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  1. Harrington SC4 Entry 6: Hard to Port!

    Replies: Ducio: Thanks and glad you like the church. I'm pretty sure I've pretty much downloaded all the churches I could find on the STEX and SC4D so I get the most variety out of my church in every village rule, the small ones are hard to come by though so if you have any suggestion that would be brilliant. As for the houses, I feel a bit sorry for them too, though, they are getting a house a hell of a lot cheaper than anywhere else in the region. Plus, the majority of them moved in after the dump and industrial units were built so I'm saying that's their own fault! Entry 6: Hard to Port! So, were back in Harrington and the surrounding area with another update on how things are developing over here. First the most exciting news is that it would appear that someone, somwhere has decided that some sort of even basic education would benefit the area and as such, has built several schools including this one in Harington itself. And this one in Roweaton. Pretty small and basic school houses really but some education is better than no education! Anyway fast forward several months and it would seem this education is paying off as some bright spark came up with the idea of having a small port to ship the large amount of farming goods out of the area in a more efficient way than standing on the shore and throwing them at passing boats. Welcome to Harmouth! (its the small town on the left of the top shoreline) Unfortunately, they built it on the north side of the Harrington bay so it only serves a third of the area effectively but oh well,its a start. Plus as you can see in the next few images its still grown a bit. Anyway that's where were at today. Nothing like a really sudden ending to a entry but oh well Here's a look at the region as it stands as well, just because I love region growth picture! Till next time!
  2. Sainte Ange Progress

    I really like it. I especially like how dense your foliage is around the rivers, really gives some vibrancy to them. The funny thing is, I'm not even sure I would have noticed the lack of props if you hadn't pointed it out (then again, I build cities because I like the zoomed out and regional views so maybe I just don't notice these things as much). Looking forward to your next project! James
  3. Replies: raynev1: Thanks and yep, plenty of room, at least 100 large tiles DavidDhetzel: Thanks and yep, always looking for good BAT's so thankyou, picked them all up (or at least I will eventually) kschmidt: Thanks and I completely agree that it has to be slow burn for the development. Not sure what sort of time period this is really based in as I've got a bit of a mix of buildings from several different time periods so it doesn't really have a fixed date in time. I do however hope to indicate some sort of change of style as we slowly grow and develop. Entry 5: Meandering Marshes So, last time we left off we were taking a look at the regions most famous pair of farmers. Well today.... has absolutely nothing to do with them so lets just get on with it shall we starting off with this exciting news that the entire area around Harrignton is now full of people, livestock and various crops (quite why we need so many different ones I don't know but nevermind). Anyway here's how it looks complete with a map of the area with all the place names, so you can be even more confused when trying to figure out where we are as I've named every small settlement! Right, so now that's out of the way, lets get on with the real content of this entry and for that, we need to start in Rilby, taking a look at its lovely ferry connection over to the nearby large town of Naplan. (Rilby is on the right for anyone who's confused by the map above or just didn't bother clicking the spoiler button). So now, we throw the lovely ferry connection out of the window and instead, decide that we need our car to travel around the several hundred metres of area that is remotely of any interest in Naplan. Thankfully for us, the ever expanding Harrignton surroundings have joined the two towns by a long, muddy, impassable for several months of the year and dangerous for the rest road that skirts some local swamp land (and by skirt I mean pretty much ploughs into it). Anyway, lets start by heading northwards out of Rilby and into the ever present farmland. Continuing north, we bypass Berrin Woods and head through the small villages of Droton and Meryat (in that order). Thankfully Droton is kind enough to give you some indication as to weather or not its a good idea to try the rest of the drive seeing as they pretty much built it in the swampy land surrounding the waterways. Then, we make a turn to the left through Bontin and in between some larger farms where the ground is actually, pretty serviceable as a road, and into Trowdin where we start to head south again and back into, well, mud. Apparently though, this area seems to appeal to people as the two towns we just past are pretty large when compared to most of the places in Harrington. Then, we head back into the boggy marshland that surrounds this wood and down towards Naplan. As you can see there's a lot of smaller farms along this track with several of the regions smallest settlements in the form of Manton and Woodbury. And, just to prove how small a settlement that these are here is Manton where you could literally blink and miss it (seriously I nearly did while concentrating on not slipping off this track). Finally, we end up in Naplan where I park up get ready to do some shopping done, only to find that its about to get dark and there's some clouds blowing in, so decide to just start heading back instead. Screw it, I'm taking the ferry next time! ~-~ Meanwhile, in other news we saw our first factories being built in the region to actually do something with the huge amount of stuff we grow. Predicatably, these have sprung up near Henburn because, why not just add more pollution to the area. Anyway thats the end of this entry. No region view as not a hell of a lot has changed to be honest just the usual little bit of spread, so..... Till next time!
