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  2. Contiguous USA

    Use SC4 mapper.
  3. Awesome work... 8yrs on and people are still using it... easy enough to work out from the read me and confirmed working.. just wish it was udi enabled for sheer cosmetic continuity but otherwise Awesome!
  4. Palawan

    what should i make next???????
  5. Palawan

    Version 1.0.0


    Palawan is an archipelagic province of the Philippines. Its capital is the city of Puerto Princesa, but the city is governed independently from the province as a highly urbanized city. The islands of Palawan stretch between Mindoro in the northeast and Borneo in the southwest. It lies between the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) and the Sulu Sea. This map is at a scale of 1:5
  6. NDEX DRK Tower by DT and EB

    where was build this building?
  7. Chaning Building

    can u made your all bldgs growable plzzz? i like your all bldgs
  8. Palace of Westminster

    Finally! I've been looking for this because I've been wanting to build a city based on London.
  9. Last week
    Thanks so much for the well done map of my home town!!!
  10. PEG CDK3 Coast Guard Station

    As per above, I keep getting half a Brown box right in the middle... I have all depencies listed including the optional dependency.. it’s really annoying, I really want to use this, but cannot live with a Brown box
  11. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    Just Wonderful
  12. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    Woooooooooooowwwww. I have been siting with my back to the screen. I though you've been working on one model This is a very nice set of buildings, and yepp, you're right, this type of buildings are kind of missing from the game... Thanks very much! - Tyberius
  13. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    Congratulations on finishing such a big project. This will be very useful to people who want to have this type of neighborhood in their cities.
  14. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    Fantastic work
  15. Dzingalian Housing Project "NM-1"

    thank you very impressive and massive contribution to SC4 will be interesting to put these to use
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Personally, I have many different residental buildings that meet my criteria to use them in my cities. Panel, high, low, etc. residential buildings. Many of them are really wonderful, I would always use them. Nevertheless, for some time now I began to think that there is something missing ... something flexible, that gives the city-builder a field for creativity. I thought about all this and now... it's exciting moment for me, I never had such a serious project for my favorite game... ...Finally I would like to present you my own housing project. That file contains separate buildings with colors: red white yellow with count of floors: three five seven nine eleven has side versions: linear corner and has also constructing versions to make a constructing scenes. NO DEPENDENCIES! It's really up to you, what you will build: separate houses or house complexes! Really! You can build your own house complex. Like this one: The WallToWall technology allows to build continuous chains of houses. Just one thing: corner version is uninhabitable, it is of a decorative nature. So don't leave corner alone: or even build like this: It is explained by the fact that these corners have no entrances. So it looks weird. Add to the corner at least one linear from the one side (corner designed only for adding from 2 sides). Grass texture is ordinary, but it absolutely compatible with some grass fillers. Such as, I'm using a grass for airport (can't remember where I've got this, but it were provided with fences also, and takes place in Parks menu, at the end). Also it doesn't "conflict" with road grass. Lot looks not finished because I didn't placed some trees on this lots. But It's up to you as well! You can add there some flora by god tree brush mode, if you would like. Also you can leave it without trees, as I did in my housing complex example. Every building were balanced well and based on the count (corners: potentional count) of inhabitans. Plugin has MaxisNite and DarkNite models. Installation. 1. Make a folder "jakisprod" in the Plugins folder; 2. Move to the jakisprod folder; 3. Choose ONE archive file: • DN one contains DarkNite version, • MN one contains MaxisNite version; 4. Drag chosen file and drop to jakisprod folder; 5. Extract dropped archive in that folder; 6. Use Every archive has archives with opposite lights for models (DN -> MN or MN -> DN) in case, if you decided to install DarkNite mod or refuse of them after you had installed this plugin. In that case follow these steps In case of installing DarkNite mode or refusing of that, when you had already installed that plugin. 1. Delete all models from folders named "Red", "White" and "Yellow". Don't touch models from "For Constructing Scene" and "z_Opening Lot MML"; 2. Extract every DarkNite or MaxisNite archives placed in folders "Red", "White" and "Yellow". Plugin has a MML (Management Menu Lots) file. That means this plugin has a lot that hides others in_the_game, so to use other lots (corners and constructing lots) you need to place "Jakis'z NM-1 panels for constructing, random color" lot, that can be found in the Landmarks menu in_the_game. After ploping this lot everywhere in your city, wait ~ingame_month (or couple of days), then reopen Landmarks menu. Now other lots will appear in that menu. To know more about MML-files, just google it Files names and contents: • NM11 - 3 floors, linear version, growable; • NM12 - 5 floors, linear version, growable; • NM13 - 7 floors, linear version, growable; • NM14 - 9 floors, linear version, growable; • NM15 - 11 floors, linear version, growable; • 2NM11 - 5 floors, corner version, plopable; • 2NM12 - 7 floors, corner version, plopable; • 2NM13 - 9 floors, corner version, plopable; • 2NM14 - 11 floors, corner version, plopable; So if you don't like any color/floor_version/building_in_the_general you can found files containing definite name and just (don't forget to make backup before it!) delete them. Other information/feedback you can find at: In the development of this file I was helped by @Linus van Pelt @Jasoncw @rsc204 @kathrynlacey @DavidDHetzel @Gn_leugim Special thanks to @matias93 @T Wrecks and @AndisArt I hope you will enjoy! Dzīeki! (dzingalian: "Thanks!")
  17. RRetail Car Services Relots - Version 2.0

    thank you I appreciate how much work went into this project and also enjoyed revisiting some great older content
  18. Aldi

    thank you nice looking version of this store
  19. Allianz Arena

    It's a pretty brautiful mod . follow this picture , u can install success!(white ver) if u want rainbow ver , put AllianzArena_A SC4desc and Model in folder.
  20. Allianz Arena

    follow this picture , u can install success!(white ver) if u want rainbow ver , put AllianzArena_A SC4desc and Model in folder.
  21. RRetail HBS TA Truckstop Relot - Version 2.0

    10/10 I've been wanting this for a while!
  22. SM2 ADM Grain Elevator SD Cal Canal

    Man, you're really making me want to reinstall SC4.
  23. Woodbridge VA

    I agree...only thing SC4 is missing is an idiot driver mod, then it would be 100% accurate, i don't know why it was built in the first place let alone why'd I want to build it again...in all seriousness it is accurate
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