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City-building game(s)

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  1. Hey fellas! Quick question.. let's say I go into the asset editor and modify a building, I save it, and I place it on my city.. Do I still need the original asset from the workshop? or by saving it Im already creating a version of my own which does not require the "base" or "original" asset to work? Thanks!!
  2. Holston Begins

    The year is 1867. Andrew Johnson is the sitting president of these United States of America. Nebraska is admitted full statehood. The U.S. has just bought Alaska from the Russians. Westward Expansion is still full throttle. Yes, disease and poverty run rampant still, but the Industrial Revolution has begun a few decades prior. New industries and shops are being built, and businesses are prospering. It is the era of American Reconstruction. Enter Holston: A small but promising boom town with much to offer. Though the skies are filled with smog and the streets are dirty potholed, what goes on behind the large glass windows and the bricks upon bricks is extraordinary. Holston might not look like much now, but it will become a large, prosperous city with scholars and businessmen aplenty. And now without further ado, some photographs of the great city herself, in all her glory. Thanks guys and hope you enjoyed it! More shall come soon.
  3. Update 1: Downtown

    Update 1: I'm not satisfied with the current location of downtown. 1. It's landlocked, with little room for trade. 2. It's surrounded by a small district of 20,000 people. 3. It was an experimental build. It did not take into account its surroundings nor any other lessons I may have learned since its construction. The Present Location: As you can see, this new downtown area is right next to the Borus River. This opens the city up for both trade routes and waterfront property, both of which will increase revenue and business. Also, i'm horrible at giving cities an 'organic' look to them (I prefer a city-block style), so the river gives me the illusion of fluidity. Heh. Drawing Major Throughways: Of course, the downtown will have roads. They're necessary for people to actually get there and have a feasible alternative to public transport (plus emergency services - I don't need an army of garbagemen to swarm the area to take care of garbage). I'll work on the smaller streets in a bit. I'm unsure of how much commerce will take place here, so I must build the means for it to begin: industry. The New New Port: I've begun construction of the basic shape. Sea walls are a major bitch to construct, I gotta say, so i'll probably just procrastinate doing them. Lol. The Canals: When I was a senior in high school, my family and I traveled to our ancestral homeland, Germany. Now don't get me wrong, Germany is a beautiful land (especially in winter), but when we stopped in Amsterdam, I was just blown away by the intricacy and beauty of the city. The canals, compact buildings, tiny shops, and weed cafes really captivated me. Someday, maybe as a foreign exchange student, I'll go back again. In honor of that city that will never leave my memory, I'm dedicating this downtown area to be Amerstdam-esque, with a humble dose of America. This is going to be the end of this entry. I'll add more (and edit the road layout) tomorrow. Thank you.
  4. Intro: What I have so far

