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    Japan (Preview)

    Japan (Preview) For our next destination, we're traveling to another one of the world's most beautiful countries - Japan. We'll be taking a look at some of the country's most stunning landmarks, skylines, landscapes and more. I'm getting close to finishing it up, but in the meantime - here's a little preview of what's to come Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Itsukushima Shrine, Hatsukaichi Don't forget to comment, like, and follow True Earth if you haven't already! -korver - - - Previous Update: "New York City" Thanks to @Toby Ferrian, @RobertLM78, @The British Sausage, @CorinaMarie, @nRVOUS, @_Michael, @bobolee, @redfox85, @Tyberius06, @Manuel-ito, @matias93, @9gruntsand1hammer, @mike_oxlong, @Finnbhennach, @jakis, @PaulSawyer, @bladeberkman, @Handyman, @ESP15, @Fargo, @Krasner, @SC4L0ver, @Prophet42, @Urban Constanta, @tonyr, @RandyE, @mrsmartman, @feyss, @scotttbarry, @Oerk, @raynev1, @Jonas_Chaves, @Ling Ziming, @f3cs, @Elenphor, @Seppi93, @Angry Mozart, @juliok92012, @Pluispixel, @mattb325, @andisart, & @Akallan for all the likes!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Thinking about starting a new CJ after 10 years of absence. Kind of world recreation in one region with the most prominent cities included. Here's the first one - not quiet finished yet, but I can't help showing it off
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    Tower Verre - 53W53

    Version -


    AndisArt presents: Tower Verre - 53W53 (aka MoMA Expansion Tower) Origin: Midtown, New York City Construction: 2014 - 2018 Building Height: 320m after design revision. This BAT represents the original design (381m height) Architect: Jean Nouvel Purpose: Lower levels: expansion of gallery space for MoMA, rest of tower: condos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lot Size: 4x2 No dependencies. Contains 3 different lots: Landmark Plop Cost: 187.000 Monthly Cost: 150 Mayor Rating: Value: 10, Radius: 256 Found in Landmark menu, sorted by plop cost Growable Residents: 2030 R$$$ Tilesets: New York, Chicago Growth Stage: 8 Plobbable with Jobs CS Jobs: 310 ($$$) Plop Cost: 187.000 Found in Landmark menu, sorted by plop cost ----------------------------------------------------------- For the growable version you need to zone high density zones. The ploppable version is functional just as the growable and is located in the "Landmarks" menu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation Instructions: Extract the file and copy the folder to your SimCity 4 Plugins folder (usually MyDocuments/SimCity 4/Plugins). The main folder contains the model file, the read-me and a picture of the BAT. Never delete the .sc4model file since it contains the building model itself. The three different lots are organized in sub-folders, keep them all or choose the ones you want to use in the game. All three lots can be used at the same time. Available to download for DarkNite (DN) and Maxis night (MN), DarkNite recommended. The DarkNite version requires SimFox's Day and Nite Mod, download here. Warning: Only use either the MaxisNite or the DarkNite version, you cannot use both at the same time!
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    Linus van Pelt

    Show Us What You're Working On

    I'm working on a scrap yard. It's nearly finished but there is still a lot to do. It's missing some detail work and i'm pretty unsatisfied with these material handlers
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @Simmer2: The amount of timed prop work on that plant is insane! Fantastic stuff. About to leave third base and make a break for the home plate! If all goes well a point will be scored before the week is over. Here's a full complement of multi-wealth baseball and softball fields in orthogonal and diagonal orientations. I didn't quite like how my original textures were so I re-scaled them a little bit. Both the softball and baseball fields are a little larger and rounded off a bit more instead of being square-ish like the original Maxis ones. Starting with high wealth we have some of the snazzier baseball diamonds to grace the game. Each field has a nice set of brick dugouts (thank you @Glenni for the models!) and a pristine viewing area with bleachers. Dirt diamonds are well kept and the grass turf is in top-notch shape. I spent too much time tweaking the baseball diamond and the grass to maintain a near-perfect set of concentric circles. Medium wealth is pretty much the same thing except everything is toned down a little. The fields are a little more unkempt and frazzled. Lines aren't fully marked in all cases and the palette overall is a little more drab. Amenities stay pretty much the same as each field still contain tower floodlights and well-kept viewing areas with bleachers. Low wealth fields are the simplest of them all. Most of them are just a set of bleachers, a backstop and a dirt patch. Grass is left pretty wild and even the diamonds aren't immune to getting overrun in parts. Despite all this, these courts are still very playable. Lastly, I've revised the original set of abandoned tennis courts to be a closer 1:1 representation to it's "pristine" counterpart with a new set of grungy and dilapidated ground textures.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @tariely Shoooon! Thanks!! Well I think this is the last pic dump. Added 5 more pieces and a 7.5m slope friendly transition and here they are!! . . . . . Simmer2
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Lets take this up a notch. HSR stations are awesome and due to the nature of the trains, stations must be designed to be very long. I manage to adapt the concept to SC4 but at a hefty 20 tile long! @Eggman121 is tha man!! Simmer2
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    Member of the Month: January 2018

