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City-building game(s)

Found 54 results

  1. To avoid the 'show us thread ...' to be abused as a development thread I open this one instead. Seems on this project there is a need for this - as I have to learn and the project seems to become a bigger task to me. @rsc204 said: "In this case, they are growable, which is clear if you've read the development thread. As for SPAM ready, I'm not sure anyone brought that up, although it would be nice *hint*" Nope, sorry. These are my plans and it's still a long journey: 1. Non-overriding for triple choice: use Maxis-blocker or FrankU's Maxis replacers or (if you think so) Maxis alongside. In fact, many dependencies I will share with FrankU's farms and I try not to repeat what he already did but to complement his work as good as possible (he sems to like flower fields, I think, so me: less flowers fields etc.). 2. Big set with all CAM stages 1- 7 well covered (-> no SPAM). Advantage: I plan to pack grow stage 1- 3 and 4-7 separate - so you can use a part of the set (1-3) also if you haven't CAM. 3. Changing farm style and field style with growing stage completely. What you see in the posted picture - the south european, mediterranian style will only be stage 1 and 2. Slowly changing to more 'north american/central european' bigger farms and finally on grow stage 6 and 7 to really ugly heavy industrialized mass production. 4. But also - and that's the point why I got into it - having the farm field accordingly to the farms. So the vineyards and lovely things on the earlier grow stages (with the mediterranian style) but to have also farm fields looking like industrial mass production on the highest stages. I want to achieve the same significant visual change as for the cities also for the farms. Idears how the highly industrialized farm fields could look like are welcome. Me thinking about how I can make 'farm fields' not really fields but also some kind of modular industrial life stock farming rows. And well, I got the inspiration by @OcramsRzr , who made me thinking about how different farming looks like around the world. So maybe, if I find suitable stuff - I will do some kind of vertical farming etc. on the highest CAM stages too. But that are all thoughts, idears, so far. 5. If I'm right - there are CAM farms, but no one thought of a concept to use the possibilities of the CAM to redo the farm development through all the 7 stages before. 6. And yes, there will be a hell of dependencies. If I'm lotting, I do it to see all the nice stuff other people created on my lots. Girafe made some nice vines and from the SFBT team there are too nice vines (which I turned into timed props). So two different vineyards -> two different dependencies (and only for those!). 7. I also create and redo timed props partially. I don't want to change the farm fields altogether at March 1. Some change later, some change earlier - so I hope the fields become more natural in the seasonal changing and not like triggered by a fertility goddess that snips with her fingers and -bam! - everything is green. So all in all - I see a terrible amount of work. And that's why I was disappointed when for almost a week nothing advanced and nothing seemed to work and why I was so glad when you helped me to proceed again. As I just started this project - any idears on farming are welcome. Even idears like: I wish there was a cannabis farm (but I think there already is). Or stuff you would like to see on farm lots etc.
  2. San Donato

    San Donato Here you have a small town that is close to Torre Canne and San Foca. This village is called San Donato. With this warm climate you get to 42 degrees centigrade there are beautiful beaches with a crystal clear sea. The Church of San Donato of Arezzo The San Donato railway station This village is crossed by the highway A34. You can see the railway network and the high speed. A small industrial area and the beach. A34 highway with A35. Campaign and highway junction Farms To conclude a beautiful olive cultivation COMMENT REPLIES: Torre Canne Marina @GoKingsGo:Torre Canne is a very coveted tourist destination. @JP Schriefer:Thank you very much @Toby Ferrian:I was experimenting with the effects to find the right effect. In effects in some photos the effects are exaggerated. @schokoladeneis 1:I was experimenting with the effects on the pictures @feyss:Too colorful @BLANKBLANK:I was experimenting with the effects. Anyway thanks for the comment. @kschmidt:Thanks for the comment. Even if you do not see in the shots there is a tunnel that connects the industrial area with the city @Takingyouther:Thanks for the comment.
  3. Hi, @SimCoug. I'm trying your farmhouses but they don't seem to be compatible with SPAM (or it's me just fracking up as usual ). When I try them by themselves they grow OK (I suppose we have to plop fields and pastures around them -- that's fine with me the MMP fiend) ; they apparently also grow as just-houses right in the middle of a town -- hmm.... But when I try to arrange for one of the them, say the 5x5, to grow in an adequately cleared 5x5 space in a SPAM field, no cigar. Can you enlighten me ?
  4. I'm getting a brown box where the house should be for csx gm farm growtech. Does anyone know what model file I'm missing. Went over the dependency list a hundred times and even found other missing dependencies that weren't listed but obviously not all.
  5. Expanding of farms

