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  1. Chapter 11: Expanding The Arteries

    Yes, the site had an issue where the links were blocked. The issue has now been fixed
  2. Chapter 12: A Summer to Remember

    Good ol' Photoshop, my friend It's all a matter of how well prepared you are before disasters. The tornado that destroyed Woodland Town was part of a super cell that formed as a major cold front pushed southwards and created atmospheric instability. (You know how it's stormy before cold fronts sometimes? Basically that but very bad). People definitely got to enjoy the pleasant weather outdoors since they had no home to go back to for a while.
  3. Chapter 12: A Summer to Remember

    Welcome back! School's out and summer has begun! It's time to make great use of the water park that was built a while back! Woodland Town, along with most towns in the region have stagnated a bit, with population hanging at 30,000 people. Plans to connect the towns and region by interstate and rail by the end of the year are in progress and will encourage major growth in all areas once completed. The Mayor and his wife have two kids, their son Jeremy who is 10 (going into 5th grade) and daughter Christina who is 8 (going into 3rd grade). A Summer to Remember I: A Trip to the Water Park It's another hot summer day This particular Saturday, however, it was very hot! Weather Report: July 8 Saturday Temperature: 96 Degrees Dew Point: 72 Degrees Feels Like: 107 degrees Rain: 80% Highs 98, Lows 73. Scattered showers throughout the day, isolated showers in the afternoon. I took the opportunity today to take the kids out to the new water park. They've been begging me to go the last couple weeks! Jeremy and Christina: Daddy let's go! Me: Christina put on your seat belts! Wife: It's really hot out today. The lines are going to be really long today! Me: I imagine. We get in the car and drive out: 1:24 PM We arrive at the water park and as you see, it's quite crowded: Unfortunately, the trip was cut short and just as they were about to go back upstairs to go on the slide, the lightning alarm goes off. The wind started picking up and drizzles of rain began to come down. Me: "Alright, let's pack it up!" People start exiting in droves as the storm nears. Typical summer storm, we've been getting a lot of these lately but they're normal. I feel the temperature drop. 4:15 PM Just as we're leaving the parking lot, it begins to downpour: It rained for a good portion of the afternoon... The sun peaks through the clouds as the rain continues: 7:35 PM The rain finally let's up: Christina and Jeremy playing in the puddles in my front yard: Here's the current weather now after the storm: Weather Report: July 8 Saturday night Temperature: 76 Degrees Dew Point: 71 Degrees Feels Like: 81 degrees Temperatures have dropped by 20 degrees! Later That Night... The night is peaceful, with the occasional sound of a car streaking through the wet streets splashing up water and distant thunder. Kids from the local neighborhood join in for a pickup game: 10:12 PM Regional Night View: Woodland Town on the right, Woodland River City on the Left, District one above and Pleasant view below it, and Coibridge on the upper left. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2:57 AM I just got awakened by what sounds like a loud rumble. It definitely isn't thunder. Wife: "What's going on?" She says as she rubs her sleepy eyes Just then an even louder rumble booms in the distance, waking up the kids. Jeremy: "Daddy what's that? Another storm?" Me: "I'm going to find out." We all go outside and notice just about the entire neighborhood's been woken as well, as families head outside out trying to make out what's going on. I look at the skies for a sign of a thunderstorm but the skies are clear... Neighbor: "Mayor! Do you have any idea what's the heck is going on?" Me: "No idea, maybe an earthquake?" Neighbor: "Whatever it is it's woken up- *Boom* An even louder thunderous rumbling noise so loud that it rattles windows... I can sense people starting to panic. Christina hugs my leg and starts crying. Just then, the power goes out... To Be Continued... Thank you for reading! Don't forget to leave a comment if you haven't already! Like and follow to stay tuned!
  4. Chapter 11: Expanding The Arteries

    @EvansRE4 Thank you very much for your comment! Realism is the goal -Me I'm trying to get The Mayor to build a memorial for the victims of the tornado but we haven't picked out a location yet. Trust me though, nobody will ever forget that day, especially since the town is threatened by these often enough to remind us lol -Ben
  5. Sights From London

    Your attention to detail is amazing! It's like I'm actually there!