  4. Replies: raynev1: Thanks and I'm glad you like the narration! I enjoy coming up with the story! Entry 4: A tale of two farmers! So, as you can probably guess from the title of this entry were back with the regions two most famous farmers (which is actually quite a big claim seeing as everyone in the entire region works on a farm), Farmer Poppin and Farmer Pippin. Now, last entry we looked ta how some enterprising ventures into commerce had left farmer Poppins farmers market feeling a bit sorry for itself and, predictably, Farmer Poppin wasn't best pleased with this. Farmer Poppin however, was a pretty enterprising fellow and after a few meetings with some interested parties choose to redevlop this parcel of land. Into this lovely commercial plot, smack bang in the middle of Harrington itself. This had the desired effect, with the previous market stall owners, who had moved business to Roweaton seeing a fall in sales and Farmer Poppin seeing a nice amount of income from the rent and his own little convenience store. In fact, profit was so good that Farmer Poppin decided to buy himself a nice smart house on the newly settled and highly sought after Harnsea Island seen here. --- --- --- Meanwhile Farmer Pippin didn't really care to much for this commerce nonsense (though he liked the money they paid him for his produce) and had instead concentrated on expanding and buying himself more farms, having pretty much given up the running of his Fair. Anyway, space was getting a bit tight around Harrington so Farmer Pippin decided to move to quieter sticks and headed northwards, up past the newly settled and rapidly growing Sedmore. Too, where he currently resides, along with a load of his employees, in the self named Pippinsfield, east of Berrin Woods and surrounded by all his land. He was even nice enough to let his old rival Mr Poppin build one of his stores in his village! And that, is basically the most interesting story to come out of Harrington and it's surrounds at the moment. Life is pretty peaceful and quiet though expansion keeps moving steadily on such as in the town north of Harrington (that I've forgotten the name of) where limited space caused expansion to take place on the opposite side of the river (so north-west of Harrington). Anyway, to stop us going too far off the main focus of this entry we'll wrap it up with the first ever region view of the Harrington area. So, not much to report but as you can see from the region view it is growing nicely outwards which is nice. Anyway I'll see you next time with some more growth hopefully as the fledging town tries to find its way! Till next time!
