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City-building game(s)

Found 35 results

  1. Planet Sim

    Version 2.0.0


    A bit late to the party, my first map*. Made using Google and Paint.net, it's basic, mostly flat and fairly large. Scale was beaten up and left for dead. *(Not even my first Big Earth Map! My bad - Please also see "Another Big Earth Map" too)
  2. Chapter 5: Two Major Milestones

    Welcome back! (WL is short for Woodland) Click on the images for full screen (most are in 1920x1080) Another beautiful morning! Ahh, lovin' those gravel roads... After much saving up, we finally build Woodland's first ever Fire Station! Although it's not a Maxis Station, it is $150/month (cheaper than the $250 from a large station!) and has three fire trucks, instead of two! Today is a special day for this town... It's time to finally PAVE the roads! After much traffic problems, I think it's time we......(I turn my head looking West) What the? You see the smoke out in the distance? It's coming from River town! (Just as I said that the phone rang) *Phone rings* *Picks up phone* Me: This is Mayor Whiz, how may I help you? Caller: It's Paul, (the chief of police in WL River Town) We're burnin' down!!! Me: What? Caller: Our town's about to go up in flames! We got a huge forest fire out there! Me: I'll help! I just built a fire station! *Phone connection lost* I drive over to the fire station in a panic.. Me: Big fire at River City!!! Come on let's go!!! I hitch a ride on a fire truck and we head west to WL River City (Yes, we finally built an actual neighbor connection, no more 1 hour hikes!) We make it to WL River City and see smoke with large flames out in the distance: Mathew: You got firefighters?!?! Thank god! We're about to burn up, I got the town evacuated, they're at Pleasantville for now! Look at that massive wall of flames coming our way! On a hot summer afternoon, lies the arduous task of putting out a town-threatening fire. The fire apparently started from a lightning strike and due to wind direction suddenly shifting, it became a massive "wall" of flames that walked towards the town. It finally got as close as the rail road, which thankfully stopped the fire from spreading any further. However, the houses and train stations could go up in flames if any cinders hit them and turn the city that has given us electricity into a raging inferno! (The fire reaches the railroad as our town's entire firefighter caste fights to save Mathew's industrial town from a raging inferno. Mathew hasn't built a fire station yet.) The fire spreads westward north of the houses and consumes the houses outside the town: Luckily, the rest of the town will be spared. After hours of hose spraying, we actually manage to get control of the inferno. Only a few houses are burnt down... The firefighters return to WL Town, and I stay over at WL River City. The next morning...we get treated to a small riot: One police station later: The riot is calmed. Some very angry citizens as a result of the fire (they lost all their possessions in the fire) The beautiful forest that surrounds this town are now charred and dead... Mathew: It's going take years for all those woods to grow back! Me: Hey look at the bright side, at least you won't feel guilty cutting those trees down to expand the town anymore! Mathew: True, I was going to expand westward eventually, but I used to love taking long walks through the woods and so did a lot of my citizens. That's one of the biggest reasons they live here. And man thank you so much for saving my town! My town wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for your firefighters! Me: Don't need to thank me, you saved my town from obliteration! (Chapter 2). For that I am eternally grateful. You save my city and I'll always save yours if you ever have trouble. That's what best friends are for! I return back to my town... ----------South Residential Expansion---------- In order to meet the very high residential demands, a new residential sector will be created that extends south of the main town. Stats as of now before expansion: We have nearly $25,000 in the bank and we're a modest $400 a month. Residential demand is up the roof! The roads are drawn... (Note that these roads were drawn before the gravel roads) New growth: Found the pics of the gravel roads being added! Before: After: (Six new windmills were built in order to meet power demands. We're producing 1200MW and receiving 1000MW from WL River Town) Schools are finally having an effect! A new DSW shoe warehouse store: A new trail among the beautiful woods behind the store: Our population is now over 4000 sims, and we're making over $700 a month! New farms were built known as the North Farming Sector: Beautiful evening at Central Square Ghosts congregate at the cemetery, telling each other stories of the lives they lived and kids they scared The next day, we get hit by a thunderstorm... Storm season's been pretty quiet