  6. Show us your city's detail/close-ups

    Students leaving high school, either walking/biking home, waiting on their parents or boarding the bus the last day before spring break!
  7. Chapter 11: Expanding The Arteries

    Ring Ring! Ring Ring! The final school bell echoes across the school campus, signifying a break for freedom! Just minutes later the ringing bells give way to cheering and chatter of over 1,000 students, as they pour out of every door of Woodland High School: But today is more chaotic than usual... Everyone at school is very happy because it is the Friday before spring break! As for me and anyone who owns a car on the other hand... Rush Hour After doing some more negotiations with mayor Matthew (mayor of River City, the neighboring city West of Woodland Town), I make the drive back down main street back home. Meanwhile, my wife went to pick up our kids from elementary school. However, what is normally a 15-20 minute drive is turning into a 1 1/2 hour drive because of this...ridiculous...traffic! I swear I'm about to rip my hair out! You can practically smell the heat coming off the asphalt it's so hot! Seems I'm not the only one who feels this way. Horns blare as tension builds among impatient commuters, all of them going down the same road, trying to either pickup their overly-exited spring break eager teen, coming home from work, or going out for a nice stroll. Me and Ben in the car: Me: "Alright, after this red light for sure!" Ben: "It's about time, we've been stuck at this light for the past half hour!" We're finally about to take a right to go south of the water tower down main street The light turns green as desperate drivers scramble to beat the light. We yell at the cars ahead... Me: "Hurry up! Come on!!!" Ben: "Go! Go!!" It's 5, then 4, then 3, then 2 cars ahead of us... *Light changes to yellow* One car ahead... Both: "GO! COME ON! *Light turns red again* The one car ahead of us stops... Me: "Are you kidding me! He could've gone!!" *I press my forehead on the steering wheel* *Ben pats me on the back.* Ben: "It's okay, we'll make it for sure next time, now we just gotta wait another 5 minutes...." Me: "I regret designing the roads like this, *chuckles,* What's in that folder anyways?" Ben: "Oh, that's fan mail!" Me: "Fan mail? What's that?" Ben: "Comments about your city people sent to my address." Me: "Cool, let's open them!" *Ben hands me the mail and I unwrap the first letter*: From @Sciurus "I really like the atmosphere... good job !" Me: "He likes the atmosphere! He must really like heat because we're sweating like pigs right now *chuckles*" Ben: "For sure, this year it's going to be even hotter than last year. At least no tornadoes this time around." Me: "Let's see what this one says:" *Unwraps* Ooh Fancy! This one has a nice page border! The letter reads: From @madhatter106 "What a delight to find so many of my little mid rise office BATs popping up in here. Beautifully done! I wish my cities looked as good as this." Me: "...Bats? In my offices?! Where?!! I don't want anyone catching rabies in my town!" Ben: "*Chuckles*, not those kind of bats!" Me: "Well that's good then! Does he mean baseball bats then? Must be talking about the baseball league..." *Ben face palms* Ben: "He's an architect...and not just any architect, he's the architect that designed a lot of the mid-rise offices in this town, you know, like the one your wife works in?" Me: "Oh that makes sense! Cool, he wrote to us!" Ben: "Yep, BAT means Building Architect Tool. A lot of architects use it to design buildings, forward it to other architects, then send us the blueprints. They are later approved by contractors and then ultimately built in their designated zones. Mad Hatter's designs have a distinct look to them, they're quite lovely! He's very happy to see his designs used in the region! As the city gets bigger, it will attract more architects who will want their skyscrapers built downtown!" Me: "That's awesome! He's a mayor too, I wonder- *Light finally turns green* Me: "Finally!!" Ben: "Let's go!!" We finally round the turn, right into... We're in the red car left of the large water tower, right behind the white sedan, just barely made the turn. See it? That's us. Yet another red light! Hooray!! *Ben: "At least this one is faster. Since this road gets priority, we'll