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  2. Greetings, I got some inspiration for you! Here we go: DLCs: After Dark - you simply cannot go wrong with that. It mainly features the addition of nightlife and tourism enhancements, but also adds Taxis and Roads with bus lanes - so you can also use roads with bus lanes from the workshop. The other DLCs depend on what your focus is on: Sowfall: If you like winter maps with snow and / or love trams / trolley car systems. Mass Transit: If you like everything traffic related (ferries, cable cars, monorails + more highway types) Green Cities: mainly adds new, "green" buildings, new specializations for office districts and bio fuel buses Mods: Traffic related: TM:PE (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583429740) Metro Overhaul Mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=816260433) Realism: Rush Hour (which is not in development by the original author atm!) Realistic Population and Consumption Mod (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=426163185) Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654707599) Ploppable RICO (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=586012417) + RICO enabled landmark buildings Quiet everything created by BloodyPenguin (as the only author) (https://steamcommunity.com/id/bloody_penguin/myworkshopfiles/?appid=255710) Speed Slider (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=406354745) (If you want to play in some kind of a GTA-speed like me: 2 seconds irl = 1 minute ingame) Aesthetics: Fine Road Tools (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651322972) Emergency Lights Manager (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1192250578) Relight (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1209581656) Shadow Strength Adjuster (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=762520291) Ultimate Eyecandy (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=672248733) (Also for realism! You can set the day/night cycle time here ) PostProcessFX - Multi platform (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138510774) That should keep you busy for a while
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  4. Thanks for following me :)

  5. Catenary Replacer

    Sounds promising for my american-themed cities Besides the Catenary Replacer I think that a rail-mesh replacer would make much more sense by now as we got nice new tracks spreading over the workshop but still the station tracks remain untouched which looks kinda aweful in my eyes. So those meshes shall still be replaced by a small mod with your knowledge frome modtools I think
  6. Parva Montes, et Flumina

    Version 1.0


    Parva Montes, et Flumina is a fantasy region of free-flowing rivers, islands and hills. It features wide expanses of gently undulating terrain, capped by levelled terraces adding variation throughout the landscape. The contours of the terraces can be used as a template for development, with the idea to help with playability of each tile. Planted flora conforms to the levels, with oaks, pine trees, and shrubs at the upper arid heights. Cliff edges may also be apparent (as shown) if using a terrain or rock mod. Scattered throughout are islands and smaller terrain features, including bays and peninsulas. Have fun! Size Versions Available are 3 versions of different sizes: 12 x 12 (144 large tiles) 8 x 8 (64 large tiles) 4 x 4 (16 large tiles) Each is offered as an individual zip archive upon clicking Download. The layout of tiles may be tailored to your liking by editing each map's included config.bmp file. See this guide for more info (there's also 2 videos posted down below there in the comments section). To change the region name, edit the included region.ini file using Notepad (or other text editor). E.g. For the 12 x 12 map: Name = Parva Montes, et Flumina (12x12) Rendering Instructions In terms of installation, this map is just like any other map. To render this grayscale map for either of the sizes, there are two options: Image Previews The previews are showcased using: Terrain: Appalachian Terrain Mod by Lowkee33 Water: SHK Brigantine 2.0 ("Silt" variant) by shokthrpy These are not dependencies, but may be used to replicate the map's appearance. Maxis trees planted using the "flora blast" command, set to 400 x3: flora blast 400 400 400 Open the command box (Ctrl+X), enter the command and press Enter. Here's a summary of each image above (from left to right): A Note on Custom Content Upon rendering grayscale images, some terrain mods modify the game's standard import configuration. Should this happen, the results may vary from the previews shown above. In which case, a workaround is to move out any terrain mod from your Plugins, then render the map. Or alternatively another way is by using SC4 Mapper (as explained above), to complete the process without the default parameters being overridden. CoriMap™ 201-712-250-1074 This map was generated using CorinaMarie's custom coded version of Torben's Offline Planet Map Generator. The program is currently in pre-beta stages, and is designed to flexibly and effortlessly allow the creation of realistic SC4 maps by adjusting various command-line parameters. It will be released to the community once in a suitable state of readiness. Stay tuned!
  7. Piedra Verde has entered the new millennium, and gained its independence - a suitable reward for surviving Y2K. Most development this year has been focused on building up, not out, though there is sure to be more outward development soon. The Sandy Bay suburb has expanded somewhat, with the addition of a second ferry stop. The main attraction is on the peninsula, where some lovely parks and beaches have been built. The centerpiece is a set of three art deco hotels, bringing architecture from the past into the new millennium. Next, a small port has been setup near the airport, with the hopes of unclogging ship traffic in the main port. The aviation officials nearby aren't too pleased about the cranes (they're currently investigating the issue), but otherwise it's a much welcomed addition to the island. Thanks to the new port development, some of the downtown fuel infrastructure has moved. This land was a prime location for new development, centred next to the train station and close to the docks. Some shopping centres and two large dull office blocks have been built, but the main attraction is the new tallest building - the Millennium Tower. Piedra Verde is hopeful to expand its technology sector (on top of the Californium research facilities), and this will definitely help. Finally, the Portridge neighborhood has been densifying somewhat as well. Piedra Verde is looking forward to the new millennium, and the opportunities (and dangers) that will come about from its independence.
  8. Has been busy with their CJ lately .
  9. Mushy's Random BATs

