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  2. Bipin Concrete Walls

    ok, ive tried both but didnt find it. I now have downloaded the extracheats dll. but cant understand it? installed into maxis folder , then restart game, ctrl x and right click? nothing happens. why?
  3. Bipin Concrete Walls

    @Haljackey Thanks mate! If I recall, I designed them so they'll work flawlessly with any height between 10 and 7.5m They also work for up to 15m, with the exception of the underground mall entrance. @sucram17 I believe they're in the misc. transit menu. If not, give the landmarks menu a try.
  4. Bipin Concrete Walls

    @Bipin can you advise? I've only ever accessed them via Lot Plop
  5. Bipin Concrete Walls

    nice work! in what menu can i find the set?
  6. Sakhalin, The Cold Isle

    Realistic and not too flat. I like!
  7. Torre Latinoamericana

    omg I love this.
  8. Torre Latinoamericana

    amazing!very nice!in Guadalajara,the tallest building is Hotel Riu Plaza ,could you make it in SimCity,or mexico city ,Mitikah Torre 、T.Op、or Torre KOI & Sky ,nice building
  9. Torre Latinoamericana

    Version 1.0.0


    The Torre Latinoamericana (English: Latin-American Tower) is a skyscraper in downtown Mexico City, Mexico. Its central location, height (188 m or 597 ft; 44 stories) and history make it one of the city's most important landmarks. It is also widely recognized internationally as an engineering and architectural landmark since it was the world's first major skyscraper successfully built on highly active seismic land. The old skyscraper withstood the 1985 Mexico City earthquake without damage. The Torre Latinoamericana was Mexico City's tallest building from 1956, when it was built, until the 1984 completion of the Torre Ejecutiva Pemex, which is 22 m higher (although, if one subtracts the height of the television transmitter atop the Torre Latinoamericana, it had already been surpassed in 1972 by the 207 m-tall Hotel de México, which was subsequently remodelled and turned into the World Trade Center Mexico City). It is situated on the corner of the Eje Central and Madero Street. "In memory of those who died in the earthquake in Mexico City, September 19 /2017" This file Includes: Functional Landmark with 2,500 CO$$$ Jobs To install: Unzip the folder inside and dragg it on C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Plugins
  10. SSSR-Khrushevka-1-464-NR (Flat roof)

    Please port it to SimCity 2013
  11. Yesterday
  12. Bipin Concrete Walls

    What a beautiful set - thanks for uploading!
  13. Willoughby Tower

    FANTASTIC! Cannot get enough of your work! Thank you so much!
  14. Willoughby Tower

    When it comes to textures, you are DA best! Truly.
  15. Bipin Concrete Walls

    Look awesome! Would this work with the NAM heights? 7.5m for level 1, 15m for level 2?
  16. Willoughby Tower

    Beautiful building and great render!!Looks great
  17. Willoughby Tower

    The model is great, as others have said. As far as the lighting goes, I've had that problem before. All it's doing is facing the wrong way... you can see a little of the shadow of the taller part of the building casts on the wider lower part, going the wrong way. The fix is honestly pretty simple for me usually, you just need to import the LODs and the model into another scene and re-render it (be sure to run a test render from one of the angles to make sure the problem isn't persisting).
  18. Willoughby Tower

    thank you for this beautiful art deco building I am always amazed by what was being built 90 years ago and still fit in modern environments
  19. Willoughby Tower

    Once again I'll be that obnoxious guy :/ First, the good things: EVERYTHING! Deco is one of the hardest styles to model, with all those small details, and you mastered at the first building; also, the texture selection is simply perfect, as are the reflections. But there's something uncanny with the lighting: yes, it looks much more real than most SC4 buildings, but as the light is more intense and oriented differently to the rest of the game, it appears like you took a photograph of a real building (that's a show of your skills with modeling, by the way) and pasted it over a capture of SC4. I guess it was an accident or something weird going on with the rendering configuration... Let's say that my rating is 9/5 when it could be 10/5, and I'll gladly rise it when the lighting issue gets resolved. Nevertheless, this building is pure gold!
  20. Bipin Concrete Walls

    That butique was in my mind resently, I asked a few batters if they have the mood to make such wall shops props on 7.5 or 14 meters to match with nearly any wall set. I wanted to make a set to replace-ish those deadwood under rail shops... These walls are awesom @Bipin.
  21. Bipin Concrete Walls

    Thank you for taking the time to upload these. Generously appreciated!
  22. Bipin Concrete Walls

    Version 1.0.0


    @Bipin requested I upload these concrete retaining walls as he no longer has access to the files. These walls are solely the creative output of Bipin and I take no credit whatsoever nor assume responsibility for them. Please bear in mind these walls were never released as a 'final version' and should be considered a test/draft version and treated as such by members. The walls contain a variety of retaining wall pieces as you can see from the images. I have only tested them with 10, 12 and 14 metre-high embankments and as you can see from the image the 'boutiques' entrance is best suited to use at 10m. Placing the corners can take a bit of trial and error so be patient, remember these are not a final release. Redistribution of these files is forbidden without the express permission of @Bipin Lot Files include; bipin_retainConcreteSD_1_1ee99f0a bipin_retainConcreteSD_1_sidewalk_1ee9f7d2 bipin_retainConcreteSD_2_9ee99fd4 bipin_retainConcreteSD_3_9ee99ff7 bipin_retainConcreteSD_bee98991 bipin_retainConcreteSD_corner_bee9a93d bipin_retainConcreteSD_corner_sidewalk_5ee9f84a bipin_retainConcreteSD_corner_sidewalk2_fee9f8f8 bipin_retainConcreteSD_UB_dee9e094 bipin_retainConcreteSD_UB_sidewalk_1ee9f76c bipinboutique_2_5eebe300
  23. Willoughby Tower

    Absolutely beautiful. It is nice to see another Chicago Building.Thank you!
  24. Last week
  25. Willoughby Tower

    Absolutly brilliant !!!! Thank's for share !
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