go faster." *Random guy next to us lowers the window* Guy: "Hey Ben!" Ben: "Hey Mark! What's up! Mark: "Just going to the high school to pick up my daughter. It's just this traffic *his phone rings* She's calling me...Hello?" (He talks to her in the background) Ben: *Turns to me* "Mark works in Woodland River City, he maintains the electric flow between our towns..." Me: "What?" Ben: "He manages the power plants and makes sure we're getting the power that Mayor Matthew dealt with. He makes sure the electric grid is working and coordinates repairs if something goes wrong." Mark: "Well! Never mind, looks like she walked all the way back home! "Ben: "Doesn't she live halfway across town?" Mark: "Yep, she got tired of waiting and decided to walk home. Again. Since it's faster now. Bus drivers are getting paid overtime too." Mark: "Mayor, you better do something about this traffic, people are getting very antsy. I don't like my daughter walking through the sketchy part of town because she can't wait!" *We split off into a different road* This traffic is quite bad, especially along main street. Even railroads are up to capacity! Morning and afternoon rush hour has really made it a nightmare to commute. Ben: "It's because there's only one lane for traffic. We need to widen the roads and add more lanes! It's time to widen these roads into avenues. It's going to take a couple months but we should be done before summer! Only downside is they're quite a bit more expensive." Me: "It's worth it. I love my citizens, I don't want them getting angry haha" Spring Break Fun Fact: That little 3x3 lot in the picture below is the only reminder of the great fire early in this town's history: Here's the chapter where it happened: The railroad curves through the residential area near downtown: Expanding The Arteries First day of Spring Break... Let's take advantage of the low traffic and begin widening the roads! Here are my professionally drawn architectural road widening plans: Work has already begun down main street: Over the months, the roads were laid out, along with a median. This will soon become a 4 lane avenue! It's going to cost us a bit but it'll be worth it in the long run! Some stores and homes had to be demolished, displacing over 1,200 people. Some either moved to the neighboring towns or the new homes that were built here. New business rush to be the first to claim the main avenue since they'll get more traffic: The avenue is paved... ...And finally one May afternoon, the lanes open! Traffic flow is much smoother! This made a huge difference! The main roads are like arteries and they need to be widened. The water towers were both moved but they're still within the same tile. Rush Hour... Me and Ben stand on top of the tall office tower left of the round water tower overlooking the main intersection: Ben: (Holding up clock) "It's almost rush hour...Think she can handle it?" Me: "I'm crossing my fingers..." It's quiet...too quiet. The roads are set, ready to take whatever traffic has to throw at them... The clock hits 5 and over the next minutes cars begin to pour into the new avenues as people head back home from work! Me: "No jams! They're not jamming up this time!" Ben: "She's holding up great!" *High fives and hugs* Woodland Town officially hits 30,000 population... Ben: "She's sure is growing up fast!" Me: "Yep! Where have the time gone? My son's already going into 5th grade, my daughter into 3rd and now our city has avenues! Ben: "After the tornado I didn't honestly think she'd recover." Me: "For sure. But she doesn't go down that easily. We will get to 1 million population one day!" Ben: "Dream big major...dream big..." Me: "She just needs lots of love haha!" Later that evening... The town's first rush hour with the avenues was a huge success! Barely any gridlock! A beautiful end to the day... Ben's two boys came over to my mayor's mansion to play with my kids after school today. He comes over to pick them up. Ben: (Hands me over two envelopes) "Here, we forgot these." Me: "Ooh, more fan mail?" Ben: "Yep" *Both of us open the two envelopes* From @tonyr "Nice work! " Me: "Why thank you good sir! We do take pride in providing you all with the best this town has to offer! Ben: "This person wants to know about our CAM farms!" Me: "hmm let's see..." From @The Edge "Looks awesome! How do