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  1. Thank you very much! I changed the values using the TSCT and it worked, but the RHW is greyed out on the monthly cost per tile, is that hard coded?
  2. Is it possible to change the build and monthly cost of road/RHW networks with iLive reader? I can change the costs of other buildings looking in the exemplar files but I can't find such options for NAM networks. If so, is it also possible to change the construction cost of Maxis networks? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm editing the properties like the costs/monthly costs of a building in iLives Reader, but I can't find the properties for Cap Relief anywhere in the exemplars. Is it tied with "Landmark Effect"? I'm trying to edit a building so it provides demand cap relief, etc. Also, how or what property do you change to edit the desirability effects for wealth groups for a building? (like CO$$$, R$$, etc.)
  4. Woodland Town

    Images of Young Woodland Town
  5. Chapter 9: Rebuilding Woodland Town

    Huge update! For those who are new to this City Journal, here is a brief to catch you and learn the entire history of Woodland Town up until today, click on the spoiler below. For more details regarding the story of the town, go back through the first chapter and read through them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Although it's an old image now, here is an image map of the region for reference of where all towns are: Chapter 9 - Rebuilding The New Woodland Town It ain't an easy task, but it has to be done. I took out a 20,000 simoleon loan to make this possible and took care of lack of power. Instead of building an expensive power plant, Mayor Mathew sent me power from his town (Woodland River City) The town will never be the same after the tornadoes. The new buildings are much stronger and better equipped to handle winds. The old Woodland Town is may be gone, but the new one will be so much better! Population is past 5000 again, but we are still in the red. We don't have much money left and taking out another loan just puts us more in debt. We need something to push us over the edge into the green! So I built a pay toll for the road that leads to the neighboring Woodland River City (West of Pay toll in image below) We're well in the green now! The sun sets on the new town: The rest of the debris is cleared off and the town can fully grow back: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It was a lovely night as I settled into my new and rebuilt home with my family: ...Then suddenly...the power goes out! I instinctively open the mayor's panel and find out the problem: The power deal was cut off! I immediately meet up with Ben and we phone Mayor Mathew... *Phone Rings* Mayor Mathew: "Hello, this is Mayor Mathew" Me: "My entire town just lost power, what happened to the deal?" Mayor Mathew: "The deal should still be going, you're not getting any power at all??" Me: "Nope. You're not even showing up at all, there's no available deals at all." Mayor Mathew: "Hmm...that's strange. Try dragging another power line over to my town and demolish the old connection." Me: "Will do." .... Me: "Nope" Mayor Mathew: "Your town isn't showing up in my deals either, I don't know why the power lines don't accept the power, let me see how much capacity our power plants are at..." (Meanwhile in WL River City) Mayor Mathew: "We're overloaded! I don't have enough room or money for another power plant, you'll have to build one in your town until I can fix this in the meantime. I'm really sorry." Me: "Sighs. It's cool, no problem." *End of Call* Ben: "Mayor, my phone's ringing off the hook! People are complaining about the power outages. What did Matt say?" Me: "We're on our own." Ben: "What?!" Me: "We'll have to take out yet another loan." So I went in and took ANOTHER 20,000 simoleon loan: Ben: "We better invest this money wisely, either way I think we'll be okay." Since we're making good income, we agreed on building a natural gas power plant: Although it's more expensive and produces less power than it's coal alternative, it pollutes much less and looks nice! Power is back on! A new mansion is built for Ben: Woodland Town finally gets a city hall! Ben: "What the heck is that sign doing on top of our city hall?" Me: "No cars allowed?" Ben: "I'll take care of it. By the way, I upgraded your water towers too" Me: "Thanks Ben! I can always count on you!" Woodland High School also got renovated with a brand new and improved facilities including a new track and field! These facilities include: A football and rugby field, tennis courts, and baseball fields. The football fields can also double as soccer fields! We're getting a lot of residential demand now! Especially low wealth: To take advantage of this, the lower eastern residential section is expanded, with a nice 2 lane avenue extending out, resulting in the very first 4-way intersection ever built in this town! A cozy mix of middle and lower class neighborhoods are built: Woodland Town is now bigger than it has ever been before: A new waterpark is built along with a small park complex, including one next to the city hall: A new statue was built next to the city hall to replace the old one that was destroyed in the tornado: Seven new advisors were hired to work along with a few senators. The town is almost large enough to have it's own government. This makes it easier for me since they'll take care of things like paperwork and other issues while I can focus more on taking this town in the right direction. ------------------------------------------------------------- Ben: "I think it's high time we build a police station. I don't think River City's police officers should have to come all the way over here every time there's an emergency..." (image below rotated counterclockwise once) BREAKING NEWS... News anchor: "Two people have been found dead after a hostage situation...three injured and five more were rescued. We will keep you updated as this continues to unfold here on the channel 12 news." Me: "Well I don't want THAT happening in my town. Do you know what happened?" Ben: "Yup, that's what happens when you don't have a system for dealing with criminals. Those guys went on a shooting spree and took hostages. Police shot them and thankfully the hostages got out." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Me: "Like it?" By the way Ben, what did you do with the no car sign zot thing that was on top of the city hall earlier? Ben: "I hid it" Me: "Where?" Ben: "The woods. The birds love playing on it. Love the new police station! Getting tired of people breaking into my mansion every month! I feel much safer now and I'm sure everyone else does too." Woodland Metropolis has now reached a population of 18,000 people... Our income is also very strong and we now have over 100,000 simoleons for the first time ever! Our loans are all paid off and our power deal with Mayor Matt has been fixed. I demolished the power plant and he is sending me 5000MWh/mo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ One afternoon, the traffic advisor calls me and Ben in: Traffic Advisor: "Mayor, look at this!" "This is the third accident here this month! Mayor, you really need to do something about this traffic! Me: "Ouch, are they okay?" Traffic Advisor: "They're okay, although some are critically injured and have to go to the hospital at the next city by. You really need to widen those roads into avenues." Ben: "That would require a lot of demolishing and planning, it would change the infrastructure quite a bit." Traffic Advisor: "Well at least build some railroads and bus stops!" Me: "Will do!" ------------------------------------------- Ben: "Oooh..." Me: "Yeah this is bad..." I went in and placed a few bus stops for at least some relief. Afternoon rush hour: Whoa, look at the residential demand... How the heck did it go from positive to negative so fast? What's going on? Ben: "Oh I probably should've told you, Mayor Mathew built a whole bunch of low wealth apartments." Me: "An entire apartment complex?" Ben: "Yep, some dense medium density apartments!" Woodland River City's population jumped from 8,000 to 18,000! We hiked on over to Woodland River City (West of Woodland Town) To see how it's doing: Mayor Mathew: "Residential demand was really high, so I zoned for these to take care of it. Now we just need more jobs. You have more room. You're gonna have to build farms, industries, commercial offices, stores, etc. This region is starting to become very popular and you need some jobs!" Me: "We could build more farmland around the lower Western section...let's do it!" Ben: "Mayor, do you know just how much traffic this will generate? Think this through before we do this." Mayor Mathew: "I can extend my railroad to your city to keep my citizens off your roads." Me: "Perfect! We'll have to call for a meeting tonight with the city planners and advisors to see where to go from here." ^^^This is where Woodland Town's power comes from! Woodland River City also powers two other towns north and south of River City. Next Chapter, I address the traffic and job issues. This town is really getting closer and closer towards becoming city! To end this Chapter, here are some more images of the New Woodland Metropolis: Thank you very much for reading/viewing and I truly apologize for the long wait. I do have more time now so I won't be taking so long with updates anymore! If you have any questions about this town or journal, or any suggestions regarding what our next steps should be that I can forward to the advisors during the meeting, then leave a comment below! All comments are highly appreciated! This is interactive and your comments can impact the development of this town and even become part of the story!