this year, although next year is predicted to be intense since there's an air current that comes down every couple years that allows severe storms. This is a weather pattern that results in tornadoes but only every 3-5 years. A downpour in an April afternoon: Some back yards are flooded but amid the rain the baseball and soccer teams still practice in the flooded fields! A few days later, the East Residential area gets an expansion: Even after the growth, residential demand is still very high. I finally decide to take the leap... I zone medium density residential and commercial around the central square area And up they go! This is a huge milestone, and the first sign of urbanization. They grow up so fast! ==========The First Apartments========== Medium density offices will soon be built here as well. The apartments line up around the Main Central Square area, which someday, will be the Down Town! Population is now over 5000 and we're making nearly $1000 a month! Now it's over 6000 and we're making over $1200 a month! We have $45,200 in the bank! That's the most we ever had! Let the good times continue!!! However...While the town may be booming now, all the new apartments have made traffic issues much worse: (Note the new mansion! Our first R-$$$ House, that's another milestone!) Mathew warned us about this. This brings us to the next major milestone: ==========The First Roads!========== The roads are paved along the Main Central Square and extend to North and South Industries (Where most people work) Much better! There's still some trouble spots but there's definitely improvement! Also take note that we tore down the six windmills that were around the cemetery. Mayor Mathew built a second coal power plant so now we're receiving 4000MW of power a month for only $243/month! That's much better than the $300/month for 1200MW of power from the windmills! In the mansion in the above image lives my friend Ben, the manager of one of the low density CO-$$$ business. Thanks to all the traffic, he was able to make huge profits and have a big mansion built right down the road so he only has to walk to work. He's done a lot of good things to this city! *Thunder* (Notices distant flashes of lightning in the night sky) Another powerful thunderstorm heads our way on this fine evening... On that note, let's end it here. To be continued... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay tuned for Chapter 6! Story Summary (For those who are in a rush) A lot has happened in this chapter! First we saved the neighboring city (Woodland River Town) from a raging wall of fire by sending our firefighters from our town, to which Mayor Mathew highly appreciated. We got back, and expanded the east housing in our town, got hit by a few thunderstorms, built more farms, created a south residential area, first apartments, first mansion (R-$$$) and first paved roads ever. We also got our power deal increased from 1000MW/m to 4000MW/m, and we no longer need power plants. All the power we receive now comes from Mathew's town. Population has increased from 2000 to 6100 and profit from $400 to $1200 a month. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment Replies from last Update (Chapter 4 Part 2) @Tonraq: I'm glad too! Loans ain't cheap! @Kim Sunwoo: Thank Mayor Mathew for that, if he didn't come in and stop the obliteration, this journal would really be a two-update short story! @dabadon5: Thank you! @Paulobergonci: Glad you like it! I want to play the game as fair but realistically as possible, and balance things out. I'll always make beautiful shots but also show normal in-game shots as this city grows. One day when it hits 1 million we can look back to this update and remember the memories! @anytownUSA: It is indeed. You'll later on see another town (in a future update) that learned the hard way about growth... @VonCheese: That's what makes the game fun, I enjoy a challenge! I want to show the beauty of this game and Photoshop as well without neglecting the core aspects of the game play! At heart, this CJ is about a town that goes from 0 to 1 million sims, and every obstacle it overcomes. It's the story that makes it interesting, and this is still only the beginning of this journey! @jolteon: Thank you! And I did by using Paint.Net, creating a 2nd layer, creating white blobs and blurring and distorting (use dents) them then repeating until they were realistic enough. (Hint: Multiple layers of different shades of white) Before that, I also took a pic of both cities and pasted them together (I'll post a tutorial later down the road)
