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  1. i downloaded the mod from ronyx69 and its not working every other shape is working i dont know what is wrong with the asphalt
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1457517937 Working on the prop version as well the new wrapped trains.
  3. When Loading Screen Mod shows you the number of assets being loaded, what is it counting? I've noticed sometimes I'll subscribe to an asset and its several required props and such, and it's considered 1 asset, while other times I'll subscribe to 1 asset with no additional requirements and it counts as several assets. Any clue? Thanks!
  4. Hey, I have a problem with my Cities:Skylines. Normally the game starts in 5/10 minutes, but this week I have to wait approximately 340 minutes to play my map. When the map is loaded I see only blue, blue and blue. Can someone help me, please?
  5. Hello guys. As i am a person who loves documentaries, this is a project that I always wanted to do, hope you enjoy it. In this series we tell the story of the fictional city of Anchieta, using Cities: Skylines! From it's emergence in a small town, until the transformation into a metropolis, we will follow this journey through history, geography, architecture and urbanism! This is the first episode, from the foundation of the village until it's evolution to become a imperial city. Don't forget to subscribe and like the video for more content if you like it! Link of the first episode: Some maps that i did:
  6. Chapter XVII: Victoria Harbor Remastered

    I'M BACK! Hi there folks! I'm quite sure many of you do not remember this CJ, whose last entry was dated November 2015, but as you probably guessed reading the title it's completely not new! My work with the marvellous Cities: Skylines has been very intense three years ago and I published many chapters showing the city of Aurora in 2015 on Simtropolis.com, being feautured 13 weeks in a row in the Ben's Top Ten and, since I've resumed it from about one month, I want to share it again and again! I do not know if it's usual here (maybe sure it is!) but when I decided to get back play Cities: Skylines, with many new DLCs released by Paradox and a new and really more powerful PC, I made up in my mind to complete the job I interrupted for a thousand reasons, no time being the first... After downloading the game again and buying several DLCs I reloaded my saves but... woohoo!! About nothing worked properly and OMG there were so many new mods out there to try and make use of to get to the usual, almost unattainable achievement: realism! Realism at all costs! But, to be clear: Aurora is not at all a real city, it's just my city. Based on the original real challenging New Caledonia map by MrMiyagi that I think is no more available, since it has been completely renovated too (it is only downloadable in its 2018, flattened, version), this map asks you to build a city that develops on several different coves connected to a central mountain massif. Reminds, a bit, Hong Kong. I fell in love with it in 2015 it and I still think it's really amazing to try to build a realistic metropolis in such an enviroment! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an aerial view of the map taken from my very first CJ entry dated August 2015: AURORA REMASTERED: VICTORIA HARBOR Believe me, it's almost shoking to me see this map empty! As you can read in that old entry linked above the masterplan was great and I am proud to say that it has been almost completed and not only that: I went ahead starting the phase II that I will show you as soon as this series of entries, dedicated to the renovation of everything was already shown (and you can see all the previous entries here), is completed. I know you got tired of reading, but let me say one last thing before publishing pictures as if there were no tomorrow: the conformation of the city, its neighborhoods, the road network remained exacty (almost!) the same, that's why I'm talking about a remastered version of the city instead of a remade one. What has changed are definitely the buildings and the level of detail allowed by all the great additions released on the steam workshop in these three years. So... let' start! I will try to follow the same order of the 2015 entries first introducing the location through an old photo (remember you can check them all through the above link if you want!). VICTORIA HARBOR 2015 Victoria Harbor already was one of my favourite parts of the city: a seaport completely located on an island it's something uncommon... VICTORIA HARBOR 2018 But look at it now! The same location looks absolutely different: the unrealistic Ibiza-like southside beach has gone replaced by piers, that allow ships to dock on both sides of the island. The seaport now also hosts a ferry terminal, with two lines serving the surrounding Hellfire Bay. Everything it's still in its place: the cargo train terminals, the passengers train station adjacent to the Port Authority Hedquarters tower and all the factories of the seaport industry, the main Control Tower and the gargantuan Logistics Center that serves the whole region. Also the west security checkpoint is still in its place, as well as the east one that we'll be shown later. On the southwest side of the island there also is a very large composting center near to a large water treatment plant, not forgetting the prominent lighthouse and the ferry stop. THE 2015 VICTORIA HARBOR BRIDGE As I told you Victoria Harbor is on an island, that obviously needs to be connected to the mainland. On the west side it is trough a large bridge, that in the old version wasn't much landmarky... THE 2018 VICTORIA HARBOR BRIDGE Well... this is the new one! Just slightly better i guess. And no, believe me it's not the most impressive in the city, but for sure it's the most used by lorries! And before leaving the harbor and closing this first entry of my coming back, a pair of aerial screenshots showing the whole harbor island. Before leaving, just a teaser of what will come next! Feel free to leave comments and... keep followin' and you'll be surprised!