    The Member of the Month is...........................................Simmaster07 The return of the this award just happens to coincide with an excellent example of dedication and perseverance. With his "Prop Pox" fix, @simmaster07 has exhibited both as well as giving life to many players' cities that were believed to be gone. Thanks to all who helped in the nomination process. The Employee of the Month is..............................................JasonCW Always willing to step up and give a helping hand, @Jasoncw has been invaluable in running the forums and the site in general. And his latest project proves it! Thanks for all the great assistance! Congratulations to this month's winners! Don't forget to offer your nominations for the February The awards depend on your participation. Thanks! To nominate a Member of the Month, send a message to MOTM_inbox here.
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    Parks getting fancier is cool and all but... desolation?
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Thank you. Going back to the "Muro Secco" (Dry Walls) project, this is what I have got so far.... Simmer2
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    Some more overall generic park stuff (with some twists here and there): Also did some tweaks to the tennis center.
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    The British Sausage

    The Village

    Replies: Kim Sunwoo: It get's a little better in this entry. Urban Constanta: Thank you very much! Krasner: This old dog is still learning new tricks. kingofsimcity: Cheers! The next step is merging diggis river pieces with his pond pieces to create lakes and/or reservoirs. kschmidt: Thanks a lot! The next phase is creating grid-busting villages which largely consist of MMPs. Linoa06: I created a river to add an interesting boundary to the fields, every field I created is influenced by that river. Simmer2: And those dry stone walls have already been put to good use. Thanks! MiCephia: Thank you. Also good luck with your MMP experiments. Tyberius06: SC4L0ver: Wait until you see my landscaping work for hills, mountains, lakes and rivers- that will be for my next SC4 project. Akallan: Yes- I am increasingly using MMPs and focusing more on rural scenes and suburban scenes. While in future my urban scenes will include additional MMP flourishes. Entry 15: The Village About three months ago I worked on a small row of houses which were off the road and used MMPs for the surroundings. I came back to this two days ago and this time I produced a small village. 1. The area in question. 2. More track grid-busting. 3. I used girafe's bushes for hedgerows. 4. 5. Making use of Simmer2's Dry Stone Walls, found here- http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=3566. 6. The village- off the grid and filled with MMPs! 7. Simmer2's walls are also useful for property demarcation. This idea came about because lone houses in the Pennines, or in the Lake Distract, often have stone walls to mark the edges of the property and the land. 8. Since the properties are rural, quite a few of them have some kind of greenhouse or patch to grow vegetables (or personal crops ). 9. A little mosaic for today! 10. Here is the northern route into the village. It is the main one. 11. Minus the stone wall at the bottom right corner, everything you see here is 100% MMP. 12. Someone please page simmaster07 -- we need to place MMPs on streets/roads/railways ASAP! 13. Despite this limitation I am happy with the final result. 14. Another overview of the new area I created. There will be more close-ups when I start the large tour around Pololomia. For now though these pictures shall suffice. 15. Dem details! Right now I am working my ass off finishing off as many fields as I can during my one week holiday. There will be another entry next week. After that Pololomia should be done and the grand tour can commence.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Sky Tree
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @tariely My gates are built in the model itself. But you can use my props for whatever purpose you deem suitable once I release them. @The British Sausage I think I will stick with the Italian name for them, "Muro Secco" (all props in this collection are named as such) .Verbatim translation is "Dry Stone Wall" But for the sake of the English speaking crowd I will release them as SM2 Dry Stone Walls @SC4L0ver I don't think I will release the High Speed Train you see on the HSR pics. I made it while eating cereal a few months ago (its rough around the edges) and I use it as a place holder when making HSR content for the NAM. The Dry Stone Wall collection has now ballooned to 18 pieces including the ancient stone house, the pig pen and the very old stone watch tower. Lots of diagonals as well. Got a few more to make and then its launch time. Here are a few pics showing some of the new stuff. Simmer2
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    Working on round 2: Featuring generic park #9001 and a set of really abandoned tennis courts.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Re: SM2 Trash and Burn Next piece.....well its 3 pieces. A bit of a shift while gif making so disregard the slight left movement. Simmer2
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    Thanks for the invite, Andisart! Jumping the gun a little (as always), but even if this one doesn't get voted in, it doesn't mean it can't start to be batted, right?
