. So is this: Acceptable? Too many? Not enough? Good order of items? Bad order of items? Other? Basically, we want to update the list to be inclusive enough that no one feels there isn't a choice for their upload while also not overwhelming them with too many options. Let me know. Feel free to propose a different list or a different order or both. The only one I'm passionate about is that the first item should be -None Selected- or something to that effect.
  3. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    Very nice. I wasn't sure if these were props or just what, but I dropped the files in my plugins and watched traffic and some of them are now your cars.
  4. I peeked inside it and it's a bunch of props exemplars.
  5. Maps, maps, maps

    They are not in and of themselves 8-bit, but can be if saved in grayscale format for that limited depth of color. The full color ones are 24 bit. Also, BMPs can be as little as 2 bit, but can be up to 32 bit. And, btw, if you do plan to render any grayscale images via the in game thinger, use the BMP format cause you will have odd merging between shades if you use the lossy JPG.
  6. @twalsh102 It makes sense now. Seems like this is the same (only different) than the Plugin_RCI_Buildings_Prop_Modd.dat you explained here.
  7. Underground Depth Mod v1.0

    Done. The new image shows the Radical version in use.
  8. Let's go ahead and clarify what eternal commuters are with pics from a real game. Here's my region set up specifically made to cause them to happen: Overview of City A: Development in City A: The upper left corner is a balanced economy with just the right number of residents for the amount of jobs offered by farms, dirty industry, and a few commercials. Here's the start of a loop in City A before adding the residential in this area: In City B we have the loop with almost all jobs inaccessible on those farms: City C has no jobs accessible from the avenue passing thru: City D is the mirror image layout of City B with almost all jobs unavailable from the commuter loop: Now let's see what happens once we've run and saved these cities in sequence and peek back in A: And in B: In C: D: And back to A. (Running and saving each tile as we go, btw.) Round 2 in B: Round 2 in C: Round 2 in D: And finally let's check a third time in A: What this gives us is a stable base from which we could check those various Transit Switch Entry Costs of the modded Toll Booths. We have isolated all other variables of city design and layout. And we have a true eternal commuter loop. I'll attach my region so you can use it for a test should you so desire. Eternal.zip
  9. My Education Questions

    It opens perfectly well in Libre Office:
  10. Underground Slope Mod?

    While I'm not at all afraid of poking around with Reader and tweaking values it does seem this would take a lot of trial and error and testing when someone (such as me) knows nothing about what to expect from changing any of those. A guide with example pics would be wonderful if one is ever written.
  11. Let's say both city A and city B have 5,000 total jobs available throughout each of their respective tiles. Then in one city we have 1,000 Sims close to a border and they cross over believing they will find work in the adjacent tile. That's all fine. They are paying their taxes and their homes are not dilapidating. But, then you jump to that adjacent tile and the transportation network only allows them to reach 100 jobs. That side will show 100 incoming while the other side shows 1,000 outgoing. I'm almost certain this isn't the definition of eternal commuters.
  12. With case A & B it might in fact solve the ploppable residential in most cases. As many peeps have discovered (and rediscovered) when plopping residentials on top of already grown ones they will survive providing the economic factors remain favorable. It's been said it's not worth doing in the long run because some situation will almost always occur which alters this just long enough for them to abandon and, ofc, they won't undilapidate after that. However, using your method where they work next door or across the street it seems the odds of abandoning would be so greatly reduced this now becomes a viable option. For instance you could grow your city normally without the mod in place so those Sims would find jobs at the industrial and commercial, save and exit, drop in the mod, and now you could zone, grow, and then overplop specific residential buildings for aesthetic purposes. Yes?
  13. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    @airman15 In case you'd want the draft version to play with, I'll attach it here. I've made it to use the same parent cohorts as those in SWAP SimWings Airport Pack v2.3. More specifically, you'll need these 3 files from the SWAP 2.2\Thalassicus folder: Airport_Global.dat Airport_Runways.dat Airport_Runways_Standard.dat Private Word on Runway v0.1.zip
  14. Fly-in Residential Neighborhoods

    And this'll be something I'm making too. Since I like the dirt edges I'm working from the original Maxis textures and I plan to make my own versions of the 3 displaced thresholds as well as the mid-runway taxiway exits such that they will be only one tile wide coming off of said runway. Thanks! I've a wee bit more tweaking I plan for it, but if you feel it'd be useful I can could make an addon pack that would fit with the old RMIP 1 which uses the dirt edges and toss it on the STEX when it's tested and finished. (I'm going to improve the R just a wee bit.)
  15. Ok. With something that's never been researched before how about trying some that are much more extreme? Included this time are 1,024x, 4,096x, 16,384x, and 65,536x. If sixty-five thousand times higher than the Maxis default doesn't make some noticeable difference I'd be willing to say this method isn't viable. z____AvenueTollBoothTSEC-1024-65k.zip With @jeffryfisher's oft used descriptive word: Build your regional transportation map using a dendrite structure. In other words make it branching such that the eternal loop is not possible. On the other hand, @A Nonny Moose was quite fond of saying you should just slap tolls booths on the loops and collect all the extra income if you weren't going to prevent the loop itself. Another thing to keep in mind with this discussion is the Ferries can be a major source of an eternal loop and they only need to be two legs of the loop. Their speed from one ferry dock to the next is infinitely fast because Maxis didn't finish them and there is no option to add speeds for them.