    Some progress on the the actual farming around the little town and a bit more residential development
  6. My SC4 CJ Scrapbook | News

    Entry 1: So I've been playing SC4 for about ten years now and most of that time was spent with the vanilla version of the game. Then a year ago I saw videos of various mods and whilst aware of their existence I was rather discouraged about using them for fear of their complexity. Well after some disasters I finally learnt the art of building up a portofolio of plugins as well as managing them correctly. Over the last three months (after I had to remove all the plugins because I did a bad job with the management) I've downloaded about 3.6 GB of plugins: thousands of buildings, thousands more of props, NAM, SAM, X-ports, slope mods, maps, tree controllers, terrains, more utilities plus civic facilities, parks and all sorts. It's almost overwhelming the choices you have and I've only explored at most a third of all the content I have downloaded. So as such I am still experimenting with my new toys and this is why this CJ is going to be more like a scrapbook. There is no coherent narrative just various pictures of my cities, furthermore there will be all kinds of quirks, oddities, blips and bloopers as I mess around with this huge palette. I had various requests from my Simcity 2013 CJ about starting a SC4 CJ so here it goes. May I introduce the city of Tamboria (in bits and pieces!). This is part of Eastern Tamboria. Here is Tamboria's primary power plant, this is also an important regional power plant as well. And of course no city can function without an oil terminal... ... or function without substations either. It took me a while but I finally found a substation prop configuration which I found aesthetically pleasing. While NAM is pretty darn cool, I think the rail catenaries are totally awesome! Tamboria's main hospital, centre right.. Of course no city is complete without its recreational facilities. Behold Eastern Tamboria's sport's arena which serves both for American football and for track athletics as well. Complimenting the mayor's generous provision of recreational areas are the mini-parks. Whilst designated green areas are yet another means for overworked Sims to stretch their feet. Last, but not least, is the downtown WTC area. Well that is it for this first entry. The next couple of entries will explore Tamboria more deeply, so stay tuned! Apologies if the interface appears in some pictures or the grid is present, this is because in my enthusiasm to take snapshots I sometimes forget to minimize the interface. Please note that I will only be posting ONE entry per week for this CJ as I have very little spare time. Special thanks to all those batters, lotters and modders who have given hardcore SC4 players a mind-blowing plethora of new features. Finally God bless grunge concrete and the grunge roads of paeng's!
  7. Apple trees Farm v1 4x4

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an active park farmland That Can be Placed anywhere. Now you can add a bit more variety to Their areas of crop farms. These work well Solidyne With mod. These cost nothing and give nothing. They are for decoration only. Original Mod: Soldyne
  8. More farms and a Marina