  3. This is the story of a humble little town with big dreams, dreams to become a metropolis, and overcome major obstacles. In this journal, the Mayor (Me) will take on the challenge of starting with the zero simoleons mod, and build a city that will reach 1 million sims population, from nothing! (On hard mode of course) I can't take this on alone without sharing this, so I will document every step and every obstacle I encounter to ultimately achieve such a huge undertaking, and I will need all the help I can get! Together, we shall do this, test your knowledge of this game and help this city grow. The screenshots will be a mix of unedited with UI, and more aesthetic ones for the story. This journal will go in depth into the struggles the mayor and how he builds a city in an unforgiving world. The World... Also, these cities are in the same planet as The World Journal! Where does this take place? Note that this does not take place on Earth but on another Earth-like planet that hasn't been discovered in real life. There will be way more information on this later on in the story, including space shots but here's the general summary: It is close to our sun as well in our Galaxy. The differences in these worlds are, it's slightly smaller than Earth, (gravity 95% of Earth, 100 pound on Earth = 95 pounds on here). The planet is referred to as "Earth" by it's inhabitants, but we have no name for it yet. It has two smaller moons as opposed to one, and due to it's tilt and moons, every 10-20 years, there is major climate instability for about a year. Instead of Countries, it is divided into several republics their sub-divisions. The two main ones to worry about are the Blue Republic and White Republic. Cities can register once their considered a "city" to them depending on their political affiliations. (Democratic, etc.) There are many cultures around the world. White republic are primarily English/American-like, while Blue Republic are more European, English, Italian, French, etc. There are wars, there is famine, and problems just like our Earth, with the climate leveling the playing field every decade or two. I will be using no cheats, no demand mods or any major game-altering mods (other than the zero simoleon mod). Only NAM with CLASSIC traffic controller (the standard Maxis one) installed. Basically, this is almost the same UN-modded SC4 deluxe game but with cosmetic mods and buildings. Before I start, I choose my starting Mods, NAM being the first one of course: Note the classic traffic Simulator is selected, to make it harder for me Here is the plugins folder I'm using for all this: If there's any mods you guys recommend, please don't hesitate to tell me! (unless it's a cheaty-mod!) Basically...this is it for now. All the mods I need. I will add many more mods to this game, whether this could be larger custom BAT schools/hospitals or fire/police stations. The only rule is: No Cheat mods or anything that gives me an "unfair advantage." If it makes the game harder however, then I'll take it! The Beginning... We start out on a large map, with plenty of land for 1 million sims, and a beach south east. It has lots of forests, a few small hills and large plains. The only downside is that the location of the map is highly conductive to super-cell thunderstorms, making it highly prone to tornadoes and waterspouts (kind of like tornado alley), flooding and electrical storms. The settlers find the perfect spot, a nice little patch surrounded by beautiful lodge poles, oaks and many other types of trees: Take note, there is absolutely NO money to start with. How is this possible, you may ask? With a nice little $5000 loan of course! The city shall be named "Woodland Metropolis II" With no other choice, we will have to start our city in debt! We'll have to spend our money wisely, and we shall start very small... A small simple street. It's all we need for now. The Windmill seems like the perfect plant to begin with. We lower the budget to 10! A challenge like this really makes you keep mind of your budget, and to truly minimize your expenses. It'll be a while before I become profitable! We have a nice, small little town! Unfortunately, we're already at a loss...We're losing $30 a month, most of which is coming from the loan payments! Two small shops, a few houses and two farms makes up this quaint little village. It's hard to believe that one day, this place will have 1 million sims! In a desperate attempt, I zoned a small industrial factory just north of the two stores; But this required raising the funding for the Windmill to supply the power to the hungry factory! We're making more money but we're also losing more money! This could be the beginning and the end, with only $273 left! (Note how the main loss is from the loans, but we can't afford to wait can we?) So here we stand, with our money dwindling, we are already losing this town. Is this the end? The shortest City journal ever to grace Simtropolis? We have three options: 1. raise the taxes, 2. Take out another loan 3. Invest the rest of what we have and cross my fingers... Woodland Metropolis II has over 90 Sims, all low wealth, with two shops, two farms and a factory. We need your help! What can we do? Comment below for suggestions and we shall see in the next update if the crisis is resolved! Stay tuned...
  4. Messy junction

