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  1. Ok guys, so I´m new to this game, I only played SC4 and now I´ve decided to try it, and a few days later, to get the must have mods, but unfortunately TMPE and Next aren´t working and I have no idea why. The new roads from Next 2 are nowhere to be found in the game and TMPE gives this message when I load up a city, both are at their most recent versions and I got all the DLC, everyone else seems to have it solved. I tried to manually install it, but I don´t know if I put it in the correct folders, thanks in advance fellow mayors. "Field '.PathUnit.m_speed' not found. [System.MissingFieldException] Details: No details"
  2. i downloaded the mod from ronyx69 and its not working every other shape is working i dont know what is wrong with the asphalt
  3. I finally got tired of all those little green track checkers on my rail lines. I tried the No Track Checker Mod here on our STEX and that didn't seem to affect them the least little bit. So then I tried the one by @rsc204 which is attached to this post. It didn't work for me either which really surprised me knowing the creator as well as the post following his stating it worked for them. (I even zzz'd the name and checked with DataNode to see if it was being overridden.) Next I extracted the trains.lua (FF30D1B5) myself (like that first mod mentioned uses) and did some tweaking. Among other things I tried I found setting the max count = 0 produced a zillion of them: Anyhow, after quite a lot of tweaking and testing I've created one that seems to work. Would some peeps test this in a sandbox city and let me know if it works for you and would it be worth tossing on the STEX? (Or has anyone already hosted a working blocker somewhere?) No Track Checker by Cori.dat
  4. I'm trying to build water/subline lines throughout my City but keep running into a terrain error when I lay my network (due to steepness I assume). Is there a mod that would allow me to place subway, water pipe or other underground networks over a steep (and unrealistic) terrain? I'm currently using Ennedi's slope mod so I'm not sure if this would cause any conflict? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, Recently it seems I have a mod conflict and decreased FPS. Upon checking the log, there is a single line looping hundreds of times. Look rotation viewing vector is zero (Filename: Line: 92) Line 92 is the following. (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) Adding package 'Garden Rivers2' [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Files\Maps\Garden Rivers2.crp] [Packer - Internal] I have disabled all vanilla maps in the game menu, including Garden Rivers. Why would this be causing a massive error in my game? Thanks for any assistance.
  6. Trying to learn to mod, and I've set myself a project: to automatically populate police stations with different names. Eventually to be extended to other service buildings, along the lines of transit rename mods. So for starters, they would simply get numbers: Police Station #1, Police Station #2, etc. Fancier schemes later (maybe). I've been using ModTools and ILSpy and I simply can't find where the name is stored. Perhaps I'm biting off too much for a noob. Help?
  7. Mod Idea/Request I have an idea for a mod! A mod that automatically places commercial buildings facing the largest road for example. The goal is to avoid having buildings that face the adjacent small streets. Thank you !
  8. Mod Menus

    Hello Guyz! As the title says, I need a separate menu for all my installed mods and plugins. It's very difficult to find things and other thing is that the mods that are not related to hospital come in hospital menu the ones that are not related to parks come in parks so I don't love this thing. Please tell me a mod that combines all mods under one menu or tell me a way that I can make all mods come in correct menu like Amusement Park mod should come in Parks instead of Hospitals. The problem is not only Park but I want them all to be situated in one menu! I have error uploading pictures for better explanation it says intermit error 200 Thanks Regards Fahad Farooq
  9. Hello, I have a new mod in the making that could use some beautiful icons. Basically it is supposed to be a bigger and better version of "City vitals watch". https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=410151616 Instead of bars, I am going to use icons, but I need icons for stuff that the game does not provide. Anyone here who wields some visual artist skills and is interested to contribute to a mod?