  5. Replies: Ducio: Thanks and no worries, the old one was way to industrial for its size. kschmidt: Thanks and I agree, the game does tend to upgrade to med wealth quickly. Ironically, they then go abandoned and get twice as many low wealth living there but nevermind. Entry 3: Were back on track! So, don't panic I haven;t started the city again this time, instead I've done the expected and normal thing and expanded the city that we finished with last time. Anyway lets jump right in. So, when we last left off, the population of Harrington and its surrounds was growing at quite a steady pace. There was a place to take your trash, farm jobs for all and some competitive farmers for all your commercial needs! Lets see how things have changed shall we/ Firstly, we expanded northwards and eastwards from the centre of the area moving further away from Harrington. Eastwards, where the lack of other buildings and no zoning laws allowed some sizeable farms to start up has seen the biggest growth of the two directions with the area now looking like this and providing a large portion of job opportunities for the area. While Northwards, the recently named Berrin Woods meant that due to mainly laziness, the farms were a lot smaller in size and less dense. This area also saw the growth of Berrin, where the local farmers, tired of having to traverse the forests on a dirt track set up camp and built a small chapel (OOC: Not that I'm religious, I just grew up in a village and every village had a church at its centre) , some basic trailer style homes and some rather out of place row houses but oh well, as long as they're happy. Meanwhile moving back into Harrignton we saw the first merger of two settlements when, some rather cheap and inexplicably unappealing houses were built between Harrington and Henburn. (OOC: This is why in future maps you'll see a prefix after Henburn's name (eg Henburn-Har-). I plan on doing this with ever town that grows into another one with the main (usually largest) town giving its prefix to the other settlement). Meanwhile, to the south, across the river another small town, Roweaton sprung up and quickly gained some traction with its growth. Lets see if the eagle eyed can see why this might be (before you look at the next picture). Yep, you guessed it (or didn't, I don't know). Roweaton has the regions first decdicated commercial ventures! Due to a lack of space and the reluctance of the farmers to sell their land in Harrington, market stall owners decided to set up proper businesses to the south. Harrington district council didn't mind that much though, they own all the local ferry services and as that was the only way into and out of Roweaton, they were making a tidy profit off of it. [ Roweaton didn't care either. In fact, they cared so little about the lack of actual ways to get to Roweaton they built the areas grandest structure in the form of this permanent market hall! Commercial progress has been made! In fact, farmer Pippin and Poppin were the only ones who weren't overly excited by the developments but oh well, progress has to be made! Speaking of which that's all the progress we have for now so I guess, we'll have to go make some more! EDIT: Oh and we just hit 10k people in the region! Till next time!
  6. Replies: MissVandelier: Thanks for looking in on the project and for the suggestion, I picked them up and a load more houses along them lines and really like the look of them so thanks! sunda: I'm sorry, I don't understand what you said but thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment! raynev1: Thanks for following and glad you liked the entry. Hope this one is even better for you! Ducio: Thanks though I got rid of them as I didn't think they looked that good and that trees looked better, though, as your about to see, it's a bit of a moot point now. Entry 2: Ok that didn't look natural at all So, as you can probably guess from the title I really didn't like the way that the last entry ended up and didn't feel that the growth looked natural at all with the huge blocks of industry serving a region of 10k people. As such I took the decision to start over with a new map and a slightly different approach to it where I'm not limiting myself by the RCI indicators and going for a more 'this makes sense approach'. Anyway, I'm sure you don;t all want me to blabber on again with how I've started the town so I'll try and make the captions and descriptions for you all short and sweet. Initial area. So, welcome to Harrington (again), this was the initial settlement after a few years of people coming here. After a couple of years you can see some substantial growth in the are and several new settlements springing up alongside the weirdly snaking development of Harrington itself. Then, came the first bit of redevelopment as an enterprising farmer by the name of Mr Poppin built a market on some of his land to give the sims somewhere central to actually buy stuff. Which led to Mr Pippin (a long standing rival of Mr Poppin) to build a huge and expensive state fair outside of town, which, despite its size is still no where near as popular as the market which benefits hugely from its location, much to Mr Poppins delight (and relief). Anyway, these two places to buy stuff made the area even more popular and soon Tilby had sprung up across the river to the north. Then came the regions first real issue as apparently the local Mayor had neglected to do anything about everyone's rubbish and, as you can imagine, burying it in your own garden was getting a bit hard what with the top layer already being last years pizza boxes. As such they came up with this brilliant solution where they burn the rubbish in dumped piles, even using the heat to generate some electricity. Oh and don't worry, they also put in a recycling place as well in case you don't want to burn your washing machine! Good old Mayor! He even let the workers and bin men build a small settlement, Tenburn, next door (I'm sure its a perfectly safe place to live!) So there we have, a new and much more natural looking start to our region. Hope I haven't annoyed you lot too much by restarting and that you think its worth it. Anyway here's the usual overview and as with last time, one hidden in spoilers with place names shown. Till next time!