    Version 1.0.0


    Ok. This is my first creation. First, I want your honest opinion. It`s a bit messy and you might need to change some roads but everything should be working. If you have any ideas how I can improve this junction, please tell me.
  5. South America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of South America. Zip contains grayscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  6. Australia

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of Australia. Zip contains greyscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  7. Africa

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of Africa. Zip contains greyscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  8. North America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of North America. I have spent the last week trying to add rivers but end up raising the land level after every render, see the last screen shot. I have tried a few different things with no success, if anyone out there has an idea, please let me know.
  9. United Kingdom

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of the United Kingdom.
  10. Hey there! I have some great ideas for new projects, based on a real life buildings. But they are all much bigger than the allowed grid size. Max tile size is around 12x13 while these buildings need at least 20x20. Have any of you made huge buildings like these? How did you do it? You scale it down? You just go bigger and place no props there? Please tell me your experiences. Best regards, Kliekie
  11. REVELIÓN CITY: Population: 150.400 Location: Isla Grande Province Description: Is a capital of Lomas del Viento, the largest city of this country and there is a record of high density of buildings. It's an important financial center, also it's a cultural centre where The Metropolitan Musem is the a national symbol. Estadio Mundialista de Revelión, a modern stadium with european style. Property of Revelión Tigers. The stadium is multi-purpose but is mainly used for football. The Metropolitan Museum, cultural center of the city. Plaza Grande. There are a bulding of Congress, a National Library and the Revelión university. Plaza Grande at the night The modern financial center. Is distinguished the Aurora Offices, a chinese company. The old residential zone. There is "Torre Paradiso" looking at The Metropolitan Museum. An artificial island. A "mini" port area. View of the modern residential zone. The bottom, the Plaza Grande. The Mayor Statue, sample of the authority of the president Don "Pato" Carranza in the city.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    As says in the Title, it's 64x64, or 4288 Real life Square Kilometers, to give an idea of how big that is, the size of Timbuktu and when you automatically create a new Region is 16x16, or 268 Square Kilometers. How to use/download the Region: 1. Download the config.bmp and Floris.jpg files. 2. After you've downloaded the config.bmp and Floris.jpg files, you wan't to start a new automatic region. 3. Then you wan't to hold down [shift] + [alt] + [ctrl] + r, and double-click on the Floris.jpg file, and Wallah! WARNING: May take up to 8 Minutes to download the Region (ingame) Also, be sure you create a new folder in your "SimCity 4 Regions" Folder, with both the jpg and bmp files in it, so that way it doesn't flood your "Downloads" Folder, and that's about it, enjoy! (Floris Valley town, not included)
  13. Floris.jpg

    Version 1.0.2


    Floris.jpg, required.
  14. config.bmp

    Version 1.0.2


    config.bmp, required.
  15. Welcome to Cape Catfish - The financial district (this screenshot isn't the newest one - now we got a elevated train ) Cape Catfish started as a merger of some small towns. This towns are Weimar and Gendenburg and also the industrial zone Eidenburth. If you confused about some names, i'm from germany And sorry, my english isn't the best... Without further ado - let's get back to the theme Cape Catfish is growing pretty well In the last years. With the take over of a new coast, the city started do developed strong enough, to be the new capitol. A big financial district, the fly daze international airport and Netherisland are some of the new additions to the city. - The capitol district -Netherisland in the Liver-Pool Bay, the Capitol and the Central Park (The tourist zone is called Netherisland, because the island is so low that it was flooded during the construction phase. Liver-Pool is a stormy bay^^ ) - Fly Daze International Airport -Dean Morris district and Floaton Park Thank you for reading and watching If you got feedback write it in the comments. And last but not least - Nothing is final yet
  16. South City (1) - Cleverdon District

    Ok. The aim of this CJ is gonna be something small that I am doing on the side of the youtube series. Kinda just a place where I can talk about what I am doing and get some extra ideas. It won't be anything big, with minimal amounts of images as I don't really have the time or patience to do that kinda stuff. The plan is to have 4 major cities (North City, East City, South City and West City.) and then link them all up with RHW and build small towns along those highways. It may take a long time but I think I project in Sim City will bring me back to the game. In regards to South City, this area (Cleverdon District) is going to be the suburban-inner city fringe, with some suburbs hopefully looping around the hills in the video. I'll have a highway cutting across the already built one, that will connect the suburbs on the other side and hopefully expand out to maybe a smaller city a few tiles away. I plan for the downtown/CBD area to be on the lake tile, with it either being on one side of the lake or with the lake being the focal point of the area. Most of the highways will end up here, and hopefully form a loose grid/block system. As for the industrial, I am not sure where I am going to put that. It might come at some later point, maybe in the north-east quadrant just north of where development in this video is. Any ideas for addons or for design idea would be greatly appreciated. I have quite a lot of the basic dependencies, but in relativity probably not many XD. Also, I would prefer specific buildings instead of general comments about extra buildings. That is pretty much it. Be sure to subscribe to my channel, I also try to play a few other games on it, but thought I should return to Sim City. Thanks Haso/Rodriguez
  17. Altapat