  10. I downloaded a custom region from the STEX called "Suriname" which is a former dutch colony in the north of southern america. It's the first time I try to install and use a custom region. For this I used SC4 mapper with which I imported a SC4M file to create the map. There are several problems. The 1st one is what the red text already tells you. The city called "Northest Suri" is orientated north/south according to the region overview as it is shown on the picture. But when you load the map the small developed area which you can see on the pic in the sattelite view mode is faced to the south (bottom part of the map in city view) So consequently it rotates the map 90 degrees right changing it's orientated to west/east causing the sea to be rendered on the east side of the map in city view rather then the northern side as the region view displays. However, the city tile right of it called "Suri - A" is angled in the orientation shown according to the region view and is as it should be. There is also a 2nd problem which the picture already shows. But the following picture shows it a little bit better. This is a region from the STEX called the "Soviet Union" FIrst of all the problem, which is the edge reconciliation that apparently draws water on the southern edge of the city tile. I have thus far always used edge reconciliation but with these custom regions it seems to be a problem. Does it matter whether I reconcile the edge or not? And why does it do this? Is there a fix or method so the map reconciles properly? Or should I never use reconciliation at all? I downloaded the appalachian terrain mod. Does that conflict with the region as it was rendered by the author, or does that have nothing to do with it? In any case, it seems that many of the custom region have different terrain mods or terrain colors used to render the map. How do I know which terrain mods were used with the custom region that I downloaded, or the ones I'm still going to download in the future. As for this one, how do I make sure my city tiles match the colors of the terrain the region is rendered with. Which mods were used by the author to create that particular tint of green? I don't fervour any particular terrain mod but don't really like the bland vanilla one.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to call some things whenever a road gets built, I tried doing this but whenever I build a road the startNodeID.m_position.y is something like 260 Array16<NetSegment> lastRememberedNodes; void Update(){ for (int i = 0; i < Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer.Length; i++) { NetSegment item = Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i]; if (item.m_flags != lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags) { NetNode startNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_startNode]; NetNode endNodeID = NetManager.instance.m_nodes.m_buffer[item.m_endNode]; lastRememberedNodes.m_buffer[i].m_flags = item.m_flags; Send("ROADBUILT|" + startNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + startNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + startNodeID.m_infoIndex + "|" + startNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.x + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.y + "|" + endNodeID.m_position.z + "|" + endNodeID.m_infoIndex +"|" + endNodeID.m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_infoIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_buildIndex + "|" + Singleton<NetManager>.instance.m_segments.m_buffer[i].m_modifiedIndex); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "IM A GIRAFFE " + startNodeID.m_position.y); break; } } } And when I initialize it here: DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road"); ColossalFramework.Math.Randomizer ra = new ColossalFramework.Math.Randomizer(); uint startNodeBuildIndex = uint.Parse(aData[4]); NetInfo startNodeInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(startNodeBuildIndex); ushort startNodeID; NetManager.instance.CreateNode(out startNodeID, ref ra, startNodeInfo, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[1]), float.Parse(aData[2]), float.Parse(aData[3])), uint.Parse(aData[5])); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road 1"); uint endNodeBuildIndex = uint.Parse(aData[9]); NetInfo endtNodeInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(endNodeBuildIndex); ushort endNodeID; NetManager.instance.CreateNode(out endNodeID, ref ra, endtNodeInfo, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[5]), float.Parse(aData[6]), float.Parse(aData[7])), uint.Parse(aData[10])); DebugOutputPanel.AddMessage(PluginManager.MessageType.Message, "building a road 2"); ushort segmentID; NetInfo segmentInfo = PrefabCollection<NetInfo>.GetLoaded(uint.Parse(aData[11])); NetManager.instance.CreateSegment(out segmentID, ref ra, segmentInfo, startNodeID, endNodeID, new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[1]), float.Parse(aData[2]), float.Parse(aData[3])), new Vector3(float.Parse(aData[5]), float.Parse(aData[6]), float.Parse(aData[7])), uint.Parse(aData[12]), uint.Parse(aData[13]), false); lastRememberedNodes = NetManager.instance.m_segments; It just creates a floation road in the middle of nowhere. Help please :?
  12. Mod error

    Hi, i have a problem, every time I built a mod building, this appears to me, what is it? How do I fix it? Thanks!
  13. It's common knowledge that only one controller file can exist at a time, and only one will ever be loaded, but does anything else exhibit this behavior? From my experiments, this happens with anything that modifies zones as well, ReZone Plus is incompatible with the NAM, for starters...