    Hello everyone, this is my favorite WIP city: Eddington! Some people use Cities Skylines as it was intended - a city simulator; others use it less as a city simulator and more as a city painter; still others try to find a medium between the two. I fall under that third category. My goal in this series is to make my city while still preserving the potential beauty of the game. Bearing this in mind, here is what I have so far: Old Town: The Old Industrial District has long been past its golden era - most businesses closed down and set up shop in the new Harbor area. Some speculate that residential development nearby would spur regrowth in the area. The new Harbor: Sometime during the 2040's a major health epidemic spread across the city. Hundreds fleed the city, thousands died, and a proportional amount of businesses followed suit. The distinctly patchy industrial buildings on the Southern (top) part of the Harbor is a scar from that time. The Low Income District: The Suburbs: I have subdivided these regions into large squares or 'Parcels' of 120 units by 120 units. Intended to be used like a census, each parcel gives me important information, particularly the general areas of unemployment. Now, we move across the Borus River to Little Catalonia (or as 'Little Eddalonia,' to locals): Little Brooklyn: The blank area in the top left is an unfinished park. I'll get to it, I swear. The Financial District: I had been toying around with the idea of building a 'downtown' area that favors pedestrians rather than roads when I built this. The experiment went well. Despite employing 3.6 thousand people in an extremely dense area, it has some of the best traffic in the city. The Water Treatment Plant: The first structure built in the city, it still functions to this day and supplies 1.6 million cubic meters of clean water to the city every week. And that is pretty much what I have so far. Thank you for reading.
  5. Hey gang, Is there a super secret way to control how high the scaffolding animation goes on growable buildings? I searched around but couldn't find any info. I have these low roof houses... yet the construction goes up 6-7 levels. Its kind of ridiculous. I thought the Floor numbers in the Asset Editor properties might do it but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Or I'm doing it wrong... which is a strong possibility as that floor height numbers business makes no sense to me. I assumed 1 = 1 meter so my houses are approx. 4 high. But I'm still getting massive scaffolding animation.
  6. how to fix it in 2 and 3 floor green line purple line and train track
  7. Notes and stuff: One day, I was looking at the forums (before I registered.) I say a section marked 'City Journals'. I thought 'Hey, that section looks nice, maybe I'll find a nice city timeline in there.' *click* Immediately, I saw a thread marked 'Skylines of Cathnoquey.' I thought 'That looks interesting, I should read it.' *click* I spent the next 3 hours reading it. (Good job Linoa, your journal is one of the best I've seen) After I was done, I wanted more. Much more. I waited for updates. *One week passes* Nope. *One month passes* Nope. *One year passes* Still nope. There finally was an update in November 2017. I was excited! I thought the series would be revived. That was the last update before now. (If the author has real-life problems, I understand.) There seemed to be a big hole where the 'Organic City Timeline Journals' category was. At this point, my interest in C:S began to rise again. I thought 'Why not make a city journal?' So I did. I tried to make one and lost the save file. (I just remade it.) The town that I remade I wanted to be the first town to have the city journal focused on. I hope to update this one until I lose interest within a month for at least a few years until my SSD has no more room for my save files. That town's name was Lynnfield (Named for a reason that you maybe will see once I stop being lazy and make a state map for Lynnfield.) So here it is! (Notes are done.) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In northeastern Kabylake province (named for the giant lake in the middle of the province and another hint to where the name Lynnfield came from), at the intersection of Freeway I-670 and A-87 (The major highways in the province) lies a sleepy village by the name of Lynnfield. It's an unassuming little town, situated at the tributary of two rivers. This quiet little town of 2.950 hasn't seen much development since its founding a mere 35 years ago. The city lies just off Freeway A-87. The city is linked to a freeway, connected by a roundabout named Maxwell Circle, aptly named for the giant statue of a GTX 980 in the center. On the other side of the freeway lies the city's farming industry, which has largely driven the local economy and provided the majority of employment in the city. Freeway A-87, which provides highway access to Lynnfield. Cosine Co., a major engineering company in Kabylake, recently opened another of its many headquarters, providing Lynnfield citizens an alternative to farm work and a break from the sun and the heat. Atlantic Salmon Apartments, named for how the