    Invented by me. Big map. 70 big city, 16 medium city, 8 small city.
  18. Hillside Manor

    Version v1.0


    This is my first BAT, nothing really else to say but that the house is a 3x4 landmark that costs 1000 simoleons and has 40 simoleons worth of monthly payment. Hope that this is a good start
  19. Metro New York

    Version 2.0


    This is one hell of a huge map. 74km x 91km to be exact. It took my laptop about 3 hours to render it in game using the 'ctrl shift alt R' method. I tried to do it in SC4 Mapper but I couldn't get it to work for some reason. It covers the whole of NYC and beyond!
  20. Another Big Earth Map

    Version 1.0


    My first upload.. Another big map of Earth. This is a massive map - 120 x 60. Takes around an hour to render and the top right corner does not go right to the edge of the map. There is no land to build on in that area so this does not affect gameplay in any way. Will try to make a short video showing how big it is and upload it someplace. Worth a try before that happens though! Let me knw what you think. Cheers
  21. (Sorry about the lack of update yesterday, this one took a while to make. Images are 1080p, to see them much larger, click on them) (Yellow Text is construction crew, Green Text is news crew/author, Red text is Dennis Brown (mayor of Ashville cities) and Blue text is Jack Green (Mayor of Coastland Metropolis.) Breaking news! Ashville population now at 700,000! Mayor Dennis Brown now has his eyes on becoming the first city to EVER to break 1 million population on Hard mode, as he approaches the 3/4th mark. We're live here at Ashville Metropolis, Anything you got to say mayor Brown? "I...I can't believe I actually made it that far, Ashville has stopped growing after 600,000 but then it bloomed again. I look forward to making the headlines and breaking this barrier. I know that getting those last 300,000 is going to be much more difficult, but I'm going to do it, I want to break 1 Million Sims!" Wow, your population is at 728,000 right now! At the rate yours is growing, you'll definitely hit the barrier. Coastland Metropolis will be the 2nd city to hit 1 million on hard, but that's still a great honor for them! "Hey, I gotta thank Mayor Green, if he didn't build that high speed rail, this city would be gridlocked!' "Did you not hit some kind of demand cap or anything?" "Yes, but like any responsible mayor, I Googled my city's issues and found several solutions' Good, well thank you for your time! Keep up that city! GOOGLE? You used GOOGLE to solve your city's problems?! Ah, I admit I used it a couple times too, helped me break my demand cap. (Commercial area at Ashville Metropolis) 'Mayor Green, Your city is at 520,000 sims, we're the biggest cities in this region...But gosh this is getting harder! I actually wiped out ALL my dirty industry from my city and built it up north, connecting it to I-45. YOU DID WHAT?! See for yourself: (The Great Coast region) (4:57 PM) I know you moved the industries to another tile, but mayor you're showing no regard to the environment, you're disrespecting mother nature. I know you're trying to reach 1 million sims, but at what cost? "It's worth it" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5:50 A.M. Good Morning! We have recently widened our main avenues, and now we're going to connect Interstate 45, with interstate 565, to go west. We're going to build a 4 way interchange! Here are the plans: The highway that runs through Coastland City is now Interstate-35, and route 466 will merge with another highway (In the yellow) and intersect with interstate 45, and head up north. I-45 will intersect with I-35, and Highway 565, and go west. The red line there is Coastland Avenue (for clearer picture) and the purple are the monorails. Also, notice the new towns that were started, now Ashville has some towns built to the right, and a new one in our County called District 121, which, like District 105, is mostly of medium wealth houses. (New York Style) Today, we're headed to the one on the left, deemed as: Interchange City 1. (I-City 1 for short) Anyways, let's head outside and...RAIN?! (6:01 A.M.) Rainy morning Downtown Coastland Metropolis Aw man! I forgot the weatherman called for rain ALL DAY. We'll have to keep building anyways, come on! We're headed to I-City 1! By the way, those two water towers you see there were the VERY first ones ever built. They've been dead for a while, but they're landmarks now, for historical purposes. Drivin' through our newly widened Coastland Boulevard: (6:09 A.M.) Raining pretty hard... (6:11 A.M.) Coastland Boulevard intersects 45th Avenue You might need this... Press play... http://youtu.be/p7XmVCfC_LY Highway 35... (6:17 A.M.) We're here! Woah, it's swampy out here. And POURING! Man, it's raining cats, dogs, elephants