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  1. Too Much Money bug?

    I used some of Gshmails's farms and when the empty lots did grow they were pulled from the Maxis contents of SimCity_1.dat. I can't say for certain that is how all of them work, but I suspect it's the nature of the way those kind were modded. Even then, I didn't experience any tax revenue oddities when said empty lots appeared.
  2. deleted.



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    2. Fantozzi


      Not shure how to read the last sentence, if it's directed in my way as it seems you know my motivations better than me. Would a pm have been the better choice? Should I remove my message here and send it as a pm to you? Or should I open a new topic in the forums? Or something else maybe? What would be the proper way to adress my opinion about you closing this thread? Thank you.

    3. CorinaMarie


      To clarify my last sentence: It is my perception of what could happen by including the @ mentions which might prompt a continued discussion of the off topic portion of the thread in question. By necessity, Simtropolis is not a democracy. As staff we try to find the right balance between open discussion and moderation of non-productive conversation. Obviously, we cannot please everyone.

      In this case I believe a PM would have been sufficient to express your opinion. That could have been sent to me only or include @Cyclone Boom or sent to CB without me being included. At this point a PM to me is not necessary as I've stated my viewpoint here. My decision to temporarily close the thread for a time out will not be reversed. When it does re-open we will continue to monitor it and see how it goes.

    4. Fantozzi


      Anyway deleted. I agree, a PM would have been the better option to prevent the primary debate moving over here.

      But I must confess, lately I'm getting a little bit tired. There is almost no playground left, only law and order and justice fills the minds of the people. One has the see, in great parts, forums are ruled by moderators. The only unlimited game is: people ask, moderators respond. Communication is already very ritualized this way. It's quite annoying if every action is driven by the question - is it allowed or not, is it wrong or right. Can I post this, should I post that?

      You'd call it drama? I'd prefer to call it a game. But actually - a drama is a play, some sort of game. What, if you try to see it with my eyes - more some kind of comedy?  A tragicomedy perhaps?

      But if Simtropolis is no stage, no playground at all but instead all serious business, some kind of job - a school you have to learn the rules, I have to confess, I'm too old and tired to want to join class for you being my teacher.

      My very personal impression is - this moderator job doesn't do good to everyone. Some children act quite authoritan while entering the stage. Well but maybe even this is "As you like it". 


  3. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Well, that's good then. Less work for Alex. I can't unbeep him, but I'm glad it all worked out. And no worries. Our claim to fame is that we help earnest members who are simply human with all that entails.
  4. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Yep, it's alive and well. @Tarkus is one of their friendly admins and my @ mention of him will let him know to take a peek here. He'll then likely PM you since that part will need to be kept private.
  5. Too Much Money bug?

    My guess would be a new topic in SC4 - Custom Content, but I could also see it going in SC4 Bugs & Technical Issues. How's that for a non-definitive answer? If the experts (and I'm not one when it comes to the custom stuff) decide it's better off someplace other than where you post they can move it with a couple of mouse clicks. For what we can and cannot do about uploading a fixed file really depends on what it needs. If it is really broken then we would likely do so. If it's a preference type of thing then we wouldn't. Prolly best that part gets discussed in the context of your new thread about it.
  6. Too Much Money bug?

    Sure, any host you like is fine. And no need to apologize for the delay. (My condolences on the funeral part.) I'm offering my help here cause I know how to use the tools I mentioned. I fully remember how confuzzling it was for me before I learned them. In time you'll likely want to acquaint yourself with them too, but while fighting a game breaking situation seems like bad timing to have to jump in all at once.
  7. Too Much Money bug?

  8. Too Much Money bug?

    I'm going to have to get that installed some day. That looks nice and appears very useful. @c4bl3fl4m3 How big is your plugins? What about zipped up? If they'd fit on WeTransfer.com (free temporary hosting site with no sign up required) I could take a look using the method I know how to do.
  9. Should the 5 Star Rating System be Removed on ST ?

    So, just a few items: The member who rated simmaster's file 1 star was also engaged in other slanderous activities via status updates and warranted immediate attention. (As @rsc204 has carefully walked the fence between how much can and cannot be revealed, I will also not provide additional details.) The ratings and comments on lmca9000's files had the intention of being helpful, but could have been worded better. (Therein was the reason for discussion among staff before the action was taken.) See @Cyclone Boom's post for more details. Allowing this discussion of the ratings system was an administrator level decision to not suppress free speech about the topic. Per @Dirktator the ratings system will not be changing at least in the foreseeable future. Anyhow, it's time for this thread to take a time-out. I'd hoped it wouldn't come to this as there's been some excellent discussion shared here. However, it seems to have suddenly headed down the wrong track. For this reason, I believe it'd do all participants good to cool down and come back in a short while. Thread locked for 48 hours.
  10. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Just a wee, wee, wee little bit compared to Evansville. Like I work in the north part of Southport (a part of Indianapolis) and I can be there in 25 minutes. On the other hand, I can walk out my front door and be in a corn (or soy bean) field in two minutes so I have the best of both worlds. That matches up with my play style. While I adore the MMP laden and CC filled cities of other peeps, I just like to play the game as a game.
  11. Restore these lost files please!

    To clarify, what we have been doing is allowing members to upload SC4 files (bats, mods, maps, etc) that are no longer available on the web. We are doing this in good faith of maintaining the availability of content on behalf of the authors who's works (thru no fault of their own) have gone missing. This is a member based help solution when someone has the missing files. It's not some magic ability we have to simply find them ourselves.
  12. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hiya, @adsii1970. Welcome back to the world of actively posting here. It's great when peeps pop back in to participate. I just read your Acer Monitors Guide and that's a nice job of writing a tutorial. For my introduction to you, I'm Cori. I'm a newer addition around these parts from when you were previously active.
  13. Too Much Money bug?

    I'm not familiar with using PIMX, but I'm guessing each building would need to be loaded one by one. How about using DataNode? Scan Directory (Plugins) Change to TGI View Select Building List Then on the left side click each building, check the right side for E91A0B5F (Building Value) and since that's shown in decimal Simoleans it'd be easy to find the culprit if the problem is in fact caused by super high values for one or more buildings.
  14. Too Much Money bug?

    Do any of the cheats (or mods) for the Query Tool pop up the Building Value when clicking on buildings? If so, it'd be a matter of (tediously) checking each style of R$$$ building in a city where the bug is doing its bugginess.
  15. Too Much Money bug?

    Disclaimer first: I prolly don't know what I'm talking about. We know that tax revenue is based on the Building Value ( 0xe91a0b5f ). So, my guess is there is one (or more) badly modded growable residential buildings in your city with crazy high value. While they are populated they generate an insanely large amount of income, but if they dilapidate or get replaced by an upgrade to some other building then the income goes back to normal. This could explain why it's not an all the time thing.