  7. This is gorgeous. I have a soft spot for these old run down ghetto type cities which have a communist feel to them. Dunno why, guess I'm weird. Loving the shot of the landfill and the storyline that goes with it! Looking forward to more! James
  8. Harrington A natural growth SC4 CJ Introduction to Harrington So, this is going to be my second random project that I want to try out alongside the El Hightonia one. This one however will be in SC4 and will focus around no real goals other than slow growth. This will be achieved (hopefully) through the use of my own version of the natural growth method whereby I zone whatever is in the most demand at the time (this produces some odd things as you'll see in a minute) Don't know if this will actually work in the long run but nevermind, we'll find out, As for mods here's a list of the major ones that I'm using at the moment: (Yes, I'm actually using mods in this game!) SPAM (I like farms) NAM Several of PEGS terrain mods I'll try and keep this list up to date with any major mod that I use, added to the list. Map wise I'll just terraform as I go along (difficult way of doing it, I know but nevermind) but I'm thinking of a delta /bay /river mouth type region. Anyway without anymore chat lets have a actual look at what I'm doing in the game. Entry 1: The Birth of Harrington So, lets jump right in and take a look at the area our intrepid explorers decided to settle the town of Harrington in. A large inlet just of the coast with sheltered but accessible waters which, I'm assuming would bring fertile land and apparently a whole load of trees! So, it wasn't long before our intrepid settlers had built themselves a small and questionably functional town on one of the spurs of land in the bay. The town has almost everything you'd need including a small ferry to actually get there, lots of randomly planned and built houses, jobs in either farming or factories and a lovely church. It doesn't however have very suitable roads or any sort of commercial. Nevermind at least everyone saves plenty of money! So, with the town surrounded, the farms continued to spring up alongside other smaller (and bigger, much to Harringtons annoyance) settlements as the growth continued around and across the bay. It was around this time that the demand for everyone to be a farmer died off and apparently warehouses and factories became all the rage. Fresh airs overrated I guess? As you can see here in Riverside this led to some small docks being created to handle the shipping of the goods (ironically enough though this is on the wrong side of the river to all the farms. Also ignore the money symbol and the riprap, its been replaced by trees. Well ok, the money symbol hasn't been replaced by trees but you get my drift). So, I continued to grow everything bit by bit until we got to where we are today. The last major project that I carried out (well major in regards to this map) was the introduction of a bulk container ship terminal to supply a coal power plant. The tree burning thingies we were using apparently weren't going to cut it anymore and coals cheap. This along with another bulk container dock thing has been built on the correct side of the river in Peddleton where all the farms are so at least we got this right! Anyway that's where I left the growing area for the first entry. Below you can see the current overview along with another one (in spoilers if I remember to do it) which has all the palce name labels so you can situate yourself a bit better with the places mentioned in the entry. Oh and we still don't have any commercial! So, yer, there we have it. Hopefully you'll come along for the ride as we grow this into a large region Please feel free to suggest BAT's or mods along the way. I'm open to anything as long as it meets the below criteria. It's growable. Unless it has to be plopped (services, transit etc) everything will be left to grow as it wants Eye candy is nice but lots of it isn't the whole point of the CJ so I might not get all the eye candies! It's realistic or at least has a relevant cost attached. I like the idea of this being a semi functional financially sound city without a tiny mass incinerator which produces no pollution and has no upkeep cost. Right, I'll shut up now. Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time! James
  9. Lovely looking little town there, I especially like how realistic the farmland looks in the last shot. The crispness of the shots are also hands down amazing. They almost look real. What LUT are you using out of wonder? Looking forward to more! James
  10. 25 - Webly Woods & Wayne Manor

    Looks really nice. I love the pictures number 33 and 34 with the train passing along the ridge by the manor. Very nice job! Cheers James