you get the different coloured bits in the farm sections (in the first city)?" Me: "Ah, those are CAM designed farms!" Jeremy: (After overhearing me) "CAM? Daddy, what's that?" Me: "Ben can you explain?" Christina: "Dad haha he misspelled color! Mrs. Larson would take 5 points from him!" Me: "Haha, no sweet heart, see, before, color used to always be spelled colour, but they had to save ink on newspapers so they took the u out of it" Ben: "That's not exactly how it happened, but it's a long story. It's old English. Other words used to have it to. Our writer is likely of British descent." Christina: "Wow Cool! But what's a CAM?" Ben: "CAM farms are genetically enhanced fruits, they are modified to grow better and they are more nutritious and resistant to pests and a lot of diseases. These fruits were found in Simtropolis and grown here!" Jeremy: "What's genetic mean?" Me: "I'll explain it later." Ben: "Alright, I'll see you guys! Let's go!" All of Us: "Goodbye!" *Ben leaves with his kids* Goodnight everyone, thank you for reading and see you next update! Also don't forget to take the time to read the trivia facts, they will catch you up on interesting facts and story points in case anyone gets confused. This is mainly a story-driven-CJ with a lot of stories and plots within it, and it can get confusing if you're just discovering this journal. I don't just want to show a city, I want to show you the lives of those living in it and how the consequences of certain mayor choices, natural events, etc. affect them. Trivia Facts! - This entire update takes place from March to May 28, just before the last week of school. - This update only focuses on Woodland Town, and has no images of other cities in the region. Other cities were mentioned however. - Main street is still called main street and Central Square is still called Central Square. The main avenue that goes west to River City goes back to 2 lanes since Matthew hasn't widened the road on his end yet. - Christina Peterson and Jeremy Peterson are my children. Jeremy is 11, and Christina is 8. Jeremy was born about 8 years before the tornado destroyed Woodland Town. He was too young to understand what was happening that day but he does have vague memories. Christina was 5 when the tornadoes came. - Even today, I still occasionally find rubble from the tornadoes... - Woodland Town is the main focus town which me and Ben founded. Woodland River City is a smaller industrial town West of here which provides us with power for a cost, and we manage their trash. - The mayor of Woodland River City is known Mayor Matthew - Matthew was only mentioned but did not appear in this update. - Ben is my best friend, he is my business partner who made it possible to take out the 10,000 simoleon loan to found Woodland Town - Most people who were in the path of the road widening received a warning ahead of time and got paid the value of the home/business before demolishing. They were more happy with less traffic than losing their old home since they were compensated! - Ben has two sons and I have a son and daughter. Both my kids live with me in my mayor mansion. I own a normal red car. - Woodland Town is in a region that is nearly as prone to hurricanes as New Orleans. The climate borders on temperate but usually sub-tropical. - Woodland Town is also in a region that is hit by very violent thunderstorms producing super cells every 4-10 years due to a climate cycle. The last one produced the tornadoes that destroyed Woodland Town. - No cheats are being used in the making of this CJ. Quite the opposite actually, they are used to either make this game harder/more realistic or to transfer money from one town to another only. - A mod was used to make the avenues and roads more expensive than the default game. As of now, Woodland Town is in a deficit of nearly 1,000 simoleons. Luckily, the town has saved over 2 million so it'll be fine for now. - Woodland Town was nearly obliterated very early in it's life due to early debt. Ben saved it by reversing the obliteration process and told me to give the city another chance. Here is the Woodland Metropolis central square area over the years: Special thanks to @feyss, @aegian, @Manuel-ito, @mrsmartman, @JP Schriefer, @kschmidt, @bobolee, @Elenphor, @AndisArt, @aegian, @jakis, @bladeberkman, @aciaKa, @kingofsimcity, @korver, and @Cyclone Boom For all the likes!