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City-building game(s)

Found 34 results

  1. Nakahara 25: "Non Directional Art" (Mitsuya, Akashima) (quiet an intersting thing that the song above samples similar sound as one of sc4 mayor mode music) As a mosaic of the Akashima city, the city grow since early 17th century when Suzumoto Clan rule the Hasaki Domain of the area. The city however suffer devastation of earthquakes and tsunami multiple times including the latest one in 2014. Akashima grow into major metropolitan area of Nakahara with rather non-planned chaotic pattern but managed to emerge as a well developed city in end of 20th century... Shiraigawa (白井川町), Naka ward(中区) one of the densely developed area in central Akashima near the main downtown core of the city. As for the public transit access to the area, Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line built in 1983 to improve connectivity of the area. The highway network of the city follow the pattern of the city development going through densely build area today.. Akashima Expressway Yumesaki route (赤島高速5号夢崎線) serves the main road access toward the southern Yumesaki area of Akashima alongside with recently built Akashima Bay Bridge toward Arakawa city. Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route passing through densely build area in Mitsuya (美津谷町), Akashima Mizuguchi Station (水口駅), one of the Station of Yumesaki Line (夢崎線) is crowded in the morning as usual day in Akashima. Mizuguchi Station located in Naka Ward, Akashima and it serves the area in northwest part of Yumesaki area of Akashima Parallel toward the Akashima expressway Yumesaki Route, Yumesaki Line serves the Yumesaki Ward, the southern part of Akashima city located in Yumesaki peninsula. Mitsuya (美津谷町) is a district located just in the west of Akashima Downtown core. One of the famous part of Mitsuya is the shopping area nearby Mitsuya Station where it can be interpreted as "Akiba of Akashima" which mainly sold electronic stuff as well as many of the pop culture on Nakahara. Part of Mitsuya is home to many offices and company around the city.as an example western part of Mitsuya host wall to wall offices building rows. Mitsuya Station (美津谷駅), as the main station of the area, awkwardly located just below the Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route serves the Tokaido Main Line alongside with the Akiya Line, and the Inner Loop Line of Akashima. A lot of people rushes for the transfer either toward the bus or the nearby Akashima Subway Mitsuya Line. Akashima Expressway Chuo Line (赤島高速3号中央線) passing through southern part of Mitsuya basically marking the border of Mitsuya and Shiraigawa in the south. Into the night, the district is never sleep as the district host many entertainment area where many office worker in Akashima may spend night here before going home to hang with the co-worker or just to forgot the stress they got earlier during the worktime. Cross of Akashima Expressway Yumesaki Route with Chuo Route at night... Thank you for viewing hope you enjoy it! Replies: @korver @kelistmac @scotttbarry : Thank you for the comments! Glad you like it! @kschmidt @Linoa06 : Thank you! yeah I take note of the addition for Temples and Shrines.. Thanks for the suggestion anyeay!
  2. Basically this update just to throw the whole pictures from update 24 which havent posted yet beforehand which has been roting in my flickr folder for like 2 months.... So I dont really have any story or major description as in my previous updates.... Nakahara 24.8: "ままならない" (Nakazono-cho, Akashima) Images from Nakazono-cho, located north of Imaizumi-cho and northwest of Nojiri-cho: Picture from Narisawa-cho (north of Nakazono, east of Shin-Akashima): Pictures from Okaizumi-cho (east of Nakazono-cho) Overview of Nojiri and Nakazono: This should covered the area showed in update 10, 17, 23 and 24: Thanks for viewing this... next update will cover different city as people might already bored with this theme... Replies: Thank you! Thank you!
  3. Revelations

