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  2. Theine - attempt at a realistic european/UK city.

    Once again not a part of the CJ, but still wanted to share with those of you who follow here! "Instead of a classical narrative of industry packing up and going overseas and factories closing, this little town was dependent on the banking sector, and the stock market crash of 1929 in nearby New York sealed its fate. The theme is decay, blight and a major loss of jobs starting almost 90 years ago but with no clear recovery. Lost in history."
  3. Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) – 2nd Edition conference. will be held on the #Nile_cruiser starting from the city of Luxor down to Aswan - Egypt from 5 February to 8 February 2018. and will discuss many topics such as : 1. Incorporate Manageent Techniques And Decision Making In Historic Planning, Management And Development Of Historic Areas. 2. Cultural And Religious Identities And Their Manifestation Of Heritage. 3. Awareness Of Heritage Rehabilitation Projects. 4. Innovative Adaptive Reuse And Rehabilitation Of Historic Areas. 5. Heritage Planning Policy, Design Guidelines, And Community Development. 6. Integrating Sensitive Additions And Adaptations To The Fabric Of Heritage Places Environment. 7. Institutional Role And Modern Techniques In Conserving A Historic Environment. 8. Legislative Tools And Policies For Cultural Heritage Protection. 9. Best Practices In An Assessment, Designating And Managing World Heritage. 10. Economics Of Conservation And Sustainable Environment. 11. Promotion Of Heritage And Cultural Tourism. 12. Cultural Heritage And Media. 13. New Approaches And Concepts In Conservation Of Cultural Heritage In Historic Cities. 14. Interior Design Solutions For Historic Buildings And Authenticity Of The Place. 15. Egyptian Monuments Conservation. 16. Resettlement Of Nubia And Rehabilitate Their Culture Identity. 17. Conservation Of Tradition And Identity. 18. Tourist And Archecology. 19. Painting Restoration. 20. Materials Techniques.
  4. Project Rich Water

    Wow, thanks much hunkske! Its really awesome read something like this! :-)
  5. SimCity 3000 uk buildings

    I just came out of the GOG store. 1) I was looking for SC4 deluxe in Spanish and I found it bundled up with a lot of other languages. I'll wait a sale on that. 2) Ran into SC3000, an UK version for less than €9.00. @Dollar Tower$, with an avatar you should just buy it and avoid all the legal hassle. Maybe before you buy, you should ask them (GOG) if the buildings you want are included. Who knows? Maybe they know.
  6. Today
  7. This is a general (and desperate) call to anyone who would be willing to download the park and its deps (or happens to have it already), and also uses the LotEditor. I can't open the file in the L.E. . Neither the co-lotter, rivit, nor I can figure out why. I'm told "uses stuff not installed on machine" but we've verified, at length, that I have all the deps.
  8. This is a general (and desperate) call to anyone who would be willing to download the park and its deps (or happens to have it already), and also uses the LotEditor. I can't open the file in the L.E. . Neither the co-lotter, rivit, nor I can figure out why. I'm told "uses stuff not installed on machine" but we've verified, at length, that I have all the deps.
  9. When a prop has no LOD (I don't know how this happens... I thought the game auto-generated LODs for models when you don't give it a custom one), does the engine draw the main model when you're far away? Basically I'm trying to figure out if props with no LOD models kill your performance.
  10. @BadPeanut this copenhagen-bicycle road style would be so great https://streetmix.net/-/589783 The sidewalks are all at least 1.5
  11. Bipin Concrete Walls

    ok, ive tried both but didnt find it. I now have downloaded the extracheats dll. but cant understand it? installed into maxis folder , then restart game, ctrl x and right click? nothing happens. why?
  12. SimCity 3000 uk buildings

    Unfortunately, no. See this post. (And read the other posts above it to get the context of the discussion.)
  13. SimCity 3000 uk buildings

    Can someone give me the files from the uk buildings that come with the UK edition of SimCity 3000? would like to have them
  14. Bipin Concrete Walls

    @Haljackey Thanks mate! If I recall, I designed them so they'll work flawlessly with any height between 10 and 7.5m They also work for up to 15m, with the exception of the underground mall entrance. @sucram17 I believe they're in the misc. transit menu. If not, give the landmarks menu a try.
  15. Bipin Concrete Walls

    @Bipin can you advise? I've only ever accessed them via Lot Plop
  16. Oh and here's a version without Trams! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1178479321
  17. Bipin Concrete Walls

    nice work! in what menu can i find the set?
  18. OMG! Were all the pages blank?!?! (Ok, just joking around there.) Let's give this some more time and hopefully other members will see it when they visit and maybe someone has more knowledge about police dispatches with which to enlighten us.
  19. I just checked all the prima guide chapters that are related to police and crime, found nothing
  20. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Realistic and not too flat. I like!
  21. OK and Thanks , I will spend a little time being more observant of my actions as my post (in retrospect) was a bit ambiguous. From a mail notification (messages top right) I go directly to the pm, but from the left hand list of mail threads it always goes to the first entry in a thread of mail - pretty sure that used to be the last one or first unread. I probably click the Topic Titles - would not think to click on the Date - which would explain what I observe, so will try that out.
  22. Torre Latinoamericana

    omg I love this.
  23. Show us Your Oddities!

    "You have a lot of Sainsbury Grocer Locations, Mayor!" "Really? How many?" "Absolutely none!"
  24. welp i'm pleased to announce that the Penn Station project is not dead -- i've managed to get most of the interior in the previous post into a manageable number of polygons and textures; ima just have to use 20 subbuildings to make it work right i'm mostly posting right now to pitch my new !!!PATREON!!! eventually (when I get my next paycheck and can get a mic and a HD which can store a bunch of video) ima make a C:S youtube series with a focus on politics and policy -- i.e. "why does zoning exist" "why did we dismantle streetcar systems" "why is the rent so damn high and ain't no one doing anything about it" etc. it's gonna be pretty explicitly and unapologetically left wing so be forewarned in the mean time i'll let you know what's up with my C:S mods right now I'm working on a LIRR MP70, probably the worst and most unsuccessful double-deck car ever built; i mostly modeled this while hammered drunk after the chapo trap house show in brooklyn on friday for literally the whole night, rather than doing the sensible thing and going to sleep. coming up after that: -pennsylvania station (eventually) -converting my TpF trains to C:S -trinities (so 1x1 plots are actually useful) -woodward & lothrop department store -the Tunkahannok Viaduct -the Benjamin Franklin Bridge (whenever there's 1 track MOM) I'm gonna try and post more frequently on account of folks might actually give me a dollar for doing so, so stay tuned.
  25. Torre Latinoamericana

    amazing!very nice!in Guadalajara,the tallest building is Hotel Riu Plaza ,could you make it in SimCity,or mexico city ,Mitikah Torre 、T.Op、or Torre KOI & Sky ,nice building
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