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In The Still Of The Night
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Anedau. A mesmerizing city, full of hope, dreams and the progression of humanity. Despite the cataclysmic demise of global civilization, pockets of human existence remain on the planet.
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Jazz and Blues on Glenvale's Campaign Trails
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New University Campus Opens in Meadowfair.
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Up We Go On The Skyline
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Freeways, Railways, It's all laid out here!
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The Dresden GS(Generating Station) is a major coal-fired power plant owned and operated by the PRPA(Pretoria Regional Power Authority) a publicly owned electrical utility company which owns and operates a total of 11 power plants in and around the Pretoria Metropolitan Area.
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Sears Grand on the STEX.
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Building Mikenstein - Smoke, Animals and Trees.
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The parks and shops of Mikenstein.
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Glenvale Caught Underwater!
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Welcome to Rockville, Viehie. A railroad city and regional capital, this beautiful city is the heart of the nation.
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 Entry 6: Going vertical
Well as you've probably guessed today were going to revisit the city of Sinato and its surrounds after its a seen a large amount of recent vertical growth.
9/9/1941 - In this picture we see several low-medium wealth buildings in the historical area of Peski, east of Suvorovskiy Prospekt. The name of "Peski", meaning "Sands", describes the nature of the soil.
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After a good month's absence, Glenvale is back. Today we are going to tour some of the city's more suburban areas.
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As we saw last entry, Old Town has a large Bus Station. But New Town has a larger complex.
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Part 5: Parks and Sewage
Well as you can probably guess from the title this entry is going to partly be about fixing the issue that we ran into last time and fast.
Welcome to the city of North Teddy City. This city is mostly industrial in nature, but what you'll see is a different side of this city. Here we will focus on the more on the commercial aspects.
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Soviet buildings in 1941.
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The Llamas have finally been herded, the nominations finally counted, and the medals finally polished. Please join us in congratulating the Trixie winners for 2015 and 2016!
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Welcome back to Teddy City- this time we will explore many neighborhoods that make up this city.
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Although most of the city features the same architecture, there is a distinct Old Town that features Governmental Buildings, the Cathedral and Main Station.
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Today were back in Sinato to take a look at more growth that has been happening in the area. Based initially around the growth of the industry in the area namely in the form of increased farming, we see a large influx of new citizens and in turn commercial enterprises coming to the island.
Taking you back to 1941.
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Here is a wide-angle shot of the city. Can you guess where the university is?
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