  6. Patagonia

    Hard to imagine this was a game made in 2003! This is truly a work of art!
  7. I've been gone for a really long time, my apologies for those I've left hanging for over a year and a half since the last update. Now we finally find out what happened.... But first! For those new to this CJ, or need a refresher, here's the first entry, to learn the history of this town and how it all started: It is recommended to read through the beginning or previous chapter before coming back. ^^^^ Previously on... Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of an Era - Part 1 "Massive super-cell thunderstorms are coming due to a massive atmospheric instability that occurs ever decade or so... "Police Chief Robert, get everyone to the high school or anywhere safe! This town is in serious trouble!" Massive Hailstorms begin pummel the city early as the super cell moves in^^^ A few rare images taken by a news crew in a news helicopter just as they got drenched in the rain water... This was over the course of 2 minutes. The 3D images were taken from the crew just as they headed back. They may even have images of the tornado from this angle too. Thousands rush into the high school shelter as the skies grow more ominous...be it the gym, or anywhere safe, while others evacuate... An EF3 tornado touches down northeast, moves southwest, tearing through the town... Manufacturing Sector: It spares the downtown, until an even MORE massive F4 tornado touches down and rips through the heart of the town... GO!! LET'S GO! To the high school! NOW! The tornado shreds everything in sight, moving downward, Ben and his family is in the blue car seen above, and the Mayor and both his kids are in the red car, not seen in pic above as they're too far below. Let's go!! We need to get in NOW!! The town's mayor and Ben (his best friend and business partner) has made it into the high school's shelter with their families along with thousands of others after narrowly avoiding a massive EF4 tornado. Unfortunately, the tornado targeted the Maxis-designed school, which wasn't designed for winds this strong. The deafening roar grew louder and louder as we braced, and I could already hear the building beginning to come apart. You could feel it in your chest, almost as if a space shuttle was talking off right outside. I huddle with my wife, son and daughter, thinking this is it. We're going to be wiped right off the map, just like that. Me, my family, and thousands of people. Just moments later however, the roaring began to subside, giving way to the sound of torrential rain and terrified cries of everyone around me. ..... Chapter 8: Tornado: The End of An Era - Part 2 We're still alive. I look around the gym, with the only lights coming from the small windows, as well as frantic chattering from everyone around me. "Everybody stay inside! We don't know if another tornado's coming..." Yelled Chief Officer Robert I turn on the radio and I can barely make out the reporter through the static: "A massive EF4 tornado has been spotted north of *static* storm chasers the last couple hours...Several small towns in this area...cold front...*Static* There were at least 2000 people taking shelter throughout the school, with about 500 crammed into the gym. The city's firefighting team, police and doctors were in here with us too. I walk outside and felt the cold rain sting against my face. I could almost make out the track and field under the flood, and what was left of the apartments in the distance. The trees were completely stripped of their leaves, and branches. Just then I noticed the wind pick up again. I walk back inside. We come out about an hour later and see some people out there: Downtown is completely gone: Nothing left of the theater or forest. The tornado left a serious trail of destruction: (WLHS is to the left) Night falls and the rain finally subsides. The next morning is cloudy, cold and gloomy as a cold front will move in later that day. Families all come out of the school to see if their homes made it. Me and Ben would be driving with a crew that clears the roads to help people get around again. It wasn't long before the true extent of the damage was revealed... The tornado barely missed Woodland High School (WLHS). Was heading southward then just barely touched it as it turned west to obliterate everything (See the pic above this one). It may have come back around but the school was spared, along with 2,112 lives that were in it. The death toll is over 100 so far. No chance for anyone who was caught outside during this monster's onslaught. Downtown as the crew already cleaned up most of the mess. Most roads (except northern road) have been cleared. Some houses were somehow untouched. The Western Residential Sector is in shambles. That USED to be the Manufacturing sector of town. Fun fact: That lake wasn't even there before. Me and Ben drove through the town, helping wherever we could. Hey...remember that beautiful blue mansion seen at the beginning of the previous update? "It's gone. All gone." Said Ben, as we looked around. It was one of the few mansions in the city. It belonged to a humble friend of Ben, Chief Officer Robert, who's helping set up temporary tents with the crisis crew. We cleared a path: Distraught families try to salvage what's left of their Woodland homes. Robert returns with this wife later to see their mansion...much to their dismay of course. "I'm impressed," said Robert, at least the porch survived. "What about your stuff?" Ben inquired as he looked at the wreckage. "Don't worry about it, material things are only so important. That tornado was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed in my life. I got to watch it eat this beautiful town, and spit it back out. but... "What?" I inquired... He looked back at me just as the sun comes out for the first time "It spared us. I was outside the school from a distance when the monster went for it, then, right as I watched it get swallowed up, it just turned. Almost like it could sense everyone there." "That's incredible. That had to be a sign without a doubt. Now we rebuild..." I said. Ben looked, paused and said "better make it tornado-proof this time." The sun set was the most beautiful golden sunset in a while, as the sun peaked through the clouds and temperatures went below 60 degrees. Mayor Mathew sent many resources from Woodland River City, including generators, food and water supplies. Turns out his town was spared from the storm, although suffered a lightning strike. Chief Officer Robert wasn't kidding. As it turns out, the town was hit with two tornadoes, one smaller F3 and one F4. (F3 is the yellow, and F4 path is red, which came shortly after the yellow F3 one) The paths with their damage radius... The green arrow in between is Robert's location. He was in an underground shelter just as it hit the police station. He stayed out driving through the town telling everyone to go to their shelters and directing his officers beforehand. He came out of the shelter from the nearby building and took to the fields just in time to see the F4 tornado (red arrow) as it headed for the high school. The final death toll was 228. Over 1242 were injured, 22 life threatening, but survived. The Next Morning was nice and crispy. Dry, cool air from the north made the weather nice and windy, with perfectly clear blue skies. While most of the population has moved to various shelters in the nearby towns, less than a thousand of them stayed in several tent shelters set up through out the town, and the few remaining houses in the city that actually did survive. This is the main tent shelter area, there are three smaller shelters throughout the town, but the majority stayed here: ^^^^Note: On the lower right of the image, is the remains of Ben's mansion. It is right above the path of people walking in, by the four white tents, where a 5th one separated by a yellow one right next to the main road. Now...back to the mayor panel... Only 3000 simoleons in my funds, and population of 736. Whoopee. We're still receiving 1000MWh/month from Woodland River City. Re-adjusted the funding sliders for the schools to cut expenses. Rebuilding Begins... A small temporary water tower is built, and demolition crews clear off the lots and make room to rebuild: After some time, a landfill at the edge of town was built, putting me back in the red, but no problem, we now have 20,000 in the bank! Population is now over 2000. That is the end of this Chapter, thank you for reading this, I hope you all enjoyed it and the 3D images, and we'll see you in 2 more years for the next update! Jk...jk. I will not take as long, promise!