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    REGIONAL NIGHT VIEW MOD At long last, after a long time, I have finally made a mod that allows you to view your regions at night! After a long time of searching, turns out there's a hidden option maxis meant to implement in the SimCity_1.Dat file that allows regional night view! When you save a city, SC4 generates an image of the city that can be viewed in regional night view. This mod unlocks a hidden option that Maxis removed in the game's development that allows night mode in the region view. The game actually saves the nightlights already even without this mod believe it or not, just not at night. Now you can finally see night mode! I had to make the night view atmosphere manually using the DAT files and based it off SimFox Day'nite mod to match the mayor mode night view since all cool kids now'days are using it How to Install: You must follow these steps EXACTLY as below in order for this mod to properly work!!! 1. Unpack ONLY .dat files to the plugins folder 2. Unpack the DDS Saver Updater Mc-thingy.dll file into the Programs/Maxis/SimCity 4/Plugins Folder 3. Copy the DDS Files to to the same place as step 2 4. Also copy the .dds files to your plugins folder in My Documents while you're at it 5. Once finished, start the game. 6. You should see a new button on the regional view simniliar to the day/night on mayor mode panel! Once you see it, click on it and you can switch to a realistic nightview! In order to see nightlights, load up one of your cities (or civilized areas of your region!). In mayor mode, switch to day view then night view until all city lights are on. THEN save the game and exit to region. You MUST have it switched to night when you save. The reason for this is because of the way SC4 saves region files. Repeat for all cities. To switch back to daylight, follow the same procedure as previously stated but with day view instead of night view Now you must have SimFox Day n' Nite installed since I had to manually create the night view on the region that matches city view too. You won't see nightlights immediately though. 7. Please refer to the troubleshooting manual in my read me if you encounter any issues as it is highly imperative proper installation procedures are followed or cities may be corrupted, forever. It's likely they removed this feature because of the game's limitation of having to save every city and exit out in night mode, hence why they left it as day time. Bugs/Possible issues -At the moment, this mod only works on Windows. Tried installing this on a mac but it crashed then exploded (possibly for an unrelated reason) -Possible artifacts from Maxis -Requires EP1 update to work -It can get quite tedious saving every individual city in your region but boy it's worth it! Best part? If you want to switch back to day time, all you have to do is go back and save EVERY single city again but with day mode this time! Isn't that great?! -Likewise you also need update 1.1.640 for this mod to work -For months, I couldn't figure out how to get the UI to show up consistently. Give this mod a little time. It'll warm up to ya. -Occasional instability and slow FPS in night mode. -One time I used this mod to take pics of my region for my city journal! It's time I share with you...my genius! -Likely possibility of this mod not working if instructions are not followed correctly! 'Tis the season for Christmas, this mod is compatible with snow mod terrain and also compatible with NAM, CAM, SPAM, FLAM, JAM, DAM, DiaphRAM, etc. -Sometimes, the game crashes and corrupts all city files with this mod when taking screenshots. Must be another game limitation. Taking a screenshot with my iphone or samsung crashes the phone and the game. DEPENDENCIES: -SimFox's Day/nite Mod -SimCity 4 Rush Hour or Deluxe with EP1 or 1.1.640 update -A Working Windows PC -Working internet to show off your wonderful regional night views!
  9. Pacific Islands

    Your attention to detail is nothing short of absolutely mind blowing. This is not only the best city journal I have ever seen but this is a work of art. I had to double take on the image of Bora Bora from above I thought it was real life for a second But seriously I wish SC4 actually looked like that. Anyways, has anyone seen my jaw?
