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  1. Adding extra languages to the game

    (I just noticed this. No worries. We did away with the old Thou shall not bump old threads rule a while back.)
  2. Temporary User to User File Transfers

    We've brought the STEX back online for members only as our next test. If some peeps want to grab the files above that are needed and post temporary off site linkys to them here that'd be great and it'll help test if the STEX is working. This test might also overload the site as there is some underlying bug which we have not yet identified. Both @Cyclone Boom and I are here to keep an eye on the performance. Should ST get overloaded and go down you will first start seeing long page load times and eventually 522/524 errors from Cloudflare. At that point CB will work his magic and then you'll start seeing a 403 Forbidden error. (This means all access is blocked so the site can re-recover.) And then in about 10-15 minutes we'll bring it back without the STEX again should this bad stuff happen causing the aforementioned site crash.
  3. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Stick around. We should be ready for the STEX test momentary.
  4. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    Yep. It's safe to post even if/when the site is acting buggy. The point was if you've typed up a long post and the site goes offline before you click the submit button the post could get lost. So, the idea is to highlight all the text you've typed and copy it to a text editor on your comp so you'd have a copy in case said post gets lost. That way you'd have it for the next time we revive the site and could try again. In a few minutes we'll prolly be bringing the STEX back for members only as the next test. This may or may not trigger the hidden bug so we'll just have to try and see.
  5. As y'all have prolly noticed we've had to take the STEX (and the Gallery) offline in an effort to keep the forums going. Details can be found in the ST Bugs thread and the current Announcement. Until we can get this resolved I'm allowing for peeps to temporarily request files in this thread and for other peeps to host said files via some off site method such as Dropbox, WeTransfer.com, or other hosting site. Once the site regains full functionality this thread will then be hidden and archived as we don't normally condone the sharing of files this way. Please keep requests to a minimum and have patience if no one is able to supply the file(s) you need. -Cori (posting as an admin)
  6. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    I have replied to a Status Update on my profile in which I have given permission for peeps to temporarily share STEX files via an off site method such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.com. Once the site issues are fully resolved we would then hide (or edit out the linkys) in those posts. I'll be at work today so any questions for me will have to wait until this evening for replies. Edit: I've created the Temporary User to User File Transfers thread in SC4 GD for this.
  7. Is downloadin' SimCity Mods such as the UdoN from the StexExchange out of the question?


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    2. Haljackey



      Just want to chime in but don't want to add more headaches right now

      By lifting this, you are just referring to individual files for one building or whatever right, not whole plugins folders? May want to specify or else there could be some who exploit the loophole.


    3. CorinaMarie



      Yes, you are correct. This is a temporary thing for transferring a few STEX files back and forth between members. It is not to be construed as a free pass to share entire plugin folders. *;)


      Cyclone Boom dug up the files and we hope these are what you need:

      Also the PDF attached to the description is:

      The Google cached page is here should that be of any use to view details from the description. I've not a clue whether all files are required and in what combination, so you'll probably need to figure that out yourself.

    4. CorinaMarie



      We've had the STEX up for members only for an hour now and it seems to be doing ok. You should be able to get the file(s) you need directly from there, but I'll leave the above linkys just in case.

  8. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    As many of you have prolly noticed we've been having trouble keeping Simtropolis online for the past couple of days. The most detailed information about what @Cyclone Boom and I are doing is in this Announcement and we will continue to update that as we try other options. As mentioned there we've taken the STEX and the Gallery offline in an effort to reduce server load and this will hopefully keep the site from disappearing every couple hours. Should this prove to help we will then bring the STEX back to members only as our next attempt to balance usefulness with uncrashness.
  9. SC4DataNode Support

    I leave it up to you to say when and then all but your first post can be hidden.
  10. Yep. It also keeps higher wealth commercial and industrial from running your low wealth versions out of town. Ofc, if you have such demand for the higher wealth ones you can either zone more and they can grow there or you can selectively bulldoze some lower wealth and let them sprout in their place. Basically, all it does is put you, the mayor, in control without the hassle of making lower wealth buildings historical to prevent them from being ousted. That's perfectly fine if that's the style and look you are striving for and you don't mind the reduced tax income when they are inhabited by lower wealth Sims whilst in the dilapidated state.
  11. SC4DataNode Support

    At the risk of derailing the intent of your topic I'll reply here. Rest assured we can hide these posts later so they don't distract from the thread. Unless we find a new topic totally out of place we prefer the author choses were they feel it best fits. Should you decide somewhere else would be better any of the staff can move it for you. (It's just a couple of mouse clicks to do that.) Would the idea be to have a sub forum for those particular topics? With CB's help I can create one using admin tools. In general, my philosophy is to help those who know more than I do to get the job done when it requires hidden button pushing. This could easily be a separate discussion if that's the idea. I look forward to whatever you discover about it. I'm very much in favor of its use and had it been the default toggle of false in the original game release, I believe a large handful of topics where the middle and high wealth Sims wreck havoc due to supplanting the lower wealth would not need the standard answer of: Mark everything you want to preserve historical.
  12. This will indeed work and has been the recommended method for years. As CB mentioned, the No Kickout allows one to skip the necessity of clicking on hundreds of buildings to make them historical. I'd personally rather be playing than spending all that time mousing around. There is no dedicated thread. It's such a simple mod that my explanation above really covers everything. It's also one you can put in and take out whenever you like without the need to bulldoze anything. Keep in mind if you've used it and then remove it a bunch of lots will revert to their old habit of getting taken over by higher wealth levels unless you've made the area undesirable to them or marked them historical. If you enjoy clicking buildings as historical for hours on end then there is no need to use this time saver. Those who've tested it agree.
  13. SC4DataNode Support

    @rivit As one of the most important and comprehensive tools for SC4, I feel this topic is worthy of being pinned up top of the forum. If you'd like we can do this. May I also suggest editing in a linky to SC4DataNode v1.06 at the top of your post?
  14. SimCity 4 demand mods don't work

    Since I'm certain that CB is sleeping right now, I'll answer with what I believe is the correct information: He has not used a demand mod until just now to test the installation and use of this one. (I also do not use a demand mod.) One thing to keep in mind about demand (with or without a mod) is that it can be seen like available building permits. In other words there is now incentive for any of them to build. However, that doesn't mean that once something does grow in the city that there is sufficient support for it to stay healthy. For instance, with all demand maxed out at 6000 let's say you zone and grow one industrial factory then you zone for 100 residential homes. All the homes can now grow, but as the game runs all but a very small handful will find there are no jobs available for them. They will in turn abandon and you'll have darkened, empty houses thru most of your residential neighborhood. I suspect in the long run that a demand mod such as this will actually make it more difficult to balance a city in terms of Sims and jobs.
  15. Installing SimCity 4 on Ubuntu

    The wee little bit I know is that Wine is a Windoze emulator which runs on Linux (and there's one for Macs too). For Gnome I presume it's one of the code names for a particular fork of Linux. I'd not heard of it before, but I did test drive Linux Mint one time back in it's version 12 (or thereabouts) iteration.