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  1. Thanks @CorinaMarie I'd completely forgotten I was doing that ... there has been a few changes since then so I'll have a read of it this weekend and see if I need to add an addendum to it
  2. Very nice building As for crops as I have a olive tree growing in my garden ... so I wouldn't mind a few more
  3. I've been using the latest Linux Mint for the last couple of years while I've got everything else (including games) running on it and I'm really happy with it, for some reason which must have made sense at the time I set up a virtual Windows XP ... can't remember what program I used to do ... but I've got all my SimCity 4 stuff running in it.
  4. One Lot and Thousunds Props

    @Fantozzi that index is becoming obsolete, the replacement index is here https://city-builders.info/catalog Eventually all the listings will hopefully have pictures like this entry https://city-builders.info/catalog/898-1001-6th-avenue-by-schriefer -catty
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Its still available as is most of Paeng's forum attachments from SimPeg, its part of the Paeng Pond Park and has a number of additional dependencies https://www.city-builders.info/cbex/download?path=Paengs%2BScrabble%2BBox%2Fpaeng_Pond_Park.zip
  6. Making custom pedestrians for sims in 'My Sim Mode'?

    The original version of the SIMs had a built in menu so you could import into SC4 your SIM characters and vice versa you could import your cities into the SIMs, so if you want some new "My Sims" the zip file I'm attaching to this post has 37 of them ... most of them are cats and dogs as I had (well still do have somewhere) the pet version of the SIMs, but as for adding new transport options its not something I've ever wanted to do. MySim.zip EDIT: After posting this I went off to do something else but with something niggling away at the back of my mind ... I think I remember having my sims driving around in smart cars or not ... its been a long time since I used the My Sim Mode -catty
  7. Take it from me I am feeling quite honoured and after a less than ideal day in real life its put a smile on my face ... so thanks its appreciated
  8. Cori's Terrain Shoppe

    Thanks .... RL is proving very difficult to escape from, but I did end up finishing re-indexing the SimCityKurier site and updating the CB website (have kept the old links so people can refer back to them if needed) https://city-builders.info/catalog
  9. What is merged.dat ?

    You can delete it, according to an old post of BarbyW
  10. SC4 Catalog at CB

    Have now after a lot of detours in real life finished re-indexing the SimCityKurier site, when you visit here https://www.city-builders.info/catalog You will see I have kept the old index so people will still be able to look up the old URL's if needed, you will also note that its possible to select everything starting with a particular sequence of letters ie BSC or SFBT if anyone has any more that they would like added then let me know, and finally have started indexing the ToutSimCities site.
  11. Banished

    The very last version of Banished has just been released, Luke has unfortunately decided to do any things in the future ... http://www.shiningrocksoftware.com/2017-09-13-1-0-7-released/
  12. I'm so old that ...

    I'm so old I remember what happens if you left the sheets on the projector for too long
  13. Buggi asked the staff at Maxis about some of the cheats that didn't appear to work and got this answer back