    N.B. - Apologies for the low quality and scarcity of in-game images as I'm dealing with some befuddling and unresolved CTD issues. I'm using Data Node to try and uncover conflicts but coming up empty. Also trying the old "remove all plugins and slowly put them back in", without success. It's hideously frustrating but I'll make due for now... Revelations “Irrashaimase!” the staff called out as Felicia entered the restaurant. She smiled and nodded in response before turning to the hostess. “Hello, I’m here to meet someone…” she began. The hostess, a pretty, young woman named Mariko, bowed to her and smiled, “Yes, please follow me,” and led Felicia upstairs, away from the main dining area. Shogun Sushi was beautifully appointed with Japanese décor and access to the upper VIP area was gained through a Torii-style gate. Though the gate was typically found only at the entrance to a shrine or other sacred place, its presence here was clearly symbolic. A shallow Koi pond fed by an artificial waterfall on the far end made up much of the busy upper level. A single, large bonsai tree and Japanese lantern adorned an island in the middle of the pond and two bronze herons stood like sentries off to one side. A small arched bridge provided access to the island, though the bridge itself was roped off. The VIP area was filled to capacity and several private rooms ringed the area. The private rooms had a modern version of the Shoji, a wooden lattice door with translucent paper panels. Instead of paper, these were lined with frosted white glass for privacy. Mariko led her to one of the rooms and slid the door silently open. Bowing gracefully, she ushered Felicia in and closed the door behind her. Two women were in the room who stood as she entered. One wore dark sunglasses and wisps of blonde hair peeked out from beneath her hood. A bulky silk scarf seemingly concealed her features but Felicia couldn’t escape the feeling that she was somehow familiar. The other was dressed somewhat more formally in a burgundy silk dress, her straight blond hair spilling elegantly around her shoulders. “Hello Miss Hardy, I understand you’ve been looking for me. I’m Ms. Marvel,” she welcomed Felicia with a firm handshake. “I’m sorry for all the mystery but discretion is extremely important where my identity is concerned. I hope you’ll understand.” She turned to the woman at her side, “May I introduce you to Dr. Bobbi Morse?” She rubbed at her scarf briefly, the voice synthesizer concealed beneath that Bobbi had lent her was a bit uncomfortable. Not nearly as uncomfortable, she reflected, as the layers of makeup and contouring she had applied in an effort to somewhat disguise herself. Felicia shook Bobbi's hand with a confused smile. Ms. Marvel continued, “Mariko knew to expect you, please have a seat,” she motioned to the cushion in front of the low table opposite her own seat. Felicia’s eyes began to well with tears in overwhelming relief as she seated herself. She had no idea where to begin and was grateful when Ms. Marvel spoke again, “May I tell you about myself and how I came about my abilities?” Felicia nodded assent as she held nothing back, save her true identity. Felicia was quiet throughout and remained so after Ms. Marvel had finished speaking. Finally, with a furrowed brow she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry but, aliens? That makes about as much sense as…” “Superpowers?” “Yeah. Good point,” Felicia allowed. “Felicia, like it or not, you have powers too. You seem to be able to influence peoples’ fortune. Problem is, you don’t have control.” To demonstrate her point, Ms. Marvel held up a single finger that began to glow with contained energy. She touched the wick of the unlit candle on the table and it flickered to life. “I couldn’t do that without a hell of a lot of practice.” Silent up until this point, Bobbi asked “Felicia, do you ever feel a strange sensation when something is about to happen?” She pondered a moment and nodded, “Yeah, kind of a creepy feeling sometimes. Like goosebumps, now that you mention. Almost like I know something’s about to go down but I can’t shake it.” As if on cue, the door slid open and Felicia began to rub her arm in discomfort. It was Mariko with a pot of tea. Ms. Marvel held out her cup and saucer for Mariko when they suddenly slipped from her grasp as the tea began to pour. Felicia’s hand shot out and with a deft twirl, flipped them right-side up catching the cup perfectly in the stream of hot tea. Not a drop was spilled. The others were speechless as Felicia placed the saucer in front of Ms. Marvel, then looked up. “What?” she asked in confused reply to their amazed expressions. Mariko quickly looked down and bowed low, offering apologies and carefully filled Felicia’s and Bobbi’s tea cups before quietly departing. “How did you do that?” Bobbi whispered incredulously. Felicia shrugged, “I just caught the cup. What’s the big deal?” “You didn’t even look and you’d caught it. You moved like lightning! Could you always do that?” Felicia shook her head, no, as Ms. Marvel leaned back and appraised her again. “This may be even better than I expected. Dr. Morse is the reason I asked you to meet me here tonight.” Bobbi explained to Felicia about S.W.O.R.D.’s mandate and her own role within the organization, training those with "special abilities." She also touched upon the failed effort at recruiting Ms. Marvel. Felicia was leery, “So if that's what your boss is like, what makes you think I’d be willing to put myself in that position?” She shook her head, a little miffed at the suggestion. Ms. Marvel sat quietly with a smug grin as Bobbi sighed. “Over the past several days, Ms. Marvel has been negotiating a service contract with me. The long and the short of it is that it deals with some particulars regarding the development of your powers. Your demonstration tonight with the tea cup shows that there are some aspects of your abilities that are only just beginning to manifest and I can help you with that as well. Most importantly,” she grimaced and sighed again, “S.W.O.R.D. is bound by the terms of the contract to allow no interaction between you and Mr. Stark that you, yourself, do not initiate. The contract has been approved and signed by Director Brand and is absolutely, irrevocably binding.” Ms. Marvel snickered softly, knowing that a woman as naturally beautiful as Felicia would have been a prime target for Tony #$%@ing Stark. No chance of that happening now. She leaned forward, “So what do you say Felicia?” Felicia looked up, her gaze full of hope, “Yes! God, yes. If she can help me, I’ll do whatever it takes.” Ms. Marvel took Felicia’s hands in her own and squeezed reassuringly, “Good, now let’s eat,” she turned her attention to the tablet device mounted on the table and began to enter their order. “Have you ever tried Unagi? It’s my favorite.” To be continued...
  4. Asoura - A Japanese village on the sea