  8. After a long break, we return to continue our story once again! A lot has happened since I was gone, so this will be a big update... The town has really grown over the years, and despite the threat of fire and economic problems early on, all the towns are now flourishing. However... It's been relentless...the heat... it just doesn't end. Today in particular is even hotter, with temperatures soaring to an outrageous 98 degrees here in Woodland, while the neighboring River City is a more bearable 95 degrees. In the middle of November. Yes, that wasn't a typo. Normally, we would be getting cold fronts around this time, and the average highs around this time are usually 75 degrees. But not this year. Why is it so hot around this time? The planet's seasons. In this planet, every 5-7 years, we get an extreme version of what most call "El Nino." (Note, that this CJ takes place on another Earthlike-planet but that's for a future update long in the future...) Today was a fateful day...The day the town would be changed forever... "This heat is killing me and this city. If this doesn't end soon, I'll have to cut power to sector..." (weather channel in the background) Weather Channel: Temperature records are being broken everywhere... We got a massive cold front conflicting with the warm air mass that has stagnated over this region. This will bring relief in a few days but not without severe atmospheric instability. We have a massive wall of thunderstorms moving southward... I call Ben on the phone... Ben: "Hello?" Me: "It's me, I'm coming over, we need to ask Matt for more power or this town will run out of air conditioning" (It's around 3 PM by now) I quickly take the 5 minute drive to Ben's mansion: *Ben is my business partner/Co-Mayor and best friend who has helped me with negotiations all throughout the years. He owns 3 of the CO$$$ shops in the town (including the one with the blue roof to the right of the mansion) He dedicates his time to his family who lives in this city as well, and does his best to make it a better place) "Did you hear about the thunderstorms?" Asked Ben. "Yes, they can't be too bad" I said. "Hopefully it'll bring relief from this heat by the end of the week..." "Ben, we need to call Matt (Woodland River City), we need more power or this city's going to shut down!" Ben dials the phone and calls Matt... Matt: "Hello?" *Matt is the mayor of Woodland River City, the neighboring town west of WL Town. North of WL River City is District 1, and South is Pleasantview. Ben: "Hey, it's Ben here, mind sending us more power over here? We don't have enough for this city and it's getting worse..." Matt: "Are you crazy? We're overloaded here, Pleasantview and District 1 already asked me, I got no more!" Give me the phone... (Ben hands me the phone) Me: "It's the Major, how much do you want? Look, I'll give you $10K, $20K..." Matt: "No can do major, if I give you more power, I'm going to have to cut my city's power and my townsfolk are going to kill me. They're already mad about the fire...Do you want that on me? Do you really wan- A deep, booming thunder bellows outside, shaking the windows. Matt: (Still on the phone) "What was that?" "I think thunder..." I said. (I put the phone on speaker) Then, a loud explosive bang/thunder is heard on Matt's end... proceeded by: Matt: "Holy ****...Oh my god, I gotta go now!" *Hangs up* Ben looks at me with a worried expression. "I have never heard him curse before. Ever." He said. We go back inside and turn on the Weather Channel Weather Channel: A massive super-cell is moving southward above the frontal boundary... Far from most populated areas but any small towns are under severe tornado warning, including - Just then, a white flash. The power goes out. Another loud thunder follows. We go back outside... The sky is beginning to look Ominous, it's like two sides taking over...one side it's a beautiful day, the other side it's a nightmare. It looked like a wall ready to swallow us up. The beautiful day side would get smaller as the storm moved in. Me and Ben urgently got in the car and we drove up to the fields, just outside of the industrial zone to check the storm out and get a photo for the news: (Note the freight trucks trying to get as much freight as possible to the warehouse before the storm) Me and Ben stand in the fields, looking out at the massive storm clouds. We take a photo of the scene... Just seconds later, the wind picks up and then, hail...lots of hail... We make a mad dash to the barn nearby as we get pummeled by hail and dust blows in our face. We run practically blind but make it inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzS3S1chOiI (Play this during this scene, I don't know how to embed the video in) "We need to get everyone to safety. I have a feeling this storm's going to be bad," said Ben *Glass breaks* (I look down and pick up what appears to be a baseball-sized hail) "hmm...what makes you think that?" I asked sarcastically as I held the chunk of ice in front of him The hailstorm only lasted for about 10 minutes, with only a few larger pieces falling. Panicked townsfolk ran to the nearest stores as they were caught off guard. After that, a downpour that affected mostly the East Residential area (4:47 P.M.) Once the rain let up, we came back outside. The shape of the super-cell storm was very well-defined. The sun came out once more, for the last time. At least, today...Before the massive storm would swallow us up... (Note the bridge to the left where the river is, that's the bridge to Matt's Woodland River City. Pleasantview is on the lower left and Woodland town is in the middle) "Wow...I have never seen anything like this in my entire life." Said Ben. "I mean, I always wanted to but not here!" We drove to a near commercial building that still had power somehow and turned on the TV. Weather channel said it's only going to get worse... Just then, Matt calls... Matt: "MAYOR!! You need to GO!! Take everyone to a shelter NOW! I just saw the most massive tornado...it is huge and it's moving straight for ya...I'm warning you!!" "We need to find a shelter, Thousands are going to die if we don't." I said. "Where the heck are they going to go?" Asked Ben. "There's no basements... He paused. "Wait! I forgot, I installed a siren a year ago...It was meant for fire alerts but it could be used for this too. It's pretty loud! I never tested it but I think if we sound it, everyone can evacuate or take shelter, but where?" "The High school" I said, "The Gym walls have reinforced concrete, and it's the strongest building in this town! There's no basements here, only in River City" "Alright, major," Said Ben," The alarm is in near the town square, in the back of one of the two Waffle houses. Go sound it off. I have to drive to the west sector to pick up family members and a few kids. I'll also call the school's principal and the news crew to alert everyone. Now Go!" (Ben drops me off and drives to the West Sector) Amazingly, given the ominous clouds above, once the news crew got updated on the situation, they basically took over all channel for an emergency broadcast hopefully that may save a lot of lives. This is kind of what virtually every TV in the city got to hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDnTDY4JmwE (It wasn't this exact message but it was similar, the difference is obviously instead of Alabama it would say Woodland City, and it would be telling everyone to head for the high school instead of underground but this is just to give a rough idea of what they heard. Scary...) Just then, the tornado appears just North of the town....I drove over to the Waffle houses: After asking around where the alarm was, to which no one knew, I call Ben, who was at The West Elementary School Me: "Ben, where the heck is the alarm? I can't find it?" (Ben in the red van left of the plaza near the playground as he picks up his family, cousins and kids to take to the shelter) Ben: "It's in the back of the building, look for the little pulley" Me: "Got it!" One of the Kids shouted "Mom, it's the tornado I see it!!" Ben: "Let's go! Now!!!" With everyone in the car, he speeds off... The siren finally activates... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIypdzgZAaI The loud siren echoes throughout the town. It is then when the real panic begin to set in. Residents rush to Woodland Town High School's gym by the hundreds. Some drive, and others walk from the nearby houses/apartments, while others evacuate to WL River City. (As the alarm blares, people head into the school The gym is located on the lower right Wing of the school from the main entrance) Officer: "Come on, move it! We have little time!" (Chatter of people in the background) The wind starts picking up again. Ben: (On The phone) "I'm on my way back to pick you up" Me: "I'm right at the Main Street intersection" As Ben Drives, the tornado can be seen in full view. Here's what they basically see: (Even though this is a real life example, they were driving next to a farm so just imagine that the buildings on the left are the West-Sector Homes! People who had no time try to leave or run to the nearest buildings (or wherever they can at this point.) Either way... Times up... (Note the traffic from people STILL trying to evacuate to WL River City on the Lower left...The only road that leads out of town) As Ben Drives down Main street, a second, even bigger tornado appears from the North Industrial sector moving south It's heading right for us, we gotta go now!!! Step on it!! The School's just two blocks down!! "I yelled as I jumped into the car with the frightened family and kids... *Brakes screech* "Come on!" Yelled Ben, "We need to go!!" The roaring begins to get louder as the tornado approaches We make the mad dash against the wind to the school entrance, as well as the two kids. The gym is located on the right wing, just right of the main entrance LET'S GO!! LET'S GO!!! HURRY!!! We barely make it into the shelter. The roaring from the tornado is just deafening as I enter the gym with at least 1000 people crammed inside. We huddle together with the kids as begin to cry. "Oh my god, it's right over us!" Yelled the mom. *Cries and screams are heard in the background* Help us!!! Loud unbearable roaring followed by glass shattering... To Be Continued...
  9. Sorry for the long delay, I was sick for a while! So here's a nice, LONG update to make up for it, featuring plenty of GIFS! Also, congratulations to WLHS for winning the district game! It was a close and tough game in the rain but well played! Thank you, TheHaso2011 for pointing this out: Turns out in the last update, I made a slight error: it wasn't a soccer game, they were actually playing rugby. Turns out soccer season is in the winter, rugby is in the spring. My mistake! Time for... ================================Chapter 6 Comment Replies================================ Wow lots of comments! Thank you all very much for taking the time to comment, they really mean a lot to me! The more the merrier! @debadon5: Thank you; And We won the game! @Radion_Five: Don't worry, I got free food but the reporters only took pics of us after we were done eating (I did sign some autographs! ) @NielsC007: Thank you! @TekindusT: Gotta love Photoshop @DmitryPDP: Thank you very much! It really warms my heart to have made someone play this game again! I'm so glad you like it! @TheHaso2011: Wow...How could I have missed that?! Thanks for pointing that out, soccer season was already over! @mrbisonm: Thank you! And no, it was actually Photoshopped puddles in the field around the wet track. @Pax00: Yep...and no SPAM, I used some extra farm mods to make it more realistic but nothing that alters the actual game demand or money wise. I want to play as fair and honest as possible so the day I hit 1 million it'll be worth it! ====================================Expansion GIFS==================================== Here are some .GIFS to illustrate the recent expansions: A AVE-2 Road to connect between the main and south housing area: New museum and library: More apartments built: Commercial office: -End of GIFS- The road becomes a TLA-3 that cuts through the residential and intersects with the AVE-2: View from above: Another night: ======================================City Statistics====================================== In this town, there are a few mansions that were built; Like in real life, these people are the owners (or CEO's) of these small businesses, and since they are located in a busy road, they get lots of customers! Let's check out the commute of some of these mansions: Ben's Mansion and workplace (He owns the reddish 3-story building) Take a look at this: The few high wealth workers (15%) are the owners or CEO's of the company. They are the highest position; the administrators; they get paid the most. The middle-class workers are the ones who sit at the office, stand at the counter, or help the purpose of the company such as being the phone support agents or designers. They make up the main bulk of the workers, and this goes for any high-wealth CO-$$$ building; low, medium or high density. The rest are the low wealth workers, and they are...you guessed it: The people that clean up after the place; The Janitors! They're the ones that plant trees, paint the building, clean the windows, etc. They're the lowest paid positions, usually teens who don't want to work in farms work as janitors part-time to help their families. That's a CO-$$$ building they work in! Our current budget: Our budget is a modest $200 income, population is almost 7,500; Most of them being middle-class (R-$$) and lower class (R-$) with a handful of mansions (R-$$$). We're getting along just fine with what we have so far, hopefully our next expansion should increase the income! We're receiving 4000MW/Mo of power from Mathew's town for a modest price of $243 per month. Although the coal power plant is cheaper (6000MW/mo for $250/mo) this is perfectly CLEAN power (for us at least) which is worth it! Our health is doing much better; we're finally seeing green! Same with our education! The main town is covered although there's still some red low E.Q. areas, they'll surely go green soon. Resident age map: Commute of the East/Main area: We're still researching avenues, and I feel this town is still way too young for avenues. Once I get a bigger income, I will build a bus system that will take us through. Demands: LOTS of low wealth demand (which is normal in most cities) and some high-wealth as well as high wealth commercial buildings. There seems to be a shortage of R-$ people, since their demand is so high and the I-D and Cs-$ are negative! There are a shortage of workers! The Neighbor connection to River Town: If anyone notices anything that I can improve or something "off" please don't hesitate to comment below, I want to make this town as nice as possible for it to hit 1 million si- *loud thunder* Another thunderstorm...and this one seems bad. According to the weatherman, every several years, an air current moves down towards our region (where my town is) and conflicts with colder weather, which causes tornado formation. I've seen small tornadoes before but this area is usually not tornado prone so we'll be fine, besides our tornado season is only every 4-5 years and we were fine for the last few decades! Coming up next in Chapter 8: Ben: "Oh man...look at the size of that thing..."
