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  2. Parva Montes, et Flumina

    Version 1.0


    Parva Montes, et Flumina is a fantasy region of free-flowing rivers, islands and hills. It features wide expanses of gently undulating terrain, capped by levelled terraces adding variation throughout the landscape. The contours of the terraces can be used as a template for development, with the idea to help with playability of each tile. Planted flora conforms to the levels, with oaks, pine trees, and shrubs at the upper arid heights. Cliff edges may also be apparent (as shown) if using a terrain or rock mod. Scattered throughout are islands and smaller terrain features, including bays and peninsulas. Have fun! Size Versions Available are 3 versions of different sizes: 12 x 12 (144 large tiles) 8 x 8 (64 large tiles) 4 x 4 (16 large tiles) Each is offered as an individual zip archive upon clicking Download. The layout of tiles may be tailored to your liking by editing each map's included config.bmp file. See this guide for more info (there's also 2 videos posted down below there in the comments section). To change the region name, edit the included region.ini file using Notepad (or other text editor). E.g. For the 12 x 12 map: Name = Parva Montes, et Flumina (12x12) Rendering Instructions In terms of installation, this map is just like any other map. To render this grayscale map for either of the sizes, there are two options: Image Previews The previews are showcased using: Terrain: Appalachian Terrain Mod by Lowkee33 Water: SHK Brigantine 2.0 ("Silt" variant) by shokthrpy These are not dependencies, but may be used to replicate the map's appearance. Maxis trees planted using the "flora blast" command, set to 400 x3: flora blast 400 400 400 Open the command box (Ctrl+X), enter the command and press Enter. Here's a summary of each image above (from left to right): A Note on Custom Content Upon rendering grayscale images, some terrain mods modify the game's standard import configuration. Should this happen, the results may vary from the previews shown above. In which case, a workaround is to move out any terrain mod from your Plugins, then render the map. Or alternatively another way is by using SC4 Mapper (as explained above), to complete the process without the default parameters being overridden. CoriMap™ 201-712-250-1074 This map was generated using CorinaMarie's custom coded version of Torben's Offline Planet Map Generator. The program is currently in pre-beta stages, and is designed to flexibly and effortlessly allow the creation of realistic SC4 maps by adjusting various command-line parameters. It will be released to the community once in a suitable state of readiness. Stay tuned!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Version 1.0.0


    INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION MOD Hammer Data Security by Jasoncw 1 - INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW Before I move on to the next longer series, I'd like to release some more relatively modern BATs. The 19th upload in this series, Hammer Data Security by Jasoncw, is another somewhat cheap relot where I didn't have to do much because the building already fills the lot pretty much. I only made an additional lot featuring some access roads right and left as well as narrow tile sidewalks that complement the building's shape rather well if I may say so myself. The rest was the usual bit of shoving some hex figures around, editing files and the rest of the bore and snore fest that modding often is. Once again, this is a 3dsmax building that can be downloaded in both DarkNite and Maxis night, but due to technical reasons will not be compatible with the gradual day/night cycle. Instead, it will switch from the day model to the night model - and back - instantaneously, as practically all 3dsmax BATs do. Since all Maxis lots contained in the IRM Base Pack could optionally be used with toroca's Industrial Jobs Quadrupler, this download is offered in two versions: a regular one for those who prefer the default job numbers, and a quadrupler-compatible version for those who prefer using the modified stats. The .sc4desc files for the regular version will look like this: IRM_[Filename].sc4desc The .sc4desc files for the quadrupler version will look like this: IRM_[Filename]_x4.sc4desc After downloading, simply delete the file of the version you don't want to use. If you leave both in your plugins, the quadrupler version will most probably override the default version. The default version of the building will provide 116 I-HT jobs, the quadrupler version 464 I-HT jobs. The following lots are included in this download: 4x6, Stage 3 5x6, Stage 3 For those of you who like to play with day and night view, the building used on this lot is compatible with the following night light mode(s): Maxis Night with gradual day/night cycle: NO Maxis Night with static day or night: YES DarkNite* with static day or night: YES *DarkNite requires SimFox' Day and Nite Modd (or a similar darkening mod) to be installed in your plugins. 2 - USE If you extract this archive to your root plugins folder, it should create a folder IRM\IRM Expansion\[NAME OF BAT], where [NAME OF BAT] represents the name of this download item. Within that folder, you will find all the game-relevant files and a sub-folder containing the HTML readme and some screenshot(s). If you no longer wish to use this download, proceed as follows: Bulldoze all lots pertaining to this download Save all the cities and exit the game when you're done bulldozing Remove the associated files from your plugins folder Hint: Just to be sure, I recommend moving the undesired files somewhere else and doing some checks before you delete them permanently. This way, if it turns out you forgot to bulldoze something, you can add it back in temporarily until you're done. 3 - DEPENDENCIES IRM Base Pack with all its dependencies - while these lots will technically work, they are meant to tie into the IRM. They may look out of place and show unexpected behaviour if used independently. Since this is an extension to the IRM, all the dependencies of the original pack still apply. If you have them in place, you can download every single growable IRM and IRM W2W lot I have ever made and will never have to download any additional packs for props and textures used on the lot. Hammer Data Security - you'll also need the original upload of the BAT to see the building(s). Only the .sc4model file is required. Make sure you download the correct night version, DarkNite or Maxis night! NOTE: For any dependency hosted at SC4Devotion (SC4D in short), you must be registered on that site and logged into the site's download area, the BSC File Exchange, in order to see the download button. Please bear in mind that there are separate logins for the forums and for the file exchange. For those of you who may still be unfamiliar with the site: SC4D is another major SimCity community with lots of unique content, so you will not regret making an account there. RECOMMENDED DOWNLOADS Industrial Revolution Mod I-D Addon Set 1 for more I-D mech & out lots Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Addon Set 1 for more I-M mech & out lots Industrial Revolution Mod I-D Filler Set 1 to dress up I-D areas to your liking using ploppable fillers Industrial Revolution Mod I-M Filler Set 1 to dress up I-M areas to your liking using ploppable fillers Industrial Revolution Mod I-HT Filler Set 1 to dress up I-HT areas to your liking using ploppable fillers Heretic IRM Fillers - Diagonal Walls Expansion by Tyberius06 for more options to avoid ugly zigzag lines at diagonal walls Industrial Revolution Mod - Logistic Filler Set 1 by kingofsimcity for some realistic, high-definition truck parking to add around your industrial facilities 4 - FINAL WORDS Credits for the BAT go to Jasoncw. T Wrecks, January 13, 2018 (yeah, I only got around to uploading it today)
  5. LNX JBM Mega Prop pack