    Wow , it looks very nice .
  10. Yep, I believe that's what's going on here. If anyone else is still skeptical they can certainly look at the source code and build it themselves (https://github.com/cizmic/pmr-client) I assure you, the only non-friendly thing here is SC4 and its pesky launch behavior!
  11. Port de Caravella: Some more Suburbia

    Nice vibrant, modern suburban area. Are almost all of the BATs in this update by Mattb325?
  12. Defender is probably same as with Norton AV, it flags files just because they have not been downloaded and scanned many times. Its called a 'reputation' flag. The intent is to prevent a user being attacked by a potential new or very rare or ancient virus. As more of us start to use the PMR the file will gain reputation as clean, so long as our colleague @jmak remains friendly.
  13. Mushy's Random BATs

    Great work! It resembles a few hospitals I have seen.
  14. Revisiting Prop Pox and Prop Theory

    Been a very long time since I last thought about this over here. Might as well dump my old second-hand knowledge (which was probably simplified in the threads I read for expediency) so don't know if it's 100% accurate. You probably already know it all. The 6MB limit for compressed subfiles was chosen not for performance reasons, but because that's all that the compression algorithm (QFS) can do. It can't compress a file larger than around 6MB. I think I read that there is a significant byte at the end of each entry in the prop subfile. A kind of 'End of File' marker. SC4 is obviously capable of finding this significant byte since it reads malformed entries correctly when the subfile is compressed. Either it doesn't look for the significant byte when reading an uncompressed entry or it discards it as part of the conversion from compressed to decompressed. I recall it being observed that SC4 only ever creates prop entries of one of two lengths. I don't remember what the lengths were, but the game used the wrong one (IIRC, the shorter when it should have used the longer) on these malformed entries. In theory, scanning an infected savefile for mismatching lengths and correcting them should repair the subfile (or at least make it load correctly) provided the subfile's not been saved over with an irreparably malformed one. The corruption definitely only occurs on load. All of the entries following the bad one are intact and present after conversion. Thanks for looking into this again, it'd be great to finally have it fixed.
  15. NAM General Support Topic

    I'm seeing some anomalous traffic "heat" in a diagonal section of TLA-7. Instead of spreading across the 3, non-overlapping roads, all of the traffic in one direction seems to be confined to one channel in between the center road and the right-hand road (right-hand drive). If I am reading the map correctly, that doesn't put them on either road exactly. The only sims on the periphery are pedestrians. Consequently, my transit advisor is jabbering about congestion on a boulevard that should have had more capacity (and happily carries all of that same traffic in a horizontal section that feeds the diagonal). Is this a known issue, or am I the only person outside the dev team using triple-wide NWM boulevards so that I get to discover this? As usual, if you would like to see screen shots of either paths or traffic heat, please let me know what I can add to help
  16. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    Downtown Vancouver Click once, then again on the image to see the full size. Not quite sure how to post a full mosaic here. Thanks!
  17. Thanks for posting that. My silly Windows Defender flagged my own compiled C program as having a trojan and since I have all the source code that I've been writing and tweaking I know damn good and well it's not unsafe. Personally, I'd consider the pmrclient safe based on those results.
  18. this is the results. no anti-viruses detect this file, but Windows Defender thinks it is a virus.
  19. Update 5

    I like how the highway has broken off before the remains of the Golden Gate Bridge. It adds a poignant feeling which is essential to any dystopia. You should add lots of water pollution (by whatever method you see fit) to sell the idea of the dirty, dilapidated dystopia.
  20. I use the VirusTotal Scanner when I'm concerned about a file. It uses 60 or so different programs to check things out and then gives you a report. If one or two say bad, but all the rest say ok then I consider the bad ones to be false positives.
  21. i tried to update to the latest version, but Windows Defender thinks the installer is a virus. is it a false positive?
  22. Posting City Journals in Both Sections

    Thank you for the information! I may provide some suggestions for this in the future.
  23. Show Us What You're Working On

    Bentall Centre. A 1.5 million square foot office complex in Downtown Vancouver. Thanks!
  24. Show us Your Oddities!

    @rivit & @Joey Auburn: #RecursiveNews That would make an amusing addition to the game's news scroll.
  25. Show us your SimCity 4 funnies/glitches

    Did you have to add schools to up their EQ so they could read the sign?
  26. Show us your SimCity 4 funnies/glitches

    My Sims before and after being educated about the zipper merge
  27. No worries. We've greatly revamped our interpretation of the old bump rule. Adding useful information via a new post will beep (notify) the topic followers whereas an edit would not. ( The only time we'd get upset is if the bump is simply to make the thread jump to the top of the forum list without adding anything relevant. )
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