  10. Chapter 6: Town Improvements

    Comment Replies (From Chapter 5) @slickbg56: Thank you! And yes, a lot happened during that chapter! @TekindusT: Indeed it is While I'll always choose quality over quantity, why not both? I balance both, and try to include as much content/details as possible. A lot happens in a growing city @Kim Sunwoo: Thank you very much! I had to wait for the blisters in my hands to heal from fire-editing before I could make this update! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Click on images for full screen; scroll to the bottom for summary if you're in a hurry) Let's kick this update off with a map of the city: We built two more elementary schools to cover the west and new south residential area, as well as the first community college: (West Residential area) Map of schools: The water tower was replaced with a higher capacity to better handle the growth: (Also notice the commercial areas increasing in wealth) Students will go to whichever school is closer, and when students graduate from these elementary schools, they go to Woodland High School: Because so many students were graduating, we had to expand WLHS, and add a Middle-School section to it: The expansion adds a brand new gym, a cafeteria, two tennis courts, a track and field (for football/soccer games), basketball fields, and baseball field along with a larger parking lot and a separate soccer field (So lacrosse and soccer can practice separately) The track is now where P.E. teachers can take their students for fun activities like the one mile run (my favorite!), and there's a nice large trail that cuts through the farm for the cross country team and distance track athletes to run that also cuts through the woods. Even better that they have a track to workout! Commercial areas will be zoned to the right of the road below: Since it's the primary road taken by most residents to go to work, stores built alongside here will get lots of customers! East Residential homes become middle-wealth (R-$$) thanks to the schools: New zones to expand the East residential area even further: A new department store is built next to the North Industrial Sector: Also a good place for a farmers market! With our income, we built our first police station: A nice plaza is built around Central Square featuring a skate park along with my first Mayor's Statue: This is the main commercial/central district of Woodland town, one day this will be the "Down Town" with hi-rises and skyscrapers! So far, we currently have two mansions; Ben's Mansion: And another mansion on the East residential area: (A mansion among low-wealth homes) So far, the town is mostly composed of low wealth R-$ houses, with R-$$ middle class being the 2nd most common, and very few R-$$$. The people living in these two mansions here are the managers of some of the businesses/restaurants, especially the CS-$$$ and CO-$$. There only needs to be a few of them however, since there's only very few jobs for them, just enough for two mansions. (More details on our residents and where they work in the next chapter!) The road that takes you through the Main area to the East Residential area is upgraded: A beautiful evening to end the day: Some south residential homes have become middle-class R-$$: The town's doing great, we're making lots of money and life is good here! (ooh, what's that nice building over there?) A new Apple bee's! I'm going to go eat there with my beautiful date on this fine night (I'll take the mayor's special for two please!) To end this update, here's some bonus images: New year's from last year (Fireworks from my mansion) More pics of Wood Land High School (WLHS): Soccer game during a very rainy April afternoon (WLHS vs. RTHS) (The game must go on! Even in the wet turf in pouring rain people turn out to watch Woodland HS vs River Town HS in a district game) Thankfully it wasn't thundering or lightning, which is why the game still went on in the rain! ============================Summary of Chapter 7 ============================ (For those who are in a rush) New roads, a police station, WL High School is expanded, water towers are upgraded, down town area is improved, two new elementary schools are built, community college is built, east residential area expanded, a road is upgraded, a few new stores and Apple bee's open (I go there with a date), and a new mansion.
  11. Chapter 5: Two Major Milestones

    Welcome back! (WL is short for Woodland) Click on the images for full screen (most are in 1920x1080) Another beautiful morning! Ahh, lovin' those gravel roads... After much saving up, we finally build Woodland's first ever Fire Station! Although it's not a Maxis Station, it is $150/month (cheaper than the $250 from a large station!) and has three fire trucks, instead of two! Today is a special day for this town... It's time to finally PAVE the roads! After much traffic problems, I think it's time we......(I turn my head looking West) What the? You see the smoke out in the distance? It's coming from River town! (Just as I said that the phone rang) *Phone rings* *Picks up phone* Me: This is Mayor Whiz, how may I help you? Caller: It's Paul, (the chief of police in WL River Town) We're burnin' down!!! Me: What? Caller: Our town's about to go up in flames! We got a huge forest fire out there! Me: I'll help! I just built a fire station! *Phone connection lost* I drive over to the fire station in a panic.. Me: Big fire at River City!!! Come on let's go!!! I hitch a ride on a fire truck and we head west to WL River City (Yes, we finally built an actual neighbor connection, no more 1 hour hikes!) We make it to WL River City and see smoke with large flames out in the distance: Mathew: You got firefighters?!?! Thank god! We're about to burn up, I got the town evacuated, they're at Pleasantville for now! Look at that massive wall of flames coming our way! On a hot summer afternoon, lies the arduous task of putting out a town-threatening fire. The fire apparently started from a lightning strike and due to wind direction suddenly shifting, it became a massive "wall" of flames that walked towards the town. It finally got as close as the rail road, which thankfully stopped the fire from spreading any further. However, the houses and train stations could go up in flames if any cinders hit them and turn the city that has given us electricity into a raging inferno! (The fire reaches the railroad as our town's entire firefighter caste fights to save Mathew's industrial town from a raging inferno. Mathew hasn't built a fire station yet.) The fire spreads westward north of the houses and consumes the houses outside the town: Luckily, the rest of the town will be spared. After hours of hose spraying, we actually manage to get control of the inferno. Only a few houses are burnt down... The firefighters return to WL Town, and I stay over at WL River City. The next morning...we get treated to a small riot: One police station later: The riot is calmed. Some very angry citizens as a result of the fire (they lost all their possessions in the fire) The beautiful forest that surrounds this town are now charred and dead... Mathew: It's going take years for all those woods to grow back! Me: Hey look at the bright side, at least you won't feel guilty cutting those trees down to expand the town anymore! Mathew: True, I was going to expand westward eventually, but I used to love taking long walks through the woods and so did a lot of my citizens. That's one of the biggest reasons they live here. And man thank you so much for saving my town! My town wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for your firefighters! Me: Don't need to thank me, you saved my town from obliteration! (Chapter 2). For that I am eternally grateful. You save my city and I'll always save yours if you ever have trouble. That's what best friends are for! I return back to my town... ----------South Residential Expansion---------- In order to meet the very high residential demands, a new residential sector will be created that extends south of the main town. Stats as of now before expansion: We have nearly $25,000 in the bank and we're a modest $400 a month. Residential demand is up the roof! The roads are drawn... (Note that these roads were drawn before the gravel roads) New growth: Found the pics of the gravel roads being added! Before: After: (Six new windmills were built in order to meet power demands. We're producing 1200MW and receiving 1000MW from WL River Town) Schools are finally having an effect! A new DSW shoe warehouse store: A new trail among the beautiful woods behind the store: Our population is now over 4000 sims, and we're making over $700 a month! New farms were built known as the North Farming Sector: Beautiful evening at Central Square Ghosts congregate at the cemetery, telling each other stories of the lives they lived and kids they scared The next day, we get hit by a thunderstorm... Storm season's been pretty quiet this year, although next year is predicted to be intense since there's an air current that comes down every couple years that allows severe storms. This is a weather pattern that results in tornadoes but only every 3-5 years. A downpour in an April afternoon: Some back yards are flooded but amid the rain the baseball and soccer teams still practice in the flooded fields! A few days later, the East Residential area gets an expansion: Even after the growth, residential demand is still very high. I finally decide to take the leap... I zone medium density residential and commercial around the central square area And up they go! This is a huge milestone, and the first sign of urbanization. They grow up so fast! ==========The First Apartments========== Medium density offices will soon be built here as well. The apartments line up around the Main Central Square area, which someday, will be the Down Town! Population is now over 5000 and we're making nearly $1000 a month! Now it's over 6000 and we're making over $1200 a month! We have $45,200 in the bank! That's the most we ever had! Let the good times continue!!! However...While the town may be booming now, all the new apartments have made traffic issues much worse: (Note the new mansion! Our first R-$$$ House, that's another milestone!) Mathew warned us about this. This brings us to the next major milestone: ==========The First Roads!