colors of the complex resemble the skin and meat of a salmon, is the latest addition to a downtown that otherwise hasn't changed in the past 15 years. Bob the motorcyclist takes a right turn to the farm he's employed at. He's contemplating leaving the city or applying for a job at Cosine Co., as the city has provided little jobs for college graduates like him. Lynnfield high school. Built 20 years ago, the school is starting to have an overflow problem and the city, governed by Mayor McFatbags, seems to spend all its budget at improving the Mayor's mansion, so the problem remains. However, elections are coming up, and there's a disruptive candidate that gives the previously uncontesed (for reasons that the city absolutely does not want to disclose) mayor McFatbags a run for his money. The intersection of Blemont and 7th street, the main East-West and North-South axes of the town. Plans to upgrade the roads and potentially accommodate more new citizens have been stalled by the mayor's monopolistic council, but as mentioned before, there a a wave of young Lynnfielders who are tired of stagnation and corruption in the city and running for a spot in city council and even mayor. The city hall. The 2 main highways near the city provide the city a huge opportunity as a transportation hub, which many of the young Lynnfielders running for city council or Mayor are hoping to take advantage of. Being the largest town within a few tens of miles with low tax rates and easy accessibility, maybe the city will grow some day... That's it for today! There probably will be more tomorrow, considering how excited I am at continuing this. This is my first CJ, so feedback is strongly appreciated. Edit: Ideas for future updates and mods/assets are also appreciated. The map is Copper Creek, if anyone's curious.
  8. Hi all This is my first post on here, so please be kind I have also spoken to Avanya as well, who helped a bit *thank you again*. Is there anyone who can break down (a touch) into how Cities Sky... sees and works markers when looking at cargo train stations? I have googled, researched, asked people, etc, etc, but unfortunately haven't found anyone or thing to say, yes, this is it and this is how you do it. Below is the beginning of what I am trying to create, with main settings showing, and the 'Object reference....' System.Null... error I'm getting about 50% of the time when I do a save. When I insert the markers I am putting 2 Truck Despawn ones in each entry tunnel, and 2 Truck Spawn ones in each exit tunnel, though I'm not sure that I need 2??? I'm using the thought pattern that there will be 2 trucks coming in, 1 on each lane, so 2 Despawn for each entry, and the same thought pattern for the exits. I also put a Spawn Position and Spawn Target on each track (4 tracks) almost on top of each other. You can also see the Cargo pathways clearly marked, again with the thought process, this is where the trucks will enter, drop and pickup cargo, then leave. Also, the markers I am putting in then saving, don't save (neither do the props). When I reopen it the markers are back to where and what they are in the template. (Any ideas???) If anyone can lead me in the right direction it will be much appreciated. Dennis
  9. Hello, For my first participation on this forum, I open this post to solve a problem .... a VERY big problem .... I saw a video a few hours ago of a youtubeur who designed a city in an American style. I loved it and I thought, "I'll do like him!" I then downloaded these 2 collections of mods and assets ... all happy, I launched the game and I created a game. and then ... I had the famous problem ^^ ... Scenery and assets: 1 failed - 3 duplicate - 250 not found ... what to do ? however, I took exactly what was in the collection, how can I have errors in a collection create on purpose so that everything works? PS : link of each collection : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1251757232 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1293371562
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Hello here I have the new style of Burger king This Restaurant was created to work with RICO, only has the assistants shown in the image other elements you can subscribe if you wish. The Restaurant is com = low construction cost = 30000 workplaces = 15 level = 3 sub-service = low service = commercial New Burger king is the new style used in the restaurant. In both the United State and Europe. Give me a big finger up you subscribe
  11. I'm having a bizarre problem that I can't seem to fix. I'm drawing the model out in Sketchup and then importing it into 3ds max for unwrapping. For some reason 3ds max is adding seam lines where I didn't put ones and then projecting them incorrectly. For example: As you can see in the picture above 3ds max injected a line in the middle where I did not mark. The exact same thing on the other side doesn't have that line in the middle. As a result of this the cut out part is projecting as a slash which I can't do anything with. How do I fix this? I am using box projection FYI. Other projection methods don't look right at all so box is what I'm using.
  12. McDonald's