  14. The C.O.R.I. Reports (beta version) (Collection Of Relevant Information) I've been poking around in SC4's memory while the game is running and decided to create a text report of the global variables I found. This mod is basically all LUA code except for the LText needed for the popup and news item. It is a normal .dat file which needs to be placed in the Plugins folder. The data is simply what's currently in the global variables. That's not to say they are completely true to what the game shows in various places. (Those may be modified by other functions.) So, this is a beta release of something which may or may not be useful. Either way I've had fun playing around with it. (Some of the descriptions may need to be tweaked. When I didn't know for sure what something was I made it basically the in game variable name.) With the mod installed it will trigger a popup if Urgent Advice is turned on: The urgent advice is not required tho. Either way it can be found in the news box: Or you can chat with the City Planner. It can take several in game days (if the saved game time was running) or several seconds if paused before it shows up. The mod will stay put in the news and advisor panel so you can output a report anytime you like. (Reports output on the same Sim Game Date will overwrite a previous one.) Reports on unique dates will be written one after the other. You can X the news item and it will stay gone for the remainder of that city tile session. Some variables take about 14 game days before they populate properly. By default the report is placed in your Documents\SimCity 4 folder. (The folder path can be customized. More on that momentarily.) Also, by default the report has some header gibberish (which can be suppressed). Here's a sample of the generic version of the report: The report file is best viewed as a true .txt document with either Windoze Notepad or the much superior Notepad++. If you pull it up in Word or similar it'll goof up the spacing of the block and group headers. To customize where the text file is output (and other options) it needs to find CoriReport.ini and that must be in the install folder where SimCity 4.exe is located. The most useful entry in the INI is CoriReportPath= followed by a valid path to the folder where you want the text file to be written. The folder must already exist. My mod does not create any new folders. The easiest way (at least in Win 7) is to create the folder and copy the address as text. Paste that after the CoriReportPath= (with no space after the = sign) Example: CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\Cori Reports Note that it's ok to have spaces in the folder names and do not put quotes around the path. Also, do not add a trailing backslash. No other text is allowed on this line, but you can have text on other lines for your notes. You can also have multiple CoriReportPath= lines and whichever is the last one is where the output will be written. CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\Cori Reports CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\My Farms CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\My Farms\First 50 Years CoriReportPath=C:\Cori\Tested\This ^ In this example the report would go into C:\Cori\Tested\This You can also comment out a line. Any character you like can be used. -CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\Cori Reports CoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\My Farms xCoriReportPath=C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\My Farms\First 50 Years ;CoriReportPath=C:\Cori\Tested\This ^ Here the report will go into C:\Users\Owner\Documents\SimCity 4\My Farms If you comment out all of them, the file output will default back to Documents\SimCity 4 The next option (on a separate line) in the INI file is: NumbersFormat= and it has 4 options: NumbersFormat=raw NumbersFormat=comma NumbersFormat=round NumbersFormat=both The raw format will show the numbers exactly as found in the variables. The comma option will add commas to separate groups of thousands. The round choice will round numbers that should be integers to zero decimal places, 1 decimal place for tax rates, and two decimal places for percentages. (Note: Currently the % symbol is not appended to anything.) And both will do round and comma. (Both is the default if this line isn't present.) Other options that can be used in the INI file do not need an = sign. They are simply toggles: HideGibberish HideFileName HideTimeStamp HideIniContents HideVersion HideGibberish suppresses the extra verbiage in the report. HideFileName suppresses the line that shows the output path and file name. HideTimeStamp suppresses the line with the date and time that the file was created. HideIniContents suppresses the output of what the mod found in CoriReport.ini, and HideVersion keeps the version number line from printing. Using all 5 of these options gives the cleanest looking report. One last option is the CustomTitle= option. By adding text here it will replace the default " * * * The C.O.R.I. City Report * * * " part of the report title. Example: CustomTitle=Your Custom Title Here For all entries in the INI file it does not care about upper or lower or camel case. However, for a custom report title you will want to make that however you want it to appear in the report. Also, any line can be commented out by placing