    REPLIES : Koriyama I sincerely appreciated your reactions and comments about my last entry. I wanted to thank you all before the replies. @MissVanleider Thank you, I am happy to see that you liked my work ! @MushyMushy I have also spent a lot of time on G.Earth to have this result. It is nice to see it was efficient, thank you ! @raynev1 Haha it is strange ! Living in France I have no problem. This was a song named Yoru no Odoriko, made by the Japanese band Sakanaction (one of my favorites, you should try to listen what they do) @kschmidt Yeah, I noticed that Japanese cities have a very large variety of buildings. They are absoutely not uniform. That is what I tried to recreate. Anyway, thank you ! @feyss "Banality" is maybe not the appropriated word. I just wanted to underline the fact that this city looks like any other one in Japan. I appreciated your remark, thanks ! @_Michael That was one of my goals, capturing the atmosphere. Thank you ! @jmsepe Like I told you in private, this beautiful tower has been created by APTX. Here is the link if anyone else is interested. @korver Thank you very much korver ! @Takingyouthere Yeah I saw that all the main Japanese CJs that I followed a few years ago had closed. That is a pity. I hope to see them opening again soon ! @Ln X Thank you for your comment, it is very nice ! ASOURA - A Japanese village on the sea My holidays end very soon, and then, I will have to pass my exams. I will be quite busy. That is why I decided to post this entry now, only a week after my last one. Asoura is a Japanese village located in the fictional prefecture of Koriyama. Compared to the biggest city of the region, just a few people live here, quietly. It is rare to see strangers aventuring in the area. There is nothing to see, except maybe the authenticity of the Japanese rurality. The inhabitants of this village are mainly fishermen. Indeed, Asoura is located between the Pacific Ocean and a bay which has the same name. To protect the city against the dangers of the sea, a big wall has been built along the beach. In 1994, a famous Japanese photographer flew above the city and took these photos. Asourans discovered for the first time the shape of their village. Today, they are exposed in the city hall. Click and listen ! (Shiki no Uta - Nujabes & Minmi) I hope that you enjoyed this entry ~ Do not hesitate to like and/or to comment !
  5. Koriyama