========== The roads are paved along the Main Central Square and extend to North and South Industries (Where most people work) Much better! There's still some trouble spots but there's definitely improvement! Also take note that we tore down the six windmills that were around the cemetery. Mayor Mathew built a second coal power plant so now we're receiving 4000MW of power a month for only $243/month! That's much better than the $300/month for 1200MW of power from the windmills! In the mansion in the above image lives my friend Ben, the manager of one of the low density CO-$$$ business. Thanks to all the traffic, he was able to make huge profits and have a big mansion built right down the road so he only has to walk to work. He's done a lot of good things to this city! *Thunder* (Notices distant flashes of lightning in the night sky) Another powerful thunderstorm heads our way on this fine evening... On that note, let's end it here. To be continued... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay tuned for Chapter 6! Story Summary (For those who are in a rush) A lot has happened in this chapter! First we saved the neighboring city (Woodland River Town) from a raging wall of fire by sending our firefighters from our town, to which Mayor Mathew highly appreciated. We got back, and expanded the east housing in our town, got hit by a few thunderstorms, built more farms, created a south residential area, first apartments, first mansion (R-$$$) and first paved roads ever. We also got our power deal increased from 1000MW/m to 4000MW/m, and we no longer need power plants. All the power we receive now comes from Mathew's town. Population has increased from 2000 to 6100 and profit from $400 to $1200 a month. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment Replies from last Update (Chapter 4 Part 2) @Tonraq: I'm glad too! Loans ain't cheap! @Kim Sunwoo: Thank Mayor Mathew for that, if he didn't come in and stop the obliteration, this journal would really be a two-update short story! @dabadon5: Thank you! @Paulobergonci: Glad you like it! I want to play the game as fair but realistically as possible, and balance things out. I'll always make beautiful shots but also show normal in-game shots as this city grows. One day when it hits 1 million we can look back to this update and remember the memories! @anytownUSA: It is indeed. You'll later on see another town (in a future update) that learned the hard way about growth... @VonCheese: That's what makes the game fun, I enjoy a challenge! I want to show the beauty of this game and Photoshop as well without neglecting the core aspects of the game play! At heart, this CJ is about a town that goes from 0 to 1 million sims, and every obstacle it overcomes. It's the story that makes it interesting, and this is still only the beginning of this journey! @jolteon: Thank you! And I did by using Paint.Net, creating a 2nd layer, creating white blobs and blurring and distorting (use dents) them then repeating until they were realistic enough. (Hint: Multiple layers of different shades of white) Before that, I also took a pic of both cities and pasted them together (I'll post a tutorial later down the road)
  12. So where were we...? (click on images for hi-res full screen version) Me and my business partner Ben were negotiating on a power trade. We are the third city that will receive his coal power...(Warning: Very large image) On the Left (West) Is Woodland River Town connected by a bridge. On the Right (East) Is my city Woodland Town. You can see the power lines connecting right up there. Although WL River Town is an industrial town, it has the most beautiful natural trails: WL River's farming area: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We're back to Woodland Town! Our education system in effect: Anyone notice the our city's very first middle-class citizens? And we won't be needing these anymore! let's accept his power lines... There it is! And notice how our loans are long since paid off! We're also making nearly $600/month, and spending only $250 on education. Population is now 2,800 Sims. (We are about 997,200 short of our goal right now ) Capacity tops out at 1000 MW/M! Unfortunately, mayor Matt is overloaded with his coal plant and while he plans on building another, no one can receive more than 1000W of power at a time. We'll be building more windmills real soon! ==========SOUTHERN EXPANSION AND FIRST HIGH SCHOOL========== Lots of agriculture and industrial demand right now... What's this? Look at that, a tiny amount of manufacturing demand! We lay down new streets to zone farms south of the main town. The south industrial and agricultural sector will consist of only farms and an industrial area similar to the northern sector. Now we reveal the grand unveiling of Woodland High School! (WLHS) Home of the Tigers! Before the high school, kids went to elementary school until 5th grade, then they go work on the farm or industrial factory. Some few got nicer jobs selling cars or being the chef at the pizza restaurant or working in Waffle house. The luckiest and smartest few got a job at one of the two CO$$ buildings that paid enough for a nicer house! Thanks to the high school, people can go from 6-12 (it's also a middle school) and can either become farm owners or get more high wealth jobs. Unfortunately, due to the course load, most will drop out or only do elementary then work at the farms/factories. Tennis, soccer and baseball fields to complement the school: With higher demand, the first manufacturing areas are built: Completed factories: This area is now called South Manufacturing Sector. The city's first clinic! Yes it's not the maxis clinic but it monthly/construction costs, capacity and ambulance are exactly the same as a Maxis small clinic. This one will treat the patients in the main town. (Crash!) Whoa what was that?! Oh man... Massive accident in Central Square involving about 12 cars! Something needs to change! Thanks to Mayor Matt, I was able to get a gravel factory built! It's time to put it to use! Much better! Now we have gravel roads in the main area known as Central Square. Note the new offices being built down main street. These are the city's very first offices! The gravel roads extend to the south: Let's see the effects of the South Industrial Sector on the demands: Look at that! Lots of R-$ demand, some R-$$ and R-$$$ demand, and oh look at that, CO-$$$! Population is now 2,847 and we have nearly $25,000 in the bank. Our profits are growing! So to end this update, we find that our town is booming big time! We have two water towers giving water to the south industrial sector and the main square: Let's keep the good times going! So far this town was in debt once, nearly OBLITERATED, and almost burned down. It is becoming noticed as other towns start up across the region. Coming up next: Chapter 5! And for this update, I introduce a new feature to all my future updates called: ==========Comment Replies! ========== I will reply to all your comments/questions from your previous update in this section. This is for every update from Chapter 3 and on. Comment replies From Chapter 3: @Mymyjp: Thank you and yes the high school has a fire fighting program so there might be a fire station built real soon! @VonCheese: It'll be a very long time before this city hits a million but it will happen one day and we'll look back to these times with pride! Any how, 998,200 sims to go, we're almost there!! @ulisse: Paved roads are being researched right now but one of those new manufacturing factories built design the equipment to pave roads, so they are definitely planned. In the meantime, we at least have gravel! @MattHecker: When the fire fighting program in WLHS takes off and they graduate a fire station shall be built. And yes, very yummy pizza! @Major From Bajor: Will do! Comment Replies From Chapter 4 Part 1: @Sylvioj: Thank you! Glad you like it! @gviper: Thank you! @mpkio2: Thank you very much! That really means a lot to me! I will make sure no comment goes un-repied! I check comments daily so any for new comments from past updates I will edit and add to the update that follows it! Your comments all motivate me to keep going! Thank you very much for taking your time to leave one, it really means a lot! If you have any questions or comments, comment below and I will reply in the next update!