    Hi! It's been a while since the last update, and quite a lot has actually happened, so let's get on with it, I guess! As always, this is the latest building in the theme: You can see that I put in a BigBite on the ground floor because I thought it was cool. I added some graffiti to the building. It adds a sense of life and realism to it. All of the buildings have a custom LOD (all under 100 tris) that also have their own illumination map. So, that's it for the building. I have expanded the area quite a lot recently by making a lot of farms. I am trying to keep the detailing consistent so that the farms also are taken care of, not just the towns. So here are the farms: I've started adding these fields with hay bales in them. Golden county has a lot of cows (Dairy products and cars are this region's main exports) and the cows need food to eat over the winter! These are some new fields. I've actually expanded the area quite a bit, but I don't know if I'm going to continue with farms or add an unused gold mine... What would you like? Some guys working on a broken windmill: This is part is still unfinished: I tried to do something new here with foliage. I'm not really a tree person when I play this game, so I wanted to try it out. I probably shouldn't have taken these pictures during sunset (or sunrise?) because the shadows cover everything up. I know this is unrealistic. It will be changed... Moving on near Frankton, I have removed the huge field of trees. I thought it looked a bit misplaced and it didn't fit in very well. I'm replacing it with some smaller fields. I also went went with a small dense forest nearby. Again, trying something new with foliage, but I went a bit overboard here as my frame rate drops quite a bit in this area. I have have also updated the farms around Harrien. I should probably stop going back and updating things and just move onwards. I have also also made the river a bit narrower, so I had to add some farms along it: Right by Harrien, I added an extension to the town. I mostly made it for the marina. Here is the marina. I needed to make one for Frankton and Harrien, because there's a river, so why not? I also made this community garden (or allotment) for the area: Here is is the whole area. Because I'm a forgetful idiot, I don't actually have any pictures of the mansion, or anything to the right. I'll hopefully get them next update or before it if I remember. You might have already seen it, but I've added some road markings to make things more realistic. And that's it. Here is the whole area just so you know where everything is: Oh wait. What's that on the bottom left of the shot? Its actually going to be a sort of sub-city connected to the main one. Kind of like Croydon and London. NONE of it is "final" (nothing is, but the proper thing won't look much like this). This is is probably the only thing that's close to final. It probably won't be finished for a long time, as I need to develop my theme to get all the buildings. It's probably not good to be using the RICO mod with a "test" city like this if I keep bulldozing buildings, but with detail, I like to have a living, breathing city along with it (I also use the Rush Hour mod). Also, that interchange on the bottom right has been remade already. It looks pretty dank now. And that's actually it. Thanks for reading through (if you actually read through the whole thing, congrats!).
  9. Hi Guys, I have set myself a challenge to recreate the most realistic looking British feeling city. I have started with a small town and my first challenge was to create some realistic farms and fields. I would appreciate your feedback on how this went.. Next I will move onto a small British town with some traditional British looking street layouts, moving onto a large City with the likes of typical British themes Football stadium and surrounding Terrace houses. I look forward to your feedback and any other future ideas you would like to see.. Thanks. PUGG3RS Gaming
  10. The Town and Region

    Here are a few views of Frontier City and the surrounding region. Main street, looking towards the BlueGill river. Moon-Rise over Main Street. Frontier City and vicinity. City to the center left, farms to the right, port to the south. Frontier City viewed from the Frontier Microwave Observatory. Frontier City viewed from Sentinel Hill, with the town water tower in the foreground. Town Football field across the BlueGill River, looking towards town. Eastern Farms near sunset.
  11. I would like to block some farm fields from growing. Yes, I know you can edit each farm building lot individually and remove the instances to the undesired fields, but that's going to be a really tedious process given how many farm building lots I have installed. I tried changing the growth stage on the 1x1 field lots to 255, but unfortunately the fields I don't want still grows. So as growth stage doesn't seem to work, is there any other way to prevent field lots from growing?
  12. 57c4863fb351e-ss(2016-07-14at01.12.50).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    The fertile land on cape Concord.

    © Thin White Duke

  13. 57c486242b5c9-ss(2016-07-07at04.55.28).jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    A winding road that would probably be quite nice to drive along in a sports car, if it wasn't for the endless stream of trucks and tractors.

    © Thin White Duke

  14. 2016-08-25-21-45-42.jpg

    From the album Duke's picture dump

    these are farm fields. Do what you please with this information.

    © Thin White Duke

  15. Coopersville and it's farms

    I have posted a few shots of Coopersville's farms, and the village east of the turnpike. Thanks for the visit...Dick Wright
  16. 3. Tile A3: Farms!