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Removed one of my older diagonal avenues but didn't want to take down all of the buildings. My original hometown of St. Louis, Missouri has several little plazas like this where the city's old streetcar lines changed streets by cutting diagonally through a block. Before: After: Thanks!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    In the midst of a huge rebuild of large part of my inner city. So great getting this tile rescued from the Prop Pox! Been working all weekend to fix this area up. Thanks to stumbling upon some of the best looking row homes I've ever seen (thanks, @Jasoncw!) and some great modern looking infill from @mattb325, I've been able to give an entire new look to this part of Vancouver. Below are some before pictures. The cable stayed bridge was replaced with that diagonal under truss bridge. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Hello everyone, lets play a game shall we? Its called "Name that Station" I saw one of @Aarsgevogelte buildings and I though "TRAIN STATION"!!! It is a very nice model and it deserves an up do. Therefore I need the community's help in finding a suitable name for the station shown here. Possibly a Dutch name or some other fancy name. I will wait a few days and then I will choose the one that fits. I already made the lot, a few brand new HD props and of course a custom base texture. This station will work for both Maxis and RRW rail networks. If you have the NAM it will show RRW and if you do not then you get the vanilla rails. There will be a second lot made with similar setup but I will make it STR therefore it will be NAM only compatible. Both station will be uploaded at the same time. Let the games begin! A few pics. Simmer2
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Well, its time to pick up some old threads and complete the tapestries.... Continuing the Wind Power trend (from my other 2 lots) SM2 Wind Power Inc. is my first choice from that list. This is the lot where the turbine cones and blades are made. Eventually I will create the one that produces the poles and generator housings. I have had to re-do the base texture in order to accommodate a bigger building thus making the lot a tad bigger. With the extra room I should now be able to setup a parking lot for employees and perhaps add a few more props. Due to the bigger size of the lot I may or may not split the lot in 2 or more pieces or create additional lots with more parked blades which will give players the choice to expand the assembly if they so wish. This gif was made with the old lot which is smaller than the one I'm creating now. Therefore WIP alert! Simmer2
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Someone will be happy to see the cows come home.... New "muro secco" euro style walls... Simmer2
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    Got back into SC4 after a busy month, here are some of the latest areas I'm working on: including mixed fields/woodland; rivers and woodland; mixing texture MMPs for soil, paths and tracks. Fields/woodland. Rivers and woodland. Mixed texture MMP paths and tracks.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Still needs a lot of work and refinement, but what do you think about this hillside dense development?
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Can't believe I'm still working on Coos Bay after so many years.... Here are the updates for west harbour area, any thoughts?
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    I had forgotten how much relaxation I get from doing this: This not-so-little thing is meant to be the centre of the high-class neighbourhood of the city, with the CBD ending at the left of the roundabout (i.e. to the north) and with several residential and commercial boulevards opening to the west (down, on the image). I still don't have a clear idea of what to do with the east and southbound avenues: to the east there should be an abrupt change as the workers' neighbourhoods around the seaport are close, and to the south there is a hill, and after that, a seaside area, so maybe that avenue should become an expressway relatively soon. All in all, it seems that this roundabout won't be so centric...
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @DavidDHetzel: I'll see what I can do about those. @tariely: That station looks fantastic and you've got some excellent detailing! My only nitpick would be the SHK cars being a tad too oversized for the LBT parking spaces. Starting to close in on volume 2. Got around 20 lots in the set this time around. Baseball and softball fields with diagonal flavor. Track and field park!
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    If only I knew that MMP was that much time consuming...
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    OwO Sign

    Version 1.0.0


    Notices ur financial district, OwO wats diss~ Kill me, just kill me. See, this is what happens when jokes about creating BATs in simtropolis chat go too far, y'all are all guilty. Standard Landmark stats. 3x1 size. Go make papa proud ,and meme up your cities.
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    Glenni's BAT Viking Homestead

    Yeah, I'll try to work on a foundation of sorts when that time comes, for now, here's a little more detailing on the house itself:
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Dutch names please Re: SM2 Trash and Burn Here is the next piece of the puzzle. The boilers and the turbine housing. 1 2 Simmer2
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    AndisArt's BAT cookery

