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  1. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Yep. That's my feelings too. The No Kickout will prevent higher wealth levels from demolishing lower wealth ones and then replacing them. That said, this does not prevent buildings in the same wealth level from aggregating and being replaced with others of that wealth. (I'm not sure which wealth levels the 1x2 quaint little suburban houses are. (As I mentioned, I'm not yet an expert on the full ramifications of using No Kickout. All I know is it works how I want the game to be.) I should rephrase what I said: The Holy Grail of what is possible, but overlooked in the game. Very nice. As a test (after making a backup) why not toss in the No Kickout, unhistoricalize them all and let it run? And another detail shot of mine: ^ None marked historical, btw.
  2. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Since I play mostly lower density rural areas with small industrial towns here and there, your method of making them historical is more than I feel like doing. Clicking hundreds upon hundreds of little houses is too tedious for me. And I know what you mean about adding a single grass tile or providing health and education causing massive, unwanted redevelopment to higher wealth levels. To me this No Kickout is the Holy Grail of the game. It suits my style. Contrary to other peep's (untested by them) statements that it would prevent creating larger buildings cause they don't always start out at the maximum they could be, they will upgrade to the highest in their wealth class as the need and desirability warrant. Also, if there are lots of lower wealth buildings and the area becomes much more attractive to higher wealth levels you can simply bulldoze one of the lower wealth and now a higher one will sprout. (I use the tax rates to influence which wealth level will be most likely to grow.) Here's a sample showing all three wealth levels co-existing and none of them are marked historic: And back on topic for another detail/closeup, here's another building I've just seen grow for the very first time:
  3. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    As far as I know no one has made one for distribution. You just extract the Building Development exemplar from the Simulator section and set Tract Developer Kick Out Lower Wealth to False. Since I'm not an expert on this I've not uploaded mine. I'd guess that it could fight with CAM or SPAM or any other mod that might use this exemplar. I also use it in combination with the Less Abandonment mod which keeps things from developing until they are really more likely to stay around. You're welcome to use the one I made. Just be sure it's not going to fight with any other mods you have. Cori's_No_Kickout_Lower_Wealth.dat
  4. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Yep. See here. I suspect cause it seems to require nice surroundings only those of us using the No Kickout option will ever see it grow. For everyone else it'd be replaced by medium or high wealth long before it would appear as an upgrade. (There was previously a Tenement there.)
  5. Show us your... r-r-r-r-r-repetition-n-n-n-n!

    Cecilia's 9 Greasy Taco Stands have a symbiotic relationship with the Medical Clinic in this small town:
  6. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    I'm posting this since it's the first one to grow in any city I've played:
  7. The Milestone Thread

    A double pair of fives. Thanks, everyone!
  8. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    I'm guessing either will work. I'd personally put them in their own SPAM folder in the Plugins folder.
  9. More Brown Boxes

    Brown boxes will occur for one or two reasons. Missing dependency(s) Path to the deps is too long and the game can't find them Be sure to check that you have the deps for the deps if there are any.
  10. Prolly the best way to tell is to make a backup copy of your region and then give it a whirl. Just go into several different city tiles and let it run for several years. I'd go with the fastest Cheetah speed and maybe give it 20 or 30 years. (Note: Since this affects High Tech Industry, be sure your city has some of that.) Watch the demand and other graphs and see what happens. Since you will have made a backup, save each city then exit so the demands can be extrapolated to the other tiles. Try a few different city tiles this way and just see what happens. Maybe it'll give double the jobs? If it does bork (or as you say $%&^) your region then copy back from your backup. Also, it'd be great if you'd let us know if the outcome is either good or bad.
  11. Show us Your Oddities!

    Looks like a football goal post with a very narrow crossbar.
  12. Get your Maxis files here!

    I tried it too and get this message: The requested URL /aspyr/SC4MacAddons.sit was not found on this server. It is trying to provide this file: http://downloads.extremesims.com/aspyr/SC4MacAddons.sit Which is the exact same file name as you got when I hosted it on WeTransfer.Com in this post earlier. (Note: The temporary linky there is now dead, but you already got the file.)
  13. So many mods . . . which should I pick?

    You could go here: Fixes and Mods to get After a Fresh SC4 Install. Nope. It's really a matter of what looks good to you. Tho I have found using Maxis farms a limit of 18 cells from a road will give a no road access zot for those farm fields. As for the SPAM, I can't say one way or the other whether you'd want it or not. Lots of peeps love it so that's encouraging. I've been playing for nearly two years and I've been quite happy with the original farms.
  14. Show Us Your Small Towns

    Near the edge of the world nestled in a valley, is the small town of Gardenville. Many Sims grow their own food. There's also a couple of factories and a single, small store for shopping.
  15. How I Arrange My Plugin Modules?

    There's a lot of good discussion about this in the Show us how you manage your plugin folder thread.