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    STEX Collections

    Give and Receive!

    Your donations helps keep Simtropolis open and free!
    Please donate today and get a STEX DVD disc as a gift.

    In this Fifth edition of the STEX Collector's Edition DVDs, we are bringing you even more Buildings, Lots, Maps and other Goodies from the Simtropolis Exchange for SimCity 4.

    Many thanks to the numerous contributors who have generously given their time and skill to enhance, extend and improve our SimCity 4 games and for allowing us to collect some of their best work on this disc to be gifted as a Thank-You incentive for donating to Simtropolis.

    Donate Now: Any Amount
    Suggested minimum: $25

    NEW! Volume 5

    volume 5 disc
    Get this DVD with a minimum $30 donation.
    Donate Min. $30

    Volume 4

    Volume 4 disc
    Get this DVD with a minimum $20 donation.
    Donate Min. $20

    Volume 3

    Volume 3 disc
    Get this DVD with a minimum $10 donation.
    Donate Min. $10

    Get All 3 Discs

    Volume 3 disc
    Get all 3 discs with a minimum $50 donation.
    Donate Min. $50

    Testimonial from BC Canuck


    "I am quite pleased with the contents.  A bunch of these creators I have never heard of but have some interesting content.  Tried and true favourites are here:  FrankU, Mattb, Jasoncw, JBSimio and so on.  But it is so "well organised"  :wub:  I love it. "

    What's Included?

    Once again, the STEX DVD Team have picked out the very best files submitted to the STEX. As always, the discs are well organized and searchable for your enjoyment, comprised of 1000-2000 items for you to use in your SimCity 4. Here's your chance to own some of the best work from the community. These discs are a great way to ensure you have the very best files spanning the years, and with your donation, you'll be supporting Simtropolis so we can keep community thriving!

    But can't I already download these from the STEX?

    Yes you can. These discs -- with very few exceptions (some authors have contributed exclusive items that can only be found on these discs) -- contain what you can find online. The difference is that we've done the collecting for you based on quality and feedback from the community.

    What about dependencies?

    For each of the STEX Collections, some files may still require dependencies.

    These are commonly hosted on the STEX or at other community exchanges including the SC4Devotion LEX, and are needed for content items to function correctly. Examples include for custom models or textures on lots. Please check details provided in descriptions, and also any readme documentation contained within each file. Should you have any issues locating certain dependencies, feel free to post on the forums in a new topic or the Can't Find It thread.

    Note: The "Building as Props" files are likely to be common dependencies for lots incorporating Maxis RCI buildings. Some files may not state these as dependencies as they were originally presumed. However they are often required, so these (and other Maxis files) can be downloaded from here.

    What does it require?

    DVD-ROM drive required Windows (XP or above). Installs to your HDD for easy browsing.

    How do I get it?

    Give and Receive! SimCity 4 continues to thrive largely thanks to players and content creators in communities like Simtropolis. In order to help keep Simtropolis operational, we rely largely on donations from members like you. As a token of our gratitude, donating means you get a disc like this as a thank-you gift!

    By donating a minimum of $30, we will send you this Volume 5 DVD for your collection! Donations are accepted using PayPal (an account is not required), and the process is quick and simple. Upon receipt of your donation, we will send the gift to you, you do not need to take any further action! We will deliver to the address that you specify when you make your donation.

    Where's Volume 1 and 2?

    Volumes 1 and 2 are now discontinued. This is because many of the files on those discs have been either replaced or vastly updated. Volumes 3, 4 and 5 now represent some of the very best SimCity content from 2006-2013! Volume 6 will cover 2014-2016 is expected to be out Winter of 2016.

    NEW: Can I download it?

    Yes, starting Jan 2017, we now offer a digital download option that lets you burn the discs to a writeable DVD or virtually mount the disc image yourself. Just reply to the email you receive when you donate and let us know you want to download it!

    Where do you ship?

    We will attempt to ship anywhere in the world that can receive mail! Although it is not necessary, if you are overseas (we are based in Canada), the shipping team would be most grateful if you could donate a few extra dollars on top to cover shipping -- this is entirely voluntary! We don't have any hard rules here! :-) If you are unable or unwilling to use PayPal, you can also snail mail your donation to us. Send an email to stexcd@simtropolis.com for instructions!

    How long does it take to get to me?

    The discs are produced on an as-needed-basis. Currently, from the time when a donation is received, we estimate  3-4 weeks  for discs to reach you (sometimes longer depending on your geographic location).

    At present, the extended delivery times are due to time constraints with production and packaging. But rest assured, the discs will get there as promised!

    If you have any questions about the status of your discs, please contact Dirk at dirktator@simtropolis.com , send a direct PM, or contact the admin team.

    Each donation is very much appreciated, and thanks for your patience. *:)

    When will it be available?

    Volumes 3, 4 and 5 are all shipping! Volume 6 coming in November 2017.   Unfortunately we couldn't get Volume 6 ready for November 2017. but aim to have it ready first thing 2018!  Please note that each volume is unique and does not contain content on other volumes!  #3, 4 and 5 are still very relevant today -- keep in mind this is a 15 year old game!



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