  13. Because so much happens in this update, I decided to split it into two parts. Part 1 where we visit our neighbor town and part two where we return. Let's kick this update off with the first ever image of the region! ===================================================================================================================== A lush, fertile landmass surrounded by two rivers that join into a large lake north with a few islands and joins sea water south. More forests with small mountains are north of the river with a few small lakes. That tiny little town in the center...that's Woodland Town. (Note that every city in this region is on Hard Mode and started with ZERO simoleons too!) Here's an image with labels: Woodland is the main town, with River City West and North of that one is District 1 and South is Pleasant View. They are two smaller settlements that were started shortly after the start of Woodland Main Town. Why Woodland Metropolis II? What happened to 1 you may ask? This city is named after a city I built back in 2008 (7th grade) before I had a single mod. That was the original Woodland Metropolis and it was the first and only city to successfully reach 1 million sims with no cheats or mods whatsoever...Until now. (And yes I still have the city if anyone wants to see pics of it, it was a lot less realistic compared to this one!) Remember the roads that were built west of the main town earlier? To help with the high residential demand, we zoned houses surrounded by a large farm that people can work on: The north industries were expanded to satisfy the resulting demand: Now dubbed as the West Residential Sector. Population is now over 2000 sims, nearly double the population last update! We are also making even more profits! Enough that now it's time for... ==========Woodland's First School!============ After a lot of thinking and planning, we finally made the decision of where to place the school. The owner of the farm you see below allowed us to build a school in place of the farm, since it was run down and he wanted to clear land for a bigger farm for his cows. He produces dairy and apples for the city but he was going to tear the old farm and its dying trees anyways! We couldn't have found a better place for our school! The area is cleared for the elementary school: And a new school is built! Woodland Elementary School, complete with a playground, soccer field, basketball field and large field were kids can just run around and have fun! Here's a pic of the school during the very first organized youth soccer game (taken at 4:27 PM On a September afternoon) Probably the best investment, and very cheap too! It only covers the main city and east residents but not the west residents. A second elementary school is planned later. After the death of a few old sims, we finally opened the first cemetery: Families can now be assured their loved ones can rest in peace, and conveniently next to the church to where funerals are held. Traffic check... eek! 114 cars! It also seems that LOTS of people walk to work! Perhaps a railroad could be a perfect opportunity to get them off the grass sidewalks in the future? We still don't have the technology to pave the roads yet however. Population is now 2,836 sims...and we have nearly $20,000 in the bank! Also our loans are finally paid off! (image taken at 1:35 PM) Oh yeah and we built a third windmill too...But we're getting power outages! It was one unusually hot October day, and after complaints of constant power outages, I finally decide to take this into my own hands. I really don't want to build a coal power plant in my city. Seriously, I really don't, and the alternatives are far far too expensive! It's time Although there isn't an actual road connection yet, there is a path that many people take to get to Woodland River City. Me and my business friend (Hi I'm Ben) decided to cross. Alright...here we go! To the edge! We have crossed the tile border! Ben: "I need a bottle of water" Me: "Here" Ben: "Thanks!" *gulp gulp* Ahh..much better. Me: "God it's hot out here" Me: "I need to pee..." Here hold my suit case *Finds tree* *pees* *on phone* "It's ben, we're almost there." Mathew: "I'm standing at the bridge." carry on... I can hear water! We're almost there! We made it! Over the bridge... Matt: "You made it!" Me: "Man we need a road! Too bad we can't connect with streets" Matt: "And the weather is very hot for this time of year" Me: "Indeed" Matt: "Here get in my car, let's take a tour Around my city" =========Welcome To Woodland River City!========= A small booming industrial town that supplies power to other cities around it, a city that started from a loan as well. Note the power lines that go north and south. Pleasantville (South) and District 1 (North) both get power from this town! Me: "Woah! how'd you get these streets?" Matt: "That's gravel son, we figured out how to make it and pave it over the dirt! It makes the roads far more efficient. I can get a contractor to get some gravel into your city." Me: "I'll be glad to! We've been having a lot of traffic problems!" Matt: "Your town is getting very popular from what I hear, there's a lot of people who want to move in. I've had some of my citizens who want to get away from it all move to your town, but can't blame 'em, industrial towns aren't for everyone! I'll get you hooked up with some gravel." Ben: "Nice apartments! And what's going on over there?" Matt: "Thank you, and yes...with medium tile...not a lot of space to work with compared to large tile. Gotta make the best of it...We can't spread out but we spread up! Also yeah...another car accident. They happen all the time." Me: "I'd love some of those Medium R$ in my city! I'm going to zone some medium density as soon as I get bac-(interrupted..) Matt: "No!! Don't do that! Trust me, if you're having traffic problems now, your town will be choked with traffic with those apartments! Even mine is already suffering! You need some real roads first and none of us even have the technology for asphalt paving yet! Ben:"And are those...medium wealth houses? Why are these suit cases with red slashes on top of those houses?" Me:"Yeah...I was wondering the same thing, are they on strike or something?" Matt: "Don't remind me...Those are called no job Zots. Ack! My lovely medium wealth residents have nowhere to work so they got a little mad...and decided to hang a couple of those giant red slash suitcase signs over to make a "statement." I'm working on our first offices that should give these poor souls jobs, including manufacturing!" Me: "Hope I don't get those in my city" Matt: "Keep your traffic under control, and let your city grow naturally. These people moved in because they thought they had better opportunities but they're wrong. They might move to your city soon, so get some CS$$ and CO$$ built up so they have somewhere to work. Keep that up and you'll be just fine." Also, I can keep traffic under control thanks to my railroads, they keep roughly half the city off the streets! With only gravel streets, even then I still have traffic issues! The town is surrounded by large forests. We have a coal mine that extracts some coal in the outskirts up the hill: The coal is taken weekly by train to the coal power plant to burn and produce power. Here is the industrial area: This is where you'll get your power from! I got two cities depending on me right now! Also people from your city and my city like to sell their crops here from farms at the farmer's market (pic above). That's how it all works. Alright, it's time for the fun part. I'll offer 1000MW/month for $70 a month! Ben:"Make it $55 a month!" Matt: "$65 a month" Me: "$64 and we have a deal!" Matt: "Perfect! We have ourselves a deal! I'll send some power lines your way...you won't be needing those silly windmills anymore." Think of all the money you're saving... 3 Windmills cost $60/mo each = $180/mo for 600MW/Mo of power, and you're getting 1000MW/Mo for only $64/mo. Me: "That's a steal!" To be continued...