    I haven't made much progress as in progress good enough for the city journal, so I've decided to display what I have. At the edge of tile A3 there are some farms; the tile itself has a lot of flat land but it's at the edge of the city tile separated from the rest of the region by some very hilly land. I figured out that while placing an industrial area here might be a good idea, SC4 will somehow break the thing apart by not sending any commuters there due to it being on the literal edge, so I placed some agriculture there instead. Nothing really to explain here so just enjoy the pics and let them speak! ================================================================================================================ REPLIES! @jebediah & @kschmidt: Thanks for commenting! Like the update? Comment in the comments below or just give a 5 stars if you can't think of any!
  17. Frampton

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    A small rural village in the middle of a spread of farms.
  18. Basic rural map 101

    From the album Vanilla Only Challenge (S3-01-W)

    Take a drive down our main street and stop at the ice cream parlor to taste the vanilla.
  19. Leira: Sognefest

    Hello! We need a license to film in Boomooderie now, and it was denied. Fortunately, the president Aleksy Cyryl of Leira contracted us to film every landzone in Leira! First one is Sognefest. First off is the miniature of Kleppur. This is the largest miniature in Sognefest and it has a handful of ruins along the coast. You can see the landzone Cirla (town hall) here, it also functions as a hospital. Stokkseyri Podstawowy (elementary) is seen at the top, some more houses at the bottom as well as a road going to a big intersection. Upper corner of Kleppur, and a short glance at a radio tower. The full radio tower, a parking lot, a resting home and a graveyard that tells the future for the resting home inhabitants. Multiple windmills that power Kleppur as product of mass-deforestation. Commercial area of Kleppur, a major recycling center, and the farmlands of Kleppur that hang off Mount Klepp More farmlands and other corner of Kleppur, we finish off Kleppur! Kleppur was deforested because the need for windmills was high. They weren't able to create windmills on the other side of the mountain as it proved dangerous with landslides. The small island of Nes, with a farm and some older buildings. Historical rip-rap too. Other side of Nes, featuring a water tower and a farm. Beach at the tip of Hafnir, the larger old town. Part of Hafnir, at the top you can see the wheat that grows every year for some weird reason. Close-up of Hafnir, a festival is going on in another landzone so the entire landzone is empty. We can't film the festival sadly. But next year we will!! More Hafnir, more weird wheat. At the edge of Hafnir are windmills. Hafnir's cobblestone streets were recently redone, so now you can drive on them. The neighborhood of Vallanes, deforestation beginning as demand for power is high and Leira is going enviromentally friendly. Commercial area of Vallanes, some leftover industrial buildings from long ago. And the other school, Akureyri Podstawowy. Vallanes' commercial district was once an industrial manufacturing hotspot, but it was all repurposed. Deforestation is also being used for science to see how the ground is recovering. Upsir was once part of Vallanes, but became independent through unknown means. Small windmills are abundant and provides wine, cheese, bread, and crackers. "The Small World of Cows" as tourists call this tourist trap. Upsir's land was proven to be rich with gold and silver. But the previous president Bartosz Hipolit passed an "Ultimate Law" (Laws only removed democratically) to prevent mining as favor for the farmers. Enter Dvergasteinn, an uninhabited miniature that's gonna be mostly windmills soon. However, the ruins of an old civilization lie here. Historians find this particular area was a marketplace, and was called Isafiordir. They still dig bodies up. The center of the deforestation project. Wood is being hauled off to other provinces that are developing more. The sea is proving dangerous to the area, so riprap is being installed to prevent erosion. Windmills. Finally, Mount Gasteinn. Dvergasteinn has many horror stories originating from it. Of course making it a tourist stop. That's all for now folks! Oh, also, if you have any questions about the area, what the provinces are, and such, feel free to ask! (i was proud of this city. Boomooderie I'll return to. one day or maybe boomooderie will come to us.)
  20. Let's Play Cities Skylines - The British Challenge - E01 - Farms In this first of many more to come series I will challenge myself to create a traditional British themed City! First up - Farming Check out my farming industry and let me know your thoughts Don't forget to leave a LIKE on this video for more!
  21. Hillcroft Farms#3