    Iris Bay is taking shape, WIP....
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    The train station name calling (pun intended) is progressing well. A couple more of them and then its release time. While we wait for that to happen, lets talk trash, shall we? I call this one SM2 Trash and Burn Here are some pics (Still WIP) Simmer2
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    I've been relotting (and relighting) a few freight stations, but I am not very familiar with what should or should not be there. May I have some advice from the rail bugs here ? NewmanInc Shipping : Un1 Freight station : Factory Freight Yard: Dirty Industry Freight station : and by night, (I know ; but in winter, here in Quebec night falls at 4 pm.. )
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    Working on some more MMP magic...
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    Version 1.0.0


    LM One of my favorite corner buildings:
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    @tariely Im glad my texture fix worked for ya! Well, the SM2 Dry Stone Walls (Muro Secco) collection is almost done. One more very special piece and its complete. It also comes with 2 MMP files to complement the set. You may need it for those little extra touches that makes all the difference This set focuses on diagonals thus the extra count on those pieces. Here are some pics. Simmer2
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    You know, I just realized, speaking of SimMars -- and also for something other than skyscrapers -- we need the SimMars Research and Testing Facility! Not going to lie, I think it would look neat in industrial districts.
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    SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    Gold Tower
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    The British Sausage

    More Rural Development!

    Replies: kschmidt: Cheers! rathefalcon: Everything I do with these city tiles is to create rural/urban transitions. Prophet42: UrbanConstanta: Did you manage to download those fields? TekindusT: Worth the price of admission! Kim Sunwoo: I call that mosaic the city centre to rural transition. simbasc4: Thank you very much! Entry 14: More Rural Development So this month has been a busy one, but in the last two days I have been working some more on Pololomia and finishing off areas to the north. I reckon finishing every area could take anywhere between a month and six weeks given all the MMPs I am using, but it is slowly coming together. 1. Gridbusting on a MASSIVE scale. 2. I'm experimenting with mixed field/woodland areas. 3. Rural areas in England often have many fields with patches of woodland throw in the middle. 4. While Diggis river extension pieces form great boundaries for the fields. 5. And the river banks are SO MMP-able. 6. Another feature of English farmland is the line of trees bordering fields. 7. The other thing I am developing is a better blending of tracks with the dirt perimeter of fields. 8. And a new MMP farm combo (using Chrisadams3997's RRP MMPs): wild white flowers combined with clover textures. Throw in ionionion's OMCo brown dirt and we have a rich, organic field! 9. And a close-up of that field. 10. Rivers make for the most interesting boundaries... Sometimes the fields will be bordering the river banks and other times there is a clear separation between river banks and fields. 11. By using the wide version of Heblem's gravel MMPs, and placing it in the centre between two lines of gravel MMPs, it gives the tracks a rough boundary- which helps them better blend into the landscape. 12. While the field edges look dirty and as messy as possible, which is just the look I'm going for with plowed fields. 13. Another overview of the area I'm working on. 14. 15. Simmer2's stone paths MMPs are SO good! Plus this is another exercise in varying MMP densities: high to the left, medium by the river and low to the right. 16. Blending the street, river, diagonal fillers and MMPs all together in one cohesive package. 17. Fields must be YUGE! 18. And with that I will end this entry. Next entry- next week? Two weeks from now? See you then.
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    Show Us What You're Working On

    Future HD projects...the possibilities are endless 1 2 3 Simmer2/Nick
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    Arquennes - Introduction

    Hi everyone! It seems that almost a year has passed since the last update. As usual, I've been losing interest for the game then came back to it and started working on different projects without finishing them. And you all know that I'm quite slow... The play time counter from Steam is for instance quite depressing for me to see It's time for me to introduce Arquennes, the city that will interest us in the next updates. The idea, as you may have seen, was to create some kind of regional middle town located on its hill next to the canal and trying to make it as organic as possible. 22. ARQUENNES - INTRODUCTION 1. Episcopal city means churches... 2. 'La ferme du Bailli', a specific update will be dedicated to that place 3. Feluy, one of the 5 other villages that are part of Arquennes municipality. Same, a specific update for that one 4. Arquennes itself, its cathedral and episcopal palace I hope you liked those pictures. The next ones are coming soon - REPLIES - @JP Schriefer Thank you very much! @The British Sausage Thanks mate! @_Michael Yeah I know, they are never there when you need them Thank you! @ulisse Thank you too! The citizens will welcome you with open arms! @Takingyouthere Indeed, even if I try to keep some growed building. Thank you! @MissVanleider I think it's quite faisible for Arinsia government. Thank you! @Prophet42 It's part of Callagrafx's canals. Nothing more. Thank you. @juliok92012 Thank you! @sejr99999 Thank you! It would be great indeed! @sunda Gracias! @kschmidt Thank you! There are indeed several 'Venice of the North'. @simlacroix You're welcome! @tonyr Thank you too!
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    Version 1.0.0


