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  1. Show us your farm land!

    I am always very impressed by your work @korver ! It could not seem more realistic. And the scenes you choose, combined to the photo editing, are absolutely magic. Master, you are so inspiring.
  2. Asoura - A Japanese village on the sea

    REPLIES : Koriyama I sincerely appreciated your reactions and comments about my last entry. I wanted to thank you all before the replies. @MissVanleider Thank you, I am happy to see that you liked my work ! @MushyMushy I have also spent a lot of time on G.Earth to have this result. It is nice to see it was efficient, thank you ! @raynev1 Haha it is strange ! Living in France I have no problem. This was a song named Yoru no Odoriko, made by the Japanese band Sakanaction (one of my favorites, you should try to listen what they do) @kschmidt Yeah, I noticed that Japanese cities have a very large variety of buildings. They are absoutely not uniform. That is what I tried to recreate. Anyway, thank you ! @feyss "Banality" is maybe not the appropriated word. I just wanted to underline the fact that this city looks like any other one in Japan. I appreciated your remark, thanks ! @_Michael That was one of my goals, capturing the atmosphere. Thank you ! @jmsepe Like I told you in private, this beautiful tower has been created by APTX. Here is the link if anyone else is interested. @korver Thank you very much korver ! @Takingyouthere Yeah I saw that all the main Japanese CJs that I followed a few years ago had closed. That is a pity. I hope to see them opening again soon ! @Ln X Thank you for your comment, it is very nice ! ASOURA - A Japanese village on the sea My holidays end very soon, and then, I will have to pass my exams. I will be quite busy. That is why I decided to post this entry now, only a week after my last one. Asoura is a Japanese village located in the fictional prefecture of Koriyama. Compared to the biggest city of the region, just a few people live here, quietly. It is rare to see strangers aventuring in the area. There is nothing to see, except maybe the authenticity of the Japanese rurality. The inhabitants of this village are mainly fishermen. Indeed, Asoura is located between the Pacific Ocean and a bay which has the same name. To protect the city against the dangers of the sea, a big wall has been built along the beach. In 1994, a famous Japanese photographer flew above the city and took these photos. Asourans discovered for the first time the shape of their village. Today, they are exposed in the city hall. Click and listen ! (Shiki no Uta - Nujabes & Minmi) I hope that you enjoyed this entry ~ Do not hesitate to like and/or to comment !
  3. Cities Skylines :: European City :: Dunham :: Episode 7 - industrialization

    Well, I have never played to Cities Skylines, but I really appreciated your video ! You have a great sense of details, that's incredible. Have you ever customized an entire giant city ? The result must be breathtaking
  4. Koriyama

    All the charm of Koriyama stems from its banality. I would like to take you on a little journey through authentic Japan ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I25AFSBm2g Click and listen ! Welcome to the capital city of the fictional prefecture of Koriyama. About 300 000 people live here, 200 km away from Tokyo. I hope you enjoyed this entry ~ Do not hesitate to like and/or to comment !
  5. Everyone here owes you much. 

    You have all my respect and my gratitude.