  10. Welcome back! A beautiful winter goes by as we welcome a new year, new opportunities and more growth! Let's get caught up in what has happened over the last 3 years! Woodland Town continues to grow and thrive... The southern Industrial Sector is expanded with more factories to meet increasing demands for work as more R$ move in: Population hangs around 25,000. Woodland Town is now the largest town in the region! More apartment buildings are built alongside the industrial area: A lake was dug out in order to help make the asphalt for the new roads and to create a nice, more natural landmark to break the monotony of the terrain around it: The proposed railroad is finally built, which will ease the major traffic problems in this town as well as connect to Woodland River City. New homes are also built in the space to connect the residential areas: Farming continues to expand as food demand increases. The Woodland Town Fire Department has expanded their firefighting ability with a landing strip: The railroad is a boon to the industries that transport freight. More manufacturing factories are built: As more industries are built, more residential areas are built, along with industries on the southern area of the town: The population approaches 30,000. Me, Ben, and mayor Matthew (of River City) Make plans to expand the railroad further and create a mass regional transportation system, especially for freight! The possibilities are endless! Simoleon income is only 2,000 a month but the treasury stands at 2 million from last year. A small University is built on the southern area of town, currently know as Woodland City College, complete with a few dorms with capacity to house 1,500 eager freshmen! While people will commute for classes there, some students are moving in from River City and Pleasantview since this is currently the only town with a college in the region: Along with railroads, construction has begun on a proposed 2-Lane regional highway that will serve as the interstate connecting multiple cities in the region: The highway is named Interstate 30, as the highway will connect to cities across the region and go east. Here's the proposed concept: Orange = Interstate 30 (Short Term) Blue = Proposed highway system (For the longer term) Green = Proposed Maxis Toll-Way (Will be very expensive as it will require demolishing) More images of Woodland Town: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the latest image of the region for reference: Our next door neighboring towns have grown quite a lot! Here's an older image of the region taken just a couple years before the tornado: Not only is there growth but I see some new towns popping up around the region! I see two new cities, Coibridge and Kenneth City. Let's visit our neighboring towns and see how much they changed! (Fact: Woodland Metropolis is the initial name but it is referred to as Woodland Town in the story, at least for now.) Welcome to Woodland River City! (Usually referred to as "River City") WL River City is currently the second largest town in the region, with a population of 18,330. Founded by current mayor Matthew Brooks, WL River City is small industrial town. WL River Town serves many important roles in the region, most notably being the main power provider to Woodland Town, as well as the Pleasant view and District 1. Founded shortly after Woodland town, the town is built along the river, surrounded by thick woodlands of mainly oaks and pines. Fun Fact: Woodland River City was not affected by the tornadoes. In fact, the town served as a haven for those who lost their homes! Mayor Matthew sent us resources whenever we needed them. Their trash is exported to Woodland Town. Mayor Matthew has accepted the railroad connection to Woodland Town! Over 4149 passengers commute to River City now! Yep, very busy railroads: The town's population is a mix of middle and low class folks. Most of the low class are housed in apartments around the central square, along with a dense apartment area west of the town center, housing over 4,000 people! There aren't a lot of high wealth, due to the 12% tax on them. Mayor Matthew prefers them simple folks! Besides, according to him, every time a R$$$ moved in here, they would complain and leave to Woodland Town either due to smog or noises. Life is actually pretty good in general here. The city has a lot of coal and oil power supplies which causes occasional smog, but most people are content living here. The town is built more compact, with services such as schools, clinics, police and fire stations concentrated around town center. Railroads snake through the woodlands delivering freight and transporting thousands of people to other cities. Large power lines stick above the thick woods, which deliver power to Woodland Town: The iconic sound of trains, especially in rush hour is a sound just about everyone is familiar with: The residential area here is made up of mostly apartments, with the occasional middle class home, which usually houses block mangers: A large oil power plant, arguably the tallest building in the region: We head south down the river to a small little town known as Pleasant View! These smaller towns are under my influence as a mayor. (This town and District 1) Welcome to Pleasant View! Here's how much it has grown over the years: (Older photo taken one early dawn) The town now has a population of 12,129! Pleasantview is only accessible by rail, at least until the highway connects it. North of River City is District 1: With a population of 13,866, like the rest of the region, this town has seen its fair share of growth over the years: Following the railroad west, we see a new start-up town known as Coibridge. The town has been separated from the rest of the region until it was finally connected with the road and railroad: Founded by Gene Philips (Current Mayor) this very fast growing town is the 3rd largest in the region with a population of 18,455. The city feeds off the high demands of smoggy heavy industries: Fast forward to today (Back to Woodland Town) I have two kids, a boy named Jeremy and daughter named Christina. Jeremy is in 4th grade and Christina is in 2nd grade. I drive them to school for their last day before Spring Break: I drop them off at Woodland Elementary (Pre-K to 5th Grade) before going to work at the city hall. My wife usually picks them up afterschool. Woodland Elementary School (WLES) School Schedule: 7:30 am - 2:30 am - Full Schedule 11:00 am - 11:45 am - Lunch 11:50 am - 12:30 am - Recess Thank you for reading! I apologize for the long wait but there's much more to come! I will try to update this much more often!