    SM2 Dry Stone Walls (Muro Secco) Are a type of wall made with stones found locally and assembled without mortar thus the name Dry Wall (Muro Secco) They are mostly found in European countries. Unfortunately they are the remnants of a lost art. No one makes them anymore. These walls were used to "fence in" properties and also to provide shelter for livestock. I tried to provide almost all possible combination in order to make just about any shape you may need. Orthogonal, diagonal, round corner, sharp corner, diagonal to orthogonal, broken walls, overhanging diags and orthos, open gates, closed gates, even gates on diagonals and more! There are also a few stone structures to complement the set and one special transition piece which will allow you to follow heights differences of 7.5 meters. (slope friendly). Please use the road lifter tool in the NAM menu to set height to 7.5 meters when using the transition piece for best results. Included are 4 lots (Orthogonal only) that will make it possible to create EDGE to EDGE scenes. And last but not least, I have included 2 MMP files based on the model and texture of the wall, for those hard to reach areas. They are slope friendly and you can even place them under water if you wish. I created a custom icon set with clear and easy to recognize symbols, You will find all 42 lots in the park menu. No cost to plop, maintain and bulldoze. Neutral lots. The lots have no base textures. Just plop them and dress them with your favorite MMP. No Dependencies. Simmer2
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    SimCity 3000 Birthday BAT project

    Quigley Insurance
  46. 18 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    I'm working on now my a) port b) industry c) junkyard d)some kind of rail spurs area since October. And the finish line is still prolly another few weeks away due to the massive lotting required - and thats not counting my waiting on props that have been teased. So here is a snap shot of the Exit area of the container portion Federal Port of Laurentia - one of two container ports in the country. The other portion will be for new cars. I used pier 400 at the los angeles port for some inspiration for the container. Also included is the Seaport Expressway tunnel, linking the seaport expressway to the Fitzgerald highway. The containers are a part of of Angry Mozarts pack - for now I'm using jes trucks, but will likely replace with Angry Mozarts stuff once that is released.
  47. 18 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Something I've been working on: Old town parts, located on an island, which have become a tourist attraction over time. Click to enlarge (large picture). Hope you like it. (Please ignore the landmass to the south, this is supposed to eventually become a modern high-rise section on an artifical island.)
  48. 18 points

    Show Us What You're Working On

    Kinda back into SC4 after a very long hiatus. Lots of roads and rail down, but now a lot of gaps to fill.
  49. 18 points

    Aarsgevogelte BAT's

    I've tried to update the Volkhuis building, mainly because I hated the backside of the original version. I really don't like doing the roof and the backside of buildings, also because I'm not very good at it. For the backside of this building, I tried to mash some buildings/models I found on the internet together, because I'm lazy. Thoughts?
  50. 17 points

    Mushy's Random BATs

    Those who keep up to date on Discord know that I have been working on some buildings for the SC3K project. Bear in mind that I am a realism guy, and SC3K is generally a bit sillier than SC4 (open vats of green goo...), so artistic liberties will be taken, potentially including size and many other factors. My big start has been something primarily rooted in Armpit Central, but will likely take queues from some other dirty industrial burners from the game. It's main hall will be the same as Armpit Central, just elongated considerably. Based on some research, this will likely be a zinc smelting plant, and will sit on a fairly large lot, hearkening back to the days of massive Jestarr industry. There will of course be tanks and a ore pile... it'll be fun. Some SC3K-based buildings put in a more realistic light. Keep in mind that while many of the textures are at their final state as far as colors go, many of them need fitting and grime variations (especially the brick). This will likely shape up to be a landmark (figuratively speaking) in your industrial zones, as well as your pollution map. Credit to Jasoncw for the original brick texture. The dump trucks aren't new but I haven't shown them on the forums yet, only on Discord. They are based on an old 80's model Chevy Topkick/GMC Kodiak. The one with the yellow cab can easily have different cab colors swapped in, while the white one is meant to represent an all-white paint job. At this point it kind of goes without saying since you all know how I work but: it's not scaled up by 133% on the Z axis currently -Mushy
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