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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is an American fast-casual restaurant chain based in Wichita, Kansas. Freddy’s was founded by restaurateur Scott Redler and two brothers, Bill and Randy Simon, whose father, Freddy Simon, was the inspiration for the restaurant, and its namesake. Redler and the Simons created a brand reminiscent of simpler times. Freddy's has over 300 locations in 30 states. CS$$ stage 2 3x4 growable, feel free to use LotPlop to plop. Simply extract to plugins folder. Thanks to @RRetail for the lotting! Dependencies: BSC TexturePack Cycledogg Vol 1b BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 1 SHK Parking Pack SuperSHK MEGA Parking Textures 1.0.1 SuperSHK + FA3 Parking Textures BSC - VIP Girafe Trees/Shrubs Feather Grass Hedges Berries Linden Trees Rowan Trees
  3. Yesterday
  4. SC4Fix: third-party patches for SC4

    - Mommy, look! I'm hovering puzzle pieces over transit enable lots! - Son, no! You'll crash the game! - Not anymore, mommy. See? - That's impossible! Who made this? - A very cool guy, mommy. A very cool guy
  5. Last week
  6. JBM_LNX_Megga_proppack

    Thanks for clarifying the file name, see you around Mars. Maybe on one of my 64 maps
  7. Orion's Belt Modpack | Bigger Cities Made Easy!

    Will this Mod ever be updated? Or is it dead? Please reply.
  8. JBM_LNX_Megga_proppack

  9. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    Very nice. I wasn't sure if these were props or just what, but I dropped the files in my plugins and watched traffic and some of them are now your cars.
  10. 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    Nice cars! Vrroooomm!!!
  11. Creator Pack 03: Gn_leugim

    Really nice job, thanks! However, there seems to be a conflict with the Cleanitol files, both the Remove list and the Dependencies list include the same file for High Fall Apartments: R$40x44_fa-0x5ad0e817_0x416e6bc1_0x31000.SC4Model So if you run the Remove file it will move a necessary dependency out of the Plugins folder. Hope you can check this
  12. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Oh, does the Windows version installer create those Models and Props folders I noticed inside the folder set you provided? So, with the installer, it places everything in an order which works. For Mac users who juice the files out, we just get the whole bunch in one folder without the subfolders. Innnnnnterestingggggg. Well, I know more kinds of questions to ask now, if I encounter any other lot with this kind of odd trouble. Thanks again!
  13. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Excellent! I'm delighted to hear you got it working. Very interesting. The loading order is something which didn't occur to me and it sounds a logical conclusion. A quick test now placing all the Logistics plugins inside a single subfolder and I wasn't able to replicate the results myself. So maybe there's a difference with how Mac systems (or specific versions of SC4 with or without the EP1 Update) process the loading order. Also as you say, perhaps there was something initially overriding with your other content and it didn't agree with that combination for some reason. The fact others have reported similar issues involving missing models makes me think it's likely there were conflicts or overrides taking place, possibly contributing to the brown boxes which display intermittently given timed props are used. Those "LCP_Prop" files of 4 KB in size are which reference props placed on the lots, although they aren't actually models themselves. For example, 8 of them point to Maxis RCI buildings as used for offices on the 5 Logistics lots. Removing the entirety of this folder and many things no longer display. Each of the models including the warehouse were missing, with the exception of a few trucks. I didn't get any brown boxes either in this case, but it seems likely to be a factor with these small yet significant files not being loaded correctly. Sometimes technical mysteries such as this are tricky to decipher, and the reasons for things functioning as intended (or not) aren't always apparent. Given there are a number of files which make up a set such as this, I suppose there's possibly more chance for things to not quite work as designed. Maybe this explains why the installers place the files in this subfolder structure, and so to avoid there being such issues. You're welcome. I've added a note onto the file in hope to inform others who encounter this. It's very likely you're not the only one who experienced the exact same issue, and where restructuring the files will also be the solution for anyone else reading. Glad we could finally get the bottom of this at long last!
  14. Turks and Caicos Beach V

    Nice shores and beaches! How can You go to zoom 6 ingame?
  15. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Okay. Whew! That was way more testing than I wanted to do for one lot, but I finally got somewhere. Using either of your sets worked fine all around, @Cyclone Boom. Thanks for providing those. I then started swapping out all your files with mine to try to isolate the problem file. I couldn't find it! All of my files work fine, arranged as you had them set up in your folder set. The difference is you added those Props and Models folders inside, whereas I just had all the files together inside the Logistics Centre Pack folder. After quite a few iterations, I at least narrowed it down to this. It works if I have all the LCP_Prop files load -after- the LCP_Props files, apparently. I have no clue why this would be. I couldn't get any brown boxes, by the way, when I had all my other plugins out of my plugins folder running these tests. It seems to have been a byproduct of the order the LCP_Prop files loaded in combination with some other plugins of mine? Moreover, the four prop dependencies files work fine when stuck in my big central Props folder which comes well after the Logistics Center folder which is in my Commercials folder. It all seems to come down to the load order of the LCP "prop" vs. "props" files. If I wanted to do a bunch more tests, I suppose I might even isolate it down to just one or two of those files. I don't understand how any of this would make any difference, but I have it working now with all my plugins installed, so this process has been successful. Maybe you will be able to glean what was happening. The following picture shows the final working arrangement before I put all the rest of my plugins back in the plugins folder. Weird. Thanks for the persistent help. If nothing else, maybe some other user having this issue will be able to arrange things like this and have it work too. I finally thought to test out the freight station with this set too. It works fine with proper capacities, happily.
  16. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    This is very peculiar indeed and if you've got all the files needed and intact. Also should the PEG OOPS mod not provide any more clues with how it accurately highlights the location of the missing models (as opposed to brown boxes which occupy a greater part of the lot's area). Just in case, I've uploaded the Logistics set containing all the dependencies in two formats. Firstly the structure as created by the installers with the "Models" and "Props" subfolders present. Then I've compressed them all into an individual DAT file using that JDatPacker tool. Once unzipped in full, the total size for both weighs in at 34.2 MB. As follows (links valid until July 24th): LogisticsPack.zip LogisticsPack_Compressed.zip Install one of these at once since both contain the same content items, just in a different format. Again as a precaution I recommend testing in an empty Plugins folder, so then to remove other possible variables such as overrides. If either of the above linked packages still doesn't work, I'm really unsure what else to suggest. A random possibility I wonder about is since I recall you mentioned your game isn't patchable with the EP1 Update. Perhaps that may well be the deciding factor here if the Logistics set specifically references modified data from that official patch. Or it could be there's a similar bug to the 1/1000 capacity issue for some stations. I really hope this finally works out for you.
  17. JBM_LNX_Megga_proppack