  7. Hi guys can anyone help me with that issue i don't get it... using ICities; using ColossalFramework.Plugins; namespace Whatever { public class Whatever : IUserMod { public string Name => "Whatever"; public string Description => "it does somethin"; } public class Loader : LoadingExtensionBase { public override void OnLevelLoaded(LoadMode mode) { DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "hopla"); } } public class BuildingListener : BuildingExtensionBase { public override void OnBuildingRelocated(ushort id) { base.OnBuildingRelocated(id); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message,"relocated for id " + id.ToString()); // this is the line crashing the game note that without the " + id.ToString()" it works } } }
  8. Heya! I am not building in a hurry, so, well, let´s say, I made some progress. As a fan of railways, especially if it comes to more local services, I had to build a railway for goods transport, and it had to be single track. So my decision was to build some kind of ring based train network but in a way, that it at least looks like two lines with normal single train tracks. One runs the southern and eastern side of the island while the other climbs the hills two times. After all the work done on the map I realized, that this in no way longer would look like a part of the North American east coast. Everything is so dense in a way, and only the shape of the landscape divides different sceneries, while the beeline is 2,5 kilometers or 1.4 miles. And so there was a second decision to come: Now this island is located somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (in my best personal reality). It was first explored by a few pirates, who lost their ship during a storm, then, later on people from all around the world made this island into a place to live in freedom, as it never had any king or was part of any colony. When the population started growing in the 19. century the wise and thoughtful people of Waldey volunteered for a parliament to solve political dissenses. This worked for some time (at least I had a plan for the "biggest" town then as can be seen on the pictures). This also is important for me, as my grandfather became president of the state during the people´s rebellion in 1952, and since then, the island was alway ruled by one of the Fatal family , and I can assure - elected by free choice. Here on Waldey people say. "Democracy is if one rules and nobody follows". "It´s no good if there´s no fatalism." So first a map overview again. I built all streets as dirt streets, wherever it seems reasonable for people to walk. I will replace some of them with small two lane highways as soon as the cims move in. But now I can do, what happened in the real worls once: Often used paths became roads eventually, and exactly this way it works in Waldey now. A few overviews ingame, the forests are made with pdelmo`s Ultra Low Poly Trees: Eristown: Stillhaven: Harwich: The harbor, unfinished work but functional for trains. It is based on this Cargo Harbor template made by feretwind .The buildings you can see, are made with the Procedural Objects mod, as the loading tracks are higher than the street of the harbor (nearly 2 meters). I had to deal with the niveau difference, and I couldn´t build road access to them. The big storage building is made by using this set: So far so good! I hope, you like what you see. I am back soon, cheers!
  9. In episode #1, we kickstart the city by building up a small island and than looking to spread out our city in the next episode. We so far have began to build our skyline, and commercial districts and the iconic japan neon light street. Project Japan is a humble attempt to build a somewhat realistic looking Japanese city situated somewhere between Okayama and Kobe on the northern shore of the Harima-nada sea. Japanese city series are almost non-existent, perhaps because of the serious ack of Japanese themed assets on the workshop. Finding inspiration can be tricky. Therefore, revamps are to be expected throughout the series, as i get better at building Japanese cityscapes and/or new assets become available. Find out more by watching my video below.