and monkeys! (7:28 A.M.) Let's see if anyone's out here.. I see someone! Let's ask that him if anyone's working! (Rolls down window) Hey! Is anyone working out here? Mayor Green is that you? No, we're not working today, the Area's closed due to the weather. We're packing up for today, the rain has made the area too dangerous and muddy, so we decided to take today off. Here's what we were working on yesterday: We couldn't find the right piece, but thanks to a Simtropolian, who helped us find the right piece (I think his name was Indiana Joe or somethin'). We were able to finish the main interchange. Well, what are ya'll working on then? We're putting up the signs and finishing the connections. Lights were finished, here's some images from yesterday: (1:52 PM) (Interstate 45 (East to West) intersecting Highway 565 (South to North) (11:24 PM) Yesterday Sorry to disappoint you'all! I know you want to show the simtropolians how we build our highways... This is jank, we wanted to see some construction. Now what are we going to do to entertain these people? Why don't you drive around, and show them the new town you built over there, let's see... District 121? And then Coastland Farming? I heard they're building new apartments! Nice! Let's go! Yeah....We get a lot of rain in the summer, but usually in the afternoon. This storm season's an active one this year. 8:24 A.M. Let's see...go to Techville's SPUI interchange, then take a right and go north to District 121... Here we are! This is a little town I started to satisfy some of that middle class demand. They're some nice suburbs for people who prefer to live in houses away from the city. Here it is: (8:46 A.M.) Umm Mayor, what a lovely town you got up there, would be nice if I could actually SEE IT. Oh, sorry about that, it's too high up, but if you look really closely you can make out the avenue, which comes from Techville (south, or bottom of above image). The neighbor connector is covered by the cloud but it's right around the bottom of the avenue. Here are some closer shots: (8:50 A.M.) Main city streets soaked as rain comes down, water running down the roofs and backyards appear soaked too. (The town's main avenue is to the right of this image) Most Sims are indoors right now, watching TV, or just doing stuff to pass the time. On the left side of the avenue (actually called Tech Avenue) are the estates, these houses have bigger lots, with bigger front and back yards: (9:01 A.M.) Elementary school closed for summer I love these neighborhoods, they're peaceful, and the smell after the rain is amazing. Alright, let's go to Highlands, I need to buy some food at the new Walmart they built (I'm not mayor of highlands) we'll take the monorail! We have arrived... (9:25 A.M) 50% off back to School special for only today! Even the rain won't stop these shoppers... Wow... Is this rain going to stop at all? Alrighty we finally found a parking lot... (Courtesy of Google) My boots are soaked! Let's see... Random person: Hey, aren't you the mayor of Coastland? Yes, me and my friend. We're shopping for food. Can I have your autograph? Hey I'm a mayor not some famous celebrity! You will me if you beat Ashville Metropolis and reach 1 million people first! Sorry, I'd rather pay respect to mother nature and get 2nd than to build all that dirty industry. _____________________________________________________________________ In fact, here's an image from yesterday of new growth: (2:20 pm) New buildings in Coastland Metropolis (Same place right now) Those new buildings got the population to 518,000 Sims. We'll see you around! See ya later! Now let's check out those apartments at Coastal Farming: (10:01 A.M.) Still raining! Alright, I'm waiting this rain out, We're going to Coastal Metropolis, (The city down the beach) hopefully it's not raining there too hard!) Here's an image of where we're going (taken yesterday) (Yesterday, 3:40 PM) Coastland Boulevard) Yes, that's Coastland Boulevard, This avenue cuts through Coastland City (north of this image) and Cuts through Coastland Metropolis. The mayor of Coastal Metropolis widened his stretch to 6 lanes, and built Hi-tech industries and commercials. Here we are! (11:24 A.M.) Quite a drive isn't it! I drove through all that rain, but the rain finally stopped here! Children are out playing in puddles, the fresh after rain smell in the air... These roads are pretty wet though. This storm's moving west to Ashville now, they're getting rained on. Anyways, I'm going to stay here for tonight, and we'll see you again soon! I hope you all enjoyed this big update, and sorry about the rain, it's only nature. Thank you all for reading! Remember if you want to hear the history of Coastland, check out the first 3 updates. We'll see you later!
  22. Returning to Coastland Metropolis