  6. Custom Landmark// Central Star Tower

    1. How do you do to make high buildings like this? The BAT has a high limit. 2. Some edited skyscrapers that are too high seems to have their tops cutted off when placed on cities, but yours are showing up the whole structure. How to make it look like this?
  7. Last week
  8. Torres Atrio

    I'm sure glad you have become a prolific creator for SC4. I think this one here was the 43rd I've downloaded from you and all of them are being used. Keep it going with these delightfully wonderful buildings and whatever else you decide to do in the future. Exquisite creations.
  9. Slovak/Hungarian/Transylvanian rural houses

    We're trying. I've put the call out asking for this and another file in this post.
  10. Slovak/Hungarian/Transylvanian rural houses

    @CorinaMarie will fix it, if anyone have this file because of unsupported letters likes á, ø, ÿ, æ etc... included on filename....
  11. Skyline Island

    Version 0.2


    Skyline Island It is a fairly flat map with space to create a few cities, with a huge resource of everything to haver. It was updated because it had some minor errors in elements that were not registered, those elements were eliminated for a better subscription. You will also be placed a new theme that is available in the area of the necessary elements, without enlisting to me I liked to combine this theme with Realistic II - After Dark optimized you can have it from this link http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=523899106 It also has a huge beach for the creation of a good tourist visit. It has a boat route that goes into the lake, in the middle of the island, you get a big river giving it a good strategy for the shops. You can also use mod 81 Tiles (Fixed for 1.2+) for a bigger contror of the island but it's just an option. I hope you like the new update and remember to comment is to please rate the map with a little finger up. Thank you
  12. MGB - Glenni Eyecandy Bridges Re-Mastered

    Thank you for this, I'm glad to see my old content is still relevant! If you want, you can update this file *with* my bridge models included, this will make it easier for people to download this, as it will be zero dependencies, you have my permission for this.
  13. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    looks good!
  14. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    Best pathway patterns design ever!
  15. Torres Atrio

    Hola, gran trabajo muschas gracias. Me preguntaba cuando va a hacer el BD Bacata, sería genial
  16. Poppy Multiplayer Regions Launcher

    Since this is still a pre-release, there is only one region ("Anise") at the moment. However, you and your wife could claim cities next to each other in that region. You can still visit and play in others' cities, but any changes that you make to others' cities will be ignored by the server.
  17. Poppy Multiplayer Regions Launcher

    Hope this isn't to dumb of a question... Is this going to make it possible for both myself and my wife to play the same map just as long as we choose 2 different regions to connect with one another? If so, can we visit each others cities? Am I understanding what this does correctly???
  18. SM2 Bricks and Blocks Building Supplies

    Yet ANOTHER awesome product from Simmer2! TY, TY, TY!
  19. Poppy Multiplayer Regions Launcher

    Sure! I'm not sure if you've seen my post here yet: But if you have any specific questions just let me know. Thanks!
  20. Poppy Multiplayer Regions Launcher

    I think I need more information to get interested in this project. That is information that is provided here on ST before I go following links.
  21. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    As usual with a KOSC release, something to create something with.
  22. Torres Atrio

    just simply beautiful.
  23. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    thank you looks like a lot more options than were available before maybe now I can make some spiral paths
  24. Torres Atrio

    thank you very much for continuing to create for SC4 these buildings will be an excellent and noticeable addition to the cityscape
  25. SM2 Bricks and Blocks Building Supplies

    I love lots and Bats like this, they're "real"! Excellent job, wonderful lotting.
  26. SuperPaths Pathway Textures

    I can't wait to see what people do with this. 5/5
  27. SM2 Bricks and Blocks Building Supplies

    Excellent work!
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