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City-building game(s)

Found 28 results

  1. After almost two years of not so frenzied but lonely writing, P. R. Crastina jumped at the opportunity to travel again and meet new people. She’s been invited to the Mount-Valin region, which looks a lot like the place where she comes from : some mountain, some river, some rolling hills & fruitful plains – and lots of trees. Her first stop is Middletown – the first city founded in the region in the XIXth century. It’s the end of a long lazy summer. Last days at the lake for the kids… 1. 2. ...with sometimes an errant moose... 3. ...last barbecues with families and friends (and yes, for more than a few days ; they came all the way down from up-country) 4. ...time to reap... 5. ... and to go to all the little markets in town to get the good stuff for canning and preserving and all that automnal jazz : Next time : Middletown is not what P. R. (or its inhabitants, for that matter) would call exciting, but it has its pleasant little quirks, since, although prosperous by modern standards, it has not transitioned completely yet to rabid modernity.
  2. Article #1 - Entering Metzú

    Article #1 - "Metzú, Land of opportunities": Last year, the Government approved a new program called "Viendo Mi País" ("Watching My Nation"). This initiative promotes tourism and new bussiness opportunities for Metzú Republic. This will be done expanding the budget for infraestructure (transport, buildings, subsidies, principally), by the Government. It will involve an important loan from private funds, with low taxes. By this gazette, our readers can learn more about Metzú Republic, visit our cities, look our landscapes, our Life's Style. 1.1 Entering Metzú Republic Capital City (and largest city): Yuti (180.000) Most populated citites: Yuti, Wainor, Krupó, Jalai Language: Spanish, English (unofficial) Religion: 60% Catholicism, 30% Non-religious, 10% Others Denomyn: metzuanuan, metzuano. Government: Federal Presidential Independence: from Spain, 1899 Population: 546.488 (2017) HDI: 0,811 Currency: (M$) Peso Metzuano Official Map of Metzú Republic (Ministerio de Turismo) Metzú Republic by Air. Metzú, República de Metzú (Official) or Metzú Republic is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean. Metzú is situated some 900 kilometres east of Australia. Has high-income economy and has one of the best standards of living in Oceania. Is the only nation with Spanish as official language in Oceania. 2.1 Economy His main economical activities are Commercial Services, Tourism and Manufactured Industry. Last year there were a high increase of commercial demand, with investments of China, principally. 2.1.1 Tourism In Metzú, one of his main economical activities is tourism. Cities like Xá, Jalai, Bahía Azul and Wer are great importance, economically. 3.1 Culture Metzú has a very strong spanish influence. His foods, traditions and music. Metzú has an important latin influence too (from Argentina, principally). Sports like football are very popular here. 3.1.1 Name of Country The name of "Metzú" comes from "Mensú", word referred to the rural worker of the jungle. The "Mensú" inhabits Paraguay and north Argentina. The first colonzers came with a lot of people of this zones to work fields. The name is in honor of them. 4.1 Living Metzú A quick view of Metzú... 1. Xá Downtown - Xá City, a financial and touristic place. 2. Main Avenue - Yuti City, capital of Metzú Republic. 3. Krupó Landscape - Krupó, an Industrial Centre of Metzú. 4. San Roque Beach - Jalai City. 5. Coast Avenue - Wainor, an important commercial centre. We hope you visit our cities, See you on the next article, Stranger. Boletín Oficial de la República de Metzú Editora del Estado S.E Av. Principal 774 Piso 5° Oficina 2 - Ciudad de Yuti www.metzu.gov.mtz/turismo
  3. American Cities

    Hi everyone, I'm PHBSD and always wanted to make a team here to helps me recreate some American cities in SC4. Does someone recreate real cities? And the ideia is that each one makes each city and after share their cities with the team's members. What do you think?
  4. South America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of South America. Zip contains grayscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  5. Africa

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of Africa. Zip contains greyscale, SC4M and config file. All large cities.. Lots of them.
  6. North America

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of North America. I have spent the last week trying to add rivers but end up raising the land level after every render, see the last screen shot. I have tried a few different things with no success, if anyone out there has an idea, please let me know.
  7. United Kingdom