    Thank you Schulmanator and Ace for your comments! Welcome back to our regional tour, we are now on our way back from Ashville Metropolis to Coastland Metropolis... For anyone confused, here is a map of the whole region: (Use this is the reference map) Remember, we're driving, this is a tour....The red line you see is the trip we took to Ashville Metropolis last update, the blue lines are on our way back through I-45, through the interchange at Lakeland Metropolis to Highway 565, into industrial city, through Coastland Metropolis, and the 5 cities ahead...You ready? Let's go! (4:45 PM) We'll skip Industrial town for now, and go to Coastal Metropolis, a young city with medium wealth houses inland and high wealth mansions growing towards the coast... (5:00 PM) Highway 565 is above (not shown in pic) The highway pictured here is Route 466. More mansions are under construction, and beaches are planned to be built for tourists. (Over-exposed image of medium wealth suburbs in Coastal Metropolis, yes it's very bright due to exposure) Population: 11,524 Next up, a nice little commercial/residential town I call "Highway Turn" District where as mentioned earlier, US Highway 565 "TURNS." Yes, it "turns." (Again, no other name for it) Population: 1,618 (5:35 PM) The name is very "fitting" if I do say so myself. It is under development, a nice young town under development. Now, we are off to Woodland City: (5:55 PM) This pic was taken from an airplane, a bit of atmosphere in this pic. Woodland Metropolis (planned to be renamed) is right next to Lakeland City, boasting a population of 200,000 Sims! Yes, a city of mostly Medium/High wealth sky-rises, commercial sky-skyscrapers, and high-tech industries, with Highway 565 dividing the suburbs from downtown. It was always a naturally fast growing town due to its location, and it is currently boasts the highest population of any medium-tile city in the region. (7:02 PM) Afternoon at Woodland City, exit ramp off Highway 565, leaving Woodland City We now head up north into the 3 cities ahead on H-565...All powered and watered by Coastland Metropolis First up, Coastland District 15: (7:15 PM) Over exposure of Coastland District 15, I must choose a better time to take these shots...Note the monorail that goes under Highway-565, couldn't build monorail over the highway due to bugs. Now we're off to Tech Town, a beautiful...um...beautiful....what in the... (7:31 PM) (Highway goes over another monorail) A city of beautiful High-tech, clean...WHAT IN THE.... (7:32 PM) No words...Population: 43,422 MAYOR! What have you done to Tech Town ! Our simtropolians can't breathe! (Mayor of Tech Town is Ryan Martinez) Ryan Martinez: "Well, demand for hi-tech went down, and we were losing money, so we decided to move dirty industries in, until the tech demand returns...in the meantime, here are some gas masks. ...Thanks mayor...but .you really should rename this city to "Polluting-tourist-suffocate-Death Trap town" Ryan Martinez: "Yeah...right..."With 43,000 sims, this is the largest small-tile city in the region. There's still lots of room to build! You think he's really going to rename it? Yeah...like that would actually happen! Hahahaha.... Last City, Coastland Commerce. We get off the Highway here... Population: 0 Only consists of shops and factories... (7:45 PM) It's getting pretty late, we're getting off this exit... Anyways, we're now back to Lakeland Metropolis...To conclude this update, here's some more images: (7:53 PM) Exit off Interstate 45 (7:55) Lakeland Avenue (remember the sneak peek last update?) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this update. Someday we'll do a night version of this tour... coming up next...we'll see... (8:00 PM) WAIT A SECOND... MAAAAYYYYYORR!!!!!!!!!!
  23. The Big City [Update 04]