  10. Heya! I am still working on the map itself. If I see other players making maps, I am always wondering, how fast people can sculpt a nice looking landscape. My small island has no spectacular mountains, it´s merely hilly and in the southern part mostly flat (betwwen 0 and 30 meters above sea level, but I try to make everything here like it would be if built in reality. And although this island is small, I want some rail lines there (adn this is not utopic if you look to islands like Jersey or Sark or Isle Of Man), and especially the tracks have to be build with a very soft slope but without too much high dams and bridges cause of the (imagined) costs of such things. The villages and towns until now look a bit gritty, but this is mostly temporary, cause I built some squares first, wherever I wanted a settlement to be. Also I am still looking for the right textures, until now I have no such one for the rocks, I am still looking for some kind of sandstone. I use the theme mixer for this. The loaded theme is farmland by Avanya, that I really like for its fields, thanks for this, madam! Also I am fighting with the plugins. Until now there are 836 assets, that I think of as really necessary, and I hope, that my computer will not explode if I put in some more. Now a few pictures, I hope not to bore you with such a work in progress. If the map comes out as nice as I want it, I will make a save with streets and rail tracks for the workshop. The map itself can not be published, as it´s mostly built ingame. And I amuch too lazy to import it into the editor and fill in all the water sources again ( I used more than 50 of them for all the creeks, and there are still some holes in between, where the water won´t flow like I want it). The map now: Some ingame pics: On this picture you can see, how hilly the landscape really is: And a last picture to show, what I am aiming for: I hope, you can have fun looking at such unfinished work. Cheers, Carl
  11. Hello everyone, Long time since I've been very active. Jumped back into making game content, this time for Cities Skylines. Been working on a new modular airport for way too long and finally starting to put the finishing touches on it. This is my 1st unveiling and I'll probably be working on it for another month before releasing. When I started out to make this monstrosity, I had small goals to just make some simple modular airport pieces. I was always unhappy with how the nightlights in a modular building looked, always coming on at different times. When the nightlights were on all the time, I didn't like the look of it either. So I learned how to make Clear glass props. Nice. So then I had to model the insides of the buildings, then figure out the pathing, the roads I use to simplify laying things out broke the paths. So I learned how to make new roads and offset the pedestrian paths. Then I thought that I wanted to be able to have a working skytrain system going to different parts of the airport. So I had to learn how to make a proper elevated train station and a new rail line that could be bent at 90 degree angles to fit in the buildings. On and on it went until now I feel confident enough to unveil this to the community, warts and all. There are about 30 buildings in the set, a boatload of glass props, 4 roads and about 30 props (not glass). This will not be for the faint of heart. I made this airport shone in about 3 hours. This is not a "plop and go" building. Remember that some airports are like little cities themselves. So all these resources for an airport aren't all that bad...right? Almost forgot to mention the parking garage with the skywalks and integrated metro station will be released with this too. As a side note, I spent a lot of time making a station for the skytrain in the garage and making it go into the terminal building. Not happening at this stage. For now I have given up on that folly. The modular 8 level parking garages will have 11 buildings and I made 2 new parking lot light props for them. Don't be shy and tell me what you think. Just be gentle please.
  12. Hello, The 2018 Asian Games is a big sport event. Beside from traditional sports, eSports are available. The games including Arena of Valor, the latest version of PES, League of Legends etc. But, why there's no city sim (C:S and SC4) have been picked on any eSport events? It's cool to compete with other real-life nations, for instance, to create a beautiful yet functional imaginary cities or replicate real-world cities. I know that this question somewhat childish, but I'm still curious answering that. Thanks.
  13. Hello, Yesterday, I've tried an internet cafe near me. Every PC has Steam client and the USB can be plugged. In my knowledge, Steam games can be made offline and their offline data is available. I'll leave that later. Which game should I buy up to around $20, Cities: Skylines or SimCity 4? I've missed the promo few days ago. Are there any another giveaways/promos on them? Also, if I made the game offline, can I copy the files to my USB drive? So, I don't have to download the game again, only the validation. No, I'm not supporting any kind of gray/black distribution of the game. It's only for personal use and for 1 PC (though is moving). Thanks.
  14. Hello, I want to buy Cities: Skylines. So, I want to ask, which EP should I buy up to $16? Is the New Player bundle plus Mass Transit worther than that bundle plus Green Cities? Or, should I buy sc4? @Avanya @Terring, can you help me?
  15. Hello, I've seen benchmarks shows that the latest iPad Pro can provide laptop-like performance thru Apple A10X, although with some controversies. Currently, it's the fastest Arm chip commercially available for tablet. Also, with the growth of Apple chips and production of the powerful Snapdragon 850, powerful yet still efficient processors going to lots of devices. The question is can Arm processors run heavy apps like full-fledged Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Blender, and heavy games like Cities: Skylines (heavy because it doesn't fully support integrated graphics) and triple-A titles? Nice to see if people carrying their tablet to model things in 3D and rendering it either while in travel or at home (depending on the complexity), or recording C:S gameplay on their phone, editing it using the full-fledged Premiere Pro and share it on YouTube. Thanks.
  16. Hill Valley Lake