    Version 1.0.0


    Map of the United Kingdom.
  8. Maps

    Hey, Somebody knows how I can make a map of my region (is a really big region), and I always see on google that have a lot of mademaps of regions, but I would like to do and I don't know how. I did heard something about it: NHP SC4Mapper. But I am not sure if is about it. Like this: Thank you!
  9. Mustang, Masavera

    This is a short introduction to my region of Masevera (mass-ev-air-ah). It is a very rural region inspired by the Midwest of the United States. I chose to develop my region on a relatively flat plain with very little variations in elevation as I'm not really a fan of building cities on unstable or non-flat ground as I don't particularly think it's the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of realism (which is something I strive for) This is the small town of Mustang; inspired by Mustang, Oklahoma. It's a fairly typical (boring) town ^ Downtown Mustang ^ Just a small shopping area with a Sam's Club and a K-Mart ^ Interstate exit that gives direct access to Mustang ^ Thank you for viewing my (very) short introduction entry. More updates are to come in the near future.
  10. Pastoral beauty

    From the album Weekly Challenge #21 - Farming Scenes

    Pastoral beauty - horses, cows, sheep and the bounty of the earth grown by the good people of Anas.
  11. COMMENT REPLIES:The Inevitable Return Of Siculia (SC4) takemethere:Thank you and the harbour is only a preview Ashford (SC4) Ashford a quiet town located near Palomino Creek here is a view from above The city's economy is based on Agriculture and industries here is a beautiful industrial zone The beautiful countryside of Ashford with farms (we see a composting industry) Here is one of the main road that connects the industrial area with the country the three major bridges that can handle the traffic(the highway bridge was built by Siculia Construction ltd a division of International Industries Corporation (Siculia Construction ltd we build the impossible)) Here is a nice highway that connects interstate 39 with interstate 456 in the woods and farms (another composting industry) a beautiful countryside with the railway Finally we arrive in the city, and behold the Ashford railway station The Church of St. John The Mayor of this city is left and did some things I wasn't supposed to do how to put speed cameras on interstate 39 And here is the square of Kenneth Enrico Caselli, the current Minister of culture, but now it is called the Square of F**k (obviously with the approval of the Minister of culture) right in the face of the Mayor's Office (City Hall is located at the southern end of the square) the square at night And with this news bomb, is now closing! See you next week
  12. A Tale of Two Towns

    Once upon a time, there were two small towns in the Queenbee region, Bellaing and Marlinville, each on one side of the lake. Each had a very nice beach and the East Shore had not one but two nice marinas. But when you wanted to go from one to the other on foot or on a bicycle, or go boating, you had to go all the way around South -- or swim across, of course, which was fine in summer, and young P. R. did that a lot of times, but it was not very practical otherwise. Until someone had a bright idea : "Let's build a bridge !" And they did. At some point. Much later. Because each town had its own idea what kind of bridge the bridge should be, where it should be, for how many cars per minute, and then some went all NYMBY on this stupid project from the West Shore side of the lake, or that stupid project from the East Shore... And meanwhile, nothing was done. Finally they did build a bridge. Not East-West but North-South. And then a lot of people complained, because it was made for cars, not pedestrians or bicycles which are the preferresd mode of locomotion in both towns, but still had to go the long way around (not that the bridge made it much shorter, either), and because there was one place where everybody sort of agreed would have been a great place for a bridge -- where the lake is at its narrowest. Why not there??? There was talk of bribes, land speculation, cronyism and outright gangsterism. While their elders were badmouthing each other, the young people from Bellaing and Marlinville were beginning to feel like Romeos and Juliets. And then they came of age and were allowed to vote in the local elections. And then it changed. (to be continued)
  13. Home Bound

    P. R. Crastina is that weird kind of traveller whose greatest pleasure is to come back home -- but of course, for that, you must leave home, right ? Home is not anymore the little village with the big communal farm she used to go to in her childhood, to play with the farmers' kids, and work, too, during the summers. This is lost forever to her, and she's made her peace with it. But she easily waxes nostalgic when she looks at her photo album of those times.
  14. P. R. Crastina barely remembers that trip. Too many tasting fests. But she got the pictures, so she must have been there.
  15. Country Fork

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from winning Weekly Challenge #11 | Best Country Road
  16. Swag Swag Dean Ambrose