  11. Replies: korver: Thanks, really glad your enjoying it. As for the road network I'm surer there is many places that use a similar design in the real world though admittedly I haven't seen it either. If you like the road network though you should be happy with the below entry! Entry 3: Adding more infrastructure! So, basically this was the whole point with this city, to try and create a functioning densely populated island city that relies entirely on road, plane and boat for transit (no trains, subway etc). As such, since the last entry I've been doing a lot of road work starting, with this small spur in the industrial/incinerator area which had this issue. So, a bit of shifting stuff aroudn and some small scale demolition and we have this distribution spur which, is a much better solution to the traffic. Next up was the entrance area, where we needed to put in a large scale split to facilitate traffic heading north. A much larger project than the one before and massively oversized for the state of the city at the moment but at least it should hopefully be futureproofed for a little while at least. Random overview of what the city looked like at that point. Right before it saw some large scale growth that meant I needed to make a few changes to the interchange. The other reason for this highway interchange being completed now is to help facilitate the first high rise development outside the city centre in the district centre of Pranada. Finally for this entry we have the biggest roadwork project, the re introduction of the harbour splitter, which, was present in the previous version and seemed to work really well so was always going to be in this one as well. The difference however is that I changed the way the connect to eachother and added a third harbour to the system for the local freight that doesn't need to use the highway to get to them (located immediately right of the interchange. Some bits of the system look a bit unusual but basically I designed it so that they get relatively equal usage, hence why some of the road types are a bit odd in choice as they make the journey times for the different sides more or less equal. At least it seems to be working ta the moment but we'll have to see as volume increases. Though, seeing as we did have an issue already when building it that meant I had to build this small local only harbour on the otherside of the city, we could be seeing more harbours in the network in the future. For now though, that's a lot of road so we'll end it here with the usual current overview Till next time!
  12. Entry 2: Woops lets start again (Not through choice though) So, apparently I may have been a bit hasty when I last quit after saving as I seem to have corrupted the save file for Hihgtonia and can't seem to recover it. Shame really as I had al lot of new stuff to show you guys but anyway, onwards to better things! Introducing El Hightonia (mk2) So, this is more of a don't worry I haven't quit already update, I've just been a bit of a moron. But, I do have a couple of pictures to tide you all over until we can get the whole thing back on track again! So here's the current overview of the new city which is pretty similar to the old one at the moment I've just done away with the wall to wall buildings in the downtown, going for a whole high rise look rather than having the old town bit. And now just a couple of other random shots, leading with this incredibly busy food kiosk in the downton area. And finishing with this panorama of the small city looking down the highway (which uses the same system as the other one). Not much here at the moment but hopefully we'll see lots of growth over the updates! So, there we go. Not a huge update but as I said more of the I screwed up, my bad post which I hope you'll enjoy anyway! Till next time! (unless I corrupt the save again!)
  13. Hightonia A Cities Skylines Project! Entry 1: Welcome to Hightonia! So, this is the first of these new projects that I'm working on, going by the name Hightonia. Now this came about when messing around with highway systems and finding a pretty interesting (at least to me) way to distribute traffic without having clogged highways. This is the system. It's basically a slower two lane highway running alongside a 3 lane highway with ramps leading down into the city. This seems to work really well at distributing traffic throughout the city without causing any back up's at the interchanges. (please note that realism isn't a huge concern here, I'm happy with steep ramps as the idea is to test the system) Anyway opening up my old Sinatoa map, I started building a densely packed city around the highway without using any sort of public transport (planes and ships are allowed though seeing as its a island map) Below are a couple of images of it growing. Now, unfortunately, the system wasn't fool proof as I found out when I put all the incinerators in the middle of the industrial zone and gave them a single exit to share with a load of high density housing blocks. The results were this, though I think this is just bad planning on my behalf. As you can see I've begun to try and figure out a filter system for the industrial and bin lorries. Which seems to have fixed the issue Then, I got to talking in the chat here and decided to try and implement a interchange which led to a harbour being planned on the other side of the existing city. Below is the various stages of creating the overly complex interchange (yes, this is all to feed them two harbours, apparently I decided they needed separate entrances so this turned into a tightly staggered double t junction or very tight angled 4 way interchange and took a while to sort out). Still it works a treat and the separate harbours to the west mean that traffic from only the east use the two connected to the highway. So, this is currently where I've got to with this project. I think I next plan on trying to expand to the north-east and see what sort of strain I can put on the grid layout of the city traffic wise. I also want to get a passenger ferry in somewhere near the harbour so that should be interesting. Current overview: Join us next time to see how this goes!