  11. Thank you very much! I changed the values using the TSCT and it worked, but the RHW is greyed out on the monthly cost per tile, is that hard coded?
  12. Is it possible to change the build and monthly cost of road/RHW networks with iLive reader? I can change the costs of other buildings looking in the exemplar files but I can't find such options for NAM networks. If so, is it also possible to change the construction cost of Maxis networks? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I'm editing the properties like the costs/monthly costs of a building in iLives Reader, but I can't find the properties for Cap Relief anywhere in the exemplars. Is it tied with "Landmark Effect"? I'm trying to edit a building so it provides demand cap relief, etc. Also, how or what property do you change to edit the desirability effects for wealth groups for a building? (like CO$$$, R$$, etc.)
  14. Woodland Town

    Images of Young Woodland Town
  15. Chapter 9: Rebuilding Woodland Town

    Huge update! For those who are new to this City Journal, here is a brief to catch you and learn the entire history of Woodland Town up until today, click on the spoiler below. For more details regarding the story of the town, go back through the first chapter and read through them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Although it's an old image now, here is an image map of the region for reference of where all towns are: Chapter 9 - Rebuilding The New Woodland Town It ain't an easy task, but it has to be done. I took out a 20,000 simoleon loan to make this possible and took care of lack of power. Instead of building an expensive power plant, Mayor Mathew sent me power from his town (Woodland River City) The town will never be the same after the tornadoes. The new buildings are much stronger and better equipped to handle winds. The old Woodland Town is may be gone, but the new one will be so much better! Population is past 5000 again, but we are still in the red. We don't have much money left and taking out another loan just puts us more in debt. We need something to push us over the edge into the green! So I built a pay toll for the road that leads to the neighboring Woodland River City (West of Pay toll in image below) We're well in the green now! The sun sets on the new town: The rest of the debris is cleared off and the town can fully grow back: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a lovely night as I settled into my new and rebuilt home with my family: ...Then suddenly...the power goes out! I instinctively open the mayor's panel and find out the problem: The power deal was cut off! I immediately meet up with Ben and we phone Mayor Mathew... *Phone Rings* Mayor Mathew: "Hello, this is Mayor Mathew" Me: "My entire town just lost power, what happened to the deal?" Mayor Mathew: "The deal should still be going, you're not getting any power at all??" Me: "Nope. You're not even showing up at all, there's no available deals at all." Mayor Mathew: "Hmm...that's strange. Try dragging another power line over to my town and demolish the old connection." Me: "Will do." .... Me: "Nope" Mayor Mathew: "Your town isn't showing up in my deals either, I don't know why the power lines don't accept the power, let me see how much capacity our power plants are at..." (Meanwhile in WL River City) Mayor Mathew: "We're overloaded! I don't have enough room or money for another power plant, you'll have to build one in your town until I can fix this in the meantime. I'm really sorry." Me: "Sighs. It's cool, no problem." *End of Call* Ben: "Mayor, my phone's ringing off the hook! People are complaining about the power outages. What did Matt say?" Me: "We're on our own." Ben: "What?!" Me: "We'll have to take out yet another loan." So I went in and took ANOTHER 20,000 simoleon loan: Ben: "We better invest this money wisely, either way I think we'll be okay." Since we're making good income, we agreed on building a natural gas power plant: Although it's more expensive and produces less power than it's coal alternative, it pollutes much less and looks nice! Power is back on! A new mansion is built for Ben: Woodland Town finally gets a city hall! Ben: "What the heck is that sign doing on top of our city hall?" Me: "No cars allowed?" Ben: "I'll take care of it. By the way, I upgraded your water towers too" Me: "Thanks Ben! I can always count on you!" Woodland High School also got renovated with a brand new and improved facilities including a new track and field! These facilities include: A football and rugby field, tennis courts, and baseball fields. The football fields can also double as soccer fields! We're getting a lot of residential demand now! Especially low wealth: To take advantage of this, the lower eastern residential section is expanded, with a nice 2 lane avenue extending out, resulting in the very first 4-way intersection ever built in this town! A cozy mix of middle and lower class neighborhoods are built: Woodland Town is now bigger than it has ever been before: A new waterpark is built along with a small park complex, including one next to the city hall: A new statue was built next to the city hall to replace the old one that was destroyed in the tornado: Seven new advisors were hired to work along with a few senators. The town is almost large enough to have it's own government. This makes it easier for me since they'll take care of things like paperwork and other issues while I can focus more on taking this town in the right direction. