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  2. Yo, guys -- I'm running the ORIGINAL version of the Maxis Plugin Manager -- v1.1.1.0. YEAH -- I know. Just call me old-fashioned. I've got a couple of questions AND a problem one of you may be able to answer. (1) Does the old version of PIM require something called the "Sc4 PluginMan_Unnicode fix" in order to run properly? (Can't remember --) NOW -- I'm trying to pass on my limited skills to another one of our members, and they downloaded something called "PIM - Extended" -- ?? Apparently, this version of PIM produces something called a "loose-desc" . Since I am not familiar with this updated version of PIM, I have no Earthly idea what that entails. (2) Does this "loose-desc" produce a Descriptor File that can be embedded, used, and altered in the same manner as the old PIM ?? ANY advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated --
  3. @CorinaMarie I also think that the number of police dispatches available are not relevant to a station's effectiveness in dealing with crime automatically. They only matter when dispatching manually. But I want to make sure.
  4. I like these ideas so far! Maybe this is not a DLC-like idea, but one thing I would like to see is some synergy between existing DLCs. Some examples I have in mind: More existing DLC buildings should be capable of boosting the Concerts DLC Grounds and Match Day Stadiums in one way or another, like increasing the event's success chance, increasing the effect of a certain policy or giving more advertisement revenue and tourism. Example buildings: HT pack TV Studio, Natural Disasters' Radio Masts (when not in an emergency), Base game Unique Buildings like the indoor stadium and the opera house, etc. Snowfall Geothermal Heating plant and Green Cities Geothermal Power plant should give bonuses to each other when they are nearby, like increased heating/electricity output or even decreased maintenance cost. Maybe a similar thing with Green Cities Ocean Thermal Plant and HT pack Wave Power Plant (thought this one may be a stretch) Certain Unique Buildings should also affect certain active city policies, like the HT pack Electric Car Factory affecting Green Cities' Electric Cars Policy and the various government-style landmarks offering a tiny discount in all policies (European City Hall, Courthouse, Government Office, etc)
  5. Disclaimer: I'm merely guessing. (Proceed at your own risk.) Just from playing the game it seems the random crime is handled in the background based on the police coverage radius. Checking the stations (or City Jail if you have one) shows the number of incarcerated Sims increases with time. The dispatches are for when an actual riot occurs and then that determines how many police cars you can send from each station. I found one has to really piss off the Sims tho to get them to riot (other than the typical under funding of various services). On the other hand, the higher the average EQ the less crime you will have and that leads to less bad Sims with free room and board.
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  7. After almost a year of work... and still so much to do
  8. Show us Your Oddities!

    That's what happens when you buy too many neodymium magnets from China...
  9. Simtropolis 9.0.x - Bugs & Issues Report Thread

    /me passes this one off to @Cyclone Boom
  10. RRetail Development

    What shopping mall mod is that?
  11. Bipin Concrete Walls

    What a beautiful set - thanks for uploading!
  12. Willoughby Tower

    FANTASTIC! Cannot get enough of your work! Thank you so much!
  13. NAM General Support Topic

    Wow, I never would have guessed that. Which way should the drag-digger's arrow face? The paradigm would be really useful info to have in the NAM doc at a place labeled "Raisers" and "Diggers" and linked from the places that mention them. I wonder if side-by-side drag-diggers would enable tunneling a TLA-5. I'll try a few permutations to see what happens. I found those and was able to make a my tunnel after some blown attempts. Note to future self: It's important to do one's digging at more than minimum distance. I think I had to dig at the third or fourth cell away from the object to be undercut, otherwise the tunnel would ghost but fail. Also, if tunneling double-wide, one should dig one lane back far enough to lay road, and then use a parallel street to bring the adjacent lane down to the same level.
  14. How Can You Best Think?

    Hi guys, Due to the nature of city building games, I think most of this community are thinking type people. So out of curiosity, how can each one of you think about stuff the best? For me, I can think about anything really good and effective when I am sitting on the couch while eating sunflower seeds. The second most effective and best way to think is when when walking (not back and forth). What about you? What is the best way to think? While smoking, showering, shitting ?
  15. Hello again, Sorry if I am asking too many questions recently. I have another one Needless to say, the more dispatches a police station has, the more police vehicles you can dispatch at once. However, what I want to make sure about is the following: The more police dispatches a station has, the more criminals commiting crimes at the same interval of time within the protection radius can be apprehended automatically. True or not?
  16. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    --- I will not rejoice in order not to frighten off a luck .--- So, I sincerely hope that, it seems, I solved the problem of shadows on renderers. What did I do?: - Removed 1 living room in the left wing of the building to enlarge the model itself, but retaining the possibility of placing in the previous lot 2x2. - changed the texture of the roof, making it look like a blocked. Has more, so to speak, recognizable or common shade. - shortened for 2 times the entrance visor. - created and added window textures and air duct on the roof between some air conditioners. Question: how much better is the model now? Do not pay attention on the lot also, because this will be the next stage. P.S. On the roof of the left wing of the building I lost a fragment of the air duct, so do not pay attention that there is an unconnected pipe from one air conditioner.
  17. Not sure if you've noticed this one or had it logged before (I did check) In previous times clicking a link in Recent activity or Mail would take you to that post that was the most recent end of the list of items. Now it always goes to the first. I've only noticed this the last two days or so - but I haven't been on a lot recently. Not critical but disorienting and irritating.
  18. RRetail Development

    An obvious correction needs to be fixed, but you get the idea.
  19. Introduction

    Nice work ! Diagonal homes, probably plopped as there aren´t usual gow that way, need a dilapidatiion mod so they aren´tabandoned ? Busness district dense, may need some parks and watch those road´s overstreched asking for widening ! Well done ! or Well done !
  20. Willoughby Tower

    When it comes to textures, you are DA best! Truly.
  21. Show Us What You're Working On

    Anno Europe RHW III ! Bern to Frankfurt section now complete ! Either north or south wasn´t a option so a tunnel under was constructed. Usefullnes still to be proofed as there´s not much yet, but looking forward. There three entry/exits, one in the middle on either side of the ariport ! Koeln West exit tries to relieve traffic flow comming from the North-Eastern part of Bern, main route mostly covers the south side of Bern and through route to the other RHW section ! Enjoy !
  22. I am actually going to remove the trams and upload that too. I just have to remove half the meshes that are required for tram stops
  23. Bipin Concrete Walls

    Look awesome! Would this work with the NAM heights? 7.5m for level 1, 15m for level 2?
  24. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    SC Devotiion got ACaircraft Request pack vol 09l for 787 and a380 maybe that´s your´re looking for ! http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2872
  25. Love it. Street circuits should get grandstands too, though; every street circuit I've ever been to has had temporary tribunes erected for the event. Depending on the circuit these may only be put at the start/end of a straight, or in an intersection, but every major street circuit has them. In fact, you typically see more of them at street circuits than you do at permanent race tracks that are anything less than FIA Grade 1. Mosport, for instance, is an FIA Grade 2 circuit IIRC and it doesn't have a single permanent grandstand in it (but some major events get two or three small temporary ones erected). [EDIT] Side note. Now that we have open access to the road modding tool, including quays and the like, we can now make draggable concrete walls for our circuits. Awesome!
  26. Maxis Stats of Growables

    This is related even tho I'm not quoting a specific question. I've made some edits to Devotion's Wiki for Lot Configuration. More specifically adding values to: LotConfigPropertyZoneTypes LotConfigPropertyWealthTypes LotConfigPropertyPurposeTypes My source was the Notes on creating growable lots post by @andisart. Please proofread those on Wiki and let me know if I have them right. Thanks.
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