some character in front of it. This includes the space character if you like. Special thanks to @Cyclone Boom who encouraged me throughout my trials and tribulations while learning about Lua coding. He's also responsible for many of the great ideas and options and for tirelessly testing version after version (after version) of the alpha releases. Things I've noticed: Street, road, and avenue tile counts are doubled Bridge tiles don't include road (may all be zero, I haven't checked the other kinds) Highway connection to a neighbor tile is counted as an avenue connection Anything relating to ferries is always zero Network building counts are the number of tiles occupied so one vanilla train station is counted as 6 Freight stations seem to be counted as Train stations Number of tollbooths is always zero Overworked power plants is always zero (CB's discovery) Power strike and power strike chance are always zero Colleges, libraries, and museums are not counted in total educational buildings Medical clinics are counted as hospitals Health capacity is always zero Number of patients is the same number as the landfill capacity (after a few game days running) Parks and recreation are the same number File attachment: The_CORI_Reports_beta_v02a.dat (old version see below) March 29, 2018 Update: Beta version v02b Fixes and Additions: The alpha versions had a last line for the End Of File and was missing in the beta release. I've added that back in. Added an INI option HideEOF to suppress said additional line if desired Made all possible variables used local to their functions to avoid cluttering the global stack Clears all necessary global variables when finished outputting the report file This also allows tabbing out to change any value in the CoriReport.ini between reports Added a UTILITIES block heading for Power and Water and moved Garbage and Pollution data to it Fixed the rounding of Tax Rates to match Maxis's method Added .0 to the end of integer value tax rates so a 9 will show as 9.0 now File attachment: The_CORI_Reports_beta_v02b.dat (old version see below) March 31, 2018 Update: Beta version v02c Tweaks and Additions: Now also searches in Documents\SimCity 4 for CoriReport.ini Added new INI option: CreateCSV The created .csv works with any NumbersFormat= but will strip out commas File attachment: The_CORI_Reports_beta_v02c.dat (old version see below) April 2, 2018 Update: Beta version v02d Fixes and Additions: Added the city tile size to the CSV file. Small will have the value of 4096 Medium will be 16384 Large is 65536 Added an INI option UniqueFilename to include a filename timestamp preventing reports being overwritten which have the same Sim Date. Fixed four block headings on the text report to be all caps like the others and added two missing new line commands below of them. Hotfix April 2, 2018 (had an else in the wrong place and non-unique City report wasn't running the CSV output) File attachment: The_CORI_Reports_beta_v02d.dat
  15. You know how in Google Earth you can hit "R" and reset the camera to point straight down and rotate so North is straight up? I think that would be an awesome and simple mod to add such a key to Cities:Skylines. Would anybody be interested in coding it?
  16. Hey there everybody... So I've been building houses and using Ronyx "No Base" script to remove that ugly grey stuff the game adds on below ground level. https://community.simtropolis.com/forums/topic/72397-building-continuing-below-the-ground-level/?tab=comments#comment-1655161 I just noticed... that also removes "snow" if the asset is placed in a Snowfall map. :/ I don't supposed there is any way around this is there?
  17. I'm a city painter and I'm trying to gain some control over my neighborhoods. I'm pretty sure that "Building Themes per District" by Boformer is the mod for this but I'm having trouble learning how to use it. Are there other mods that you guys use in conjunction with it? Do you city painters use the "Always Demand" mod? Cause I'm having demand issues and I'm not sure if I want to remove that aspect from the gameplay. Also, when you plop a building from a theme, do you have to lock it every time, or is there an easier way to get it to stick? Even just some kind of quick introduction to how you use the Building Themes per District mod would be really helpful. I'm having trouble figuring out the GUI. thx in advance
  18. So a while ago while screwing around with modtools i stumbled upon something that seems to control how smoke effects (or spawners) behave. Editing these parameters made me discover these things: M_maxlifetime: controls how long the trail of smoke will be. M_maxspawnangle: controls the grouping of the individual smoke puffs M_maxstartspeed: i believe this controls the amount of smoke puffs spawned. there are min and max values allowing for variation in the effect. i used the factory smoke large effect to test this. At this point im stuck, i can edit the smoke effects without problem, however they just wont save, everytime the game is restarted they reset back to their default settings. I tried to look into making a mod that saves them, but i lack the knowledge on how to do so. so i hope someone can help me figure this out or wants to pick this up. Attached screenshots is were the prop effect parameters are located (default settings), and how the effect can look when you edit these.