    #1 Welcome to another update of Hillcroft Farms. For this entry I managed to take some rainy photos from existing farms and added a wheat field. Farming areas expanded towards north-east neighboring with the central Hillcroft farming area and surrounding the Hillcroft village (WIP), I planned also both a cargo and passengers harbor area which is visible in some images. Fortunately, immigrants from Kings Town have already obtained the necessary permits to establish the New Kings Town. However, the town is much more biiger than the original one and is not only farm-oriented. I wish you all enjoy this entry. Part 1 : Rainy Hillcroft farms and fields #2 #3 #4 #5 New wheat farm and new harvester prop #6 #7 #8 New Kings Town (WIP) #9 #10 Part 2: North-East Hillcroft Farms #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19 #20 #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 #26 #27 The farms' entrance #28 #29 #30 #31 #32 #33 #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 #41 #42 #43 #44 #45 #46 #47 #48 Aerial Overview #49 The old cemetery (WIP) #50 #51
  22. The Sylon Valley, 2013-2014 (pt. 1)

    Oh boy, it's been a reeeeeeally long while. Apologies for the lack of updates, but I got really sucked into creating parking lots of all things. Got my fingers crossed that there won't be such a gap for next time. Replies @takemethere: Thanks! I think the region shots are probably on the top of my list of favorite things about SC4. Nothing speaks to me more than seeing that view of a sprawling metropolis, and the sheer scale is something that I definitely don't get with other city builder out there. @Ln X: Thank you! Those days of getting those stage 15 buildings surely defined my experience. @DavidDHetzel, @MilitantRadical, @gviper, @Compdude787: Thanks for the comments! @kschmidt: I did have a slope mod, but I configured it so it was less restrictive at first. At the same time, I also wasn't very good with public transportation or rail networks which is why you didn't see much of it there. To the Southern End We Go! During sometime in 2013, I had this terrific idea of tacking on an entire region onto my current one, having not even gotten close to finishing. And thus, the southern half, Avalon, was born. We start our tour with the Sylon Valley/Sylon Lake County, located in the southwestern corner of the region. 1. 2. Immediately south of Sylon Lake City is the Sylon River Valley, which is home to sprawling acres of farms. These farmers grow practically everything. 3. Wildflowers, tobacco and even pills. Pills. My first foray with the then brand new draggable FA roads from NAM 31 (?) 4. Moving closer to the suburbs. I've finally begun to get comfortable with the RHW at this time, after using MHW for practically an eternity. 5. A small creek passes under the main freeway. 6. The small industrial town of Riverville, due east of Sylon Lake City. 7. Moving further up the hills from Riverville is the small town of Onepa, under the shadow of the Titan mountain range. 8. The town center... 9. ...and surrounding residential areas. 10. Despite the steep and hilly terrain, there are small pockets of fairly flat land where farmers have settled in. 11. Moving into the city! Yellowrock is the most prominent suburb of Sylon Lake City, located at the foothill of the Titan mountain range. 12. Following the A-15 route from A-305 junction into the approach towards Sylon Lake City. 13. My first dosage of MMP work and power lines. Also some people really have too much time on their hands to come and TP a house this far out. 14. The suburban center of Yellowrock. 15. Welcome to Sylon Lake City! I was in the process of performing some transformation to the city somewhat recently. Unfortunately the city is prop poxed and thus my efforts were halted. 16. The A-15 running through downtown. 17. A snapshot of Sylon airport, which services the surrounding region. 18. There isn't really much else here to write home about, so here's a quick overview of the city. 19. A nighttime shot. 20. Finally have a bonus almost 4-tile composite image that I made sometime last year: Next time we'll move on to explore the Southeastern coastline!
  23. Farms - Herringway and increased flora