    From the album Hall of Fame

    Entered the Hall Of Fame from the Best Picture Competition.
  17. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    Version 1.0


    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A part of a new series of flag packs released under The Random Project, come a set of HD flags from the region of Oceania. This flag pack contains the flags of 22 Oceanic countries and dependencies. The countries included in this pack are as stated below: These are all placed on 1x1 lots, found in the Park Menu of the game. There will be more flag sets to come! Vote for which region you want next here! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Basic Lot Information: Lot Size - 1x1 Type - Park & Recreation Plop Code - Pz1x1_Grass > Hu_TRPFlags_Oceania_[country] Dependencies No dependencies for this file! Installation Unzip all contained files into your SC4 plugins folder. When organizing the files, preferably put all folders and files contained in the zip file in a common folder [labelled to said author/group/project label ie.TRP or The Random Project in this case] to avoid future confusion. Author's Note **When releasing a lot including these files, link said file here and list as a dependency.** _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. Version 2.0


    A complete set of flags from all countries to date, an update I made from Oppie flags and Irdcq Flags. Personally, I haven't tested all these flags myself but only a few for testing, if by any chance some of it didn't work, please let me know. Also, if I missing out any flags/countries, name them here and I'll add it to the list. Thank you. 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from A to N 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from O to S 14/6/2014 : Added countries flag listed from T to Z List of flags : Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma (Myanmar) Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Chile Colombia Comoros Democratic Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Fiji Finland Gabon Gambia Georgia Ghana Greece Grenada Guatamala Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati North Korea Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liectenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Marshall Islands Mauritania Mauritius Federated States of Micronesia Moldova Monaco Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Mozambique Namibia Nauru Nepal New Zealand Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Palau Palestine Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Samoa San Marino São Tomé and Príncipe Saudi Arabia Senegal Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands Somalia South Africa South Sudan Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Swaziland Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe Extras : Quebec Greenland USSR Note: - Non-mirrored flags (such as the United States, Malaysia, Greece etc), will be flipped when looked at from the other side. - Replaces all of the various in-game flags (elementary school, fire department, mayor's mansion etc.) - Do not install more than one file, this may crash your game. - Install at SimCityData folder - To use on previous save game, simply destroy and rebuilt the flag pole. Click Here for : by Oppie Australia Brazil Canada France Germany Italy Mexico Netherlands Spain United Kingdom United States Click Here for : by Irdcq China Hong Kong Japan Korea Macao Singapore Taiwan Gallery Reference : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gallery_of_sovereign-state_flags http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Greenland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Quebec
  19. I'm looking forward to building rural towns and farms, but I feel lost in the large amounts of Trees and Farm mods available. I like many others are looking for realism with my city, whether they be city or country. Being from a region of Australia called Gippsland, I ideally would like my mods to look something of similar nature. Which add-ons would users recommend for creating these rural sites? Ideally I'm looking for dedicated Megapack, which keeps everything uniform, and easy to organise when saving and cataloguing them.
  20. A little country feel

    Hello everyone this is my first CJ, I have been playing Sim City 4 for awhile now but go off and on. Figured Id make a CJ that has North American feel starting from rural and eventually urban and just terraforming as I go about the region. SimCity 2013 I don't think is for me at least until they work out the kinks in it as well I like the region play in SC4 a whole lot better. But anyways feel free to let me know tips or mods that you think would make the game even better. I have a lot but can use more! Please no criticism in the comments. Thanks! Here just a region shot so far, not so much but will get bigger. Transportation Map Heneson Eagle Ridge Dekonville Yes I know I forgot to turn the grid off my bad lol. That's all for now though will be working more in the upcoming days. Like I said feel free to comment! Thanks for looking!
  21. 6 hr's of NAM Highway Re-placement on my Downtown.