    From the album Hill Valley

    © 2017 orange565 (citymanlive)

  17. Egyptian pyramids

    From the album Egypt

    © 2017 orange565 (citymanlive)

  18. Maisland Beach

    From the album Maisland

    © 2017 orange565 (citymanlive)

  19. Hello, Recently, Steam is discounting dozens of games up to 75% in its Summer Sale. For those who likes realistic city sim, get SimCity 4 for around $3. If you want a flexible one, check out Cities: Skylines for $5. Not enough? Why not buy the whole collection of C:S expansions for ridiculously $30?! Are you a fan of Paradox Interactive? Don't forget to buy all their games for $105. Do you have the standard C:S and want to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition? Check out the upgrade for $1.3. Buy games you need before July 6 for very cheap! For some reasons, Parklife EP is still priced normally and the price here is based on Indonesian price. For another country, the price should be similar, maybe with some taxes. Thanks.
  20. I Want to Be a...

    Hello, I want to start a gaming YouTube channel. However, there are many obstacles: I have just SimCity 4 and as you know, the game isn't a great game to start with. So, I need Cities: Skylines, which leads me to the next problem. My computer isn't powerful enough to play C:S because just I'm using HD Graphics 3000. 4 GB of RAM is fine. My internet speed both upload and download is really slow, 1 Mbps and sometimes error without reasons. I don't have camera for future facecam (not really a concern). I don't have empty external hard drive (1 TB is recommended) for the next thing I will discuss. Luckily, there is a Geforce iCafe-certified internet cafe near me (according to Nvidia, the participant cafes must have 9xx or 10xx GTX-series cards and 50 or more GTX 1060s or higher; enough for C:S). However, it still not fixing the problem #1: lack of C:S. I just have around $16, which isn't enough to buy even the vanilla. I will not talking about gray/black ways to getting it (because it against the site rules). Can you help me to getting started? Or, should I learn another skills instead, like 3D modelling or programming? Thanks.
  21. Hi guys! I recently bought a new gaming laptop and installed Cities Skylines on it with all of the major expansions/DLCs. I got two problems that I'm not sure what to do about: 1) The 81 tile mod by BloodyPenguin does not automatically unlock all of the tiles. It will let me buy each tile until I can fill the map, but not all unlocked and free at the beginning as the mod is supposed to (I've tried pressing Shift+U, doesn't work). 2) When loading any map the loading screen might freeze at 50%. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. To get past both of these problems, I have tried removing all mods and playing just the base game. This is a new laptop so I'm only loading blank maps. None of this has helped solve these two problems. Cities Skylines is also the only game I have installed - in case I have to reset the laptop to factory settings to fix this, that's ok. My specs: Processor - i7-7700HQ Graphics - GTX 1060 Memory - 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, DDR4
  22. Needed a clickbaity title . Anyway, would you like me to incorporate all the roads from the now abandoned 'New Roads For Network Extensions 2' mod into Network Extensions 2? Or would you rather me put them in a new mod called 'Network Extensions Plus'? On the one hand... A separate mod will allow me to have a higher level of flexibility in taking requests for road variations. NExt+ will focus on adding public transport/bike capabilities to existing roads in NExt2, similar to what it is currently doing now. I would focus on new road types in NExt2 while adding the flurry of 'can I have a bike lane in...' requests for NExt+ (if you get what I mean). On the other hand... Keeping the roads together will allow me to keep all your favorite roads in one place. There are also a couple of the roads that accidentally found their way into the original mod and thus I would not have to worry about figuring out how to corral those people into a separate mod.
  23. Hudston Bay - the modern gem of Treien Hudston Bay was a sprawling industrial area, however by 1960 all of the dockyard moved from HB to Jervis, Neutral Bay and Etusk. Today the dockyards are now fully outside of Treien in Etusk (a 55 minute drive from the city). During the 1960s to the late 70s, Hudston Bay was stagnated with poverty and crime. Most of the houses and flats are in a poor state at this time and most of the city's rich has moved down south to South Treien and even outside the city in places in New North Wales, Maine and Northern Ostrobia. However after the 70s, a massive push to revitalise Hudston Bay as Ostrobia has yet to have a proper financial and buisness hub at the time. The Government put billions and billions of dollars to put Hudston Bay in to good use and it meant that a lot of flats and apartments was