    All the charm of Koriyama stems from its banality. I would like to take you on a little journey through authentic Japan ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2I25AFSBm2g Click and listen ! Welcome to the capital city of the fictional prefecture of Koriyama. About 300 000 people live here, 200 km away from Tokyo. I hope you enjoyed this entry ~ Do not hesitate to like and/or to comment !
  6. Foggy Day at Narashima

    From the album Weekly Challenge #22 - High-rise Lifestyle

    It's yet another lazy day at Narashima...
  7. The Unreleased

    A compilation of unreleased images from Guishan.
  8. Crosswalk Talk

  9. There has not been an update in about a month. I unfortunately have not had much time, as April is coming up very, very soon, which means the start of my college years, so updates will probably be even more sporadic... --REPLIES-- pinkindustry: Thank you! You may not consider yours Japanese, but real Japanese cities actually look quite similar to yours. But anyway, great job on your cities too! Mymyjp: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: Yeah, you're right. It's not good to worry. あなたの日本語が良いです!頑張れよ! nas786: Ha ha, quite funny! You have a good sense of humor! And also, thanks for your comment! Paulobergonci: Don't worry, you'll be able to visit Japan one day. jmsepe: Thanks for your comment! NMUSpidey: Thank you for your comment! Tonraq: That's what Kisa Atsuko (on SC4Devotion and here on Simtropolis) said as well. I'll work on it. Kim Sunwoo: Thank you for your comment. 89James89: Cheers, and thank you for your comment! tankmank: Don't worry, it'll come in the next or the one after next update. Ln X: Thank you for your comment. --REPLIES-- Now, on to the update for today! It is going to have a ton of pictures, to make up for my inactivity lately. This right here is a high-up view of the city of Tagawa (田川市、ローマ字:Tagawa-shi, which I think translates to, "Rice Field River City" in English?), a fictional city located in the fictional Tagawa prefecture (田川県、ローマ字:Tagawa-ken). This city was made for the monthly challenge, but however, I did not have enough time to complete the city, as it was only half-way done. So when I got back on a couple of months after the fact, (March) I filled in the remaining space on the 1.8 kilometers of low-level flat-space in the Southern part of the city. However, the Northern and far-eastern parts of the city have yet to be finished, so we may just have updates on those too . Here is the region-view picture now: 1. Here is the first area I will show you. However, the photo right here was taken a few years ago (not real years, as I said above that this was started in January) before the major Tagawa flood, caused from an earthquake in the ocean in the Tohoku region. 2. Another moment from before the disastorous flood came. You can see the rice paddies and the small farm houses off to the side, completely unaware of what is about to happen. 3. Even the citizens of southern western Tagawa who are up on a raised plain are not completely safe from the disaster that is about to happen. 4. Something terrible is about to happen, especially on this low level floodplain, which is closest to the wrath of the water. 5. The disaster that is about to happen is especially bad news for the industry and the powerplant, which powers up the whole Tagawa City area, of many people, who most are on 1.8 square kilometers on the raised plain. 6. The flood has reached land fall! The power lines which lead out inland have been completely submerged, cutting off power to those up north. 7. The flooding has reached the houses. The sirens in the city are blaring. People are fleeing from the home of theirs, and the power plant workers have been evacuated. 