  19. Brown box Maxis Palms No Palms Heblem Palms !

    Brown Box Maxis Palms No Palms Heblem Palms ! Today I continued on my desert project. Desert Fort and Outpost lot´´s represented me unless no dependecncy´s where noted with some brownboxes, psuedo missing maxis palms ? First I tried a Sayonal Maxis Trees 1.1 replacement. This didn´t removed the brown boxes No result ! . Brainstorming I decided to add Buildingprops 1 -2 and Porkyprops 1-2. Succes, but unless the tree weren´t palms. Sayonal Maxis treen however didn´t contain Palms. Yes that´s the aim of this exercise. Sollution googling for replacement mod and make them visible, very clever as desolate worlds aren´t so common to create. Removed the Sayonara Maxis tree.1.1 I tried the found the sollution at last using SHK Maxis Palm replacement Mod and Heblem Flora pack 01. Succes ! This Mod uses the Heblem Flora Prop pack 01 Succes ! Yet there´s another problem where to find electricity into this desert world, solar power or wind, yet the SimCity 4 Extra Cheats the icon can be hided for now ! Now leave this desolate world but will return in a Sketchscape CJ soon ! Enjoy !
  20. ola quero saber onde esta o download pois nao estou achando pode me ajuda e tambem quero pedir para vc se vc pode cria um mod que ele possa ter tsunami English Translation: Hello, I want to know where the download is since I can not find it. It can help me and I also want to ask if you can create a mod so that it can have tsunami.
  21. hi all i wanted to ask if someone is maybe willing to look into posting a new mod for SimCity 2013? i would love to see omega factory cheat and robots cheats that the building capicitys are increased and they dont run out of rrobots... i find it a pain to produce them and sadly not all mods work properly.... also i woulld love you if you ccould mod a park and greatly extend the range that it "modernizes" the streets and houses to a full map if placed in the middle.... i would be glad to see all roads modern without so much parks takking up needed space..... :)] thank and happy playing!
  22. Hello fellow SimCity-lovers. The mod "God Terraforming in Mayor Mode" doesn't work when I have installed it. It simply doesn't show up on the left menu as it should. I have SimCity 4 Deluxe bought on steam. Does any of you know how I can make it work? Thanks in advance. You can see the mod here:
  23. ok ok, so know that I wouldn't use ''one of the best'' lightly, especially for this community, but I'm rather convinced that should this mod be created it may just bring a whole new aspect to the game and it is one that might just be nearing as good as a mod for larger City tile numbers (which ironically is how I came across simtropolis, anyone else remember the mod whcih finally let us build bigger cities? ) So my thought is this. A mod which causes time to run simultaneously accross all cities in a Region. The only way I imagine this would realistically be possible in a relatively simple manner is this... It doesn't actually happen simultaneously, but rather the mod just keeps track of time passed while in one City, and when one saves and Exits this value is kept track of and upon entering the next City that value for amount of time passed while in the other City is the amount of time the City runs before one can do anything to interfere! so basically one spends, let'S say, 2 years (730 days) in City 1A and then saves and Exits. scratch that above kinda, i just realized, it would actually Need to Keep track of not time passed, but rather the date, or some value like that. I might think of exactly how later but basically it would Need to be done in a manner which accomodates the fact that one might pass 2 years in City 1 another 2 months in City 2 and then 3 months in City 3 and all that time will Need to add up and be passed upon entering City 4. but basically, like i said, there Ends up being an amount of time for which the City one just entered will run, before one can interfere (pause Option off, you got News? it'S gonna be treated as though ignored. The landfill filled up? too bad you can build more once the time has passed. Oh no your Budget suddenly went down due to a powershortage because ur landfill is empty and chaos errupted and ur about to go bankrupt causing all your neighboring deals to no longer be in effect? you're gonna have to watch it happen ) The only Thing which would Need to be implemented is either a way for available firetrucks to be sent out automatially, or fires still causing the game to pause and allowing one to send out firetrucks- but you wont be able to build a firestation so ya better have enough) so while time passing might nt be a big deal for an empty or unstarted City, It will get more and more difficult the more built up the Region is since all the cities will Need to be in a state which causes them not to ''go to hell'' so to speak, for Long enough. One can still build across all of them since while paused no time passes for any the other Thing i just realized, is this...