  14. James's Random Projects! So, basically alongside Rokton (whihc will continue as normal, don't worry), I have been playing around with sc4 that I recently downloaded agian and other projects in CSL. Now I love showing you guys what I'm doing and having some sort of outlet for stuff that I make in these games so have decided to start this random projects CJ where I'll document anything I think is worth documenting. Now I'm not sure entirely how this will be organised (or if it will at all, this is one of my projects after all!) as I though there was a sub category features to the CJ's but never mind, If I put a common prefix in each of the projects titles, then you don't have to sift through everything to find the projects your interested in! As for updates on these projects it'll probably be pretty random as I still want Rokton to be my focus for the time being and I have real life stuff to do as well but I enjoy playing these so expect one every now and then. Actually I may just do some sort of index in this post then you can click here and follow the link tot he latest entry of the project you like, that might work better! click the spoiler tab to see the entry list and links Cities Skylines El Hightonia SimCity 4 Harrington SC4 natural growth City Journal
  15. Entry 7: Let's all catcha bus to Perrin Head!

    Replies: kschmidt: Lol, yer it does. Luckily there's no damn to flood in the city so we should be safe. Though on the plus side, if it flooded it might put the fires out! Entry 7: Let's all catch a bus to Perrin Head! So, welcome back to Rokton where we've had a few problems, some new buses and several new settlements springing up like daisy's! Let's start by getting the boring bits out of the way with a look at several improvements to Roktons transport system and network with a couple of interchange upgrades being done. Firstly with this one, where as you can see a bonfire gone wrong ground the area to a complete standstill resulting in a slight decrease to the trees and farm buildings in the area. Deciding that we needed to prevent this in the future we gave the junction some slip lanes. These did precisely nothing in helping out with the traffic which is when some clever soul suggested improving the roundabout on the Henning Bay side. Thankfully this seems to have cleared it up completely which is useful when bonfires inevitably go wrong. Meanwhile in Rokton, the interchange was still giving us issues so we needed a solution for it fast. Luckily some tunnelling seems to have solved the problem of traffic trying to cross each-other and causing congestion. Its beginning to look a bit chaotic though. Speaking of Rokton though, we saw the tip of the peninsula that used to house the wind turbines until we built the WTEP (Waste To Energy Plant) be renovated with sea walls and some piers. No real word on what's going here yet but it looks like something's planned! Something else that was evidently planned had to be Henning's Bay new 'I want what my neighbour has!' craze where everyone has built pretty much identical houses across the board. Oh well, as long as their happy and paying taxes I suppose...... So, your probably wondering where Perrin head is given that its in the title (ok, your not, but I needed a segway into this so were rolling with it). Its this small town that's begun to develop on the coast down from Henning Bay, I assume by people that wanted a quieter life. And, for people who wanted a even quieter life than that we have Riverbend and Cliffside which have developed inland from the rest of the settlements. And, for the other part of the title being a bus ride the city finally has a actual bus line. Well it has several lines (one for each of the three centres of population and then a regional line that visits every settlement (except Cliffside but their tiny anyway). Here's the lovely new bus terminal, right next to the fire heli depot which in turn, is right next to the WTEP (yes, it probably won't to shiny for too long). So, because I like abrupt endings to entries here's a current overview with all the lovely new towns and villages that have popped up over the last couple of entries. No idea what we'll be doing in the next entry but I'm sure it'll be interesting as always (don't laugh!). Till next time!