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ben: "I think it's high time we build a police station. I don't think River City's police officers should have to come all the way over here every time there's an emergency..." (image below rotated counterclockwise once) BREAKING NEWS... News anchor: "Two people have been found dead after a hostage situation...three injured and five more were rescued. We will keep you updated as this continues to unfold here on the channel 12 news." Me: "Well I don't want THAT happening in my town. Do you know what happened?" Ben: "Yup, that's what happens when you don't have a system for dealing with criminals. Those guys went on a shooting spree and took hostages. Police shot them and thankfully the hostages got out." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me: "Like it?" By the way Ben, what did you do with the no car sign zot thing that was on top of the city hall earlier? Ben: "I hid it" Me: "Where?" Ben: "The woods. The birds love playing on it. Love the new police station! Getting tired of people breaking into my mansion every month! I feel much safer now and I'm sure everyone else does too." Woodland Metropolis has now reached a population of 18,000 people... Our income is also very strong and we now have over 100,000 simoleons for the first time ever! Our loans are all paid off and our power deal with Mayor Matt has been fixed. I demolished the power plant and he is sending me 5000MWh/mo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One afternoon, the traffic advisor calls me and Ben in: Traffic Advisor: "Mayor, look at this!" "This is the third accident here this month! Mayor, you really need to do something about this traffic! Me: "Ouch, are they okay?" Traffic Advisor: "They're okay, although some are critically injured and have to go to the hospital at the next city by. You really need to widen those roads into avenues." Ben: "That would require a lot of demolishing and planning, it would change the infrastructure quite a bit." Traffic Advisor: "Well at least build some railroads and bus stops!" Me: "Will do!" ------------------------------------------- Ben: "Oooh..." Me: "Yeah this is bad..." I went in and placed a few bus stops for at least some relief. Afternoon rush hour: Whoa, look at the residential demand... How the heck did it go from positive to negative so fast? What's going on? Ben: "Oh I probably should've told you, Mayor Mathew built a whole bunch of low wealth apartments." Me: "An entire apartment complex?" Ben: "Yep, some dense medium density apartments!" Woodland River City's population jumped from 8,000 to 18,000! We hiked on over to Woodland River City (West of Woodland Town) To see how it's doing: Mayor Mathew: "Residential demand was really high, so I zoned for these to take care of it. Now we just need more jobs. You have more room. You're gonna have to build farms, industries, commercial offices, stores, etc. This region is starting to become very popular and you need some jobs!" Me: "We could build more farmland around the lower Western section...let's do it!" Ben: "Mayor, do you know just how much traffic this will generate? Think this through before we do this." Mayor Mathew: "I can extend my railroad to your city to keep my citizens off your roads." Me: "Perfect! We'll have to call for a meeting tonight with the city planners and advisors to see where to go from here." ^^^This is where Woodland Town's power comes from! Woodland River City also powers two other towns north and south of River City. Next Chapter, I address the traffic and job issues. This town is really getting closer and closer towards becoming city! To end this Chapter, here are some more images of the New Woodland Metropolis: Thank you very much for reading/viewing and I truly apologize for the long wait. I do have more time now so I won't be taking so long with updates anymore! If you have any questions about this town or journal, or any suggestions regarding what our next steps should be that I can forward to the advisors during the meeting, then leave a comment below! All comments are highly appreciated! This is interactive and your comments can impact the development of this town and even become part of the story!