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  1. Population Density

    True, but in my example I'm suggesting that 8,192 cells would be enough and there's 16,384 cells in a medium tile so that leaves plenty of room for some front and back yards. And, ofc, it's just a guess using some live numbers mostly to suggest a one to one relationship would be huge in terms of size needed in the game.
  2. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    Are you familiar with using iLive's Reader? If not, you can just use the one I've already created: AgPay5x.dat
  3. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    It's to each their own and how much. I personally mod my own cheats. Like I play mostly rural regions so I made a mod that let's me collect 5 times as much money from agricultural than the tax rate typically generates. This then lets me afford non-modded fire and health coverage for them all without going broke.
  4. Population Density

    Here's my synopsis from another thread:
  5. All Sports in a city...

    Very pretty.
  6. Program Language Problem

    No worries. I tossed out the mis-posted thread. For the language in the game, I'm hoping one of our techy gurus pops in to help you with that.
  7. I suppose they don't show up if the city no longer meets the requirements. Or it is a bug. (I've not bulldozed mine to see what happens so I'm guessing.) As a workaround you could use the plop option in @Buggi's SimCity 4 Extra Cheats Plugin or use the cheat code: you don't deserve it to make all rewards available. (Code box is accessed by Ctrl+x while in an open city tile.)
  8. My experience with Maxis content which I've marked as historical is that it'll stay exactly the building it was unless it dilapidates due to abandonment. If abandoned then later anything which is growable as if the zone(s) were empty can sprout there and will inherit the historical designation. This could be a higher stage of the same wealth level or it could be higher wealth levels. I imagine the same applies to custom content. If you use the Less Abandonment Mod by @Bones1 that makes it less likely that unsustainable buildings will grow in the first place. This is either good or bad depending on your prospective. In recent tests @Cyclone Boom and I have been running using a tweaked copy of @ColinM's Suleburg city we have found the Less Abandonment Mod stalls the overall population growth because the high wealth, higher density residential towers don't grow and then dilapidate to medium wealth. So, with the mod it recognizes that the high wealth towers will degrade almost immediately and therefore doesn't allow them to grow. Without the mod they grow and get taken over by R$$ then more R$$$ towers grow and in turn get taken over and the final population is significantly higher at the cost of dingy looking buildings. For more information on Less Abandonment Mod see the Redevelopment Mod thread and especially the posts by @twalsh102. Of particular interest is his analysis of the Abandonment Dilapidation Modd 1.2 which turns out to only mask the problem by making buildings appear new for 180 years even if they are in fact dilapidated. I personally use Cori's_No_Kickout_Lower_Wealth.dat which I created based on the information first discovered here. This one does not prevent buildings from growing too soon like the Less Abandonment one nor does it mask problems like the other one. All it does is prevent higher wealth levels from developing in place of lower wealths and is effectively similar to making zones historical at their wealth level. Note that it does not prevent upgrading within the originally grown wealth level so if you zoned medium or high density and a single family house grew then it can still upgrade to apartments or larger when the circumstances are right for that. This also applies to industrial and commercial. A combination of No Kickout and Less Abandonment gives the greatest control over what you will have in your city, but you will need to bulldoze a lower wealth if you want a higher wealth to grow in its place and the local surroundings now support said higher wealth. On the other hand I find it so nice that I can keep my originally grown R$ without having to mark hundreds of little houses as historical. Here's an example in which nothing is marked historical and demand for R$$$ is now at the maximum yet none of the lower wealths will be kicked out and replaced:
  9. Show us Your Oddities!

    And that house stayed fine even after running the game for years.
  10. Running SimCity inside VM fails DRM

    I have no clue for Macs and a VM, but long, long ago when I set up the QEMU one to run Win 3.11 under XP I found there were several hoops to jump thru to get the pass thru access to the floppy disk drive, the CD Rom drive, and the USB ports. You might want to check out that aspect of the VM program. (And just in case of an oops, are you sure you have the correct disc in?)
  11. How to remove water from a Region?

    I believe what you want is the Diagonal Bridge Enabler (v1.0). Among other things (listed in the description there) it: Remember to remove it once you are finished and want the water back.
  12. I'm not a NAM expert, but one thing I do know is the residential will get the Car - No Road Access zot if there aren't any jobs available. Somewhere within the tile are there commercial, industrial, or agriculture that have grown? If not, it could be that part and not NAM related. (I'm not saying it's not NAM since I don't know, but this is a basic game thing which might be what you are experiencing.)
  13. SimCity 4 - restore previous save

    How badly messed up is the current save? I guess you have to decide if it would be more work to fix it or to rebuild from the old backup copy.
  14. SimCity 4 - restore previous save

    Well, phooey. The only other option is to copy if from a backup folder or flash drive if you have previously saved it somewhere. (You do make backups, right?)
  15. SimCity 4 - restore previous save

    Depending on your version of Windoze (I know it's an option in 7 Pro), you can use File Explorer to find the .sc4 file, right click, and select Restore previous versions. However, that will be from whenever the last time a System Restore was created. By default this option is turned on.