(just a lil note here, I came across this idea while htinkin about how neighboring deals can easily be abused--i know i know, if one is willing to do that one might as well use a Money cheat simply-- but anyways) So the other aspect is that if possible, there should be a value for how Long one can continue to do something, or to what extent. What i mean is this...lets say you got a landfill and ur gettin garbage shipped to you, well, there is an amount of garbage which will come in at a certain rate, and the landfill will fill up (or maybe u got a WTE plant so it stays the same). So there is still an amount of garbage space left, which would Change though relative to how the neighboring cities' Situation changes and it would be nice if These values could be applied (i.e if i spend 10 years in City 2 which is sending garbage to City 3 and after 8 years at the current rate City 3's landfill is full then the deal Auto cancels at that Point--after which one can notice this and go to the other City)...idk im not tryna think more about how right now, but ill prolly touch on this later again. for now I'm just interested in the Responses. P.S (I'm fairly newish to sc4 though sc2k n 3k were some of the first vid games i ever played) and I have as good as no actual modding experience
  24. So I'm fairly (re)New to SC4, and have just about no Modding experience (mentioning this aforehand since what i say might Show this anyway). I was thinking it might be cool (once I am more experienced) to have a mod which causes Pollution to spread from City to City. We all know that one can just plop a coal factory in the Corner of the map and not have to worry about the neighboring City being polluted by it. My idea/thoughts around the idea is, well, as i stated, this mod would cause it to be noticable that something like a coal plant is on the edge, or whatever form of Pollution (holy sh** a nuclear melt down would now be insanely devestating) which is being caused by whatever would also spread from the neighboring city. So I'm not too familiar with exactly how it is coded but, I'm fairly certain that a part of the coding must define the current Level (value) of Pollution in an area, and that in the same manner which the Charts Show an incline or decline in Level of Pollution, it would be fairly simple to determine the average rate of Change (i.e is there a steady increase/decrease?). These two values could then be used, lets say values are CP=current pulltion and PR=Pollution Rate (e.g + .00001%CP/Day), oh and i just realized a third value would be Need, call it PT=Pollution Type (e.g Water,Air,Radiation, etc). These values could be used per edge tile (i.e the mod only Needs to determin what the CP and PR of each PT for the outter most tiles is) and then noted and applied to the neighboring cities edge tile (my thought is since a neighboring deal will Auto cancel if the neighbor no longer has water or power this should be possible). (ok, lemme just say im gonna tlk about it as though it were simple, but know that im assuming it's not) Ok, then, in the same way, perhaps even using the same function or method, in which a Connection to neighboring cities is made for/by roads, pipes, electricity etc. one can have an Automatically recognized Connection on every tile (idk if this would require too much processing power, but if so it could be reduced by having an Auto Connection be per every 10 or 20 tiles and then having the inbetweens just be averaged out) and through this Connection in the same way traffic Comes across so will Pollution. So we would have a Connection per tile (imagine a street or pipe Connection on every tile except instead of a street, an invisible one) for every PT, and then (CP value of neighbor x PR value of neighbor)/(CP value of current City x PR value of current City) would travel across in the same manner in which traffic does. So instead of car traffic it would now be Pollution traffic, and instead of visible (e.g street or electric pole) Connections there would invisible but noticable Pollution connections Now, I'm not sure if it might useful should one attempt this endeavour to use some aspect of the neighboring deals function (I'm just thinkin bout how, if one makes a lot of Progress in one City or lets say raises a huge mountain to block all the Pollution then in the same way which neighboring deals only work so Long as the others continue to have the abilitiy to provide it, this part can be used to apply the Change in CP,n PR to the neighboring cities) and ooooooooooooooooooomg i just thought of a really cool possible mod which mioght already exist so im gonna have to search for it first, but! lemme know what yall think!

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