    It's March and flora is growing rapidly. New plants have been spotted in and around Mumsyville and Farmville. Poppies, lupins and narcissus to mention a few. They are hard to see through the thick grass and straws but with time they blossom even more. Some locals have also found berry bushes mainly scattered along the Residential Evil rail line, but also near one of the many forests. The highlight of Farms is the rearranged settlement, or suburb if you will, called Herringway. It was a nameless suburb to Residential Evil but after years of complete traffic chaos and poor (though not as bad as R.E) commute time, Mayor Wournos II unleashed the demolishing crew only to rebuild in a more straight-forward fashion. The streets are made of red bricks laid out in a fish bone fashion. Grass and straws are starting to return to the former mud pit. The landscaping artists are hard at work planting trees but it is tedious work and the back-log is slowly increasing. Only the north-east segment has growing broad-leaf trees and a handful of conifers. There are plans of expanding Herringway north-west to get back the population that were evacuated before the rebuild. Currently only 2800 people live in farms, as opposed to the 5000 before the Integration Mission started. Overview of Herringway. There are plenty of jobs available though. Many new farms have cropped up (pardon the pun) north-west of Mumsyville, and a brand new cheese factory with additional cow pasture has opened between Mumsyville and Herringway. It offers 85 jobs in general cow management; milking, feeding, engineering of equipment, logistics etc. There is also a garden and crop shop across the street owned by DDT and Sons. They have 87 workers and are looking for an additional 8 workers to handle the supplies, sales and so on. Cheese factory and farming supplies. Lastly, kind of... Mr Tim has finally taken on the task of camp management alongside his farming business. Currently he rents out 1 camp site at a nearby field. If it pays off there may be additional lots to rent. Mr Tim's camp rental site. The missing woman was, according to newly acquired info by the detective on the case, supposed to visit her boyfriend out of town but never showed. It seems that the theft was a crime of opportunity and not planned at all but suited nicely with her going away - albeit earlier than planned. The time frame of events suggests that she had to have stayed the night within Mumsyville before heading on. The only local place, aside from a single camp site, is a motel a 5 minute drive from the highway. The detective have made contact with the owner of the motel but no further actions have been taken so far. This place needs some lighting!
  24. Farms - overview and Mumsyville

    Residents: >4100 Commercial: >2200 Industry: >6500 Funds: >480000 Farms has seen a drastic change since the very first initial city report. Residents have been reduced by 900 people, commercial has dropped by 800, agricultural industry has dropped by 500 and funds are roughly §20000-30000 lower than before. This is due to major shuffling of zones. The numbers are expected to rise to match what was, if not more, once the transformation of the county is... well, not complete but more... integrated. Overview In the pipeline Develop Rural Forest further - paused Remove roundabouts and make ”diamond intersections” - 3/6 replaced Adjust residential and rail to make room for intersections - adjusted a H of a lot more than planned! Replace power lines - paused Improve nature around Mumsyville Mumsyville In year 43 a new small village called Mumsyville was founded in the grand county of Farms. It's one of those sleepy villages where life pass on in its own speed. The locals vary in age but the most prominent demographic is families, with around 2.3 children per household. Mumsyville almost mimics Farmville in layout. The main difference is the rail road traverse the village core, and the commercial area is twice the size of Farmville's - if not three times bigger. It has a small elementary school with few attending students and a large fire station. Currently crime is extremely low, which makes law enforcement redundant. The plan for Mumsyville is to expand agriculture a tad bit and expand residential areas. Recreational life also need to be addressed. The only local enjoyment for now is shopping at Mum's Pineapple Flower Stand next to the elementary school. As for tourism, the only place to stay the night is a motel not too far from the main highway. There's plenty of fields though so anyone with camping equipment may set up camp without much hassle from any landowners. No one has been spotted so far though. Mumsyville centre An abandoned paddock next to a newly founded corn field. Mr Tim may rent the field to campers. Who knows. As for the woman who was reported missing some time ago. A police officer from two towns over was conducting a health and environment check at a doughnut shop in Mumsyville and thought he spotted what could be the missing woman. She was last seen at an auto shop across the street trading her car for an older model and started acting agitated when she noticed the police car. If this really is the missing woman remains to be seen. A private investigator has been assigned the case by the woman's relatives. Sam's auto shop.
  25. Farms and Roads

    Replies @ Timmystwin: Thank you! @ terring: Ah, thanks for the suggestion! The shadows are off because I run it on Windows 7 and I find turning them off help to improve the performance. Today's update is about farms and there's also a new road, plus there's also a picture for Reaper88. Now to let the pictures do the talking.. A new road has been completed in the mountain range of Hayder. These are the pictures of the road before traffic was allowed onto it. And... here's the picture for Reaper88...: This is a picture I took of an airport in an old city of mine. Thanks for looking, Sam =) Note: All comments are welcome, especially constructive ones.

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