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  2. Torre Colpatria

    the second set of images are ok... but the first picture seems like it has a mistake: if you like at the strats they dont line up perfectly near the top or the middle. What I dont know if this was intentional (ie the real building is like that) or an exporting problem. Otherwise it looks fantastic like all your other stuff!.
  3. Hyatt Ziva Tower One

    No has pensado en hacer el simbolo de Puerto Vallarta, la famosa iglesia de Guadalupe? Te lo comento porque tus creaciones son asombrosas la verdad, me encantan. Ya me volví fan de tu trabajo. Ojalá en un tiempo que tenga empiece a aprender a hacer creaciones como las tuyas o al menos similares. Saludos.
  4. Mayor's House (With More Walls)

    In-game looks nothing like the picture. I only get the house, grass and shrubs (walls). No driveway, trees or flowers. Or does it take time for them to show up? Or, do I have to add that, if so sorry.
  5. Torre Colpatria

    @tribar @Tyberius06 , Thanks, the file is already fixed, Probably I had a mistake with the binnary code is a little difficult to work with it. Regards !
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This collection consists three assets: 2 Base Station (1 for 2 lane roads and another 1 for 4 lane or 6 lane roads) 1 Modular Station *Remember to place the modular station with base station correctly or else the building will not working. Source Code: https://github.com/Nksheng/Cargo-Exchange-Modular-Elevated-Cargo-Train-Terminal
  7. Torre Colpatria

    Amazing building again... Sooner or later I have to start building my Diego-style city
  8. Torre Colpatria

    @tribar You right, but it wasn't necessary to downrate the whole stuff. Why don't you think before you are acting? You can write/report your concern here under the comment section. It's obviously a moding mistake (or a little glitch with the PIM-X), and wasn't intentional... And since then it has been fixed.
  9. Torre Colpatria

    Why does it cost $18 million to build?
  10. North American Freight Cars Prop Pack

    @Silur @Jack_wilds Thank you for your comments!!! @Krasner @matias93 Yes, that one, I just modified the textures of that lot https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/27762-wmp-ethanol-plant-a/
  11. RRetail Misc Entertainment Relots Pack Two

    As the inspiration for this, I wanted to say....fantastic! The pools are simply spectacular. Bravo
  12. Yesterday
  13. TG AT&T Building

    Amazing Job man !!
  14. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    MAGNIFICENT! What a joy to see more new releases from you! Thank you so very much!
  15. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    Another nice building from you! Thanks for sharing this! - Tyberius
  16. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    so it's most surely the .dat file. Try moving the sc4lot files out of your plugins folder and try to grow the IRM lot. If it works as intended, you have a functional installation without problems.
  17. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    So there is no way to fix this? Or is the chance that both grow so low (I use the job quadrupler) that it becomes negligible? I already searched in the Plugins folder for the .SC4mode file again (to make sure I wasn't mistaken) but I could find any for SimGoober's building, his mod consists of 3 files none of which is a .SC4model file (only 2 .SC4lot files and one .dat file).
  18. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    you will end with two different lots for the same building, one designed for the IRM standards and the other doesn't. Eventually, both could grow at the same time, depending on the stats; if you are using the jobs quadrupler, it is really difficult that this happens, but not impossible.
  19. Torre Colpatria

    Excelente edificio, muchas gracias. Con tu talento me encantaría ver pronto el Costanera Center o la Torre Titanium de Santiago de Chile por estos lugares. Sería realmente genial. Muchas gracias por tus aportes de gran calidad.
  20. IRM I-HT GooberGen Labs

    I love the industrial revolution mod so much! The buildings look so much better with it and now I wanted to download these additional buildings but I encountered a "problem": In your description you state that I can delete all files of the original modded building and just keep the .SC4model file but the modded building does not have such a file (unlike the Skylimit Satelite building for example where a .SC4model file is in the folders of the original building mod). Will there be any problems if I don't delete any files and just install the building from SimGoober and then install your mod part too?
  21. SAM2 Override - Grey HerringboneBrick

    If you want to spend many hours coding the RUL2, then you may have a unique SAM slot. There are others remaining (placeholders), but the code doesn't exist to use them. Speaking as a person who just made the first such "unique" set in a long time, I can tell you, that's no small amount of work. What you can do if you are handy, is use it to replace something other than SAM2. The 6th digit of the textures, paths and T21s defines the SAM set they will override. So currently everything ends 2##, you can change this from between 3 - 9, A (10) or B (11) and override any of the other sets if you prefer. By comparison that's pretty easy to do in a few hours tops.
  22. VIP RuralPack Expansion1

    Ups. Me too. Used this for years, never rated. There is a beautiful grey heron in this pack, best poplars ever, pampas gras, kayaks, cows, chickens ... in sum: plenty of fun.
  23. SAM2 Override - Grey HerringboneBrick

    I really like the texture nicely done, but prefer to have a extra sam then a override. Is it possible that I can create extra slot?
  24. A Nonny Moose Memorial

    To remember is the first act that needs to be done to give future a shape. So let's take this monument as a double symbol - for the one who guided us in the past and for where to go now - the future of SC4. As if he was here. But still with us - and so tomorrow. The community, a bunch of 'a nony mous' soldiers, wearing invisible antlers, carring them through time. And if one falls the next will pick them up, put them on his head. And walk on.
  25. Torre Colpatria

    A very nice surprise! Great job! I'd love to see more Colombian or LATAM buildings
  26. SC4 Region Maker

    I likes this tool! But SC4Mapper was so awesome functions!
  27. Ciudadela San Martin Tower One

    Very prettily lit as usual but it is not for me --even though its a real building. The clash in style and colours... nah, not for me. No biggie, as I have enough of your stuff to build a whole city center, and then some !
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