8. MIN'NA!!! THE WATER HAS REACHED THE POWER PLANT AND MANY OF THE INDUSTRIAL AREA! FLEE TO HIGHER GROUND AS SOON AS YOU CAN! 9. While the power plant workers survived and the people near it survived, isolated small villages like this got left behind along with the people in them... 10. This small village, which was closest to the river and on the lowest elevation got the worst of it. 11. The water eventually began to take over the whole village. The water begins to seep in toward the dense urban area up on higher land. 12. The water come onto the elevated land, destroying everyone that is in its path. 13.Tagawa Police Officer Tomioka on the horn: "Citizens of Tagawa City, Minami ku (Southern ward), please remain calm and evacuate to the northern parts of the city in which the elevation is higher! Evacuate now to the safe places, Denshi ku and Kita ku up in the north!" 14. Tagawa News: Tagawa News Reporting! Today, on March,11, A huge tsunami has come to the Tohoku region flooding many coastal towns, such as Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Motoyoshi, Kesennuma, Rikuzentakata, etc. The one that we are covering today is the Tagawa tsunami, in Tagawa prefecture. As you can see, Minami ku is flooded, with the water rising at around 4.5 meters high, up here. Below on the floodplain, water levels reached almost 56 meters high. 15. Tagawa News: Despite all of this catastrophe, a man named Tomioka Kazuhito was a hero on this day, giving warning to those farther from the tsunami. He saved many lives on this day. 16. Tagawa News: The waters seem to be receding back in. Debris and other trash is getting pulled back in. 17. Tagawa News: Now some areas of the flood plain have become dry. The water is receeding quickly, taking all the debris it can with it. 18. Tagwa News: The waters have receeded to their normal level. Out of the 66,284 people in the city, there were 4,692 casualties, 2,314 people gone misssing, and 7,456 people injured. Due to water getting inside of the Tagawa powerplant, Tagawa has completely lost power. 19. ...So, 4 years after the tsunami of 3/11, Tagawa has rebuilt some of what has been lost. Slowly but surely Tagawa and other towns like it have been rebuilding what they have lost. Unfortunately, however some things can not be regained... 20. Tagawa now is good and well, and recovering from the incident. The grand re opening of the pedestrian mall just happened today. 21. More re development. 22. 23. 24. 25. Sakurano, Tagawa's second indoor mall to open up. 26. 27. An area near downtown. 28. Tagwa's major train station which sees countless numbers of people each day, and Tagawa's downtown along with the SOGO Mega Mall. There are always tons of people walking around here. 29. 30. 31. An industrial area in Kita ku. 32. Tagawa's new water filtration plant, along with industry. 33. 34. The black and brown building is Tagawa's news station, home of Tagawa News! 35. Another train station in Midori ku. 36. A somewhat new residential area of Tagawa. 37. 38.As one first enters the city from the south, the things that they will first notice first is that there are 3 big, major buildings here: The Aqua Research Institute, the Kitamura Major Art Musuem, and the Tagawa City College. There is also a hotel nearby (pink and gray building) for those who want to stay near it. Located in Minami ku. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. The major highway, leading into and out of town. 44. An urban park. 45. 46. A view of Minami ku (ward) (south of highway) and Midori ku (north of highway). 47.View of Minami ku (South of avenue/highway) Denshi ku (All of downtown, it is the electronic and office industry ward) and Kita ku (north of highway/avenue and of the downtown). 48. All of Mizutagawa ku (Rice paddy river ward), basically the whole flood plain. That was the update. It was quite long, but well worth it for me, and for you guys! Comment, and feel free to ask about where I got the mods from! I would also appreciate negative criticism. If there is something you don't like, or something you think that I am doing wrong, please tell.
  10. Version