    These are photos of my first major downtown city using the NAM highway mod, It took just as long to build the highway as the zoning and entire city itself. It was a lot of fun though other then the occasional crash. But anyway check it out. comment? Downtown Kuan Yin, at night Here are some apartments from the lower part of the mountain here is a close up of some diagonals, The coast line A little bit I've been working with in the country a few counties over. more urban sprawl Well I'm going to go sking tomorrow morning and I need sleep, next update, suburbs + MORE NAM, I have 4 large Tiles left in the region and as long as its cold out the cities will keep on coming! ahh one last one SOUL
  22. Cubbington Town

    The sleepy town of Cubbington has a small population of 5,600 sims with just over 500 comercial jobs and a futher 1,600 farming jobs. Around 3,500 of the residents commute out of town into the surrounding larger towns such as Warwick, Royal Leamington Spa & their neighbourhoods. Despite being a sleepy town Cubbington has a few main roads passing through to connect out villages with the larger neighbour towns. Cubbington Town Centre Surrounding Farms & Connecting Main Roads Small Market & a few Houses Cubbingtons Quiet Farms & Main Roads Main Out-of-Town Junction
  23. Fabit Country's Journal

    Fabit Country , New metropolitan islands in south east asia after singapore. okay just read the entry and see the picture *hello this is my first time i make city journal, so if there's something wrong or problem, please and tell me than dont forget leave comment and see link below* -Fabit Country- ------------------------------------------------------------- +===============================================================+ Name: Fabit Country Nick Name: FBC / Fabit Capital: Fabit City National Anthem: Own Fabit Country Major Languages: ,Fabitiese,Indonesian, English, Dutch, and Chinese Major Religion: Islam (45%) Buddhist (31%) Christ (22%) Others (2%) Number of Cities: 19 Largest Province: Fabit City Smalles Province : Karang Asim Islands Largest City: Fabit City Second Largest City: Nurtin City Third Largest City: Eastbitin City Location North: South China Sea East: Filiphine,Malaysia Sarawak South: Malaysia, The Great Brotany West: Vietnam, The Great Brotany +=====================================================================================+ National Fact Population: 3,621,200 (2011 census) Population Growth: 1,8% / year GDP: US$.576,834,456,512 (2012 est.) GDP per capita: US$.50,325 (2012 est.) HDI: 0,901 (very high) EI: 0,700 (very high) Unemployment Rate: 3% Currency: Fabit Country Root (FBR) Convertion Rate: 1 US$ = 4,8 FBR Invlasion Rate: 1,3 % Import(s): Rice, Fish, Automotive,Potato and Cow Export(s): Oil, Gadget,Electronics, Fish, Train, and Planes Timezone: Fabit Country Time (FBT + 7) +==================================================================+ mm maybe, there are comunism house Sport Center for Seagames 2017 Some cool building Makmukita Main rail station T Junction for my rail in Eastbitin City @up: sorry for UDI signs +===========================+ if you want, you can join my sim city forum at http://aown.progoo.net/ ( please, this is not an ads. )
  24. hello, after i shared my journal country in here, now i will share our cities in Fabit Country for Fabit Country : http://community.sim...untrys-journal/ Fabit Bay is nick for Fabit City =D +==============================================================+ Fabit City, Fabit City is a big city in Northwest Fabit main island. Fabit City is the largest city in the country fabit. it's also the capitol of Fabit Country Fabit has enough tall buildings and rare to farming. Than, There are so many recreation place, hotels and business building, but less for apartment or houses. in Fabit City there is bay which name is Fabit Bay, the Fabit bay is usefull for the recreation boat and more cool in night, there are nightlighting effect i mean the shadow of lighttowers in the water. Than Fabit city has Second tallest building in Fabit Country, the name is Elrune Tower.(340m) Fabit City has 4 bridge, 2 big bridge and 2 small bridge. one of big bridge is to connect eastside of fabit bay to westside fabit bay, and 2nd big bridge is to through Oabit Lake in north Fabit City. and 2 small bridge is to connect fabit city to artificial island for airport and F1 Circuit. +===================================================================================+ here are the map, and the map bridge +===============================================+ and here are the pics of Fabit City East side of Fabit Bay Busway System in Fabit City this is the most famous place for recreation, beacause there so many museum, hotel,statue,highrise, and water recreation This for the business highrise center (westside fabit bay) the business center (northside the bay) The Beach around the bay (only in west side) Main stadium, the name is Ovbiter Stadium Fabit F1 International Circuit (artificial island) Okay maybe il'll share the next update about this city, i need my new screenshoot & +===========================+ if you want, you can join my sim city forum at http://aown.progoo.net/ ( please, this is not an ads. )

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