    Version 1.0.0


    Hello here I have the new style of McDonald's This Restauran was created to work with RICO, only has the assistants shown in the image other elements you can subscribe if you wish. The Restauran is com = low construction cost = 30000 workplaces = 15 level = 3 sub-service = low service = commercial Real information of the Restauran. McDonald's is a chain of fast food restaurants. Its main products are hamburgers, French fries, menus for breakfast, soft drinks, smoothies, ice creams, desserts and, recently, fruit salads and other exclusive products for various countries. It serves approximately 68 million customers per day, 2 in more than 36,000 establishments, in 119 territories and countries around the world. The chain employed 1.7 million people.3 In most restaurants, different areas have been included with games for children. In 1940, the brothers ♥♥♥♥♥♥ and Mac McDonald decided to create the company, and introduced fast food 8 years later. But his leap was in 1955 with the first franchise assumed by the executive Ray Kroc.4 This global presence induced the British publication The Economist to develop the Big Mac index, which consists of comparing the price of a burger (the Big Mac , one of the best known products of the chain) in all countries5 where they sell it, and thus establish a common parameter of the cost of living in each country, and know if the currencies are overvalued, with respect to the US dollar. Decade of 2000 A representation of the structural redesign of a McDonald's located in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, in June 2008; This is an example of the "new" look of McDonald's restaurants in America. By 2002, the McCafé network had spread to 13 countries around the world; The first one in America was launched in 2001. For 2003 it was the largest coffee shop brand in Australia and New Zealand. In 2003, McDonald's started the I'm lovin 'it ™ advertising campaign, which was launched in more than 100 countries at the same time. In 2006, McDonald's and Disney finished their 20-year promotional association, in which they sold movie toys and characters from the production company at La Cajita Feliz. Also in 2006, McDonald's introduced its "forever young" brand by redesigning all of its restaurants, the first major redesign since the 1970s. The goal of the redesign is to be more like a coffee shop, similar to Starbucks. The design includes wooden tables, imitation leather chairs and muted colors; red colors were replaced by terracotta, yellow shifted to gold for a more "sunny" look, and olive and sage green were also added. To create a warmer look, restaurants have bricks, less plastics and more wood, with modern pendant lights to produce a softer glow. Many restaurants now offer free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs. In 2008, after the increase in meat prices and in order to preserve the company's profit margins, it was decided to keep the prices of its products at the same value, but the ingredients were halved.12 In 2009, 20th Century Fox and McDonald's also started a promotional partnership, starting to sell toys from the production's characters in the Happy Meal, starting with Ice Age 3 that same year. In 2010, Subway surpassed McDonald's as the largest single-brand restaurant chain and the largest restaurant operator worldwide. McDonalds had 32,737 restaurants worldwide in September 2009, while Subway had 33,749 restaurants by the end of 2010 Give me a big finger up you subscribe
  13. When I started Game today like 40 Mods,1499 Assets Popped up but close to 600 Assets should and shouldn't of but some of the Mods glad they popped back up and Assets to but in Mods Folder in Windows Explorer 37 show up and that what it should be in Game but half don't work anymore so should I reinstall Game?
  14. I have a performance issue which I suspect might be due to my own custom made roads for the game, made using Blender and the new in-game road editor. First, my system specs: Windows 10 Home i7-8700K 16 GB DDR4 RAM GTX 1080 Ti This system should be able to handle basically anything I throw at it. Yet, the game slows down dramatically when I approach 20 000 inhabitants in the game. I tried removing all mods. I tried reinstalling the game. I tried start a new map without any mods, but still using my custom roads. And the problem persisted. But, as soon I replaced all my custom roads with the standard built-in roads the problem disappeared. I am new to making custom assets, but I would argue that the roads are designed within reasonable specifications. Most of them are with <100 tri with 1024x1024 images for close-ups and 128x128 images for lod. So my question is: Are there any performance hits related to custom roads I should be aware of, and what are the steps I can take to mitigate them? Another question: Many of my roads have an emphasis on bikes, and I can see I have A LOT of bikes around the city. Could the sheer number of bikes affect the performance, even though the city is still relatively small?
  15. Decided to show a preview of what I'm working on, hope to have it ready by spring time.
  16. Hello all, I've been having a problem with Cities: Skylines. I was very excited to buy it, found it a bit "cartoony" and so shelved it. Recently a lot of amazing things have been made for it so I decided now was the time. Downloaded some mods and assets (mostly European buildings), but when I go to play it I cannot do anything. I start on a map but none of the buttons do anything. The game said to start a small road but I cannot click on any of the icons to build one. I took out most of the assets and the mods but I still cannot figure out how to start. Why so complicated? I am used to SimCity 4 and feel like a pro with it, so am I missing something in how to start CS? Also, I am more interested in using the game as a sandbox rather than actually playing. Is there a "sandbox mode" and if so how do I turn that on? Thank you.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Fast food restaurant an American icon that everyone knows. This restoration is unfortunately I want to create RICO, but I could not, because I do not understand well how to do it, it would be great RICO because you have to put the drive thru drive that cuts through the space. is created to appear in the commercial center in 4x4 L2. Give me a big finger up you subscribe Sketchfab
  18. Hello everyone I want to say first Thank you to this community and learned a lot about everything that is talked about in the games in modeling buildings and those things thank you very much again for your great work. I open this portal to find out how I can create my items in RICO, how many times I see it but I have no release since I can find the building in the RICO menu but when I put it on the field after a while it disappears. Do not know if there is a method or some mod for this. someone has a guide on this topic.

    My current Cities Skylines project: KEBI I'm going to build a medium-sized seaside city and attempted to create in tropical style. Here is my video build: [EP.1] - Part 1 - Airport Layout [EP.1] - Part 2 - Airport Decors and Facilities [EP.2] Seaside Village
  20. I've been play a city for the last few days now and the traffic is all flowing smoothly (with despawning turned off) except in the downtown area. Every road is just full of cars apparently looking for parking spaces. I built several car parks which filled up with car, but then I noticed that these cars - some have been left there be drivers who are 'at home' and their home is the other side of the map! And the road outside their house is empty! Why does this happen!? The car parking in downtown did seem to reduce the number of cars driving around in circles though.
  21. Horse Barn 2x2

    Version 2


    Hello Horse Barn 2x2 v2 is a Prop to create a better quality barns does not have any kind of function just to give a better appearance to your city. Texture: 1024 x1024 Tris: 900 Lod: generated by the game Collection: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1289330240 Do not forget to value the prop with a like

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