    2 versions of the same building. Japanese apartments, high density, level 1.
  11. Version


    Japanese Car Repair Shop. Its a level 1 commercial building. Cars will park inside the garage so it looks like they are actually being repaired! They will also park in the back.
  12. Version 1.0


    Japanese commercial building, 2x3 with parking spots.
  13. B.A.T Work

    For those of you who've have not seen my SC4Devotion MD, then this is new to you.If you look there, you will see some of my B.A.T. Now I have enough knowledge to make better B.A.Ts. Happy looking/downloading! I'm back! With new B.A.T work! (The update will be coming later this week, as it is almost done) The B.A.Ts that you saw previously are now up for download! Hiroshima Peace Memorial Link: TOTO Mall (Will be updated very soon) Link: I am also working on brand new housing set! (Like Kori, Nekopanchi, Kei, etc.) I just started yesterday. The house are mainly based of off houses in Hiroshima. Here is the first house that I have modeled thus far. Here is the first house, modeled: I am hoping to make at least 50 houses and 50 apartments (There is a very big lack of japanese-style apartments, so I will be filling in that gaps.) Please, tell me what you think of it. Don't be afraid to criticize, as that will help me improve.
  14. TOTO Mall (トトモール)

    Version 01


    This is the TOTO Mall, made to fill in the for the lack of Japanese-style malls. I will be making more malls and stores and offices in future. TOTO is a company that sell toilet, the reason that their name is the main one on the big sign of the mall is that they were able to buy that spot, and kind of were able to "rename" the Mall. This mall is probably going to be updated very quickly, for quality reasons. This B.A.T. is a CS$$$, and is a 3x3 growable. This B.A.T. has dependencies: ML Texture. link: http://blog.livedoor.jp/moonlinght/archives/cat_59226.html(Make sure that you scroll down!) Nekopanchi-san's z_zJPN_SideWalk_Mod2.zip. link: http://hide-inoki.com/bbs/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=856 Enjoy!
  15. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

    Version 01


    Hiroshima Peace Memorial (広島平和記念碑 Hiroshima heiwa kinenhi?), commonly called the Atomic Bomb Dome orGenbaku Dōmu (原爆ドーム?, A-Bomb Dome), in Hiroshima, Japan, is part of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. The ruin serves as a memorial to the people who were killed in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945. Over 70,000 people were killed instantly, and another 70,000 suffered fatal injuries from the radiation.[1] This B.A.T. honors it. You can now place it in your city. It is a ploppable 1x1. The museum will be coming out later as well, along with the dome.
  16. So I've noticed that there are a lot of us here on Simtropolis that have an interest in Asian Pop music. Interestingly There's no thread regarding asian music (Despite the big Hallyu wave and all) Anyways, I've made this thread to cover and compile all this including J-Pop (Japanese Pop) and C-Pop (Chinese Pop), along with the all well known K-Pop along with discussing culture, News, New releases, Biases, Celebrity News, Fashion etc. This thread isn't only limited to Korean, Japanese and Chinese music, so feel free to discus other types of asian music as well. I've used these three because these are generally bigger ones out there that most people are aware of. Anyways I've compiled A list of Official Charts here for those to keep up with the latest hits from Taipei, Seoul and Tokyo : K-Pop: Gaon Charts Mnet Charts J-Pop: Oricon Charts C-Pop: G-Music Charts KKbox Top 100 Hit Fm Taiwan HITO As usual, Forums Rules Apply, So please No fan wars. Feel free to add new charts and point out new ideas and I'll try and update this OP for easier accessibility for others. There's only one word now, DIscuss~ I'll try and Improve this OP along the way, so feel free to suggest some new ideas~
  17. first teaser entry

    just a teaser from my recent work:
  18. Version 1.0


    EBLTeam proudly presents, Tokyo Building Volume 1 BATs by art128 Modding by noahclem Description: This download consist of five wall-to-wall buildings from the Greater Tokyo Area. All of these buildings are in HD. The five buildings are as follow: -a 2x2 office building inspired by a building in Chuo. - 465CO$$$ -Toraya Building, a 1x2 building, located in Ginza. - 122CO$$$ -Animate Building, a 2x2 Corner inspired by the Animate building in Ikebukuro. - 531CO$$ -a 1x2 office building inspired by a building in Ikebukuro. - 204CO$$$ -Tokyo Digital Art building, located in Ikebukuro. - 70CO$$$ Each of these buildings come with three version: A ploppable commercial located at the top of the landmark menu. A ploppable landmark located at the bottom of the landmark menu. A growable version with balanced stats generated with PIM-X. Considering the fact these buildings are W2W, the lots are very simple: just a standard maxis base texture. Nothing else, no overlay, no props. Dependency: None! There are no maxis night versions in this upload. I strongly suggest to use Simfox's Day N Night Mod for the best experience of the night lights possible. Support: If you encounter any problems with these buildings, or if you have any question regarding this upload or my future works, please ask them in my BAT thread. Thanks: A big thanks goes to my team mates, my friends who have supported me during the creation process of these buildings, and the readers on the forums who have given their thoughts about the buildings. A special thanks goes to noahclem who did the whole modding phase of these buildings. Without his great help there would be no upload of the highest quality possible. I hope you'll like these buildings! -art128

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