  14. Chapter 3: Fire! Fire!

    The city's on fire!!! We need help! We have no fire stations! Oh man... So last update, I got yanked away from what I was doing by my adviser, who was panicking. I come outside to see smoke, and drive to the burning houses. What started this fire anyways? Citizen 1: Our gas heater, it exploded, and they're all on fire... Alright, get everyone out of their houses, this fire's going to burn. You, get some buckets, and you get your hose from the house. I want everyone, all of you to help! Citizen 2: It's overpowering us! Back away!! The house explodes just as he says that. Oh (4-letter word)! There it goes... It is a scene from hell. The mix of smoke from burnt house and trees fills my nose, children are crying as they watch their house burn with people going back and forth to and from the two pools (look in the above image) in a panicked, desperate attempts to try to stop the fire. The wind causes the fire to jump to the other side of the road... Citizen 3 (inside house): Hurry up! The fire's coming, get this stuff out! (Child: Mommy my doll!) I got it don't worry! Half the neighborhood is already gone. Can our collective efforts put out this fire? Some sims, in sheer panic run to their cars, and some stand with the few things they were able to salvage from their house before the fire got them. Citizen One: Alright, let that one burn, the fire ain't going to spread... (Scene from fire, people watch the last house burn down) The fire destroys the entire street, but the rest of the town is spared. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and we were able to rebuild: A gap where for some reason, houses wouldn't build. It is now a place where children like to play games like hide-and seek, and climb the trees! Good night! First traffic map of Woodland: City from above: -------------Western Expansion------------- A new road that extends west of the main town... This new area will soon have houses and farms, and will be dubbed the Western Residential Sector... Population is currently 875 Sims from this point on, and we're making a small profit, while barely scraping by with money. I wait a few months, then save up for...farms! We got massive Agricultural demand! It's farmin' time! Land is cleared for the new farms: New farms for more food: Woodland's very first water tower: Costing only $50 a month and pumping 1900 cu/mo of water. (Funding was cut to $10 for now) Several stores open up near the tower to make great use of the water: Industrial Relocation/Expansion I don't like the industries being so close to the main commercial/residential areas, so it's time to demolish! ----------Northern Industrial Sector---------- The new industrial sector is built north of the main town, away from the main city and with plenty of room to expand! mmmmmm...Yummy pizzas! I'll take one with pepperoni please! Yes, fresh from the farm materials taste amazing, their pizza practically slide off the crust A new block of houses are built to satisfy some of the high low wealth demand: -----City Beautification----- Our city's first park: A nice playground with a community garden: Another park is built at Central Square, consisting of a tennis court, basketball court, and baseball court. This also includes a new church just north of the park: Things are now great! We're making nearly $500 a month, population is over 1000 at 1,624, farms are booming, small shops/restaurants are opening and there are more things for the kids to do here! Next update, we shall visit the neighboring town (Woodland River Town) to pay Mathew a little visit (the guy that stopped the obliteration from last update) and make a few deals So yep, good times to come... ...And to think that I almost obliterated this town!
  15. Chapter 2: Off To a Rough Start...

    The people have spoken! We shall build more houses, and balance things out! We last left off, the population was 90, and the bank had $270 left: Let's see how that goes... So several new houses are built and...that happens...No profits, just negatives. Time to Obliterate! Let's go to God Mode.. And hit that Obliterate button... . Obliterate City! Good Bye Woodland Metropolis II! Bang! Boom! Flash!! (The flash takes out a few houses) *Ground Shakes* Just as the White Flashes start taking over screen, I hear a voice.. NO!!! STOP! STOP! STOOOP!!!! Before I had time to react...the door slams open, and some guy rushes into the room He takes my mouse and presses the escape button on my keyboard... The obliteration process is instantly halted. The city is spared. "What the heck were you thinking man?! Throwing away a perfectly good town without giving it a chance?" What else could I possibly do? I used up all my options! I'm out of money, and this city's gone. "There's always Option 2: Take out another loan. How about $10,000?" *Takes out loan* (The city is only missing four houses from the obliteration.) "Ain't that better? Now spend that money wisely and careful with your expenditures! You'll be in debt, but as Mymyjp said, more people, more industry and balance will occur quickly!" And who are you? "I am the proud mayor of Woodland River Town. As someone who started with 0 simoleons, I can tell you it wasn't easy, but the trick is, you need a lot of people. A tiny village like yours ain't gonna cut it. Mine's at 1,100 sims already and making lots of profit! In my economy, I run a coal power plant, I import coal from the mines, and sell power to two other cities for extra cash. I know you'll succeed, but trust me, you can't do this without a little help. I'll help you out, trust me and if you ever need power, let me know!" Thank you, I highly appreciate it! "No problem! Come visit my town sometime! I'll see you in another update!" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With the money, we expand. A whole new neighborhood set of houses is zoned and built! Losing $100 a month, but still investing. We grow more houses east of the main farm. Along with that, several shops west of the main residential block. Despite being in debt, the city is blossoming. New houses grow and sims move in, especially families. More houses are zoned to be built: A large apple orchard is zoned south of the town, to supply the city with...you guessed it. Apples. Unfortunately, we're still at loss, so the taxes are raised to 10% temporarily... All of a sudden, I check the budget panel and find...We're profitable!!! WE ARE FINALLY PROFITABLE!!! Sure we're not exactly rolling it in...but we're making something! Another Windmill is added and new shops open up down the street now dubbed "Main St." Intersecting in a place called "Pizza Square" (Fun fact: Pizza is very popular here now, including waffles and pancakes. This town is currently known for its delicious foods, thanks to the fresh ingredients from the farms!) Well, things are looking much better. I can't believe I almost obliterated this town! Anyways, let's go over to...*sniff sniff* You smell smoke? Fire!!! Fire!!! And it's spreading!!! The game just threw us a curve-ball, and on top of that, we have no fire stations or fire brigade! Fires at this stage of the challenge can be very deadly! With no money for fire stations or brigades, what is the next action this mayor will take to save the city? Stay tuned for the next update to find out!