    Is file correct? Posted as JBM LNX Megga proppack 2.0 DL's as megapack PropsV1
  18. Isuzu Street Sweepers

    No replacements, these are additional vehicles.
  19. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    I do have those four dependencies also. They don't Juice out of the Logistics Center download itself, I had to download them separately of course. But I downloaded the SG Megaprops you linked, and though its creation date is 2006 and the one I must have gotten from the LEX is dated 2007, that one is only 12.8 MB in size, whereas the one you are using is 17MB in size. That's a big difference. I will swap them out and see if that is it. I sure hope so, because nothing else makes sense about this. Keep in mind I have this exact same problem with no other plugins being used, so it's pretty obviously not a number of plugins problem. I'll be back shortly to update this, hopefully with good news. Update: No change at all with the swapped SG prop. Arrrrrgh. This is a really weird mystery. I'm at a complete loss. And...oh, I see what seems to have happened with the SG files: the textures from the older one probably got moved into the BSC texture packs and out of his prop pack.
  20. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    @Synergy67 All looks good there in the root of that folder, with 12 files present including the lots and "LCP_Props". Comparing the other contents of your list though, it appears you're missing 4 files which would get automatically placed inside the "Models" subfolder. As follows: WarehousesBATPropsPartA.dat [Download] WarehousesBATPropsPartB.dat [Download] BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat [Download] BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat [Download] I see you've got the jestarr_AdditionalPropModels.SC4Model file which is included with the installer for the main Logistics pack. These other dependencies will each add additional props and also the warehouse models themselves. I'm not aware specifically what the FileJuicer tool is capable of, but it will need those above 4 DAT files to be fully extracted. Maybe if you've got them placed elsewhere in Plugins it's worth adding them inside "Models" when testing without any other plugins? Just in case there's anything overriding and causing a conflict of functionality. Also with there being another version of the SG Vol 01 props here on the STEX, it could be that the newer one is required (which Cori and I used for testing). Let me know if this doesn't work out and the 4 files don't extract properly. I could then upload them to the WeTransfer temporary storage site, where hopefully it'd be a simple case of downloading that and copying them over from a zip archive. For the file loading on Mac, from what I've heard this is a specific issue with the version of SC4 as released by Aspyr. So although your system will likely be capable of supporting over 850 files, it's possible the problem is triggered at the application level and as such is unavoidable. So overall I think 2 possibilities here are either missing or incomplete dependencies, or a plugin limit is preventing SC4 loading them into memory.
  21. Underground Depth Mod v1.0

    Best MOD ever!!!!
  22. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Nuts, well so far, growing it anew and plopping both versions renders the same results all across. And actually, now I compare this more closely with your picture @Cyclone Boom, it looks like none of the warehouses are rendering for me, only the railway crane and the semi trailers appearing and disappearing on the parking lots. You can see how much is actually missing from my lot in my original picture a few posts up.
  23. Logistics Centres MegaPack

    Thanks for the sleuthing, @Cyclone Boom @CorinaMarie. I am almost certain I had plenty of water when it grew, but I can raze it and try it again to eliminate that possibility. However, you will note that everything but those three props does show up, so I don't think that's it. I have 771MB of plugins for 854 items presently. I think I've had quite a bit more than that in the past. This being via Mac OS 10.6 and its invisible, built-in Rosetta emulation of a Mac PPC, which is the code the Mac version of the game was written for, I don't think the number of files limitation even necessarily applies to this computer as it might for the newer OS's, but if it does, I never hit it in the past. Plus, it's curious how my one big box and two little boxes is the same missing props that at least one other person described in this thread too as well as being the exact same experience I had five years ago with a different setup. I'll tinker as suggested, but I have this feeling it's still something else entirely. I Juice 33 files out of the exe once I remove the many jpgs and two html files also included. Actually it's 32 proper because "Install_LogisticsCentresPack[68228]-1.un-bzip2ed" is some Windows based installer file or whatnot, which I always just discard. This is the list of what I extract: In looking at my Logistics Center folder in my plugins as used presently, I see I did remove the two Ploppable versions of the lots from the folder since I have no interest in plopping these. I think I encountered one other place where not having the plop lot along with the grow lots caused a brown box or something not to render right...if I recall. I will check this angle out first, though normally you do not need to have a plop version of a lot along with a grow version. Hmm.
  24. Turks and Caicos Beach V

    Beautiful work!
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