  6. First, please excuse me for having posted in the wrong section ... This mod comes from Hide-Hinoki, here is the link : http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=818 I finally found the solution to my problem. I'm gonna explain it in case it could be usefull for oser SC4 players. I tried to join my avenue to this piece. But, in reality, these two things are incompatible. We first have to join the elevated avenue's piece with 2 one way roads and then with an avenue. Between the time I created this topic and now, I have changed the flow direction in my game. Now, cars drive on the left hand side of the road. Maybe it is required to make the mod works, I don't know I hope I have been able to help some of you, see you !
  7. Hello, I've decided to ask some help on this topic because of a problem with the 7,5 elevated avenue. Effectively, I have created an elevated avenue of this height and it doesn't work .. This avenue is supposed to be highly used. But, no cars pass on it. So, I have decided to drive in order to see if all was functional. And, arriving to the piece "avenue to elevated avenue", my car disappears while the avenue is not finished .. I can't go ON the elevated avenue, I am blocked just after the roundabout seen on the picture. And, this is not a problem linked with the proximity of the roundabout. I have done some tests and it doesn't work even if there is a long normal avenue before. I noticed something that could explain the problem. When I want to create a 15m elevated avenue, the piece "avenue start" is proposed in the Roads menu by clicking on the "15m elevated avenue viaducts" icon. This isn't the same thing for the one of 7,5m. If I want the first piece, I have to go in the Various Transport menu while the other pieces are in the Roads menu ... And, there is an other difference, look at this picture : If you look correctly, you see that the 15m avenue creates a piece to join an avenue while it isn't the case for the 7,5m avenue .. To join it with an avenue, I have to put it at the end of an existing avenue. But, the fact is that the link doesn't works ... I hope that I have succeed to make understand my problem. I thank the persons who have read my post and I wish someone will be able to help me.
  8. Update 10: Come Back Home... (Atarashima)

    I had never seen a so well-stocked asian update. Is it possible to be better than you in this style ? This is totally incredible. I don't know how much time you have given to realize this city but I'm really impressed by your work :)
  9. Izumo - The resurrection

    Hello, Like you have maybe seen, my CJ, Izumo, hasn't been updated since March 2013. Effectively, last year, my old computer has completely freaked and I lost all the content of my hard disk whose SC4, my plugins, my regions and my cities. I was discouraged and I didn't had the envy to restart from nothing. But, that time is over. My summer holidays let me a lot of free time and I have decided to use it in order to continue Izumo I have hesitated because I have seen a lot of current CJs which use the theme of Japan. I think to art128, Kisa Atsuko or Tonraq who have presented extremely good entries this week. I don't know if people will be happy to see one more member posting about Japan. So, I take the risk to annoy some of you. However I hope you will like my entries I didn't want to write this message without putting some pictures of what I'm working on. So, I let you discover the all fresh district of Oshiro See you ! ____________________________________________________________________ (Click to see the full-size) I also wanted to answer to the comments I had on my last entry, Yoroido Forthwall : I didn't know if this style had its place on my CJ so I'm really happy to read that you like it ! RepublicMaster : I looked a tuto' on the web to create this old photo effect. I love it too ! Thanks Cr4344 : Thank you very much ~ ggamus : Arigatô ! Hellken : Thank you VERY much B.C builder : I was looking for authenticity so your comment makes me happy, thank you Tonraq : I have to say that your last entry CRUSHES my work. But, thanks ! kakado_to_save : Yeah the sountrack is amazing ! Arigatô ~ tankmank : The photoshopping has an important role in my CJ you're right. Thank you spusrule14 : Thank you ! Aaron Graham : Thanks ~ tastycakes : Arigatô ! Dr-Beakman : Like you see, I have decided to continue ! Thanks for your support
  10. I ・ The Age of the Lion

    I was waiting impatiently for your update since the announcement of your CJ ! This is per-fect. There is an interesting story and a village well realized. To complete that, the effects you put on your photos add a lot of realism. A really good uptade for, I hope, an excellent CJ. Good job ! :D
  11. South Namba City

    This is such a dense city ! Great pictures, I am impatient to see the rest :)
  12. Need someone to help me for the replacement of the base textures .. Why am I not good enough to success without anyone's help :(

    1. TowerDude


      Base texture, for ingame ? :) pm me

    2. A Nonny Moose

      A Nonny Moose

      Are you working on a lot or having troubles in-game? PM me if you are having troubles with the game.

  13. I'm not disappointed by this entry, this is still very well done :) My eyes thank you :)
  14. Preparing to come back on SC4 ~ :D

    1. TowerDude


      Welcome back l'ami !

    2. NielsC007


      A very wise decision!

    3. Altec


      Haha thanks ^^ I'm installing again the NAM and looking for my old plugins, you can't know how much it's exciting ! I'm so impatieeent