    The Big City New larger photos! New graphics for the journal! It's a brand new New Philadelphia! Yeah, yeah I know, this journal hasn't really been around long enough to need a revamp but my hard drive went kaput and I lost everything. So I figured since I had to redraw all of the graphics I might as well try something new. I hope you guys like it. Now time for the update. Today we will be visiting the newest city in New Philadelphia, Elwyn. 4.01 Here is the city's focal point, City Hall. This is where Front Street and Broad Street intersect. Towards the bottom of the picture you can see some of the real estate that lines the coast line. This is a favorite spot for people to live in the city. Main and Broad Streets are also a popular place for the cities biggest companies though future development may call for a more diversified community with more residential buildings lining these streets. 4.02 Here the Blue Line runs through a medium density neighborhood. This is a quiet part of town littered with parks and low-rise office buildings. It is doubtful any new development will involve high-rise properties in this area but you never know. I am thinking of downgrading the oneway roads to streets because this area does not see too much traffic. 4.03 Here is another main intersection within the city. In the upper right corner you can see the Elwyn Police Department HQ. The east-west route in this picture (currently designated as 12th Street/A1) was not a part of the original city plan but was later added as part of the construction of the city's current hospital. Not only did the addition of this wider boulevard improve traffic congestion around the hospital it also provided a new main thoroughfare through the CBD and now sits on top of the Orange Line. 4.04 With an increasing population Elwyn has made great strides towards efficient waste management. This is the city's nervous system and provides all of the utilities for the city. To the north of the interstate there is plenty of room to expand the landfill and recycling centers. 4.05 The newly constructed country club is hosts many upscale events and caters to the city's wealthiest Sims. Many fought and still fight its existence because of it's large footprint where many higher density properties could be built in its place. Who knows, maybe it'll be rethought in coming years. 4.06 Now we head towards the coast. The southern coast is home to low density development. This is a quaint place with not much activity. This community is home to the second of the city's two marinas. Many Sims like to live here because it is close to the CBD but provides the comforts of suburban living. 4.07 This is the "town center" if you will of this small seaside community. Though it may have the small town feel it provides easy access to the interstate allowing Sims to get to and from work quickly and easily. This location is prime and there are rumors the city wanted to rezone this area for higher density development but the Sims are against that. We will see... 4.08 A glimpse into the maritime side of Elwyn. This is pretty much the extent of the maritime activity in the city. I'm not sure if I want to develop a port for the city or not. 4.09 Bordering the western edge of the seaside neighborhood is the city's airport. It was built a while ago and there are plans to expand the airport in an attempt to make the city of Elwyn a transit hub for the region. 4.10 The grand finale. Elwyn is still a young city and has a lot of opportunity to become a major hub for the region. On a more broad note regarding my cities and my journal, I would like to heavily mod things. I have laid down the main plan for this city and can now focus on adding more detailed and realistic buildings to it. For the journal, I'm trying to keep it casual without a main story. I mostly want to focus on city planning and design (I'm an engineering after all ). I hope you guys enjoy this update. I'm always looking for new ideas and suggestions so feel free to comment. Thanks for reading! Living in the 'Burbs @Schulmanator Thanks. I guess that's what you get when you grow up in the 'burbs. @nate1245 Thanks. I tend to focus on the transportation networks. @Mayorjacks Yes sir it is. All of the cities in this journal are/will be named after places in or around Philadelphia. ​@NurelFayed Glad you liked it. Sorry it is no longer. Hope you like the new design too. The Big City [Teaser] To everyone, thanks for the photo hosting suggestions. Per Superbacon's and my roommate's suggestions I have picked Imgur. @Superbacon I'm glad someone noticed. I've been trying to implement them every chance I get.
  24. I started the Big City Tutorial of the Maxis Default Timbuktu Region and it crashes as soon as the city loads. I've never had any crashing problems before. I haven't loaded hardly any plugins except the NAM on this clean install this year on this new computer built in Jan 2010. I'm planning to load seaports, farms, vehicles, but haven't yet. I rebooted the computer, eliminated any unnecessary programs such as antivirus, then started only SC4 to see if that would give more RAM to load the Big City Tutorial. Same result. No difference. Multiple other tries resulted the same. Does the Big City Tutorial have a problem and crash for other people? Any thoughts as to why it does this? I have the Exception Report but do not yet know how to decipher what is useful in it. Anyone know how to learn the crash reason using the report? Thanks. EDIT: The Making Money Tutorial does the same thing - But all the other's work fine. (I also just reset the Tutorials, and all the same results as before.)
  25. The Big City [Teaser]

    The Big City (Teaser) Hi guys! I'm working on a new update. Sorry I've been gone for so long. Once again computer issues have been the main issue. Long story short Apple gave me two sh*tty HDDs in a row. And I've lost everything again, so this is a fresh start. Please enjoy the teaser and the new look of the journal. Thanks for reading! P.S. If anyone has suggestions for a good hosting site for photos please leave it in the form of a comment below. I currently use Flickr but their largest photo size kinda sucks. Thanks!

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