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  2. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    I go try... thanks Cori...
  3. Population Density

    True, but in my example I'm suggesting that 8,192 cells would be enough and there's 16,384 cells in a medium tile so that leaves plenty of room for some front and back yards. And, ofc, it's just a guess using some live numbers mostly to suggest a one to one relationship would be huge in terms of size needed in the game.
  4. Population Density

    I read that. It was helpful! However, I think you omitted front and back yards, which don't hold 6-12 more people. I've seen your towns, I don't think you pack them in like sardines. @matias93 I'm not really looking for precision, so much as getting the feeling right. My end goal isn't to build Los Angeles. I just want Zinn's Junction to look nice. (If it's a long-debated topic, my Google ninja skills must suck. I couldn't find anything exactly relevant.)
  5. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    Are you familiar with using iLive's Reader? If not, you can just use the one I've already created: AgPay5x.dat
  6. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    Thanks Cori, can you explain me how do that...
  7. SC4 Plugin Packer, seems not work... I try to run this and is frozen my computer... or you think this work or have some thing I have done bad...
  8. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    It's to each their own and how much. I personally mod my own cheats. Like I play mostly rural regions so I made a mod that let's me collect 5 times as much money from agricultural than the tax rate typically generates. This then lets me afford non-modded fire and health coverage for them all without going broke.
  9. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!!

    In general, cheats on city simulators are regarded simply as tools for getting things done, as the game is not a competitive one. I've never seen people complaining about other user using cheats to achieve things.
  10. Cheats or no Cheats, use it or not!!! I think a lot of people are using cheats, including me... maybe whitout cheats this spetacular game cannot fix more players... agreed or not...
  11. Population Density

    Certainly this is a long debated topic. For starters, the game, hasn't a coherent scale to which one could easily adjust things. From my experience, a medium dense city can be represented without too much sacrifices on accuracy by scaling it at 1:2, this is, halving the distances and doubling the densities and capacities of the networks. Remember too that the game simulates commuters, not people: sims only move to go to work and back, their stats are only relevant to decide where they work, and where they work defines what they demand on matters of residences. Given this and the fact that around half of your sim population doesn't work at all, you will have a bit less than the expectable traffic for the population size you are seeing.
  12. Today
  13. All Sports in a city...

    The Final result are ok for me... thanks...
  14. 11 minutes to load SC4

    Thanks for try help...
  15. Population Density

    Here's my synopsis from another thread:
  16. 11 minutes to load SC4

    Wow. Mine loads in seconds. My computer is a few years old, and it wasn't the Cray Blitz when it was new. I guess it helps I don't like mods. I run SPAM, NAM, and Industry Doubler. Nothing more.
  17. So I've been putting some thought into this, and thought it might be worth sharing. How should I organize my region so it (sort of) resembles reality? I grew up near Washington, DC, which happens to be a square (with a bite taken out) almost exactly ten miles on a side. A standard SimCity region - the ones that auto-generate - are 15-16 km on a side, or ten miles. Perfect match. But as I started nooding around, I discovered the entire city is served by one power plant, and one sewage treatment plant. There is no way at all to model that in SimCity 4, so yeah, it's a game. No need to get hung up on precision. I recently started working on modeling a rural county, and ran into an obstacle there, too. The average US county is about 1000 km2, or almost 200 large tiles, and almost all of that land is either rural or completely empty. Did I really want to build tile after tile of forest, with the occasional highway? The population density of the entire US is 86 per km2, which means it's almost all empty. I experimented with scaling the area 10:1, because a county of 100 km2 seems like a nice building project; but then the population density gets multiplied x10, and the simulation ends up far from reality. So I've decided even the county is the wrong unit of measure. A standard region would represent a small city, like DC or smaller. New York City covers 784 km2 - who wants to build seven hundred small tiles? Does anybody here also have a job? The small city I live in today covers about 200 km2 and fills about 1/5 of the county. That seems like a big project, but feasible. It's not all skyscrapers - mostly suburban, with a nice busy downtown and some rural bits in the corners. It seems to me this is the kind of city SimCity 4 is designed to model, with a mix of small urban tiles and big rural outskirts. The most fun part of this project has been choosing different towns and looking them up on Google Maps. You can switch to satellite view and go flying over the landscape, learning all sorts of interesting things!
  18. Contiguous USA

    Use SC4 mapper.
  19. SimCityHawk's real world based cities

    Could you please upload Prague map? Thanks.
  20. Would it be possible for the mod to detect a nearby road / node with the option to parallel with it? Like where the highway enters the tile you build in. You activate the mod, click the end of the one road, draw it, and the parallel road connects to the end of the other highway node end and draws the parallel road.
  21. Just merged to the new-ui branch in my repo, you can continue from there I've noticed a few issues tho, added them as TODO in ParalleRoadTool.cs. Please let me know when you're done with the UI so that I can start fixing some things and start adding the other feature I have in my list.
  22. Awesome work... 8yrs on and people are still using it... easy enough to work out from the read me and confirmed working.. just wish it was udi enabled for sheer cosmetic continuity but otherwise Awesome!
  23. SimCity 3000 BAT project

    I've never uvw unwrapped a BAT in my life. I break the building down into objects based on their material and uvw needs. So for example usually all of the brick on my building will be attached and will have a big uvw box map on it. Earlier on in the process my objects are broken down according to how I model them. The bend modifier will also bend the object's mapping. So if you make a cylinder for example, make sure it has a uvw map, and then add a bend modifier on top of that, the mapping should follow the bend. If you don't want the mapping the follow the bend, then put it after the bend modifier.
  24. RTMT v3.6 brown box issue

    You might want to ask in Road Top Mass Transit (RTMT) - Development and Support.
  25. Kew Gardens PropPack Vol 1 Install Trouble

    Try to open the installer using 7-zip and extract wanted files manually (some installers can be opened, some not).
  26. Quick question, how do all of you deal with the DLC updates? I read to start game in offline mode and set the game to only update when game loads but I can't seem to load my saved games in offline mode I just want to prepare so I don't have a meltdown if this Parklife crashes my game save I have put so much time into
  27. Show Us What You're Working On

    @Krasner, I hate it when I do that. Thanks to whoever fixed the tag.
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