knocked down to make way for tall skyscrapers and only 25% of original architecture still remains. Also shown is Forbes Park, one of the major city park of Treien, located in Hudston Bay. Forbes Park with ICE Studios complex at the other side of the canal. Hudston Bay viewed on top of a helicopter Jervis, Haswell & Airport and City Metrolink tracks towards Forbes Park Hudston Bay riverside Left - Hudston Bay station served by the City, Haswell, Airport and City and Grustanaberg lines (C,H,A&C building shown), Right - Drecht Canal and bridge leading up to Treien Hudston Bay main station. Victor Road junction. Treien Hudston Bay station (top) serves Northern Ostrobia and Maine. Victoria - Jewel of South Treien Victoria is one of the most luxourious LGA's of Treien and Ostrobia. Victoria is the place of shopping however Hamlewood is also regarded as that place as well. Victoria also has Ostrobia Park, one of the major parks of Treien. It also hosts the Treien Zoo and the Treien Nature Reserve. Ostrobia Park Treien City University Pernstraat leading to Grectheinstraat, off the Treien Victoria station Treien Zoo and Treien Nature Reserve Albertkeithen Statue and Victoria Square. The station is served by the River, City and Airport and City lines Complex junction towards Treien Victoria. Treien Victoria serves the states of south-eastern New North Wales, Prethenia, South Central, Hyenia, Holboken. Both high speed and regional services service the station. Roundabout of the Tower of Light. It is the main entrance to Victoria from Hudston Bay's New Bridge, which is the furthest west bridge of the River Oereomond. Canals, canals, canals [/SPOILER] Grustanasberg - Cultural Capital of Ostrobia Grustansberg is the Cultural Capital of Ostrobia? Why? There is a lot of history behind Grustansberg and lots of things to see and do there as well. Grustansberg is home to the Tower of Liberty, a world landmark built in 1860 to comemerate the Ostrobian revolution of 1848. The Riverside Park shows a glimpse of Hudston Bay from the south side. Notorious places of interest include New Edinbrugh Musuem, Uktlespreken Musuem, Treien Opera House, Treien Art and Portrait Gallery, Mirabel Fountain, Nieuw Alkmaarplein, Monument of the Fallen Ostrobians, Colonial Gardens, German Market and the Grustansberg Market. Grustansberg viewed from a helicopter Hudston Bay viewed from the Riverside Park Colonial Gardens. The Colonial House was the residence of the Governor of North West Ostrobia during the British colonial era. Treien Musuem Plaza. Shown is the Treien Art and Portrait Gallery Nieuw Alkmaarplein. Notice Hudston Bay in the distance. Right of it is the Treien Opera House. Left - New Edinburgh Musuem, focuses on the History of Treien and its Cultural History. The Nieuw Alkamaarplein station is also shown served by Ostrobia, Northern and River Lines. The Nieuw Alkmaarplein station is also served by NNW Rail. Monument of the Fallen Ostrobians Uktlespreken Musuem. Showcases Natural History and also Cultural and Technological History The Cathedral and the Tower of Liberty dominate South Treien until the new flats at Neutral Bay were constructed Grustanberg Station. The overground section serves City and Airport and City lines. The underground section serves the Grustansberg and Jervis lines. Left - Hamlewood Clock Tower. Centre - Hamlewood Station. Right - Grustanberg Market and Cathedral Grustanasberg Market and Cathedral Hamlewood Clock Tower with the Treien Hamlewood Station German Market with Hudston Bay at the background Treien Hamlewood Station. It is served by the City, Airport and City and Northern lines. It services Ostrobia's main cities in the west which are Seblo and Aranley. It also serves the Western and South Western Coast areas of Ostrobia. Inside German Market Tollsbury - Government's Area Tollsbury is the area in which the Federal Government is located. It also hosts a number of embassies. Tollsbury is generally not regarded as Central Treien but in fact Central South East Treien due to a number of flats and little major retail areas. Most of Tollsbury is either housing or office administration. The Tollsbury Circus island is owned by the federal government. It is surrounded by 15 story high stone walls built in the 1910s to deter any foreign invading power. The perimeter of the walls have been used to station machine and anti aircraft guns during World War II. Today they are an icon of Treien. Tollsbury Circus Complex. Top right: Federal Police Headquaters, across the road from the HQ: House of the Prime Minister, 10 Mirabell Road. Right of 10 Mirabell: Federal Court, right of the court: Federal Government Offices of various departments. Office block: Federal Security and Intelligance Organisation (FISO). Bottom right: Parliament of Ostrobia.
  24. Yhiemine Walley

    Version 1.0.0


    This is my secound map! Its not good but its ok Have any questions just ask me

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