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  1. For reference, you discussed what you were setting up in your Ditching Windows 7 for Linux Mint 18 thread.
  2. Education experiment

    I believe one aspect of the game this experiment shows is the Maxis programmers really intended for Mayors to use all the educational facilities. Using the Meta-Chart site I created bar charts of the Residential population based on the numbers from your original post: Someone with skill in charts could prolly do it all in one where each of the three could be grouped together for the 5 different educational facilities.
  3. Connecting PEG CDK Ferry terminals to road

    I, for one, am happy to see it helped you. This also means the content of this thread is still relevant. While we do technically have the rule about not bumping old threads, we (staff) have greatly reduced our insistence on that. Heck, some times peeps learn things when an old thread resurfaces. Granted, there are also times when the information has been superseded and is no longer valid. Basically, if someone bumps up an old thread with no ill intent then it's ok. We'd only be concerned if someone was spam bumping.
  4. SC4 crash as soon as I load city.

    The caveat here being it does erase all MMPs so if this is a tile you've been working on for hours and hours (or days and days (or weeks and weeks (or months and months (or years and years)))) that could wipe out a bunch of work you've done. Also, if you use the flora off be sure to follow up with flora on.
  5. SC4 crash as soon as I load city.

    Was any of that stuff a Tree Controller? I'm not real good with the techy details, but I recall something like if you install a tree controller, plant some trees, and then remove the controller (cause you didn't care for it or wanted to try different one) then those leftover trees cause an immediate crash upon subsequent reloading of that city tile. If this happens to be the case you need to put the tree controller back in your plugins folder, load the city, bulldoze every single tree or shrub or whatever was planted with that controller, save and exit, and then it's safe to remove the controller. If you didn't do anything with Trees then disregard the above and wait for peeps who know more than I do to come along with better suggestions.
  6. I personally use: Clip2Pic (v1.0) by wouanagaine. I start it once my comp is booted up and then it just runs in the background checking for images in the clipboard which got there by pressing the Print Screen button. Each time I press said button Clip2Pic saves the contents of the clipboard to a consecutively named JPG file. There's options to select what folder it stores the images in. (I set mine to go in My Pictures/Screenshots.) And you can also select the quality (compression) percentage. I almost always use 75%, but I've turned that up to 100% if I'm creating a collage of all the in game mini maps.
  7. Water mods an "side cut on the map"

    Based on my own method when creating the pics for my Water Shoppe I'm certain everything needed is contained in the single .dat file. I completely exited the game between each one. So, a quick look at the pics in my shoppe would show only a very few added the FSH needed to color the side water.
  8. Water mods an "side cut on the map"

    I've looked into this a wee bit and I'm fairly certain there is something FiSHy going on. Here's the BluGrn from SHK Brigantine 2.0 which has the Maxis colored side water: And each of the other FSH files are variations of the surface water. (Presumably for different zoom levels.) Now, here's Grey1 from Drunken Water Mods, The Blues and Greys. In HD!: And from the same file the bottom two FSH look like this: Here's that FSH zoomed up 400%: So, I suspect those are the ones that color the side of the water. For the how and why of which image gets called and used I confess to being completely clueless. Hopefully one of our experts can take it from here.
  9. Water mods an "side cut on the map"

    I understand the question now. Let me grab a couple of sample pics from Cori's Water Shoppe. Showing the side of the water being the default Maxis color: Showing the side of the water appropriately colored: I'm curious too how the others could be fixed in a similar way.
  10. Site Header Redesign

    Setting my browser to Web Developer -> Responsive Design Mode -> Custom Size 1366x768 shows me this: Ofc, it doesn't fit well on my square screen, but I still see our logo just fine. How is yours different from this?
  11. Landfill Region "Tile"

    That comp should be quite adequate for the purpose. I'm running my SC4D on a 2004 (year built) Pentium 2.8ghz with 1gb ram and a really old video card with 512mb ram on it and I can do 12 x 12 large tile regions and it's not perfect, but plenty good enough for me.
  12. Landfill Region "Tile"

    Your plan looks good to me tho I don't have the answer to your question. I would have to set up a test region to find out. Same as you can do.
  13. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Nope. The signs point the way.
  14. Landfill Region "Tile"

    Oh. I forgot to reply to this: They are all listed here. I'll let you add them up.
  15. Landfill Region "Tile"

    Since it's in both of Danyal's new threads I'm guessing it's the equivalent of: Hey guys.